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P«u™ ,„
W.tartowo.Mttee.ioj *'„ii
Hockman & "Schwifger, the ar-
a branch
office at Huron., vgsi
B. P. Moe hasrgone to Chicago
show this weekiWu, jgp
Dr. ChristiaSson. Office over
CJntr^Meat Market. ,^,°S
Miss Alma Atkinson has.gone to
Minneapolis to spend a couple of
weeks with relatives and friends.
Mrs. E. M. Jones is visiting
her daughter, Mrs. Gill Campbell
at Aberdeen for a Couple o\f
Our photos draw attention. All
our photos have that exquisite fin
ish everyone desires. Gray's Stu-
Q'Bryan returned
home last Saturday from Nebraska
where he was summoned in con
sultation on a patient.
J. B. Bryant,formerly connected
with the Advance Thresher Com
pany, has accepted a position jfrith
E. M. Pope'B factory.
The North Dakota republicans
are putting South Dakota to shame
so far as the fierceness of the fac
tional battle is concerned.
At a special election held at
Huron last week that city voted to
adopt the commission plan of ^gov
ernment by a large majority,
It is said that L. R. Slawson,
the present deputy sheriff, will be
a candidate for sheriff of Coding
ton county on. the democratic
The south side dog poisoner is
evidently taking a vacation as
there has not been a poor dog pois
oned in the past week in that part
of the city.
A surprise party was given in
honor of Mrs. Harry Chapman at
her home Monday afternoon and
a most delightful time had by the
ladies present.
John Langdahl" returned home
last week from a week's visit to
the twin cities and North Dakota.
Mr. Langdahl reports a very
pleasant time.
Fishing is said to be fine at
Lake Pelican. A1 Wilson says the
pickerel'have commenced to whet
their teeth and are going against
the decoys pretty strong.
There is little ?if any talk thus
far regarding city politics. Last
year at this time candidates for
various city offices were sprouting
and quite well adv aneedjJ^Vpp
The hens have commenced to
lay. He ho, he ho! When the old
rooster crows everybody knows
that you will have eggs for your
breakfast in the morning.
S. H.Ohtnes has alreaiy rented
the upper floor of his new brick
block before the foundation is laid
for the building. There is always
good demand for central locations.
One would judge from the tone
of the Daily Public Opinion that
that organ would have been much
better satisfied had the stalwarts
nominated a ticket at the Huorn
Frank Chapman of Osage, la.,
is in the city visiting at the home
of his parents Mr. and Mus. G.
H. Chapman. Frank was formerly
a resident of this city and has
many friends her?.
It will soon be time for the local
chicken fanciers to commence to
iwrite spring poetry regarding
their respective breeds of Chick
Dioxn, of Rhode
Island Red fame, is first to bat.
ijf Real live local news has been a
Jpretty scarce article in anil around
pWatertown for the past week.
•^About the only sensational thing
:'jthat has happened was the mi racu
lous escape of E.E. Kneedy from
l^^the jaws of Charley Schull in that
libel suit. "Ktf ',»•.
.HPU' 4 .vifr
Word has be&i received from
,E. H. Ulrick, Jr., stating that
Mrs Ulrick has successfully with
stood an operation at St. Mary's
Hospital and is now on the road
'Jgto ^complete recovery. This will
.^be good news to her many friends
in this city.
Last Friday Feb. 4th Mrs.Wil*
liarc Mcintosh gave a piano recital,
of her pupils at her home on
the northside. About twelve pu
pils took part in the exercises ana
suitable prizes were given. Ice:
cream and cake was served by the
hostess and a most enjoyable time
Was had. ft "5'^ IS
ftbQut the streets of Harfltt,.,:*t
night,seizing the.men folks as wy
hurrv'hdmeward easing inteptlj*
go. She never says a word, and
never cracks a smile, and the men
folks are getting scared to go down
town after supper.
Watertown will see one of the
biggest building booms the com
ing season ever known in the his
tory of the city. Watertown
will grow by leaps and bounds.
If you want to buy a piece of
Watertown property, do it now
and save money. I have many
choice bargains. Harry Thomson's
Real Estate E2xch&ng6'jp£
George Rose, driver for the W.
H.. Stokes Milling Co., has pur
chased the twelve room residence
of Mrs. 'Catherine Pitt in the
southeast part of the city. This
is a choice residence property as
it is Very close in and is a desir
able place to reside. The sale
wis consummated thru the Harry
Thomson Raal Estate Exchange.
Gordon Hill, formerly of'this
city, but now residing in Sioux
City, la., where he has a position
in the electric light plant of that
city, was a Watertown visitor last
week' and sold his residence pro
perty in the south part of the city.
He said he was in poor health and
will spend a couple of months
taking the baths at Hot Springs,
It is reported that Wilbur S.
Glass will again be a candidate
for congriws from this state on
the Richards, insurgent ticket. He
Will appear in the role of a rip
roaring, cantankerous insurgent.
Wilbur, it appears, thinks he
hasn't been getting his share of
the pie, which seemB to be a
general comolaint with both him
and Dick Richards.
Dir. and Mrs J. Manton left
last week for Minneapolis. Mrs.
Manton will remain in the cities
for the present and Mr Manton'
will go to Phoenix, Arizona, for
his health. Be has been rather ill
iitafie last fal 1 and about two weeks
ago he became so much worse
that his physician advised* change
of climate at onee. He will re
main away for the rent of th»win-
ter at wast
The girl, who can put a good,
square patch on a pair of trousers
or command a regiment of potB and
kettles, may not seem as accom
plished as the girl who can em
broider and work a worsted dog on
a blue ground or hum the "Sweet
Bye and Bye," but the working
girl in every day battles of life
is worth a ten acre field full of
the other kind.
L. A. Hayford has purchased
and torn down the old blacksmith
shop which has stood for so many
years on the lot next to Rutan's
repair shop on south Maple street.
This is one of the most historic
buildings in Watertown having
stood on that site ever since the
town wqs first platted. Mr. Hay
ford will work the old dimension
lumber of the building into a neat
new cottage in the south part )f
the city.
This is like all other cities of
its size. It is' not without the
croaker or the ki«ker. His pres
ence seems indispiensibie to keep
up the contrast between the enter
prising citizen whose influence sis
felt and seen in the march of pro
gress and improvement and the
man who finds his greatest delight
in throwing a wet blanket on every
enterprise that tends- toward im
proving the town.
Young man, yon had better go
to school while you now have an
opportunity.and thus secure an ed
ucation that will enable you to
command more than common
wages when you grow up to
manhood. It is the fellow who
plays "hookey" in their boyhood
who will growl the most about
hard times and work for ft dollar
a day. Go to school and go there
to learn and not for the ^purpose
of acting cute in order to attract
the attention of the "big girls."
Elsewhere in this issue will be
found the political announcement
of J. W. Carroll, of South Shore,
for the republican nomination for
the office of superintendent of
schools for Codington county. Mr.
Carroll is a young man who has
spent the major part of his life in
educational work and is eminently
fitted for the position to which
he aspires. He iB at present prin
cipal of the schools at South Shore
and has given satisfaction and the
people of that town arc very en
thusiastic in his support to the
office of county superintendent.
If nominated and elected he will
no doubt fill the office with credit
both to the county and himsnlf..
A .
A friend aoks us to multiply $5
by 95. We do so and announce the
result as $25. Now multiply GOO
cd^frVilta* the antnrigr in cents
puns and simple, not fractional
parts of dollar. We do and are
That's the price we've put on a lot of good
1909 suits—broken lots—two or three of au
kind—alj worth $16!t(),$25--- and all particu
lary desirable to any jlolfes wearer—tmt
'relncrar way—thit explains the price..
60 suits in the lot, and for a few days
Ve'll be able to fit all comers.
Other Fellow Beat You To It
nTitrc 11 wniffi
surprised to see the figures climb
up to 250,000 cents, which is $2,500i
As $5 and 500 cents are equivalent
the result is puzzling It cannot
urged that decimal marks
should be used. A cent, as such,
is aB distinct a unit as a dollar,
and us the result is to be an
nounced in cents the decimal can
not be pleaded in extenuation of
the rather surprising result. But
there is clearly something wrong.
Can any reader explain it?
The contemplated action of the
general land office in postponing
the date for filing on South Da
kota lands from April 1 to May
1 will commend itself to the
good judgment of everyone con
cerned. The winter on the reB
eivations has not been exception
ally cold, but there has been con
siderable snow, which makeB it
difficult for locaters to show pro
spective homesteaders exactly the
sort of land they are going to file
on. By May 1, al! the snow will
be g.one, and the ground will be
in splendid shape, and homestead
ers can file with their eyes open
A Bridgeport, Conn., man offers
to have his life insured for $3,000,
000 in favor of his home city, the
city to k$ep up the premiums and
collect the insurance, upon his
death,using the proceeds to pay off
the city debt. The chief drawback
to that .plan lies in the possibility
that some other patriotic citizen
of .Bridgeport might yield to the
temptation to take pot a shot at
the much insured man, in order to
enable the city to get out of debt
with a speed- greater than the
mortality statistics would lead
the insurance companies issuing
the policy to believe possible.—
Aberdeen Daily News.
J.S. Ruxstad, one of the success
ful farmers residing near Florence
was a Watertown visitor for sev
eral days last week. Mr. Ruxstad
came down with his wife and
daughter, and was compelled to
remain in the city for several days
on account of Mrs. Ruxstad having
some dental work done. He called
at the Saturday News office in
company with his daughter and
subscribed foir the paper, for a
year.' Mr, Ruxstad said: "My
daughter says she wants to take
the Saturday Mews for a year
and from what she has seen of it
she evidently thinks it is the best
weekly {paper in the county.''
After talking with the editor on
several subjects Mr. Ruxstad said:
"Do you know that my neighbor^
and jpwelf have been trying eyer
sinee the railroad came thru that
part of the county to get tele
phones into our homes but so fur
we have been unable to get tlie
flervice. There are about a dozeh
"Sfisi farmers living withift
mile and a half of -the main
telephone would like very much to
get connected up but the Dakota
Central Teleohone Company has
dogded the issue at every jump of
the road. One of my neighhorB
even bought, poles and offered to
dig the holes if the company
would connect him up—but we are
just aB far from having phones as
we were before the long distance
company wasknown in this county.
1 don't think it is a square deal
on us fellows who are willing to
pay for the service. If other farm
ers can have phones in their
homes there is no reason why we
should be ignored by,th(p tele
phone company."
The Legend of St Valentine.
Perhaps you have heard the
legend of St. Valentine,but if you
havts not, here it is in as small a
nutshell as such a saint could ho
well condensed: St. Valentine
lived long ago. An emperor ruled
him, and the emperor whose name
was Claudius, became very jeal
ous of St. Valentine or Fr. Valen
tine as he was then called. And
one day Claudius c#t Fr. Valen
tine's head off and banished his
remains, bo that nobody should
know that he had been beheaded.
"Now why did Claudius do
this?" you ask. Well, he did it
because Fr. Valentine became so
great a favorite with young people
that Claudius was not in their
affections at all.
"But how did Valentine make
himself such a favorite?" you
still query. Why how indeed?
How do you suppose? iQow does
any man or woman either for that
matter, become solid with young
people? Why, by helping along
their love affairs, to be sure,
by giving them every opportunity
tobe alone and talk' it over.
Fr, valentine was a born match
maker, and he was always busy
making matches. If he saw two
young people looking at «aeh other
with sheepish eyes, he cast hie
toga over his head and sat (still,
never stirring for five minutes
And so Fr. Valentine got himself
disliked by the Emperor Claudius
and after Claudius had cut hs
head off the young people canon
ized him, and upon the'good old
saint's birthday would exchange
little love tokens, just to keep
his memory green^. The people
who had known St. Valentine when
on earth told their children about
him in after years, and their chil
dren told their children's child:
and so it has come down to
thru many children of children.s
In sending 'valentin* tnement^s,
the dear girhr prefer to diaguiae
their handwriting, because val-
Ji prompt i..
fi other oil & I
se of Ml
the festivals of the year it is the'*
one Which ptiys most swdettV^OQ^.
the heartstrings
Jtfung man aiSd' mithy a
stopping momept. ijn'ffir^
the purest. window. -to drtp
package, ,"a\l' too jprecious\1»j
intrqsted to the car«l«itt hi
of messenger and
day sacral "to St.' Val«ntine/-'!f
was a very odd notion^ Eluded
by Shakespeare that on'this dfc
birds begin to couple hen
perhaps arose the custom rf sen!
ing on this day letters sxmtstfnii
professions of love ah|i affection^
Valentines «re provided for'HK|
Like the rain, they descend upoiL
the jQBt the unjust. ^THey.ac
to be found in.^ry and|
every vfuriety. Beautiful valen
tine souvenir spoons are seen an
they &r^ 6ut of the ordinary rjin]
spopns,in that the 'end of
handle Is in the form of
and cupids chase each other wound?,,
the twisted wire
handlfe is formed!
the old form o^valentiirt' sendingi,?:
and. there is little then,,for
the display of the fiBcy colore^,,
paper, with the pretty veafrwithK,'
in and figures done in fancy pa^rd
per work' upon the outside. Butt4
ever so many people who have^
not permitted themselves to grow1
hard $nd unsentimental love to.^.
remember the d^y by some little
token, to indicate, that St,^
iiae has left traces or his
in their hearts^-
How's This?
We! offer one Hundred Dbllarlf-".?
Reward for any case of Catarrh
that cannot be cured by Hall's Ca^l
tarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO.,Toledo,©^
We,the undersigned,have khowU:
F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years
and believe him perfectly honora-,,
ble in all busiaesa^r&nsactions and*
financially able ^o cBtry out «jag
obi illations made by his prm, u)
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo
Hall's, Catarrh Cure is taken in?
ternally, acting directly upon th)l:
blood and mucous'surfaces of th%
system. Testimonials sent free.
Price 75 cents per bottle.* Sold
by all Druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills for
We Have Scored a Bit
in Watertown with the
cellence of our work in ole
ing of clothing and-returning
them so that ther Jook as
good as new
Work called lor an
216 WJKemp
JAME8WBLL8, Proprtetor
Bell's Pin

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