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VOL. 7S NO. 39.
Watertown Man Tells
How it Happened
Many Years Ago.
He is Now a Candidate
for the Office of
City Assessor.
Henry A. Hanten, of the firm of
Hanten Bros., boiler makers and
machinists, who is a candidate for
the office of city assessor at the
coming municipal election was a
caller at the Saturday News office
the other day and in some manner
he and the editor got to talking'
about gray hair.
Mr. Hanten fell into a reminis
cient mood and said, "You will
observe that my hair is pretty
gray. Wei 1,1 am now forty-five
years of age and my hair has been
almost as gray as it is nojw since
I was twenty-two. My hair turned
gray in a single night." "What
was the cause of it?" asked the
Saturday News 'man exhibiting
considerable curiosity.
"I will tell you how it hap
pened," said Mr. Hanten as he re
filled his clay pipe with Adam's
Standard. "As I said before it'was
years ago when I was a young fel
low just married. I was a candi
didate for the postoffice at Kranz
burg and was circulating a petition
among the patrons of the office.
I took a little walk into the
First Floor
Phone Red. 3
Groceries, Dress
Goods, Notions
country looking for signers on my
petition and incidentally took my
old muzzle loading shot gun along
in case I should run onto a fevtr
chickens. I called at Frank Reicln
ling's home southeast of Water
town and found that he was not at
home. His wife said that he had
gone to Castlewood that day and
that she expected him home at any
time. I waited for a short time
and as he did not arrive I proceed
ed on my way to the next farm
house. I had gone but a short dis
tance thru the meadow when I
heard the rumbling of wagon
wheels. Just as I turned to look
to see who it was I noticed that
my pocket was on fire and when the
thot flashed thru my mind that in
that same pocket there was a pound
of powder in an old bottle with a
rag stuck in it for a cork, I yanked
the powder out of my burning
pocket and the bottle was so hot on
the nozzle that I burned my fin
gers. I stood motionless for a few
seconds when the man came run
ning up to me and asked what was
the matter. I was sort of dazed
for a few moments but I soon came
to my senses. Well, I went home
and thot nothing more about the
occurrence until the next morning
when I go out of bed. My wife
exclaimed: "Why, Henry, what
is the matter with your hair—it
has turned gray?" 1 am not
kicking about my hair turning
gray in a single night and have
congratulated myself ever since
that the powder in the bottle did
not explode at that time as I prob
ably would not be a candidate for
city assessor of the city of Water
town at this time. I have heard
of other people's hair turning gray
in a single night but never took
very much stock in the Story until
it actually occurred to me. I must
have been badly frightened.''
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Dies at His Home
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A jtY
tr -v"
Was an Old an&Higlify
Respected Citizen
of Watertown. V/
Hon. John H. Michaels, an old
and highly respected citizen of
Watertown and Codington county
died at his hqme in this city Sat
urday evening after a long illness.:
The cause of his demise is assigned
by the attending physician as a
general breaking down of the sys
tem, heart and kidney troubles be
ing the primary cause of his sick*
John H. Michaels was born on
the 29th day of March 1843, in
Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Germany.
He emigrated from Germany with
his wife in 1866, having been unit
ed in marriage to Miss Lena
Dahl the same year before leaving
his native land. The young couple
settled in Dodgis county, Wiscon
sin, where they resided until the
spring of 1882 when they came to
South Dakota and settled on a
farm about,twelve miles north
of Watertown where they resided
until about eight years ago when
they retired from the, farm and
took up their residence in a pleas
ant home this city
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^4 A
sides his wife, all of whom have
reached their maturiy. They are
H. F. MichaelB of Watertown,
John Michaels 6f German town
township, Rev. Max Michaels of
Henry, Frank Michaels of Water
town and Mrs. H. B. Stien of Rau
ville township.
|At the time of his death he' was
6!? years 11 months and 14 days of
The deceased served as county
commissioner of Codington county
for two terms from his district
with honor. He also served in the
South Dakota legislature for three
terms, in the years 1895, 1897 and
1905. .v,
The funeral: services were held
at the residehel: "Tue»3^|t
o'clock p. m.,
Polziii $ft}ciat-
ing. Prof. Ackermann, an old
friend of the deceased preached a
sermon in English at the German
Lutheran Chttrch and also had
charge of services at the grave. A
large concourse of sorrowing
friends followed the remains to
their last resting place at Mount
Hope cemetery.
It was the writers's good fortune
to have known the deceased long
and well, and we only knew him to
esteem him more highly as the
years passed by. Today we miss
his kindly smile and friendly
greeting we long in vain to hear
the ring if his jovial laughter and
to feel again his genial presence.
He was a devoted husband and
a kind and indulgent father, to his
friends the soul of fellowship.
But the greatest of all he was a
man, and as a man it is that those
who knew him best most love
to contemplate him. He believed
in the fatherhood of God and the
brotherhood of man. He believed
that the man whb scatters flowers
in the pathway of his fellow men,
who lets into the dark places of
life the sunshine of human sympa
thy and human happiness, is fol
lowing in the footsteps of his Mas
ter. His cheerful, helpful life,
his devotion to his wife and family
and kindness to everybody will
long linger as a flagrant memory.
Tho he is gone his record has been
made and will remain with us as
a lasting treasure. His life was
gentle but like the still waters, it
was deep. In his heart of hearts
he carried those he loved, and his
hand was never weary, his step
never failed in caring for and
ministering to those who were in
any way dependent upon him.
His many friends thruout the
state will learn with the deepest
sorrow of his demise. He was not
only well and favorably known.in
every part of Codington county
but all over the state.
L. G. HILL, M. D.
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~WEIH&4 OlfTHE LIVE CXTTT •#?*&«»' fM# *jMMP
JV j£§?
Six Year Old Bessie
Spears is a Picture,
of Jim Cromwell.
Mrs. Spears Claims
the Two Girls are
His Only Heirs.
There was a peculiar contest in
the probate court this week over
the alleged will,of the latejames
Cromwell, who was found dead on
the sidewalk in front of the Amer
ican Express office in this city on
the morning of January 18th this
year, •—v--
Watertown, South Dak*
Apr. 1S08.
James Cromwell this 14th
... 'T','- ,„'" yr,p,» »riiymyg a
It appears that Esther Pierce,
the woman who was employed in
Mr. Cromwell's restaurant and
with whom he lived While in Wa
tertown, produced a will in the
probate court which she alleges
the deceased wrote and signed in
April 1908, at which time he was
very 11 and there was some doubt
regarding his recovery. Mrs.
Pierce was nursing him at that
time and is the onlyjwitness to the
alleged will, gi-* V"
The two wills in question are
said to have been found by Mrs.
Pierce while she was cleaning up
an old coat of the deceased some
weeks after his death. Vu
me jii this si
mali is entitlei
is Waiting on
iss Tjbla wo
to it. my life
The will is w^gned and
abruptly ,,f-.
$&""V4$T 'WW^Ii
The second ^will is more com
plete and {8 wfollowfi- 'f.
Anr 1908 Vf '1-
Watertown South Dak a,. ?•{,
'4 'lameaCrorawell this 'lJfth V"
if day of Apr makie Eliw Oaigle ,,
myonley Hifeir to my estate also ''i
policy^-Dr. Harrington js
me. 1 have no pP
.people This woman will
know and act as she sees fit. -wi
The will of
Jaiiies Cromwell.
to Eliza Dafgie.
It appears that Esther Pierce a
Eliza Daigle are one and the
Mrs. Spears appears cfn the 8C6n^
with two little girls,aged six and
four respectively, who she claima
are the illegitimate children of the
deceased and are entitled to the
benefits of the estate pf the lattt
James Cromwell,
Mrs. Spears claims that about
seven yearB ago James Cromwell
resided at Ramona, a small town
near Madison, this state, and tihat
Mf. Cromwell and har husband
were engaged in the restaurant ana
barber business that Cromwell
roomed'at their home and that
was during his residence in thai
tim6 that she became the iaothet
of the two little girls and that.
James Cromwell le the father^ of
them both. The older of the chll
dern is the perfect picture of th^
deceased, having auburn curly haiik
and the same expression of-^acef^
No person who «ever'knew Jftmes
Cromwell would have the slightest^
doubjt but he was either the father^
or uncle of, the child. The yoonger
little' girl beare no resemblance
to Mr. Cromwell or to its mother
A.Sherin is the attorney for Mrsi!
Speara and the little girls and
Walter Shurtleff is the attorney for
Mfs. Pierce.
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SB. "I
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