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Lincoln County advocate. (Canton, Dakota Territory, [S.D.]) 1876-1877, May 16, 1877, Image 1

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Won of
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t. J.
J. B.
a, K.
^RfOut ^®WWlfi
Gpaton* Mncoln County, D. T.
M?1*" 'nstaad
through r*^
reduce an f„
tlx months..
Iknt months
w, hay* adopted the cash In advance system,
^KaMh better for the patrons, and know
MOM desirable (or the publisher.
A. a.
a. *. ouin,
At F«^li A. Ma
]«r OommanioaUon Wednesday op or before the
"ipecUl meeting wnj second Wednesday after
y, JF, CWBTT, Secretary.
«aeio County Clerk.
Oio. W. NATLO*, Treasurer,
W. M.
I. 0. O. F.—gSSTwS
jo, meet* every Thursday evening,
oyer Oilbert'a Store. Travelling
kiuilisri In (xd tending are cordially invited to
B, 1, DOIUMWI Seo'y.
T. W. CABTXB, District Attorney.
W Hi'Ommi Clerk of District Court.
THOHSTAD, Begister of Deeda and Ex-
J, Q. FLTZOBBALD, Judge of Probate.
A p. DIXOK, Sheriff.
0. JACOBS, Superintendent of Schools.
AABwao*, Chairman,
W. W. PA1.MBB, Co. Commissioners.
0. t. BOLFB,
goathsm daily mail arrive* every day except gun'
at 8:00 r. x. Depart* every day
•rd«yat 0:00 A. K.
I, »T 7 A.SS
Horifcern daily mail arrive* every day except Sat
Departs every day exoept
Canton and MHltown mail arrives eAery Tuesday
and Saturday nt 6 r. u. Departs every Monday and
|||^|V Me
Canton Blehlind mall arrives every Friday, at
I t. Depart* every Thursday, at
A. M.
Oflce ov«n from 6 A. M. to P. M. On Sundays
froml to 2 r. M., and one hour after the mail ar
rives from the North.
JOHN FALSE, Postmaster.
Business Cards.
o. 8. oirroju
Attorneys & Counselors at Law,
Attorney and Counselor at Law,
Beloit, Lyon County, 7oua.
Will practice in the courts of Iowa and Dakota.
Wlilbay and sell land, make collections Ac., Best
•f references given.
Sitt.oti"}Canton. Lincoln Co., D.T.
Real Estate and Abstract Office.
Office at the
WUl pay taxes for non-residents.
Court House, Canton,
D. T.
#jorunty Treasurer,
BaalC'®^rland tax paying business prompOyirt
teader$ ^ce at Court House. ltf.
U. Examining Surgeon for Pensions,
VlPassenger* on Howard's StagV «.-.:ebetween Sioux
#Wls and Portlandville going soutti "an get breakfast,
••4 those going north can get supper at thia House.
'SNMdid accommodations for all travelers, and good
l&Kftain connection with the House.
.T. L. JOHNSON, Proprietor.
Ex-Officio County Clerk, and
-*S! pay taxas for ass-resMsnts, and furnish ab
of title at rsriaasble rM«*. ltf.
And Dealer in
%ri Clocks, J«welry, &c.,
dl "Oilier?s Store, Canton, D. T.
kinds of work in my line attended to promptly
on short notice.
W Biimnoi-HI WORK.
9A«N CAPITAL. $600,000,00
CAMH SURPLUS $1,252,302.82
The oldest and moat reliable company in the Uni
ted States. Over $10,000,000 in losses have been
peid by the Phcenlx
ltf. Canton. D. T.
Isat the old Park building, lialn Street Canton.
mtt perform all work in his line, entrusted to his
«Mi womotaesa and at aa low rates as any oth-
Otm Howls the largest, chespeet and beet illns
IratodiuvfaOs journal published in America. Only
JO cents N YMTF with a splendid chromo. Bxtra caah
JHd gift tedmnenta to club ageaia. Bond stamp
vpMftMi Mpyi
•i&r* 'Choice!
Address, Swxrr A Tvm,
Windfall City, Indiana.
Charming!! Cheap!!!
A Magazine for Youngest Headers.
StSsoszrnoH PBIOB (postage included)
(airSend 10 cta'for Sample Number.
How ia the time to subscribe.
30 Bromfleid Street, Boston.
JT^ lpply to editor of this newapaper for half mem
bership (at dlsoount) in BayUes kercantile College,
Xeoknk« Iowa, on the- Mississippi. Bookkeepers,
(•ML Beportera, Operators andTeachera thor
Mghly fitted. Don't faU to tddress Prof .Miller,
UITS from $2.50 up to $20.
This issue closes the last chapter of Vol
ume One of the LINCOLN COUNT* ADVO
CATE. Wo shall commence Volume Two
under the name of CANTON ADVOCATE, for
brevity's sake. As our patrons are aware,
changes have occurred in the management
of the ADVOCATE since its first publica
tion beginning under the editorial care
of Skinner & Tallman, after a short pe
riod, Skinner relinquished his interest to
Tallman, who alone conducted it until
South & Martin assumed the control they
subsequently retired from their connection
when the present publishers took charge.
Whatever political position the ADVOCATE
has taken, the present managers of course
are only responsible
(Hiring the past
four months. What, if any errors we have
committed in the conducting of this jour
nal since our connection with it, we trust
our readers will criticize onlyln that spirit
of charity that alone should, fiear upon
mistaken judgment, upon 'terrors of the
head and not of the heart." The embar
rassments that surround the publishers of
a country newspaper are only known and
appreciated by fellows sailing in the same
craft. Whatever the pecuniary, physical
or mental condition of an editor may be,
the public sees in neither no excuse for
the not furnishing promptly on time, a
readable and satisfactory publication for
their perusal.
To those who have favored U3 with their
patronage we extend our tljgnks^as well
as to our brother jourdfelistei thijWjhoia
the Territory, who have thus far treated us
in the gentlemanly manner that should
characterize all social intercourse. Citi
zens of Lincoln County, we intend to la
bor in our feeble way, for the interests of
you all our lot is cast among you and
with your prosperity or adversity, we are
equally affected and identified our inter
ests cannot clash, since we are dependent
upon your approval and support, as a
journal. We can conceive of no enter
prise, no scheme, plan or course of action,
that could be designed or adopted that
could possibly, at the same time aid in
our self aggrandizement and militate
against your general or individual inter
ests. Our faith in your continued patron
age, we hope is reciprocated by your faith
in our endeavors to so conduct the ADVO
CATE as to meet your desires. No sug
gestions are needed by eitfher of us to
the depression of the times rest assurei
we fefel tlie grasp equally with yourselves
jKfi. Jyixfljfeitnto~ lrtttei"prcog3-o£ poverty
years ago, when struggling through an tr.
phan boyhood and now when our little
ones gather round our board, flesh of our
flesh, we tell them of how many within
our adopted county, are inuocent victims
of a terrible pest, and that it may be
worse. Live, and let live, is the motto for
us all.
Yes! citizens, altttough admitting that
you can obtain larger and far better news
papers than the ADVOCATE, for the same,
or less money, you are aware that a home
journal is essential for the advocacy of
home interests it is not necessary tore
mind you that the attractions and desira
ble features of every land is made known
through its own press. Measures of local
benefit to community, can reach the eye of
all, only through its columns. By it,
local are harmonized with general inter
ests, and in one sense, the patrons mould
the sentiments therein expressed, for a
careful journalist should be, in a great
measure, governed by the reasonable and
sound sentiments that crop out above the
selfish surface everywhere. Abandon your
local papers and you drive from your hearth
stone an ally in whose power you form
an individual part. To those who patron
ize but the one, the local p^per not only
gives information of matters of County
interest and occurrences, but condensed
telegrams, and gatherings from Territorial
and other exchanges, furiish brief state
ments of what is transpiring throughout
the civilized world.
Many of our patrons are personally un
known to us, but we hope at some time
during tho summer, to see in what por
tion of this fair land they have pitched
their tent until then, we trust our con
verse ihrough the ADVOCATE will be as
agreeable to them as it has been to us in
the four months pas*v
Rockford, 111., was the scene of a calam
ity Friday, the Hth inst., that adds one
more to the list of casualties, that have
seemed to follow each other with startling
rapidity. As the workmen were arrang
ing the key-stone of the stone cornice in
^ie dome of the main pavillion of the
Court House being constructed at Rock
ford, the inside wall! of'the entire struct
ure gave w*y with a crash that was heard
a mile away, precipitating the scatfolding
upon which were some twenty-five work
men, onto the ground floor beltfw, a dis
tannft of 30 feet, intering the workmen
with brick, mortar, concrete, iron rafters
and columns, killing teb men instantly
and mutilating several others. The loss
to the building will be about $65,000.—
The Jounuti gives many#of £he incidents
of the accident, and p'articulars of the
structure, from which it appears that Hen
ry L. Gay, of Chicago, designed the build
ing and W. D. Richardson was the con
tractor, who commenced wo»k in the
spring of 1876. The dome was 119 feet
high and supported on the inner side by
two iron columns 12 inches in diameter,
resting upon a brick wall thirty teet high
from the ground floor this wall was
crushed by thp weight of upper masonry.
Timothy Flannagan, who was putting in
the key-stone of the cornice jumped for
the guy-rope of the derrick in fr*nt, and
missing it, fell 120 feet to lhe»grpana and
was dashed to pieces. Wm.&lass was
taken from the ruins, but one of his legs
was left beneath a huge stone healed up
on the green in great azony. "The an
guish of the living was heart rending.
Working men's wives and mothers were
soon on the spot, the air was filled with
sobs, wailing, and moaning, and tire on
looker was sickened on every hand."
"Richardson, the contractor, and La
tham, the superintendent, were both on
top of the dome of the building before it
fell and were talking of the probability of
it falling, when they heard a crash and
rushed at once for the west wall where
Ihey stood when the dome went down.—
Had they been a moment later, both must
have perished. When the dust cleared
away* both were standing on the wall."
A Coroner's jury were summoned and
were to make a thofough investigation.
Clergymen were to hold memorial ser
vices. Superintendent Lathanf lays the
blame on Architect Oay, whose instruc
tions were followed out implicitly. Qre»t
excitement prevails.
Last Call.
The storm of Saturday last, prevented
an attendance at the convention called, to
consider the matter of burning the prai
ries^ I. N. Martin, the chairman of the
fire committee, now request that citizens
will attend if possible, at the Court
House, next
It seems to us almost an absolute neces
sity that an understanding should be had
between the citizens of the diflerent town*
ships, relative to burning the prairies. If
no general arrangements can be made, the
tact should be made known, that each
township, or if they do not agree, that each
individual may take care of himself, and
burn his own fields or not as he chooses.
A diversity of opinion exists, in Lincoln
county upon this question, some are in fa
vor of burning, others not and those who
favor will doubtless set lire when ever they
think proper, in the absence of any regu
lation by either county or township. If a
sufficient representation cannot be had to
warrant a county movement, so decide, and
let the towns arrange their own time, or
1*agree not to burn. It towns decline to act
together, then of course every man will
act his own pleasure. If burning will
suppress the threatened invasion, then in
the name "of all caution and care, burn.—
Something mu3t be done, for it cannot be
disguised that some fields are covered, and
being clipped close to the ground by the
hoppers, small as they now are. These
animals, unless destroyed, must be fed they
cannot fly before the expiration of six
weeks, and during that time no assurance
can be had of their abandoning grain fields
for grass the presumption is the other
way—that grain is their/lr«f fodder.
As to a general igniting of the prairies
at one and the same time, we do not think
advisable, for some localities are not ready
for the torch, and the hoppers have not
made their appearance iavmany places.
If the conclusion is to burn, great caution
should be exercised in firing, to prevent
a disastrous ^spread of fire. Portions
should only be burnt at the same time, and
then with due thought and care, if possi
ble, of preventing the destruction of birds,
for they are destroying iiifftunerable quan
tities, and should be spared if possible.
Nebraska and portions'of Kansas, an
apparently free from danger crops neyer
promised better than now. Dakota is nof
wholly threatened by them north of Sioux
.jTalls, it is reported that they are hardly
noticeable, and theimajority of our own
county farmers
their crops will be
and that what grain
again appear, and
their ravages will
full in faith that
that could be asked
been clipped, will
at by some means
This unusually
wet season may possibly have something
to do with their destuiefion. But we hope
that there will be a full attendance from
every town in tho county, next Saturday*
as it is the iast opportunity for genera!
interchange of vieWTand it may lead to
a very "desirable result.
Silver Star Lodge, No. 4, A. F.
& A. X.
Regular communication Wednesday,
M%y 23d, at 7:30 p/m. 1
ELECTION or OFFICERS for the the en
suing year. Brethren will take due notice
and govern themselves accordingly.
A full attendance is requested.
By order,
Wx. H. MILLXB, Sr., W. M.
WM. M. CuPMcrr, Sec'y.
We have Just received (torn tkelPablUher, a new
song and chorus entitled "No idae tke bagle*. stir
ring blast." Words by Samuel Jfi KltcheU, Music
by Ohaa. E. Prior. This piese ia" arranged to be
rang cither a« solo and ehoras,\or as a quartette—
aad was written expresaly for itemorial Day, May
1877, aad will be sung in' 'ersry State, where
there ia a soldiers grave to hm£r(', IFhe mnaio has
a graceful and flowing Melody,- jaxpneshre to the
Below we give the Srst
No more the lMgU'a
WOt caU oar harass to {bar -.
Por they have foood a rest at laifc,
And at their gravea we puke tt dajri
The buds brooght forth by April'ahow'ra.
We've worenlnto gaHanda gay,
And on each mound we strew the How'rs
Fresh with the breath of May*.
CaoBtm, "Price ttsta.
But the Publisher makes a special price for those
ordering for memorial exercises, T1*A One single
oopy 36c, and Ave copies malM post-paid fortLM.
Adress, W. W. Wrtmgr, PnMtahar,
Toladey ©.
"Hew to the Line, Let the Chips Fall Where They May/'
Local Items.
—FABMBBS are mora hopeful than ever,
of a good crop this season.
—THOXSTAD informs u* that to-mor
row is the 63d anniversary of the declara
tion of independence in Norway.
—6. H. Wieoixs, of Lynn township, is
waiting for a receding of the waters, to as
certain if there is bottom for corn ground.
Ducks and snipe now have possession.
—COULTER, at the Bfloit Drug Store, is
selling his goods cheaper than any other
place in the Valley, and passes his cus
tomers over the .bridge fret.
—SHERIFF DIXON has affixed signs over
the doors of the different offices in the
Court House. Sheriff says it is only the
wicked and perverse feneration that are
looking for a sign.
copal) at KELLER'S HALL, next Sunday,
20th inst., at 11 o'clock A. M.. (probably,
with a Baptismal service,J* and sermon
from St. John's Gospel, 14th ohapter, and
PBflP veree,'
'!y Tfie ifissTonary in charge.
—THE Good Templars of Canton are
preparing to give a free entertainment on
Friday evening next, at Kellers's Hall
also will have public installation of offic
ers. A good time is expected, and every
body is iuvited. Doors open at 7:30 p.m.
—IRA C. EDWARDS, late of the Rock
Rapids Review, favored us wi£h an inter
esting interview on Friday. *Badger b5«v
well posted in his profession, aad full of
faith in the country, grit to the bed rock,
and alive to the interests of the communi
ty, in which he has cast his lot.
—GEO. MARTIN has turned scientist, de
voting his first etiorts to the eccentricities
of certain festive hoppers that are per
forming daily upon a piece of sod grain
upon his premises. Geo. wishes he had
slept instead of spending his time foolish
ly last summer, breaking.
—FRED. BARROWS is having a boat
built after the pattern of the London Club
boats that are so famous as a racer, pecu
liar to the Thames. Fred has often tried
his muscle there as a member of one of
the Regatta Clubs,'JhcUno\v*p$oposes to
split the paters of the Sioux, after the
manner of "ye aulden time."
—THE Post Offiof wi]^ be opened on
Sunday, only betweeen the hours of 1 and
2 P. M.,
and one hour after the arrival of
the 3ioux Falls Slage in the afternoon. If
citizens would bear this in mind it would
save them inconvenience and accomodate
Mr. Falcfe. ftie* ¥ost Mastet is entitled
to some leisure of his own, particular on
—FOR the war items we give in another
column, we are indebted to the Sioux City
Journal-, and we certainly 'appreciate
their enterprise that lays upon our table.
Telegrams of what occurred thousands of
miles away, but the day before. The
Journal is the first exchange we opsn,
and from its latest news we condense for
the benefit of such of our patrons as are
not favore^with Journal.'
THE County Commissioners adjourned
Thursday the 10th iost, after an active and
laborious session. The School District
matter from Dayton, the Beloit bridge
and Svenson matter were among the im
portant considations. The question also
of Township organizations was discussed,
and the result is that the Board will order
that the question be submitted to the peo
ple of Lincoln County to be voted upon,
at an election to be held on the 23rd day
of Jfine.
—YE THAT would not be open violators
of the Law, read Ed. Carpenter's procla
mation as tp tresspassing upon his prem
ises without his oermission. Oh, Edwin!
have you lost faith in a law abiding com
munity Can you not forgive them their
tresspasses as they would forgive you?
Must the lovely Sioux be made the Dan
ube between the Dakota Russian and the
Iowa Turk? Art thou to be the Pasha,
or the Bashi Bazouk? Ponder, ponder,
before planting seige guns.
—MAJOR MILLER does not claim to be
a painter, hot being? desirous of giving his
gothic a color, he adopted the usual meth
od of all experts, in the shape of scaffolds,
ladders, brush, paint-pot, and color the
dingy wood was fast disappearing ^eneatyi,
his rapidly applied brush, when a treach
erous nail which evidently had had its
day, yielded to the Major's weight, aud
down came M^jor, paint-pot and all. This
was nothing of course, but then "sich" a
face, "sich" a shirt front, and "sich" a
scarcity of paint that occurred ohj the
whole arrangement looked like *h$ map
of the East Indies.
AI.T. of my Custon^rs coming
Dakota, to trade with me, will
The Bridge-trader is authorized to pass
them over free, and I will give them a re
turn ticket. v®"*,
J. H. CovtiKR.
BELOIT, Ia, May 15th, 1877:
CARTON, D.T, April 28th, *77.
Notice is hereby given, that a SCHOOL
ORDER, issued by School District No. 12(
in Lincoln county, D. T, to Emma Har
lan, for Thirty-seven Dollars and Fifty
cents, in the year 1876, has been lott and
all persons are warned against the pur
chase of said Order.
NO. 52
to Deadwood, awarding the coftract to
VanTassel, over which fact the Prm trots
out the most infernal looking Shanghai
Rooster at the head of its colttntns that
ever met our gaze. It is app|rently puff
ed, or loaded for a tremendous 'crow, and
has spurs upon which every mail bag
could be hung that comes labelled for
Black Hills via Yanktdh. Glad to see it
Mr. Press there is a God in Israel who
forestalls the combined efforts of Omaha,
Cheyenne, Sidney, Kearney, and the tf. P.
Railroad monopoly to thwart just efforts
of some of the energetic men of Dakota
to lead men in the right path, and in the
ways they should g% that others may fol
low after them.
—C. H. Mclntyre, of Yankton, writes
the Prat from Denver, after his return to
the latter place, from a visit to the Biack
Hills. It contains some of the most rea
sonable and common sense views of that
country that we haye seen, since the rush,
or the first opening of the Hills. He ssys:
"The way in which the grid-bearing
quartz occur in the Hills beats (so to
speak) the oldest miners from other min
ing countries. There is no question that
theory must be all thrown aside. In all
our examinations we failed to find one de
posit that showed anything like a wall
rock or crevice, but immense deposits of
quartz, dirt and cement and we consider
ed the mines all veiy easily worked, com
pared with mines in other mining camps.
The Wolsie mine if being worked with
two men witfijick and shovels and wheel
barrow. The deposit lies upon a bed-rock
on the side of theTxill*flitl it is cleaned up
—Black Hills has a Brewery, of course.
—The distance as surveyed from Kear
ney to Deadwood, is 240 miles.
—Petrified dams have been found upon
the Rocky Mountains.
—The United States debt has been de
creased* from March lstj 1807, to April
80th, 1877, a period of seven years, $45Sr
—Late telegi'anls indicate that the Rus
sian forces will open fire along the entire
line opposite the Turkish forces, and un.
der cover of artillery will attempt to cross
the Danube at sefefal places.
—President Hayes, together with Secre
taries Sherman* McCrary, and Devtfns,
went to Philadelphia by special train Wed
nesday, to the opening of the permanent
exhibition. Gen. Grant and wife also ar
rived Thursday, tjje 17th.
—Three young ladies received the
"Black Veil" from Bishop Spalding in
St. Michael's church, New York City, on
Tuesday last, being the first that ever en
tered the order of presentation nuns in
—Goldsmith Maid again the victor at
San Francisco last Saturday the Maid
ran with Rarus, best three in five. The
Maid won in three straight heats—2.20^,
2.19%. The second heat was the
fastest in the iltate, beating Occident's time
half a seqpnd.
—Wiifhedbnne, Wis., has met with a
.with as much care as a bed-rock to gulch
severe loss by the burning ot seven of *r 'diggings. Mr. Wolsie satf to us that the
business blocks the Item office was de
stroyed, losing a large amount of print
ing material and one heavy Job Press.
The Mapes House and Dry Goods store
of J. W. Cross, were saved.
—Ed. Palmer, F. H. Wyman and four
other gentlemen in a communication to
the Press, dispute Mr. Bramble's theory
about the routes, or landing place for the
Hills, and favor the "Chantier Creek route,
saving and feasible in every way, and en
dorse it because some of them have been
over it and surveyed it"
—Bismarck people were jubilant over
the first arrival or return of the Deatyood
stage nine passengers came through in
two days and a half. The route is sup
plied with Concord coaches, and when the
first coach, drawn by 6 horses, arrived at
Deadwood, the people turned out greeting
the outfit with loud cheering.
—Bismarck Tribune says that Attorney
Geftlhil Everett has decided the TT. S.
Court must be held at Fargo as before and
not at Bismarck probably the result of a
clerical error, for tfreH)ilLchanging_^the
jurisdiction to Bismarck, passed after a
square contest but two days later a bill
passed, which, in a quiet but very effec
tive manner knocked this bill in the head.
—The Sioux City tax payers are medi
tating over the beauties of a probable out
lay of a thousand dollars, simply to see
whether Mr. Cady or Mr. Powell is trus
tee of the first ward. If contest occurs, it
will be at the tune of $32 per day besides
the fees of Marshal and witnesses. The
Journ• I wisely seggests that it "is a pret
ty good sunt to sacrifice over so small a
—Crook City, on Whitewood Creek, ten
miles northeast from Deadwood, has been
designated by the County Commissioners
of Lawrence County, aa the County
of that County, which act of the Commis
sioners Is pronounced by the Deadwood
Timet as "a gross outrage, and one which
the Commissioners cannot afford to im
pose upon us, as we shall attempf in our
next issue to show."
—On Monday, the 23rd of April, a lot
in Elizabethtown'or tayth Deadwood,
had been taken by soAe Ameficftis who
had built a fence around it, and were com
mencing to build a log house, when a par
ty of Sclavonians jumped the lot. The
Americans afterwards obtained possession
secreting themselves behind stumps, fired
upon the Sclavonians as they commenced
to tear down the house, killing two. and
severely wounding another. Greatexcite
ment prevails, but no arrest
—Nearly 3,600 hostile Indians have sur
rendered to Gen. Crook, at the Red Cloud
and Spotted Tail Agencies. These were
under the leadership of Crazy Horse, Lit
tie Hawk, He Dog, and Little Big Man.—
Y££ft$?i!ve hundred ponies and several
American horses and mules, were also de
livered up. One of the Chiefs, Little
Hawk, wears a Silver Badge that Presi
dent Monroe presented to his father. It
is thought by militaiy men that a milita
tary campaign against the Indians this
season is now obviated.
—The proper landing for the Hills, on
the Missouri, has, it seems, not yet been
designated. Hornisk & Walls have built
a warehouse 20x100, at Old Ft. Pierre,
but parties claim that it is difficult to get
out of from that point on account of al
kali soil on the eastern end of that route,
and Chantier Creek is equally impractica
ble, encountering an alkali bluff immedi
ately upon leaving' the landing, and the
Prete saysi one of Anderson's coaches was
fifteen houfs making two miles', between
Chantier Creek and the old Pierre road.—
Mr. BramLle thinks the most favorable
route is that beginning at Ft. George, 15
miles below Pierre and thirty miles be
low Chantier Creek, the road-bed being
hard and of easy ascent and descent.—
Steamboats will land at any point that
freighters and stage men will designate.
—Tri-weekly service has been ordered
by the Postmaster General from Ft. Pierre
two men kept his ten^stamp mills in use
and I should think they had 100 tons sn
the dump. No doubt tne deposit is very
To talk of these deposits being on the
side of and on the top of hills without
crevicss and walls, is what I cannot un
derstand. Some of them look as if a vein
had broken off and slid down the hill, or
on the top of a hill, and as to where they
slid from is the question I claim no one
yet has been able to tell. But very few, if
any of the deposits can be traced but a
short distance. The gold belt seems to be
narrow, I claim it is thoroughly prospect
ed. If not it certainly has been staked.—
That the Black Hills have been over
rated there is no question. And that thou
sandb are^oing there that ought not to
go, there is no question. What are they
going to do? What can tlieydo? But
very few men are employed in the Hills,
-and work cann«t be had. There is no use
of disguising this fact Men cannot get
work for their board. I saw it tried time
and again during my short stay and by
good worthy men. The work is not there
to be done. No one wants the help. It is
true a few men find employment but not
one in one hundred can get work at one
dollar per day and they must and will
get out. I was nine days goinj^oefr&SST
Deadwood to Chejens§i-5lf of us man
amoulance, aniTwe counted on that road
1,749 men, women and children, on«their
way to to Deadwood. Now if the Sidney
route is as much travelled, and the Fort
Pierre and Bismarck routes, what are all
the people to do? If the country is good
for anything at all it will certainly be
found out soon. I find there is plenty
of timber but no such kind of timber as
Judge Brookings used to teil us about—
thick as hair on a dog, 4 feet, long and 80
feet wide—a limit that however, compared
veiy favorably with other reports of the
War Items.
—The Russians attacked Batoum on
Saturday last, at 5 o'clock in the morning.
The Ottoman troops were entrenched up
on the sslasd, from which & heavy cars
nona&ing was Sept np "which Titterally
mowed the Russians down in swathes. At
midday the Russians retreated, leaving
the ground covered With the dead and dy
ing, and losing many gins. The dead and
wounded exceed 5,000.
—A report from Constantinople says,
that the Russians near Batoum attacked
the vanguard of the Turkish auxiliary, the
battle lasted eight hours and a half, rout
ing the Russians completely with a loss to
them of 4,000 men.
—The Russians find great difficulty in
procuring supplies.
—A Turkish monitor was sunk in the
Danube, on the 11th inst, by the Russians,
whosent a shell which exploded in fEe
magazine, sunk the monitor with the
whole crew of 200.
—Grand Duke Nicholas, Russian Com
mander in Chief of the Danube army, is
46 years of age and has never been under
fire although not possessed of the Intel
lect or will of bis father, he is brave and
daring, and has a decisive way of address
ing his soldiers that commands their al
legiance. Hia brother Mickai, who is
Governor General of the Caucasus and
Commander in^Chief of the army in Asia
Minor, is better educated and more a man
of the world, possessed of tact and win
ning ways, but lacks will. Both of these
officers are surrounded
OrdsM for aO kinds of Mb PlIaMag |i nagirj
they ponded 'pitch on the docks and At
fire to them also captured Omc brig
with a British cargo insured at Loyds.
—Roumania seems to be lyarly oat of
patience with the action of the Turks, aad
public opinion is growing inihvor of pro
claiming independence and thfn declare
—Austria is waiting the resuit of repre
sentation made by it at St. Petersburg and Jp
Constantinople, which have been made 0xi
protesting against restrictions of naviga* &•'
lion of the Danube not indtspeosibly nec "'4'
—Turkish gunboats ordered
an vessels to leave the Dam*e within tttt
hour, umler threat that th^ jarouUfW
fired into if they remained:
The Russian fleet in New York har
bor, is under ordert to sail,
the leader of
soon leaves from Constantinople tat JteC*
ca, to "proclaim in all cities hepalsed
through that Russia, who persecutes
christians herself for not conforming 'to
orthodox faith, was now intent upon Air
ing all the believers in Islamism from Er.
rope. The Sultan has therefore resolved
to call all the faithful to a holy war against
infidel Russia ahd promises to go on a
pilgrimage himself if the war proves suc
cessful to his arms."
—Hie London Timet says, "There is a
general conviction in military, and natral
official circles that we are on the brink of
war.* Arrangements have been made for
the embarkation of some 25,000 wM4|kA J^f#
six days, if necessaiy, and 30,080 to SSfffPjfeN
more within a fortnight after," [V
—Thomas Carlyle, "penJetyies fn the
SOlfiyof Turkey has instructed
er of the holy pilgrim earatas that
policy of the Premier of England, dls
graceful alliance, a disastrous warflbe, ||P|
probable defeat, and a deluge of Europeaa •S-l
—Widen, wlndh has tueen iMmtMutfedfy
the Russians, was set on fire, an4^heTurk
ish batteries ceased firing.-
To Whom It May Concern:
H. B.—Any person fotmd traapaasHag, or driving
aeroas my premises, bfweeaajljp Street, Canton
D. T.. and the Beloit Bridg* lj$g«n the property
leased by me of Lyon Co, npon, Laa^opntraUed by
me witlurat pennia jfen. iftfiferoaacatad Ar*ib*
—[Beloit Canton Times.
by virtue of the decreetal ovSer of the Probata
Court of Minnehaha County, taDakota Tanitr
dated Kareh 34U, 1877, the
of Bobert Brooks, wfli aeQ
highest bidder for oneWg.
79STSmi. ta
Ti, uie following deacribed land ban
said ward io-wit: The 8 SW U,
the of NW 54, of SeoUon Si, in
of Bang* SO said sale to take jdaee on tkaSthl $
a staff that per­
haps is without a parallel in days of mod.
ern warfare.
—Persia is arranging with Russia so
that her troops can pas»ihrough Persia to
the Turkish dominions.
—The Russians were, defeated at Rent
in attempting to cross the Danube at ifiat
point a bridge was thrown over but
Turkish infantry, artillery and three gun
boats, broke the bridge, killing and'cap
turing a large number of Russians. .', 4^ 4
—British officers have been sent to set
lect an intrenched camp at the entrance to
the Suez canaL^P
—Mansfield, the British Consul at Bu
charest, has informed the British Ambas
sadors at Vienna and Constantinople, that
the Turks had burned and sank seversf
lighters belonging to Walts 4 Xilbuftfe rf
London, and had the British Sag hirtstsln
Mortgage Sale.
WMUU, 3. L. Jaknaoo, of tha SMMh
Lincoln, Territory of Dakota/did. o« Ike!
day of Angnat, 1875, make, eseente aot
L» Dntton, of tho connty of Ohnstsa^.
Minnesota, a certain indenture of Xoata
the foUoning deacribed premises, sitaStf ia'tha
connty of Lincoln, T««ite^rf^o»a, t|I.witT
Beginning at the corner of Hooka
thirty-nine, forty-four, and forty-ftre.
along the bank of aaid Big
mer to a point directly south of the earner at
blocks thirty-eight, thirty-nine, forty-fowr, fofw
tr-flve, and thence north to tho plaoe of Msshf
and containing thirteen and one forth aeraa, mora
or lees, and bearing.daie on the aaid SSth day of
Angnat, 1875, to eecnreahe payment of One Hon.
dred One and Seventy-four one tewbedtha Dollars,
on day of Koraatwi'lSSt, irith istersa
thertOn at the rate of ten per oent.aaitil paid, whlck
aaid Mortgage was duly anluuaiilaad and Sled fef
record in the office of the Basiaw of Dsafe af
the oounty of Lincoln, aforeagp^ Un SCHi d»
of Angnat, 1875, at 1 o'docrif. BL, am
aacded in Book "B" of Mortngaa, cs
383, and 581.
Wheresa, aaid Mortgagors did
in said Mortgage, inoaae of foiatow
pay said Mortgagee, his heirs or asaign
of Twenty-flye Dollars Atterasp*s ftaa.
Whereas, default has bean -oada l»a
of the money aeenred thersby. anil tkMeis'
to be due thereon at the data ot thia notice, the
sum of One Hundred Tasuli r~
hundredths Dollars principal aa
Twenty-flvs DoDara Attorney's In
proceedings have been instituted I
the debt aeenred bj aaid
thereof. Therefore,
Notice tyi hereby given, that]
er of aale nontainad in aaid
ananoe of theatatnte in amk
•Wed the said Mortgage wfll ba teecloaad by
sale of thapremisea therein asscribed or ae aanefc
thereof aaahall be neeeaaary to aatiafy thesasosBt
1, doe on aaid Mortgue at the flats thweot, wtih latss
in the forenoon.
Binn OirreiD,
Att'ya for
of the paw.
aad ka pas*
Dakota Ts*»
at tan o'clock
coin, Tsnritory of
day of March, 187i, rsaSty fexecate
the Harris Manufacturing CkMpatt
Jsswiue, of Addk, awe
certain Indenture of Mi
described pfemlssa,
Dakota Territory, to-wit:
Kortheaat %, of
and Thirty One HanSwdiha Dsfiua,
on the firat day off
ten per cent, until'
dnly acknowledged and Sled for.
of Oa Bagister of Doeds, of
cotn, aforesaid, on the lath day
Whereaa, default hae
of aaid Mortgage, in the
cured the reby, aaid that*
at Ota dat of thia mtiee, the
Kfty-two and Tec use Hi
10,) principal and inlen
Dollars attorney's taee. aad n*iW
have been inetituted at law to,
-j nadMtni
of the asm df una timm| aad Ninety ...
•do*^su,j*d My Moatdajy teBoak'
P^n?nreas, said Mortgager enMiaft Mi sites IpSSfe
in said Mortgage, hi data of fHisahasn thawedjg
pey eaid Mongageee, thetrhdira dfeinlne the ansa
of Twenty-Sre DoBara attorney "i
aored by aaid Mortgage of
sotfaa ksnhr
power sale contain ml
pursasDce the staSats h'i
provided, the said Mortgagi
we aale of said prsnHswl
asach thereof aa afcait hea
amount do* on
with interest
to rraftOSM rfl
of cantos. Uarnla
ha Mk Sa ef Wmk 1
tsM o*eioek in tlie
uri.lwM.inm KMR*

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