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Just send
Lathers freely in hard or toft, hot or cold water. This is bat one of its
excellent qualities produced by years of experimenting. There is no
other soap made which so perfectly adapts itself for toilet purposes
in all kinds of water. Jap Rose is the one perfect bath soap.
Sold by Dealers Everywhere
Established 1830
What's the Use? Will You Answer?
the clothes that
Do you save in cash or
ibor or worry by having
the washing done at home?
Do you feel better, richer,
or cleaner?
We want you to know
what we offer in advan
tage to the housekeeper, the
payer of the bills .and the
clothes themselves.
week's washing to us. We will wash It all,
it, dry them all, and Iron all the
flat pieces. T11U way saves you all the work of washing, all
the bother of drying the clothes and starching them—and
saves you the hardest, most tiresome part of the Ironing.
Wouldn't you like to have your Washing done in this
way, at a post of only 5 cents per pound?
Star Laundry
Tell Them You Saw the Ad in the "NEWS
thrive on our feed. Because It is
prepared according to the needs of
each class and also because It li
clean, fresh and sound. If you want
your stock to yield a larger profit
either in work, or money our feed will
help you do it. It has been proven
best by test. Delivered to any part
of the city.
On and after June 1 we will be pre
pared to supply wood, coal and all
kinds of fuel as well as feed.
Feed, Wood and Hay
Phone Main 637. G. C. Ostrander & Son,, Props.
Do it Now!
Better brighten up-those
rooms a little—or paint
the house.
Come in and look our
stock over. We have the
largest stock, and the
best assortments of wall
paper in Watertown.
We do all kinds of paint
ing and decorating. A
full stock of painter's and
paper hanger's supplies.
A. Vincent & Co.^ ,JgCr Foley Block, E. Kemp Ave.
Good Corn Raised in S
Vicinity of Kraozburg
Albert kranz, one of the many suc
cessful farmers residing near Kranz
burg, called at the Saturday News
office one day last week and brot In
a half dozen ears of corn which lie
raised on his fans this year. Tho
corn Is of the yellow dent variety,
perfect kernels, each ear over a foot
long and containing from fourteen to
sixteen rows to the ear. This corn
will no doubt fully mature before the
frost strikes it and will make as good
a corn as was ever raised in Illinois
or Iowa.
1. Two aeroplane flights each day
by Aviator Hugh Robinson.
2. Sheep dog trails with Dakota
sheep. Special attraction from Scot
3. Special music daily by Fourfti
Infantry band.
4. Parker Amusement Co., shows
6 ay and night on the grounds. Twen
ty complete shows.
5. Night entertainment each night
before the grandstands—expensive
audeville acts, automobile races,
pony races, etc. Track electric light
6. Greatest speed program of stake
and class races ever offered in the
West. Over three hundred race
S. More county exhibits than ever
liefore. All space crowded.
7. Largest entries of live stock in
history of state.
9. Boy Scouts of America Encamp
10. Special free acts each after
noon before grandstands.
Merchant's Story
is a Hard One
"Yes," remarked the merchant to
the newspaper man, "we certainly
have a snap. The wholesale houses
-send me duns every month and then
draw on me at sight, but if I send a
bill to a farmer, he comes in fighting
mat] and quits trading at my store.
While I am hard up on money, many
of them who owe me are sending
away cash in advance to mail ordCr
houses. If I contribute money to any
cause proper, people say I am bid
ding for trade if I don't they say 1
am a hog. Every day I am expected
to dig up for something that coij}es
along, from a raffle'ticket to a church
fund by people who say I ought, to be
cause they do their trading here. But
the mail order houses neither buy
iickets nor help the church fund and
get cash for advance business and if
I were to circulate a subscription list
imong the wholesale houses where 1
trade, would get a laugh proper, if
I sell a pair of pants,I must treat the
family to candy, if I buy a load of
hay, I must do the same thing. Cus
tcmers who are able to pay hang on
their money, while I pay 10 per cent
at the bank for ready cash.
My scales weigh too heavy when I
ell sugar and too light when I buy
butter and I am a thief, a liar and
rafter. If I smile, a soft, soapy hypo
crite if I don't, 1 am a grump. Yes,
this certainly is a snap." And then lie
looked over $5,000 worth of book ac
counts and wondered how he couM
raise $350 to meet a sight draft to
The Progressive Program.
Senator Cummins has openly stat
ed that lie is a supporter o£ La Fol
lette for the presidency—that he be
lieves that President Taft's renomin
ation would prove an obstruction to
the republican party.
Naturally, these statements have
produced a commotion in Iowa,the old
standpat element having concluded
that the vigorous fight against the
system is to be continued within the
jurisdiction of Mr. Cummin3.
It is understood from press reports
that the LaFollette candidacy is to
be" launched at a Minneapolis ban
quet on the 7th of September and Mr
Cummins is among the guests bidden
to the feast. He will probably ad
dress himself to the subject before
the meeting and commit himself fuliy
to the Wisconsin man.
Senator Clapp and Senator Bever
idge and Governor McGovern (of Wis
consin) are also among the invited
guests and an exceedingly progres
sive time is looked for.
A defensive progressive alliance ap
pears to be necessary, with the pres
ident of the- United States making
a portion of his own party the chief
object of attack in his emanations
from the stump, and should a defen
sive alliance expand Into something
offensive, it would, be but a natural
pioduct of conditions. bo
SV AW?1^.
wi Bniyirni pvu -n iwivv
Last Saturday, Mr. Taft spoke at
Hamilton, Massachusetts, delivering
what'has been proclaimed'to'.be the
opening Bpeeoh of hli presidential
A considerable portion of his ad
dress was directed against Mr. La
Follette and his republican associates
lr the senate, whom the president
charged with playing politics in their
endeavors to secure some mitigation
o" the PaynfrAldrich tariff act.
Being thus assailed, the progressive
leaders can hardly take any other
course than the one they are about
to enter upon. They must build a
strong alliance or abandon the cause
for which they have striven They
do not seem disposed to quit.—Huron
Vermillion Republican: Well, the
Hon. Wilbur Glass of Watertown has
fractured the suspense aud announ
ces his candidacy for Representative
if Congress, not entering for the Sen
ate as many suspected. His plat
form is a lengthy one long enough
to reach half way from here to
Sioux City. Happily he resides In
the second district, so there is no
need for us to dissect his record or
discuss his principles, but we will
promptly consign him aud his fate to
the mercy and judgment of those who
know him best and rest content with
their verdict. If he gets a thousand
votes we shall be a greatly surprised
Webster World: Wilbur S. Glass
of Watertown is again In the field as
a candidate for congress and publish
es his declaration of principles to the
number of thirty-six, most of whicn
have long been established and are
not opposed by anybody. Among the
new propositions that he supports
is the recall of the judges of South
Dakota, the Richard's primary laiy
and LaFollette for President. He is
in favor of a "perfect system of pop
ular government," "sane business
legislation," "the poor man to be ac
corded equal rights with the rich
man," "destruction of the money mo
nopoly," etc. It may be safely be as
sumed that Glass will defend the com
mon school system if attacked by the
interests that he still believes in the
right of trial by jury and would op
pose the establishment of the Baptist
church as a state religion.
Elbows on the table,
Cheeks with butter smears,
Like a streak of sunshine
Stretching to my ears,
Fingers lather sticky,
Still my pulses throb.
Here's a food for princes,
Corn upon the cob!
•fust across the table
Nellie's eyes I see,
Sending sparkling glances
O'er the way to me.
Her sweet mouth is hidden
But I sigh nor sob,
For I know she's smiling
Behind the luscious cob.
Marjorie the winsome,
Laughing iittle miss,
Fairly beams with goodness,
Gladness and with bliss.
Smeared with yellow bulter
See her bright face bob,
Just a touch of pink behind
Corn upon the cob.
Now you see us at it,
Picture of content
Heedless of our manners,
Free from sentiment.
Care is quite forgotten
Joy is on the job,
With mussy but delightful
Corn upon the cob.
Detroit Free Press.
Canadian Woman
Has Many Troubles
Crowded into a small single seat
buggy, Mrs. Connors and four chil
dren reached Miller Monday after a
trip of six long weeks across country
from Canada. Living on a homestead
in Canada with her husband and four
children and no resources was bad
enough, but imagine her plight when
the husband died, and some cold
blooded rascal filed a contest against
her claim. She had nothing to fight
with and had to let it go. Hitching
up her one scrawny team of ponies
to a light buggy,she bundled herself
and four children into it and started
for South Dakota. At Miller she was
helped by a subscription taken upon
the street. And right here it may be
stated that this WBB a meritorious
case for the milk of human kindness,
to flow, far and away ahead of the
professional beggars who' pass alon^
the streets every day or two. This
unfortunate family was bound for
AVheeler,' where they have some rela
tives. And—how small our little
troubles 'appear in comparison.—Mil
ler Press.
H. L. Hopkins'" of Brookings spent
Sunday With his family in this city.
Thresher Killed in
Unnsu&l Accidfel
MadlB$n, Sept. 8.—An unusual
cident occurred at the farm of S. Xt
Ayi es six miles west of ihe city Sat
urday afternoon about 4 o'clock which
resulted, in. the deatlj .pf^JEredericiEsL
Mr. Ayres was engaged threshing
with a crew of .men, among them
Hodgson. Without being particularly
observed by men at work, Hodgson
attempted to sharpen his knife on the
biower belt of the machine while- in
motion, holding the knife: in Ills hand.
The rapidly moving belt contained
splices and when the knife struck a
spiice It was hurled from hiB hand
and Btruck the unfortunate man In
the breast penetrating his heart. Ho
was seen to fall and Mr. Ayres and
other men hurried to his siiie, at first
thinking he had fainted and also sent
a man to the house to telephone for
Dr. Clough. Dr. Clough "and a nurse
from the hospital arrived soon after
but Hodgson was dead, having sur
vived the accident about twenty min
Reports made to the American Mu
seum by Vilhjamar Stefanson,. leader
of its scientific expedition to the Ar
tie regions, reminds the reader of
the stories that used to be told by old
time traveler? about discoveries in
the realms of Prester John in Asia.
Mr. Stefanson says he hM discovered
a heretofore unknown race of people
if the Arctto regions of British Co
lumbia in a section of country sup
posed to be uninhabited, and lived
among them for several months. Pre
vious to.tho arrival of the expedition
the "new people" had
Real Estate Transfers
Reported by CodimlonCoi.nl' Abitraet Co.
Watertown, S. D.
Herman Walta et al to Harry Thom
son, lots 9 aud 10, Blk. 22, Brocks
add. $300.00.
Minnie G. Way to W. H. Hart, lots
16 and 17, blk. 55, (formerly O. L, 1)
Replat West Watertown $1.
Henry L. Laqua to Geo. H. Baxter,
W. 60 feet lots 1, 2, 3, blk. 40, Water
town Town Lot's Stibdiv. blk. 4i0,
Sec. Ry. Add. $1.
U. S. A. to Thomas Meredith, SE
1-4 of Sec. 28, Township 119, Range
Benjamin F. Floring to O. W. Pet
erson, lots 1-6, blk. 2, Rice $1.
J. T. Eastman to Farmers State
Bank, So. Shore, lots 27,28, blk. 2,
So. Shore $2,500.
S. P. Williamson to Fred E. Carey,
lots 1. 2, 9, 10, E 1-2 lot 3 and E 1-2
lot 8, blk. 32, Ways' Add. $1.
Sheriff's Certificate of Sale—Sheriff
of Codington County to John T. Gold,
NW 1-4 22-119-51, less 42 rods from
east side of said NW 1-4 $389.
Of Interest to Watertown Reader
For months Watertown citizens
have seen in these columns entlrj
instic praise of Doan's Kidney Pills
by Watertown residents. Would
these prominent people recommend
a remedy that had not proven reli
able? Would they confirm their
statements after years had elapsed If
personal experience had not shotvn
the remedy to be worthy of endorse
ment? No stronger proof of merit
can be had than cures that have stood
the test of time. The following state
ment, should carry conviction to the
mind of every Watertown reader.
O. A. Craig, 424 Second St. N. E.,
Watertown, S. I)ak„ says "Doan's
Kidney Pills still have ray hearty en
dorsement. In 1907 I publicly recom
mended them and at this time I again
advise other kidney sufferers to give
them a trial. For many years I suf
fered from .weak back and finally I
was induced to try Doan's Kidney
Pills. They practically rid me of my.
trouble and I have had no cause for
complaint since."
For sale by all dealers. Price 5»
cents. Foster-Milburn Co.. Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the Unites
States. jf'
Remember the name—Doalf's—ah/1
tike no other.
seen a
white man or an Esquimaux, altho
both had previously been heard of.
The new people have the appearance
of Scandinavians, but they have the
speech of the Esquimaux and their
habits of life, Mr. Stefanson is of
the opinion that these people are
made up of descendant of the lost
party of Sir John Franklin and the
3,000 Scandinavians who are. alleged
to have disappeared from Greenland
in the fifteenth century/ The explor
er reports solution of several incor
rect reports of ills predecessors which
will be of much interest to scientists,
but the new people will attract pop
ular attention.—Argus-Leader.
Your* for uni
Your* fof great
est leavening
Your* for never
failing results.
Yours for purity.
Yours for economy.
Your* for every
thing that goes to
make uo a wigfe
high graJe aigte
That is Caiumeti
it once and note the im
provement in your bak
ing. Seo bow much more
economical over the high
priced (rust brands, how
much better than the cheap
and big-can kinds.
Calumet is highest in quality
moderate in cost.
"vMfc&IZIRIVllMUAlu MjjBk
deceived Highest Award—*'
World's Pure Food
who know the importance of a
strong body take the great tonic-
£It builds body and brain,
dispels listlessiiess, creates
appetite, and brings refresh
ing sleep. Is pleasant^to.
take. v_
Every Drop a Help to Health
Write for the
"Help to Health"
booklet and how to get a
"Baby Record Book."
#£For sale at all drug stores.
Made By
Theo. Hamm Brewing Co.
.'i' 'Applied Into Ihe nostrils
Is quickly absorbed.
It cleanses, soothes, heals and protects the?, Jp1s
diseased membrane resulting from Catarrh
and drives
away a Gold in the Head quickly,
Restores the Senses of Taste and SmelL^/i
It is easy to use. Contains no ifljfcrfco&Vy
drugs. No mercury, no cocaine, no mon
phine. The household remedy.
Price, GO cents at Druggists or by mail. .....
FLY BROTHERS, 66 Warren St., New Yortc/:
bo*e«. sealed with Blue\0
d7a»!*« »v

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