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Don't come to this store
find Junk, or chesp,
sxpectirg to
worthies* pianos,
placed on the floor
for the
purpose of
creating a sensation. You will be dis
The manufacturer! who are oon
ductlng this sale (named below) are
business concerns of the very highest
commercial standing) representing a
combined capital of $60,000,000. They
are collectively and Individually be
hind overy sale, and guarantee to you
that every plar.o In this stock is an
Instrument of high merit, made by
manufacturers of high standing and
worth from 50 to 100 per cent more
than we are selling thorn foil
More pianos each year than all the
small dealers of South Dakota
combined. We give you the ad
vantage of our vast purchasing
From Factory to Your
You save the middleman's
profit. Pianos held for Christ
mas delivery without extra cost.
The Golden Rule
Going Out of Business
Entire Stock to be Closed Out at
Stock Must be Sold at Once!
Gome in and Buy at Your Own Price.
Itarts- Saturday, Nov. 28
Third door north
1 30
We will run two sales each day at
1:30 and 7:30 until the entire stock
closed out.
on hand, Saturday
pflic of the stock. Ladies
The Golden Rule
3 chftrchee here Thanksgiving morn
Jring at U.f
and get the
specially in-
Grand Opera House*
Dakbta to look after hip farm'' in
terest in that country.
Rev. Keeler of Hei&y%»s a Wa
tertow$ viaitqr Monday '^here is.
some tallrof Mr KeeTer As posst^i
ble candidate for the pnlpit 4 tlie!
Gongreagtiooa church in this ei
recently vacated by Rev.Cly*
Great Events Happen But Once
No such event has happened before. It won't hap'peii again in Watertown.
If you have been waiting for a bai'gain, for a chance to get one of the world's
best pianos (not one of the "certificate" kind) for a very small price if you want
a piano better than your neighbor's and for less money, here's where you get busy.
The world is full of' sorry people. Don't be one of them. If you miss one of
these bargains you'll be sorry. You will not live long enough to see another such
chance. But if you can't make up your mind to buy now, come anyway, just to
see what you have missed.
Standing of Candidates in the Diamond Contest.
(Corrected up to Thursday noon, Nov. 26,1908)
Miss Nettie Hodgson.
Miss May Sehultz..
Mrs. Chas. M. Williams, Stony Point
Mrs. Claud B. Tanney 1.
Mrs. Louis Yeeter
Miss Lena Kaiser, llranzburg.
Miss Leola Sykes, Henry
Miss Claudia Veeder, pelican -Twp,»... X.
ttSakftvi «&»Sr
Clay Carpenter of Lemmon.S.D.
was a Watertown visitor Tuesday.
He haa a position in the U. S. land
office in Lemmon and reports thingB
as booming along in great shape
in that country.
S "There will be a union Thanks
giving service in the Congrega
tional church of the protestant
evangelical churches, commencing
at 10:45 a. m, Kev. Palmerton pas-:
tor of the Baptist church,, preach
ing the sewnon. A collection will
be taken for the^ioux Fall^^Chil
dren's Home.
George Tallon, the genial ageftt
of the Northwestern road, iri
thia city attended a meeing last
Saturday of the employees of the
Morth^estem road and before
which he delivered an i'ateresting
Our Pianos Are Moving. See Them Go. Watch Our Delivery Wagons Visiting
Every Nook and Corner of the Gty. They Are Going Fast You'll
Have to Hurry, Mister. Open Evenings.
Two car-loads arrived. More Coming. All especially selected sample pianos, new 19(
Krell-French Piano Co,
The Largest Piano Factory in the World
I' V"
ents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Stokes
of this city. Miss Stokes has a
position on the staff of the Minne
apolis School of Music. She came
up to spend Thanksgiving at home
The funeral service of Mathew
Middleton was held last Sunday
afternoon in the Congregational
church, Rev. J. P. Clyde officiat»|follows $200.00 due Nov. 1st.
ing. A large crowd was present,
and many beautiful floral offerings
decorated the casket. The Are de
partment was present to pay their
last token of respect to their de
ceased comrade. Interment was
made in Mt. Hope cemetery|f%
'Still'^another change of the
'.limes''. Our contemporary
formed itself into a stock company,
capital $25,000. H.L, Loucks,one
of the most prominent politicians
of-Deuel county, and and old time
populist has taken over a lafge
editorial management of the paper.
Perry Loucks is said to be inter
ested also. The paper will be in
dependent in politics, so it is re
ported, and will issue under the
new management for the first time
this week.
John Nevenheim has returned
home from Rochester, Minn.,
where he has been in the hospital.
Friends in this city will regret
to learn of the death of Mrs.Minnie
Crozier, who is well known here,
which occurred last Thursday at
Minneapolis, cause of death being
attributed to heart failure. The
deceased lady was 26 years of age.
She was a sister of Mrs. A. M.
Deland of this city. Mrs. Crozier
died at her home in Minneapolis,
where she has been living for the
last four years. She was a mem
ber of the Second Church of Christ,
Scientist, in that city. The inter
ment was made at Marshall, Minn.
Whereas default has been made
in the payment of the principal and
interest on a note for ?200.00 dated
April 9th 1908 given by James Carr
and Mabel Carr to Otto C.. Behnke
the said note being one of six pro
misoiy notes given by James Carr
and Mabel Carr to Otto C. Behnke
dated April 9th. 1908 drawing six
per cent interest payable semi-an
nually for the amounts and due as
$200.00 due May 1st. 1909, $200.00
due Nov. 1st., 1909, $200.00due M$y
1st 1910, $200.00 due Nov. 1st 1910,
$100.00 due May 1st 1911 and se
cured by a mortgage dated April
9th 1908,. executed and delivered
by James Carr and his wife Mabel
Carr. of Codington county, South
Dakota,, mortgagors, to Otto C.
Behnke and Sarah Behnke, wife,
whose postomce address is Dkven*
pojrt Scott County, Iowa, mortga
gees/ and which mortgage was re
corded in the office, of the Register
of Deeds of Coditigton' County
ejSouthJ)akots£' in BS$c 84 of Mort-
This big sale and piano exposition is 4 pa
by the Krell-French Piano Co. They want if
homes of South Dakota before Christmas.
this and adjoining counties. That is why yot
average small dealer pays for them. We havr
former well known stock, so that this sale wil
Krell-French, Knabe, French & Sons, Jesse1
McPhail, Emerson, Bush & Lane, Newman
gages, on page 226, on the 10th day
of April, A. D. 1908, at 8:40
o'clock A. M.
Whereas, it was stipulated in
said mortgage that if default
would be made in the payment of
any of said notes, or interest,
when due, then all of said notes
shall become due and collectible at
the option of holder, without no
tice, and that said mortgage might
be foreclosed by the legal holder
Whereas, by reason of said de
fault the said mortgagees, Otto C.
Behnke and Sarah Behnke, wife,
the legal owners and holders of
said mortgage, have elected to de
clare and have declared the whole
sum of principal and interest of
said debt, due and payable.
Whereas, the amount declared
to be due upon said mortgage, at
the date of this note is the sum of
eleven hundred forty and 33-100
dollars ($1140.33) principal and
interest: and a legal attorneys fee.
Now, therefore, Notice is hereby
given that by virtue of the podwer
of sale contained in said mort-
FORECLOSURE BY gage, and duly recorded as afor
esaid and pursuance of the statute
in such case made and provided,
the said mortgage will be fore
closed by a sale of the mortgaged
premises therein described, at pub
lie auction, at the front, door of
the Court House in the city of Wa
tertown, in Codington County,
South Dakota, on the 11th day of
January, A. D. 1909, at the hour
of ten o'clock in the forenoon of
said day the mortgaged premises
are situated in the county of Cod
ington, South Dakota, and are de
scribed as follows, to wit Lot
numbered (9) nine in block num
bered (7» seven, in the town of
Florence, South Dakota, and eon
taining (22) twenty two ft., wide
by (125) one hundred twenty five
feet deep more or less.
Dated at Watertown, South Da
kota, this 19th day ,?f November,
A. D., 1908.
Otto G. Behnke i^(d Sarah Behnke
Owner of Mortgage.^
Hanten & Hanten
Attorneys for Mortgagee,
The Best Pianos in the World ie Lowest Prices Ever Heard Of
The Largest Stock of High ^ride Pianos Ever ^Shipped West
Sale Closes SaturdayiPlovember 28th, 1908
omantic Double
ire Oacoma was
itio double wed
journey of the
fxtreme southern
ty to the county
principals were
•egory and Miss
ty Stearns of Ot-
AS a result of,
the scene of a-:
dins after a mli
principals from
part of Lyman
seat at Oacoma
George Sweet5
Minnie Austin tffif
tumwa and
brides are slstersj
ters of Mr. and.|
Of Iona. The brld
Lle Austin.- The
are the daugh
Azarian Austin
ms are cousins,
in were visiting
The two you
the sisters arid
that the sisters
accompany them|
once and be ma
cepted the dareS
at once on the
coma,, arriving
their arrival th^j
for the clerk ot
issue the licens
cured the servic
were secured
mony was perfd
daring jest
the nerve to
ie county seat at
The Bisters ac
the four started
journey to Oa
|at 3 a. m. After
is a tedious wait
ts to appear and
[fter this was se-
Rev. N. H. May
te marriage cere-
Power Compan
A stiff fight
Black' Hills
Dead-wood and
of the Black
water rights tt
particularly in
fish, this state
both,} cities n«
latter place the
started condet
the courts for
sary for the
generating pi*
pasy at the prfl
a large plant|
Iln Struggle
waged by the
lion company of
tal other interests
for the various
bout the Hills and
(vicinity of Spear
Id Be'ulah, Wyo.,
leadwood. At the
jstlon company has
on proceedings in
light of way neces
Vuctlon of a large
be traction com
time is operating
This plant
power and li
also operates
eral of the mil
Unofficial I
)f a
of their superb pianos to be placed in the
have made us most unusual concessions for
ly buy a piano in this sale for less than the
jded to the Krell-French shipment all our
(elude the following world-renowned makes:.
trench, Behr Bros, Mehlin, Story & Clark,
fos, Haines Bros, Waldorf and Others.
62,843 and tee 44,837, a majority fol
Yessey of 18,108. The vote on th«
Republican and Democratic candidate*
for president reached 107,676, ot
which 67,495 went to Taft and 40,181
to Bryan, a majority of. 27,314 fox
Girl Raacued From Cistern.
While Mabel Holstrom, the daugh
ter of well known Howard people, was
playing in a yard she stepped on a
cistern cover. The wood of the covei
had rotted to such an extent that it
would not bear her weight and the
little girl was precipitated into the
cistern, which was full of water. Sh«
would have drowned had not Miss
Brower been an eyewitness of the acct
dent. Miss flrower summoned assist
ance in the person of Olaf Hauge,
who after strenuous efforts succeed1
ed in rescuing the girl.
Badly Injui-ed In Runaway.
•Mrs. S. B. Young, wife of the
superintendent of the Planklnton
state reform school, was severely In
jured in a runaway accident Hei
team took fright at an automobile and
ran away. The horses went around
in a clrole and threw her and her
driver, a trusty, of the reform school,
to the ground. Mrs. Young was bad
ly bruised about the head and face
snd her hip was injured^
"Scar Faced Kid" I# Dead."
The body of William Bedeck, known
•throughout the Black Hills
Redwater. about
|orth of Deadwood.
bed part of the
(or Deadwood and
lachlnery fa sev
lit the surrounding
the state place.!
Faced Kid," was found dead on the
bank of Rapid creek near the Rapid
City roller mills. The body was al
most nude and badly, scarred "and
mangled. "Scar Paced Kid" was
about thirty years old and was known
In the Black Hills as a professional
Cottonwood Gets the Prize.
The state board, of regents has Id1
oated the state experimental station
for Stanley and Lyman counties at
Cottonwood. Philip,, Presho, -Kadoka«
Midland, and several others were out
for the" location, yft Is presumed th«
state will expend from $5,000 to $10,*
P00 year oa the farm.
''^^nrtrS Victim of 'U-
elved Fromj
ire Dl«^
ounty. Following the amputation of her leg
on, all countlee ot aB a lest resort Mm. Etaa Connor, the
for governot thK« victim of the recent fire cataa
tVesaey receives troche in a resortat Lead, is dead at
Let our strong man deliver you a piano or organ
from this high grade stock. Prices about one-half
what you will pay later. Pay $3 to $10 monthly.
Succeeds Judge Fuller.
Governor Crawford has appointed
Judge Charles S. Whiting of the Ninth
circuit to the supreme bench to fill
the vacancy caused by the death of
Justice Fuller. Whiting has been
judge of the Ninth circuit ever since,
that circuit was organized.*"'
Don't close a deal for a loan on
your farm until you have looked
over our proposition. Come up
and talk with us. Hokpins & Ran
som, rooms 14 and 15 Goss Block.
worth Music
the Homestake hospital. The girl
had been terribly injured by jumping
from the burning building. She was
twenty-three years old and was di
vorced some time ago.
Would Enforce Tobacco Laws.
The Sioux Falls W. C, T. U., having
recently conducted a crusade which
resulted in the removal of slot ma
chines from all business houses, now
has taken up the matter of having
enforced the state statute prohibiting
the sale of cigarettes and tobacco to
'.ru Jl. .** W 7
Largest Piano Dealers in the State
Not Good After Dec. 2, '08
This Ballot will Count for Ten Votes
designs, forjadvertising. display. Every piano^^^asterpteo^^ind r&aiM$*t
Happenings of a Week ThrouEh
out the slate.
Trial for Mrs. Keufmann of
Sioux Fails.
The state supreme court has grant
ed a new trial to Mrs. Emma Kauf
mann of Sioux Falls, who was con
victed in the circuit court of Moody
county of manslaughter in the first
degree on a charge of having caused
the death of Agnes Polreis, a servant.
The court found numerous errors in
the action of George W. Kgan, the
special prosecutor who conducted the
case for the state.
The Kaufmann case was_ the most
Satl# NlW
Good for 10 votes when filled out and sent to 1'he
Saturday News office by mail or otherwise on or before
the expiration date. No ballot will be altered in any
way, or transferred afte? being received by the Satur
day News.
!f Unless ballot is. trimmed carefully around the
Mack lines it will not foe counted.
A special feature of this great sale is a most complete collection of samples of
all material used in piano making, prepared by the Erell French Co., at great
pense and infinite pains. This includes mahogany veneer from Africa, Yucatan
and Honduras, some almost worth its weight in glad ebony and rosewood from
the Phillipines oak and walnut from American forests ^.-spriiofe from the Adiron
dacks aud from California felts and strings from Germany, ivory from India
samples of hand and machine carving and partly finished Samples showing the
work of all piano making machinery^ A factory expert will be present to give
lectures and demonstrations, and answer questions. Interesting, entertaining,
instructive and educational. A visit to this exhibit will make it" impossible for
you to be deceived by a cheap piano.
we will diip you a piano of the price named on approval. If not suited we will
refund the-deposit and pay freight both wayfc' f.
•eneatfonal tried in South Dakota
since pioneer times. Mrs. Kaufmann
is the wife of Moses Kaufmann of
Sioux Falls, a brewer and ohe of the
wealthiest men of the state. She was
accused of causing the death of her
domestic by repeated beatings.
The arrest of Mrs.: Kaufmann and
her first appearance for a hearing at
Sioux Falls caused a wild scene on
the streets near the courtroom. The
carriage bearing the woman and her
husband and attorneys was followed
by hundreds of persons and. threats of
violence leveled at her head. The ex
citement soon spread to Parkston, the
home of the dead girl's parents, and
to other places In that part Of the
state and a popular fund was raised
to prosecute the case.
The trial at which conviction fol
lowed was at Flandreau, in Moody
county, on a change of venue. Qeorge
W. Egan, who had won fame in Iowa
as a criminal lawyer, prosecuted and
Frank Alkens, one of the ablest and
most experienced attorneys in South
Dakota, was the leading counsel for
the defense. The trial ran for weeks
and was full of sensations. The jury
convicted of manslaughter and Mrs.
Kaufmann was senttneed to fifteen
years in the penitentiary. Pending
the application for a new trial she
has been out oh ball. She has at all
times denied the charges.
Used Frank on Private Mall.
Upon a plea of guilty Judge Car
land of the United States court
at Sioux Falls has imposed a
fine of $300 on former United States
Commissioner Anson Wajgar of Dallas,
this state, for using his commissioner's
postal frank on postal cards of a pri
vate nature. Wagar was several days
ago removed from office by Judge Car.
Hm "St«y
you are buying. Put aside all pre
judice. Get down to the Plain
Pacts of range construction and.
then decide if you want a range
made of brittle material—mounted
with stove bolts—plastered with
stove putty, or one with its. seams
Riveted air tight—Permanent.
i?s the Air -tight Construction of the Monarch Malleable
Range that makes it use less fuel than others. It's the saving in
fuel that accounts for the fact that—
A^Monarch Actuaify jMys Mrffiseikin Mon
Woodward & Searlfs
^J^Tatertown, South Dakota
Every piano sent out on* thirty
days free trial. Then-, if satisfiea,
More pianos each week than,' the
average small dealer sells in a year
No shopworn instruments. All
our pianos are fresh from .the fae
Uusical Education!
By buying af tj&fsalS you
may save enough on the pur|
chase price to fairly educate
your children in music.
b«Ud ffev BadMM* A
trlftlwlll a pormf
tomer. ijatis&icticra gv&xnnU
,iha fgUiwiat fntbv Hj»
einUt, 8^^8d««Mn,Zito,|teaitb bU,MUw( SM«UU 1
fcwta lya IftieltM*. JHMn TuUp, hmt VavteaUi..1
Ptila«» Tollp.jOsfclU, VMwb, laitt m4 2M«fc
So ot «oat)aaoa, Kewsfai
H«*ed ...
1013 TO0XBK8 ST.
/,' hv y-
4 -fi
I Writ* ta*day Mention lkl$_ Pstfler I
8END-28 C6IST8
lue*v«rpo»tH*»*4MeUafM4»*ortr« Uii»)naUl« MlUotln)

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