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'^a^^^Jl^, Sfe^TaSHw -&L
ation 1,675
VOL. 6, NO. 34.
Taft and Glass
Local Candidate was ifin
-%, thupiastically Endorsed
Without a Dissent- a§®
ing Vote Cast
At the meeting-of the Republican
Central committee of Codington county
held in thissity Monday afternoon, sev
.eral interesting things, happened and
some poUtical fireworks were let off.
One of the most surprising things was
the apparent unwillingness of the com
mittee to endorse Gov. Crawford's can
didacy for the U. S. senate, tho the
committee is dominated by the insurg
ent party. A motion was made by
ate Burt of South 'Shore favoring
rawford's candidacy and seconded, and
^j^then the meeting begau^to express itself
Jpig distinctly against the motion, because it
*4%g| was felt that if such a motion was
passed it would interfere with the local
candidacy'of Glass ftir congress. After
some*discussion the motion^was wijth
drawn for the reason stated.
T^'candidaicy of f, HviifcforpS-
dent and W. S. Glass for congress was
^heartily endorsed, the. voting in each
lease being altogether unanimous, The.
g^cajj$$acy of Mr. Glass was enthuias
ticallv supported and the feeling of the
1, meeting was altogether in his favor.
dhe of the important things brot up
was whether the delegates
fto the state .convention, to be held at
-Sioux Falls, April/7, and'which chores
4 delegates'to the national convention,
1*bhould be appointed by the committee
or elected at the primary on' March 10.
•ItjwssJ argued that the primary law
an option on this^pointii the com
is unanimously agreed. It-' was
•la? urged on the fiore of* expense' to
th* dounty that the'dolegates should'be
appointedj by the committee, bQt on the
mattei'^iijf^put to vote it was decided:
by a large majority that the delegates
'Should be e^Sted at ttje primary.
question of the appointment of delegates
^amongst the ^virions precincts, and "it
^fcwas finally agreed to appoint one at
*^T?flarge and one for every twenty or major
4 'fraction. Both Wallace and Florence
fe'Nwere given one.delegate at large and
:,5. two others.
...... W. S. Glass was called] upon for a
.... speech. He responded with and address
ijin which he outlined the policies which
.jj&^form the planks of his platform in
his candidacy for congress.
ft J^'fji.sSW
wo r«*v* •"fcrv
City Council and Water Works
Company Take Breathing
pell Between Bounds.
^riSj'wSuse^ion the
fe Js£
Foley's Orino Ziaxative 'is va .new
remedy, and an improvement on the
laxatives of former years, as it does not
gripe or nauseate and is pleasant to
take. It is guaranteed. A. Duffner
ore Sale
*300 lOe 5c
pictures, framed,
regular $150, now
13 pictures in color, size 19x24, by
Fiaher. Kitnball and Goodwin,
BE color pictures,'ihoat
^scenery, reg. 35c, t»ow
yseful Gifts
•it-.. ForttlietSiride, relative or home
"The Halbkat Jewelry Store" ar
rays a splendid varietyJf irift-ieiv
ing goods.
You know, too, in dealing here
you get just what you think you
get, ana at the smallest margin of
profit prices.
Special Sale ICJ
The Quiet Baby Gels
The Water Works and City
Council Have Been Doing
Fast Work on the ,Mat. ....
yf 4faP?-*
-sb?" ——'ii «.}'
The city council met in regular ses
sion last'Monday evening with all
members present with the exception of
Alderman Luck who was out of the
city. Mayor Thomas presided.
President Zender of'the .water works
company has expressed a desire to come
to Watertown and confer with the
council on the water works franchise
proposition. He is expected to be
present at the next meeting and in the
meantime tlje council is busy whetting
up their scalping knives.
The council transacted the regular
routine business and made their "get
away" early.
At -fa
Because we are overstocked and
will invoice soon, we'll give 20 per
cent off our Regular Prices which
are already lower., than elsewhere,
Cat 6(983, Band Painted China and
1*4 Silverware
Everything guaranteed satisfactory
Chas. F. Halbkat
Jeweler apdOpticiao Watertown
The Cyfamittee's Report
Eeportivg on the results of the three
days conference of last week, Alderman
C.H. Lester read the following:
Your committee to whom was referred,
as conferees with the waterworks com
pany, the matter of attempting the ad*
justsnent of a new franchise, beg leave to
report as follows: g.::
That since the last council meeting
and especially during the past week,
they have been in almost- constant con
ference with the reprerentuives of The
waterworks company and wish to" report
as follows:
That, taking the franchise &s pre
sented by the waterworks company as a
basis, they have agreed on m^ny: of the
minor propositions in that franchise and
that so far as these agreements go they
have been in line with the report of this
committee ae made at a fortnef date.
This Committee, owing to the volume of
a report covering all of their laboj^and a
recital of all the reasons, arguments, pro
and con, are substantially estopped
from giving to this council at this" time
the argument that has been presented
in regard to this matter Briefly, thrn
committee wishes to report that the
water company has conceded, and
agreed tp a number of the minor prop
ositions that this committee has asked
for. There are several propositions,
however, of considerable importance, in
fact the matters of prime importance in
the judgment of this committee, to
which they have not agreed.
-First: They are still holding out for
a 20-year franchise the committee offers
them a 10-year franchise.
Second: The committee, insist by
reason of receiving a new franchise, they
shall remove, at their expense, mains,
etc., on vacated streets and in 'addition
thereto shall install the mains already
ordered by the city council, which at
this date they have not Htailt, and that
the hydrant rental shall be fixed by this
committee for o!3 mains and that this
shall be absolutely precedent before this
franchise shall go into effect and be
me operative. That in regard to tbe
extension of new amiss we should prac
tically go oack to the terms of the orig
inal franchise and should not require
the property owners to pay such an
amount, or any part of such an amount
as will in five years pay the first cost' of
the construction of such mains. In re
gard to hydrant rental, the committee
wishes to state that in itB judgment
.when it offers a rental of $25 per annum
!for all hydrants now located in the city
that it considers that, as a committtee,
it has offered all that this service is
worth, In this respect the committee
have tried to be fair, that: is has con
ceded the general principle that the city
should pay for all the water that it uses:
that tbe committee have conceded to
the, waterworks company, as a commit
tee'Oniy-,12 ceflte Her thousand gallons
watering -puDlic parks and school
grounds, and for the consumption of the
Bchools themselves.
Third: We also agree as to the length
of/time in which they, tho water com
pany, shall be prepared to give an ex
treme test of their plant for firo protec
tion purposes in case of a bad fire. In
the judgment of your committee, they
Should be prepared at any and all .times
during the course of any twelve months,
to give this test upon, thirty minutes
notice. In this matter your committee
and the Water company disagree, they
having previously asked, three days'
time': but now having modified it to one
day's timo.
Fourth: A further matter of dis
agreement is in the price of water to be
charged to the city. The water com
pany deminds 12% cents per thsu?.aud
gallons the committee is not willing to
concede anything greater than 12 Cents.
Fifth:' Another matter of difference
is in regard to lawn rates on a flat rate
schedule. Your committee after care­
Prices quoted below will be in effect until February 20th.
Buy your Jardinieres For sjJritjg
now. All new goods.
4 X?
7 in. fancy, rtg. 55c, now 83c
8 in. fancy, reg. $1, noWl,!)? 56c,
9 in. fancy, reg. $1,20, now 71e
8 in. green mat Jardinieres, reg.
$1.50, now 99c
10 in. Imitation Rookwood ware,'
®L50, now 99c
12 in. Iinitation Rookwoodware
$225, now $1.33
ome-if5AT ONCE be^Te everything is gone, ttis sale
has been an unprecedented succes^j You can't afford to miss
\ihe bargains we are offering^ Compare the size of this ad with
week's to see the great success of our wonderful bargains.
mmi dveriise
fully (oiisideriiigthi^taiatter, does not
believe it right nor ^raper that sur pet)
pie should b® r6qiilir0d!t6:^ay for some
thing which they, cu» not need and in
order to pr6tect oar. people in this re
spect provide that 6U^lawn ratea shall
be payable quarterly'at the rate of $5
per quarter on a fla^«M»'bafits^thereby
relieving them .the nenftoj&y-- Qf
paying per quarter during qtt'srters
which tnejr do no$ need tbe water for
lawn purposes.
Sixth: Your coiqtoittee further be
lieve and insist thafe in the'.matter of
minimum meter 'r|tus the property
owner should not bejifeqmred to pay for
any more water at J.the regular mfter
rate Bchedulethan msnleter, ifin prop
er- working order, shows that hfr has
actually consumed. In other words,
inasmuch as the property on ner has
paid allot the expense of putting the
water into his property, even to the ex
pense of boring the huDle into the main
itself and inasmuch as through a meter
water can be measured tiie same as any
other commodity, that it is unjust to
him that by reason df a minimum rate
he may be forced lo j(ay for something
that as a matter of fact he does not re
ceire. --S'
Respectfully, submitted.
HS.t —Ok H. Lester
T. JH. Pritchard
Wffi. Iiuck
The following billa Were allowed:
Wm. Qunn, janitor.'.
Mrs. J. A. Williams,(Salary
Mrs. P. G, Schmidt,ialary
FClrhn.nrav. hohto
Kampeska Mlg. Co., boal.... ..
Frank Elkins, salary:,......
J. McLanghlm, salaly
B. S. Craig, salary. ...:...,..
Wm. Olson, salary.t v...v.
Lee Bros, sharpening tools.
E. M. Barker,printing
Wright Tarbell, work for water
Fahler & Ralls, hack hire..,. .u& 100
't -V
V^' A Night Alarm
Worse than an alahn of fire at night
is,the met Ulic cough of croup bringing
dread to the household. Careful
mothers keep Foley's Honey and Tar in
the house and give it at the first sign of
danger. Foley's Honey and Tar has
saved many little lives and it is the only
safe preparation for children as it con
tains no harmful drugs. A. Duffner.
Can you s^ive"$5 a month? Beat
and safest investment ever pffered
in Watertown ia one of those Kemp
lots. 33-35
You could have purchased that
lot three years ago for just one
tenth what it sold for yesterday.
"Sure Mike," but the world moves
on. It will be the same with Kemp
lots. Get in while you can buy
right. 33-35
Bargains In jChamber
12 piece seta -ft,
$12 ee
$11 set $7.80
$16.50 set $7.25
$10 set $6.75
$8 set $5.00
$7 set $4.25
^All of Funke's Chocolatee 40/jsd
50c grades, this sale
29 Cents per pound j,"
15 00
25 00
30 00
25 00
37 25
85 00
75 00
75 00
75 00
149 85
30 00
163 05
48 70
49 20
49 25
49 25
30 70
5 20
2 00
48 00
5 00
G. W. Carpenter, engineer.
Kirlm-Gray1, lights for Jan:.....
Woodward & Searles^sugpliss..
Hayes Lucas Lumb. Co. lumber
C. M. Kranz, insurance...,.....
W. B. Ryalla, insurance
H. M. Hanten, insurance
C. K. Snyder, insurance. ........
James Lavique, work on streets
Geo. Croziarv wiwk onv streets...
Martin Belatti, work,
on streets..
Frank Moran, work oifstreets...
M. Belatti, work on city hall....
J. H. Bruns Foundry, supplies. .105 08
Hess& Rau, sewer assessmectt:-^.. 30 10
Frank Lyon^ewed flag. 7 50
E. J. Sederstrom, boapI^vfU... 6 50
M. A. Hock man, ins. Troetf bldg. 14 10
Mre. B. P. Trofhi'vfork for city
attf^Eey .*4 50
Florence Bougbner, work forcity
attorney 3 50
•bell, work for water
1 00
Will Owsley, formetly of this city
but now residing at Aberdeen,
where he is manager of the big
candy factory of Ward Bros'., was
in Watertown the first of the week
on his way east on business for his.
firm. Will has hosts of friends in
Watertown who are always glad to
know that he is -still maintaining
hiB reputation as one of the bestv
hustlers in the state. Jjj
Great improvements' ar4't'*u!ader
way at Lee Towne's confectionery
store and barber shop.. A partition
MIL be_ptutihit Jth® rear aof.the^pn»
fectionery store and the room
formed will be used as abath room
with entrance from the barber
shop. The present bath room will
be turned into a shining parlor.
Several new chaira will be placed
in the barber shop, and ptjher .im
provements made.
E. Little. whofiUs been fore
man in Smith's plumbing shop for
a long time, has severed his con
nection with Mr. Smith and em
harked into, the plumbing, steam
and hqt Water heating for himself.
Mr. Little is a first-class workman
and will no doubt receive his share
of the public patronage. We re
spectfully call the attention of
public tq his advertisementj^this
The Harmony cUft will meet
next Monday eve^fng in the city
ball at 8 o'clock^^ paper on "The
progress of ^sic from the tenth to
the sixteeqUrcehtury," by Mrs. B.
O. Tankenney, will be read also a
yocal nraiber by Mr. Frank Lyon
and anynstrumental number by W.
S. Few. Choral rehearsal at 9
o'cloA. Members will please make
ah oport to be present.
interesting debate will, be
giv^n in the High school building
th!^ Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock
between the Seniors and the Jun
iors of the high school on the
question: "Resolved that the policy
of free trade is inore beneficial to
the U. S. than the policy of protec*
tion." The Juniors take the affir
mative and the seniors the negative.
Tbe public is cordially invited.
The debate is leading up to the
inter-scholastic debate to be held
at Pierre before long, for which the
debaters here are practising.
Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Brickell, Jr., re
turned from their wedding trip
Tuesday morning. They have been
absent about five weeks, visiting
various points in Texas and Mexico.
While in Mexico Mr. Brickell con
tracted poisoning with live oak,
causing great pain, breaking out
injo a kind of erysipelas. A return
was made for home, but on reach
ing Omaha he became so sick that
it was necessary to stop. Here he
spent.a wee? in a: hospital until it
was deemerf advisable for him to
move, whe4 be came on home'. H&:
isimproVi«fejteadily, but wiil not
be able to.b$ about for «ome little
time yet
L. G. Hat, M. 0.
Th^attendance at the Harmony
club choral practice Wednesday
evening was very small, and very
disappointing to those in pharge,
Pres. Ainsworth says, unless some
radical change for the better tarns
up, something will have to go.
A. B. Hemp and family have
moved from Clifton, 111., on to their
farm about seven mflea south of
Watertown He has been renting
the farm for the last few years, but
thinkB it will pay him to run the
farm himself.
A big republican r«lly will be
held on Feb. 21st, to organise the
political supporters of W. S. Glass
ii his candidacy for congress.
'here will be speeches and all
kinds of political bon-bons, and
everybody is requested to turn out
and boost for Glass.
A couple of wrecks tied up the
traffic on the Rock lBland and M. &
St. L. roads for some time Tuesday.
The Rock Island freight was
ditched near CactuB while the M.
& St. JL, big freight engine left the
rails at Gardner. Crews were sent
out from Watertown to cleajr the
A farmer called at the Andy
Foley building with a horse to be
shod, tand was. rather surprised to
find a well fitted tailor shop. Mr.
Deveney is the tailor in, question,
and has a very nicely fitted shop,
and #ith improvements to be put
in in the near future will have one
of the best equipped shops in the
,*u. '-ij^.-v.,
I Hl 1
tS&T'&ct j8s^&»£Rgfe£
WPr&M wmjw
AVB19TV iJgkmf?-.
81.00 m&
acre's many a damn
jTwixtthe doi
Q.Oj$|nd thejatub
Where ignorance is bliss it is blittef t6 be wise/
Many a glad hand tarns out to fee the "hook,"
Son»e promises won't keep-not even in cold storage.
There is a sucker born every sbjnutc—and aoiqe
It is said that nothing is impossible, but theft ^«re lots Of
people doing nothing every day.
Some mean old maid, without a doub
Who'd never ta$ted(bliss,
Was first to start that Ue^aJioiiJlC,
The microbe in a Iriss,
Open confession may be for the*o«l but it
the rfeputation,. .• 'y
"Investigation by any other name would smell just aa
loud."—-Aldennan Lester.
When you see a man pushing a matrimonial irait basket, it
a a a a
Sister promises to inflict the Elks' lodge witha"&ouvwen"J!,'
edition of her paper, If it is-as fine as the program she isMed fQf'
the Elks' mmstrel show several years ago, it will be a beantj
is 't^^ijfcrencl^bfetween rtpa
and a "stalwart" republican? The former has a^^rotner-lock on
the public teat ami the '"stalwaft" is trying to break- liis hola _,so
that he can throw his lip over it.
It is really nice to rtin a newspaper th&^lS^dl
by any political ring and then the editor is in a position to handl
either side a jolt in the short ribs without fear of .having ihe^
"choke-collar" put around his neck and kicked back into the field
by the bosses like an unruly bird-dog. The Saturday News is in
a, herd by itself—like anything yon read in^^'1
this paper is ti^g^peeFffWuclemthout^liy^NetilattozMp?'.7
The following lines .were written on reading a repor
sale of Public Opinion to the insurgents in last week's News.
Cory-o'-tah was a warrior
Of the mighty tribe of Stalwarts
Brave was he, and waged'fierce conflict
On the race of the Insurgents.
Shot be swiftly many arrows,
Shot he man^ death-tipped arrows,
And with blood-congealing war-cygr.
Struck his enemies with terror.' W
Thus the valiant Cory-o'-tah
Gained the fear of all his foemen
Many were.tile bitter foemen
Whom he met in deadly conflict,
With them constant warfare Waging:
Many sought his scalp, but vainly.
Foremost in the ranks appearing
Was the ruddy haired Insurgent,
The fair Amazon Siss-o'-tah,
Known thruout the two Dakotas,
For her savaj e.fikill in battle,
For her deeds up3n the warpath
There was also the great warrior
Sock-a-Kneedy the Insurgent
Known was he in man^r nations
For the- brightness of his sayings,
For his wisdom in palaver.
And Bark-o'-nah the avenger
Was another weighty foeman
Worthy of brave Cory-o'«t^h
And in many a well fought conflict
Proved the value of his courage, I
Proved the mettle of his daring.
But, alas! the doughty Indian,
Cory-o'-tah, son of thunder,
In an hour of weak surrender
Met the Insurgents in palaver,
Smoked with them the &tal
And for many beads and trinkets^
Which they held before his vision,
Sold his tomahawk and weapons
To his crafty foes the Insurgent
Handed o'er the &tal hatchet
Which he had so oj&en wielded
To the terror of his foemen
So the Insurgents tot p^t jS#
Counted ou#thS beads and w&mi
Counted out tbeshmin^ trinkets,
Which, had liu^a^the
I^uTwl theOTighty Cdi^-o'-tah.
Thus the •gafaant:Stalqkrt8fi^|^i
AU things come teS^im.who gem after theft?. V" i" A "C
J. .,-1
A poncTi ill the bowl is worth'two in the face.
**4 Vs 3

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