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Remonstrance Against
New Good Roads Law
Farrr.ers Believe It Inimical to Thc'
Best Interests and Wi!! Protect
Kdilt.r ot (he Sa 11 rJ.
The people .! Iv!'-Jt I"-
ii'\ itl,:-.: •.
Hoaii l.i v. i.
.'a ui I
in- I m-
ami ins'-!',
.1 Jjl-r.,.
7)' a -I, J.I
-sai'i i'..'
Tin :i.. •,
N «U".
-aid K-ads i:
j'inli' lh «t Hi-::
•'II l!f-i
ll l'f 11 11 II'
st c|s, 11 at
**v! haw
f\'|ni ssed.
o. A.
Possibly bel Suit
Flay Be the Result
il l'-
1 'ui t:
*, j-f'» r.
1, 11 11
t! ..
i! rem iwiit and .•!!.'• 1 1
:it 11 i\ ii hv in'- ur-ations au linsi m.ii
people of hat a lid Mils.•
irrpsts anil trial-- rp
nJispoKfil of tiy i(j-' •iisrh-.r -i
Not only that. I:*:' i: is a .mi »i
«-d Hi ii :i suit will ht- iiir'iMiiftl I'!! oi
Charles roer
Planning For Great
Country Corn Contest
uoue having the count.* v-uTTi ^on
.teat in charge have perfected their
plans and are sending oulinformation
and instructions to the boys and
rgirls of the county. It is intended to
make the exhibit of corn in connec
tion with the. JiQultry sfcow and miU
-winter fair fo be held in Watertown
the flrat week in January, 1812. Lib
eral prizes will be offered.
Competition in the corn contest
•will be open to those under 20 years
of age dividing them into two classes,
those between 12 and 20 years, and
•others under 12 years. The mid-win
ter fair will offer prizes on grains,
rgrasses, vegetables, also on bread
I Hi
c:tKl\ imticr, cic.
!i« Noj'i ji ••si. I'ini:.r an'i Hl\
Banquet Tom Mahonev
Water tow nite
•I ..J..
a hroi!««•)• war-! In-:
Dr. (Ir-'cr, nt-'ainM the I lay news
paper for PtaleiiH'nts made in th »t Mr MalaM
lnper. I k»ias, t»il
eiidoni S
roming Man," .1eal!ng with the edu
entionftl outlook and the recent leg
islatior touching educatlonaJ mattem
H. R. Davlin in New
(HviiiH In I lie large increase in Ms
reai estate business it. became nee
essary for II. K. Oavlin to secure
larger and more gpminodious rooms
and ho has taken a fine suite of offices
in the Cannon block on Oak street S.
Mr. Davlin recently purchased one -jf
the finest vacant plots of ground in
the city which is called Davlin's addi
tion and this early in the season lie
has disposed of a large number of
lots to people in the place who know Phone Main 143a.
gPRING clothes that meet your demand
for style correctness-for worthiness of
clo th and making.
They're Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes—made by the
people who won success by pulling so much good­
ness into their clothes that clothes wearers insist upon
getting them as a measure of business judgment.
These suits and top-coats aren't merely stylish—they're
examples of perfect taste—they're worth more to you
in looks and service than the money they'll cost you.
You'jl find plenty of styles to choose from—
a a
New hats-Stetson and Mallory cravenetted-in shades
matching the correct clothes colors for spring-blocks
salt you.
Olson Bros. & MacCosHam
a good '.hiu^
wi!! i,.
•. l.i. 1,
a 11
-!«•!,! isl f!
his fa in iI
..i 11- in', nun ktM'W
*-ars in th• 1 Ja
in most happy
hoy see it. It
Ha,-, liefore new
v. a- the past
a I gen-
.- I I'ullKOn
Met that
c"*s.s in
To w:( Baby
rtiiv Belong?
i'i I y,
i- body.
..--i iff re
.in: hori
.• the
io !''m
.-.f Mv.
a la-sido
r-.-uth of
»i jai- 11!Tl «!iia.
p( h»*s avo all
!m- York
"..•«•} remove
is moving to
a repli-d po-
I mn:i
.1 11 Hlll-li III' ililS
a lumber
sciiioti td ikt rliai'^c
The Datsnport elgt/ t» favorite
with traveling men, who know a good
thins when they see It.
Corporal I'hlHp Boardman, who
f, j. f\££' eit, hits been ordered lo report for
Coniniodious Ullice1
ill this
duty in contemplation of trouble on
the Mexican border. Ho his a broth
er in the same regiment.
Clarence 11. Underwood, editor and
publisher of the Hazel New Era, was
in tlie city today and moved his fam
ily to Ilizel where he will make
future residence. Mr. Underwood has
many friends in the city who will rs
sret his leaving the place.
Or. Edw. Heinz, dentist, announces
the opening of a first, class dental
office at 118 1-2 Kast Kemp Ave
nl \QT^
and finish.

r/f£ BEST OF
With pride, with confidence and enthusiasm do
we extend to yon, mad an:, a cordial invitatioif to-"visit
onr Ready-to-Wear Departments and inspect t^isv
First SpirSimi
Dame Fashion has indeed favored us-"with the
newest, cleverest originations, in Women's and Misses'
Spring Models for your choosing, for your supreme
satisfaction in.service, and latest authentic styles.
Co iceded by both garment originators and critics
to be the models of style as well as of perfect taste
Siliioyflgfi make Wi
stoir© [email protected] [email protected]|
and meeting pOa©@a
ParSlletioSar atfiemi
tBonpalidto Mmm
out ot town stop
pers promt seir^So©
AMD NO M/&t£ &.$£
'V,r r£
T© Sprite©
wSSB pan H©
Irsis piLoraSna®®
k® my
©J® and up-
Gilruth Department Store
MtoratEw® Stf [email protected]
The Deigners, the Expert Tailors and the Makers
of Authority, have^Uf^£^ssfully contributed to this
splendid seasonable showing for 1911. Foremost among
the leaders your consideration is urgently directed to
the well known
so highly regarded for "Fashion plus skill" and for the
custom fit.
See the short length, prettygSpring -Coats 'seeSthe
new nobby Jackets, the dignified, „pstraightO line^long
coats Coats for Little Women and stout sizes "note
the pretty Persian piping, the tasty trimmings and ^the
STYLE-CRAFTindiviualities in clever strappings.
Your earlyO personal! inspection is welcomed
without importuning to purchase.
Bring your friends, criticize, compare, comment
and convince yourself,
iiMfl waf |p
TrfmmedQHat.DopartmeDit'during.the month ot Hareihi wi
ot ow Begfimia IHtaUs wlltlhi ©oat
[email protected]
Reflect the^ery'
newest and most
ihiandsome niodeBs
ot^i attire— Index
930 seen In tlhie
store. |i
Warren page of Henry was in the
city on Tuesday.
For Rent A cottage close in March
John .^Welter
Three rpure bred
Dou't f&rget the'® Booster.
dance Saturday evening,
Ray Qriswold who has been serl
ously sick is reported as improving,
White Wyan-
do'tte R. C. Cockerels for sale. .W. J.
McFeran, Henry, S. D. 38
We dye to live others live to die.
Watertown Dye and Cleaning Works.
For Rent—Land close In for corn
and potatoes. Cash rent. John Mar
tin. 38
Why not get your cravenette
ready for spring use. Watertown
Dye and Cleaning Works.
Miss Clarise Van Lethout of Min
neapolis, was in this city visiting,
friends several days last week.
A good: young milch cow, also a
good work team for sale. Write or
caJl on Ernest Schoonover, Henry, S.
D. 38
Found—A gold initial stick
with monogram G. A. Owner
have same by calling on Geo.
Arthur Loomis accompanied Mr.O.
O. Jacob's car of household goods to
California which left this week over
the C. N. W. Ry.
The Whooley Packing plant is kill
ing about 200 hogs per week at pres
ent although having a capacity of
100 hogs per day. •*&:'
Mrs. Ole Shellum, wife of-the "chief
car inspector of tha Northwestern,
has returned from Rochester, Minn.,
where she underwent an operation.
For Rent—Fine modern rooms in
the Mclntyre building opposite the
Postoffice, suitable for apartments or
for office purposes. Enquire at Cook's
Music store. 38tf
For Sale—? 2ingle harnesses and
light work harness, also 1 light driv
lng harness. Call at Hayes-Lucas
Lumber yard. E. T. Bakkedahl, 316
4th St. S. W., Watertown. 38
Oscar Egge has purchased another
lot in the south part of the city and
will commence the erection of anoth
er cottage. This will make the third
new cottage for Mr. Egge since last
Blodgett, the tailor, has moved
from the.: basement, of the Granite
Block tot the Baldwin Building on
N. Oak Street, where he haf better
facilities i$tor handling his ir.creaBitifr
Choice-improved Early Ohio pota
toes, lit tor seed or for eating. Will
also haul your aBhes or waste or. plow
your garden. Give me a trial. H.
F. HayfOTd, 709 4th St. S. E. Phone
Green 604. 38
A Are at Rauville last week de
stroyed the elevator of the Kargill Co
of Minneapolis. The •fire was caused
by an overheated stove. About 12,
000 bushels of grain were destroyed
with the .building.
The usual dancing crowd is invit
ed to attend the big dance at the
Booster Band hall Saturday evening.
For Sale—Here Is the prettiest
building lot in the city of Water
town, size 75x154 feet, east and south
frontage, in one of the very best
neighborhoods in the city. Price
$1200 if taken at once. Inquire of
owner 98*7 Second Ave. S. E. or at the
Saturday .News office. 38tf
The firm of Foy & Wilson h»a
been dissolved, Mr. Wilson retiring
from the business. The firm name is
now Foy & Zaug. Mr. Zaug was for
merly employed by the Owsley Mer
cantile H3o: of this 'city and is well
and favorably known. Mr. Zaug
knows the grocery business from A
to and we bespeak for the new
firm great success.
The subject for the Presbyterian
pulpit next Sunday morning will be:
"The making of heavenly music." In
the evening at 7 :30 a short song ser
vice, after which Rev. Halliwell will
lecture on the "Dispensation of the
Church, or the age in parentheses,
An age- not spoken of in th§ Old Tes
tament -Scriptures at all. He will
speak of the purpose of it, it's suc
"«s» or failure, and Will show how it
will cloie.' Everybody welcome.
Miss Nlta HoJdea and John Monroe
Kemp yere married in &&fl biegoi
Cal., February 14, at the home of the
bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson
H. Holdent The groom was formerly
a Watertown boy and a graduate of
the Watertown high school while the
bride is well known In this city.
We press the other fellow's clothes,
let us press yours. Watertown Dye
and Cleaning Works.
H. B„ Davlin has removed his real
estate office from the Saturday News
office where be has been for the past
year to one of the. rooms in the Cats
non blqck over Krelser'o drug store.
Mr. Davlin- has fitted up one of the
ewellest office rooms in the city arid
expects to sell real estate this season
to beat the band'. He lias, already
sold -about twenty lots in' his new
south side addition and Expects to
have them all sold- h4tb££ next fall.
Attorney Shenrood of Clark was In
the «?ity Monday.
P. O. Mlmnaugh has returned from.
a business trip to Davenport and oth
er points east.
Lay in a supply of corn now while
it is cheap. We have a large supply
Kampeska Milling Co. 38-41
For Rent—Six room modern cot
tag^ April 1. 703 E. Kemp, avenue
Enquire at News office.-'.V,'/ l*f'38
For Rent—A couple
you can buy of me. Call 505 E.
Kemp or phone. F, G, Schmidt. 38
J. D. McLaughlin of Sioux Falls,
formerly county auditor of this coun
ty, was in the city Saturday.
Work called for and delivered free
of charge. Just phone Main 602.
Watertown Dye and Cleaning Works.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wiley, Jr., who
have been visiting in the city left last
week for their home- in Portland,Ore.
A. J. Horswill and family expect
to leave here soon for Alvin, Texas,
where they will make their future
Farm for Rent—Five Wiles' north
of Castlewobd, nine miles from Wa
tertown good set of buildings,nearly
all plowed. Phone or address Chas.
Aldrich, Watertown, S. D, 38-39
James Coffin who has been employ
ed by the Hanten Machine Co., re
signed his position March- 1st and
has accepted a traveling position
with the Watertown Carbonatlug Co.
The choir of the M. E. church gave
a sacred concert last Sunday evening
taking the place of the regular
preaching service., A large congrega
tion was present and an excellent
and helpful service was enjoyed
For Salp—A practically now Brush
car, run about two months, with *ig
zag glass front, lamps, extra Inner
casings, canvas# cover, etc. Owner
wants to buy a larger car. This car
Is In flntKilaas shape.' Inquire of
John H. Cotiley at the Banner Cloth
ing store. 38tf
Mr. A. J. Tiffany of Aberdeen and
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson of Watertown
American Sunday School Union Mis
sionaries, have just closed a very
successful series of meetings at Tho
mas, S. D., with the result that about
thirty souls determined to serve their
God. The able manner fit which the
truth was presented brought '-convic
tion to many and revived the Chris
tians. For which we thank God,
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson and Mr, Tit
fany' will always find a warm wel
come in Thomas.
Quartet at M. B,-
church, Monday, April 17th. -vis--.
Etl Wollner left this %r
Faith, S. D., where he expects"to: lo
Lew Moss who has been on the sicic
list for some time is-'on the streets
Your clothes hold the press longer
pressed on our dry steam press
ing machine. Watertown Dye and
Cleaning Works.
The Bargelt Concert Co., the fifth
number of the Epworth League Ly
ceum bourse was given laBt Friday
evening at the M. B. church. Miss
Bargelt is a reader of ability and
Illustrates her readings with the
crayon making them more effective.
The other members of the company
are all musicians. Leon Batchelder
with the flute and piccolo was excel
lent Francois Jores as pianist won
much applause while the violinist al
so aroused much enthusiasm. Every
number on the program Won the hear
ty approval of a large, audience.
"The Burgomaster" which comes to
the Metropolitan next Friday, March
17, is perhaps the, best musical at
traction we will get this season. Man
ager Wm. P. Cullon, who has given
us many good thingtt, by the way,
For Rent—Bent
brick cottaga 9e.irl£
Blue 686, Oacar Eggo.^
Is the producer, and has spared neith
er time or expense in making this
season's production better than ever
before. The cast is headed by Gus
C. Weinburg, who plays Peter Stuy
vesant, the one-legged old governor
of New Amsterdam. Mr. Weinburg
Is the original Burgomaster, and haa
never been seen to better advantage
than in this part He is supported
by a company oi 50 people, in wbicfi ^Srlous bills,
the principals are most of the origi
nals. Mr. Cullen alw&yi makes a fea
ture of his chorus, and this season's
presentation is nq exception, as the
press whereVef they have played
spS&k pf it as being the iesf Sirtgirig
and dancing one seen in years. The
production is brand new,also the cos
tumes which were purchased at Mar
shall-Flelds in ChicttfO this season.
W. T. Adams retdi!
town Tuesday from. My#11'3,
where he has been aurlnjf the -winter. «i
Mr. Adams Is & painter-and jctefco&tor,'
and will be employed Jby W.
Pixley and Ludor's merry musical
masterpiece,. ''The. Burgomaster," the
first and greatest success of those
clever writers, will shortly come to
the Metropolitan, having been recent
ly booked by Manager Dumond for
March 17. Of all the musical shoWa
that annually visit Watertown nona
find more genuine favor than "The
Burgoma3ter."There are some twenty
odd musical gems in this really mer- ..'!
itorious offering.
pertor excellence. Including the ori
ginal Burgomaster,
C. Weinburg, ^L-
has been engaged along with one ot? W
the prettiest singing.. choruses a inf
America, and» w(th the original-'Khn«
garoo girls will form one of the best
musical attractions to visit U8 this
Last*Friday afternoon the Philonia-
thian society hold a meetingin Miss
Bigelow's recitation room The meet
ing was called to order, by the presi
dent, Laurence O'Toole, and the fol
lowing members were nominated for
secretary: Irving Williamson. Ruth
Gilmore and Harold Brlckell. Irv
ing Williamson having a majority of
votes was named secretary and the
'. 'St y
meeting adjourned.
The weekly meetlng"of the T. W.
C. A. was held 1n. their room at the
high school building last Tuesday af
ternoon. The time was devoted to
the report of the delegation which
recently returned from the Y, W. O.
A. convention held at Sioux City.
The sophomores held a class meet
ing Friday night to appoint com-.
mlttee to send flowers to the famU?
of one ot their classmates.
The Junior literature classes hm
completed the
Fresh, salted and smoked fish,scanned
salmon arid sardines and other .good
things at
The WatertoWn
"Macbeth," an
now having a-Series of debates upoi.
the following questions: Resolved,
That the witcheB were the cauBe of
the tragedy. Resolved, That Lady
Macbeth was an unworaairiy charac
ter. Resolved, That Lad.y Macbeth
was more guilty than her husband.
Friday afternoon a number of the If
boys held a meeting to organise with
the'help of: StoB Hardy,- a.-hlgh. school
Erotessor Paraons who tuui been
absent from the city atendlng a su-~
perlntendent's convention, returned!?
home Saturday.
The faculty held a meeting -Friday!
afternoon in Miss Bolton's recitation^
The girls gibe club held theifSp
weekly practice Tuesday afternoon...,,
The Seniors rehearsed the first ac(^
of their play Monday afternoon.
Thursday afternoon the debatingife
club met' for study and recitation^
Last Tuesday Miss Shane impress^j
ed the fact upon the seniors that
they must prepare their lessons
well as the lower "classmen, by
questing them to remain after schooL A
for about forty minutes.
Miss Bolton thinks the high school
janitors must have a grudge against ||j|
her and are trying to get her to re
sign by overheating her classroom.
The laboratory work in chemistry
which has been dropped for somg
time is now being resumed.
The pupils received their report
cards Wednesday noon. Some with
pleasure—others otherwise.
The county commissioners have
been in session this week, one of the
principal features of this meeting be
ing the approval of the bond of the
new auditor, Joe Miller who assumed
the duties of the office this week. The
remainder of the time of the com
missioners was employed in auditing
Notice is kereb" givss that an ex
amination for state certificates and
life diplomas will .be held at the su
perintendent'a office on March "in
find 17, beginning at eight o'clock
A. M. .i -J
3. tC. Overhulse,
Co. Sup't.

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