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fVOL. 8^ iNO. 29.
ss Ethel Tracy, Daughter *of
Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Tracy, Be
Comes Wifeliof William Toms,
Thursday evening, Dec.23, 1909
Jat the home of the bride's parents
Ethel M. Tracy was united in mar
*iage to William W.Toms by Rev?
fiA.B. Keeler of the Congregational
The house waB beautifully decor
with holly, smilax and car
fnations and at 8 O'clock was filled
with guests. The bride and groom
Wltook their places iinder a large
bell and as -they stood in a bower
.of green and white, gave the sol*
|emn vow® after which they re-
Iceived the- congratulations land
igood wishes of their many friends.
A two course luncheon Was
served in the dining room by Mis
ses Myrta and Amy Bice, Miss
-Frunk and Miss IJailey.
The bride was dressed in white
-and carried" a bouquet of white
proses. The groom wore the con
,\4 ventional black.
I- The wedding gifts were numer
ous, among them being two check%
of fifty dollars: .each from the
bride's father, G. A. Tracy, and
the bride's brother, Leon Tracy,
also silver, sets china, clock, etc.
The out of town guests were
Dr. and Mrs. Frink and daughter,
Mr. and Mrs. h. J. Colfax, all
-couisns of the bride from South
Shore, Miss Myrta Rice of Min
•neapolis and Miss Bernice E. Bail
ey of Sioux Falls.
The bride has always made Wg
ertown and vicinity her home
ad the groom holds a position
the Park & Grant wholesale
to Go
/-jDemented Man Wanted
SheiSfSi Wiers^^lSI,.
to Grover last Friday to take
charge of Theodore Bueltel who
is thot to be insane. The unfor
tunate man had been acting
strangely for a couple of weeks
tand last Friday developed violent
-symptoms of insanity. He imag
ined that clothing was an unnec
essary luxury in this country and
^resisted in going about without
any clothes. The'sheriff took him
to Watertown and placed him in
the padded cell and at "last reports
he was recovering and will prob
{ably be able to return home in a
!A*ihort time. The excessive use of
'^strong drink is said to be the main
_**ause of his mental derangement.
Good Reports.
Judging from all reports "The
fGirl That's All The Candy," will
ibe one of the best musical shows
that has ever been seen in our city,
i. *«vjt is a new show with new. ideas
•M|different from anything seen be
r'^'fore. It is doing a big business
:-/^everywhere and giving the best of
satisfaction according to Press Re
ports. It is a big company. 80
"^people in all and a carload of spe
cial scenery. A musical drama
with a good comedy plot, 18 pretty
musical numbers using 14 chorus
girls and beautiful costumes. They
L|$jwill be seen here next Wednesday
P®%t the Grand.
Joint Installation.
A joint installation *of officers
-of the A. 0. U. W. and Degree of
Honor will be held on Monday
might January 10th, 1910. A11
Workmen, Degree of Honor mem
bers and their families are re
quested to be present. Refresh
ments will be served.
the Municipal Court Makes a
^(Glerk: Wm. Scho nberger has
•submitted the following interest
'ing' figures snowing, the financial
progress of the municipal court:
Since the first of April 1909 the
.court has taken in $3,833.55 of
which $486 "went to the county,
leaving a balance of $3,348.55'to
f^the «ity. The extra expense- of
maintaining the court has been
about $1,000, thus leaving, the
•city neat profit of $2,$48.55. Jo •-i
,, I I
Tt$t ym are having trouble with
ut eyep sefe Dr. Gochran., 0fipe"
er Quality Catfe/i 29tf
A New Manager For the Grand
Opera House.
George Dumond, the genial cir
culation manager for the Daily
Public Opinion has been appointed
resident manager of the firgnd
opera house of this city to succeed
Will Culver^ Mr# Dumond Has
had considerable experience imthe
management, of opera houses and
will no doubt make a spccesBof
thef play bouse in Watertown. The
Grand has many high grade at
tractions booked for this season
and Watertown theatre goers will
no_ doybthaye an opportunity to
we-something good.1
The Buck Case Gomes Up Again.
Like Banquo's ghost, the Buck
case will not down. Circuit court
which was adjourned Nov-22. re
opened Tuesday at 9 o'clock. The
case of GharlesScfiull, administra
tor vs John Giese et al« which re
mained unfinished from", the pre
ceding term, was the first taken
The result of the case hinges on
the legality of a deed given by
Mrs. Buck to her stepson Fred
Buck. When the deed was drawn
up both Mrs. Buck and her stepson
were: alive, and the deed was to
oe held in trust by a third party
until the death of Mrs. Buck and
then given to the stepson.
In the meantime Fred Buck died
before the stepmother and at her
death she left no heirs at all and
the estate reverted to the state.
Two nephews of Fred Buck are
now suing for possession of the
estate on the strength of the old
deed. The-case is'being very care
fully fought by both sides, Ches.
Schull appearing for the plaintiffs,
and Loucks & Mather and Mark
W. Sheafe,. Jr., for the defendant.
Look Out Girls.*
A Silver Wedding.
New Year's Day being the 25th
anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob
Zerfas' marriage, they invited
their friends and neighbors to help
them celebrate the occasion.
Altho the day was cold and
stormy about fifty people were
present and a most bounteous din
ner was served to which all did
ample justice.
The afternoon was spent in mu
sic, singing and card playing.
After supper both young and old
tripped to the light fantastic and
other pastimes suitable to the oc
casion were enjoyed.
When Mr. and Mrs. Zerfas de
parted from' Illinois for South Da
kota one year: ago, they were given
a set of silverware by their friends
to use at their silver wedding.
But to their surprise the received
many more beautiful pieces of sil
ver. from their new friends in
South Dakota.
After midnight the storm having
ceased and all having enjoyed
themselves to their hearts'content,
the guests left their hospitable
host and hostess to return to their
respective homes, wishing Mr and
Mrs. Zerfas many more years of
wedded life and happiness.
"60 Laughs a
4&>The Girl That's All itTe (Jan
dy*-' which comes to the Orand
next Wednesday :is a scream from
start to finish A.most funny mix
up starts at tile rise of the curtain
and the entanglement gradually
grows worse tftitil It^peems next
to impossible to ever jtipravel it.
It, presents comedy of^verv der
agriptjMi^Dutc^, ^rish, Bjackface,
Tramp, Old ttiSH}/etc. and the
mixup is the funniest ever seen.
You^are bound.to laugh,
sK- -'t^..-
Watertown Where She Formerly
Resided. Leaves Baby One
Died at her home at Florence'
on Friday, Dec* 24th, 1909, JMLrs.,
Ada Bodtker Coffey.
Many of Mrs.Coffey's friends in
this city remember her well aB the
daughter of Mr. and Mre. Emil
Bo-itker, pioneer residents of this
county, Fuller township, who died
some $ears ago. She lived for
some time in 'the family of Rev
A.C. Barron, former paBtor of
the Scandinavian Lutheran church
of this place, from which home she.
attended the public schools here
and was confirmed into the Luther
an church.
Rev. and Mrs. Barron totiV al
most a parental interest in Ada
and it is partially' due to their
determined and untiring labors in
her behalf that the deceased be
came a young lady of strong Chris
tian character. She died in the
love andhighest esteem of all who
knew her. &
A little less than-a year ago she
was" married to Fred R. Coffey,
agrain buyer of Florence, who has
proven himself to be a young man
of good character and fine execu
tive ability. Mr. and Mrs". Coffey
had recently completed a fine
home like cottage in Florence and
are occupying the same aB their
home at the time of her death.
This home about a month ago wasi
blessed with a bright new taby,
that is
"ML warning to the Watertown
girls. Keep your eyes on your
The Candy" is in thfe town. She
has 16 pretty chorus girls with
her and they are said to be heart
breakers. Don't let. him go to
the show alone. Make him take
you along next Wednesday at the
Grand and See a nice refined mu
sical drama with lots, of comedy
and 18 big muscial hits. A show
unlike any other on the road. Sat
isfaction guaranteed or your mon
ey refunded. Don't forget the
soon left motherless.
Mrs. Coffey died of ulcer of the
stomach. Her remains were in
tsrred in. Mount Hope cemetery
where he* father and mother are
The Court Grants Two Divorces
After Hearing the Evidence
in the Buck Casei "g
The evidence in the'Buck case
was all put in Tuesday. The at
torney for the plaintiff, asked
that oral arguments be submitted
and the attorneys for the defense
asked that the case be briefed.
The court ruled with the attorneys
for the defense and ordered that
briefs be submitt^.\.v^ 33S«|-
The case of Arthur Basse vs The
Blue Bell Medicine company was
next taken, up, Mark Sheafe, Jr.,
appearing for the plaintiff and
Loucks & Mather for the defend
ant. The attorneys for the defense
demurred to the complaint and
the court sustained the objection
and gave the plaintiff thirty days
in which to amend the complaint.
Two divorce cases were tried
and in each instance the complain
ing witness was successful. Hat
tie Basford asked the court to free
her from her husband, William,
and after listening to the evidence
the court grant-d the decree. Wm.
Schulze was also granted a decree
from his wife. She made no ap-
The basket ball srame in thecity
hall last Thursday night between
Clark and Watertown resulted in
a score of 54 to 26 in favor of the
local team. The game was too
one-sided to be exciting altho the
local team showed excellent'team
For Rent-^A^thbrot^ mlc^rn
house, one block fronr postoffice
Inquire of- S.
help iti A &ood diow for.fat peo
ple—yau will laugh 10'lbs off ydni*
Ohtnes^ 29-31
On January 5th little Miss Em'
ma Rowe celebrated her fifth
birthday at the home of her
grandparents," Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Synder. Mr. Snyder assisted in
gathering the little tots to his
hfme, where tKe children had a
•happy time regardless of the
Regular oT 'Vesta
Chapter O.- E. S. Tuesday even
ing. Dec. lltb, 1910.,, A full at
tendance is. request''
meita ^win be «er
Basinets Buildings are De­
stroyed by Fire at Castlewocd
A a
Starts in a Hardware Store and
ticks Up Sooth Half of Town*
.|One pt the moBt damaging fires
j^he state for the past year oc
|irred at our neighboring town of
tlewood last Tuesday afternoon
it was Only the heroic work of
Its citizens that saved the entire
fcfiness portico of the town from
King up in smoke.
Aided by a stiff high wind just
tithe climax of Tuesday's Btorm,
|t 5:K) o'clock, p. m., fire origi
nating in the hardware store l)e
onging to H. C. Miller at Castle-!
pood* swept down the south side
the main street of that town
knd despite the most heroic efforts
of the citizens, aided by about
ithirty five fighters from this city,
.hatff of. the business district was
heap of smouldering ruins.
[Sell fifteen buildings were con
med with a
estimated at ap­
proximately $100,000. The insur
ance will be about half that
The origin of -the fire is un
Ikhown. It iB supposed that in
Some manner a quantity of wood
alcohol in the hardware store be
came ignited. The flames from
|hia spread very rapidly and it
Was soon apparehlr'that the entire
b|pck of business places would
unless almost a miracle should
intervene.' With irresistiWe fury
'the fire swept all before it, and
four hours after it broke out it
feonsumed the last building
.j^as nothing, left ex
The buildings destroyed are as
Miller's hardware and furniture
Ross' pool hall and bdwling-al
Dr. Crawford's office.
Newton's clothing store.
Shanks' jewelry store,with real
estate office.
Holley's general store with
dentists' office upstairs.
Madden's land office.
Heilholz & Throm's meat mar
Getty's barber shop.
John Bennett's harness shop.
Bennett's implement sheds and
Dr. Crawford's residence was
in the march of the element, and
this, too was
But a few minutes after the fire
was discovered the hardware store
was a mass of flame and it was
apparent that nothing could be
done to save either building or
contents The furniture store ad
joining caught in a very short
time. The wind was from the
east southeast, and the lines of
buildings extending for the entire
block were in the direct path of
the blaze. Every man in the city
turned out at the first alarm, but
their united efforts could do noth
ing, and it was decided to ask Wa
tertown for aid.
Shortly before 6 o'clock the
Alarm Bounded here, and the call
for volunteers spread quickly,
the meantime the Northwestern
mftde up a special train consisting
of an engine and a coach and with
in ten minutes it was ready for the
Rtart. Thirty men headed by Fire
Chief Will McLaughlin.were ready
and' the train with a shrill whistle
pushed into the snow storm like
greased lightning.
In order to save crthtfr buildings
from the firey fiend the Watertown
Fire Department blew up two
Many Stocks of merchandise
gopds were saved by the citizens
of Castlewood while the fire fight
ers were buBy trying to extinguish
The, citizens of Castlewood will
have %e' sympathy of Jtf^entire
iBt. fatoj, Ji
•Jbte tor the
tested on the
ill6g&lly are 'lulfeaHe
interstate, conUn^ew-
Chief clerks & superintendents', of
fices at some of the big terminals ar
rived in St.Taul. They came o^ ttaefti
own initiative/It .is said, to explain to
the officials whafthey knbw about t^
fraud. These clerks issued compara
tively few trip passes, but they £ave
been imposed on. 'and the illegal is
suance of free transportation through
them amounted to considerable in the
The explanation 'givesi by the
clerks seems to have been satisfactory,
to. the officials here tor their stay was
brief, and they returned -to' their, re
spective headquarters. v..
Death Wle Flfflpj
Flames in MIMetP
HUwimkeei Jan. tgHPI
plant of
caused the death" of l^nir firemen, who
were burled under a falling wall, and
a financial loss of about $260,000. The
firemen who were killed were:
John J. Hennessey, captain engine)
company No. 4 skull crushed.
Dominic O'Connell, lieutenant truck:
No. 4 skull fractured.
-William Foley, truckman, engine No.
skull fractured.
Joseph Sullivan, truckman."
It was at first thought that the en
tire engine company No. 4 had per
ished, and not until all of the debris
had been removed was it determined,'
that there were no other bodies in the
ruins. Several firemen were injured
and several suffered frostbitten uoses
and ears while fighting the flames.
The engine company which suffered
all the casualties was first to arrive
and took its station tinder the main'
wail of. the factory, a "long two-story
brick structure. Without warning, the.
wall tottered and fell upon the men,
and it was thought by the spectators
that all of the', members of the com
pany met death.
Two bodies of injured men were
soon recovered, Foley and Sullivan,
and then came Captain Hennessey and
Lieutenant O'Donnell. Hennessey and
O'Donnell were dead when found, but
Foley and Sullivan. lived for nearly
tyro hours. y~»-s
The fire was soon under control, for
the structure was nearly solid brick
and the fiaraes swept through rapidly,
destroying the trusawork, which knit
the walls and roof together. The fire
was under control in an hour after the
first alarm.
Fails, 4nd Explodes Stick of Dynamite
|gLy||g^ /.In His Pocket, jj^f 'jfe®
Aurora, 111., Jan. 4.—Otto Stali, a
wealthy farmer residing near Big
Rock', slipped and fell on a big- rock
In in his yard, exploding a stick of dyna
mite which he carried in: his pocket.
A big hole was torn in his side, one
hand was blown off anl his head wjM
badly cut and .. lacerated. Attending
physicians say that he will die.
Stall had oeen blowing up stumps
and was returning home when the
accident occurred.-
vy.alah Not a Pauper/ .jji
icago, Jan. 4.—John R. Walsh
will be wori4 between $600,000 and
$750,000 after the settlement of. his
frajne buildinge with dynamite and-$7,121,000 note to the Chicago clear
saved the fire from spreading any tag house banks: This was revealed
fur&ie? following, a long-conference between
'Walsh's attorneys and represent*
k„ «,««« t»ves Of the guarantors Of his not^ifc
Ifefcire' "he ^as prosecuted WaKh^S
pass fraud j»erp«-
Northern are
arfling to the
tad, should
the federal commission «ee fit tq tkke
np- the fraud and
fUe necesaarr
•rldonce. It undoubtedly will go hard
yith tKe guilty ones.
The Great NortheWi ts «tlU ois the
trail ot those who committed tha,
fraud, and it Is expected that more ae£
rests will be made in a'tew*dayfl,tae
attention ot^the Ramsey county grand
jttry will be called to the operation ot
the swindle In St, Paul, it is reported,
and it ia likely that similar action wtil.
be taken in counties of other states.
Whether the company will take th^
matter up with the' interstate com
merce cominisalon is- yet to develop.
In the opinion of some railroad men'
that is the most seriouB phase of the?
whole situation-.,-
'pleiNQiD 'Wm.e tracts®
1.—I can give an exMlient deal
^n acre tracts"J^r.,land in the city
limits. I have »j| the way
from 6 to 40 aoni|l Every one of
"there traota Is bopid ttf double W
value In the next
Ciet in on tho .^iroun^'flw^'and
make some money,' certainly
pay you to buy "Som» of thi», ik
have also about, tWfrf'hundretf.* v«'
oanf, lots at 'prlqw th%t will surprise
yo^. Come and^ee n» aboUt aorne
ofhhem. Let %e heffr yeu to m*i|is
money.' m.:
61.--A splendid new cottage of 7
rooms, finished in hard wood, good «iv's1
Id neighborhood,
38y-~A fine new Cottage, $ rooms,, and
bath room, full basement, furnace,
cistern, electric light and gas,, ce
ment walk, full size1 lot, close In.
SIS.—A 2-story houe» of rooms in
flrst-claSa condition, good barn,
buggy'Shed and chloken House, two
50-ft. lots. A-splendid bargain,
2K—A 12-rooih house as good at newi
suitable, for rooming or boarding
house, close to depots, oorner lot
50x11$, stone foundation, large'cel
lar stoned up and cemented. You
could not build the house for the
price ^ve ask toe^the.- entire prop
tSSt" *fa300
24.—A new 2-story house of $ rooms,
bath room, basement, furnace and
electric light. Large lot. In one
of the heBt neighborhoods In the
c'ty -.--93900
66.—A good,h^uee of 4 nice rooms,
cellar, barn, large lot, all fenced In,
and cement walk This property
wlii be sold at a saoraflce as the
owner Is .leaving the city and haa
to sell. 904O cash and 91040
on the installment plan.
50 —A fine new house of rooms and
i' bath room, pantry, basement, fur
nace, electric light and gas, and two
fine lots. The house Is newly fin
ished in hard wood. Every room is
beautifully papered. The location'
is the best in the city $4000
46.—A splendid two-story house of 7
rooms, east front, nice trees, l^rge
J? -7
id Wals
fortune was' estimated at
'Bonemeal, crushed oyster shell or
plaster should be provided so that the
fowte can bare a feed ei it at least
43.—A 2-story house of 7 rooms, sew
er and water in house, cement plde
walk, fine trees, good lot close
-v -92600
18.,—A good cottage tif ft rooms, al-.
most in the heart of the city,
66»—A good hodae of rooms In
class repair, ^argfj iot, oholCe loca
splendld rootna.and bath rooiS, base
ment, furnace, tight and gas. Best
neighborhood In the «lty.'.$4jg50
cash will buy .lt.
'16.—A'^house of,.,6 rooms and kitchen,
barn, lot 50x200. $850 -takes it.
15.—Five-room cottage and bafe$r .one
acre of grdundr For a quick buyer i*"1
will take, 9J.50O
11.—A 2-8t0ry h0u»e of .S^rooms, full
size. lot, good location.. •91150
4.—A 6-room cottage In goad condi
tlon, barn- and a splendid (ot.
Price' 9200b1
29.—A 2-«tOry liouse' tt 'f-roami, g^od
barn, cement walk, fine ireest In
-'g^d neighborh^^J^,,,^500

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