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One of Watertown's Best Institutions Sustains
a Severe Loss by Fire.
About four o'clock Thursday morning
the fire alarm aroused some of the sleep
ing citizens of this city. The fire de
partment responded promptly to the call
and upon arriving at the scene of the
fire which was in the Watertown Carb
onating Company's .buiiding, were un
able for a few moments to determine the
exact location of the fire as the entire
building was enveloped in one thick veil
of stifling black smoke. However, it
did not take the boys very long to make
up their minds as to where the fire was
located, and they immediately entered
the building and commenced to play
several lively streams of water on the
flames and soon had the fire under
The damage to the building and ma
terial belonging to the plant will amount
to several thousand dollars and the
plant will be out of working commission
for several days, if not longer.
In conversation with Policeman Olson
who rooms on the second floor of the
building with Joe Minover, he said:
"I was awakened about four o'clock in
the morning by a violent coughing spell
and as soon as I could arouse myself I
realized that there was a Are in the
building and just as quick as I could get
th^ window up and get a breath of
Yankton Agency Sionx Prefers
Death to Arrest
John St. Pierre, Slayer of Albert and
Clarence Shay, Gets a Total
of Five Years.
Rather than submit to arrest and
'tearing violence at the hands of ofll
oers who were pursuing him Moses
Iron Cloud, an educated Sioux Indian
'belonging at Yankton Indian agency,
placed the muzzle of a shotgun to his
breast and pulled, the trigger. The
heavy charge, fired at such close
-range, tore a great hole in his cheBt
and he died instantly.
While visiting Yankton agency Iron
CJgtid EBt drank and grew noisy and
L. G. HILL, M,
--i i"
EYE ijt' a&j. BAR
.First National Bank B'ld'jj
V. ^t}aa
fresh air I went back to the bed where
Joe was sleeping and tried to arouse
him, but Joe was sound asleep with his
tongue out and breathing vary. hard.
I finally succeeded in getting him partly
awake and took him to the window
where with a few breaths of fresh air he
finally came to and together we started
down the hall to make our exit from the
building. The hall was black with
smoke and more of it was- pouring up
thro the floor and around the mop
boards. As we started down the hall
the electric light in the hall went out
and we proceeded to feel our way down
the hall and down the stairs to the open
air. It was as narrow an escape as I
ever want to experience."
Mr. Dory had just had part of the up
per floor arranged for the Eagles lodge
and the boys had not had a meeting in
the new hall yet. Both Messrs Dory
and Wagner are at a loss to know how
the fire originated. Frank Craft, state
fire inspector, was present this morning
and gave it as his opinion that the tire
in ust have started from a defective olect
ric wire. But of course, that is only a
surmise, and probably no body will ever
be able to tell just what caused the fire.
The loss was partially covered by insur-
dangerous. For a time he eluded the
agency police, but finally he set out
for his home some miles away. The
Indian police gave chase, soon com
ing -within sight of the fleeing Indian.
Iron Cloud went into the home of
Thomas Bates, an acquaintance,
snatched up a shotgun and killed him
self. When sober he was regarded as
an industrious and progressive Indian.
Railway Commissioners Give Ear to
Chairman D. H. Smith and George
Rice of the railway commleslon held a
hearing at Fort Pierre Saturday to
hear complaints of shippers west of
the Missouri river regarding freight
rates in that part of the state. Ship
pers or their representatives from
points along both the Northwestern
line and the Milwaukee line Were
present to voice their grievances.
General Manager A. C. Johnson of the
Pierre, Rapid City and Northwestern
road at the close of the hearing made
a short statement as to the position of
the road on the complaints presented.
Claims Dead Gfrl as-Daughter.
Another tragic element In" the kill
tag of Rose Adams, the seventeen
year-old schoolgirl, by her adopted
mother, Mrs/ Mary Harbour of Rapid
City, came lo light with the arrival
of the aead girl's own father, Domenic
Rosso pf Minneapolis, and his son-in
law, John Rone of the same place.
Rosso first learned of the sensational
death of his" daughter through the
newspapers and for the first time in
nearly seventeen ryeara was. able to
learn the whereabouts of the ohild,
who, he claims, was kidnapped.
Quiet Baby Gets No Milk, Advertise in the Saturday News
•ft It^f
What D. C. Thomas Has Dtfoe for
City of Watertown
Has he ever built a single building in the city of Wa
4 1 ft
Has he built a cement walk the city of "Watertown?
Who did D, C. Thomas have made a member of the
Board of Correction and Charities, on last Saturday?
Eastwood, see?
Who paid for it?
Ask the Dakota Central c'oinfiliy liow tily
came to deed to D. C. Thomas the first towiisite out of Wa
tertown on their line of road, and have it named "Thomas
Ask the mothers of children, who had to live on 25c
to 75c per week, while their husbands gambled their week's
earnings away down town, who was mayor then? i.,
If you want your trees thinned out where they are too
close to live, speak to D. he will have it done at the ex
pense of the city. Then if you want them removed from the
land, the city can furnish men and teams to haul them away
or plant them in the city parks, this will be cheaper for you
than to do it yourself.
Did D. C. Thomas subscribe $200 tb the M. & St., L.
railroad extension?
Was it not rather big pay for D. C. to charge the rail
road committee the full $200 for the one or two days*
work he did for said committee?
Who goes to church and Sunday school now? D. C
Did D. C. Thomas subscribe $200 toward the federal
building site in Watertown?
Has D. C. Thomas paid his large subscription of $10
to the Carnegie library fund. If he has we would like'to
know the date when paid,either before or after this publica
Did the attorneys of Watertown p\y for entertaining
the state bar meet? '.,f
Did the treasurer of this society ever see the color of*
D. C. Thomas' money for his share?(All the rest have paid
Did D. C. Thomas enjoy all of the banquets given to
entertain all of the conventions held in Watertown this sea
son on a COM-PASS?
Don't you think D. C. Thomas was v* ry liberal,when
lie presented each teacher at the state institute with a five
cent box of cheap candy?
It must have hurt D. C. to pay $41,50 for his own
check of $200.00 which he gave to the committee on the
federal building site, and in the deal cause a lot to be sold
which he had a great interest in.
The fuse from a Live Wire can burn the name of
g, .Thomas off from any subscription list you can find it* on.
Some fellows are boosters but they are cheap boosi-'^
ers, they are doubled gaited, their feet don't -track, they try
to go around the circle in two ways at the same time and
S"*t on the opposite side, but they can't do it.
"•A 1
Did D. C. Thomas ever sanction the building of any
ater extension while mayor?
Yes. He caused to be built a water main on the
north side rnnning four blocks no$kh ofaaybody's house, so
as to connect with his own farm joining the city on the
north. __ iffy* 4
The people owning lots fronting on that street -sotithP
of his farm. f'i"
Did D. C. Thomas ever refuse to have a sewer built in
any part of the city? v'
Ask the Third ward.
Did D. C. Thomas make light of a sewer in the Third
Ask the people in the ward.
Did D. C. ever draw up a deed for the out-let of the
sewer in the city? ..
Did it cost the city $400 more for another deed?
Ask Poulson. K*" rV
,, Did D. C. Thomas get pay for the work h? did in get
ting right of way for the Dakota Central railroad into the
city of Watertown?
C. Thomas kick and cry when the federal com­
mittee would not allow his bill to offset his subscription in
the full amount of $200, but only allowed him $158.50, en
dorsement, for his wonderful BOOSTING
against ttsis kind of a man or woman. "It" will occupy two
seats and seem to think it is entitled to the whole car and it is not
disturbed in the least if a woman and four children are crowded
into one seat. And right ia every day life you may notice the same
sort of an individual, the one who has such an exalted opinion of
himself. It may be that he has never been outside of the town or
county in which he lives,but his overbearingmamier and "exagger,^,
ated ego" air is meant to give the impression that he is all impor-.:
tant, and no doubt he is—in his own estimation. Not many fair
minded people like this kind of a character, and^he is exalted and
important only in his own mind. Don't forget that there are
millions of .others.
A Dutchman addressing his dog said "You was only
dog,but I vish I vas you.Ven you go mit der bed in,you shust durn
round dr^e times und lay down. Ven I go mit der bed in, I haf td
lock up der place und vind der .clock, und put der cat out und un
dress mineself, und my vife vakes up und scolds me den der baby
cries und I haf to valk him -up und down, den maybe ven I shust
go to sleep it is'time to ged up again. Ven you ged up, you shust
stretch yourself, und scratch a couple of times und you vas up.
haf to light der fire, put on der kittle, scrap mid my vife alretty
und maybe ged some breakfast. You'maybe blay 'round all day
und haf blenty of fun. I haf to work all day und haf blentjr of
XP ^91#e»'3!Lou Vfja^ea4 »ni I die Oaf to go to, HtfL,
We'wili^take off bur hat to the aubui^i haired woman who
presides over the destinies of the Watertown Herald. She iscer
a brick when it comes to butting into political games and
the grapes. She has taken up the insurgent end of the I
fis^$|^^o^ncoiujey agyj landed the county printing and now
she has secured an appointment from Gov. Crawfoffl on the state
board of charities and corrections and will pick up $5 per day and
expenses from the state. While we have never had very much use
for her in a business way, we cannot help but admire her pluck
and nerve. If we all had a wife like that we could stay home atld
make the buckwheat cakes. Sis, you're a brick and are entitled
to wear the pants in yotir family.
It amuseS us to 'see some of our pxchari|fes Squirm in an
effort to offend no one. The newspaper that can be published so
aa to offend no one is a jewel and the editor is entitled to a pair
of gold wings. Human nature is so constituted that some like to
see others "ripped up the back," others don't some like to a
paper six or eight years and never pay a cent and get mad and
stop their paper when they get a statement of account, others
don't. It is not in the province of a paper to please everybody
and the editor can extract consolation from the fact that the Lord
himself failed to please everybody when on earth —Ex.
ii «^r -U5
-v "Get four delegates at any cost," was the text of a message
which went over the telephone to an insurcrent leader in
county on Wednesday night. The next day" the Cra,wford or^an
in Sioux Falls claimed "four votes" in Hamlin county, though the
whole delegation of nine had been selected long before and always
credited to the stalwart column. Is there some funny work going
oh in South Dakota?-.*-.-
Alderman C. H. Lester mil be elected over both Messrs.
Thomas and Martin for the mayoralty. People appreciate the I
good work he has done on the city council and would like to see 1
him mayor of our city. He has done more good, hard work for
the city of Watertown in his official capacity a« alderman than
any other man who ever sat on the council.- Merit ought to win
and we believe it will.
Why should the people of South Dako^lie reque^ to
elect to the United States Senate one who has dpdged around from
pillar to post in his insane desire for office? Better stand by the
man who has proved his mettle than elect a man that cannot
stand thirty minutes without hitching. Let us return Senator
.the hero of .the
vr-.. -.
Why is a horse afraid of an automobile? A Kansas spinster
explains the horse's mental state by likening-.'the' animal's feel
ings to the sensations she would experience if she should see run
ning toward hesTd. pair of trousers without any man in them. To
one at this distance it would seem that this state of mind would
be disappointment other than fright.
Sis has got poori old Cassie Chadwick si
it comes to the leg-pulling process,
It'pays to "irisurge," don't it Sial
$1.00 PER YEAR
Aim There are others! Strange, Isn't it? "And yet nearly^ everjjf"''®*
day you meet -with the human hog "who imagines that he is the
only being on the face of the earth who is entitled to any considetv
atiori or attention. You never travel on a railroad but you run
a mile when
*r® -v

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