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yOXu 9 NO 34.
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Andrew Tofte, Evidently De
ranged, Takes His
Owned Large Farm in Fuller
Twp.-Funeral Held
Evidently mentally unbalanced at
the time Andrew S. Tofte, a highly
respected man and a pioneer of the
community, caus.-r! a sli:j!t the
people of this city by taking his life
sometime between 7 and 8 o'clock
Sunday morning by cutting his throat
with a razor. Previous to committing
the act Mr. Tofte had written a note
which was later discovered, saying
that he believed his mind was failing
and that eventually it would be neces
sary for him to go to an insane hns
pital. He stated in the note that
something awful wa,s inipendjijg.
.. mends had ohstl-*.•?for a few
•weeks past that he was disconsolate
and that something unnatural was
preyig on his mind, but never suspect
ed anything of a self violent nature.
-In fact, he was the i^st person that,
would have been suspected of eommit
ting suicide. He deprecated anything
of that character whenever speaking
on that subject. For that reason. his
friends never anticipated anything
violent, noiv- was there any eviiencer.'
in his general demeanor- to in'dlca'te
the commisison of such in act at any
Deceased was discovered by his
daughter in the basement, of the house
when she went to the cellar to look
after the furnace. There were no
signs of life and iUis prabable that the
act was committed some time befoi'j
filler arrival.
Coroner H. M. Freeburg wan. sum
moned and after viewing the re
mains was of the opinion that there
was no cause for further investigation.
as the cause of death was apparent.
On Saturday evening previous to.
the tragedy Mr. Tofte, in company,
with some friends, played cards and
he appeared in the most congenial
mood. For some time it was a mat
ter of conjecture where he outlined
the razor with which the act was com
mitted until one Of the family recol
lected that a Chicago firm had pre -i
ously sent him a razor on trial with
the understanding that it was to be
paid for at a later time.
Mr. Tofte was a pioneer of Coding
ion county and owned a large farm in
Fuller township was one of the pros
perous farmers of this section and
financially well situated. He had
made his home with his -aughter,
Mrs. Tom Nicholson, 514 Second
avenue S. E., for the past two winters,
his wife having been dead for several
years. He leaves three sons, Olof
and Magnus residing near Florence
Herman of South America and three
daughters, Mrs. Tom Nicholson of this
city, Mrs. Andrew Stormo of Pierre
and Miss Mary Tufte. He was 77
years of age and had been a member
oi the Scandinavian Lutheran church
for a number of years. In his long
residence in this section of the coun
try he made friends Wi,» whom he
r?# The funeral was held from the
jhome of his daughter, Mrs. Tom
-Nicholson In this city 'lues.- after
aeon at 2 30. .-
Building Era in Its
Infancy in Watertown
ter has clearly Illustrated the
^Already contractors are employing I^sed Lill Is hereto attached and her^
sity for more rooms of this nature in ceptions 'as one having knowedge.of
this city. And there are men Hi this tho property at stake. a jr»i»
this city. And there are men ill this
enterprising place who have the
brain's and money to anticipate that
demand. Not only that, it is one 9f
the best and safest investments
It is the opinion of those best In
formed on the subject that more build
ings will be constructed- in the city
of Watertown the coining year than
any corresponding time in the his
tory of the place. And the ogujitions
warrent such movement.
All machanics anticipate a bit sea
son in new construction.
Buildings Erected
Jby Indian Oil Co.
One of the buildings, the warehouse,
30x60, has been erected by the Indian
Oil company on its ground out on
its ground on Fourth street S.
\V. Four additional buildings are to
be erected as fast as the weather
will permit. The power house will be
16x16 feet and will enclose the motor
and pumps for pumping oil from the
cars into the storage tanks and fin
ally into the fillin reservoirs. The
other additional buildings to be erect
ed by the company will be a boiler
house, 20x20, for supplying heat for
the glue, kettle the cooper shop,
20x30, for coopering of the barrels
and the wagon shed, 20x42 feet. It
is the intention of the supervisor of
•the construction gang that all the
buildings shall have been completed
within three weeks, provided the
weather permits.
The company will begin operation
in Watertown with three teams and
wagons, and as the business justifies
more equipment jdll be added to the
distributing' department.
•The plant-being establish^ in this
jtity is one-flf P.^chaipibeing/iagtabUs^
eA throughout the country." "The man
agement of the local plant has not
yet been named, but will receive his
appointment as soon as the work of
construction is completed. Accord
ingly as the business increases suffi
ciently to warrant additional build
Peter Mullen, a traveling man who
made liis headquarters in this city for
several years and was well known
here,, died in Minneapolis Thursday
evening. He represented t: Van
Brunt Drill company. Deoia: 3d was
about 50 years old. The fune-al was
held „in Minneapolis Saturday. M. R.
Baskervllle of this city attended the
Sister's Insistancy
for Dabbling in Law
Files Bill of Exceptions
Motion For New
property at stake.
In Making
Not content with holding up a build-
ing a good portion of last season by
reason of a law suit with John Coplan
over a small space of land Sister
Eastwood has emerged from that nar
row stairway long enough to stir up
some more trouble for Mr. Coplan.
Notice has been made of intention to
wove for a new trial with the plain
tiff's bill of exception as follows:
"Newly discovered evidence mater
ial to the plaintiif herein, which the
Plaintiff could not with reasonable
diligence have discovered and produc
ed at the trial said newly discover
ed evidence will appear in the pro
posed bill of exception to be herein
after settled by the court a copy of
ich is served herewith.
"Insufficiency of the evidence
justify the findings of fact as found bv
the court That the decision of tfao
court is against law and that the find
ings .f fact,, conclusicn of law att.1
judgment rendered therein are not
supported by the evidence admitted in
this action.
"Errors of law occurlng at the trfjf
and excepted to by the plafntW here
in. tou are further notified "that *atr
motiorfT«r new trial„w«l be mnd.
Ujton newly discovered evidence anti
A bill or exceptions said bill of ex
ceptions to'be hereinafter settled by
,(he court aud a copy of which- pro-
itlvetr frost cannot^lceep ^Water
down, -evidences of which fact
are apparent in all sections of the
t.ity by the upheave! of dirt by the
,B^\ver, .cellar and other diggers who
^re early on the ground In anticipa
tion of the coming spring rush. uiu ccuri aua a conv nf vt- i—
'/^en to dig cellar for buildings to''with setvod upon you which said ^riB^L«r0? V%Cr/nEu8eaSOn' "/Lt"1"1
W earliest Unje con- peed bH, sets forth the newl dil Jw„
•%tmit wltji weather indications. Not ccvcwl evidence ^material to plaintiff'*^
.rn.y. one large flat but others are tr jejuce cf ncttcn
Te erected'during the comlnc ipA- 'V rfuiriot I ^re'^ Harper of the Nortli Amert
scn. The demand f'r flate thla fTi'
i'"»8watea neees- fed fa connection with rhte bil^^ja ®riate.
Will South Dakota
Stand for This?
J. Plerpont Morgan, organizer of the
Steel Trust, the shipping Trust and
a' dozen other' gigantic combinations
of capital, conceiving it to be good
for the people of this state, aspires
to merge its independent telephone
lines, which he either owns or con
trols with those of the Bell Company
which he also largely owns and con
A man does not-have to be endow
ed with an inordinate amount of: horse
sense to perceive what is inevitable if
the absorption of the independents by
the Bell is allowed to go unchallenged.
At conferences held in New York and
Chicago a few weeks ago at which
H. P. Davison, one of Mr. Morgan's
partners, Theodore N. Vail, President
of the Bell System, and representa
tives of the independents were pre
snt, it was openly stated that with
-competition ended rates could be rais
ed anil economies instituted that would
enable the monopoly to place the stock
of the independents on an 8 per cent
basis. With both companies -operat
ing between practically the same
points, under one management it fol
lows that one of them will cost IMP
to pay dividends on the outsta^^g
stock of the absorbed companies than
to operate them under the circumstan
Thus, the monoply, which now owns
the Western Union Telegraph Com
pany and through that corporation has
recently acquired six of the largest
of the trans-Atlantic cables, will con
trol every channel of communication
on land except the .telepost automatio
telegraph -lines, -ft would- -probacy
buy this too, if the stock of that com
pany was not tied up in a voting trust,
with Rear Admiral Slgsbee of the
"Maine" and others sitting tightly on
the lid to prevent just such a con
With the end of the autonomy of
the independents, every advantage
way of "whipping the devil |8Tave-
around the stump," and accomplish
by indirection what he is legally pro
scribed from doing directly. Have
the people of South Dakota at whose
pocketbook this move is aimed nothing
to say? Have they no rights, which
a Morgan must respect? Have they
become so inert over the frequent,
abuse ofr corporation privilege that
they hesitate to assert themselves? If
uot its time for them to get busy, be
fore It is loo late,—National
Serviceji'irt- .r„
estate ,SA|.E.
ATT Me N^nghlln"has ^just confinmat
e(i a sale of a cottage over in West
Watertown. for ^2,000. Mr. Mc Laugh
in was one. of the hehvy builders last
season ^having completed about two
oti business trip to
Engtosby is mention- Minneapolis ana .other Minnescttf
'.• .., LU.. •_..• .•*•..
Make [Lincoln's: BirtH
day A National
Holiday, ^giis
cure'd by competition will be at once
surrendered and every, section of the
state that has heretofore profited by
the keen rivalry for business that has
existed between the two systems will
experience the same arbitrary infla
tion of rates as has followed the ter
mination elsewhere. The butcher, the
grocer and the doctor will pay the
freight. The can protest and anathe
matize the trust, call Morgan mean ~v—"""
names and make the air heavy with *k&t nice precision that characterlz
sulphurous maledictions but it wont
do any good. In effect the trust will
say: "If you don't like it, you need
not have a telephone.' But i. you -are
without a telephone connection in
these days you cannot do business.
The trust knows this. Will the great
commonwealth of South Dakota stand
idly by the roadside while Wall Street
in its greed for added revenues im
poses another burden upon "this con-
uu u^u
„r i„... tribute from every community in the
When he acquired control Sf the
independents, Morgan made an affida
vit to the Supreme Court of Ohio that
his purchase was for private invest
ment and not for the Bell Company.
.. -i#
upuu mis aim­
whereby it may extort new
To get around this he now
to turn the stock of the two systems I
which is only j,he
into a single company
another way of
Down Went McGinty
to Bottom of Grave
Watertown in her crude state was
on the live wire, a condition which
has continued to exist here. If only
a burial ceremony was to be pulled
off the stunt was accomplished with
ed a simple business transaction. On
one occasion which, ait least, those pre
sent will hold a vivid recollection, a
burial ceremony was being held ouf
at the cemetery. By some Blight mis
take in his cumulations the grave dig
ger had failed to properly calculate
the dimensions and just at the criti
cal moment in the ceremony when
the bos containing the coffin was be
ing lowered into the grave and when
only part of the way down, It was
painfully aparent that the excavation
was too small and it resisted the
efforts of the bearers to raise or low
er the box. The day was intensely
cold, being accelerated at every guBt
by the gentle zephyrs from across
the prairies. The minister stood hes
itatingly with his hook of rital readv
to pronounce the last final rites when
at the bottom of the
situation was becoming
critical and
too aggravating for the
Irish blood of the driver of the
hearse. Finally, as a climax to the
occasion he gave a spring and leaped
down into the inclosure striking both
feet squarely on the box, which yield
ed to the sudden impact and dropped
to the bottom of the grave. "There
you— will you get down where
you belong?" exclaimed the driver ai
he climed out of the sepulchar. The
minister shuddered, gave a few audi
ble mutterings and the obsequefes
.briefly terminated:
A: Lincoln county girl writes this
advice: "Why do young men do so
much loafing?to work! Push
ahead! I am but a young girl but
I clothe myself and hivd- money
in the bank. I-iay up more moiiey
8 fU,Ure
Pierre, Feb. 6.—E. C. Issenhuth,
the father of the bill to mske Lin
coln's birthday a holiday in this state,
has framed up the folowing which he
is sending out overfithe. state,
.for., that
"To the mayor of every to,wn or city
in South Dakota:
It order to comply with the spirit
of ithe legislative action of four years
a®D, making Lincoln's birthday a
legal holiday, I havo the honor to re
quest you to appoint at once, a local
committee of citizens to prepare a
suitable program to be given in some
public hall or place at 3 o'clock p.
m. on Sunday, February 12, to fitting
commemorate the life and service of
our war president.
"Most of the remaining Civil war
veterans still with, us, are feeling the
weight of years, and should from this
time on be relieved from the Respon
sibility tor the program on Memorial
days, as a mark or respect we owe
them, for what they have done for
the nation, and placeB on high honor
should be asigned to them.
"All the world toyed Abraham Lin
coln. He was near the hearts of the
people of our nation because he lov
ed tbem. His name furnishes the
most precious of all subjects from
which to teach our children the les
sons of patriotism.'
"The following program which can
be amended ifi suggested to be help
ful to your committee:
"l-—Vocal or instrumental music.
"2—Reading of Lincoln's address at
"3—Address on life of Lincoln.
"4—Vocal or instrumental music.
^7-Readlng of LiacOIh's letter to
"Mfsl BlxbjC
"6—'America' by the audience.
"Let the day be pblerved through
out the state of South Dakota.
•'—"E, C. Issenhuth,
"State chairman Lincoln Memorial
A boy may
«v nwuejr
year than any young man
three mf,es of
go to a dance and go home a dollar
out I advice- all- girls to cut clear
of loafing boys. Stand by the boy
Who works, and never put your arm
through ttys handle of a jug."-*Kan.
«as city Star,
to their fakf!
every farmer'
Si™ ZZ
they get a dollar they
"fir' •»&>•
It makes us mad as a wot hen to see some skillet-faced
one-galus gallot sitting on a goods box at a countrjt store with
enough tobacco juice on. his shirt front-to kill a nTule, talking
about the- "cup-per-a-tions" controlling tills counti-y, while at
the same time his patient little wfe Is at home chopping the
stove wood and doing other work that the SQp-jof^a-gun ought
In^he lauguage ot Ella Wheeler jur
ft is easy enough to be haftiyV
When the world goes on llke£s,songi,
But the man worth while,
Is the man that can emile,
When everything goes dead wrong
1.I! O—O—0—0—O—O—
Thefarmer business 1b now coming to a point WliEere if:ls
generally recognized as the most prprperpus business going,
offering the best future and the brightest prospects' Tiiii
^icing sa there will be no trouble about keeping the boy on the
farm for he will be keen to see that it is the best place to make
money, gain the respect of his Tjllowmeu and obtain thnt
standing amongst men, which is the ambition of every right
minded boy. it Js to gain these things that he has heretofore
gone to the city ,'hereafter stay on the farm and that will
send the youths of the cities to join him. All he wants to
b68t ln the 8Um of
When Sis and Charley jyent after Abe Sherin to dehora
him they had planned a real hog-killlng."
Did you ever see 'em take a nice fat emnHnfr i,„„
the knife into his throat? punting hog and put
ChU,n Wm
th6U d,6embowel him and
And then hang him up to dry?
And then cut him up?
And then salt him and pack him?
^0Ulnal~t-he Northwest Farmer and BreeJlr
has "part' nf^t'b
bragTbout iLUn&
ftirrnmrrryf '?.»-• -i,i
You can fool a toot the same waj three or four tlme^
—O—O—O—O—O— r-'f
like liia
look like hia mothjjr. btjt Jj© wUl-^t like ,*sM
il.r\ r\ r\ via-* «****%&&-
.•.•r-' •. •'—O—O—O—Orr-O-^-O—
We wouldn't.^ Prodigal Son for tho little
there is in it ofcfessfcfeM
"s ---y If you hear anything good about, a man tell lt '~be tia,t
sort of a gossip.
A parrot's talk seems to bo a gopd deal, like a, baby s^
intelligible only to its owner, 1
^s'onnui daughters hang on too long she- says a girl
*no marries before she is 30 is robbed of her girlhood, .|f|g
The man who works as little as possible never gets
along as well as the man who works as much as possiole
Wiat has become of the old-faaftioned man who said
every boil was worth $5 because .it purified your blood?
The flowers that bloom iu the spring, tra IMS, will sOom
be here, and the question arises, What are you going to do
about it? 'k
-o-o-o-o-o-ii tM
certain medical experts want Insanity made the basi*
ror divorce. And then the high-divers of the "upper-crust.''
ot society will'exclajm: "Ain't it great to be crazy.
PUt a
obl.gedetoi8e °,,en
and^omfort and success. It Is now being demonstrated that
in all these things tho farm offers the best opportunities,
'"7~ ~0—0—0—b—0—0—
'"^a'birrel of scalding
"ring him up and quarter
10 try t0 get
0 their fake farm paper-but the farmers were
ever farmer the solicitors visited they got about thi«
ime of questions fired to them from the farmerJT
New farm journal, c-h? 'r"*
the Saturday News
Koing to print?"
Th'8 P^i8^d
by the
««t now is this tlmt it
n.llf fA Saturlay News name and part of the
Whilt are you
t0 aoJ!
than the Daily Public
tarmeis a bunch of chaff like that Good day."
you can't catch us
run info^debyf you can find anything efe#"to"
houest if yo'tiL can,' it jou can't be honest, pray for
make a
kCep C001
a weelt in 8011
8lr,'bUt d°a,t
Laft every time you feel tickled/Snailfr ifnf0
ennyhow,, tK

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