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VOL. 6, NO 46
Will Discuss Issues
A,#® AS^e
SENATOR KITTREDGE Well-known Attorney
ss Stricken Suddenly
of Cam-
Big Rally Friday the 15tjh
Hon. Senator A. B. Kittredge will
speak in this city on Fiiday even
ing the 15th in" the Goss Opera
house, and discuss the issues, of
the campaign.' A two days tour
has been arranged in the county,
and the senator will deliver speech
es at South Stuire, Henry* Florence
and Water to
wtK All those who are
interested in the questions at issue
are invited to come out and hear
the stalwart presentment of the
case. .If
Democratic County Convention
Watertown, S. D.,.May 7, '08.
A Mass Democratic Convention
for the purpose of putting a demo.
cratic county ticket tor Codington
county, by petition in the June pri
mary, is hereby called to meet in
the' city of Watertown at the Goss
hall on Saturday, May 9th, 1908, at 1
o'clock sharp.
All Democrats of Codington
county are invited and .urged to
attend such convention.-*
C. H. Lester,
Chairman Democratic county
committee, 'ft
Good For Everybody
Mr. Norman R. Coulter, a prominent
architect, in the Delbert Building, San
Francisco, says: "I fully endorse all that
hae been said of Electric Bitters as a
tonic medicine. It is good.for everybody.
It corrects stomach liver and kidney
disorders in a prompt and efficient man
ner and builds up the system.'' Electric
Bitters is the best spring medicine ever
sold over a druggist's counter as a
blood puriffer-it is unequaled. 50c at
Duffner's Druggtore.
raising money which was our
I'f ./• •*".
Shirts -with soft collar
made ofx the very best material,
full size, in dark or light colors.
All sizes, worth up to 75c, to close
39 Cents
Men's Handkerchiefs, full size,
white, hemstitched
Blue' arf(
4 Cents
Men's Overalls, with or without
bib, heavy blue denim, wtill worth
elson, Prop*
Doctors More Hopeful of his
•.wJsi. Recovery
Last Saturday afternoon Harry
G. Hundredmark, one of the best
known of our citizens'was suddenly
struck down by a stroke of paraly
sis in the Sederstrom restaurant on
Maple street. Since that time Mr.
Hundredmark has been growing
gradually worse, according to the
attending physician, until yester
day, when the first hopes of his re
covery began to appear, in flashes
of returning consciousness and re
cognition of those around him.
Since the stroke he has Buffered
three slight hemorrhages. The
severity or otherwise of this symp
tom will determine to some extent
his recovery. iThe doctors are more
confident of his. recovery and be
lieve he will come out all right, air
tho.of course nothing can be defin
itely asserted.
As we g» to press we learn that
the condition of the patient is no
better,he continues about the same,
and time alone will show the out
come. We hope our old friend will
recover, and that we shall soon see
him arouUd again.
ing new goods which we will offer to the public
low prices
},- 3«m"
The city has row adopted the munic
ipal court bill rnd the same will become
a very important part of our judiciary
system in this city and in the county,
with jurisdiction concurrent withj the
circuit oourt in most of the civil matters
tried in this county.^^^. jjk
:JL do, therefore, announce raSt I 'ataf a
candidate for the office of judge of the
municipal court and respectfully solicit
ths support of all citizens.
E. A. Gove.
most successful sales Qjer conducted in _theg|it^and
thank the public for their plirbnagil. We have attained the
desired end through this sale both in reducing our stock
°r English
41 Gents
twJl Starts, wdl wear to.mm, •Ji,# «jvery boy needs. -The material
alone would cost you more than
^e ask you for the waist
19 Cents
The-Golden Eagle
lothini House
The May term of Circuit' Coi
opened by Judge Geo. H. Marquisof the:
third circuit on Tuesday forenoon at &
o'clock. The calendar of criminal oaSeat
is quite heavy, there being in all eiflh-"
teen eases on the list. The list include
the cases against the gamblers who were
pulled earlier in the year for running
gambling rooms contrary to the law. On
the' civil list is the case of the city
against J. H. Troeh, to decide whether
or not part of his lot shall be used for an
alley way or for building purposes. Thfc
famous blind horse case from Henry is
also biUed,ifwd( j«ill .provide, plenty. j|j
interest. uVj
Judge Marquis appointed Mayor »T, V?
Martin to act as receiver of the Naven
heim estate, until such time as the will
is probated in the county court. Iq
making the application foY receivership,
John Nevenheim brot grave charges
against rs. Gif, Haish. Tb» appoints
nient of a receivership takes the prop-,
erty out of the control of Mrs. Haish uijt*
til the matter is determined by the court,
From Mrs.Halverson to Leah Edwards/
and :then to Mrs. Paul ^itan, in one day}?
is a record hard to beat, yet it is a feat
that was accomplished last- Monday by
the lady mentioned. Judge Marquis
granted the degree severing the tmatri
monial knot which bound her to Halvor
Halvorson. Immediately following tins
the lady proceeded to the clerk
of courts and obtained a marriage li
cense. The ceremony was performed in
the evening which made her Mrs. Paul
Pi tan
Ou Wednesday forenoon the grand
jury returned an indictment against
rs. Florence Tschakert on a, charge of
adultery. Joseph Handlny, who was
jointly accused with the Tschakert wo
man, was brot up from Sioux Falls by
the state to act as a witness, but refuses
to testify. The grand jury brought the
indictment without his testimony, and
tha trial will follow as,soon as the court
CM get at it.
ail!. IjjWe are daily illeiv-
Children's Suits, all sizes, Nor
folk or D. B., others will ask you
up to $3 for these suits.
98c and $1.48
Boy's "VfSg, thiita"a
Men's Sox, Roekford HoseV the
10c kijad, always sold 3- pairs for
5 Gents per Pair
When you get ready to buy that
new suit or hat, you had better give
us a call, our prices can not be
SKnAa- --r-- -v. ...
Watertown, S. D.
Mt». George Tallon spent Sunday
at Marshall, Mian^viBittng her par
ents who live in that city.
H. V. Peterson, railroad magfiatet
was in Watertown. the first of the
weeklookitig after the interestBof
the St. Louta road.- «'*^^K23P
Rev. R. Pola^ln left Ttj^da
i«K for St. Peter, (lino., to attend
conference of German Lutherati
churches to be held in that city.
A sciate convention of jewelers
vill .be held in the Baaineae Men's
rooms next Tuesday. Of courae
they will have a j^ood "time,",
Jake Huutalcker leftMonday ever
Bing laat for Madieon/S. D., to at
tend as a delegate the state camp
of the N. W. A. which meets in that:
Mr. Harold Nelson, the actor, de
livered an address before»the hig-h
school on "Shakespeare and His
PlayB," which wa^ listened to vriUi
great Interest,
dance will^be Kivven lifter tbei
Imperial band benefit performance
at the Orpheuin theati^ next TueB"
day evening. Tickets U0c each.
Dancing will begin at 10 o'clock.
Mr. and Mra, R. G. Greelia left
this week for Waterloo, la to at
tend the golden wedding' anniver-*
sary of Mr. Greelia' parents, which
is to be held on Sunday next.
K. M. Harvey, the popular Rock
Island conductor, has accepted the
position of yardmaater for the St.
Louis railway at Watertown and:
commenced work 1 a Monday
The directors of the United Un
derwritera held their regular board
meeting last Monday afternoon.Re
ports show that the prospects are
very bright, and the company is
well pleased with the outlook.
r.fhe ^BaroU Nelson Company
which"appeared at the Grand, thia:
week Was .very warmly-received, in
fact, thccompany is one of the fin
i^t^hat makes thie city. Mr. NelBon
is'an artist, and is supported |by a
-very good company. Mr. Nelson
gets more popular evervtlme he
comes to.the
At the special election held last
Tuesday to decide whether the
voters of Watertown wiahed to have
an independent school, district or
not, it was decided by a vote of 180
to 41 that the proposed change take
place. There was not a very great
interest taken in the election, and
the voting was,very light.
Gv H. Chamberlain has assumed
the management of the Annex con
fectionery store. The store iiy
which he is interested on Oak St.
will be carried on tinder the man
agement of his father, A. J. Cham
berlain, .who has-' come np from
Marshall to take charge of the bus
ines8. Mr. (2hamb&rlain is a young
man of fine business ability and
genial manner, and will surely be
successful in his new enterprise.
Smoke the "Hunch'" cant cigar.
Over-work Headaches^
Reading Headaches
Sewing Headaches
Bright-light Headaches
Fancy-work Headaches
After the Concert Headaches
Afte r-churoh Headaches
Everlasting Headaches
All these headaches and
many others, cured bv use
of our correctly fitted glasses^
Eyes Examined Free
Js8 years dailjPexperience and sue
cesaful optical work has gained ipr
us reputation for reliability. ,•
If you dont need glasses we'll
tell you so.-r^and satiefiction, or
your money *back tor the: glasses
anytime within one year.
Chas. Fl Balbkat
ievelir aal Opticfai fatertowi
104 Kemp Ave East
•S"1 A*
good thing—for "Shppery."
Wilbur S. Glass will cany CwifogtQn couttt^^ $§£»
a Watertown candidate tor Congress^-btft. of tli« ticket
will get hit so hard that it will jar all the Crawford office-holder#
in the state. .When you come right |pvim to ii^^who is that iifv '-V
booming Crawford in Codingtok "one bfat" name
fellow who is holding a state1 office under Crawford or some-1
fellow who has been promised a job if CrSfefemiS' elected »fco the-.*&,
United States Senate, up ntmtkm aiM sre if we ait
Why didn't Crawford stand for a'^&icl
of South Dakota?
th Dakota? He is like the two Irishmen when they first
itt America. They were #olldng 'along ,ihe.«tr«t whe4
Jill i_ ii. ii Y»
Pat spied a five dollar gold piece laying opy walk," Pat"*
Kneedy and Sis aire now pulling hair to beat the bandr
Brother Kneedy always mkde his brags that he would never have Iffi
any trouble with the dear sister, but wc notice sh6 is after
like a long-waisted wasp. Brother Kneedy will learu after a
while that it is dangerous to tickle the heei of a mule with a
Setfe IsJlfb^jg tliat Slajator Kitireaj|e vdll 'carfy the stat^
at the June primaries. It would talce sky bther good"»wui' fifteen
years tod^tain the influence in tl« United Statei Senate that
Senatoitfjpttredge now has. Thr state of South ^Idtcdipi. catmot
afforlL to turn down a man like Senator' Kittred^.
A Watertown sqaft!s mother-in-law fieddenta^i^^ff her
tongue Some time pgai* son-in4aw planfed |t ia the' garden,
Two weeks later he dug if Ti^and it palled him a liatfe? ^,J"
South Dakota soil not beipg highly productive!
the net will get his crust dented.
With ordinary fine summer weather ypu^ ahbtjld have a
line lot of Anheuser bushes. hA soon
pack the roots with ice. Care should be taken to keep the plants
from drying out,^
have here a little poem entii
Office^ Sby—if yer" want ter 1§nd
Worth Dying,' walk right in and I'll call the editor."
"Politician ain't, you?" he. inquired pf^the passenger im^'|
mediately behind him.?^ fe,. AM r^M
ties, how did you know?"'/
4'JBreath." ,, •l,
"Slippery Jim" McLaughlin will soon be here firom^Sioux-^
Falls and try to whip us into line for Crawford. Crawfottl
Several of Cupid's matches were scratched in the divorce'
courts this week
than an hour.
Summer begins June 20th. By this timl your fr^ifiles
to have a good start. Jhj
It is better to let yotir husband bring a friend home to djii«
ner than it is to have a friend bring him home after dinner.
Abdtit this time there will be some more weatlber,^?
ThStfro^e isblin accounts tor so many miscues.
5, The spring feveij germ is in our tikd$:~
Silence is golden hut you can't cash it.
L. G. HILL, M. D.
First National Bank' B'ld'g
6 W6
the "buds" begin to pop,
One woman changed names three times: in ie98
f"i The man who is down is looking for the other fellow whp
kicked out some rungs from the ladder of success.^
Qround FeecL Etc. Also
^Hardjud^t Ooal^i-
Ss),me Warden Mciy[ftt|b. is goiog to^«b rope a
S^^Lb Dea^H ^j§§,
Kp fife
a fait
Highest Mar^^t for

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