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VOL. 7, NO. 14.
Miss Florence Smith and brother
left Friday morning for a short
visit with friends at Howard,S.D.
Miss D.Anderson of Norfolk,Va.,
is visiting for a few days at the
home of Mr.and Mrs. W. H. Math
Miss Dora Addison left Saturday
for Chicago, where she will enter
Ferry Hall for the coming school
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Shetko are
the proud parents of a fine 11J
pound baby boy who arrived at
their home last Tuesday.
Frank Kemp, who has been in the
city for the past two months at
tending to the business of the
Kemp estate, left for his home at
Los Angeles Friday.
The following trio of hunters,
Vaud Hopkins, Frank Munger and
Ge-. Whitwam,spent the weekend
hunting the prairie chicken in the
vicinity of Seneca, S. D.
John H, Conley left Saturday for
Deadwood to assist in work connec
ted with the of council in that
city which was gone thru Sunday.
A large class was put thru the de
grees and Mr. Conley took part in
the work.
Word has been received that the
marriage of Oscar Kemp to Miss
L. G. HILL, M. D.
First National Bank B'ld'g
May Furey of Stockton, Minn.,will
take place Oct. 10. Mr. Kemp's
many friends here will be glad
to hear of his approaching good
L. M. Morris, who has for been
the past two months employed by
the Codington county abstract Co.
of this city, in installing a new
abstracting system, left last week,
having completed his task. The
new system is very complete, and
one of the very best in the state.
Harry Conley, a cripple who
has been selling shoe strings
around town for some time past
was brot before the Municipal
court Friday charged with stealing
a pair of shoes value $3.50 from
Luck's shoe store.. A fine of $15
imposed, which Conley was
unable to pay, and therefore will
spend a week in the county jail.
Friday last the new Granger
Business college moved into its
new quarters in the Sheafe block
on the second floor. Work on the
building hau been rushed ais fast
as possible. Now that the business
school has been safely housed the
downstairs will be made ready as
soon as possible for the Blue Bell
Co. who will move in as soon as
things are ready for them. They
find their present building on Oak
street altogether too small.
Next Monday the Corn Palace at
Mitchell will be opened, and judg
ing from the program offered, will
be bigger and better this year than
ever. The design for the palace
itself is very beautiful, worked out
in different patterns according to
the varioup, colors of corn used.
Three presidential candidates will
give speeches during the festival,
Taft, Bryan and Chafin. Special
have been made on all rail
ways, and every preparation has
been made for the reception and
care of visitors.
1 f-
and Perfect Tailoring
The first glance at one of these Wooltex fuits
shows the style, the grace, the exclusive individu
ality that is there, And examination shows the
reason why. It is the honest material. |It is the
careful workmanship. It is the perfect tailoring.
Such suits as you might expect to get in Paris, yet
we have them here at moderate American prices.
The style in these suits is lasting style. It is put there by clever needle
work—stitch by stitch. And it stays there because the material is pure
wool-^no cotton, no adulteration. That is why the makers can afford to
guarantee you two full seasons of satisfactory wear^ There are many
styles of these good garments to pick from now. Beside the one shown
here, we have
—Walking suits in hard finish, fancy suitings, diagonals »nd broadcloths—some with
sheath skirts—many with big buttons.
—Beaucleve coats, modified Directoire style—high waist line in back—dashed tides—
bias back, a new and phasing effect.
—Artistic evening wraps of broadcloth in pastel colors, wit'n novel effects in trim
mings—somt with cretonne trimmings, hand-tinted in water color.
—Long coat suits—high waist lines—trimming clevcrly arranged to add lo height and
increase sleuderpess—novcl sleeve effects and enormous self-covered buttons.
—Marchion&& arid Btlmore coats—the standard coats, but made better than the stand
ard way. lit* material, style, in workmanship, these coats can'not be improved.
—,Eefiaia»a«»Jtirt»~*#hidi-ijuttcti down to the hem—skirts with side plackets—skirts with •*,,
•v front plackets—skirts \eitU nabit backs—many in modified Directoire style, opening at if.y
one side over pleats,. ....
—and suit::, enntr. rind in almost endless variety, all snappy Wboft«jc Styles—all
a Wooltex materials—^arment.-i that dehght'the eye and hold their attractive
....1......... ness till the very end.
Every Wooltex Garment is guaranteed by the makers for two
full seasons of satisfactory wear.
-Please ask for Wooltmx Style Book. Prom It you will get the newest and best exclusive fashion pointers. -few
Better still/come in and.«ee the suits thepisclves see the styles, see the materials, see the art in designing, see tile
will want to get the beoefit of the best Paris styles when they are lastingly sown Into such serviceable
as these, and placed within your easy reach at snch moderate prices.
John Malack underwent a pre
liminary hearing Friday last before
Judge Myers of tbe municipar ourt
on the charge'of forgery.Malack is
alleged to"have extracted a certifi
cate of deposit in the Security Na
tional bank from a trunk belong*
ing to August Garnet, and to have
obtained $50 from the bank on the
certificate, The alleged crime oc
curred in June last, since which
time Malack's whereabouts, have
been unknown. However he 1|tru
up on the streets Fridayf
promptly arrested by Chief Kt§E
and brot up for preliminary ljw»*
ing on the charge stated. Malaclg
was held to the Circuit court' and
the bond placed at $500, which he
was unable to, obtain. SP'S®' *3$
The following from "the CI irk
Pilot Review shows that hold-up
men meet their match once" in a
while: "A Couple of hpboeff-on
Monday night ran- against a propO'
sition they had not anticipated.
After the show two would-be holdr:
up artists, meeting John Lewis,
foreman for the
THE LIVE WB&KLfrdff THE livE erf
Stover cement crew,
notified him that he would be
compelled to part with his money.
Mr. Lewis does not carry a large
sum of money generally and on
this occasion was in possession of
but 52 cents, but nevertheless he
did not propose to part with that
in this Jmanner, and he made a
vigorous protest, landing with
much force upon one of his assail
ants, and when he was thru witn
the fellow there was nothing more
said about the money. The other
hobo still seemed inclined to con
tinue the affair, and when Mr.
Lewis had settled with him he
looked like he had been against a
whole cement crew. The men were
evidently new in their line, but
they received some pointers which
may be valuable should they ag
engage in «n effort to get po
sion of other people's mon
Hjlorfci:* -A little American scien
tific fiet work and jiu-jitsu judi
cicm6ly'{combined will prevent a
J- '-I'5
Original Jewelry
'1^There is distinction of de
sigh as well as quality in the
Craftmanship oi: the jewelry
shown at Halbkat's.
^Fashion's Latest produc
tions of Bracelets, Laval
l^eces, Beads, Cuff Links,
Hat Pins, 'Brooches, Neck
Chains, Waist Pins, Lock
efcs, Veil Pins, Fobs, Scarf
Pins, 'Etc., Etc. are New
and Fresh at JLalbkat's. See
"Correct Style and Qual
ity and Reasonable Prices"
have kept us ahead of com
petition for over ten years
in Watertown, the live city.
•-T-'.w »i
One of the seasori'smost beautifulsuits—
notice the graceful lines, the close-fitting
long coat, the high waist with bias back.
The large buttons and wide cuffs add
attractiveness, while the skirt is trimmed
with bias bands of novel patterns, with
many buttons. The skirts are of the
modified Directoire style—'-slashed sides,
over inside pleats.
$1.00 PER
|p^^ lAX?
,• BILfiY «BOU^CIsA-
The plaintiff looked as jf he had been to a Kranzburff
One ey| was closed and the other peered furtively thru kal£ opee lids.
His nose was out of plumb, and when he opened his mout& it could be
seen that his teeth had been tampered with. Qne arm was in^ ^Ljboflr
and he smelled like a dispensary.
I^The defendant was a well dressed man of middle agetuad peacelul
mien. Once or twiceTie glanced at the plaintiff, and a glpam of un
holy joy lighted his face but he did not look like a,fighting, man.
*^"1 caught him injthe act, yer honor," said Ohief of Police Keegarf
who had made the arreaVfj* 'This man^^'indicating the defendant,
was beating the neck off "£fie other fellowt*'
''What have you to say?" asked Judge Myers of the plaintiff^
^J|"It was an unprovoked assault," said the man thus addressed^
"I met Mr. on Kemfi avenue and passed the time of day. Without
a word of warning he attacked me."
The magistrate turned to '"the defendant, who at the words "un-"
provoked assault" had glared'at his accuser, and thundered,' "What
have you to'say?" 'rd
The defendant cleared his throat ancl Begun in a mil one
have been suffering with a bad cold recently, something. whicb
the Watertown doctors call the summer grip," he said, "and hftVebeen
afraid to take off my heavy undarwear. My wife put a poultice on my
chest this morning, and,fearing that a thunder shower'might come up,
she made me wear my overshoes. I came down town on the sunny side
of'the street and got pretty well warmed up by the time I reached Mid*
way where I went into the Dakota Central Telephone Exchange to talk
over the "hay line" with a Dutchman near Rauville that stutters, and
Grant and Thompson, those fellows who run that automobile garage on
Midway made such a deuce of a racket running their cars up and down
Midway in front of the telephone office that I had to shut the booth
in order to hear anything at all."
"Turn on that electric fan, please,-Mr. Schoenbergerv 'said^the
judge addressing his clerk*
"When I left the phone booth," resumed the defendant, saw
Burt Babcock in
automobile *oing down Kemp avenue and as I
wanted to see him the worst way and^ chased him for nearly two
blocks and couldn't catch him.^ ^^^n-was 1
?akt ^,, ^|ny
shoesTfifid Jefjji trail like poul'
The judge sprang testis feetSaiid mopping *tl(B ^weat from
brow turned to Clerk Schoenberger and said:^"Make a note on
docket, that the prisoner is discharged."
-,S7? The live merchant adv^tiseth in
heap big results.
Because a man'gets
aim in life.
"A certain man owned a dry'goods^store, and one day, to his great
disgust, he heard a new clerk say to a woman, ?®p:
'No madam, we have not had any for a long time.' i&s
"With a fierce glance at the clerk, the smart employer rushe&' up
to.the woman and said,
'We have plenty in reserVSTmk'am Aplenty upstairs.''
"Lady and clerk looked dazed,and afterward the smart proprietor
learned that the clerk's remark had been made in answer to the woman's
'We haven't had any rain lately.'
"A Watertown man who is addicted to walking in his sleep went to
bed all right and ,'some'time during'the night he strayed down on.
Kemp avenue clad in nothing but his night dress. He awoke to find
himself in the grasp 'of a policeman. "Hold on," he cried, "you
musn't arrest me. I'm a somnambulist." .To which the burly copper
replied, "I don't care what your religion ia^-you have no right to walk
the streets in your night shirt."
It is so dry in several states that the Ohio river bottom is now be
ing used by boys as a base ball ground. [That beats South Dakota for
dryness to a delicate froth. There never "was a time in the memory of
the white man that South Dakota got so dry that the boys could play
ball in the river bed of the Sioux.
.. ,&/. fi
is on e:
A photograph of the city of Mitchell is"on' exhibrtion in haler
town which was taken at 2 o'clock in the afternoon of July Fourth this
year. The picture shows a view of main street and the only living ob
jects on the street areone man and two dogs. It will be remembered
that Mitchell went "dry" last spring, J'
5 4
Saturday News and gettfth
ed" is no particular sign that he has an
Successor to
Mason Contractor
Is prepared to do all kinds of
and is thoroly equipped for all kinds of work in this line. SmalL as
as large jobe. All work under my pereonal supervigioli.
Watertown, South Dakota
BaMemMliB ifc Bt., Bhone Blue 303

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