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Hand Made Harness
I have on hand the most com­
plete line of light mid heavy
hand made harness in the city.
My Own Make
and up-to-date, call and sec them.
Repairing promptly and neatly
done. Prices right.
Also a full line of International
Stock Food and Skidoo Horse
and Cattle Tablets.
113 North Msple St. Watertown
The cost of a tool isn't
settled at the time you buy
it. Its real cost depends
as much upon its length of
scrvicc as upon its price.
are not the
lowest priccd
but they're
cheapest inthe end because
they last so much longer.
Thirty-two years for a
hatchet and twenty years
for a saw are two Keen
Kutter Records.
Towslee &
Mad* to boiW ]ftw
A trial will
make you our permanent cuntomer
FrUe Collection
BMbV 17 varieties UU
tuM, 19 kind*: T»mtow,
•v aiKwoi «•««.^i pvivtidid 0(1m 0 DNt
ttMl to •prtftr*fl»w»r|n£ Balta-M TArtcttei la nil.
fltrmKTKRl) TO PU&RK.
11 tM nnMt Tuvip, i«
Write to-day Mention this Paper.
to comports* Mid pMitog tiid rMlfi tkU valuable
poltotten of B««di poitpfttd, with jny trig
lew and I'loot
of Mwii n»&
Watertown Boosters Build Big Hopes on
Manufacture of "Smoke Consuming"
A company was forim-'i t-orue tijue
b«rki Watertown -npital anil withl
.-icvi-ral prominent local IJ'IOHUTK UT th- I
iicftfj of it to tnuriufacLum furnaces anl
h'-atin^ plants. ani (-Hpccialiy the
"Siuoki- (,'onsuijntii H'-al'jr," which ih
one of tlie very lutc-t inventions and
incorporates .sci'-ntilic principle* in it.
construction which lOmiinate waKte ami
save from
to \.t the cost of fuel used
in operating.
'I'liis company, the Watertown Smoke
'unsmiling Jieatcr ('o., with
J»*n. M. \V.
Kheafi- at IU head, has eroded tempo
rar shops on l''irst Ave. X. K. which'
stiojs will lie enlarged as soon as tie
weather will permit. The prospects of
the company arc very bright, and those
in charge of the enterprise see bright,
thingH uhead,
Tho Smoke Consumer Heater, being
located below the level of the basement
floor, fitted with the Enos patent air
purifier, thoroly purifies and cleans the
air of all disease germs and dust before
it enters the beating chamber. By the
complete rotary movement all of the air
in tho house passes thru the air purifier,
is warmed and forced back into the
houso once every hour. IJy pulling a
draft chnin^conveniently located in any
Farmeris Attentlonl
One of tho most striking features of
recont industrial movements is the
awakening of the farmer to the desira
bility of union. Labor the world over
has been compelled for its own protec
tionfto organize, and thus get for itself
things which it could not get in any
othor£way, but the farmers generally
havejnever realizod the good that comes
thru union, until recently.lt would have
beenj hotter,"Jor them had they seen it
yoars ago,^ There is now a widespread
desire^amoDg farmors for cooperation to
regulate the price of their product. The
movement} has assumed great propor
tions in thu south 'ii is spreading like
wildfire in the norm. Woneo ite ex
presaion in tne runners elevators which
dot„the country^and which^are likely to
rootn d'rbin.-d frosh air irrjrnediat'-ly
let in fro*n nut of loor $»&.->•» thru Up
air punli'-r, where it '.''laiii.- the projnT
aruount of ur«*, ibru the hfatm^
char-t^r, anl into im? roorrja of tbf
i-ONhl'MIM. I'UWf
Ir* th» Sinokf? C»r.-urjiftr Ileatf-r tL»
rlrafu an? -o arrang-i that ail gaM*- and
a I
alT. In an ordinary furnace a cold
draft is tak'-n at th»' bottom of tht
furnartf, causintj and leaving
unburn! coal. In th" Sii.ok'r Con-umT
H'ratir a hot draft
wliu:h burrir-ali of th»f roal apd all of
th* Kas'-H. hraviriKthj- ahf a.--arf'
K-ft frufu bunnntf wi.«jd, Bunyi^n, th»
throat and inventor of tho hr-t
ja.s fiaiiif, -asr that at h-a^l
•.") p«-r c-nt ^f th'* h'_-at. unt- in
Till-. KMOKl roNHI MUl
The heater is really a combination of
of two furnaces, both enclosed in one
brick compartment, abaut by fi. It
would be impossible here to give a de
tailed description of the heater. One of
the most important features of the heat
or is its gas generator, »Inch by means
of the Know patent generates from 12/JMl
to 1 cubic feet of gas to every ton
of soft coal used, and from 10/**) to 2-1.
UUO cubic feet to every ton of hard coal
used, the amount of gas in each oa&e
varying with the quality of the coal
The bent derived from this gan costs the
uner absolutely nothing but the trouble
of tilling the steam tank with water
occanionally. No chemicals are used to
produce water-gas -just water. Water
iH unod In making gaa in all the large
Kits plants of the country. We use the
principle on a amallor ttcale and actually
burn water for fuel— or the gas derived
from it. The gaa generator, the coal in
the hoater, and the tire, convert the
heater into a mi nature gas plant.
wa-tfrd jn the ordinary furnace, wiuli*
ko!ih* wa.-te an high as \»-r ceut.
Tli* new h*at'-r -aves from to iii
fuel, and produl»*-tt-r results. Altho
tho initial coKt is ^m^-what irreater, thf
plant pay?- for it--!f Aithin a very .-hort
tini". and prov.s -h «-h»-aier in th»
ljni run than th* ':h-ap var.fties.
hJl'. iilMJS
In order tcj accomrnfxlate thos^ who
innihst on a furnace costing' than a
Smoke Connur/ier, the Watertown com
pany in manufacturing other grades of
furnaces and heating: plant*, and being
right on the ground are in a position to
do it cheaper than outside firms.
Before forming the company Mr.
Cha-s. Herman and Mr. O. H. Richards
went down to Des Moineg to investigate
the lueritn of the Smoke Consumer, and
found it O. K. in every particular. It
wai? most highly recommended by all
who were using it. Several Watertown
gentlemen have installed plants, and are
very enthuaiaHtic in their praise of the
The company is erecting a complete
full size plant at the works showing the
heater in operation, and those interested
will be gladly nhown the &ame. The
company have great faith their prod
uct, and invite the fullest investigation.
drive out the old line elevators. We see
it in the locals of the American Society
of Equity which are forming all over the
country. On March 25tb a lecture will
be given in the city hall by Mr. Leigh
tan of the Society of Equity, in which
he will discufta matters relating to or
ganization among farmers and the bene
fits resulting therefrom.
this ib of
the utmost importance to farmers it is
hoped that a large crowd will come in.
When the farmers and the rest of the
workers get together and regulate the
price of their product, the world will
see better days than it him over seen in
the past.
We will give you hunch that the
"Hunch" I* the beet nickel cigar in
th* eunch.
wW^washes clotlies will appreciate a washing ma
cliine that save!} time and money and cuts out much
of the drudgery of wash day. The
Monarch Washer
if},an entirely new construction and ajrreatimprovi
raent over other lljr-wheel washers! The Monarch"
rollertoearing—wo^ks easy—does not tire—produces
Good work, Quick*work and Satisfactory work- .'•/
This Washer is guaranteed niade of the Very best
materials, tome try
r, .: .jfc*
Wash Day has no Terrors for the
Woman who Uses the MONARCH
Two-Cent Rate
Senator Kittredge expressed himself
unequivocally on the proposition of
o-c cut railroad fare, for
a two-cent fare for everybody, not for
two cent mileage books. With the ex
ception of salesmen, f'-w persons in this
-tate travel on mileage books. They
buy tickets. For y-ars pa.-t the houses
employing traveling sal'\-n»'*n have had
a two cent rate- for a 2,000-mile
boon, with rebate. At last win
:V Mission of the legislature several
I! were introduced for -iraight two
wjileage books, and th-were thf1
bill- tiiat some of the stalwart- opposed
on ground that legislation affecting
mi!' ag" ^xoks wa.- class l»»g iation.Tvvo
•:«-nt fare, as presented by .« "reform
rr-,' looks alluring, hut it should be re
-f -r a -n a
pro].o.«-ition a{»]th»*d only to mileage
book- and that the mass of th«- people
trav on tick''tr. Stalwart republican*
-tand for the (uare deal for all. for the
ht.tle ri.-h a^ well a- for the big fish.They
lelieve that people who travel on tickets
.-iiou'd travel as cheaply a p»-"ple who
travel on mileage bo( ks: that it costs no
r-.jor'.- to carry fine cla.-s than the other.
It costs no more to carry a hundred let
t«-r?- from a hundred individual- than to
carr% a hundred letters .from a single
tirr:j or eorporation.
Thousands erish
Thousands ].f-rish every nr from
(•".•riMJihption r'-.-ulting fr.jiu a cold.
Ki.l'- Honey and Tar cure- the most
racking cough.- and i-vpels tin-
ymir .-\-tem and prevents pneumonia
It ha-^ cured many
CUM of incipi'-n: consumption. A.
I lutTner.
Auction Sale
Three miles W. of Kainpeska on Monday
March 10, '08. Hale commences at 1
o'clock -harp. 1 bay mare. years old.
weight 1150 1 grey horse, 7 years old,
weigh1. 1000 1 bay horse, years old,
weigh'. H'jO 1 grey horse 7 years old,
weight 1500 1 grey colt, 2 years old 1
brown colt, 1 year old: 1 cart, ii yearn,
old: 1 bob sled, lumber wagons, 1 bug
gy, 2 binders, 1 drill. 1 mower and rake,
1 cream separator, 1 hay rack, 1 fanning
mill, No. 5 set.- double harness, 50
grain sacks, 1 pulverizer, 2 drags,8 hogs
household goods and other goods too
numerous to mention.
Terms of sale—All sums under $10.00
cash all sums over $10.00 time will be
given to Nov. 1 on bankable paper at 8
Jack Redman, auctioneer 11 .J.Fahne
stock, clerk P. W.Schoenperger, proprie
A Card
This is to certify that all druggists are
authorized to refund your money if
Foley's Honey and Tar fails to cure
your cough or cold. It stops the cough,
neals the lungs and prevents serious re
sults from a cold. Cures la grippe
coughs and prevents pneumonia and
consumption. Contains no opiates. The
genuine is in a yellow package. Refuse
substitutes. A. Duffner.
Forgotten In Telegraph Office, Pussy
Work* Key With Paws.
cat saved Its life by calling
Wate*town, S. D.
with a telegraph key at Detroit.
The cat was the pet of the crew of a
branch office of one of the telegraph
companies. When the strike was call­
the office was closed and locked
HJ8 yoUHD *HB QFW0B CAT OS Tm tiht.V
tabby being forgotten. During a tem
ponuy lull the. chief, operator at tho,
raaln'offloe noticed an erratic call from
that branch over the wire which he
IJhe dots And dashes were unintel
ligible, bat be knew the office bad
been Joctad up and tuppoaed a thlef
had broken lit and wis meddling with
the toy.. So he notified tb* police.
When a policeman got inside he
found the office cat upon the table,
•tarred to a skeleton, working one of
the toys with its paws, whether for
the companionship of the noise or
through aa instlnot which told it thftt
the man. who^formerly presided there
had called to the outside world fay that
mtiiu* the poUcunui cetuoad to ex.
ppoes'an opinion.
States Attorney Codlng^ton Co
Practice in all courts.
All professional matterscntrusted
tome will receive my most careful
When in town call in and 9ee me
will be ^bid to see you whether you
have business or not.
I he reason so many people are going
tu Kastern Colorado is beause every body
who gees there returns to praise the
There is no better land anywhere
than in Eastern Colorado and very little
as good. The following statement from
the government reports will show that
the rainfall is better than any other part
Burlington. Colo. Kit Carson 12 18.20 1488
L'-roy, Colo. Logan 18 15.00 12 08
Vutna, Colo. Yuma 16 17.50 13 20
Crow Wing At^-ncy, Mont. Rosebud 26 14.0(5 9 41
Miles City, Mont. Custer 15 13.86 10 24
I )n:kison, N. 1). Stark 15 13.89 102-1
(ili.*n (Jllin, X. L). Morton 10 13.28 10 90
Williston. N. O. Williams 39 15.31 1126
('hamberlain, R. D. iiruie 10 17.37 13 83
Hit?hrnore. S. D. Hyde 14 16.76
Pierre, S, D. Hughes 15 15.77 12 47
Kapid City, S. D. Pennington 19 16.71 13 34
Then, after studying the above table
consider the fact that the soil is perfect,
that the water is as pure and soft as
rainwater of which there is an inex
haustible supply'that we have market at
our door to sell all our produce and a
main line of railroad running through,
the center of tho country over which to
ship produce, that we have a public,sys
tem second to to no state and that the
climate is perfect with no severe win
ters, no oppressive heat during the sum
mer, nor any hot winds as the moun
tains lie to the southwest of us and the
winds from that direction are
the coldest we have. Every condition
E. P. Davis, res., 526 N. Maple St., Phone Blue 393
'rW 1
Anyone sending a .ketch and description may
qnlckly ascertain onr opinion free wbetber an
Invention ts probably patentiible. Communica.
tluns strictly confldentlal. HANDfiOOKon Patents
sent free, oldest agency forsecarlngrbatenta.
Patent* taken through Mnnn A Co. receive
ipeckti notice,
without cii-'uya, In the
Scientific flmcrican.
A handsomely Hhiatrated weekly. iAnrest dr
cnl&tlon of any eclentlflo lournaL Terms. $3 a
year tour montbs* Sold by
all newsdealers.
MUNN & Co.3e,Bro«h»'-New York
Branch Office. 636 5 St. Waflbln^too, D. O.
The Reason Why
of Colorado and far ahead of any section
in Western S. Dakota, Western N. Da
kota and Eastern Montana where land
is selling at a much higher price than in
Eastern Colorado.
This tablo shows the number of years
the record has been taken at each sta
tion and the average during these years.
there is favorable to the homeseeker or
investor and if you will go down and
make a careful investigation and find
one statement I have made about that
that country untrue I will pay all your
expenses. Ask other land agents to
show you as good a proposition.
Tho next excursion will leave Water
town over the Rock Island Railway at
10:00 a. m. on Tuesday, March 17. Call,
write or telephone mo for further in
Watertown South Dakota
E. P. Davis Albert P. Munt
Davis & Munt
Mason Contractors
Are prepared to do all kinds of
and are thoroly equipped for all kinda of work in our line. Small as well
as large jobs. All work under the supervision of the contractors.
Watertown, South. Dakota
W. VanDusen & Company
Telephone Main 25. J* H. SELMSERj Agt.
Griffis Dairy Co.
Milk, Cream and Buttermilk
Jnr\%, ,V J,l
Nothing but the "pure
akiclei^j^'ei jguaran-
tee better than the
state test. ,^4
fia:. MMls
We are in the dairy business and will give you
the very best ppSsible service.
Prom^ par eful atte6tio^^iviii to spe^al
jphone ^Thite 300

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