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*S Mil
An~ E-M-F V*ti
owner is always
E-M-F "30"
Mrs. E.E. .Simpson jungfe*
seriously ill.
Have your eyes fitted with Glas
ses by Cochran. He will suit^you,
Mrs.D.W Bradley and daughter,
Elizabeth, visited friends in the
twin cities last week.
Frank Bennett has purchased the
Edwards,dray line and
will consolidate the rome w^his
regular dray ..line. ||L &Jppf§
The Idle Hour and the Princess
theatres had to turn people away
last Saturday evening Both houses
are putting up splendid shows.
Wanted—Any amount of milk
Will pay 16 cents pergallon.Leave
game at J. J- Ballou's faim, south
of Watertown. P.?,, J* DeBoer.
i- .v. '°.s (32-oo)
The latest, up to date wall map
"%t pocket map of Codington Coun
ty for siale by Ransom & BabcocK,
Room 13. Qoss Block. 28 M)
Frank Stolp who accidentally
•hot himself in the foot wh lie
•hooting rats one day last weeK,
Jias* recovered sufficiently to be,
sable to be about a.again.
v, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Olson of
temmon, this1*state, are in the
city visitng at the home of Dr.and
-i'SIrs. H.M. Finnerud. Mrs
a sister of Mrs. Finnerud
You can see all styles of Glasses
vat Cochran's Optical
Lebert Block.
W.G.Rainey received a telegram
one day this week announcing the
,-ssdeath of a brother in Illinois. He
Jijjtook the
train for the east to
ikttend the funisral.
George B. EflHott parted
Monday for Sioux City, la. .where
he will spend a few daya visiting
with friends. Mr. Elliott has
been offered a very lucrative posi
tion on the Sioux City Tribune as
•porting editor.
F. M. Monaon purchased five
•pjendid 'Waidenee lots on east
{ttop avenue thifl-Week. The sal*5
•fas made thru tne Harry Thomson
lbM.1 Estate Exchange, Mr. Mon
yUli expects to erect several neat
SJOttagea on these lota next spti0**
MOTOR—30 h. p., 4 cylinder, 4-Inch
\t bore by 414-Inch stroke develops
thirty horse-power and/then some.
Silent,' flexible, reliable.
TRANSMISSION Selective sliding
gear type, 3 forward speeds'and re
verse. Incorporated In rear axle,
following practice of $4,000 to $6,000
REAR AXLE—Seml-floatlng type no.
Gertrude Robertson has
been elected secretary of the
Royal Neighbor lodge to succeed
Mrs. S. H. Ohtness. All lodge
dues and assessments must be
left at her1 home or else paid at
the lodge hall at the regular
M. J. Man^nfeas1 sold'hitfTeBi
dence in
east part of the city
to Wes Dory. Mr. Manton is
compelled' to leave this city on
account Of his health. The sale
was made thru the Harry Thom
son Real Estate Exchange.
There exists in the soi}th part of
the citfc.a measley, mangy low
down fiend in human form who
takes delight in putting out poison
for innocent, dogs. Any man who
will stoop to an act of this kind
to get even with the owner of a
dog is lower than a snake's stom
ach—and that drags on the ground.
Best for coughs and colds is
Kennedy's Laxative Cough Syrup.
It moves the bowels freely yet
gently thereby drives the cold
from the system.lt stops the cough.
Children like it—pleasant to take.
Sold by. all druggists. 28-32
The basket ball game between
the. Watertown team and the Triple
B's of Biiilngs. Mont., resulted
in a score of 61 to 19 in favor of
the latter. The Watertown guards
failed to stick to their guards,
thus permitting the Billings bas
ket men a complete walk over.
G. H. WaBhburn, assistant super
intendent of :the State... Poultry,
ehow will be glad to hear from all
tiiose who .have birds they want to
seqd.-to. the show, that he may
look after them going and coming,
to wee that they, are^t unneces
«wH^ex5osed[/ J|^^
i-There were two thousand one
hundred" and four automobileli
issued in South Dakota in
1905*. &For the previous year eight
malleable castings—housing sections
made from .steel stampings. E-M-F
"30" was pioneer in this Improve
FRONT AXLE Drop forged from
nickel steel In one piece—I-beam
section. Slightly dropped in center.
STEERING GEAR—Irreversible worm
and sector type, as In high-priced
A delightful party was given
at the hoihe of Mrs. F. M. Stone
two miles east of town in honor
of Albert Stump of ReSfield. Re
freshments were served and the
giiest dispersed at a late hour after
haying spent a most enjoyble
Albert Hammond has sold his
handsome residence on the north
side to W.S. Murray who resides
west of Kampeska who will re
move to this city and make his
future home here. The sale was
made thru the Harry Thomson
Real Estate Exchange.
Preventics. These little Candy
Cold Cure Tablets act as by magic.
A few hours—and your threatening
Cold is broke. A Candy-like taste
PreventicB please the children—
and they break the feverishneaa,
always. And least of all is the
economy. A large box—48 Pre
ventics—25 cents. Ask your drug
gist. He knows! Sold by A.
Duffner. 28-32
The Saturday News has just in
ished printing the annual statement
for the Holy Rosary Catholic
church at Kranzburg. Rev. Fath
er Hansen, the able pastor of that
church,is a tireless worker for the
cause of Christ, and has one of the
largest and most powerful congre
gations in our young state. ,,,:
The following scrap was picked
up the other day and is probably
some school boy's composition:
"The human body is made "P of
the head, the thorax and the abdo
men. The head contains the brains
when there is any. The thorax
contains the heart, lungs and dia
gram. The abdomen contains the
vowels of which they are five—-a,
e, i, o, and sometimes and y.
Rev. N. Stoltz, pastor of St
Maurice Catholic Chruch at Es
terly was a Watertown visitor last
Monday and while in the city made
the Saturday News A pleasant call.
He ordered the annual report of
St. Maurice church printed in
folder form. Rev.Stoltz is a most
pleasant and affable gentleman to
nfeet and has the Ester ly Catholic
church in harmonious and sonnd
financial condition as the annual
statement will show.
M. G, Daley frames pictures «id
enlarges photos.
inchtrearf for southern roads.
LU BR ICATION—^E-M-ff automatic v%
cuum feed simplest, surest and
best .ever devised.
IQNITION Dual System,' consisting
of Splltdorf Magneto—10,000 on E-
M-F cars and never a complaint
Call at oar Garage, look at these new cars, and we will demonstrate their superiorly to your enfire satisfaction
hundred and twenty-three was .tip:
number issued, if one judges tM'
prosperity of the state by the*aij|
to mobile record it is sure a scorch?
er.—Brookings Press.
For sale—One three room hou^e
with barn and good well, locatra
on the North side, cose in. A gooS'
seven room house, good barn and
city water close in. "%ot 60x165
Located in the heart of the citj(.
For terms and prices write Wrfi.
Smith, 410,S Elm St. City. 32tfv
Main 635 O. C. BARR, Manager Just south of City Hal
You'll feel better after taking
DeWitt's Little Early Risers, the
safe, sure, pleasant, gentle little
liver pills. If you would be sure
of good results insist .on DeWitt's
Carbolized Witch Hazel Salve, the
original. It is good for big cuts
or little ones, small scratches or
bruises or big ones but it es
pecially good for piles Sold by
all druggists. 28-32.
The premium list of the South
Dakota State Poultry Association
show to be held January 31-Febru
ary 4, 1910, is now out and shows
that the association is offering the
highest and best prizes ever offer
ed. Among the special prizes are
fifteen gold cash specials and
twenty elegant silver loving cups.
For copy of premium list address
L.S. Vickers, Secretary, Mitchell,
So. Dak.
While all the world is tops-a
turvy. jerky and panicky, we hear
of but mighty few farmers making
assignments. And while they often
feel that they are the oppressed of
the nation, yet, atfer all, how lit
tle they know of the sudden re
verses of fortune, from wealth to
pauperism and a struggle for life
in the uncertain speculative world.
They are the reserves'' which
the army of the nation can drop
back to and start a new to victory
Don't trifle with Kidney and
adder trouble. Take DeWitt's
Kidney and Bladder Pills as dire*
ted and you .will at once notice
satisfactory results. DeWitt's
Kidney and Bladder Pills are an
tiseptic, healing and soothing:. Be
sure to get'DeWitt's Kidney and
Bladder, Pi lis when you adc for
them. Refuse substitutes and
imitations. Look for the name on
the package. Sold by all drug*
gists. 28-32.
Hayti'is again' after the county
seat of Hamlin county and a big
mass meeting will be held at that
town on February 2nd when the
matter of changing the location of
county seat wil I be discusBed*,
FRAME-r-Pres«ed steel. also get batteries -for emergency
WHF.E1: BASE 108 Inches tread,! use.
standard, 56(/2 Inches special 61- BRAkES—Four, all actlno an "rea^
hub drums.
C. K. Overhulse who has been
principal of the Florence public
Bchools for. the past three years,
will become a candidate for county
superintendent of schools on the
republican ticket to succeed B. O.
Tankersley who has held the office
for two veara and will not be a
candidate to succeed himlelf. Mr.
Overhulse is well qualified to fill
the office and we recommend is
name for the consideration of the
voters^—Florence Forum.
TIRES 32x314 Morgan & Wright
Quick Detachable*!?*^!
WEIGHT—With top", 'rtorm front and
all, tanks full, 2,150 pounds—light
enough tc be economical on tires—
SftH Ml
A few days ago one of our citi
zens cut into a pound of butter
which he had purchased at a gro
cery whose proprietor does not ad
vertise, and found therein a small
tin box, which contained a small*
piece of paper bearing the follow
ing, written in a neat, feminine
hand: "I am a girl of eighteen
years, good looking and an excel
lent housekeeper. Should this be
found by some unmarried Christian
centleman. will he please write to
the following addr«:ss," etc. The
finder being a bachelor, decided
to unravel the affair, and succeed
ed, only to destroy the romance.
The gin who had written the note
had died many years ago, leaving
an aged husband and a {frown up
The tender leaves ot a harmless,
lung2healing, mountainous shrub
give to Dr. Shoop's Cough Remedy
its marvelous curative properties.
Tight, tickling, or distressing
coughs, quickly yield to the heal
ing, .soothing action of this splen
did ?jrescri ption—Dr. Shojp'g
Cough Remedy. And it is so safe
and good for children, as well.
Containing no opium, chloroform,
or other harmful drugs, mothers
should in safety always demand
Dr, Shoop's. If other remedied
are offered, tell tbem No! Be your
owji judge 1 Sold by^ A. Duf&ier.
^'^ri 28-32
The Saturday News mam enjoyed
a little fishing expedition atl^ke
Pel lean .one ady .this week in com
p«ny with Frank Goodwin, Al
Wilson and Henry Sieverts. .The
spearing fish game was a new one
ab the editor but he soon, tumbled
/fe W:-\*
St„Xl£ "t?-"—
S-^A *&">•
ing ear—wide seato,
cdLOR Dark, blu«£-running war
PRICE—$1,250 f. «. b. factory^* De
troit, Mich. Mohair Top, $68 ektra.
Glass front, $26. Full specifications
and technical description onirequest
Castlewogd is notf in possession to the «ecrjet o&handling the'ijMilfcs
of the county seat ^nd will put up atod to tibte a6tani8hraen^«s0$pilr
the gamest fight of their lives companions he succeeded in (^ear-"
before they will consent to have it' ing the Ingest pickerel libife hajk
removed. There will be something, been si
doing in Hamlin county as there, the pa
id9 nothing do bitter as a county
seat war.
C. E. Hanson and the At wood
Stone Co. of Minneapolis, Minn,,
have gone to considerable trouble
and expense, to establish a market
here for flax straw and farmers
would do well to take advantage
of this market and deliver all the
straw they possibly cab. The price
being paid is more than is paid
at nearly all the Tow Mills thru
out the Northwest,which gives the
farmer the dame advantage, so
bring your straw aid show these
people you appreciate having a
market established here for this
product. (30-83)
both hands exclaimed^f^'It i# a
whale—weighs just kaetly eighfN:
pounds to a hair."
v^t- *.'
in Lake Pel!
years, Ai
'grabbed his stilliarts and weighei
the fifth and holding it up with
Fred Si verts, one of the prosper^
ous young farmers residing south
east of the city, has a mule one
year old that stands 15 hands high
and weighs 900 pounds. The dam'
of this mule isjustan ordinary!
mare weighing about 1400 and the.'
is the celebrated Jack "Uncle
Sam" owned by 3ohn McMath
of this city. This mule is no doubt
the largest mule for its'~age in
the state and Mr. Siverts natural
ly feels very proud of him.
The man who edits the averagi
country newspaper cannot well
avoid treading oirsomebody's toes
continually must expect to be
censured often for unintentional
failures must expect hard work
and little thanks must expect tO s|
be caned a coward because he does'*
not pitchi into everything that
somebody'thinks fs wrong, and^a
fool if he speaks out too plainly
on public evils he must expect to
grind other people's axes—and
turn the grindstone himself. Still
we think it i* one of the noblest
professions on earth the one in
which the earnest man can do tha
most good to bis fellow man, and
in nhich an honorable man
wield much power for good*
The girl that gives away to the
desire to gad about the street attd
cultivate the acquaintance of
young men the simpering simple'
ton, is laying the foundation of ft
useless life. Ten to one, when
she is married she will develop '1
into a slatternly gossip, if no
greater misfortune befalls her. It
is ttie girl of good, sound hard
sense, the girhwho loves home and
helps her mother who wins the
model men and becomes an oma
ment to womanhood. The girl that
does this and devotes part of her
time in reading and strives forthe
grace of mental culture, com-
mands the respect and eateem of
every body" while gadding street
ornaments only win the admiration
of those whose attention is
wor* having. •$$$'
I have a good line of ova 1
metal frames.-,M. 3 Daley. JgStf

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