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Happenings of a Week Through
out the State.,
Residents of Miller Lucky in Re
cent Lottery.
Miller's wonderful luck In drawing
four good numbers In the recent Idaho
and Washington land lotteries will
make at least one ot the fortunate
ones rich. Fay Snoddy, a young
schoolteacher, drew No. 2 In the Spo
kane drawing, estimated to be worth
$25,000 to $50,000. The .young man is
a hustler and is looking for a school
to earn money with which to file on
the land next spring. He is now work
ing on an ice wagon at Miller and his
good fortune has not turned his head.
Another winner is Frank Myers, an
old veteran, who fought Indians in
that region in the early sixties. Dr.
Wallis, who drew a prize, is well
known as a physician.
Walter Cooke, who drew 168, has a
filing valued at $10,000. He is a young
man Just married and It will give him
good start.
There yere only ten applications
from Miller.and four of them win.
Discharge Into Sioux River Enable*
Steamboats to Cross Fences.
For the first time since the settle
ment of this state every lake along
the highlands between Watertown and
Arlington is overflowing.
The string of seven lakes, com
mencing with Lake Marsh and ending
with Lake Poinsett, is discharging a
heavy stream of water Into the Sioux
river and thousands of acres of mean
dered lands that have hitherto raised
crops are now under water.
Steamboats are now being run
ture lanal 67 6&rctaf while trees
of large growth &re standing in places
In deep Wfel&fa number of rods from
a»«iilSFe line.
•landing Rock and Cheyenne Reserves
to So Opened.
James W. Witten, superintendent In
•barge of the opening ot Indian
lands, announces the opening of th$
Cheyenne River and Standing
Indian lands in North and South Da
kota In October. Ths tract, ninety
miles long,. Includes 2,019,640, aorsa to.
Booth Dakota and 217,360 aoreB In
North Dakota. The lands principally
are agricultural, timber and mineral.
Registration dates are Oct 4 to Oct.
St. Registration points are Aberdeen,
Pterre, Lemmon and Mobrldge, in
South Dakota, and Blsmarok, In North
•outh Dakctan Proposes to Revolu
tionise Traffic.
8. M. Howard of Gettysburg bas
tpillt a boat with paddle wheels all
along the keel, which, he says, will
keep It "climbing the water" and al
low It to run in a very shallow chan
nel. He says he will pat Missouri
river boating
the tut freight class
with a line of boats which lie Intends
to build soon. He bellevw It will rev
olutionize traffic on all Western rivers.
Hotels at Aberdeen Cannot House All
the Strangers.
Thousands of people are arriving In
Aberdeen erery week In search of
Soath Dakota lands. One night re
cently one hotel turned away over 100
applicants for rooms and the other
luMtelriea were similarly crowded.
While farm lands which sold for $t0
an acre ten years ago are now being
tog $46 and $50 there has boon no
cessation is. the demand for them.
^Profit for State Expected In 8eeond
Y«ar*a Operations.
The twine plant at the penitentiary
tallied Into the state treasury $lfl,233
In July. While it is not likely tbe re
ceipts for this, the first year's opera
tion, will show any profit the product
is making good and before another
year bas closed It Is probable that the
plant will not only pay all expenses'
Of operation but return a profit to the
state beside.
Prize Yield of Oatfc.
Hi J. Lockington reports the heav
lest yield of Vain in Brown county.
On fourteen acres he threshed 1,498
bushels of oats, or 107 bushels to the
acre. The big yield is partially due
,'to tbe fast that It adjoins Mr. Lock
^$*tagton'a packing house and that an
trr Abundance of fertiliser was used.
Northwestern Plans extension.
Tbe Belle Fourctie Valley Railway
oampany, a branch of the Northwest
ern, has filed absolution ot a ten
mile extension, tbe proposed line tak
'%U tag "the troad east near Stoneville and.
Mo tbe White Owl country, tbe tei
vlnus 'being about six m^M.ntttll of
White-Owl postofllce., mmM
Milwaukee RqaS Improvements at
Aberdeen Near Completion.
Beginning Monday the Milwaukee
road commenced the use of eight new
sidetracks, just built west of Aber
deen. The eight tracks comprise less
than half of the new'trackage being
put in. They are all more than a mile
long and when completed will prevent
the congestion of freight which has
occurred at times In the past
A large feeding yard, calculated to
hold thlrt7-flve carloads of cattle, is
being built. Over 1,000 men are work
ing on the James River division of
the road ballasting the track and get
ting it in shape for transcontinental
traffic and Superintendent Gilllck Is
anxious to secure additional men.
Young Man Held for Death of An
other In. Quarrel.
John Weber, a young man whose
home is near Herreid, has been bound
over to await the action of the circuit
court at Mound City on a manslaugh
ter charge.
Weber was arrested on the charge
of having murdered Kar Bollinger, Jr.,
of Artas. At his preliminary exam
ination the state changed the charge
from murder to manslaughter and the
accused was held for the lesser crime.
Weber and Bollinger became in
volved in a quarrel and Weber Is al
leged to have beaten Bollinger merci
lessly. The latter lingered three weeks
and died.
Redskin Actors Organize a Theatrical
About seventy-five of the Sioux war
riors on the Pine Ridge reservation
have organized a theatrical troupe and
will give their- initial performance
during the fall fair at Kadoka. This
tC first troupe of Sioux Indian ac
tors in this"state. T^T-T!
The originator of the project was
William Highghield, an Indian aotor.
The play Is said to be a claver^Se.
Owing to the novelty one-half of the
8,000 Sioux Indians on the Fine Ridge
reservation whl go to Kadoka to wit
ness tha,®-p6n!ng performance.
Setting Hen Oalmly Hatching Brood
In Ruins of Coop.
Intent upon the business for which
she was created a setting hen was
found on her nest amid the debrla of
a henhouse at Craven, where a tor
nado did much damage to small build
ings. i"*"'*"*
Twq elevator buildings wen slight
lj/ damaged, sever&l buildings on the
Clark farm were unroofed and
wrecked, C. P. Blunt's big barn vii
completely demolished and the chim
ney of A. H. Miller's house was torn
Telegraph Company Preparing to En
ter Blaek Hills.
If the necessary arrangements can
hf made the Postal Telegraph oom
pany will enter the Blaok Hills and
have Its terminus at Deadwood. The
company has a representative looking
Into conditions and be will make a
favorable report to headquarters. Hie
Postal company Is at present few
miles east of Aberdeen and will there
fore have to string wires across half
the state to rea»h the
Woman Awaiting Operation Urn
Drsee Binding to file.
Mrs. Henry Knisma of liana, this
state, about thirty-five pears old, oom
mitted sutoide at tbe baaplt&l at Mad
ison, where she had bees a patient
for sevwal days awaiting a surgical
She, had torn out the binding Of her
skirt and made a rope with which ate
bung herself to the roof of tbe trout
Bees invade Fartntawee.
A groat sworn of bees practically
bare captured the fine farm residence
ef Mr. aod Mrs. Chris MoOMon, living
qpar Deris. There are said to be mil
lions of bees IA tbe swam. They have
taken possession of a" large spam un
der tbe roof of a veranda and In order
to remove them it win be necessary
to remove tbe entire veranda and a
portion of the house, It 1b estimated
that they have several hundred
pounds of honey stored In their con
fiscated home and it is thought this
will pay for tbe expense of tearing
down the. veranda and, a Bart ft the
bouse, iT# 'tvj1
Joke Cost Him Hie Life.
A drink taken in a frolic at Dead
wood proved fatal to Frank Kennedy,
a young workman from Nahant Ken
nedy sought to play a trick on a friend
by drinking a bottle of liquor he found
la the man's clotbee, but in tbe dark
bo swallowed corrosive sublimate In
stead and lingered forty-eight boors
in agony'. »". 1
Talks to De«dwoodilfci.
Grand Exalted Ruler J. TT. Sammis
addressed more than 1,000 iQks and
others -at- Deadwood. The mooting
was preceded by an Salts' parade,
which was. one of the most gorgeous
spectacles ever witnessed there.
Explosion ratal .tf One?,|
By the explosion of a threshing en
gine near Aberdeen Roy Laag of Ver
atnilon was killed," William Wackerow
probably fatally hurt aad three cther
peroons Mrfonsly injured.
Misses Stella and Alma Thomp
son of Bryant are camping at the
Point the guests of Miss Nellie
Rev. Work and son Lloyd of Chi
cago were out taking a bath Mon
E.St. Clair Snyder spent a pleas
ant day here with his wife Friday,
fie left Saturday for a trip to N.D.
Mrs. S. H. Ohtnss and Mrs. M.
Westfall spent Monday at the
Brickell cottage.
The young people of the Phi la
the a clws of he M. Sunday
school ipent a plesaa'nt dayFert the
latter part of the week. They
were entertained at the Brickell
August 24
I. Sternberg and family are
spending several weeks at the lake.
Miss Sayde Sternberg is a guest.
Camilla Bennett arrived home
Saturday and was at the lake short
ly after reaching town.
Mrs. Kinsey is visiting at the
Fowler cottage.
Mr. Odell of Ocean Park, Cal.,
spent several days here last wi ek.
D. O. Jones of Wild Rose, Wis.,
has been visiting at C. M. Will
iams for a few days. He is a
cousin of Mrs. Charley.
IReiQbborboofct, "flews
(Too late for last week
Mrs. E. St. Clair Snyder and
nephew of Kearney, Neb., are
spending a couple of weeks here.
Rev. and Mrs.A. C. Shepherd of
Sioux Falls are camping in the
Schoolcraft cottage for a fort
night. Mr. Shepherd is superin
tendent of the Sioux FallB M. E.
district and a brother of Rev. W.
S. Shepherd pastor of the M. E.
church of Vermillion but formerly
of this ciiy.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Holden of
White are spending the week .at
the Point with Mr. Holden's par
Mrs. S. H. West and Miss Angie
Hern of St. Paul spent a pleasant
day here Saturday with C. Kreger
and family.
«H. S. Rowe and family of the
live city are rusticating at the lake
for a fortnight. Dr. Larson and
family of Bi'yant are their guests.
Several members of the A. S.
Lewis Show troupe spent Sunday
here. Some of their dogs were
given a bath which they seemed to
The Shepherds are back after
having been in town oyer Sunday.
Rev. A.B. Keeler of the Congre
gational church is spending his
vacation here with his family.
L. Gilbert and wife of Sioux
Falls are spending six weeks at the
Babcock cottage. Mr. Gilbert is
kept pretty busy running the auto
and the "Olive."
The Snells are spending two
weeks here. Mrs. Stewart -and
Rhoda Fahnestock are guests.
Miss Gladys Williams of Yanlcton
has been visiting Mr. and Mrs.
Mrs. D. L. Colburn and Miss
Claribel are .spending a few days
with Mrs. L. E. Brickhell. Mrs.
Brickell lost an eight pound pick
erel while fishing on the pier.
She had ft in a wooden pail *nd it
flopped out and into he lake.
There will be ball game here
Sunday next between the Henry
boys and Watertown kids. Every
one come and holler for your
A large number of pike have
been caught lately weighing from
seven to nine poands.
Miss Harriet Lorimer is the
guest of MiBB Grace McBsth this
S. H. Ohtnese and family have
moved out to spend the rest of the
summer here.
Ed Lamm has purchased the
Hans Johnson cottage.
Mn and Mrs. Ward Williams
leave this week for Minn^polis
where they expect to make their
future home.
The section crew were down to
South Shore one day last week
after their pay cheeks.
Tlje Bulgarians which were work'
ing on the section out here left
for Madison, 111, where they will
make their home.
W. H. Stokes of the live city
was seen in town Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Anderson
and Mr. and Mrs. David Burt all
from South Shore visited with Mr.
anf:Mra. Peter Bogh last Sunday.
Mclntyre Ferrich Elev. Co.
which was cloiBed thru the summer
is now open igian. J.W. Shinnick
is the agent.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Houkland of
South Shore accompanied by their
niece visited with H.S. Schultz last
Sunday. S?
Peter Bogli was down to the live
city last Friday on business.
A. J. Han ten was down to For
restville Thursday.
J- Mujrray was down to South
Shore last Thursday on business
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hnnapn
visitfed withMr. McKay's Sunday.
Mr. Tenholm has been painting
the barn at Ernest Schoonover's.
Mrs. Albert Henry was a Grace
land visitor a few days last week.
Mr. Bell sold his farm to Hay
ward and Gibson of Garden City
and received about $50 per acre for
it. He will have an auction about
the 15th of September.
Alta White spent a few days as
the guest of Miss Edna Hoffman at
Garden City.
Lell Hall, Ella White and Carl
Scott spent Sunday with S. R.
Alta Duryeeis enjoying a week's
visit with her brother Andrew and
We are Very sorry to hear that
Miss Ebba Enevoldsen has had a
bad attack of appendicitis.
The grain that has been threshed
so far in Graelacnd has turned out
pretty well.
Mr.Swanson had macaroni wheat
that weiit 28 bu. to the acre.
Ernest Shooncover got 82 bu. of
oats from two small rackloads of
bundles. The barley Beems to be
rotted and is'not turning out very
Jessie White and Anton Scott
were callers at the Nelson home
Sunday afternoon.
Lawrence Cafferty is. assisting
Ernest Schoonover thru threshing.
The hum of the threshing ma
chine was heard last week in this
Mrs. Lois Christian is on the sick
list this week.
MiBs Nellie Phipps is visiting at
her sister's Mrs. Cleora Bodtker.
Mrs. Nate Groves' father Will
iam Wood is rather poorly this
Miss Nellie Fisher is spending
these days with her sister Mrs
Fred Phillips.
Geo. Moody was a caller «t Phil
lips' Monday last.
Mrs. Geo. Dowling and Mrs.
Bert King were at the live city
between trains Saturday.
Threshing machines are hum
ming in this vicinity.
Mrs. Austen accompanied by her
mother left on Saturday for a visit
toHecla, S. D.
Lou Kent autoed to the live city!
Saturday afternoon,
The Dowling family spent Sunday
at. Warner's lake.
Mr. Keyes autoed to the live city
Miss Beulah Brando spent a few
days last week visiting with Miss'
Loa Dowling.
Mrs. W. B.Aldous went to Het
land Thursday morning ior a few
weeks vist witfc her aunt, -f
The C. E. social given Friday
night proved .a great sucoess.
L. G. McDemott is moving into
his new house.
When the Stomach, fieart or.
Kidney nerves set weak,then these,
organs always fail. Don't drug
the Stomach—nor stimulate the
Heart or Kidneys. That is simply
a make-shift. Get a prescription
known to Druggists everywhere as
Dr. Shoop's Restorative. The
Restorative is prepared expressly
for these weak. inside nerves.
Strengthen these nerves, build
them tip with Dr. Shoop's Restor
ative—tablets or liquid—and see
how quickly help will come. Sold
by Ai Duffner. .i 7-11
Pisrey 8sll* Miamaiiip
One More Wee
lor OuivSpecials
Remember we have on hartd 50 sacks of
lated Sugar to be disposed of before Heptembe?. Xflrf
at this low price^Per hundred pound saok
iTow is the time to lay in a supply of sugar aT you
will have to pay more.
1000 pounds of nice Picnic Ham, reg.'lSc.S^ I2%c
J. A. Crawford left on a busi
ness trip to Minneapolis Wednes
day night. He expects to return
The Epworth League gave an
inforpial reception in the parlors
of the M. E. church Wednesday
C. W. Stutenroth is erecting a
handsome porch on the east side
of his home. When completed it
will be a handsome adcition to the
Miss Maud Robinson left for her
home' at Omah, Neb., after a
months pleasant visit at the home
ot Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Mather in
this city.
Mrs. Harvey Levoy and daugh
ters of Montevideo, Minn, and
sister Miss Alva Thome of Minnea
polis are visiting at tbe home of
Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Kirlin.
"We have it on good authority
from an rfficial of Dhe St. LouiB
that there-were over 1100 excursion
tickets issued to Yahota last Sun
4ay. Thafs going a Jew.
Selmser and MdBath are con
structing 80,000 bushel elevator
at Adelaide, one of the new towns
on the St. Louis. Velham Bros.
«re also feui Iding lember yards at
that point.
Fred's. Smith has resigned his
position as secretary of the Dakota
Mutual. F. L. Bramble who for
so me tine past has %een treasurer
of the company will be' the new
secretary. He wHl act as both
eecrrtarjr and tteasnrer until a new
treasurer is found.
ft will lie well for every resident
to remen&er that -they must take
out a hunting license before they
will be permitted to hunt ducks or
geese this fall. The license costs
and can be -secured at the
county treasurer's office. If you
are caught without peur license by
the county game warden it wil cost
you $10 and costs. No anonkey work
about it—tit is the state law and
you cannot afford to buck it be
cause you will get the worst of it
in the long run. Better have your
(license in yoor poeket and be safe.
Dr.Bell's Anti-Pain cures colic,
flux, dirrahoea, cramps and all
boite! complaints.
Externally—Cures sore breasts,
corns, bunions, toothache* neural*
gia, and all. pains. Sold every
where. It is antiseptic. At Bent
SOB'S Drug Store.
No hams cut ,f
White wine vinegar, per gallon .25c
^ider Vinegar, reg. 40c, per gallon .35c
Jars, pints, reg. 60c, per dozen...
Fruit Jars, quarts, reg. 75c, per dozen
Fruit Jars, naif gallons, reg. 90c, per dozen ...76c
Ohio Potatoes, per bushel 05c
White Plate, 100 bars
Fresh Apples, per peck 35c
Fresh Apples, per bushel^ .v,*::,
Ripe Tomatoes, reg. $1.75, per bushel
Green Tomatoes, reg. $1.25, per bushel?,^ '.,. .90c
Fme CabbBge, per head 5c
Fresh Corn, per dozen Vih. 6c
Fine Onions, reg. $1.50, per bushel $1.00
With every sack of best grade Flout we will give
away one can of Calumet Baking Powder absolutely
Free. This offer is good for two more weeks.
Get busy and lay in your supplies while priced--are
•low. "3 -s
Highest price paid for eggs and butter, .ja
Store opens early and closes late at nignt. 'Two
delivery wagons §very day, ,.so, you wiS get your
order on time.
Rev. and Mrs. J. P. Jenkins
returned last Friday from their
summer vacation, having^ spent a
most enjoyable time."'
6 0
?"•... f.f.l.{
'!"v. &V8&-*'-
pMpte who live in glass houses should
puffuown'thi blinds, but a-soMlte door
wiU do as well, Speaking of "blinds," a
lot of people who are running them ex
pect you to be blind, but there's no law
to compel you to go against another
man's game—you can play one side of
tbe street and tell him to work the
other. My boss has a strange theory—
that honesty is the best policy busi
ness. He says that business
&onesty is
at a premium. I asked him how we
were going to get the discount, if the
stuff was at a premium, but he came
right back and said, "Youdon't sell you
hang on to your honesty and your goods
will- sell themselves." Gee, thaty fierce
isn't it? Goods sell themselves! I
guess not. The only thing that I know
of that almost walks up and takes the
money this month is our good picnic
stuff. Most every one in town is start
ingoa a picnic somewhere and they
ua&umllv come to us for their picnic
grub. That is honest enough ana you
don't have to pay a premium te get it.
Say, ain't I the sassy thing? But you
knew I can deliver your order without
faRiag asleep at the Jane. What about.
afl«aen or two self-sealing fruit jars?.
•ft# v1 •.. WILLIE, with,
ierhard Bros. Grocery
MittJaKidney and Bladder Pills
ww ior we ircat«*
?r®llotrtl«iti»ly»atUfi.dL It
R.W.Kreiser The Rexall Store,
Dr. Harry I. Bartron
Physician and Surgeon
Office Hours: 8 to 1? a. m., 1 to 3p.
and 7 to 9 p. m.
Office and Residence over Postofflice.
Suite 21
Telephone Mftin 144
Dr. Bell's Anti8eptfe«^ve^
Good for all Skin Ditessss*

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