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The Saturday News
The man behind an idea regulates
tbe chance ahead of it.
If your faith in yourself isn'l equal
to your hope for yourself, set to your
proper level right now and become
reconciled to the Idea of plodding out
tbe rest of your life serving better
You're not competent to be a lead
er if you can't last until you're first.
Force Is even more important than
Knowledge. Action develops experi
ence—experience is the basis of cor
rect knowledge—uttexploited inform
ation is worthless.
Wells are only holes in the ground
If they don't reach clear to water.
Bridges represent wasted labor and
timber if they don't span a stream—
we have no u36 for half-way means,
measures or men,
In 1119 society was unbalanced.
The world topsy-turvy. Might was
a physical force. Hands and feet
This is the year 1911. Ability and
merit are the master keys. Status
isn't fixed by inheritance nor lor bru
tality, but by competition. But both
periods share at least one basic ideal
The world never before had so
much contempt for a quitter, because
never before was there so little ex
cuse for despair.
You enjoy more advantages than
nil your ancestors. You exercise eve
ry liberty—no honorable avenue of
endeavor is denied you.
With electricity, steam, mechanics
and thousands of toil-shortening de
vices—with public libraries at every
turn ready to furniBh you with facts
upon any subject, you have more aids
of more sorts than a whole baker's
dozen of your grandfathers.
But you must help yourself.
Man hasn't contrived a substitute
lor determination. Neither labora
tories nor machine chops have been
able to produce artificial courage.
Yours is an hour of magic skill
only because Its a period of magnifi
cent wills.
As Old Cyrus Simmons used to
say: "A man is like an apple he
Bin't worth a tinker's dam while he's
gTeen. He must wait and ripen be
fore he offers himself in the market.
If he lets go too soon it's a sign he
ain't sound at heart."
Within a few weekB the Bchool year
will begin over the greater paJt of
the land. This means that for the
next nine or ten months, and for five
days each week, the children from
most homes will be under tbe direct
care and instruction of teachers
whose influence over those children
Is necessarily second only, and in
many cases greater, to that of the
parents. Very fortunately most of
.this great army of teachers consists
young men and women not only
above the average in education, but
of superior moral worth and intel
ligence. This being the fact the less
.Interference that parents make with
the relation of the teacher to the chil
tren the better. Teachers are select
for a certain work in which they
PubliBhed Every Friday at Watertown, Codington County,
South Dakota, on Midway.
Till-: NHWS ri'HLlSIIINii Co.
M. UAKKJ-Jll, Ki'lToii.
Eniered hI ihe Pur-iotl Wal'-riuwn. South bnko'.a. a Sr.-omi Cla.- Matter
$2.(o in (JiiM.tda.
('iinnu' it) uiMP'f- iih-tf al nn\
A lien ii.uii M:ii 'j 11 1 u: .• r.oi r«
B»-Ht *.o III-
j. I a 11 li' I.
11:i,i i'iixi-. \i .mi
a a
A 11 '.in! .tk. .r 1 a
fl'llil I ,i" S.IIII" I I'OpS !i..'
ripen «jui-k« .!!•' i- .!a ir m-uim-'
,i k-..
wants 'u Mini (Mi! :mi'l jolt, hp!
so inns' you
,\.:i iii11u 11«• in
:iui ry can i.i^
don't con'ii.d
won command
iniiu. If
yulir |Jit M(• |let• Mil W'
fcU]r .-ss
You can't
ill'' pr
There's no more* utility to an undo
vtdoped au»im!fition Mian to an undriv-
en nail.
Inspiration is a plan from
which to build- it remains an inspir
ation iintI) it shows a definite result.
Ambition can tlo 110 more than fur
nish a map for endeavor -it neither
provides schedules nor lures.
1111 I
1lent I '(i.taLf"
1 lo.:
Main 'Jki
KrU 4»
J»«• r'
iin In-
•:i-i:f an I
.' a i: a an. i!\ 'Anrk^
f!- re ), prevent h-
"in v. in k:l 1m ad
i' .: Mll'S ill. ,1 r: 1 I rwj.
1 a
'. elllellr
Hi.' lloi
ill.' mailers
sioll 11isisI ti
im day and
•h to '-in, but
princijilc Ion#
urn enough JO
tin* *xai phi in -a hi
1) you hold Hi a sound
enough you'll un\v s-*s
demons^!r:»t• Ms wonh.
i-ast I'll
'. lilt
ii r.
I 111
Will' less 'in Ii^
That members uf the poultry trust
have been found guilty and have re
Like other heroes have their weak
point. That of Achilles was in his
heel, and the present visit of Togo in
this country shows that his is his
stomach. If Admiral Rojestvensk\
had only known this and could have
made some arrangement with Togo
cook the battle of the Sea of Japa 1
might have had a different ending.
Napoleon is said to have lost the de
cisive battle ot Leipsig because his
dinner disagreed with him.
The example set by idle sons of idle
rich fathers makes one realize what
a blessing it is that most people are
born poor or with but limited means.
If some of these multi-millionaire
men could be separated in time from
their wealth and compelled to earn
their living it might be possible to
make something decent out of them.
Some husbands never realize the
good qualities of their wives until
those wives are in their graves. They
spend so much time in associations
other than those of the home that
they have little knowledge of the
faithful, toiling patience of thetr
v.ives or the needs of their families.
Some people put themselves to an
unconscionable amount of trouble to
make themselves miserable, when
they could be as blithsome as a lark
with but half the effort. It shows
what a distorted view of life one may
Every child is entitled to be born
into wholesome surroundings and
fair opportunities. But the sad fact
is that multitudes of children are
brot into this world with all the mor
al and other conditions against them.
If one trips and falle because of
some mistake what is the use of re
maining prostrate to murmur and
fret. Far better to get up again and,
learning "wisdom from the mistake get
forward with more caution but not
with less resolve to win.
The man who goes around with a
Uriah Heep type of humbleness is
(v man who needs
of his way..- iV-"
till it'.'
(eived prison sentences instead uf I Made tlieni with the skin side outside
fines is an encouraging fact. llith to get ilie warm side inside
erto trust magnates have usually
managed to eseape thru the opera
tion of immunity baths, and conven
ient legal technicalities apparently
designed to favor theim. And when
they have been found guilty the pen
alty was a fine which they usually
charged up to the consumer. That
has been the experience with the
oil, sugar and tobacco trusts, but
with the success attending the pros
ecution of the poultry trust it is to
be hoped that a new day has dawned
for the public.
every step
City of
New Home Sewing
in.i ke
'he iM'-n, t\s of th»- employe and
a ncmral chairman is a distim ic
lory for fhe men inasmuch as
means tho reeomiiuon of their union,
a principle tor which they have long'
struggled. It is another proof of 'he
great advance that democracy -i 1
Great Britain is making, and ir. mus"
inevitably uneourage and help the
democracy in all other Kuropcan
pi ogress that
is influence and
aim.- 'o soc-ietv.
UK re.iKCS
a a
What some peupk
nothing more Mian
tiiiid judgment.
call luck is
irevi dn3ss and
:s 'lie I
of the mn.i
alone can
He killed the noble Mudjokivis
in the skin he made him mittens,
Made them with the fur side inside,
'i" 'he inside skin side outside,
He, 10 get the cold side outside,
Put the warm side fur side inside.
That's why he put the fur tide inside.
Why he put the skin side outside,
Why he turned them inside outside.
A Fierce Night Alarm
ii1 the hoarse, startling cough of a
child, suddenly attacked by croup.
Often it aroused Lewis Chamblin, of
Manchester, O., R. R. No. 2, for their
f( ur children were greatly subject
to croup. "Sometimes in severe at
tacks," he wrote "we were afraid
they would die, but since we proved
what a certain remedy Dr. King's
New Discovery is, we have no fear.
We rely on it for croup and for
coughs, colds or any throat or lung
trouble." So do thousands of others.
So may you. Asthma, Hay Fever, La
Grippe, Whooping Cough, Hemorr
hages fly before it. 50c and $1.00.
Trial bottle free. Sold by all drug
gists. 1M4
Wilbur S. Entitled
to a Military Title
All great fighters have some kind
ot a military title. Hasn't Wilbur S.
Glass been fighting for office long
enough to give him the title of "ker
Hurrah for Col. Glass.
Bancroft is Out For
a Batch of Goats
William Ferocious Bancroft tips it
off in his last week's Tip Top that
he is going to get some one's goat
before many moons. Don't monkey
with Pete or you are liable to get a
1173 Students Enroll
in Watertown Schools
The Watertown public schools, and
also the village and nine month public
schools of the country opened their
doors Monday, announcing the closo
of the annual summer vacation and
the beginning of the 1911-12 school
Tbe first day was consumed in the
registering of the pupils. That rou
tine work being completed, the stu
dents wore dismissed for the day.
A total of 1173 students registered
in the local schools Monday, divided
as follows: Lincoln west, 134 Gar
field, east, 127 Grant, northeast, 152
Mellette, northwest, 126 Central,
graded school 444, High school, 190.
Tbe enrollment is fully up to the
:hough there has l"rii no
numbers over the loial
ri!' a year ago on the
Hack is a Lemon
vast crowd that saw the match,
was no doubt as to which was
Im iter wrestler. Gotch out-point
•-I .mi-generaled, and out-gamed his
'"Men'. The Iowan appeared to be
:.i-'er than he ever had been before.
Ilis condition was perfect. He enter
ed 'lie ring filled with eonfidence and
I,.-, er utice did he lose his coolness.
Ai every stage of the bout he smileJ
''lough he never had the slightest
liiuiht as to the ultimate outcome.
on the other hand, Haekenschmidt
seemed ill at ease. During the first
fail he went about the ring with his
face set and with anything but the
glint of confidence in his eye. After
:otch had gained his first fall, the
ourage of the Russian appeared to
i:ave oozed out of him. With shoul
ders stooped, and eyes downcast, he
sat In the comer awaiting the start
ing signal.
Mother and Bride.
Up in a box in the center of the
grandstand, sat two women who did
more perhaps to cheer Gotch on to
victory, than all the other persons in
the audience. They were his mother
and his young bride.
Frequently in the thickest of the
fray, Gotch found time to look to
ward the two women and smile. Dur
ing the ten minutes intermission, be
tween falls, he did not go at once to
his dressing room, but stood for a mo
ment in the corner smiling and wav
ing at. the two women.
Hack Heartbroken.
Hackenschmidt was heartbroken ov
er the result. In his dressing room
for a half hour he sat in his wrest
ling garb crying and refusing the pro
per attention and cheering words of
his trainers.
"Go away," he said to all of them.
"Leave me alone," and then his broad
chest would heave and the tears
would flow unrestrained from his
eyes. Gotch only smiled after the
match was over. He said the result
was exactly as he thought it would
Story of the Match.
The story of the actual wrestling
that was done, is soon told. Time
was called at 3:15 o'clock. The con
testants immediately locked hantis
and began feeling each other out. For
five minutes, they tugged at each oth
er's neck, wrists and arms, but neith
er obtained a dangerous hold. It was
Gotch who first turned attention to
the legs. He made several fake pass
es at Hackenschmidt's knee, befortf he
finally obtained a hold at the end of
eight and one-half minutes. Once the
Iowan's massive hands were fastened
on Hackenschmidt's left leg, the Rus
sian went down. He struggled out
of that and another hold of the same
kind and then became the aggressor.
At ten minutes Hackenschmidt got a
body hold and put Gotch to the mat,
but he was down only an instant.
After fourteen minutes of wrestling,
Gotch started Hackenschmidt down
with the neck hold, faked a crotch
and then quickly worked the Russian
into a half Nelson. They struck the
mat together, head to head. Then
Gotch pivoted on his opponent's stom
ach, clamped on a reverse body hold,
and the first fall was over. j,
Second Pall.
The first five minutes of the second
bout was a repetition of the firBt,but
of a sudden Gotch reached down ana
with his tight hand grasped Hacken
schmidt's left ankle and unbalanced
In competition with all the leading makes of sewing
machines the New Home wins on its merits and goes into
the Iligh School of Watertown for use in sewing instruc
The committee which made this important selection
consisted t" sewing teachers, experts in the art of
sewing and in the use of sewing machines. They were to
investigate, try out and finally select the best machine, in
their estimation: The fact that their choice was unbiased
and the decision was unanimous speaks volumes for the
iiY FRANK GOTCH, world's hea
vyweight wrestling champion.
What's the use of commenting on
a bout where the winner was unable
to get up a sweat? 1 was disappoint
ed in tbe result, despite the fact that
1 was the victor.
I had come prepared for a battle
and 1 did not get it. I was never so
confident in my life as when 1 enter
ed the ring, but I expected a contest.
I knew Hackenschmidt was strong
physically and I had heard that he.
would try to work on the offensive
for a change. Well he tried it for a
minute or two, and as soon as he
knew I had him, and I only calculated
on how many minutes it would take
me to get the falls:'—
I think that Hackenschmidt really
tried his best, Dut I will say that 1
do not think he is game. I won't use
any worse term. He might have
done better, but the result would
have been the same.
"I Have No Kick Coming," Says Hack.
challenger for world's championship.
What can I say? I was beaten, and
that fairly. Gotch did not use the
tactics which characterized our last
meet, and for that I am glad to give
him all the credit and prestige due
him. 1 have no kick coming and was
beaten by the better man.
I suffered in the last two weeks
from a couple of sore ligaments in
my leg, but they did not bother me
in the match today. Gotch is a won
derful man and is so fast and clever
that one is in danger at all times.
I was nervous and did not have
the command over my muscles that I
should have had in that first fall,and
I thought after my rest that" I would
be able to regain what I had lost.But
Gotch played for my legs and beat
1 shall leaVe Chicago immediately
and probably will not return to this
country again. I would like to meet
Gotch once more, but not for a year
or more.
Gotch won honestly and fairly.
Hack did not show his usual game
ness or aggressiveness. I do not
doubt that he was not in the best nf
condition, for he looked worried and
frightened when the match began. He
begged Gotch to release his punishing
toe hold and evidently was in great
pain when Gotch forced him to defeat.
On cleverness alone Gotch should
easily remain the champion for ten
more years. He is without doubt the
most scientfic man I have ever seen
on the mat.
His work in the first fall was mar
velous and so fast that I could scarce
ly follow it myself, altho I was witn
in a few feet of the men.
Gotch first faked a crotch hold.
Then suddenly he secured a half-Nel
son on Hack. In the wink of an eye
Gotch pivoted on Hack's stomach,
switched to a reverse body hold and
had downed his man. It was the
speediest shift I have ever seen made
on the mat.
Hackenschmidt was in great pain
during the period when Gotch had the
toe hold on him. "Don't hurti, my
toe," he cried at first. Bui Gotch con
tinued to put, oil the pressure.,.
Excellence and variety of work, simplicitj- of mechan
ism, ease of operation, adaptibilitv to all kinds of work
all these features entered into the competition, and their
choice but confirms our claim that in all points the New
H.mie excels Are you about to decide on a sewing ma
chine. If so, does the Watertown School Committee's choice
mean anything to you.
L. W. Cooke's Music House
Watertown, S. I),
lie Lion. While Hackenschmidt was
trying ic regain his balance Gotch
struck the Lion's injured leg with his
i:i:hl knee, and the Russian tumble I
into a heap in a second. Instantly
Gotch was on his opponent, his power
ful right hand firmly locked on the
toes of the under man's left foot.
Hack screamed a couple of times,
rolled over oil his shoulders and gave
"Easier Than I Expected," Says Gotch
Home Made Bread
Like Mother Used
to Make.
You find it at the
jCalumet Bakery
For Sale!
100 acre of hay, 3 miles
east, of Waverly.
C. P. Gormly
Skinner's Dray
and Transfer Line
Office acrosB the street east of Mel
ham" Lumber Yards.
Phone Office, Main 349
Phone Residence, Main 459
Jack "Ozark"
Until further notice will stand
at Scandinavian Barn, south of
Arcade Hotel.
Terms: To insure $15.
Description of Jack: 6 years old.
Gray and black. Weight, 950
J. J. McMath, Owner
"Don't break my leg," was his next
appeal. The end came a second~later.
Attacks School Principal.
A severe attack on school princl
I al, Chas. B. Allen, of Sylvania, Ga,
is thus told by him. "For more than
three years," he writes, "I suffered
indescribable torture from rheuma
tism, liver and stomach trouble and
diseased kidneys. All remedies fail
ed till I used Electric Bitters,but four
bottles of this wonderful remedy cur
ed me completely." Such results are
common. Thousands bless them for
curing stomach trouble, female com
plaints, kidaey disorders, bilious
ness, and for new health and vigor.
Try them. Only 50c at all druggists.
Farmers of State
Now MilkingjCows
While in conversation with Fred
Harper, the local manager of the
North American Storage Company i-i
Watertown, he said that his house
was receiving almost double the
amount of cream now that it was a
year ago at this time. Evidently our
farmer friends are doing the wise
thing in keeping their cows and buy
ing more. The cow has pulled lflore
fanners out of a tight place than any
other known agency.
Rev. A. L. Shepherd and family
who were the guests at the O. E.
Boyce home for a few days last week
left Thursday for their home in Sioux
Falls. They were traveling by auto
mobile and had visited in Iowa before
coming to Watertown. &

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