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Brookings County sentinel. (Brookings, Dakota [S.D.]) 1882-1890, December 12, 1890, Image 3

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r' ; v
e is on the »ick list.
[ite a number of pupils are on
uck list*
igges Eri o ftnd Aggie Skinner
|ed the school Tuesday.
Kie Skinner and Emma Clev
“sre attending school again.
be «A” Primary has 14 stars
the “high school” has only 6s.
, jg quite a contrast
1 b Ml
; |*li
" -
L Myrtle Webster Was obliged
Uve school for the rest of the
ion account of illness. • ,
L A. M. Work visited the
U Monday. We wish more
L citizens of Brookings would
[ub once in a while.
L history class have a sand
ron which they have placed
bjcinity of Boston and Bunker
[daring the war of 1776.
11 the seats in room “A” are
B and if the number of scholars
Use some will have to study
[their books on thers laps.
Ingram for the sollowing week:
George Alton.
ly David Day.
station Ada Schleif.
ly. Bessie Lockwood.
ky. John Clevenger.
Station Ernie Moffatt
Sy Ansel Skinner.
|y Seaton Van Doren.
ay Bertha Cunningham.
by Anna Parker.
fcport of Brookings Schools.
Ebe following is the report of
ICity Schools of Brookings for
Imonth ending Nov. 28,1890:
| j '■/ m\ <
9 S 3 9 S' •
» 3 f S? r o
I DirxUTMC NT>. “*35*3
r •
WL• • • •
Q “ • •
I I a-1 :
[SchoJ... .)) </ lo i m
kwr 47 4i 95 1 6 2
btmodiate 86 88 » 0 0 7
mraedute 42 85 M 0 0 7
l«»ry 4» 8? 07 0 0 8
pjwy. 44 87 04 8 220 14
hW arc 281 05 ft 28 57
H7ll«t. . Times tardy. Mia. lost.
[H School—
po Brooks, 1 3
umah School—
krtha Aslakson, 1 5
Pit I MART —
fettie Johnson, 1 3
fenry Getty, 1 2
rer Lokve, 1 15
jae banner is in the possession
m A Primary school
[be quarter holiday was earned
[enjoyed by the A and B In
pediate schools and the A Pri
[bero has been a large amount
fceence. It was all due to sick-
P *nd we can simply say that it
I unfortunate. Too much, how
n was due to questionable
If parents are anxious to
jj their children do good work
hnust see that an absence is
fed only because of some ab-
R* necessity. With an absence
toe or more days each week no
U can keep up with his class.
M. A. Robinson,
predicted with reliable acoura
wd people liable to the pains
aches of rheumatssm oread
7 change to damp or stormy
w*r. Although flood's Sarsa
wis not claimed to be a post
specific for rheumatism, the re
liable cures it has effected show
may be taken for this corn
et with reasonable certainty of
Its action in neutralizing
toidity of the blood, which is the
!• of rheumatism, constitutes the
of the success of Hood's Sar*
(hlla. If you suffer from rheu
give Hood's Sarssparilla a
Mai; it will do you good.
n »*
T:id '
i ol
Holiday Excursions.
or the Christmas and New Year
clays, the Burlington, Cedar Rap
* Northern Railway will make a
of ONE FARE for the round
between all stations on its line,
jots on sale December 24, 25,and
1889, »nd January 1, 1891, good
|turn until January 5, 1891. For
*of trains, rates of fare, and any
lr call on or address
;*gont of the company, or.
J. E. Hannbgak,
Gen’J Tkt. A Pass. Agt.j
»T (if
Sup’t city Schools.
Cold Waves
The Baptists Reftise to Aid In a
Hcheme to Teach Be*
liglon by Law.
Baptists have not altogether for
gotten the hardships which they
m an early day endnred in conse
quence of an established religion,
or quite renounced their first prin
ciples declaring for religions free
dom and a total separation of
Church and State, in the “ Ca
nadian Baptist 1 ' of November 13,
1890, occurs the following editori
al note:
“The Presbyterian Synod for
New York recentlv sent a deputa
tion to the New York State Bap
tist pastors* Conference, which
met in connection with the State
Convention in Lockport, asking
their aid in an effort to secure the
compulsory teaching of the essen
tial doctrines of the Christian re
ligion and morals in the public
schools. The Pastors* Conference,
by a rising vote, adopted a report
declining to accede to the request,
and declaring that the State
Bhould have nothing to do with
the teaching of religious doctrines.
A Baptist Conference could have
made no other reply.**
If Church and State are to be
kept separate in this country, and
religious freedom is to be enjoyed
as the founders of our government
intended it should be, no other re
ply should be made to such re
quests. The Baptists are evident
ly on the right side of this ques
tion. It is to be wondered, how
ever, if those who favor compul
sory religious instruction in the
public schools, will now class the
Baptists, as they have-others who
oppose the theory, with infidels,
foreigners, saloon-keepers, and
thugs, and say they are enemies to
Goa, the Government, good relig
ion, and humanity.
Montana, Oregon and Washington.
Colonists for Mont&rta, Oregon,
Washington or British Columbia
points should take no other line than
the Northern Pacifio Railroad.
This railroad, with its main and
branch lines, has brought into com
munication with the east all promi
nent sections c* the great northwest.
It is the only line traversing Mon.
tana and Washington. It is the on
ly line running through trains from
the east to and through the state of
Washington. It is the short line
from St. Paul to Butte City and He
lena, Mont., Spokane Falls, Wash.,
and Portland, Oregon, and the only
all rail line to Tacoma and Seattle,
Under present car arrangements
Pullman sleeping cars and furnished
tourist sleepers are run via the Wis
consin Central, and Pullman Palace
Sleepers via the Chicago, Milwaukee
A St. Paul, and Northern Pacific
from Chicago through to the Pacific
coast without change.
In addition to this service the
Northern Pacifio runs on its through
express trains regular day ooaches,
dining cars and free colonist sleepers
from St. Paul to Tacoma and Port
The Northern Pacifio line allows
the holders of second class tickets to
stop at Spokane Falls, Wash., and at
all points west thereof, ten days at
each place desired. This will enable
settlers to thoroughly examine all
lands for sale m the new state before
selecting a permanent location. No
other line offers holders of second
olass tickets an opportunity of exam
ing all* sections of this great atate
without the payment of additional
fares of from f 5.00 to $20.00.
For maps, time tables and illustrat
ed pamphlets, or any special informa
tion desired, address your nearest
ticket agent, or Chas. S. Fee, Gen’l
Pass, and Ticket Agent, St. Paul,
Advice to Mothers.
Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup,
for children teething, is the prescrip
tion of one of the best female nurses
and physicians in the United States,
and has been used for forty years
with never failing success by millions
of mothers for their children. Dur
ing the prooess of teething its value
is incalculable. It relieves the child
from pain, cures dysentery and diar
rhoea, griping in the bowels, and
wind colic. By giving health to the
child it rests the mother. Price, 25
cents a bottle. 88yl
PHe* I PHssl Ichlns Pile*.
Srxi’roifs Moisture; intense itching and
•tinging: mo*t nt night; worse by scratching. If
allowed to continue tamom form, which often
bleed Md ulcerate, becoming very tore. Swaue’s
Ointment atop* the Itching and bleeding, heal*
ulceration, and in moat cane*remote* the tumor*.
for 60 c * ntJl Dr-
'iif. : \ 5 "■
And Lemo Lemo. •
, r . •
Try oar Flna Lina of #
They are dandle*.
Wa have a fine line of
Fruits, Confeotionery and
Baked Goods,
Special Prices for Picnios,
Socials, etc., for anything
in our lino.
ICB CREAM made to order In
any quantity on abort notice.
Horn* seekers will And the last of the
public domsto of agricultural and jrra- FREE
slag valne along the Great Northern LANDS.
Hy. in North Dakota and Montana.
1100 or more, along the Great Northern
NKW t Railway Lina. Basinets chances.
TOWNS. I Writer. I. Weitnbt, St. Paul,Minn.,
| for books, maps. etc. Write now.
Settler* on free Government land*
along the Great Northern Hy. Line in IX)W
North Dakota and M ontana get low BATHS,
retea and fine maiketa for product*
Finest resorts in America along
■tTWTina, Great Northern Ry. Line in Mineso
rmux a ta, Dakota and Montana. Best cli
mate for health-seekers.
Montana produces the finest tmreea
and cattle. Free range# yet in Mouse, HOHSBB
Mlik and Sun Hirer valleys, and CATTLK
Sweet Grass lillls. .
In Montana. Rree Lands,New Towns,
Hsaltr, New Railways, New Mines, Low
Wealth Kate*. Largest area of good vacant
Bweet Grass Hilia, Milk and Sun
River Valleys, Montana, reached only BHKKP,
hr the Great Northern Railway Line. 11008.
The stock raisers naradiee. I
The region tributary to Great North
GOLD, ern Railway line m Montana produce
COAL. all the precious and baser metals. New
towns and railwaya are being boilt.
Go to the Great Reservation of Mon
tana and get a good free homestead. MILK
Low rates and free sleepers on Great RIVKR.
Northern H'y Line. Go now.
These have made Boatana the rlch-
HERDB eat state per caeita in the Union.
MINES. Plenty of room for more miners and
stock-raiser*. Now ie the time.
Along the Great Northern Railway
line in Montana and free ranches and YOUNG
pa** unge, mines of precious metal*,
iron and coal, and new cities and MAN
town*. Now is your chance.
I Surrounded by a fine agricultural and
GREAT 'grazing country, close to mines of
precious metals, Iron and coal, pos
sessing a water power nnequaled in
FALLS America, It !a Montana's indue trial
The valley* of Red, Mouse,Missouri, I
Milk and Sun Rivera,reached by Groat ( G. N,
Northern Ry. line. Half rate excur-1
aions Sept. 9. 29, and Oct. 14,1890.1 R. L,
Write P. I. Whitney, St. Paul, Minn. |
••Hello! Tom. Glad to mo yon, old fellow I
It's almost ten yeora since wo were married. Sit
down: let's have on experience meeting. How’e
the wife f H
“Oh i ahe’e eo-00. s*n:e as n real,—always want
ing something I etn't afford.**
•• Well, we all want something mors than we've
got. Don’t yon f**
** Yes: but I guess * want will be my master.* I
started to keep down expenses; and now Lil says
I'm ’mean,’and she’s tired of saving and never
having anything to show for It. I saw your wife
down atreet, ana she looked as happy as a trueen I
•* I think she is ; end we ere economical, too,—
have to he. My wife can make e little go further
than anyone I ever knew, yet she’s always sur
prising me with some dainty contrivance that
adds to the comfort and beauty of our little home,
end she’s always * merry as s lark.* Wheto I ask
how she manages it, site always laughs and says:
•Oh 1 that's my secret! * But 1 think I’ve dis
covered her * secret,' When we married, we both
knew we should have to be very careful, bat she
made one condition: she would have her Magazine.
And she was right! I wouldn't do wilhoutlt my-
Mlf for double the subscription price. We read
It together, from the titlo-page to the last word:
the stories keep our hearts yonng; the synop.is
of important events and scientific matters keeps
me posted so that I can talk of
what Is going on: my Wife is always trying some
new idea from the nonaehold department: she
makes all her dresses and those for the children,
and she gets all her patterns for nothing, with the
Magazine: and we saved Joewben he was so sick
with tbs croup, by doing Just sa directed in the
Banitanan Department. But I cant tell you half l"
“ What wonderful MazarineJ, it
•* Demoreet’a Family Magazine, and—**
*• Wbat I Why that *4 what Lil wanted so bad.
and I told her it was an extravagance.**
“Well, my friend, that’s where yon mads a
grand mintake, and one you’d better rectify as
soon as you can. I’ll take your ‘tub.* right here,
on my wife’s account: she’s bound to have achlna
tea-set in time for our tin wedding next month.
My gold watch was the premiam I got for getting
np a club. Here's a copy, with the new Premium
List for club*,—the bluest thing out! If yon don’t
see la it what jon want, you’ve only to write to
the pub! Isher sad tell hit* what you want, whether
It la a tack-hammer or a new carriage, and he will
make apodal terms for yon, either for a dub, or for
part cash. Better subscribe right off and surprise
Mrs. Tom. Only sa.oo a year—wßl save fifty times
that la six months. Or send lOcaata direct to the
publisher, W. Jennings Demorest. 15 East 14th
Street. New York, for a specimen copy contaiuing
the I‘rt rn,urn List."
a great fall
Santa Claus Soap
Tell your <Hoc» * 1 conies tfjeir way;
—’''a liascoffietosby
~ -Afc made' onlv arv^
The Acorn Stoves
The line is complete from a soft coal heater
to a parlor cook and cannot be excelled by
anything in the market.
The Best is None too Good!
Christmas Will Soon Be Here!
And nothing will be nicer /or a Christmas present to yonr
friend than a
Handsome Pair of Slippers.
We have the nicest line of these goods to be found in the city
and at the
Be sure and see onr line before buying elsewhere, as it will
be to your interest We also have a complete line of
Ladies Gents’ and Children’s Shoes,
at the rerr lowest prices, and for style and durability cannot
be equaled in the county. We handle the
Wales Goodyear Overshoes
Admitted by all to be the very best in the market
With Every $3 Worth of Goods Purchased You Get a Chanoe to
Draw au Elegant Hanging Lamp. %
GEO. SIMMONS & CO., - The Shoe Men.
Brookings Machine Shop!
Threshers’ Supplies and Machine Repairs
Flat, Round and Hentp Packing, Valves, Piping and General Re
pairs. Everything in metal repaired from a corkscrew to an En*
gine. After using all kinds of Cylinder Oil, try sample of BEST.
Brookings, ... South Dakota
Wx.nSBSB.PrM. It. H. BOLDEN, Vice Pro*. Wx. B. PROST, Sm’i
Uto. MORSHOUSS, Trea*. G. H. LIKW, M»'t Sef
Brookings County abstract and Title Guaranty Co
Incorporated 1800. Author!red Capital $15,000.
Furnish** Abstracts of Till* to Lauda la Brooklbß* County All kind* of Meal Batata Convcrauataf
Still Lead Them All.
And we make a specialty of the
(Successor to Dox ft Lorimer,)
feV t'XwrwxWMN
- i^Bßf

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