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iM^uaitt^ywt xuwmkn. 5"':/K
.Mi it tie wwi -Srhen merchants
pugheut tbe Northwest are tarclng to
y*ukw,fir their fpriofc aae nmatt
jobbwer |Q0VOL
aetUrOThaveinJarn prepared foftbe
kWsIO*^ A tIsH- ta. toe metropolis of
wJscobsIq will repay thoa* wto Intend
to pnrohsse tbw stock- of spring goods
X* plate- au order for TnaQhinery In any
or therenowned factories.
Milwaukee jobbers dMetvt the -patron'*
W of tbe business men of this city.
xh*y offer good goods and as splendid a
Wtpla'y at right price* aa can be feunA
*U#ywhere. -The absolute superiority
th» produet of Milwaukee's mannf
tores. IB known throughout the yrn
IThe reduction of therallroad rare to two
Cants a mile has brought Milwaukee
more closely in tonch witli merchants
generally who may now travel at a mini,
mam coat with maximum profit. While
In.Milwaukee a visit to the rooms of the
Milwaukee Association of Jobbi
Manufacturers. 45-49 University
Ing, hIU bring any information that is
our Rich TTnale
The President callaattention to the
Significant fact that in 1898, when the
panic began, we had but $161,000,000
In (old in the government treasury,
while we now have $904,000,000, Ten
years ago the circulation per capita
(was $28.23, now it Is $33.23. We had
hard times then because the tenantry
was poor now the country is rich. The
.United States* totci itock of gold is
about $1,600,000,000. There Is no otter
government on earth that can approch
this figure. Opulent Germany and pros
perous France fall fat behind England
Is poverty stricken by comparison Aua
tria-Hungnry has In her banks a beg*
garly $286,000,000.
Uncle Sam's business Is thriving. Br
few Saturday night'he locks up a com
fortable profit In the safe. Th»-money
Is getting to be a nuisance. If he wish
ed, he could pay off almost the whole
Interest-bearing debt with yelivw
We do not always get .the best use of
our prosperous relative's money. Our
currency system was made when the
wolf was howling about the front door
and the old man had nothing but car
CareHt gets embarrassed at the sight
of real money. But the capitalists will
haw to hoard very hard and the graft
er* will have to steal industriously and
the laborers must loaf -a long time be
fore they oon bring about a real panto
In a country which Is so shamefully
rich.—Success Magazine.
Why He Felt Hnppr.i
I "Vernon told me this morning,"
lated the lady with the'cold blue eye,
"that he had'passed the tree where two
years ago he carved your initials and
Ihia own and encircled them with a
heart He says he felt so glad he al
nost danced for Joy!"
"Ah," said the tall brunette anxious
ly, "then he must still love me, after
all! Did he tell you why he felt so
"Tea, dear. He said some men wefts
tutting the tree down I"
The growth of girls is greatest in their
'fifteenth year of boys in their seven
|3fP Food ComralNaioner of Anr State
Hm Btm Attacked the Abaiolate
rj- Parity ot Gmpe-Slati.
Every analysis undertaken. .shows
ttils food to be made strlctiy of Wheat'
and Barley, treated by our processes
to partially transform the starch parts
Into a form of Sugar, -and therefore
much easier to digest
Our claim that' It is a "Food for
Brain and Nerve Centers" is based
upon the fact that certain parts of
Wheat and Barley (which we use)
contain Nature's brain- and nerve
building ingredients viz., Phosphate
•of Potash, and the way we prepare the
food- makeB it easy to digest and as
Dr. Geo. W. Carey In his book on
"The Blochemlc System of Medicine"
says: .'
"When the medical profession fully
understands the nature and range of
the phosphate of potassium, insane
asylums will no longer be needed.
"The gray matter of the brain is
controlled entirely by the Inorganic
cell-salt, potassium. phosphate.
"This salt unites with albumen, and
by the addition of oxygen creates
nerve-fluid, or the gray matter of the
"Of oourse, there is a trace of other
-Salts and other organic matter In
bpive-lluid, but potassium phosphate
ts the chief factor, and hao the power
within itself to attract, by Its own law
of affinity, alt things needed to manu
facture the elixir of life. Therefore,
when nervous symptoms arise, due to
the fact that the nerve-fluid has been
exhausted from any cause, the phos
phate of potassium Is the only true
remedy, because nothing else can pos
sibly supply the deficiency.
"The ills arising from too rapidly
consuming the gray. matter of the
brain cannot be overestimated.
."Phosphate of Potash Is to my mind
the moBt wonderful curative agent
ever discovered by man, and the bless
iocs It has already conferred on the:
race are many. But 'what shall the
harvest be' when physician* every
where fully understand the part this
wonqprful salt plays In the processes
xl wlli uO aa Ciiu uo
#one through physiology toinako ft
heaven on earth.
t' the overworked business man
take it and go /home good-tempered,
lit, the weary wlfe, nerve8 lijistnui4
from attending to .sick chUjiren or en
tertaining'company, take it-and note
iow qulikly the equilibrium, will be
restored and calw and reason ftssart
1i»riOirone- No: 'provin^'..ju?»"rc(}ulred
We And thiiir-i^Sssluni salt
Jiredomlsaf^a In 'narve-auls',
'end that a deficiency produces well-
(j?yinptoais. iTha
I Oiw of cure.
The .reading .of tho President's: message
concerning th« employers' liability act,
the1 granting of injunctions in labor casts
nud other matters of a general- nature
concerning corporationi was the chief fea
ture of the Senate proceedings Friday.
'The message received careful attention.
The Senate ordered 10,000 copies printed..
The remainder of tbe day was devoted
to ratine, business and a further consid
eration of the billr to re rise the criminal
laws of the United States. The first
reading of the bill was concluded. Ths
Senate adjourned until Monday. An un
usual and almost unprecedented scene was
enacted in the House of Representatives
as tbe result of the reading of a special
message to Congress by the President
urging additional legislation in the mat
ter of relations of labor and capital and
of corporations and the public. Tho .vig
orous language of the document brought
forth storms of- applause, first on ths
Democratic side of the House, then on the
Republican, and culminating in a general
demonstration by the entire body. After
"passing 288 pension bills, the Indian ap
propriation bill was discussed. Its con
sideration had not "been completed when
the House adjourned until Monday.
Senator Piles of Washington Monday
delivered an eloqueut appeal in favor of
an appropriation by Congress of $700,
0Q0 for a government exhibit at the Alas
ka-Yukon-Pacific exposition, to be held in
Seattle next year. The day in the Sen
ate was chiefly devoted to a considera*
tlon of bills on the calendar, several of
which were passed. Three of the giants
of the House had their innings Monday.
Technically the Indian appropriation bill
was under discussion, but legislation was
relegated to the background while na
tional politics occupied the stage.Be
fore the political question cropped out
tbe House, with next to the largest at
tendance of the session present, with but
one dissenting" voice, passed a general
Widows' pension bill granting a flat pen
sion of $12 a month to tho widows of all
honorably discharged soldiers of the Uni
ted. States who have not heretofore re
ceived the benefits of the pension law
and au increase of $4 a month for those
who have under the act of Jane 27,1890.
The bill Involves the expenditure of more
than $12,000,000 annually. The political
debate was opened by Mr. Townsend ot
Michigan, who, in ft prepared speech,
claimed for the Republican party credit
for all national legislation in the last
fifty years of vital interest to the public.
In this he was vigorously disputed by
Mr. Cockran of New York. Mr. Hep
burn followed, defending the President's
message, and said that, condemnation of
'it had come only from the great malefac
tors of the- age "and the gentleman from
Ohio," meaning Senator Foraker.
The Senate Tuesday passed the urgent
deficiency bill, carrying an appropriation
of over $24,000,000. Ths large deficiency
appropriation for the navy brought out
considerable discussion on the subject of
executive departments making expendi
tures not provided for in appropriations.
Deficiency appropriations for the Panama
*4, eA
lacking 9rinc|pie,4atd In iStfedti-:
it In Vegetables fruifisaiu! k«11iu:i"l!:'
1 "t
ah^ van!
U16 gralus^r«rty 'f6t'ttSe(S
Arkansas, the latter urging the passage America, with samples of Emperor Wil-
of his bill prohibiting dealings In futures
in agricultural products.
Senator Beveridge of Indiana delivered
an appeal to, the Senate Wednesday to
adopt his bill providing for a nonpartisan
tariff commission plan which he de
clared" conformed to modern and business
ideas on this HubjfM''..1 Several Demo
cratic Senators spoke briefly on the gen
eral subject o: the tariff. Tariff revis-'
.erai'anpject. ot inc iariu. xwrn,
t- a
KwSfe® r,r.Six:
caus® of his asisurances that .a tariff re
vision plank w(iuld be incorporated in the
Republican national jjlatform of this
year. He credited Mr. Bryan with going
about- the country accusing President
Roosevelt of grand or petit larceny in
purloining hisjdeas. Other speakers weM
Messrs. Thomas of North Carolina, Co*
The Grand Duke Constantino of, Bo»
sia is said to be 4ke most cultured Rotnaa
Off now living. -I
The Queen of Holland discourages goa
nlng'nc far as she is able. She is a»
ardent lover of all animals. I
The conference of the British Lobor
party at Hull viit-ftd down the. resolution
binding par^j'to any .particular so
iailstic progranii bot passed aiother de
claring socialism to be .the definite' and
ultimate a!kq of the -tiahor party.
'at&n Tt' Larkip, comptroller of Pitts-'
^hurg and formerly postmaster, iron foqpd
dead In bed at hl^on^-ther^JDnath war
Iue,i!t0i asthma. jiT
these later days, somebody haaaethlir- dwghter,
rV xHTUi.*. okl'
self to show what an exceedingly vtr,
spectacle history attaches to the prae-"*
tlce. Among-the -ancients,,especially to
China, eRtlng Iwrse flesh was general,
and It was only killed in. Europe, oy-a
Papal decree of Gregory ,1X1., though
why horse flesh should have,been In
terdicted does not-appear," It was only
the famine caused bjr Napoleon's in-:
vaston that revived the practice in Gw
many, where It: bos survled ever since.
—London Globe.
That la What Prove* True Merit.
Doan's Kidney Pills bring the quick
est of relief fronk backache and kid
ney troubles, is that relief lasting?
Let Mrs. James M.
Long of 118 N. Au
gusta St, Staunton,
Va., tell "you. On
January 31st, 1903,
»wMrs. Long wrote:
i.MA"Doan's Kidney Pills
.'ft.»havc cured me" ^(of
pain in the back,
urinary troubles,
bearing down sensa
tions, etc.). On June
20th, 1007, four and one-half year*:
later, she said: "i^aven't had kidney
trouble ninco. I rt*p&at liiy testimony."
Sold by all dealers, 90 cents a box._
Foster-MUburn Co., Buffalo. N.
l'o Atm Stralsrht Is Hamatt.
Anthropologists have remarked that
taking aim is a human characterlstle
tlint evcn the anthrsjold apes cannot
be said to share. Apes and monkeys
frequently throwii. nuts and sticks,
sometimes with unpleasant conse
quences to others, but they show little
or no ability to take accurate aim. The
baGoon is said to excel somewhat In
this respect, but still it would never
puss for a marksman: Accuracy of
eye and the judgment of direction and
distance that are Involved In real aim
ing have been developed only by man
and are among the tokens of his In
tellectual superiority.—St. Louis He-,
Stats op Ohio, City of Toledo,
Ldcas County.
Frank I. Cheney makes oath that he Is
senior partner of the firm of F. J. Cheney Bt
Co., doing business In. the City, of Toledo,
County and State aforesaid, and that said
Arm will pay the sum of ONE! HUNDBBD
DOLLARS for each and every ease of Ca
tarrh that cannot bjvC11red by the us# of
Hall's Catarrh Curjg- TtANK J, CHENEY.
Sworn to before^9$nfHfesubticrlbed In my
presence, this Otliaay"
tonaXt-gavft,. rjsi)4tCtjvJ)egiocrotla~orttiolsai—ellloafiy are Its J)roprletors_tUnt by men-,
of the publication of a paper by the tionlng the jiame of this paper and
Canal Commission at Panama, snd inci
dentally Senator Teller declared that he
believed the lock canal at Panama would
some day be declared afailure, and that
a sea level canal would take its place.
The Senate devoted two hours to consid
eration of the 'criminal code bill.
President Roosevelt's reeent message
to Congress on tbe relations of capital
asd labor and of corporations and the
public again! was the theme of discussion
in the House of Representatives. -So
great, was the demand for time that gen
eral debate on the Indian appropriation
bill, Vfhich is the pending business, was
extended for four hours. Interest in ths
proceedings centered in a' speech by John
Sharp Williams, the "minority leader! who,'
while lauding the President for some of
his sentiments, expressed the belief that1
others were dangerous. -Mr. Williams
December, A. D.
(Seal.) A. W. GLEASON,
Notary Pobuc.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken InternaUy,
and acts dlrcctly on the blood and muooas
surfaces at the system. Send for tettino
nlals free.
K. J. CHRNEY 4 CO., Toledo, O.'
Sold by all Druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family I'Uls for constipation.
Berlin authorities have passed a law
putting a tax on cats, and now when one
of .them is found without tbe metal tag
which shows that the tax has been paid it
is chloroformed.
For Kidney Trouble* and RJienman
Sufferers from rheumatism, kidney
and bladder troubles are promised
speedy relief nul cure by use of the
well-known medical preparation called
"Swamp Boot." So confident of Its
writing to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Bing
bainton, N. Y., a sample bottle of the
remedy will be sent free by mall to any
part of the United States. In order to
get this free sample, be sure to men
tion the name of this paper.
Tbe "Peacock Throne" of Persia is. the
most extravagant thing of thfe kind in
Ihe world. Its-value la estimated be
tween ten and fifteen million dollars.
Millions In Oats and Barley.
Nothing will pay yon better for 1908
than to sow a plenty of big yielding oats
and barley with oats at 40c to 80c a bu.
(Salzer's new Kmperor William Oats av
eraged SO bu. per acre more than any
other variety in 1907). would pay im
mensely, while Salzer's Silver King Bar
ley, which proved itself the biggost yield
er at the Wisconsin Agricultural. Station
during 1907 if yon had planted 60 acres
would have given you in 1907 Just $3,
500,00 on 50 acres. It is an enormous
spoke for nearly two hours. His re
marks on the financial question prompted
a lengtby discussion of that subject by y!lifer.
McHill, of Connecticut, in which he op- just seno this notice ann lOo
posed the Aldrich financial bill. Other to the John A. S&lzer Seed Co., La
speakers were Messrsi :Bonygne, "of Colo- Crosse, Wis., and we will mail you ths
rado, Nye, of Minnesota, and Macon, of
original seed catalog published in
llam Oats, Silver King Barley, Billion
Dollar^Grass. Which produces 12 tons per
acre. Sainfoin, the dry soil luxurlator,
ctc., etc.,. and if you send 14e .we add a
package of new farm seeds never before
seen by you. O. N. U.
Tenderfoot—I hear you have started
up a new quartz mill. How are you do
ing with it?
Mine Owner—Gneissly, thank you.
Stssage to Congress again ifcOre ths main -J? nn m-o ?S /i f"
topics of discussion in the House. As
of t,after:,the
nf Indiana, Hardy of Texas and Nelson.-nostri!a fa? Lv
Wisconsin. -faU
nerves), It Illustrates how wonder
fully the essential elements are com
bined its marvelous penetrating power
enables It to.sock out the painful spot
in the sciatic .nerwe, .deeply embedded,
as well ns the face and brain nerves.
It cures neuralgia gently and surely,
and application, If the nose
There Is no other remedy in the world
that will do. so inticlv, and do it so
quietly and effectively as St. Jacobs
OH. Every family should have a bot
tle handy "by them in. tbe house. It
nets vllke Mioglc, it always., conquers
Savings -banks arff established In 328
•chools. iu S^tlands There are 25,712
depositors, wiih $48^990 to their credit.
JVjj- r— -I
Wouldn't vo% like to ttf Nature's mild
lflxaHv«,-Garfield^Tea? Headache Pew
d^rs and ^Digestive Taulnts also upon. r«
•Oiwst- fend jxjetcord to Oarfield. Tea,
Brooklyn, jfc Ti
s— 'ill'"ft" .1.
"AJwtemiods" and "facetious" are ths
/uwiemwus. nxiu mcecxous are ine
^aud«WU6 Comcdy^^ in «teir order.._ xr- S
a 5 W &
Tpad^me^'^rtosw^ 3K«l*imite -to epifftaAttt ctjaxn &"« touoati!
•jww.tlss tor^I oiSIaiOT is ceanstMdJk^aaj'
fcPhetson I
English haying tl^ vo^ela
ftaqipe^^rea^ir by the i^otwtant
Ml •is'w
What a tijffiy 'HBlS.shs sii
-And "hef" teat %ey Hy -t^ong' tfavgr*M -rM
iai*ulif'le nulk-wiite win|s 1" to
Seeing her you would say the' yehr^ .-.
Had stolen the tender streaks
from all the wildings of the woods.
And put them ia her cheeks.
She extended ber.».ltitnd with the
most charming cordiality and conduct
ed the young and not very smartly
dressed man to tbe front room, where
she pushed him gently Into a chair and
stood looking at him with flushed
cheeks quS eyes bright with pleased
"I'm awfully glad to see you," she
"I'm* awfully glad to see you, Mo—
er—Mrs. GrlpwW." responded' the
young man. His manner wits "decided
ly embarrassed.
"You may call me Mollle," said. Mrs.
Grisivold kindly, "I won't mind In
the least. Iu fact,' I would like you to,
Harry. -I think'"(ce are ol^'critK^fi
friends for that. Aud it sounds" so like
old times. It was so lovely of you to
come to see me. But how In the world
you ever knew where we" were living is
a mystery to me. We've moved twice
since I wrote to Brownvllle and I liave
been Intending every day to write to
tell them where I was. How did you
find us?"
"I—er The fact Is, I was—er
ly and Mrs. Grisn old looked at him In
alarm. .- a
"How d}d you catch such an awful
cold?" she asked. "I suppose It was
one of those drafty.sleeplng cars. When
did you get In? Here, let me have your
hat, and take off your coat. Oh, I lri
slst! If you think you are coming all
the way from Brownvllle Just to make
a formal call you're much mistaken.
I'm afraid wo can't offer you a bed,
but you've got to take dinner with us
and spend the evening. I cooked the
dinner myself, so you can't refuse with
out hurting my feelings and I know
that you wouldn't want to do that, now
would you, Harry?"
She smiled In a coaxing little way
that she had and the young man rath
er sheepishly allowed: her to relieve
him of his bat and coat.
"Mr. Grlswold is at home?" lie asked.
She nodded. "eYes. He's making
himself look pretty now,' she added.
"I must go and tell him. you're here.
Are you married, Harry
The young man looked Inexpressibly
sad and sighed as he answered, "No."
Mrs. Grlswold now seemed to be a
little embarrassed.
"Well, I must ruiT'and see to the
dinner and tell Robert," she said. "You
make yourself comfortable. I'll be gone
only a few minutes, but dinners have
to be seen to. I can hardly wait to
ask you all .the Questions want to
She tripped out of -fh eroom end
sought out her hnsband, who was stsnd
ing before his dressing table shaving,
"DAK M^aha anf.l
-UMiwiuiwKJ^. JOU
'won't have to dress to-nlg&t. We'v^
got company and we- can't go. It's—
It's, Harry Blllip, from Brownvllle, and
I've asked him to stay to fiinner He a
just got in and he must have found out
sqpiewbere where wp livgfl. ^ivd
Grlswold dmckled at her anxious
uMUf «ij£
JaJfrtr Jib, and in the
"•Ms ths golden edge 6' ik' najr.
And h«r,hwrt is like a Bower ttaj»^Hsa
t-% In the-sunshine *11
The &wt that feed tn tti» mtfiibw,
/Thay know her song tike a call
And lift their heads ftosatht elo*er,v v,
And follow her, on* and all
Along the-dalsiad' hiUsidA,'
And through the WWleys "gl
As loyal to the little maid
-.As subjects to their-jfueen..-,
the meanlbthe
Linnette, the widow's, daughter,
She is fair anif- she 1s gay,
And I would that._for her beautjTSTsake
It might be always Hay.
—New Tork Ledger. &
Little Mrs. Qrlswold opened the door
herself, being without a'SaWut the
The hall was rather dark and the
light was at her back, so she recogniz
ed h$r visitor before he could distin
guish her features.
"Why, Harry!" she cried. "Who in
the world would have expected to sea
you? Don't stand there, staring as if
I were a ghost. Come In. Awfully
glad to see you."
little goose," he said,
fondly. "Of course'I don't care."'"
"I think he's very aaliappy still,"
sighed Mrs. firlswolft, ^am}—mercy! I
awfly she
ifi a ffefcmrairtes a bit of dirt
gue»tj* sriioin she fotntd gazing senH
meniaiiy j»t an .-old pho&ptpj,-jiW
At .4
Odpaftjt sttpi»tHh4'ay
rafatjest^d feygj
apparently} desp
melanchol]/ and ttfr c«r^essness of his
dress and V^nwatiliy pssoivtng -to Omj'
some nice km who would soable Harry
to fwnget
Soon Qriawold came la and gw'stsi
the,visitor w^th fcoepltetole waRnth Md^
Mrs. Qrlswotd hurried back
tt wae-a kice little dinner and BUM9
ate with a.: appetite and discoursed
in a «are ftwe manner upon the fln*a!.
clal and political situation betweett an
swers to queetlons pertaining to
villa. At l«at Mrs. Qrlswold row and
cleared the table of the dishes, tearing
the men to their coffee and elgara.-.
Then Blllforgrashed: back his chalr a
little ahd bending forwart addressed
hls-irost.. is
"Mr. Grfawolfl," he said,*"! don't
believe I hare yet bad tbe pleasure ot
congratuiattng yoq upon your marriage,
I take thla"1opportunity to do so. Moat
sincerely,. s|r, and most heartily."
"Thank you," said Grlswold, and
shook Billlp's hand rigorously.
"It was my privilege to know Mrs.
Grlswold In bygone days," resumed Bll
lip. "I needn't tell you that you hare
a treasure In her--that she is a woman
In a thousand, one of whom any man
might he proud.. You are indeed a for
tunate man, sir." r,. _. 7
"I realize It," sUld'Grlswold, grate
"Consequently I know that your re
alization of'your duty to her must be
perfect—tU|i duty of any man, but most
iwrtlcular\y and especially yours. I
mean the duty of protecting and provld
lng for her, not only during your life,
which I trust will be long, but even
after your death. I am representing
the Acme Mutual Life Insurance Com
pany, incorporated under tbe laws of
New Jersey, and I aip happy to be able
to offer you a plan of Insurance that I
know will commena Itself to your judg
ment as the" very beat eVer devised. I
have here—j—"
Blllip paused to grope In his pocket
and" produce some papers. Grlswold in
terrupted him. 1.
"Excuse me, Mr. Blllip," he eaid,
"but did you' come here with the Idea
of Insuring ^ny life? I was under the
Impression that you had just arrived in
"I've been here nearly a year," .said
Blllip. "No, I had no idea of insuring
your life when I come. Of course, I
mean by that that I saw the name on
the mall box in the vestibule, but I
did not connect it with tbe man whom
Miss Dlmpsey had married. As I was
saying, this plan——"
Grlswold never told hlo wife. Some
men naturally are angela.—Chicago
Dally News,
Wan£erlnt Creations Pn)a»4 Vy
Hoyal Hands far a Baaaa*.
Dolls in national costume presented
by sovereigns and princesses will", be a
unique fea tu ar,
viirar takes ...place...Jit Queen's-Jlall,.
says a London letter to the Now York'
Herald. The most striking and beauti
ful of the collection Is a doll present
ed by the queen of Norway, wearing
the bridal dress of a Norwegian girl.
This wonderful example of bead em
broidery, a short black skirt, is em
broidered round the hem with banda of
silver braid, while tbe low bodice of
red cloth laced in front and worn over
a white cambrlo blouse Is almost en
tirely covered with an elaborate de
sign worked, la many colored beads.
The .headdress takes the form ef a
kind of large coronet completely com
posed of beads or It can lie replaced
by a small red bonnet, also thickly
embroidered,' The whole, effcct is ex
tremely striking as the doll itself Is a
lai^ge one, standing more than two feet
high. ',7.'^.,.- :'v-.V.
The graceful natlonST" costume of tiie
Spanish ladles can be seen to full ad
vantage on a doll presented by the
queen of Spain in a rich satin skirt, a
velvet bodice with a long lace mantilla
and a coquettish little fan. This doll
makes a very attractive figure."
The Novelists' bazaar Is sn called
becauae the stalls will be named after
vnrlous famous novelists and the titfil
holders will represent the various char
acters In their works. The effect wlil
be at once plcturssque and striking.
Kowenff and Rebecca, out of "Ivan
hoe," will be found chatting with
Becky Sharp, at Vanity Fair. Lorna
Doone Is expected, and' Alice in Won
derland, and JSvellna and Mary Queen
of Scots will be In attendance at the
bazaar, whl^b la in aid of the trust
fund of the Girls' Guild of Service and
Good Fellowship.
This guild, though only founded In
1000 now numbers some 6,000 mem
bers. It has endowed a children's cot
In a hospital/ has built a much needed
hall In connection with the Working
Girls' Club and has provided many
Christmas treats and country holidays
for poor children." But Its unique ef
fort has been the foundation of a trusj
fund for the training ef girls of gentle
Mrth wbcae j^eans are limited for any
profession tpi which they show apti
tude and so' enabling them .-£ebecome
She stopped Jifr|*«F^usJ)and laid
rflown J»is razor* Then sbf blui^'M.. un
der his searching lsok. ft
"ion-—you don't car«, to y§ti#^Rob?^
she asked. "Poor old narry^'-^
Explained A-way.'^'f
He was staring flxedly .at his'soup,
or, rather, at a foreign body which
floated upon the surface thereof. Pres
ently le drew forth a pocket magnify
ing glass and examined the thing still
more critically.
"Walter."-he sfcoaisa^what does
this mean? Here's a fly in my soup!"
.The waiter bent obsequiously for
ward and etamlned the derelict whlcU
floated on that greasy ocean.
"Ble*w your eir," he ex
turned, "that ain't no 8y. it's only
And yet ths dine? left.the restau
rant, anotSer striking eatample of sour "i
ot Bmt0a
Wff ft1
iwss and REStcmtaiMMifcr
OpiuMJlM^iine norMtaod
tlon, SourSanaach.DlMThoB
"Worms jConvnlskrajtoeriai'
Exact Copy of Wrapper,
tree rot
.^"te Jlunatisi to take up tbe work of
4«in&dlng tbS •cburcbes and schools d»*
sttoyyd by earthquakes,,
'u 1—ij
if vlrtuif^ "lit own ifewQtt patlenos
A substitute lor and, superior to mustard or any qther plasier. and wlil.\nlrt
blister the moat delloate sXlni ^The pain-allaylpg and curative qualities oMJie"
article' are wailSerful. It will stop, the toothache at ones, and relieve Headrf^
aohj» and Sciatica. We reoomrfiend tt as the best and safest
external cvtlattofw*"
Irritant known, also as an external remedy for pains In theohiWitidsWrntch
and all Rheumatic, Neuralgic and Gouty complaints, A trial will prove what'
we claim for lt and tt. will bo lound to be Invaluable In the household and for
children. Once used rio family will be -vithout It, Many people say "It.Is
the best of all your preparationsi." Accept noYtrfaratlon
Por Over Two Yeun—Falmt JHCedl
clueM, Quack Care* auU Doeturi
Fall-—Cnttcnra Sacce«d«.
"I was very badly (iffllcted with ec
zema for more than two years. Tbe
parts affected were my limbs below the
kuees. I tried all the physicians in
the town und jome In the sutToundlng
towns, and 1 also tried ail the patent
remedies that I heard of. besldcs nil
the cures advised by old women nn^
quartcx, and found no relief whatever
until. I «snmenced using the Cutlcu«l
Soap, Cutlcura Ointment, and Cuticura
Resoh-eiit In tsbe Cutlcura Remedies
I found immediate relief, and was soon
sound and well. C. V. Belts, Tlppra
soe, l:id. Nov. 15, •OS."
-I'liii'Mii'y.i II
Racagrnlzed HI* Falllntr,
Woman of the House—A big, strong
fellow like yon onght to be willing to
work snd earn his own living.
Languid Launcelot—That's wot ails
me, ma'am. fe nwseles la all right, but
me v/ill power in all gone.
We Sell Gnn» atid Trap* Cheap,
Buy Furs St Hides,' or ton them for robes
& rugs. N W. Hide 4 fur Co., Minneapolis
It is estimated that In New York City
there are 12,300 men who were educated
lor, the bar who nre in various employ
•falts outside of law offices.
lln. WlnJdoWi Soothing Syrop for CtUid
rea teettilnn. mfteoK tbe gums, redncea In
Datamation, allays paloi sures wlna colic.
45c a: bottle.
A Dlplouaflt Syatns.
it. "To what, .sir,", we asked ft mlddle
•ijted. happily -married inan recently,
•'do you attribute the success you bftyp,
oiade of your married life?"
'Tls,A,Wt of elementary 'wisdom,
mf uatf," Attiiwjslteil. ''W^eafitiit.wlfe la
In the ^Snfi,ll8r^ -*«th all'
is well, Witai I
Sreue a^aliiat'ibe'ri'sbe epjeises t^l
uittgfiantly. jjrov^r l^h,
SaitfcJfil flar-ranas-pttJi)' «1 A*
r^arh flala,
lor Ovs
Tfiirty Years
the :ame carries our label, as otherwise It Is not genuine.
Bend your attdreai and we will mail our Vaseline Booklet deseriHIns
our preparations which will Interest you. .iiesi .',
i7 8tate8t.
isonns ihiy hold ihatr1£&
tit hmttmr, mramm loncar, ana
htC A,
MM tana
Whet a Settlsr Can Sseur* to
160 Aer*«Grfti»^rowlsf UoaFRCSs
SO to 40 Busk«U Wbwt to
40 toM BtuWa Okti to th« Acre.
8S to 00 MtttU Dafby to tM A«n*
Timber far rnidaff iu DtUUloc* FROfc
SchM|i«idClitiKliei Coweniut.
condIUoQi).bythe father»7"
Some ot tbelcholeMt jcjsio-prodnctaa:
Usdt la
SftSkatObfiwanaiKl Alberta
fs thestmof rfcealthfui and prospcroui
hro&trof lnVeniW^ome»tfl»der.,
Botrr fee la each ct«e Is^Sft.OO. Fo
'Lfttt BcSt West," particulars aft tori
WfltcrltmD, So-pakoU. Autborirod GOrcrff!
went Agents.
PImm Mr where ymiuvtblsMTtrtunMiib
Northwestern Harness Co.
Kitsbllsbed isst, 20 yean squarodeallna, .Mt
31?-3I4 Pearl St., Sioux City, loW®p"
Order direct from our Piotory snrt'SaTS lot
atl InMiakl? SM

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