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Aitfhw ot
S»oUm»'- *«r
Canfitfht. ism bjr Bupw Bmw, 2
three knew the desperate
chancy they were taking, and
they spoke Uttle as they
made their way out into the
straits,• Their craft..was strange to
them, and ,the positions they were
forced to occupy soon brought oo
cramped muscles. The bidarka Is a
trail, narrow framework oyer which is
stretched walrus skin, 'and it is so
fashioned that the crew sits, one be
hind (tie other, in circular openings
with legs straight out in front
Gracially, imperceptibly, the moun
tain styres behind them shrank down
upon ha-grayhorlzoii. it uflm«i that
for once the weather was going to be
kind to them, and their spirits rose in
consequence. They ate frequently,
food being the great fnel of the north,
and midday found them well out upon
the heaving bosom of the straits with
the Kadlak shores plainly risible
Then, as If tired of toying with them,
the wind rose. Had It sprung from
the north it would hare wafted them
on their way, but it drew In from the
Pacific, straight into their teeth, fore
tng them to redouble their exertions
In the hope that it wonld die down
with the darknesR tie boatmen held
On their course, and night closed over
them still paddling silently.
It was nearly noon of the following
day when the watchman at the (Jyak
cannery beheld a native canoe creep
ing slowly up the bay and was aBton
Isbed to find It manned by three white
men in the last stages of exhaustion
One of them, in fart, was unconscious
and had to be carried to the house.
He did marvel, however, that another
of the travelers should begin to cry
weakly when told that the mall boat
had sailed for Radlatt the previous
"Too bad you didn't get In last
Bight," said the caretaker sympathetl
cally. "She won't be back now for a
month or more."
"How long will she lie In Kadlak?"
Big George asked.
"The captain told me he was going
to spend Christmas there. [«t.'H see-
today Is the 2lid. She'll pull out for Ju
neau on the morning of the 26th that's
three days."
"We must catch her," cried Bmer
son quickly. "If you'll land us in Ka
diak on time I'll pay you anything you
I "I'd like to, but I can't," tbe man re
plied. "You see, I'm here all alone,
except for Johnson. He's the watch
man for the other plant."
Emerson turned bis eyes upon the
baggard man who sprawled weakly In
a chair. And Fraser, noting the ap
I peal, answered gamely with a forced
smile .on his lips, thongh they were
drawn and bloodless:
"Sure! I'll tie ready to leave in tbe
morning, pal!"
The old Russian village of Radiafe
lies on the opposite side of the island
from the canneries, a bleak, wind
swept relic of the country's first occu
patlon, and, although peopled largely
by natives and breeds, there Is also
considerable white population, to
whom Christmas isa season of thanks
giving and celebration, and it caused
tmnch comment when .late on Christ
[mas afternoon an ice burdened canoed
[bearing three strange white men, land
|ed op the beach 'beside the dock—or
|werj» they white men, after all? Tbelr
acetf Were so blackened and spilt from
frost they seemed tobe raw bleed
masks, and their bands were crack
land stiff beneath tbelr mittens. They
vere hollow eyed and gaunt, tbelr
heeks sunken away as If from a wast
'illness, and they could n?t walk,
but crept across tbe anow covered
jlhlngle on. bands and lateea, then.
aching tbe street, hobbled painfully.
Chile thpir ttmbe gave way. as If paral-
A week later Boyd and George wece
r«tgb&ur the lights of Port Townsend.
WW-- -m
-DUCK OUT in tne gioom-asiem A quics
change of boats at Juneau had raised
tbelr spirits, enabling them to com
plete the second stage of their journeys
In iess than the expected ttpe.,
"I suppose a feller has mt to dress
pretty swell back there ^.Oblpago,"
George ventured. "Full dr^snsulU of
cloUics. eh?"
"Dki you ever wear"of»e?*
"Well. I'll be- The flsberman
checked himself AMI
Cftnlon as if he sa^i^ux suddenly lii
new light "Right qlQpgTn^ arag,.
tioned Incredulously/
"Why. yes pretty sjsadlly."
'"All day at a
Bpyd laughed. "I 'j^jren't worn ope
to the daytime slnc^i:Weft,,^ege
^tey are used only
.•$4 teller told megj^^i&jr. v^Ung
one*" went on (ieor^e. 'lEiesaid them
rich, men back east had women come
around and clean their fingernails and
shine 'em up. Is that right?"
"Quite right!"
"Well, I don't suppose—you ever' bad
'ant-shine your finger nails, did you?"'
The big man opened his mouth to
speak, then,, evidently changing his
mind, observed. "Seems to me I'd bet
ter stay here on the coast and wait
for you."
"No, indeed!" tbe other answered
quickly. "1 will need you in raising
that 'money: You Know the practical
Bide of tbe fishing business, and I
Finally tbe steamer docked, and the
three men put up at a hotel.
"You better train me up to wearing
a dress suit before we get east"
George warned, "or I'll make your
swell friends sore and spoil the deal
1 could wear It on the cars and get
easy In It"
"My dear fellow, it takes more than
a week to 'get easy' In a dress suit"
Boyd smiled, amused at his earnest
ness, for the big fellow was merely
a boy out on a wonderful vacation.
"Well, If there Is a down east mani
cure woman in Seattle show her to me,
and I'll practice on her." be insisted.
"She can halter break me at least"
It was the labor of several hours to
fit Big George's bulky frame, and when
the two returned to the hotel Emer
son found the representative of an aft
ernoon newspaper anxiously awaiting
him at the desk.
"Mr. Athens sent me down to get a
"Athens—Billy Athens!"
"Yes He is the editor. I believe
yon. two were college mates. He want
ed to know If you are tbe Boyd Emer
son of the Michigan football team."
"Well, well." Boyd muBed. "Billy
Athens was'a good tackle."
"He thought you might have some
thing interesting to tell about Alaska.
Your partner has been telling me all
about you and your trip and your
great success."
"My partner?"
"Yes. Mr Frobisher volunteered an
Interview In your name."
"Frobisher!" said Emerson.
"Sure. That's him over yonder," Thi'
reporter Indicated "Flngerless" Fraser.
who, having watched the interview
from a distance, now solemnly closed
one eye and stuck his tongue into his
"Oh, yes, yes Frobisher!" Btoyd
stammered. "Certainly!"
"He Is a character, isn't he? He told
me how you rescued that girl when,
she broke through the Ice at Kalvik."
"He did?"
"Quite a romance. Isn't it? It's a good
newspaper story, and I'll play it up. He
Is going to let me in on that hydraulic
proposition of yours too. Of course
I haren't much money, but It sounds
great and"—
"How far along did you get with
your negotiations about this hydraulic
proposition?" Boyd asked curiously.
"Just far enough so I'm all on edge
for It I'll make up a tittle pool
among the boys at the office and have
the money down here before yon leave
"I am sorry, but Mr. Frobisher and
I will have to talk it over first," said
Emerson grimly. "I think we will
keep that 'hydraulic proposition' in the
family, so to speak."
"Then you won't let me in?"
"Not just at present."
"I'm sorry. I should like to take a
chance with somebody who is really
successful at mining. When a fellow
drones along on a salary month aftei
month it makes him envious to see
you glondlkers hit town with satchel*
full of coin. Perhaps you will give me
a chance later on?"
"Perhaps." acceded Boyd, but when
the young man had gone he strodr
quickly over to Fraser.
"Look here. Mr. "Frobisher.'" he.
said in a low rone, "what do. yor
mean by mixing me up in your pettj
larceny frauds?"
Fraser grinned 'Frobisher* Is *101
monaker, ain't it? It sounds like tbe
money. 1 believe I'll stick.to "Fro
bisher.' •?-.*'
*i spiked your miserable little
scheme, and if you try anything more
like that I'll have to cut yon out alto
"Pshaw!" said tbe adventurer mild
ly. "Did you say that hydraulic mine
was no good? Too bad! Tbat re
porter agreed to take some stock right
"Now, see bere, Prases, want you
to leave me out.of your machinations
absolutely. You're' been very decent
to me In many ways, but If 1 bear of
anything more like thla I shall band
jwu over to the police.",
"Don't be a sucker all your life," ad
monlshed the rogue, "Yon stick to me
find I'll make*ypii|a lot.of money. I
Hke yotf*
s^rasly, ugr%.
the follow wan mora (It atrophied.
foir this Impossible creature he binwelf
would be lying at Petellln's store at
Estmai with no faintest hope of com
pleting bis mission, wherefore he did
his -best to swallow his-Jndlgnation.
Boydj* hurried to a telegraph ofiJce
and despatched two messages to Chi
cago, one addressed to his own tailor,
the other to a number on Lake Shore
drive. Over the latter be pondered
long, tearing up several drafts' which
did not suit him finally giving one to
the operator with an odd mingling of
timidity and defiance. This done, he
hastened to one of the leading banks,
and two hours later returned to the
hotel. Jubilant
He found Big George In the lobb.v.
staring with fascinated eyes at his
finger nails, which were strangely purl
fled and glossy.
"Look at 'em," tbe fisherman broke
out admiringly. "They're as clean as
a hound's tooth. They shine so 1 das
sent take hold of anything."
"1 have made my deal with the
bank," Boyd exulted. "All 1 need to
raise now Is $100,000. The bank will
advance the rest Tbat $100,000 makes
all the difference In tbe world. Tbe
task Is ensy now. We will make it
go sure. These bankers know what
that salmon business Is. Why, I had
no trouble at all. They say we can
lose if we have a good site on thc
Kalvtk river
That evening Boyd and George start
ed away, but could not locate Fraser.
When the train pulled out a familiar
voice greeted them:
"Hello, you"—and there was Fraser.
"What are you doing here?"
"Oh, I'm on my way east"
"Whereabouts east?"
"Chicago, ain't it? I thought that
was what you said." He seated him
self and lighted another long cigar.
"Are you going to Chicago?" George
"Sure, we've got to put this cannerj
deal over," tbe crook sighed luxurious
ly and began to blow smoke rings
"Pretty nice train, ain't It?"
"Yes," ejaculated Emerson, undecid
ed whether to be pleased or angered
at the fellow's presence. "Which li
your car?"
"This one—same as yours. I've got
the drawing room."
"What are you going to do In Chi
"Oh, I ain't fully decided yet, but I
might do a little promoting. Seattle
Is too full of Alaskan snares."
The younger man shook his head.
"You are impossible." said he, "and
yet I can't help liking you."
In Chicago, as in Seattle, F'raser ac
companied his fellow travelers to tbelr
hotel and -would have registered him
self under some high sounding alias
except for a whispered threat from
Promptly at 4 o'clock Emerson call
ed a cab and was driven toward the
north side. As the vehicle rolled up
Lake Shore drive the excitement under
which be had' been laboring for dayt
Increased until he tapped his feet nerv
ously, clinched his gloved fingers and
patted the cushions as if to accelerate
the horse's footfalls. Would be neve'
The vehicle drew up at last before
one of the most pretentious residences
a massive pile of stone and brick
fronting the lake with what seemed
to him a singularly proud and chilling
aspect. During tbe moments that
waited be found his body pulsating te
the slow, heavy thumping of his heart:
then a familar face greeted bim.
"How do you do. Hawkins!" he
heard himself saying as a liveried old
man ushered him in. "Is Miss Way
land In?"
"Yes, sir aba Is expecting you. This
way, please."
Boyd followed, thankful for tbe sub
dued light which might conceal his
agitation. He knew where they. were
going she ^bad always awaited him in
(&e library, so It seemed.
Hawkins- held the portieres aside,
and Boyd beard tbelr-velvet swish at
bis back.' yet for tbe briefest instant
be did not see ber, so motionless did
•lie stand. Then be cried softly:
"My lady!" and' strode forward.
"Boyd! Boyd!" she answered, and
came to meet bim, yielding herself to
Itis arms. 8b«.felt bis heart pounding
Against hte» {iifce the. -heart of a run
ner who bas .speut himself at the tape,
itpit bis arms quivering as If from
#r^ latigne. I?tor a long time neither
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