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IfteiQfoborboob IRevos
Albert Bauer" was [the guest of
old friends at Waverly thejirat of
the week.
:£Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Shouweiler
went to Minneapolis Sunday even
ing for a week's visit.
pi Anton^Braus.^Nick Eischen and
Geo. Grenges of St. Leo, Minn., don, la.
were the guests of friends here
the'past week.
(Jj Chas. B. Deniger] of 'Gary was
herej several days last week, the
guest ot hitf brother,-J C. Deniger.
Henry Hanten of Watertown was
visiting relatives in Krarizburg
iast Sunday,
Peter^Lindner,'Sr., made a bus
iness trip to Go idwin Friday last.
Miss Josephine West of Gary
spent New Year's hero with Mrs.
J. C. Deniger.
Mrs. Albert Hanten of Rauville
has been the guest of relatives in
this vicinity the past week.
Mike Ludwig was down from
the live city and took in the New
Year's dance.
The basket social 'and dance on
New Year's eve was weli attended
and pronounced a success by all
who were there. The baskets were
sold at very good prices and a m-at
sum was realized by the Foresters.
Music was furnished by Franklin's
The mercantile business firm of
Shepard & Shouweiler dissolved
partnership on Jan. 1st, Mr. She
pard retiring, while Mr. Shou
weiler will continue the business
line. Both young men have made
a host of friends in this coummu
nity during the past year and the
success they attained they have
deserved, and we predict for Mr.
Shouweiler a continuance of their
large patonage. We understand
Mr. Shepard has accepted a posi
tion as traveling salesman for an
eastern shoe house.
When you are in need of eye
glasses and want them fitted
right, at right prices, see Coch
ran, Expert Optician, in Lebert
block, over Quality Cafe. 25tf.
School commenced Monday in
school district No. 19 with Miss
Davis from Watertown as teacher.
Misses Mary and Maggie FSem
ming left for Revillo for a brief
visit with relatives and friends.
An oyster supper was given at
Theodore Kahnke's New Year eve.
All present enjoyed a good time.
tr,"5 Mike Karpinski of the liye city
visited with his brother Joseph
Wilfred Bodtker living west of
'^Florence is very sick with typhoid
2" fever.
Berdine Larson of the live city
in this vicinity at present.
Joe Hoveratadt and family spent
^Sunday afternoon... with, Chas.
ll/SVensing's. 90
Quite a number of the young
folks spint Sunday evening at
'-"..Chas. Wensing's,
Lawrence and Earl O'Toole spent
-(their vacation at Theodore Kahn
Joe Karpinski and Will Ronke
,iwere out on a fox hunt and got
two fine red foxe.B
Miss Florence Grahman from
Aberdeen iB visiting with Verna
A party was given at George
Kahnke'd New Year's"
Joe Ronke and family Bpent Sun-,
•day with G. Kahnke.
Character photographs, from our
studio show taste and judgment,as
well as artistic skill ,pf the maker.
They will please you as well as
your friends. Let "us Bhow you.
"Gray's Studio. 20tf
§&£ H*'1,
Mr. Leigh of Canada 4s viisting
With Mr. Rhodes of Eden.
jgisj, Florence Cletrg returned to he*
fcchodl work at Maples Monday.,
Bben Tjibbs has teen carrying
be mail on rofiftk 3 the past week.
flattie Pickles spent he«?6?
parents at Ogilvie
turned Tuesday.
Miss Ada Seaver is visiting
friends at Garden Citv.
W.H. Young and family
Xmas at Clark.
Mr. and Mrs Gibson are
ing the former's parents at
Clarence Kirkeby is at home
during the Brookings vacation.
Mrs. T.J. Albright 'spent the
holidays on the farm in ,Klr«)d._j_
Lora Graves has resigned her po
sitif in Gibson's store in Garden
City and returned to her home at
Bailey's Lake.
Miss Osborne of El rod spent the
holidays at Clark.
Lost—One bay
months old, has
star in forehead,
for information
recovery of this
stallion colt, 18
two white feet
Suitable reward
leading to the
colt. John G.
Shroeder, phone 6 2. Route 5.
J.C. and A. Saba transacted bus
iness in South Shore this week.
John Freund was a business cal
ler at Forestvil le.
J.C. Saba unloaded another car
of coal for B. J. Murray.
J. W. Shinnick has opened his
elevator again after his vacation.
J.C. Pfiffer was at Forrestville
last Tuesday.
Mrs. J. Shinnick is visiting
with her sister Miss Klein in the
live city
J. Shinnick and H. Schultz went
to South Shore last Friday.
H. Buchholz has returned from
S. Lorah was a South Shore
business visitor this week.
W.m Thrun was in South Shore
on business with Aug. Zirble.
J. Ryan returned home Friday
The North American Storage
Co. of Watertown will pay the
highest market price for
both live and dressed. 28-29
Ruth Elgie is clerking in Ma
thiesen's store.
John Kelton and Frank Johnston
attended the Masonic lodge in
Clark Monday night.
H. A. Sasse left for Andover
Monday night.
Harry Robb is assisting E.
Blankenburg in the elevator.
Beulah Keyes, Lovedy Norris
and Myrtle Plorey returned to
Mitchell Monday to continue school
Ella White was in the live city
Mr, and Kirs. Van Ornum of
Conde were.yisithg with Mrs.Dan
Crowley, f? ..
Mrs. Heath from DeSmet is vis
iting at the Johnston home for a
few days.
taken in at the mas­
querade given by the band boys
last Thursday night.
Mr. and Mrs. R.E, Hubbard left
Monday for a week's stay in Min
neapolis tor purcjhMe. hjssprir
machinery|^&* r-
C, H. Aldous left Monday even
ing for an extended visit at hisold
home in ¥ork State.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Smith returned
from at visit at his old home in
Wisconsin Friday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kinkade were
Clark visitors last week.
Mrs. G. B. Irons"returneafrom
la., where sh* had been called to
the bedside side of herffathej.
P.H. Murphy was taken sudden
ly ill, at hiB home Tuesday mom
of appetite
habit very dangerous to
There is nothing that will create
sickness or cause more trouble
then a disordered stomach, and
many people daily contract serious
maladies simply thru disregard or
abuse of the stomach.
We urge every one suffering
from any stomach derangement,
indigestion or dyspepsia, whether
acute or chronic, to try Rexall
Dyspepsia Tablets, with the dis
tinct understanding tbat we will
refund their money without ques
tion or formality, if after reason
able use of this medicine they
are not satisfied with the results.
We recommend them to our cus
tomers every day, and have yet to
hear of anyone who has not been
benefitted by them.
We honestly believe Rexall
Dyspepsia Tablets to be without
equal. They are made from the
prescription of a physician who
devoted his time
You can see all styles of'Glasses
at Cochran's Qptlealy^Parlors in
Lebert Block. 25tf.
'%he latest, up to date wall ftiap
or pocket map of Codington Coun
ty lor sale by Ransom & Babcock,
nx 13, Goaft Bloek (28, M)
1 1
I i«ood line of ovil and
raet«J frames. M. G. Daley. 23tf.,
days will have to be returned to the manufacturers.
Loss of Appetite or Distress After
Eating Symptoms that Should
Not be Disregarded.
Appetite is just a natural desire
of the system for food necessary to
replace natural body waste. Loss
is a
a person's
good general health,and insatiable
appetite is a common symptom of
It is not what you eat but what
you digest and assimilate that
does you good. Some of the
strongest, heaviest and healthiest
persons are moderate eaters.
treatment of stomach troubles.
They give very prompt relief,stim
ulating the secretion of gastric
juices, strengthen the digestive
organs, aid to good digestion and
assimilation, regulate the bowels,
and promote nutrition.
We urge you to try a 25-cent
box of Rexall Dyspapia Tablets,
which give 15 days' treatment.
At the end of that time your mon
ey will be returned to you if you
are not satisfied. Of course in
chronic cases length of treatment
varies. For such cases we have
two larger sizes, which sell fot 5ft
cents and $1.00. Remember yous
can obtain Rexall Remedies in Wa-i
tertown only at our store—Thesi
Rexall Store. The R. W. Kreiser:
Drug Co. 29
Dr. Cochran will fit your eyetf
cor Quietly for glasses and his prices
are very reasonable. Office ove?
Quality Cafe. 29tf
Dr. Cochran is atf expert at fit
ting glasses. He will give yoi|
satisfaction both in service and
price,OfBce over Quality Cafe, 29 tf.,
The tender leaves ot a harmless^
lung healing, mountainous shrub^i
give to Dr. Shoop's Cough Remedy
its marvelous curative properties^
Tight, .tickling, d* distressing
coughs, quickly yield to the heal|
ing, soothing action of this splen
did prescription—Dr, Shojp'i
Cough Remedy. And it is eo safe
and good for children, as well.
Containing no opium, chloroform:
or other harmful drugs, mothers
should- in safety always demand
Dr. Shoop's. If other remedies
are offerer), tell them I^ol,Be your
own judgei. Soldi Duffrier^
sw'l ar-Hbnftv
yon want
bred ^Rock eoekereli
have -to hurry as. they are goi
Mfc T. N,, Babcock (2^2
Tney Are Not More Vicious, Eat Lett
and Outwork the Horse.
.Much may be said in favor of the
anile as a faithful, economical adjunct
oi' tlie farm and in the tireless per
formance of farm labor for a period
of possibly twenty-five years. Mules
have been underestimated in the north
ern states, but the fact is they are
sturdy, tireless, long lived workers.
They require less and coarser feed
than the horse. They can outwork
after eating: indicates indigestion the horse season after season—are still
or dyspepsia.
young after the horse has succumbed,
ilre not more
1 tlle
In the far west mules are being
rented at stipulated monthly sums.
This is a queer business, but a neces
sary one in these days of high prices.
This renting is now carried on in the
southwestern corner of the United
States principally. The charge for the
use of a team of mules, with harness.
Is high—$20 to $25 a month, not in
cluding feed bills, which the renter1,
must pay. The owner must stand
losses by death through natural causes,
but mules killed through negligence
must be paid for by the renter.
Of some 350,000 mules sold annually
in this country at present Missouri fur
nishes perhaps 70,000, Tennessee 60,
000, Texas over 50,000 and Kentucky
about an equal number, the sales be
tng' double the number foaled. The
mules of the states In the northwest
are very large of bone, body, substance
and power, but have not usually the
style, finish and fine Sleek coats of
southern mules. In tbe south mule
bre'lfling is a most Important Industi^
aiid has been for more than a century
pFor general farm work It is prefera
ble to breed heavy mares to a large,
lieavy jack, so that the offspring -may
be1 expected to show good "weight and
We want the larger class of
stules in the northwest.. A,, fine mule
Jack ought to be at least fifteen hauds
Witt) a good accompaniment of
the weight head, ear, foot, bone aud
ii»gth, coupled with broad chest, wide
hips And with a bold upstanding style.
smaller jacks and their progeny
often show finer coats and finer finish.:
8011s tbe largest type-is preferable la
the" north. Co'or is not generally im
portant, jn, the relation to breeding
qualities, but black, with light points,
W perhaps the mor*. 'avored color in
jacKs. The black j&tfk. will probably
get the greatest proportion of good
colored coits from tnarea all colors
Dipping Is Profitably
'^Dipping is profitable. Atwa^r|di'p
When theiwool is,short, as less
"own" wlUi toba«co/%Iphurtai^l
of the leading manufacturers of PLUSH LINED AND FUR COLLARED OVER
shipped us a part of their surplus stock to be closed out at less than
wholesale prices. The goods are now on sale at our store. There are about fifty
garments in all. Prices range from $9.50 up. This is a grand opportunity to purchase
an Overcoat at a Big Saving. It will pay anyone to buy one of these coats, though he
may not need one until next season. Clothing will be considerably higher in 1910.
This shipment is sent to us on consignment for 10 days. Therefore we advise inter­
ested purchasers to call at their earliest' convenience. Garments not sold within 10
Bargains in all Other Departments.
vicious than horses,
tbey will endure
abuse more patiently.
A prominent breeder of horses and
mules declares that three mules con
stantly worked will live upon the same
amount of forage consumed by two
horses of ordinary size worked in the
same way and the mules will stand
in better order than the horses so fed
aud worked. Still, it is not true econ
omy to work or keep any animal on
low fare, and the mule responds as
quickly as any animal to good feeding
and kind treatment. Friends of the
mules, those who have bred and fed
aud worked these animals and are
sure of their ground, for argument say
that for steadiness and intelligence and
for profit the mules on the farm will
tor burden bearing 'and drudgery more
than hold their own.
Winter Tourist Fares
Read the News for News
are now in effect via the
Minneapolis Z* St' Louis R.
Leading Rest and Health Resorts
We suggest Hot Springs, Mobile, San Antonio, Mexico, Florida,
perhaps stopping en routei at intermediate points
or making littie side trips ,,
Along the Gulf Coast Up Some Southern River
or to Shooting and Fishing Grounds
Just call upon or address R. Gi GREELIS,
Ticket Agent M, & St. L. R, R.
Nothing like paying your sub
soriptiongwhen you can get a
fine pair of shears by so doing.
Fine^Red Apples, regu
l&r price $4.50 per'' barrel?
Very special this week and
Gel busy and get your
Apples while they, Jast as
only have a halt
We would like to figure with you on any journey you have planned or
plan any journey upon which you have figured. Our attract,,
tive routes, fast time- and through service point

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