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The November term of the cir
•cuit court "convened in this city
Tuesday morning with Judge Mar
quis presiding. It is one of the
largest calendars Codington county
has had for many years. There are
25 criminal, 42 civil jury, and
three court cases.
The first nine criminal capes will
not come up, being old cases and
the defendants have forfeited bail.
The first the state vs John Jorris
is an action for grand larceny, it
being alleged that Jorris stole
bam and bacon from the C.C. Whist
ler meat market. Jorris was bound
over on a bail of $300 which he
forfeited. Other cases are:
State vs J. A. Mitten, bound
over on a bond of $500 which was
forfeited. The defendant is at
present serving time in the Oregon
State vs Barney McUlray and
Jim Ulray. The defendants were
held on a default of bail in the
county jail, from which they es
caped. They are still fugitives
from justice.
State vs Myron Aylesworh—ac
cused of adultery near Vienna. He
forfeited a bond of $1,000.
State vs Henry Wagner charged
with grand larceny out on a bail
of $300.
State vs Gus Dean, charged with
grand larceny. Defendant jumped
$100 bail.
The next three cases are the gam
bling cases, carried over from the
last term. "The first is the state
vs Charles Root charged with keep
inga gambling house Root has a
bond of $200. The Becond case is
the state vs George DeGraff on
same charge bail is the same. The
last of the gambling cases is the
one against C. E. DeGraff, charged
with leasing is property 'for gam
bling purposes. He is under a $100
There Jare two charges against
George Baranco, colored—one of
obtaining money from W.B.Ryalls,
cashier of the Security National
bank, the other for the i.ame
offense worked on N. A. Nelson.
.Buranco will probably put up a
defense of insanity, having been
sent to the state asylum since his
State vs C. P. Rand, the defen
dant being held in the county jail
in default of $1,000 bail. Rand is
charged with assault with a dan"
gerous weapon with intent to in
jure Street Commissioner Frank
State vsEd Burns, the defendant
being charged with attempt to com
mit sodomy. Burns was arrested
thiB summer near the St. Louis
bridge across the Sioux river.
State vs Luella Beckman. Mrs.
Beckman is charged with embezzle
ment, having tried to retain a suit
from H. F. W. Schaller.
„V v« .-i
are two cases of the state
vs Chris Filber,charged with kejep
inga house of i11 .fiwnefeJ?iUjjgrJfc
.a fugit.ive from justice aiid Tt is
not expected that he will'return to
face the charges, tho he is making
his home a short way across the
line in Minnesota.
State vs Ira McGuire, under a
$200 bond to keep the peace. Case
carried over from last term of
State vi John Mallack.
The first case is Coyle and Jor
genson vs Thomas Kiely. This
case is an old one but interesting.
It is often called the "Old Maude
case,'' the controversy being over
an old blind horse, the original
value of which was $35. The legal
coats which have accrued from
trials in court have brot the
amount involved up to over $300.
-M- The Fiiit National bank of New
ton, la., vs &. P. Best, the dispute
.. 'V
1 .1
is over the sale of machinery,
which is said to be defective, and
the bank has brot suit on a breach
of warrantry.
Michael Mahler et al vs J. B.
fecLauglhin. Mahler is seeking
to hold McLaughlin for certain
liabilties of his father. $200 is. in
J. E. Dore vs C. M. Parrot and
J. M. Parrot. This is a controv
ersy over an old, small one.
One of the interesting cases of
the session will be the case of the
Nichols Shepherd Co. vs S. H.
Addison, S. B. Sheldon, J. Hors
tad and M. L. Smith. Messrs. Ad
dison and Sheldon went security
on an appeal to the supreme court,
thinking that the bond only went
good for the costs of the action.
Later it developed that the bond
held them for the judgment. They
are seeking to get free from the
judgment which is over $2,000.
F. E. Bates vs M. A.Adams. A
dispute over an account rendered
for painting a house. Amount
involved is small.
N. A. Wing vs Frank Finley.
Dispute over commissions on land
sales. Amount involved a little
over $200.
The city has two cases against it
as a result of giving permission to
the St.Louis railroad to dig adeep
«ut thru on two streets, Giese
aiid HrtjiTsoll- atfe ttniig far dam
ages on this account.
Blocker & Hurlburt vs J. J. Bal
lou. Plaintiffs sue for a small
threshing bill.
Ole L. Christianson vs H. A.
Loomis. Dispute over three notes,
involving $500.
H. St. Clair vs J. H. Peterson.
This case involves about $200,being
along standing account between the
persons. It includes a-board bill,
and many other minor affairs.
The Security National bank vs
Mary Neitert. Suit on a note.
John Koehler vs Mary Radtke.
A dispute over $350,commission on
the sale of land.
Jacob Summerfield vs I. Solomon
& Co. Mr. Summerfield is seeking
payment for services alleged to
haye been rendered the company as
a traveling salesman. The case in
volves about $100.
School district No 2 vs Henry
Wolf et al. This is a dispute over
the ownership of a few books. The
school board claimes them, while
the literary society is alleging
that it bought and paid for them.
C. L. Waage vs D. H. Miller,
M. R. Baskerville and Job Tren
holm. Suit to recover for five
stacks of barley which were burned
during this.last fall. The defen
dants claim that they went into the
field with a threshing rig upon the
urgent demand of the plaintiff,and
that the burning of the grain was
almost assured, because of the high
wind. ..
Miss E. L. Crosby vs Oscar
vaux: This case' has been tried be
fore, but a new trial was granted'
at a chambers' session. It is a dis
pute over commission on the sale of
property. V:
John Steinocher vs Arthur Red
line al. This is a case of a neigh
borhood quarrel Suit is brot for
Imp Flint vs H. L. Sheldon, ex
ecutor of the Flint estate. This
is a case of claims against the es
S. Jennie Sorg et al vs G.A.Tut
hill. A dispute .over an old ac
C. A. Doner vs Frank E. Korth.
A case to settle a contract j^ricie for
a house,. It is expected that this
case will be settled before trial.
F. E. Harrington VB Dakota Cen
tral Telephone (company. A dis
pute over telephone rates. Small
amount involved aqd iB. appealed
from justice' court.
A a
inrtnce business.
John Nevenheim etal vs. Cath
erine Haish. Matters pertaining
to the Nevenheim will, which has
beta in court several times before.
Practically the samf/ground will be
covered at this trial.
Oil Burns vs C. O. Wellington.
The plaintiff has brot action to
replevin two brown mule colts
valued at $80.
Florence Cary vs Rose E. Sanford
and Jennie Strait. Mrs. Cary brot
suit against Mrs. Sanford for
aleination of her husband's affec
tions, and some time ago levied oh
a certain house and lot which was
op record as belonging to Mrs.
Sanford. Later it developed that
the pronerty had been transferred
to Jennie Strait. and the deed had
not been recorded. This cas: is to
settle the ownership of the house.
E. M. Barker vs George H. and
L. R. Eastwood. A libel case, in
volving $5,000. The Herald charged
the editor of the Saturday News
with forging a $6.50 county war
rant and named County Treasurer
Cloy^s an accesssory to the crime.
Also charged Barker with robbing
a former business partner. After
printing the libelous .article that
paper feared it would be sued for
libel and attempted to erase one
letter in the heading of the libel
ous article thinking that would
shield its publishers.
-a yj
One of the interesting easel 6f
the session will be the libel case of
Charles Schull vs H. L. Hopkins
in which ScJjull is suing for $10,000
damages for certain letter written
relative to the state's attorney
fight during the June primaries.
C. M. Kranz vs Hess & Rau.
Settlement of an old account.
Amount involved, a little over
Robert Munro vs Daniel Oilman
and Lucy Gilman. This case is an
attempt to force an exact compli
ance with the condition of a con
tract relative to the sale of four
Mrs. H. S. Merrill vs the St.
to recover $2,000 damages for in
juries received at the crossings
near the Stokes mill last summer.
A. C. Wiley vs Robert Mc
Elhaney. This is a suit which in
volves the settlement of an account
of $51.
Harry Birkemstein etal vs B. N.
Baron et al. This involves the
shipment of junk to Chicago
John Nevenheim vs Catherine
Haish. This is the third case rel
ative to the Nevenheim will, is a
contest of the will, with an at
tempt to show that it was made
under undue influence,
James Bast*, vs Don Allen. A
suit involving $500, the account
arising oyer the sale of an automo
Thomas Mitchell vs Henry Mere
dith. A 'suit involving the settle
ment of a threshing bill.
The Security State bank of Wal
lace vs Aciam Piechowski. This is
a suit over title to a piece pf prop
erty, involving about $10,000
D. D. Schneider vs J. Chroust
apd others. This case is on the
calendar but will not be tired as it
has already bran referred to a
Andrew .Johnson to Andrew An
derson und int in lots 1-2 blk 2
Poulson's add. $1.
JameB Hare to S. Taube 75 ft
of outlot 5 Aud's plat of outlots
sec 32-117-52 $1000.
Lee Stover to Kate Hawley pt of
lot 4 blk 49 2nd Ry. add. $1600.
Kate Hawley to Lee Stover lot
10 blk 32 2nd Ry $1000.
Mary E. Robertson to 1. E.Rowe
50 ft of 100 lot 14 blk 29 2nd
Ry $1.
W.J.Nybu to Independent school
Dist. of Wallace pt of swl sec 29
119-55 12 rods wide by 26$ rods
long. $150.
August Lutz to Gottlieb Fisher
sei see 13-116-61 $1200.
Eva E). Williams to S. H. Oht
ness lot 3 blk 8 Syn. add. $250.
John C. Pfieffer to Charles Aid
rich el and fii sec 17-118-51 $1
Minnie A. Merrill to J. C. Pfie
ffer swi sec 32 and wl sei sec 32
11^51. $5000.
Mary J. E. Skinner to August
Rau lots 1-4 blk 10 Sn. add.$1200.
C. F. Robinson to Mary C. Belk
pt outlot 34 aud's plat 2 outlots to
at *ttiit b* when theDlamond Coi
I y,"
Original Jewelry
There is"distinition of de
sigh as well as quality in the
craf tmanship of the jewelry
shown at Halbkat's.
fashion's Latest produc
tions of Bracelets, Laval
lieres, Beads, Cuff Links,
Hat Pins, Brooches, Neck
Chains, Waist Pins, Lpck
ets, Veil Pins, Fobs, Scarf
Pins, Etc,, Ets. are New
and Fresh at Halbkat's. See
them. W
"Correct Style and Qual
ity and Reasonable Prices"
have kept us ahead of com
petition for over ten years
in Watertown, the live city.
Try us.sfe
James H.DaSris to Floyd E. West
lot 3 blk 25 2nd Ry. $1.
Mabel F. Deming tp Henry RieS
75 ft lots 6-7- blk 10 east Wa-'
tertown, 75 ft lot 1 hlk 2 Brock
add. $2800.
John H. Enes to John F. Schwei
ger sej of sel and nej sei sec 25-:
|l9-54, wi swl sec 30 and nw£ of
sec 31-119-53 $1,
ifeGeorge H. Peters to Charles Al
drich ej and lots 3-4 of sw 4 see
7-116-54. $6250.
H. L. Sheldon executor to F. C.
Whistler e50ft lot 7-8 blk 25 Syn
icate $901.
W. S. Lichty to F. M. Erath und
of nejand ni sei sec 27-117-52.
Floyd E. West to Leopola Obert
lots 3-7 blk 14 Brock's ad. $1350.
August Selchert to Augusta Sel
chert ne J, sej of nwl sec 13-116
51. $5.
John B. Hanten trustee to John
Coplan lot 4 blk 21 1st Ry add.
C. H. Kline to Jennie Hill lots
7-10 blk 1 Svn. add. $1.
Rt. Rev. Thomas O'Gorman to
Anna Tschakert pt of nej of nej
sec 33-119-54. $1.
Raymond B. Flint to Hanten
Bond Co. lots 1-3 blk 32 Syn. add.
L.C. Brinker to H. J. O'Bryan
lot 10 blk 44 replat of west Wa
tertown $1.
R. E. Hubbard to C. Jay Kogle,
Jr.,seJ of swi and lot 4 sec 31-116
55. $2500.
Ole L. Christianson to G. L.
Brando n£ sei sec 9-116-55. $3200.
Gunder Tangen to Wilbur S.
Glass 19 ft lot 11 blk 14 Flor
ence $1.
George W. Case to Martha M.
Rowe lots 8-9 blk 48 .west Water
town $200,
Andrew C. Barrdn' to Jake Hunt
zicker et al lot 9 blk 18 Syn. add.
Henry A. Wagner to Anton and
Lizzie Marx lots 12-14 blk 14 Kranz
burg. $1200.
George F. Andree to John T.
Cook nw£ andwj nei sec 17-116-52.
Dakota Town Lot Co. to Cleve
land G. Springer lots 11-12 blk 2
Florence $275.
Miles E. North to George A.
Henningson lots 5-6 blk 12 subdiv.
entitled blks 9 to 13 inc and outlots
E. F. G. H. K. and L. to Henry
L. G. HILL, M.D.
First National Bank
fore the assortment is broken.
W oSrT &
There was something strange about the vote on the County Opti
question at the late eloction. The "dry" counties v?ent the
If barley doesn't brlng at leaat seventy-flve cents per bushel from
now on the South Dakota farmer will think the brewers are biggefc
liars than the fellows who signed Char]ey Schull's petitionM|
",l4f you are going to have theigrip you might 88 well gust
A snake with whiskers is reported from one of our neighboring
counties. We do not have any of that variety in Watertowiu
V- .-
If South Dakota had gone itfifavor of Kunty option thirsty twv
era passing thru the state would have had to carry a map with
in a couple of years to .tell them where to get off at.
If our little sister town of Florence keepB on setting the
that kills she will get the reputation of being "wild and wooley.
But her recent shooting affrays do not necessarily bignify a toughness
on her part—it is only a coincidence! Watertoiyn went thru a similar"
experience about ten years ago. If any one had a grudge against anyone^
else he would take him to Watertown and kill him- That was in tbj
days when the county coroner and tho sheriff waxed fat.jJ!!|tF
man^tio never ma# doesn't
an enemy amo
Scene: Two hoboes stealing a keg of whiskey frQ^thp ^torth^es
tern depot one day last week. Wis?
Sherlock Holmes Best to Nick Carter OlsOn &
S-h-h! S-h-h! Just leave it to me!
Who did the crime?
S-h-h! S-h-h J- That's easy for me.
With a magnifying glass you see,
A very small clue
The p-u-double-z-l-e
Is soft for Sherlock Holmes Best
That's me!
Frank J. Gory has a good article in the current number of thfe
Dakotah Magazine on the "Opening of the Rosebud." We wish he
wAifd give' us one* next month on the' -"Opening of the Anheuser-
Watertown Citizen— "Did they seem to like your sketch of- 'TexAi^
Leading Man in "Texas Sunshine"—"I think they did..'They
called for me and finally dared me to con^^u^'^
"A Magazine Explodes,"reads the head line in a daily paper,
can bet your boots that it
^wasn't the "Dakotah Magazine"—it's Octo'
ber number was better than ever
Fred A. Berry to Martin E.Dahl
lots 13-15 blk 8 Berry's add. $100.
Martin E. Dahl to Matilda J.
Danl lots 12-15 blk 3 Berry's add.
H.D. Walrath to C. H.Kline lots
7-10 blk 1 Syn. add- $235.
Dakota Town lot Co to H&Vi*y
Meyer lots 10-11 blk 16 Florence
Knut'Gudmunson to Lee Stover
swl sec 4 and si sel sec 5 and w&
nei sec S-118-55, $£500.^,
Nels K. Olberg to 'fiewis "vlia
Dou lots 1-2 and si nei and swi
sel sec 5 wi nei sec 8 all in 118
52 Sisseton and west jreservation.
Francis M. Harding to Joseph
R. McFerran sel sec 7-116-54.$4800«
We doubt if Dr. Osier's knock-out drops would work on President S
Roosevelt or General Sheafe at the age of sixty. A
Bryan's name should be William Ransome Bryan.
The season for campaign whoppers
lies will be tolerated from this time on.
Charley Schull to Perry Loucks
-Perry Loucks to Charley Schull-
Women's fall hats do not show any effect of last year's panici^
Their size and general blooming grandeur would indicate the presence
of prosperity and ever lasting peace and happiness.
fi! Judge John Nicholson was elected by the skin of his teeth.
To show that the Saturday News is gaining new subscribers every
day we will state that our regular bona fide list of subscibers reached
1835 this week. When we put on the diamond contest we eimed to
reach the two thousand mark by the close of the contest, but we would
not be surprised to see the list run up to several hundred more than we
had figured on. The best thing about our subscripiton list is the fact
that it is all alive—not two dozen subscribers in arrears over one year.
There is not another weekly paper in the state that can beat this record.
-$h c,»
,0«S. Only little- white
'You didn't get there anyway !'fjtf|
'Neither did you
Mary Batke to Perry G.Bush lots
17 and 18 blk 8 east Watertown.
$86.00 per week or 400 per cent
profit. All samples, stationery*.,
and art catalog free We want one"'
permanent agent in this locality
for the largest picture and frame"'
house in America. Experience un
necessary. We instruct you how
sell our goods and furnish the eaot
ital. If
alog and samples. Frank W
liams Cou&pany, 121& Wi
Street, Chicago, 111.

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