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Saturday news. (Watertown, S.D.) 19??-19??, February 10, 1911, Image 6

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SIIjfo. 'fijantm
Srming (Co.
You Cannot Run Away
*t\,m the coal question much
1« tiger. In fact if you are wise,
will settle it this very day.
he weathpr is mighty 'unsar
iij" at this Reason.
Shall We Fill Your
Coal Bin
•Av'ih our'1
~th:tt we can commw_
jii be
-•ijffo than
HigS. A ward
r'' f- OOti
Runs Up
Run Down Systems
S. .ft Yours Up
A!! Drag Store? Sell DIGESTO
I I a a a I
-TO«i it «-»33S?SLS3tSeffiS
em 4
Legislature Busy
With Many Bills
imI .r
i..\ ilnl it
wl :t- viitr a how iu Mr I'.nks to
hi It ,1 in l,u
Watertuw !i has representatives ,it
riorr.- inking 'liar fhf* [.ivnt'iit sesioii
•iiakc tli'.- ji.'nini!-.- of tht- ses
sion bis yours age, wnic.i located a
north"'ii Insine .luspnal at Water
loo wheiiev.fr the attendance at
aiikuin had reached to oil'.- thousand,
and as it has none to such a point,
Watertown people want an appropria
tion to si ut meir asylum.
The democrats who wired Governor
Dix, of New York, to use his position I
to prevent the election of Sheehan to
the United Suites senate have as yet
rceived no reply other than the one
the governor gave the press upon re
ceipt of the telegram which was: 1
think the legislature can elect a sen
ator without the interference of South
Dakota and moreover when that state
sends such a man as Crawford to the
senate I don't see 'vhere they have
a put in.' Dix used stronger words
than these in condemnation of the
South Dakota senator, but we refrain
using them out of respect for the sen
ator and the state he misrepresents.
The man with rhe sand bag bill is
not a popular proposition at any bps
sion and this session has been Z-J free
of any attempt of fcoldup, v.itli a sin
gle exception, tk.K. it wiii go down in
calory, if It '.on if ties its present
standing, as most remarkable gath
ering of lawmakers. Neither has any
cue intimated that there Is a pur
chaseable vote in either bouse, al
though old timers about the state
house remembered well that some
people have been of questionable cbar
actr so far as their vote and lawmak
ing was concerned. We beneve this
session will be a record breaker in
tbat respect and the man with the
general erections both the ssime day, llceness.
and on te same ballot The scheme
WppeiiJ* td tie galning friends, as It Is
out obe campaigii and prevent
Jm Toyii* the
primiury DMlbt of another "party.
Jwt-'klfovMW tu the
hotfiie on the so called Bigelow school
code, which hM the enthuaiaatic *up
J» a nuBUeat crya^
ot i^p4l«ir :v' centlment
At the Conservation con
jgdtHk .mm
1,000: repreeentatlve ettlsens, dele
8tM troat every county of the state,
mattssr was fairljr
usse.l, its merit* being presented
Mr Bis^Iow an 1 Slate Superin
nient La er-n t\ while the oppo?i
to it w.i.
by former buperin
Minnehaha count
on was take
.on of
I'll i-' I
a measu
irs of edu
hill as
rhi' nrsf
rii k»'n (ft
lo it lull
V. Ill
1 11
vmg it
a h".v days
traiBc wnl
•nipt to pro-
tin' ^h• i'Mi.'iit hi' liquor from a
town" to a dry town." When
Kets out into the open it will be
sisml for alio.tier fight, and by
time the session gets to a close
the representatives of the liquor deal
iers association wuo are here looking
alter such interests will either be
highly skilled in their work, and have
an experience which will be worth
tlie money to them, or they will have
been through the- grind in such a
wiy thatthey wont want any more
sin sessions.
A good deal of interest is being
manifested in the legislative appor
tionment, perhaps more than in any
other one topic. The situation is
rather a difficult one and will require
a high degree of legislative con
science to equitably legislate upon it
Since the last apportionment an em
pire in the western part of the state
has been Bettled. To give this new
division adequate and equitable rep
resentation means that almost the en
tire eastern section must surrender
relative strength and legislative in
fluence. It not an easy proposition.
While the food judgment of the mem
bers geu&'.itHy tells them rduce
the tota membership of iha house the
dislike of any county t-. surrender any
portion of Its present representation
makes the tendency strong to increase
rather than diminish the total.
For several years past disbarment
preceedings has been one of the lead
ing Industries of our courts. A sur
prising number of practitioners have
been upon the carpet and many ot
them for good cause. Unquestionably
these proceedings have had a good ef
fect upon the general character of the
sand bag bill will find he is in bar and young practitioners have been
the bottom of the pit with the sand given to understand, from the outset,
on top when the session closes. that onr courts will not tolerate any
The ouioon Issues are becoming crooked practices. However, we have
more and more numerous as the sea-1 never had a Statutory procedure for
sion draws along. The early closing such cases and the supreme court has
move is up for action the last of the taken jurisdiction and has followed
month. The anti-treat bill by propri-1 such course as seemed convenient
etors has started a mov,j is on foot:and expedient At the suggestion ot
for materially increasing the license
fee to be required ot them and other
legislation wil come floating along be
fore the session closes, which will
mean this interest wil be in a fight
for existence before the close'ot-the
session it the masures continue to
show up. There is little doubt, how
ever, that if the legislature should
pass any ot the stringent measures
which certain inhibition cranks have
the court the senate judiciary commit
tee lias reported a committee bill
carefully defining the procedure in
Buch cases for the future.
It Is probable that a very Important
change will be made in the marriage
laws of this state at this session.
Early In the session Senator Purley
introduced the Washington act, whtch
requires the publication ot banns and
precludes the marriage of all defee-
suggested, the referendum will be In- three and inebriates. The bill has
voked. been reported favorably In the senate
with some added restictions and
there Is a strong sentiment favoring
... -,n-
New election Ideas were started on
their way In both houses Monday.
]tw Blge'.pw bill in the house provides
requiremant tor rigid medical ex-
primary aad amlnation of applicants tor marriage
The house as an emergency meas
ure, has granted an additional $2,500
to the Farmers' Institute board to be
expended during the present year in
teaching dry farming In Institutes
west of the Missouri river. A special
corps will be assembled for this par
ticular work. The importance of this
to the state generally can scarcely be
A provision the good rapd^|bllt
under consideration ppovMes a *ti£d
flc tax upon automebllen in Uetv of
purposes. Attorney General Johnson
hoM« this provision to in conflict with
the state constRdtlon.
Fail. Lnntrdahl
extract is from that remark-:
ook "The Portrait Life of Lin
by Krancis Trevelyan Miller,
off the press of Patriot publish
('.inpany, Springfield, Mass.
I was five days after the battle of
Miti.-tHin, the twenty-second day of
September in 18tjU. Members of the
l'inet were seated in secret session.
I.in.oln sat with a book in his hands.
in faces of statesmen were stern.
mi' did not seem to notice them as
they entered. Then, turning to them
said: "Gentlemen, did you ever
read anything from Artemus Ward?
Let me read you a chapter that is
very funny."
A look of anger passed over the
ministers. Lincoln laughed heartily:
not a member of the cabinet smiled.
"Well," he said, Let's have another
chapter." He continued to read with
great deliberation. The statesman
were astonished. Abruptly, he threw
the book down, and exclaimed "Gen
tlemen, why don't you laugh? With
the tearful Btrain that is upon me
night and day it I do not laugh I shall
die, and you need this medicine as
much as I do."
His face and his tone became grave,
'turning to his tall silk hat that lay
upon the table, he took a paper from
it. He gazed for a moment at his
ministers. "I have called you here,"
he said slowly, "upon very Important
business. I have prepared a little
paper of much significance. I have
made a promise to myself—and to my
Maker. I am now going to fulfill that
Holding the sheets before him, he
began to read. His voice was low but
firm: "On the first day of January,
in the year of our Lord 1863, all per
sons held as then slaves In any state
or designated part of a state, the
people whereof shall then b* In rebel
lion against the United States, shall
be then, thenceforth and forever free."
The statesmen were silent. The
tremendous meaning of it all flooded
upon them. The man upon whom
they had looked as without power of
decision, sat before them with grim
determination. In the might of de
cision, he had with a single blow Is
sued to the world a proclamation that
was to break the shackles of' bondage
and to shake the foundations of civi
Joseph Stevens of this city Is serv
ing a 15 deys' sentence In the iity
jail for disorderly conduct When be
ing arrested he resisted the officer and
in municipal court Judge Meters
gave him the choice of $10 fine and
five -days, or 16 days imprisonment
In the city jail.
Siat^Of bhio. City of Toledo,
Luc«s Coknty, ss. _J
WjuifcJ. Chenqegr statqa on
that he'li seizor partner, of tfce firm of
7. J. Ctifnney ft Co., doUc business In
the city of Toledo, County and state a
foresaid, and that said Arm will pay
the sum at OHB HUNDttBD DOLr
IjARS tor each and every ease of
Catarrh that cannot to eured by the
ttte ot Hall's Catarrii Cum. FRANK
3. CHKNNBY. Signed,
in flv jMeence, thls «th day of
t)ecember, A. U. 1IM.
(Seal.) A. W OLXASON,
Skills CNUfirrh Cure Is taken tm¥
*sUK «»d aets'4l?eet)ty «m blood
ssneons awfiM* ot the systeicf
SsM i# TeeWsWtftsls trse.
r. c. chmwibt 00,
VtoaHy Pills tor
our want ids.
Cereals,Ye&»t,Water,Baker» Art—BREAD
Mother Earth's Best Cereals and Hops,
Water, Yeast, backed by Original Brewing
They Break About Even
BLATZ possesses time-honored virtues
old fashioned tonic properties, delicacy of
flavor, and character.
Always the Same GoodQldBtatz
& Co..Wholesale Dealers, 110 N. 0,.k St., Watertown, S.D.
An Honest Man is God's Noblest
Diogenes may have had to use a lantern in
mid-day to find an honest man, but no such
method is necessary in South Dakota, to
find an honest flour. The "GARLAND"
flour manufactured by the W. H. Stokes
Milling Company, solves the problem, as
is attested by thousands of testimonials we
have in our possession.
is what it purports to be—a high class pat
ent flour manufactured from strictly first
class hard spring wheat no mixture of
durum or otheJ low grade wheats are used
in the make-up of this celebrated flour.
"Man does not live by bread alone," but
bread is the "Staff of Life." Then
not use the ^O
ARLA&TD1' iFlour—a South
Dakota flour for South Dakota people.
W. H. Stokes Milling Company
-ff -J- •. ft
old fodder. Good teed means good
feeding and as a horse owner yon
know that means better horses la
every respect
Feed, Wood and Hay
Phone Main 637 Q. C. Ostrander, Prop.
W. D. MORRIS, Pres., H. D. RICE, V., Ptes., L. T. MORRIS, Cuk,
Capital, Surplus and undivided profits $150,000.00
fw-the safety of yegjr £un4s
the oikcefvii aoasejevalive^ma®agement And Jong j»uct
cessfttlc«xperi«)BCe of this STRONG BANK., and for
your^iEflaei'^ affaiifs the -many facilities of the lar^e
btisine^ done hy us, why should you be satisfied
with anythii^ less?
4 wnt r^' annum is paid on.Six Months, Time
Deposits, an4 on Saving Accounts. We #tn handle
your real-estate loans.
but not to your horses. Olve then
some of ours for a change and see
how they will eat It much more greed
ily than they have been attacking their
—pt mw- Pt fc«* "St-*-
Phone Main 2» J. M. SELMSER, Aat.

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