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^«j^nany Good Teas Handled
^'^In fact «y^y,yj^riety of tea grown:
Sun Dried Japan,
Basket Fired Japan,
Formosa Oolong,
Eng. Breakfast,
Good clothes for boys are being
sold at greatly reduced prices dur
ing the removal sale at the Model.
Young men, you are the archi
tects of your own fortunes. Rely
upon your own strength of body
and soul. Take for your star, self
reliance. Don't take too much
advice—keep at your helm and
steer your own ship, and remem
ber that the great art of com
manding is to take a fair share of
the work. Think well of your
self. Strike out. Assume your
own position. Put potatoes in a
cart over a rough road and the
small ones will go to the bot
to. Rise above the envious and
jealous. Fire above the mark
you intend to hit. Energy,invin
cibe determination, with a right
motive, are the leverB that move
the world. Be in earnest^ Be
generous. Be -civil. Read the
papers. Advertise your business.
Make money, and do good with it.
$1.50 grades in Boft collar
shirts are now selling for 1,10 at
the Model. These are our own
special make and are cut full and
roomy in body and sleeve.
jiM/, R.C. Collins who resides on the
Gunder Stuverud farm north of
Watertown was in the city Tues
day and while Inconversation with
a reporter for the Saturday News
said when asked regarding the
nut look for crops on his farm:
"I have farmed a godd many years
in South Dakota, but 1 must say
that my crops this year Iook better
than any other year since I have
been in the state. My macaroni
Avoid Caustic and Acid
Old Dutch
This handy, all-round Geans
er, is entirely free from caustic,
acid and alkali it is hygienic,
ically. It is not only die safest,
but also the easiest and quickest
cleanser ever discovered for
Cleaning, Scrubbing?
Scouring, Polishing
lit* {he only clennter to on 4m t&Qi
p*n» »ep*rator« »nd on tUcooldng
utawls. Use tl ior att ctaaning through*
flow To
CHumWkHhwm The
MM?*—Sprinkle qid Dteh
ef on cloth ^or%ponge,' ypk dampened
tttsfiicienUj to hold'tfwjwwtier, Wi'
dtatrag, tnd ipply to the gltu,
Young 1
Moyune Gunpowder.
If ypu appreciate a good
•Also specially prepared Iced Tea
of tea, we feel certain that
y% lb. and 1 lb. Sealed Packages, 50c and 30c tlie pound.
we'feef certain that you will be pleasfcd with any of
Exclusive Agents.
Local News £S*™„,
Here is something that is
worth mrny dollars to every
farmer to know: Sprinkle lime
in your stock tank and not a par
ticle of scum will form on the
water. When the lime loses its
strength scum will begin to form,
which may be twice during the
season wash out the tank and re
peat the dose, it is cheap, not
only harmless but wholesome, keeps
the water sweet and saves the
live stock.
St least twenty-five
and in fact
everything.on the farm looks good
and promises a big yield. If hail,
does not hit me I will have a
bumper crop this year.''
Ostrander's Feed Mill is the
place *o buy your ground-feed,hay
or wood. No charge for delivery.
Phone Main 637. 85
Anchor brand shirts in plain
or pleated bosoms for 39c at the
Model during the removal sale
These shirts are equal in every
way to the average 75c shirts in
any store in the country.
I will build all the sidewalks
you want for 8 cents per foot.
The work will be under the city
bond and done according to thi
city's specifications. Henry En
glesby. 41tf.
The Flints are to come here
for a week. This is the best
opportunity that our readers
will have to shake oif the blues
and thoroughly enjoy a hearty
laugh. Every one who comes
away from an entertainment
given by the Flints, does so com
pletely satisfied. For the
laughter is genuine, and there is
notracc of anything coarse or
low in it.
Starting monday night,
Grand Opera House.
Hawes and Mallory$3.00 hats in
all the new Bhapes are being Bold
for $2.20 at the Model during
their removal sale.
G. H. Dumond and G. "S.
Ireland have leased the Flint
Hotel and will conduct a first
class cafe strictley on the
European plan. Messrs Dumond
& Ireland are both hustlers and
will make the Flint, one of the
most popular first-class hotels
in the city.
Railroad Time Tables
M. A ST. L. EA8T 4 .%
IS Twin Cltl«a, Chi. & 1C. ex Sun 7:00®o
15 Twiu Ctttear Chicago & B. dally 11:80pm
IB Wny freight tQ Morton, ex Sun 6:00&m
SB Way freight Conde, ex Sun. or. 8:80pm
M. A ST. L. WE8T
18 Aberdeen, LeOla, L'eBeau dally S:S5km
Watertown passenger arr. .... 7:00pm
•M War freight ConSe, ex Sun.... S :80am
Freight from: Morton.: ex Son, ar 7Jt0pn
ilS Chicago ft East, ex Sun
86 Vf$Lf freight,. «x Bun.......... 7:10am
•17 Watertown paw. ev Snn, ar.. 8:06pm
No. Pullman from Ellsworth.
lft6 Benson ft St. Van), ex Bun.... 8:S0am
Way frt. to Benson, ex Sun.U:80am
Way frt, to Huron, ex Sun, ar.10:10aat
1S8 a a 7 0 6
»2# Way frt. tram Benson, arr.... 730pm
181 -Way frt. to Bnron 8:46am
Freight* Hon., Wed., Frt. FaMengen
*J«Br jw«pt Sunday.
114 Way frt Tla Canby to Tracy,.
dally ex Bun.
WeiL dally
W2 Cbl. tt cast, via C«nby and Tracy,
sleeper ftom Hankato, daily 10:lSam
8 Sleeper to twlu cltlea Tla
Brookings, dally ftOOpn
18 W*y frfc^to BrookUns, Sun 8.-a0pn
C. 4 N. W. WEST
9 tttdOeld ft West, Baron and
S8 Redfleid, Aberdeen, Oaka and
Ovttecbnrg IfttoB
IT Wa^ frt te Bedfl«ld,^ex Son..
U8 Ret from Tracy rta Canby,
Tues., Tbna., Sat., ar tdOpm
Deafness Cannot Be Catred
by local applications, they
cannot reach the diseased portion
of the ear. There is only one way
to cure deafness, and that is by
constitutional remedies. Deafness
is caused by an inflamed condition
of the. mucous lining of the Eus
tachian Tube. When this tube is
inflamed you have a rumbling
sound or imperfect hearing^ and
when it is entirely closed.|Deaf
nen is the resuIt, and unlfss the
inflammation can be taken ofet and
this tube restored to its normal
condition, hearing will be de
stroyed 'forever nine cases tfut of
ten are caused by Catarrh, which
is nothing but an inflamed" con
dition of the mucous surfaces.
We will give One
IKx X,SnS(i^-'
8uj£, an.. 8«)p*
wSertoyn past, Bnn., arc
Leave Btotuc Valla
tl WswrtoWn pMs., Bon oalr.
8 Way fit., ex Aon.,
9 P.
It yoa want to sell, -bay^Jreat
or y«Xchange any tiroperty in Wa
tHrtowB Write call on^ telephone
H. R. Davlfn, Saturday
office..1, Phone -Main .838,'
lars for any case of Deafness—
caused by a a h— that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
Cure. Send for circulars, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Hruggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for
constipation. -2-6
You'll do well to lay ip a good
supply of .shirts during the re
moval sale at the Model. Unusual
values are being offered in Wilson
Bros., Faultless and other high
class shirts.
When you are in need of a dray
of any kind, call up Jim Skinner,
office 108 N. Maple street or phone
Main 849 Prompt and careful
service guaranteed. 38tf
50c qualities in cloth hats Jand
caps for boys will ba sold atf25c
during the removal sale af^.the
Model. ,v
Men who find it hard to be
fitted in ready to wear clotheii can
share in the benefits offered by
the Model's great removal-sale
because this store carries a line
of special shapes in Hart, Schaff
ner & Marx suits.
Dr. Christianson. Otfice'over
Kirwan's Confectionery Store.
Phone red 136. 31tf.
A big line of mens soft hats
in Q.T.P.and $2.00 values will be
closed out at 95c during the re
moval sale at the Model.
Saving is only part of the game.
Invest your savings in Codington
county real -estate and watch them
double. Consult with Horswill
Land Agency. 48tf.
Broken lines in $2.00 atid $£.50
union suits for men, including
Cooper and Mentor silkateens will
be sold at $1.39. They are ,nearly
all 5, 6 or 7 sizes. The Model
m&kes this big reduction because
of the necessity of reducing atqck
before moving.
Phone Main 637, G. C. Ostrand
er's feed mill for all kinds of
ground feed, hay and wood. They
deliver all goods to any Dart of
the city without charging for the
draying. 35tf.
T^ie Model will go into its new
home with practically a n«w stock
as all lines of stock except over
alls and such goods as are.not
affected by style changes are being
sold at cut prices to clean up the
stock before moving
Summer Colds
Ar5e *hard® tb rfcl ieve thaS' winder
ones but they yield'just sis readily
to treatment with Dr, Bell'sPins
Tar-Eoney. Sold everywhere*
Look for the Bell on the Bottle.
During their removal sale the
Model 4B making big cuts in the
prices of boys suits, and the
clothes are not cheap special sale
goods but their rqjylar^gh^lass
South Dakota- Man tuokv ih
-W.iM.'^'mlth, living nearplerre, ISl
secured a supply of 'dry" gas iisy&i
ehale formation at a depth of 140 fej
He waq boring for water, but fo
gas insteald. He does not havd
bothbr with a receiver to hold the
ply, nor,,does,he ,have to sepa _.
from the wate^ but takee lt from
pf^e direct' into bis buildings tor
He piped down to the gas with a two
lQch pipe and Vednced that to an
Timothy Seed Wanted
We want a few bushels of timo
thy seed to fill an order.
Spicer Seed Co.
3-tf. Watertown. S. D.
For Rent—Large modern fur
nished house to good responsible
party. Inquire of Mrs. Sarah
DeGraff. 305 W. Kemp aveunv
phone Main 254. 3tf.
For Sale—Modern efght room
house. Fine cellar. Two and
half blocks from postoffice. Mrs.
Mary Richardson. 224 2nd ave
s. w. 3tf
For Sale—Six head of good
work horses at a great bargain.
Frank Cordell, 7 miles northeast
of Watertown. 3-4p'
For Sale—Some choice city lots
and farm lands. W.H.Stokes. 51tf.
For Sale—Blacksmith shop,com
plete with all tools, machinery,
gasoline engine and feed mill. For
terms write John Ruhr,Kranzburg,
S.D. SOtf.
All Skin Diseases
Yield readily to treatment with
Dr. Bell's Antiseptic Salve. We
guarantee it. 25c a box. Sold
everywhere. 2-6
The Only Thing That Will Make Equal
Suffrage Successful.
If equal suffrage' wins
stale, it now appears that it will be
because of a widespread sentiment in
iis favor, instead of through any close
ly organized campaign work. The
state organization, led by Mrs. .T. A.
Johnson of Fort Pierre the national
organization represented by Miss. Pen
fi«ld of Texas and the different coun
ty organizations are hopelessly tan
gled at present.
Added, to this is the complication of
an organization of, the W. C. T. U.
headed by Mrs. Johnson of Highmdre,
which is conducting a campaign from
Mitchell entirely distinct from the
state suffrage headquarters at Sioux
The reports which drift out from
their different meetings indicate that
the state organization does not get
along with- the different county or
ganizations, tlie local people contend
ing that the state organization refuses
them any right of initiative in orgati
cation qr work.
The state headquarters and the rep
resentatives of the national associa
tion do not appear to be getting along
8ny I more smoothly. Miss Pen field
did not appear to be able "to handle
the situation and Judge Barton O
Aytesworth of Denver came to see. if
he could help matters. Up to the pres
ent the wotaen appear to have been
wasting, their strength and efforts in
quarrerftng with one another rather
than in directing a campaign organi*
Early in the campaign the W. C.
T. XT. leaders demanded the right to
conduct the campaign, but ttye Equal
Suffrage association leaders took the:
position that control by that organiza
tion would bring stronger antagonism
from, the liquor element, and Insisted
on: a campaign through their own or
ganization. 'V
The W. C. T. TT. people then' flocked
by themselves and opened headquar
ters at Mitchell where they appear to
be working without friction,, iapfsrf
before carrytCg it into his house,
hq.Jtaa.1 maintained an even
o{ eight pounds ever alnce tappfng t&e
supply, ftp thinks he has a sufficient
•apply ot the ga? to heat his buildlHCf
the eomfatg wlpter, as well as to t8&
«i«ts him. ipjl the gas he needs tt-'f1
cooking ai\d Hghung i^, nuildinga.|s
South Dakota Republicans Like
Adopted by Convention
Republicans ot the state in general
appear Satisfied with the .platform
adopted by the state convention at
its meeting in Sioux Falls and It is
claimed that upon the platform the
stalwart and progressive Republicans
who compose the congressional and
state ticket^ will sweep on to an over
whelming victory at the polls In No:
The. plattprm declares renewed al
legiance -,to the Roosevelt policies
commends president Taft in so far as:
he has been loyal to those policies
4eclares the new, tariff law should be
revised Immediately tN^Pame tariff
law. is declared a step* in the right
direction, but should have made-niah^
reductions declares for a national
physical valuation ot railroads tor
graduated income-tax for a federal6
system of regulating cdrporatlons tor
^c^jservatioij of natural resouroesi the
new1 rules'in the naiional Iiousi of
^representatwes are Commended fn
Jrtnljhirt^er inodi^citions are tavore
on Coffee
Almost everybody likes a
cup of coiffee and this store sure
has tie good kind. We sold over
a 1,000 pounds last week at our
coffee demonstration. Guess that's
going some on the coffee propos
A Successful Demonfstration
We hav just closed tlxe jmost success
ful coffee demonstration ever held in
Selling over 1,000 pounds of the fam
ous Aroma Coffees in the past two weeks.
We have just received another shipment.
Those who have tried the coffee or
wish to try it can always obtain these
Brands at my store. i1
Caldwell's Electric Cut Coffee with all
the injurious chaff, containing about 7 per
cent Tannic acid removed. You will want
it in the morning and again at night.
Packed in one pound Hermetically Sealed
Cans. Price per pound —.. 36c
Caldwell's Cafe Royal, our highest
grade. Price per pound 40c
Gold Medal, one of the best 26c coffees
sold to-day. The flavor you can't forget,
packed in one pound silver lined pacikages
Price per pound... 25c
Old Dutch a particular coffee for par
ticular people, packed in one pound pack
ages. Price per pound 25c
Satisfaction, a Central America Coffee
blended into a Java and Mocha flavor.
.Packedin one pound/bartons. .Price per
pound v.:.. 20c
Caldwell's Plantation to Cup, a coffee
once tried always used. Price per lb. 20c
Phone Main 208.
Better fit your house
before th^s ck
broken for sizes.
Tell us th% fiz^ you
Prize Ofifeb from Reading
Book on patents. "Hints to inventors.** "Inventions needed."
••Why some ihventors fail."
1 hi
rough skttchsor model for
icarab of Patent Office records. Oar Mr. Greeley was formerly.
Acting Commisskwer of Patents» and as such had full

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