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S *m
That Well Organized and
Successful Corps of
Medical Specialists
known as the
I United Doctors
Will be at Kampeska Hotel
Friday and Saturday,
February 24 and 2
Two Days Only
Remarkable Success of These Tal
ented Physicians in the Treat
ment of Chronic Disease
These doctors are considered as
Amerlca'B leading stomach and nerre
specialists and are experts in the
treatment of all chronic diseases and
so great' and wonderful have been
their cures that in many cases it is
hard indeed to find the dividing line
between skill and n^lfacle.
Diseases of the stomach, intestines,
liver, blood, skin, nerves, heart, spleen,
kidneys, or blader, rheumatism, sci
atica, diabeteB, bed-wetting, leg
ulcers, weak lungs and those Afflicted
with long-standing, deep-seated, chron
ic diseases, that have baffled the skill
-of the family physician, should not
fall to call.
Many wonderful cure*.
According to their system no more
operations for appendicitis, gall stones,
tumors, goiter or cancer. They were
among the first in America to earn
the name of the "Bloodless Surgeons."
by doing away with knife, with blood
and with all pain In the successful
treatment and cure of these danger
ous diseases.
If you have kidney or bladder
troubles bring a two-ounce bottle-of
your urine for chemical analysis and
microscopic examination.
DeafnesB often cured iu sixty days.
No matter what your ailment may
be, no matter what others may have
told you, no matter.. what experience
you may have had with other physi
cians, if you want to get well again,
it will be to your advantage to see
them. Qo! Have It forever settled
in your mind. If your case is in
curable they will give you such advice
.as may prolong your life. Do not put
off this duty you owe yourself or
friends or relatives who are suffering
because of your sickness, as a visit
LMltl time costs you nothing and many
-save your life.
Married ladies must come with their
husbands and minors with their fath
Office at Kampeska hotel, S. D.
.Hours 10 a. in. to 8 p. m. Friday and
:8aturday, February 24 and 26.
South Shore, S. D., Jan. 11, 1911.
United Doctors.
Minneapolis, Minn.
Dear Sirs:—I thought I would
-write a few lines to let you know how
we are getting along because I think
you would be glad to hear. My wlte
is feeling lots better than she felt for
8 years after taking about 2 months
.of your treatment. I will have yon
give her 4 months more after these
-4 run out if I can rustle the money.
I am feeling good myself after 4
months treatment. I think a little
.more treatment is necessary. Please
inform me in regard to this matter
.if you think It is best
Martin Lynstad, of Volin, S. D„ says
&e is entirely cured of stomach and
Juuney trouble.
Qena Olson, Bgan, S. D., cured of
nervous break down.
win. Parsons, Estelline, S. B, nearly
cured of bladder trouble that has
bothered him for you*.
P. H. Frantz, ^oerdeen says hs Is
doing fine under the United Doctors
Mrs. C. C. Krogh, Huron, S. D., cur
•ediOf blood trouble.
Jf. S. Zimmerman, of Montrose, 8. IX
-Mara the United Doctors cured him of
with one treatment
f- Miss Lottie Taylor, Bcaa, S. D., *an
*k* neTer expected to gM sock quick
^relief In so short time. Miss Tap
.Jpr brother Is also doing well niw
John Mock, 9orbes, N. », aim of
Mi*. J. H. Unruh, Freeman, S. 0,
fcttojr trouble and Um
41- J-v.
Board of County Commissioners.
Watertown, S. D., February 1 Ull.
Board met as per adjournment. Mem
bers present, Rles, Riatvedt, Westfall,
Zwleg and Phllp.
On motion the salary bills of the
County Officials, their Deputies and
Clerks were allowed for the month of
On motion the Municipal Court''
port for the month of January was
approved and the following bills al
J. H. Myers, judges salary....? 62.60
William Schoenberger, clerk
Frank Elkins, Sheriff fees
H. Wlersbeck, sheriff fees
Li. R. Slawson, boarding pris
Fratt rn.'v bopj 5'rg
9f 60
W 1
Golden Eagle Clothing Company
Merchandise for prisoners..
Saturday News, county print
Cozy Home, shades
Watertown Electric Light Com
pany, Electric Lights
Dakota Central Telephone Com
pany, phone rental and tolls
Herman Sperling, shoes for
Mark W. Sheafe, Jr., trip to
Pierre and expense
Estella Trdeh, stenographer
Olson & Mc Cosham, Merchan
dise for prisoners
Worrell Manufacturing Com
pany, disenfectant
George A. Ogle Company, At
lases of Codington County...
Brlckell Construction Company,
repairing 18.06
Chas. E. Merrill ft Company,
school books
Brown & Saenger, blanks and
George D. Barnard, record and
armors Elevator Company,
coal for court house
C. K. Overhulse, postage and
Mark Sheafe, Jr., to apply on
office rent
John Nicholson, postage
E. I. Lampy, postage
On Game Fund.
P. W. Schoenberger, salary
county game warden 8 60.00
On motion the Board decided to
make the floor of reinforced concrete
on West Kemp Avenue bridge across
the Sioux River.
On motion the Board ordered three
twenty eight foot bridges, one to be
put In on Section line between Sec
tions 9 and 10 in Lake township.
One an north and one on Bast Sec
tion line of Section one on Reservation
in Germantown Township.
Oh motion the Board decided to
take down the West Kemp avenue
Biidge and' place it on (taction uat
between Sections 22 and 27 in Sheri
dan Township.
On motion a refund was granted to
S. M. Stutenroth for an assessment
of Structure on Lot 4, Block 4, Stuten
roth's Addition to the City of Water
town. Valuation of 8260.00 or $11.92
On motion a refund was granted for
an excessive assessment on the 8W
SW%, Section 26, and NE SEVi and
S% SE% on Valuation of 8400.00 or
$7.88 tax.
On motion the Board adjourned to
9 o'clock Fobruary 2nd, 1911.
Board met as per adjournment all
members present
On motion the following bills were
allowed on poor fund:
Frank Lyons, Merchandise for
poor farm .'. $
William McKool, groceries for
B. Van Meredith.
Mrs. A. G. Olson, of Clark, S. D,
-writes the United Doctors are curing
in Germantown Township.
On motion a Loan was granted to
Delia S. O'Tpole of $1000 from the.
Permanent School Fund secured on
E% SW% and NW%. of SW%, Sec.
32, .Township 119, Range 62 Reserva
Oh motion' the following resolution
tfbk adopted: ,,
Whereas, the Commissioners of Cod
ington County In regular meeting ask
sembled did make an oral agreement
with the Merchants' Adjustment Com
pany of Watertown, S. D., said Com
pany being in co-partnership consist
ing of Mark W. Sheaf, Jr., and Alfred
J. Haugen, for the collection of all
personal delinquent taxes prior to and
including the year of 1907, persuant
to Chapter 45 of the Laws of 1906.
And Whereas, in said agreement,
said Adjustment Company was to re
vive as compensation the sum here
inafter mentioned but that no record
of said agreement and compensation
was at said meeting made.
Now therefore, be it resolved, that
we, the commissioners of Codington
County, allow said Merchants' Adjust
ment Company for the collection of
said taxes 30 per cent of all taxes
collected against persons residing in
Watertown, and 20 per cent of all tax
es collected against persons outside
oi Watertown, excepting where taxes
are collected against non-residents of
Codington County, and as to these
persons 30 per cent, and in addition
to the above that they be alio wed the
compensation provided by law, as pro
vided in said Chapter 45 of the iaws
of 1905.
Be it further resolved, That from
and after June 1, 1911, the said Com
pany be and are hereby authorized
to collect personal delinquent taxes
levied for the year of 1908 under the
same terms as aboye mentioned, Dat
ed February 2,1911.
County Auditor.
Watertown Hospital, care of
poor at iiospital
Cosy Home, easket tor Dan Hur
Qozy Home, chairs for poor
G. S. Ireland, meals for pauper
Farmers' Elevator Company,
coal for poor farm
Andy Gayman, groceries for
poor farm
S. H. Bowman, coal for poor
Farmers' Elevator Company,
coal for John Hardt
Golden Eagle, clothing for in
mates poor fitrm
E. W. Vaux, ambulance ........
John H. king, groceries for
Johii Hardt
Max Kern, care of George Rela
meyer .v. 4
Olson ft McCoeham, merchan
dise innate* atpoo? f|rm ,.,
f$»rge C. Ostrander, tied for
oa wtloft a» abuaamt was m*
ad to Anna Oastey tor a panoaal
property ftMeesment tor the year 1IN
County Auditor.
On motion the following bills wers
allowed on the County Fund:
J. A. Rles, Commissioner's Per
diem and mileage $ 14.30
A. H. Rlatvedt, Commissioner's
Per didm and mlieage ........
M. W. Westfall, commissioner's
Per diem and mileage .....
Albert Zwleg, Commissioner's
Per diem and -mileage
Peter Ph|lp, Commissioner's
Per diem and mileage
Oh motion Board adjourned.
.. 10.00
Education for Boys
and Girls of Farm
Mc Kee Succinctly Argues Par
Rural Agricultural Instruction.
Owing to the crowded condition of
our news columns last week some of
the reports of speakers was neces
sarily crowded out of that edition.
But each session was of such an inter
esting character, and the discussions
of such viatal Importance to every
farmer that they are appended in this
issue of the Saturday News. Agri
cultural education in the rural schools
was one of the subjects ably handled
by W. D. McKee into one of his talks
to the farmers. He said: "Destroy
the cities and the towns will build
them up again. Destroy the farms
and the weeds and grass would' grow
in the streets of the cities. Cut off
the supplies that come from the
farms one year and the human family
would perish and dlsappear frbm the
face of the earth.
Agriculture is one of the most lm
portant industries of the worh^ and
the farmer one of the chiisf factors
of society. Thep why not'carry the
teaching of agriculture to the farmer's
childT The lawyer attends law Qcjtwl
to qualify himself tor the successful
prosecution of his profession. Ths
doctor spends time and money that
he may enter upon the practise of
medicine for his life work well equlp
«d with that knowledge that bwpeaks
success. The teacher attendp Um
a 1 mIuuI
.• _.
pies underlying the «ucces&.— ^^pro
fitable breeding of. live stock so uiffer
ent from those connected with every
ot|er enterprise that they cannoi be
imparted to the farmers' children in
their own school, thereby providing
those children who ara to become the
farmers of the future. to grow mora
atod better livestock?
Then, if we can answer all these
questions In the affirmative let us put
agriculture teaching in the rural
schools. by beginning to teach it at
once. I know that every right think
ing father and mother who are liv
ing in- the rural districts heartily ta
.vfl^euch a move .and .every thtfiklng,.
thoughtful citizenr that-- lives in thei
vllages, towns and cities will lend to
this work not only their unqualified
sympathy but financial supoprt Yes,
just as they have unbegradglngly
aided and abetted in bringing the far
mers' mail to his very dotfr, so will
they just as willingly and checrfully
assist irt educating the farmers' child
ren that they may know better how
to .coax and co-operate with mother
nature that she may yield a more
bountiful harvest and more' liberal
contribution to all.
When it comes to just how this
work will be done I have no pride of
opinion as to methods or manner of
procedure. I know it would be a most
excellent thing if the patrons of the
rural districts would me^t in their
respective school district and continue
to meet until they formulated some
plans by which agriculture could be
placed in the rural school in an effec
tive way.
Good Plan Suggested.
normal school provided for. at' the
expense of tlie state, that their' teach
ing may be all the mora •fflctenk
that is done that success and sreat
er success majf be aMurad.
Educate The Children.
Then why not educate the tacpfCs
6Wld' in the things' that relate to his
life work. Is tlte jgractte |^d in-tag
jclplea of
iks secrets .^nn^T^liii
***fthe essentials of |tu^!wsfol«anitog
so vetted In aliiijroy as to prohibit
them fross being tasMUed Into the
minds and keuts «f tk* child to to
On motion tk* Bosrd decided to a«
cept the* Original Tax on Booth 11
Apt of tot It, Btesk I la Henry
of groirtac vrealer awMki
ter qualltr «f wheat
I would suggest as a plan worth a
trial at leaBt, that each school dis
trict, or in case of consolidation, in
each consolidated school district or
in case of consolidation, In each con
solidated districts, a plot of lind large
enough in size that the school could
demonstrate in a practical way the re.
application of barnyard manure, Its
influence or effect upon crop produc
tion, the value of deep and shallow
mulches, the advanages of deep and
shallow ploughing as to the absorption
of soil moisture, the value of a deep
firm and well sead bed the value of
strong, vigorous, plump seed as com
paiw to llgu. or shriveled seed the
value of corn picked at the right time,
even corn picked from the crib jr
w-»n husking, the -lue of seed corn
grown on a well located and protect
ed plat over corn picked indiscrimin
ately-from the field, alio, from a stand
of corn that might ber obtained from
a batch of seed corn where each'Jear
was properly tested and graded and
planted with plats that Were carefully
selected to plant just the right num
ber of kernels to the hill. This num
ber to be determined in reference to
fertility of the soil, the purposes for
which the crop was to be used, wheth
er for the silo, feed to stock or to tie
sold through the elevator and the val
ue of drilling as against hilling. W'«
Instruct Boys and Girls.
Teach the farmers' boy and girl how
to recognize obnoxious weed seeds us
ed for theL purpose of adulterating al
falfa, clover, brome grass or any other
seeds brought by the farmer from
the elevator, the seed houses of a
neighbor farmer's seed to be planted
upon the farm. I would have them
drilled, taught and trained in mat
ters relating to agronomy, veterinary
science and horticulture, with the ex
ception that I would not devote So
much time to veterinary Bcience or
horticulture as I would to animal hus
bandry or agronomy.
Present Abnormal Prices.
What would be the result of all this?
It would have a very decided tendency
to build up the small schools to keep
the boys and girls on the. farm, in
crease the producers and decrease
the consumers, prevent abnormal pric
es in the cost of living. Turn ths
the tide from the now ingested cities
back to the healthful, invigorating
country life. It would change a ruin
ous practise that has been going for
waru from the very formation of the
first settlement of this country down
to .the present time that of recruiting
the professions, other than farming
v- our boys and girls from the
farm. And instead of going up and
down the country boating-when we
ought to be lamenting—that a great
majority of*: our, presidents, supreme
court judges, senators,, members of
congr&ts and captains of industry
had come up from the farms. That
we had advised a system of education
for the rural schools that would keep
our country bred and and country fed
boys and girls on the farm.
Advles 'Concerning Stomach Troubles
and to Remedy Them.
do not ni»gMct indtgestlon wueh
leads to all sorts of tile and eompUca
An emlnent doctor t»oe said
thsrliaety-Sve p«r cent of all Uke Ilia
of tM human body have their arid*
in a dliMtrtered stomach.
A &ma£k
of stomach troablss^ particalarty
con, oats aad
... ..
sitfJfhbtefe leads us to believe thetfil i\.. v/f
to'be tt& 'greatest remedy known tot' ct^L"
the relief of acute indlgefetlon mad
chronic dyspepsia. Their lngredlenta
are soothing and healing to the Inflam^
ed membrancee of the stomach. They
are rich in pepsin, one of the great
est digestive aid known to medicine
The relief, they .afford is almostin
mediate. Their use with persistency
an^ regularity for short time brings
about a cessation of the pains caus
ed by stomach disorders.
Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets will in
sure healthy appetite,, aid digestion,
and promote nutrition. ^As evidence
of our sincere faith In RexaQ Dyapep
sla Tablets, we ask you to try them
a€'our risk. If they dp not give you
e&tlre satisfaction, we will return you
the money you paid us for them,
without question or formality. They
come In three sizes, prices 26 cents
50 cents and $1.00. Remember you
cin obtain them only at our 3t-re^—
The Rexall Store. R. W. Kr eser,
Watertown, S. D,
Pacific. Elevator Co., M. ft St L.
traoka on Maple street dealers in
grain land coal. Wm. Waldron, agent
Phone Main 286.
Does AIL Your
and Quickly
This new, all-'round
Cleanser in handy sift
er can, takes all the
hard work out of keep
ing things clean. It's
Mich quicker too-l!g
Pots, pans, kettles, wood
work, floors, shelves, painted
walls, windows, metals, cut
lery, in the bath room, pan
tsy, kitchen, in fact through
out the house.
Bunted woodwork and
grails require care in cleaning
—do it easily and safely with
Old Dutch Cleanser.
The New Way
Sprinkle iwy little Old
Dutch Cleanwr on cloth or
fonge, nib eaiUjr, rinse with
Esnwetclodi and wipe
I No OUttic or add. 4
them. (Not aotppowdsr)
Just You Try It
bower «fi
'im&r vtmetr
el Ue fimnala tram *Wek
pjsiie»iita TaMets are sude.
Oct away from dreary
wimar tots cheOTy aununar.
Tha 4a Iwie trataa of the
Rock lsland Lines
-trip a rsai Joy.
laf Itappi-
,#31. Jug
Or. Q. pfjdneH"
iv- rtConahltfttioTi
Watertown Sanitaria
and Hospital Building
Office 111 First Ave, S. E.
Second Floot.
Phone Red 165. -,
Or. Earry I. Bartron
Office and residence mj|Water«
town itSanitariuir andj.Hospitat
TelephoneMain 144
OS. W. 6. MAflEE
Phyuiciaa and Surgeon"
Office and Hub, Century Ulk. Phone
Main 408. Houro—10 to l'i a. 2 to
and7 to8:30 p. m.
ittorhe and Couaselor at Xaw
State's Attorney in Codington On,
Rooms 1 and Mellette Block.
Watertown South Dakota
Attorceve and Couueelors
Watertown, S. D.
PraetlM In All Ceurte'
Aretpteot^.Oontraetora and Builder^'
Plans and eetimates furnished. Offioe
and shops 1X41st Ave.l3.-W. ..
Phone Green 83'*"
This house has recently been
thoroughly renovated,, prepared, and
otherwise improved. Good |meals
properly prepared and good service,
Your patronage solicited. Rates 91.902
a day and np.
O. S. IBBLAND, Proprietor,
Plane Moving a Speelatty
118 No. Maple. Plume Stela NT
and Oray Line
Piano and Safe Moving. Excavating
123 N. Maple. Phone Main 270
Upholstering Awalay^ Teaks
Hair and Moss Maltreassa aatfa t»
ezdsr and renovated.
Ul 1st Av. 8. B. opoaite M«Ia 9+
'trance te Oourt Moass.
Expert Piano Tuner
and Repairer
Terms| Hea.
All Work] Guaranteed.
Ainsworth Music Store Phone red 90 ,.
TaiKlng Maehine*
8heer Music
Musical Goods
For Transfer and Dray Work Try

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