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Change in addrt's-. ruav
Hut for practical reason.*
sentimental it is wise to
Qinie upon the farm
lng man would Kive
There is scarcely a farm, however
situated, but some appropriate name
may be given it. The landscape, a
spring, clump of trees, position, histor
ical association are among the many
things that may suggest the name.
And always remember this, that it is
with the farmer more than with any
one else, rests the solution of the
problem of arresting the drift city
wards. An attractive home# a home
that has a distinctiveness about it
Ifoes a long way towards the solution.
Newspapers Best Medium.
In traveling through the country
one cannot but notice that signs, bill
boards and other similar advertising
Is not nearly so popular as it was
•ome years ago. At one time, to the
The Saturday News
Published Every Friday at Waiirldwn, Codinjfton County,
South Dakota* on .'tli)wav
Entered at th« FoKtoIficc. VVat^rtown, South lakotn. as SeronJ ("la.-*- Matter
$2.00 in Cannda,
hi* rnade
Anonymous communications* will nut n-i
sent to insure return of rojcctfd manuscript
Buhiof^ Ofti'
Give the liirm a name am! kt«-p the
farm up to iln- name. name
distin* tio:i ii j& an ol bon
est pride, it hI owb uj mi'fvsi in
place. It nivalis something inorr than
many acres of brown "anii, a
We are turning out first class
work at this price. You can
pay more but you can't get
any better.
DR. BR0DERICK, Dentist
Granite Block
time, iv* ilii "II
now It Las i»e«
S''ntimen'ial rvas
it! flu rvK'«i' 'o
ing iinj harn.s. !t mi ans a place luu:
one feels in iu b»'Ht sense the home
of himwlf and hi* family SentiineM
gathers aruund uixl «t 50
that at last the own»-r d-es Jt so
much ask in ie« lining y»-ar\ How
a I a 1
is well as
bestow a
No ^elf respect
pood name to
bis farm and then no: keep the farm
In good condition. The seuse of
pride and of the fitness of things
would impel the farmer and his family
to do their best. That would meau
better cultivation, house and barns
piinted, fences in good repair, better
stock and better crops and a more at
tractive appearance within and with
out the dwelling.
T-af disfi^ureii
r'Mi'y »*v»-ry cons
an vert isnm-nt
of somebody
the landscape,
tjous spot bore
the? virtues
ils. Jt is not so
•n a! .iud led not for
ins. for business pa
••i' :'i«-nt, (--it l-»'c.iuse
'hat that k':id of
not pay. of all 'lie
uivertising to which
*d\ r' in Mi d:d
manv kinds of
business men resort for the exploiting
of their trade it ha? been conclusively
proved to the satisfaction of the Kfcaf
"Who is goirm to Muvrrii :n it?"
Ar.i ihaf im-ams uiu h. n»r if means
a deepening and strvnu'thfiniiK
hon(? ties and thoes of Vn-i'ny, al!
Of '-iM'-h is Kr,.M||y needed HI our
American rural life.
majority that the kind which pays
best, in bringing immediately profit
able and permanent returns is that
which appears in the columns of a
newspaper. True as this is of all
kinds of business it is particularly
true of the retail merchant who cat
era to the wants and needs of toe
people of his own community. The
reasons why this i- so are apparent,
no' only to every wideaw Ute busi-
u«-ss ma::, but to the members of
every home into whii the paper goes
to be diligently read from beginning
to end.
With forty or more legislatures,
ma'.ie up of all sorts and conditions of
tie, at work grinding out legislation,
good, bad and indifferent, there Is al
ways sure to be a number of freali
bills introduced and passed. They deal
with every conceivable subject, from
the length of a hat pin up to matters
of greatest Importance. That Is but
part of the price that has to be paid
for the great boon of representative
government and freedom of legisla
tion. And however ridiculous or even
mischievous some of these measures
Here is an Easy Way to Do the
Washing and Ironing
Just send the week's washine to u». We will wash It all,
starch the clothes that need It, dry them all, and Iron all the
flat piece#. Thi» way saves you all the work of washing, all
bother of drying the olothes and starching them—and
saves you the hardest, most tiresome part of the Ironing.
Here is a rough dry wash:
Two sheets, two pillows, 10 towels, one tablecloth, four
n* I
ne—a 11 washed and Ironed, ready to use.
'y One apron, two skirts, three waists, one dress, two oorset
cover*—®" w»»h«d,
'starched and dried, ready to dampen.
One night dress, two drawers, two Under snlr°:t, two pair
*took'n88*two pair socks, ten handkerchief*—all washed and
dried ready to dampen.
This wash weighed 11 pounds, and cost* SB. cents. Waa
dotatl It Is to you.
delivered complote Wecmetday
W a W a I
way, at a cost of only $ cents per pound
..1" *»ls Week, get your washing and *fcow ycu
we do the work and til* convenience that this way
Star Laundry Go.
may be, one can easily bear with ^hem along the same path. Better, by far
rather than surender even a titie nt do the kind things and say the cheer
popular government. And -icn, too, ing word now for we may not return
when some of the freak legislation by the same way.
has been tried out it is found to be
not so freakish after all, but eminent
ly wise and needful.
Farmers in the vicinity of some
of the aviation grounds In the coun
try arc complaining that the noise of
Crown and Bridge Work $5
Gold Crown, 22 kt. $5.00
Best Set of Teeth $7.00
ascending and descending biplanes
and monoplanes causes their horses
,nd mules to fall in teror to the gronud
while (heir cows have acquired stirr
necks through constant gazini
heavenward at the machines. The
eflect. if any, up'n hogs IB not re
corded, nei'her have any returns coire
in about the poultry. If the effect
ut«n horses and cattle is such as
ilcw rihed, and if airships and other
icrial devices
seems likely, the animals in
will get used to them just as
got used to railroad engines.
rhif-hin^ 'Minings
fNk-tnire tii u1 be
Mam .'KM
Congress and state legislatures may
well heed the o! Greek saying,
"Learn to do things by doing them.'
which ib much the same as, "the way
td resume is to resume" from the lips
of a former distinguished American
iJenernlly the greater part of a sesin
is spent in talk and in adjournments
oi. every preten. e, and then at the
last a fe .v hiiln are rushed through,
At the best the amount of talk is gene
r.illy out of pioportiou with the work
With the country defrauded of BO I
many million* by the sugar trust and
so many millions by tobacco
and automobiles
When our forefathers cut off the
pigtails and discarded wigs it simpl
im-aijt a change ill fashion towards
a greater simplicity of dress. Then
was no religious oi political signitl
t:i' Hut the Chinese who
e\, ry\ ii'-re are being shorn of their
jiifiies 'o the greit profit of the bar
her. are .irriiii- under orders from the''
i'ini»'ri'i Tin*, suni-nder of an a"
lent ustoni as a mater of sta
puiie.y is another sign that China
iaduull giving up her old conser
vausni and adopting modern id.M
a both govetniie nt and social usages
•other trusts one cannot but speculate
as to the totel amount the country'
has been victimized each year. Ann
yet with all this plundering
and rob-
bery scarcely a principal offender has
I been brought to book. Immunity
baths, legal subterfuges and other con
veniences have seemed to interfere
with the course of justice*
Some people are always going to
do some act of mercy, some chari
table deed, extend a helping hard,
and 6ay loving words—by and by.
They are like the girl who, walk
ing aiong a path bordered by beautiful
flowers, said she would pick some on
her return, but who never returned
There is in its raw state a yellow
metallic substance that looks very like
gold, but it is no more gold than
eualk is cheese. It is called "fool's
gold" in some places because of the
ease with which it takes in some peo
ple. Oi much the same character is
a lot o£ the mall order house goods
o«^ -d to the public in alluring ways.
Almost invariably they are far below
the weight, size or quality repre
This is a wealthy nation but one
gets some idea of how unevenly that
wealth is distributed In the fact that
one person out of nine in New York
cny gets charitable relief every year,
c. course the conditions there are
somewhat peculiar, but none the less
^e truth remains that the great mass
of wealth Is concentrated in the
hands of a few people.
In some of the states where some
very necessary railroad legislation
--—8 been enacted quite a number of
railroads now declare that they are
out of politics and that they are glad
of it That ,'s a sentiment the pu ti
lls eartily reciprocates In those same
states, whiie at the same time contin
uing in a watchful mood.
Many people have a selfish Idea
of religeon. ae/ are intent upon
their own safety only and regard re
ligion as a sort of Insurance ticket
for the futurm True religion con
sists In right living and In showing
mercy, kindness and helpiulness to
If young men knew ao much as old
men and If old men only had me
strent,.-. to do possessed by young
men not:"cry many things would be
left undone,
In much of the brlb* ry investiga
tion. going on ln different states
lucre seemr to more of a desire t"
party capital than purify poll-
E. B. Chamberlain, bf Clinton, Me,
boidly-accuses Bncklen's Arnica Salve
of Btealing-*-the sting from bnrna or
scaldB^-the pain from sores of ajj
dlstreas from bolta or idles.
"U robs cuts, corns, bruises, sprains
a a® iigbrtes of their terror," he aayB,
healing reaedy fts equal don't
Oiliy 25c at all breggista.
Barn and Contents
Destroyed by Fire
The small barn and practically u»l
:in- contents at the rear of the H.
L. Loucks homestead, Third avenue
W., was practically destroyed fey
fire Friday morning. No one ha*1 ftfr
t.red the building for severa' ve*a
have come to stay, 'ai.il the origin of the fire is unknown.
nas been suggested that possibly
.,• hai entered the piace to sleep
mil thrown lighted matches iu the
building is owned by Mrs.
Yan-i8 Hopkins, while the contents
b. iontred to Mr. Loucks. No Insur
was carried by either and it will
j.iacticallv a total loss.
'j h»- contents consisted of furniture
:ih a portion of a former library be
to Mr. Loucks. It will be im
ssible to replace many of the books
viiith iro out of print and were of
., \.enable character.
Publisher Underwood
of the Haze! New Era
The Saturday News is in receipt of
•!,• first issue of the Hazel New Bra.
j-..blished by C'l irence H. Under
•Ai.od, foreman of this officc for a
ear. previous to the expansion and
organization recently made here.
'I he New Kra suspended publication
s"tne two years ago and since that
time the office at Hazel has been clos
ed, but when Mr. Underwood took
hold of the cases the type began to
rise and the first issue of the sheet
tinder his management is a good dem
onstration of the ability and experi
ence of the man behind the forms.
\tr Underwood is a former publish
er and, although a stranger in Hazel,
is no novice in the business and will
put up a paper thit will be a credit
to himself and a boomer for that
thriving place.
The Saturday News extends Mr.
Underwood its best wishes and be
speaks for him the success which his
ability and experience in the print
ing business merit.
This country has several sorts of
fools running loose, but the biggest
fool is the fellow who
standing up
on his tip-toes and squealing for
more war ships, more guns, bigger
guns and better guns to protect our
dear old country from the Invasion
of the foreign nations. These fellows
don't know what they are
about in the first place. Flftj yesn
ago this country was a tub} com
pared to its strength ^tolsy anil yet
at that time Abraham Lincoln in a
speech at Springfield made use of
these words:
"All the armies of Europe, Asia
and Africa combined, wuu all the
treasure of the earth (our own ex
cepted) in their military chest with
a Bonaparte for a commander, could
not by force take a drink from the
Ohio or make a track on the Blue
iiadge in a trial of a thousand years."
But of course some of these little
hopper-grasses of fellows know more
about thingB like that than the brainy
rail splitter. In fact they know more
it seems, than any and all of the
w. geniuses and generals com
bineded. The trouble Is we have too
many men today who are engaged
In trying to split up the country into
warring factions, who ought to be
splitting rails or following behind a
big two-horse plow. Too many sec
ond-class patriots will ruin'any coun
How to Tell if Your Hair is Deseased.
Even if you have a luxuriant head
of hair you may want to know wheth
er It is in a healthy condition or not
98 per cent of the people need a hair
Pull a hair out of your head if the.
bulb at the end of the root is white
and Shrunken, it proves th^ti 5he|
hair Is diseased, and requires prompt
treatment if its loss would be avoid
ed. If the bulb Is pink and fuU, the
hair is healthy.
We want every one whose hair re
quires treatment to try Rexall. "93"
txa.iT Tonic. We promise that it shall
not cost anything if it does not give
satisfactory results. It is designed to
overcome dandruff, relieve scalp ir
Itatton, to stimulate the hair roots,
tighten the hair already in -the head,
grow hair and cure boldness.
It is because of what RexaU "93"
Halr Tonic has done and our sincere
faith in its goodness that we want
you to try it at our risk. Two sizes
60c. and $1.00. Sold at our store—
The Rexall Store, .ft. jr. ^Kreiser,
watertown, s. D.
.''3 located 40 Watertown people on
claims near here. Got their nitne
from me. I can, get a good eye 'jjf
^ron near Ry ,« you get here in
tf Uupise, 8.
Farmers Take Notice!
Try the West Side Grocery and Save
We will save you money on Groceries
and Provisions, Fresh and Baited
Give us a trial.
Corner 1st Avenue and 4th Street S. W. Across
from Kampeska Mill.
Phone 1443
Be Sure and Have Your
New Home Properly Wired
I have had many years experience in the elec
trical wiring business and am in a position to give
home builders the very best possible service in that
line. I guarantee all work in my line and would be
pleased to give you an estimate on your job. I also
carry a complete line of electric fixtures and globes
and shades of all kinds.
Watertown, South Dakota.
Veterinary Surgeon
Treats all Diseases of Animals. Horse
Dentisi.ru a Spetlaltu.
524 So. Maple. Phone Green 348
Read the News for News
My son, unless you learn to save you must make
up your mind that you will work the balance of
your life for someone else. To
save is to be free and indepen-
erest compounded Quarterly
r.1',. .,.P
'ff*: 'I
New Veterinary
Hospital is now
complete and ready
to receive patients.
$1.00 starts' a savmgs &ccount.
Get one of our handsome nickel
plated Pocket Savings Banks.
Save your spare change. Int­
Security Rational Bank
Watertown, South Dakota
t-' -Sir •a?"

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