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VOL. 9 NO 36.
Passes Away in Florida Last
Sunday Where He Went for
the Benefit of His Health.
of the Park & Grant Mercantile
Co., One of the Oldest and
Largest in the State.
ZT?ia T? °ne
lo our cli
at 12:30 o'clock at Miami, Florida,
where he went last fall for the bene-
-be shipped to Red Wing, Minn., his
former home, where the funeral will
be held and interment "had.
Boy Got a Piece
Glass in His Ear
The little- son of John Kozak, of
•South Shore, was: brought to town
•Sunday to receive •treatment for ear
trouble which had developed serious
symptoms. It seems that some months
ago the little fellow through acci
.•dent got a piece of broken glass in his
ear. Altho the glass was not removed
ago when serious nervous symptoms'the
appeared .and meningitis developed, the
•On Sunday Dr. Hill performed art op-
Watertown Sailor
bottle flew in his face burning him
quite- badly about the eyes.
Jay Carpenter
in the Orient.
T,. }Japanese train. There are three class
He passed away last Sunday night' ..
es of travel. They say that only
fit of his health. The deceased was iClaS8
73 years of age at the time of his ,first
His son, Herbert Park, of this city,
was summoned to Florida about two
weeks ago oh account' ot the ser
ious condition ot his. father.
Mrs. Park and two sons, Herbert
Of this city and Robert E. Park,
"well known magazine writer of New
York survive.
at the time there was apparently no
trouble resulting untii about a week jbaCk
Japan, Jan. 15, '1911.
Dear friend:
After "a rather sterenuous week in
Japan, it seemed good to get onto a
quiet steadier again?""'
"Hie steamship Minnesota lost her
port pvopeilor on New Years day in a
storm and we had to limp into port
with one propellor. We arrived in
Nagasaki four days late.
The passengers were allowed the
privelege of making a trip overland
jthru Japan or going by steamer. Two
of us decided to go from Yokolioma to
iKobe expecting to take the boat from
there.. ".
We went ashore at Nagasaki Fri-
The news of the death of H. A. day night 1 had my first jinrikisht
Park came over the wire last Mon- ,ride that evening. It seemed queer to
day morning as a shock barbed with *be drawn around by a human
pain and sorrow. horse. 1 believe that one of those
Mi. Park was at the head of the 'ricksha men could make a marathon
Park & Grant Mercantile Co., of this runner look sick in pretty short order,
ty and has been a resident of Wa-! We spent a day in Yokohama, saw
er own or the past quarter of a cen- the shops and made a few purchases,
tury where he enjoyed the confidence
morning we went to Kam-
^6W akura to see the statue of Buddha.
a S6Vere That was OOT fir8t
•teration removing the particle Of glass !'^0^yo" Tokyo is a very line city.
which had worked itself through the VTH§s§treetB
Visits Cuba
on a
fools and millionaires travel
at any rate We We tile only
c,asa people on that
death. ,cars are open on the side. We were
It is expected that the body will
^terested. in the scenery that we
didn't know we hid arrived. St Kama
kur until the train was pulling out
When we tried to get out wife found
the door was'locked on the outside so
we went to the next station ,and rode
in a
missed seeing
a good deal of
and, were content.
evening we went' to
©Ir drum and waS lodged cloBe to the jatld have a fltne government
brain. The operation was successful .th.ere. The palace of the Empor
and although a very sick boy it is .building there. The place of the Em
hoped he will now show rapid im- ,Poror is there. We got as far as the
Jivovement. (outer moat and took some pictures
:. ., .- of that
wl^e allc'
well paved,
The Emporor. was supposed to
review the troops on Monday morning
but he had a cold and the weather
wou not permlt llim to
Monday morning we 1Blngle
J. W. Poor, living east of the city. Saw Shiba and Vena parks and went,pinrinot wv,iiomcnv
iCIarinet Solo—Irving Williamson,
has just receved word from his sou :thru the Imperial museum. The Book Review—The Rosary—Gertrude
living H. who is 0x1 the U. S. warship, military Mueseum was closed for re-'j Peterson.
Newport, that their ship is about to pairs so we didn't see that. How-:Reading—"How .-'Two' Girls Study—
sail for the island of Cuba, where
ever, we saw some demolished
expect to remain for the next two sian guns in the park. Piano
months. This is one ot the features Monday evening we had our first
of the naval service and the cruise (experience in a Japan sleeping cav,.
is for the purpose of giving the re- I think I slept 15 minutes but am not
cruits a little taste of the actual duties sure. The cars are narrow gauge anrl which was given after
thought that-., he..-will receive no per
manent. injury as he was given im
mediate care by a pTiyslcii^pt.
at sea. .we happened to strike one that had [had been called to order by I he presi-'
dent. Glee Tarut.. and the roll called
,a bunch of Japs In 'it, smoking their
.evil smelling little pipes. The train and the minutes of the last meeting
.§)•]]£ Clerk Gets I««cked. "ana 'swayed -all-''tlie 'way- -to rend by the secretary, Hester
P. A. R^damaker, drug .clerk em- ^,engers jja(j an been transitered to
Jfioto hut made varv crood time. Piano Duet-^—Grace Donahue,
JCioto but made very ^good time.
|j| Ey0S On telephoning to Kobe from Kiato
with, the Jap. R. R. has rather sour
ed us on them Wit the trip-from Kobe
to Nagasaki was better tfian the one
to Kioto so we didn!t «aind it s.Qjn»ch
after all.
We loft Kobe in ttv? afternoon Wed-5
nesday and arrived in Nagasaki the
next afternoon at 3:60.
Nagasaki is a good place to "buy
tortoise shell goods. I bought things,
there that wouiden't be, easy to dupli
cate in the states.
The Nikko got into port at about
6 o'clock and we went aboard. We
pulled out of port at 5 o'clock the next
(Fri.) afternoon. Ths boat is small-,
er than the Minnesota but is much'
faster and they have better rating.
The captain is a funny old Jap. He
sits at one end ot the table and I
sit at the other.
The Japs are queer people. They
all wear kimonos excepting the work
men who wear pants, the same as we
do. Very nearly all the women have"
children slung upon their backs.
They have a peculiar walk. Their
shoes are made of wood. They weal*''
socks with the big toe isolated from'
the rest of the foot and a thong goes
over thru the big toe and one the
other way to keep them on. Some 'of
the shoes are built up about three
inches from the ground.
There was a lady
the vce president Gladys Anderson
called the meeting to order. The (puendent
roll was then called by the secretary,
Gertrude Loomis, and the minutes 'of
the last meeting read.
The following' program was the!}
Piano Duet—Beatrice Woodward,
Leah Hopkins.
Original Story—"The Latin Profes
sor," Helen Bronson.
Foregn Current Events—Hugh Gatch
Vocal Solo—Mary Coplan.
Vision of Sir Launfal,in Prose—Hat
tie Burt.
Rhoda Snell.
Kioto is a good place to buy si}l4
and' 'damascene.' I bought several
things and sent them home to the
the train fro®,
Kobe to Nagaskl and- she persuaded
-the Jap to let her try on his shoes
She couldn't make much at it tho for
her big toe wasn't insolated.
I'M going to see Hong Kong sod
will go up to Canton'if It isn't too ex
pensive. This boat rolls a good df&l
but. I haven't been sick .^et.
Sincerely |»urs,
On S. S. "Nikko 5f4rw,
High School Notes
The high school pupils were great
ly pleased with the large penant given
to them by the Watertown market
and which now has .a conspicious posi
tion in "the Assembly Hall.
The dreaded Rhetoricala have com
menced again 'afld the first program
was given last Friday afternoon by
the Philomathian Society. The presi
dent, Lawern.ce 0'Toole being absent,
Doiigheri v.
Miss Spencer acted as cr
Wednesday, Feb. 22, the
ciety furnished the following program
beth Keegan.
we found that cur eat v.'«.b going to Gettysburg Speech Homer Matliie-'
'dry dock 20 days at Nagaski. The pas-1
ployed at Kreiser's diug store met ^hff boat-and^^ had left^ there^^hal |Original Story—Aunt Betsy's visit to
with a serious accident Monday morn- ^oTnine~ Conseauendv we had "to 1 New York—Polly Tenne ery manner that the walk leading to
iOT. WML 15 the oi opening w, 'V •"*,
to go by the Chiyo Maru to Mumilla,
allied with this line in some way and
I wouldn't transfer us to a boat out
Jed banner"—Louise fiellatti.
a Current Events—De Viilo Bannister,
as that is a first class beat but they
vruldnt give us that transfer. The. i,„„r
», Veavonfte Boughner.
Great Northern Steamship Co., i0jVocal Solo-Hester
R(!adinK_H.6r vislt t0 the
Johnson accompanied two Bide 'heir line. We had to watch tho left Thursday, Feb. 23 for Sionx City., ing the council no jursidiction unless
candidates to Aberdeen Friday night Chiyo.pull out and leave us. iia., where they will attend-iv 7...W. O.'ithe street was reopened. The matter
to take the Shrlfter degree J. p. We were given railroad ticket*
Davis and J.E. ..lather- were the two KmwU and Bad to take them or run W" -, rf seveml ot. the council were in favor
who took tha across the our chaaceB ot Catching a steamer John H. Conley returned Friday'of taking the proper steps to open the
liteniing':sanaaJ^'' •••••».*•»«»«
on the N. Y. K. line. Our experience,- -frorii his eastern -trip. 1 street and compel the building of the
Blake's Big Roar
is Sidetracked
Kobe is a sort ot
town. We got more supplies there'
than we were able to get in any oth^r
Complaints Against Telephone Com
pany are Aired.
The city council met in adjourn
ed session last Monday evening and
several important matters were
brought before that honorable body
.'for their consideration.
As stated in last week's News tho
mutterlngs of discontent against the
telephone company which se'emB co
have been growing of late was
brought to the attention of the coun
cil in the form of a petition which was
presented by attorney J. p. Mc Kay
and who represented the petitoners.
In this petition the South Dakota
Telephone Company was charged with
violating their franchise in various
ways. Some of the contentions were
that the telephone company would
present a bill for fifty cents more
than th'ey are allowed according to
the franchise and then instruct that
if the bill was paid before the tenth
of the current month, in advance, a
discount of 25 cents would be al
lowed, thereby leaving the amount
charged 25 cents in excess of the
amount stipulated in the franchise.
C. Elling alleged that he was com
pelled to, pay a $3 deposit in order to
have a phone installed and further
more that he had to pay one month's
rent in advance which he claimed
was in direct opposition to the articles
found in the franchise. J. O. John
»on was present and informed ths
council that he could Very easily ex
plain these misunderstandings, but
the matter was carried over to the
next meeting of the council and the
petitioners were instructed to be pre
sent and present the petition at that
time. The mayor also suggested that
the attorney for the petitioners, the
^01ty Attorney and manager Johnson
tag^h»fc-«n«%ft the differences
rw. could not be adjusted.
S. H. Addison of tlici J.
company gave the council an address
on igood roads and advised them of
the* fa ct that there wweistfthe city
a large steam roller whlek he would
be glad for them to' come down and
inspect and said if the occasion pre-,
sented it?«'f he Ti:ould be more than
glad to give them a practical demon
stration. The matter was referred to
the committee on streets'and alleys.
4 bill was presented in which Irviii
H, Myers asked to be reimbursed for
money paid out for expenses on a trip
to Pierre. The defect in the inde-
i-Ciias Wilson. iof
crUic„wll6 MJsb Bollon.
law governing
I the transfer of bonds was the cause
of his trip. The judge framed a bill
to do away with the defect and it
was sent to Pierre, but was lost and
bbutd not be found and- he in com
pany with a delegate sent by the
school board went to the state capi
tal and were instrumental in having
the bill introduced.
The matter of the expense was re
ferred to a committee, who were in-,
structed to confer with the school
board and if poBSible reach a settle
ment with them.
Original Pantomime—Evelyn Sherin. A letter was read which was in the
carriage and drove all over the city. -Home Current Events—Roy Me Bath, form of a petition with forty signa-
tures, asking for a special ballot on
the liquor question at the next elec
A letter from the city engineer stat
|cd that the big sewer oft the nortri
jside was completed as was also thf
sewer on Kemp avenue, with the ex-
so- 'ception of some finishing work on the
Mrs. Paul Schmidt, who receiver!
a warrant from the city for $30, lost
the same anil asked the city to.re
^issue, giving an indemnity bonrl 11s
Jisecurity in tlie instance cf the war
rant being found and cashed, The
Warrant was re-issu°rt.
A letter was read from the officials
tho Great
lo(8 Kesaier and Beth Bannister ied way back in the eighties, thus giv-
^.-convention. $ y. was not settled at this meeting but
sidewalks, and especially, as the reBi
dents of that part of the city- had
'been made- to do their share. The
matter was/left to the ,committee on
streets and alleys
The first reading
ot' 'i'"hisvr
nance was heard, which provides for
the appointment of a city inspector,
whose duty it would be to inspect
and test gas, electric and water me
ters at the demand of the patrons.
The question of remuneration for this'
otocer was left a little undecided and
the ordinance will be slightly chang
ed^ from the original at its next read
A motion was made to pass ordi
nance No. 203 to its second and third
reading, which was carried. This
ordinance provides for the- assess
ment for a sewer in Ways* north side
The treasurer's report was read
and approved and bills were allowed
and instructions given for the issu
ance of warrants for the same,
Hildebrant Gets
Treasurer Plum
At a meeting of the "county comr
misaioners held Tuesday morning H.
A. Hildebrandt was appointed county
treasurer to succeed L. J. O'TooVa, de
ceased. The other aspirant for tta
position was John O'Toote, son of the.
former county treasurer, who had a
petition containing the names of al
most two thousand tax payers ot the
The Vote stood: for Hildebrandt—
Westtell, Pbilg. and Zweig for
O'Toole—Rles aM JUstvidt.-^ fei
Eid. Short of Florence, tats in the
iftc ioak visiting his Mother.
Mrs. S? H^irod .and daughter,
Clark, opent,?#, Saturday tn the city,
visiting a the- JioiMupf Rev J, N.
Rev. Max MifSvaels, of Henry] .was
a Watertowp visitor last Saturday and
this1 office acknowledges a plea
sant call from that gentleman. Mr
Michaels says Henry now has its new
electric lighting plant in operation and
the little city is putting on metropolit
an airs. j*r
W. A. Dean and Herman Schulk,
two of the prominent farmers residing
in Pelican township dropped, into the
Saturday News office one day last
week and subscribed for the North
west Parmer and Breeder, our new
farm journal. Both gentlemen were
pleased with the, first number of the
journal and wished us much success
in our newr venture.
John R. Michaels, one of the suc
cessful farmers residing north of Wa
tertown was in the city last Saturday
and while in the city dropped into
the Saturday'News office and subscrib
ed for the Northwest Parmer and
Breeder for a year. Mr. Michaels is
not only a successful grain farmer
but he is xlso a successful breeder
of live stock and has some of the
finest blooded stock to be found in
the country.
James Ferris, one of the pioneer
and successful farmers who resides
in Pelican township was a Watertown
visitor one day last week and while
in the city dropped into the Saturday
News office and renewed his subscrip
tion to the Saturday News tor another
year. Mr. Ferris is one of the best,
(tested: men in the county on current
events ar.d political economy and "s
very much interested in the reciproc
ity project now being advocated be
tween the United States and Canada.
Northern Railway, in
it was explained in a
fto consider the putting in of a cement
Butcher's walk as was ordere by the city, and
I that furthermore the crossing and
©'street on which they had beer, ask
ed to build the walk had- been vacat-
The first number of the Northwest
armer & Breeder, has reached our,
exchange table. This excellent' lit
tle farm paper has been launched by
Codington Connty men and is pub
lished at the. Saturday News office in
Watertown. E. M. Barker, of the Sat
urday News, is editor in chief, and
editors of the various departments
jare all practical farmers of Codlnn
ton County. The first number is a
credit to its editors and publishers
and is. deserving of a good patronage.
In order to boost the new enterprise
along, 'attractive- subscription rates
are .offered in connection with the
Republican. For a limited time you
can get "both papers for $1.15.—South
Shore Republican.'!,
$1,50 PER YEA5
Prominent Watertown ManwuuB*
facturer Dies of Pneomonia
After Short lUneMiS
Was Honored and Highly Re»
pected at a Citizen and
Bnsinew Man.
Died, at his home, 309 Fifth St. S
E., Saturday evening, Feb. 18, 1911,
Edward Morton Pope, aged 39 years.
Just seven days b'efore th9 end
Mr. Pope began to complain of a
pain in his side. The illness rapid
ly grew worse, and in spite ot the
best efforts of three physicians call
ed in consutation Saturday -the dls
ease oou\d not be checked. So rap
idly did the affection grow that many
of his trtenda did not even know he
was ill. The news ot his death Sun
day morning came as a great sboc)^H|
Fejwing that other oompUcftWonat lJ
inlay have hurried the end, a
mortem examination was held by Dr».
H._ M, Finnerud and H. A. Tarbell otv
this elty and Dr. George H. Burleigh'
of Bstelline. The examination con
firmed the diagnosis and showing no
causo contributing to death «*ve that
of pneumonia. ^1 7
Mr. Pope with Ids family oame
Watsrtown tour add one-hall years
go and esta^l^abed the manutactifl^^'
ing business which proved a success
frQ0t-'thev$tart. It has attutned A
one of the leading isdu«^ .'
tries,^of" the city, a result -made pos-
destry and expert- to^&hani£al and
techpical skill of its founder* "fta*
chi|f product,, a spark arrestet- tor
threshing engines, has attained wide
aajei-througliout the' northwest, while
varlSns other artiQjes made la the fac
tOry here haVe added to the prestige
and succesi of the business.
He was a member of Kampeeka1
lodge A. P, and A. M., and ot Water
town chapter, R. A. M., in whloh -or
ganization he was a prominent work
er. He'^as a past master of Bstelline
lodge, A. F. and A. Also he was
a valued member of Wstertowix -lodge.
No. 838, Elks. $!"
Mr. Pope: was born at Parlbault
Minn., December 14, 1871. When 21
years old he moved to Bstelline,
(Where he engaged ..in the hardware"
business.* March 1, 1899, he was mar
ried to Miss Pearl Hopkins, a sister
of H. h. Hopkins ot this city. Mrs.
Pope with three children—lone aged
11 years, Merle aged' 10 years and
Mildred aged 4 years— survive him.
The funeral was held Tuesday af
ternoon from the Methodist church
at 2 o'clock under the direction of
Kampeska lodge, A. F. and A. 51.
Hind Wheels of Anto?
mobile Come Off
l)r. H. M. Freeburg and C. B. Aileu
met with an automobile accident last
Sunday that might have resulted ser
iously. The gentlemen were near
Grover and on the road home oae of
the hind wheels of the automobile
came off and the car went skidflb
along the frozen ground at a terifflc
speed. Fortunately both back wheels
came off before they had gone very
far and about the only damage done
the occupants of the machine was a
severe sh |cing up. .t,
-i Jno. 4- Murphy, ot the 10-15&26ccnt
store, is the author of an article pulv
lished in the Inland Storekeper, for
February. The subject of the artici
is "1 wasn't paid to do that!" Th
article is devoted to a discussion
the hfelp question and contains. ,som
1 very good ••pointers for cl.erks,- and al
jOther employes. The principle tho
is—that we work, not merely for pa
but, to express ourselves-'-to incteas
our capacities. Besides monej^ ou
work should bring us mental grtwtl
joy, self expression. The article
well worth reading, by-any ySbung pe
son working
a salary, or wjio
ambitions for advancemeii^j

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