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Small Fire at Purity
Ice Cream Cppany
Fire was discovered on the first
floor of the Purity Ice .Cream Co's
building about 11 o'clock Saturday
weiiing. It was quickly extinguished
by the fire apparatus of the plant,
-oven before the arrival of the city
fire department. The discovery was
made by the people on the second
floor who were appraised of the pres
ence of fire by the smoke wTilch is
sued from the room below. The
cause of the flame is unknown, but Is
supposed to have been the result of
spontaneous combustion from some
The loss will be about $100. Sever
al jars of extracts were broken from
the effects of the heat.
Spring Colonist ares
Effective Daily March 10 to April 10, 1911
To Points in Western Montana, Idaho
Washington, Oregon, Bri&h Columbia
$25.00 from Watertown. Through Coli
West, Eastern and Southern points on sale
to these fares.
Raise fruits, vegetables,
rains, grasses, cattle,
poultry. The rapid*
ly growing .cities offer
great opportunities,too—
book tells about them.
Operates electric-lighted, leather-upholstered tourist sleeping care
daily from Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis, and from St. Louis, Kan
sas City, St. Joseph, to the North Pacific Coast. A la carte dining
car service. Ask for descriptive liter
Get a home in tha Fertile eture about free. Govern
Northwest this spring. ment homesteads, farm
ing or fruit land, or land
General Immigration Ait.
St. Fcnl, Minn.
v, rSje*
J.. W.
New Meat Department
ifeJMway Grocery
A. M. Poulson, proprietor of the
Midway grocery. In conducting tie
grocery business in Watertown has
verified the old saying that nothing
succeeds like sucpessi 'His business
like methods and square dealing with
the people has secured for him an en
viable trade in this city and surround
ing country, and made it' advisable
for him to branch out still further
in supplying the wants of the people
in the line of food stuffs.
Mr. Poulson has added a meat mar
ket department to the Midway gro
cery where nothing but the Very best
in the line of freBh and cured meats,
sausages- poultry and fresh fish will
be carried in stock at all times. An
from all Middle
rates proportionate
under irrigation projects
lr» the country along the
"Scenic Highway." Tell
us what locality you are
interested in. Address
DUtrictPassenfter AAent
Fourth and Broadway
St. Pad, Minn,
Model T—Five Passenger Fully Equipped $1,500
Don't make the mistakeof buying a car before looking oyer the Mitchell line. The high class low cost car.
Horswill Land Agency Watertown, South Dakota
Agents for Clark, Hamlin, Coilington and Deuel Counties
The Watertown City Bakery has moved from the Goss
Block to its fine new building on EAST KEMP AVENUE,
East of Grand Opera House ami opposite the Foley Block.,
experienced meat^cutter will have Su
pervision of the' department- The
meat, business wiiL. be continued both
winter and summer. The established
policy of this house for the best qual
ify and honest weight will be m'siln
tained in the new department.
With the meat department in con
nection with the grocery people will
be assured of both meats and grocer
ies of the best quality at minimum
prices, for both branches of the bus
iness can be conducted under one
management and in the same place
at- the lowest cost of maintenance,
Again, It is a matter of convenience
for one to be able to make all pur
chases at the same place when it is
known that the best on the market
for the least money can be secured.
The high reputation of the Midway
grocery both for the excellent quality
of Its goods, and square dealing is top
well established to require any furth
er publicity. The business of the firm
has constantly Increased since Mr.
Poulson first established himself in
this place. It was only to further
meet the demands of his numerous
customers that he added the meat de
partment which is sure to be a win
ner in connection with the grocery.
In these days of high cost of living
everyone is looking for the best bar
gains and in order to get the best for
the money one will not go astray
by calling at the new meat market in
the Midway grocery, for the proprie
tor proposes to give the people of
Watertown the best meats
Here we have all the best equipment
known to bakers. Our cases are filled
with Choice Cakes and Cookies^-
Made of the finest flour obtainable-
kneaded under sanitary and scientific
conditions—baked in modern ovens by
"men who know their business.
local market at the lowest prices. And
iLe people have dealt so long
with M.r. Poulson that they know
when he makes promises of bar
gains on anything carried In his line
that he will deliver the goods, v-
Of Interest to Watertown Readers.
For months Watertown citizens
have seen in these columns enthus
iastic praise of. Doan's Kidney Pills
by Watertown residents. Would these
prominent people recommend a rem
edy that had not proven reliable?
Would they confirm their statements
after years had elapsed if personal
experience had not shown the remedy
to be worfhV at endorsement? No
stronger proof -of merit can •behaf'i
than cures that have stood the' teat
of time. The following statement:
should carry conviction to the mind
Of- every "Watertown reaflor.
O. A. Craig, 424 Secovd St N. E,
Watertown, S. Dak., says: "Doan's
Kidney Plls still have my hearty en-1
dorsement. In 1907 I publicly re
commended them and at this time
again advise other kidney sufferers
togive them a trial. For many years'
I suffered from weak back and finally
I was Induced to try Doan's Kidney
Pills. They practically rid me of the
•trouble and I have had no cause for
complaint since."
For sale by all dealers. Price 60
cents. Poster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the. United
Rfimomhor- ««. nam e^—Doan's—and
Remember the
take no other.
For the true-blooded Irishman Fri
day, March 17, his its particular
meaning. It is St. Patrick's Day the
day when the shamrock ^s undisput
ed ruler of the buttonhole. The old
verso says:
Oh, sure, its a plant that's not very
That St. Patrick wore when going
io the fair
It's a thing that no Irishman can
The beautiful emblem' of old Ireland.
It would be hard to write a short
history of the Irish shamrock without
connecting St.Patrick and his history
with it. The two are inseparable.
When St. Patrick tried to convert the
Irish people he used the shamrock
to explain the mystery of the Trinity.
It is evident that he used it exten
sively, for it is mentioned In various
ways in the songs of the bards. An
Irish poet never wrote veree without
devoting a certain amount of effort
to the praise of Ireland's national
flower. One poet says
It grows in the bays, in the braces
and thru mlrelands.
They call it the dear little Sham
rock of Ireland.
Again its praise is .sounded in a
Thig dear little plant' that grows in
our isle,
Fresh and fair as the daughters o?
From another poet's pen coma the
lines: ./
Chosen leaf of bard and chief,
Old Erin's native shamrock.
One of Erin's son? expresses his
patriotic feeling as follows:
Viva la, the rose shall fade,
And the shamrock shine forever
From all the underlying sentiment,
expressed either in verse or in prose,
it may be gleaned that the shamrock
grows all thru Ireland and Is known
wherever there beats an Irish heart.
The little plant is of a pure emerald
green and has a small yellow, blos
som. Its botanical name is Trefol
ium Minus Lutea. Different varie
ties of shamrock are grown, but the
one described Is the true shamrock.
The shamrock and the black thorn
are the traditional emblems of St.
Patrick. It Is generally known that
different opinions exist as to St. Pat
rick's nationality, but the Irish peo
pe knew where he lived, what he
did, where he labored and where he
died, and that is sufficient to cherish
his memory lovingly and to keep it
forever green by wearing the Irish
shamrock and by singing "St. Pat
rick Day" on the morning of March
Meade Coun
ty Land
I have a large list of eastern Meade
County land for sale at RuOK BOT
TOM PRICES, and if you are looking
for an investment or a home, you can
not do better anywhere in South. Da
EHne level land, black soil, no stones
,aSd plenty of good water at from 10
to 30 feet. This land is selling now,
from $13 to $18 per acre. I also have
a few relinquishments for sale. This
land Is located south and west of
Faith, the new and fast growing town
on the C. M. & St P. R, Into which
trains are now running dally. If you
ar& interested in buying good land
at the first cost from the homestead
er, ca\l and see me, I will be in Water
town tor two or three weeks at 910
Bast Kemp Ave., and will be glad to
give you any Information regarding
Meade Co.. land, maps free.
Phone Red 616. P" It
Anticipating Unusual
mantis for Brick
.• 4.» i' .. .. -i"
The Watertown Preaoed Brick CoJ.
is another industry that &\attti<jJ.jpii
tine the unusual demands *lu)t art
evidently to be made upon its present
resources by the renewed activity in
building which is evidently tb take
\place -In this city this season. It, re
ceived a consignment of new machin
ery for the plant this week Milch is
being installed .witlf all dispatch un
der the hands of capable mechanics
and a good force of workmen. Tlie
new installment consists of a Band
grinder and a dry pan miser of the
latest mechanical device.
The new machinery will be placed
at an additional cost of about *1,200,
and will increase, the capacity of the
plant to about 20,000 bricks per day,
whereas, the capacity of the plant at
the present time is only about 16,000
or 17,000 per day.
The plant with all the improve
ments will be ready for operation
about April 15th, when it Is expected
that It will be running full capacity
with a full force of men. When all
of the improvements, made possible
by the installation of the new/machin
ery, are finished, Watertown will
have one of the most complete plants
for the manufacture of brick in the
Innovation Made
by Western Union Co.
"Day Lietter' is the term applied
to the new form of service adopted
by the Western-Union in this city,
and is an accompaniment of the
"night letter" which has beSn em
ployed for some time. The new form
serves to reduce the expense of tel
egraphic service where the massage
is not tb be sent at once.
.Night rate charges plus one-half
and an additional one-fifth of the in
itial charge for each ten words
above the original fifty will be main'
tallied. Full rate messages will take
precedence, the "day letter" to be
sent at such times as the wires will
permit The latter may be filed, &t
any time during the day. r-f
All Early Spring is
^Predicted by Many
It is generally believed by those
who have watched weather Condi
tioni In this section in years past
that we are to have a very early
springi Breaking up of the ice in the
Missouri river, which has already
commenced, is said to be an almost
surd weather barometer and that
when the ice begins to. move la that
body of water spring is certain to
When the lower strata of air is
warm followed by a north breeze
such as has been in evidence for the
past few days old timers on hitting
up the weather will say that another
true harbinger of spring is present.
But one of the most reliable sources
for the layman on weather procras
tinations is the presence of the old
goose In its flight north. And the
feathered harbinger of spring has al
ready made bis appearance camping
for a night on Lake Kampeska. Quite
a largo flock made Its appearance
Sunday evening and remained at the
"Every white frost in March,means
a rainfall later in the season," said
a gentleman who has watched this
freak of nature in this section for
many years. Consequently, accord
ing- to old weatherwatch dogs there is
ho cause of apprehension for an
abundance of moisture during the
coming season. Another very good
omen for a prosperous season in
South Dakota.
The roads throughout this section
are in many places thoroughly dried
out and are in fine condition for driv
ing while the moisture is being rap
Idly evaporated from other thorough
Altogether, everything presages an
early spring In this section.
Aged Wonman Dies ...
of Paralysis Tuessd^
Mrs. C. H. Taylor died of paralysis
at the home of Clint Bibbins, 412
Fourth street S. E.. at i.,2:30 o'clock
Tuesday night. Deceased was 77
years old. She leaves a husband and
one adopted son, CUat Bibbins, of
this city and a sister In Boston, Mass.
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor resided at 600
Third street-S. E., but during:, her re
cent illness she had removed to the
home of her son. She had been ill.
since last September.
Charles Wensing will have at aue- A short prayer service was held ^it
tion sale of live stock and farm mv jjthe house in this city when the bpd/
chlnery on, his farfi" near Florence was shlpjipd ipfearle», --Minw^
on, Thuirsday March, 9th. Quite a for burial, last evening.
mi tuber from around Watertown are Mr. and Mrs. Taylor had'resided 1j
pl^nnHouSjto attend tbiu fity about tjvo years.
MODEL I##®-*"
It Strikes
Self-Loading Rifle
of 2038 lbs.
This new Winchester
shoots a heavier bullet:
and hits a harder blow
than any other recoil
operated rifle made. It'
is more powerful than
the .30 Army, of big
game hunting fame. The
loading and firing of this
rifle are controlled by
the trigger finger It
Stmt for llltutrattd circular fully
dticriblng «W» iw rltte vkUj».
has ilrtifth and pomir plat.
New Hareo, Cxwb. II. S.'iL
for cnt.cnHfVTBmm
iq RRU and
«ow BBttlllo bnxCT. settled with
MMm Tm NO omai.
•»miw urt uii ro. «uMiui.T
uuiin iML{.u,for
fC«« ttgnCiui as Beat. SkfeA, Alwift KstMU*
hod gtt to? market (nleet
tay'txptmn. and If draft is not
factocy will itttn yonr goodt. WlHb«
for pric* iitt and (Hipping tt£i.
We do all Icinda of Taanit«.
*At»ro*H hide a
Appllnd Into ttio noatrlla
la qulokly abaorbad.
It cloanscs, soothes, heals and protects th«
disaused membrane resulting from Catarrh V'
and drives away a Cold in the Head qo
Bestores the Senses of Taste and BroelL
It is ea«r to use. Contains no injurious
drugs. No mercury, no cocaine, no mor.
phine. The household remedy.
Price, CO cents at Druggists or by mail,
ru BROTHERS, 56 Warren St. New
8ucceed when everything else fails.
In nervous prostration and female
weaknesses they are the supreme
remedy, as thousands have test! ed.
it lk the best medicine ever sold
over a druggifit'g counter.
A^ain S
vPMI to
Farl, Langdahl &

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