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Friday and Saturday
If you.will l^iilc over this list carefully you
will see tliat w6 are offering you a big saving on
Groceries and Dry Goods.
Beat .'Em All and Diamond Soap, 8 bars
White Lily Soapf yoti know it is 7c a" bar,
Ivory Soap, regular 7c, 5 bars
Arm & Halnmer Soda, 3 packages ..
Crow River Corn, reg. 12$c, 4 cans..
Canned Hominy, large can, reg. 15c,
Canned Pumpkin, reg. 156,2 cans ..
Red Salmon, reg."20c, 2 cans
Pink Salmon, reg. 15c, 2 cans
Silver Leaf Lard, reg. 15c, 2 pounds.
Coffee, reg. 18c, 2 pounds
String Beans, reg. 15c, 2 cans ......
Canned Peas, reg. 15c, 2 cans ......
Navel Oranges, all sizes, per peck...
Bananas, reg, 30c, per dozen
We still have on hand 5 bushels of Beans, not
very clean, to close out at per pound .... 2c
Dried Peas, reg. 5c, per pound 3c
Pure Cider Vinegar, reg. 45c, gallon 35c
We have on hand 300 bushels of fine Potatoes
which will be sold at per bushel ....
Fresh Eggs, per dozen 18c
Fine Lemons, reg. 30c, per dozen
.. 15c
C&bbage, per pound 3c
California Hams, no hams cut, reg. 15, per
pound 10c
Winchester Bacon, reg. 18c, per pound 16c
2 doz. Lamps, reg. 65 and 75c, to close out.. .38c
2 doz. Bed Blankets, 4 11, reg. $1.35, pair .98c
10 doz. Working Shirts, reg. 50 and 65c, your
choice 40c
2 doz. Boys' Shirts, reg. 40 and 50c, choice. .38c
200 yards Outing Flannel, reg. 15e, per yard.lOc
50 rolls Cotton Bats, regular 12Jc., roll 10c
15 doz. Undferwear, sizes 20, 22, 28 and 32,
reg. 50c 25c
1000 yards Calico, reg. 8c, per yard 6%c
4 dozen Men'.s Wool Sox, reg. 40c 25c
These Goods will be Sold for CASH ONLY
Leave your orders early to secure prompt de
livery. v.... .v ...
McKool Bros.
Everyone needs a good sub
stantial pocket knife that will
always be sharp and in good condition. The
pocket knife, is just what you want. We
have them in every style, size and shape.
Throughout the entire line there is but one
quality, and that the highest.' Only the
best grade of steel is used in their manu
facture and they are tempered to a perfect
degree by the most skillful masters in the
art of knife making. Every
pocket knife is sharp and keen when you
buy it and will stay sharp when in constant
Look for the brand K££H KUtffR^-thaX ia the guar
antee of QUALITY.
Towslefi & Towslee
The First Sneeze
should tell you that you need Red Spruce
^rVand White Pine (Mentholated) Cough
i-,, Syrup. It's a sure cure for eolds,
Watertowri Drug to.
108 Ni Oak Street
We are In business for YOUR health
.. 25c
..... 26c
.... .26c
.. .30c
.. .26c
.. .26c
v. .26c
... .60c
1 6
K£SN NtfffR
The roller skating rink south
the city Ball ia doing a good busi
ness. The floor, is fit,e, the ..attend
ants courteous,. a everything,
combines to wake this a very popu
lar ^jlace of enjoyment.
You may eat turkey any day in
the year—If you have the price. You
will have the price if you invest in
a safe mining company. Stock is
only 19c a share in the Lee Corn
stock Mining company, P. O. box
258, Rhyolite, Nevada. 28tf
Hon/J. M. Lawson will discuss
the issues of this campaign at the
Grand opera house in this city on
Friday, February 28th, at 8 o'clock
p. m. The Fourth Regimental
band will be in attendance. Every
body is invited.
Mrs. Kruckman has issued her
,pocket edition of the Watertown
city directory. It is a very heat
and useful little boob. The print
ing and binding was done by the
Free Press Printing Company of
Mankato, and bears the imprint of
the Watertown Times.
Last Saturday evening Guth
Brothers opened their new Bkating
rink on the corner of first avenue
and first street southwest, There
was a big crowd present, and music
was furnished by picked players of
the FourKh Regiment and Imperial
bands. Roller skating will no doubt
be the popular pastime.
Information comes from Vermil
lion that Arthur Sherin. has re
ceived the highest mark in the
senior class for this month. He
has also been placed on the dehat..
itig team, having been asked to
take the place made vacant by' the
expulsion of one of the members.
-The K. of P. (Trishocotyn) lodge
gave an informal smoker to mem
bers and friends last Thursday
evening. Cards, music both vocal
and instrumental, an elegent lunch
and fine cigars, with other amuse
ments afforded the best of a good
Frank Slater, cashier at the Great
Northern d» pot, and Mrs. Rose E.
Mandery of tliia city, were married'
Friday evening last at the Congre
gational parsonage, Rev. J. PiClyde
performing the ceremony. Only
the immediate friends of the bride
and groom were present.
Joe Domagala returned home
from Watertown last Saturday
morning, (where he was working for
the Carbonating Company for the
last two months. He was packing
ice for the summer. He says Wa
tertown has a good supply of ice
for the coming summer.—Bryant
Mr. aad Mrs. C. M. Williams, Mr.
and Mrs. John Carl Little of Bow
N. D., and Mrs. Fay Archibald
mother of Mrs Little, were guests
of Mrs. Snyder's at the Kampeska
hotel last Friday evening. Mrs
Little is a former Watertown .girl
and was recently married at Fasa
enden N. D.
The Harmony Club will meet
next Monday evening in the city
Ivall at 7 TiQ o'clock. Miss Pritchard
wiil.Vftad a paper on "The Rise of
Dramatic Music and'the Beginning
of the Oratorio." Also an instru
mental solo by Miss Florence Dick
inson, and a vocal number by Prof.
Feawick vriii be rendered.
Mr. and Mrs. James Cook,
residing about seven miles south
of the city, gave a party Sat
urday in honor of Mrs. Cook's thir
ty-fourth birthday. Several parties
from Watertown were present.Danc
cing was the, inaio. feature of the
evening. A bounteous supper was
served and the guests thoroughly
enjoyed' themselves
C. H. Zehnder ana aaughter, Miss
Elizabeth, returned Tuesday morn
ing to New York. Mr. Zehnder is
the. president of the Water Com
pany, and came here to look after
the interests of his company in re
gard to the new franchise asked for
and which has just been granted
by the city council.
A home talent play will be given
in this city the evening of St. Pat
rick's day, March 17th, under the
auspices of the Catholic church.
The title of the play iB "Shaun
Rhue," the story dealing with the
life and characters of. theg|Emerald
Isle. Prof. J. H. SherloclPmil take
the title roll, and the balance of the
cast will be chosen from the best
local amateur talet t.
Through the courtetsy of the
Daily Public Opinion we were per
mitted to piint the Saturday News
on their press this week. We have
Bold our newspaper press to J. D.
Rainey at Philip, this atate, and are
installing a 1 irge two revolution
Scott presB but it did not arrive in
time to use for thiB week's issue.
A big republican rally will be
held Friday evening of this week
when the Hon. J. M. Lawson of
Brown county will discuss the is-
sues of the. campaign. The .meet
ing.will be held in the GtWd.dpera
house and every body, ia' invited 'to
be present. TheFotartli Regiment
band will Jba present tq. provide
Mr. and Mrs. James Hardy have
returned from their extended stay
at l^terfift^l^i^a^
antly located lor tneir new home.
Early in April Mrs.- Hardy expects
to go out to their claim in Meade
county,which she filed opj^tyear,
and make the require*^.
located abou
miles from Wasta, a town on thef^rank
new North Western ex tension, to
Sapid City^'..,i!"
Mr. Crawford is staking his all on
his fight for the senate. He and
a a
Sioux Fallla Press, Huron journal
World and Watertown Public Opin
ion so as to control them and insure
their support of his candidacy. It
has taken quite a large stim of
money to buy these newspaper pro
perties and the people are natural
ly Curious as to the source from
which the funds are coming.—Irc
quois Chief.
An invitation has been extended
by Adjt. Gen. C. H'. EngleSby to the
regular troops stationed at Ft.
Crook, Mo., to use the rifle range at
Camp Roosevelt this summer. If
the invitation is accepted the regi
ments will be here some time in
"June. It is probable the troops may
make this their permanent prac
tice ground, in which case
government will' spend consider
amounts in improvements on the
The attendance at the Imperial
band concert Monday evening last
was not as good as expected, .altlio
the interest shown in the program
was good. The selections of the
band were very well received, and
show the band has done fine work
under the direction of Mr. Grieves.
JsT5k Morey played a baritone solo
which was very well rendered.' Mr.:
Peck contributed a, cornet solo and
Mr. Grieves a' CI arinet solo, botti,. of
which were well executed. Mrs.. B.
O. Tankersley gave a humorous
reading which received"®' hearty en
core. Mr.:Frank Lyon, the'popular
basso,sang a solo in his usual'good
style. The Peck-Halstead orches
tra played three numbers, which
were very well received. Musically
the concert was a great success.
Freeman C. Blodgett, "your tailor
and hatter," is to leave La Grange
next month and open a tailoring
store at Watertown, a progressive
western city of eight thousand,
Which means, therefore, that Mr.
Blodgett is to close his place of
business at La Grange, and, with
his family take up his residence at
Watertown. Mr. Blodgett has* been
one of the live busineBB men of La-'
Grange and for that reason we
Belfishly regret hie change of loca
tion. But, La Grange, as a whole,
wishes him and his family well in
their new home an^ we are certain
that Mr. Blodgett, as a participant
in the business affairs of Water-',
town, will measure up to the re-!
quirements of the aggressive en
terprise of the people of that South
Dakota city.. —La Grange (Ind.)
The first step has been made by
the ministers of the four protestant
churches of the citv towards
ing out gambling in Watertown. A
raid was made on three gambling
l-f-" 'S
1 A
hpnaea in the city laitt Sai»unday
t&S P!^4fi^or|tFj^aced
ThosC arrtated were
jected to on a legal tecbrilcefflf^ab^f
tue objection sustained by Jutfge5
Gove, before whom the hearing was"
held, and tlefendafef*
charged, New papers were, how
fever,immediately dra woatid pUced
iitt the hand's of the aherilF, aiKftlie
defendants rt-ai^te^^fteyi'W'eiW
released OnboMda.'Thehe'W'caTses
will be based upon the information
secured Saturday night at the time'
of the ratd« -.when the defendants
were caught red-handed in the
Laai^rwM #e stated that a baby
j^irt had been born to Mr. and Nn.
HOnkgue. This was an
error. It should have: read Mon
tague. We are sorry that we did
not get the name in straight
The M. B. A. held its regular
monthly meeting last FvJday even
ing. S. H, OhtneBB was unk'nimous
ly elected secretary in place of W.
J. Durandi msigning. Mr. Durand
finds himaet Enable to do the work
on account ot his added duties in
the Western Union office. After
the business session refreshments
were served find a social time en
Elrod Not A Candidatef
Ex-Governor Elrod has been so per
sistently solicited to become a candidate
for governor that he has found it neces
sary, or at least believed it &is duty, to
let the people know,
his attitude in the
matter, and has indited the following
letter to the public:
The brand "Golden West" implies all that is
best and purest in the grocery line. We are making
no lpng list of specials this week, with a few ex
ceptions everything is quoted at the regular price.
We want you to try a can or package of Golden
West Brand of groceries. Compare it with others
that have cost you more money. Yo 1 will auree
with us th&t we carry the best line of groceries iti
thu city and at a medium price
Clark, S. D., Feb, 15,1908.
Thanking loyal friends throughout
the state who have so persistently in
sisted on my becoming a candidate, for
the office of governor, at the contingrpri
maries, and predicting victory for the
Roosevelt-Taft-Kittredge republicans in
the coming fight. I wish to say that I
am not a candidate aid will not be a
candidate for governojr,
"4: S. H. Elrod
Too tatel,,.
Needy One—I say, old chap,
eould you lend me five for ,4 .day or
two? "j
The Other One—My dear fell6w, the
five I lend Is out at present, and I've
several names down for It vflie|j„Jt
comes back.—Sfietch
Wc. are wholesnle dealers in nil kirnK
nlso deal
Golden West Corn, 15c a c»n, ?, cans
Golden West Tomatoen, 1 fx a. i-an, 2«Mn¥
Golden West Pumpkin, 15c a enn, 2 cans
Golden West.Peas, per-can 15c Gulden Wt-st Biu berrien, per c«n 20c
Golden West Blai-kberries, can 20c Gold West Strawb rries, can 2c
Golden West Grapes,,ctra 20c Gollen West Plums.can 25
Golden West'Pineapples, can 30 Golden Went Biked Begins, can 15o
Golden West String Beans, can 15c
Oiir Only Speci
peir bunoh
Red Bird Corn, 7 cans...
cM Street
and wooi,. W
pay highest market prici',
We guarantee Rndsfacllb'n. If Sou do
not wish no call, telephone or drop us
postal card, and we will chiirge 1 vr
small commission fur'our'trouble-. Brii
everytliing to our yard, 401 2nd St. f',
W. Telephone Blue 273,
Watertown, S. D.
.. Aprt,
tickets aw en tale to CaHfcr.
alaand the
•tray low rates of Ifaoond to,
PnUnaii Tourist flkicintrt
Wcfaoiceafjriro rovtM-vW]
short LlMar!
llBSTand third Tue«}«y»of
Month. Very low far
round trip, with liberal atop.,,
overs and long Umlt
Rock Island Lines^
Hie road of NOW, not yesten)ay(
Th» *t|wbM«d HuntM*!
fey ttaotbig our popular
Ask yonr local Ilardvrare
or Sportlnit Good« 3ter
cUant for tha STEVBKS.
If you citmkOfc, obtaln. we
»hlp »jlreot, --1-
Send 4 ceuta ln itamp* for 140 Fife
Illustrated Catalog,
luoludla* clmiu
larifll latoMt ndditionn to our lino.
Contain* points on •hooting, ammu
mtlon, the proper caro of a nrearm,
eto., MO. Our attractlvo Ton Color
Uthonitphel Banker mailed anv.
wlierefor.lg centBlnTO»ap».
P. O.Boa409t
Ohloopee Fall*, Han., V. B. A.
is perhaps the most important point
in sscuring a good picture, and It4
point to tvnich toe give much care•
each subject
bring out the
character and Individuality of the fact to
thflrbest advantage The same caro la
^ven.to every part of the work, to the re-
to you and a credit to us
watertown. s. d.
looelfctyour WALL PAPERS by Wing
BOORS brought to your home.
The Choicest Patterns'-r the most
Exquisite Colorings. ALL NEW«
No tiresome scercb among shop
Worn antiques*
The lowest Nit*w t'erJi-C&uags prices
Witb the Wal! Paper samp!
submit colored illustrations showings,
boW my papers appear when on tbs^
wall—a great .belp»
In ypBrown boBie. at your leisure and
qpon theypdat^tand^ng that you
areaahder ne obligation to pwrrhasn
sena tor
115% 9. Oak St,
Phone Bed 96 Over Prey's Milliners* Store
Phone Red 406

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