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Delinquent Tax List
No Larger than Usual
'n this isHiic of Iho Saturday News
he fennel I ho 'U'Mnqueni a lis!
1 the yrjir 1 If. will hr obsf.rv
that is nik' almost «'vei ybody
.liiu'. property in the county havu
•irt m'hito pay lirMr
not v.
i- season
l't| i«
Mnixhnu tiit* short ri'ups
Thf d' lintjiKiit lax list
)ai u:. than il lias h. rii
a is pa-it it) lie most
Mrs. Mulholland Dies
Short Illness
v. as d.'.-ph
Ml, ill tin
has !fi!
|t.„ I,
hours duriin:
If I i\
'OilSl I Ml I
as In ant it'ul I,.
'•lose, and ih'.
and sui )•iv.
t'ai:h in i!
lay Hie an
in all that
bie woiint
is rfMdin
MeCosh a mi
icl i'r111'i'.
Glasses Fitu*
National n.Tnk building.
r* S Jt
kJ ii A
,1 Roast
t3hib Boiling.
il Roast
Mrs. \V. J. .Moore of Salt Lake City,
Utah and Mrs. Swains, of Denver,
who was here at the funeral services
the other two daughters not being
a hie to come.
•VI rs. nlhola rni's husband iro f-d
her to the heiter /ami on Oct. LMith,
Kunwal sersices wr-ro li«-!d al th
la mily Juune Thursday forenoon, and
ifiteruien' was mailt- in Alt. Hojh- r• ni
Hard Winter is
Latest Prediction
This is ii«- np»-n ,i.- t«c
pi i'1'ln s. a ml a I soil.- el pn
i:oui. bin lie ma j. ri? of
lis 11,,11 l:«
I• ..•••• !i'• I. tin* IK "A .1
I )\a hft iii'- \1 iiltir.!
ahoiir (..• 11
'onda morning
'I h" ne.«. b( 11 ie pMippft ha.-. I "ibhcd
'hi in »-nt (i jj- (i !i. Mva:
mini- ill hi ild hisi• and in, ,s
pi phf\ he |.a -a hi i. ha
a Kiniw ii, ii 11 a- m« in
ry rar!'. pi-.
of W'a i«
.Mil "tt'| Ill
•i husband v. h.
I and id• i1
of Mi" oldest whitf inhabitant,
lie has
b) man.
htnf and
I'l iO 1
alt I (i
she inrt in
a i«I:/ o! oss-otis
on lllf keel bull' n! Wild ir-aiSf
pf kn to in 11 I I a
'"I""- "I -.\ a 11IIL' .\ MhK -Mo .\
••-'I i' li-.f t'ffi Mia I Insif.id Hi
I mi of l'i that .-d o: i„.in.'i,
Ik lp nf l|,.- bl a -I I ..)'• ),• !ia, dlS
11'd a lump '. 11' im ha 1111 'a 11
I'd Uf t: l: I a hai
'I he musk a siiid tu i.f 11111
'hi- house la net" a ltd Waimfi l|ii
bill I halt In- has for many ars and
'h«- W iso little muskrat has probald.v
M-«'oi \-(m| a J.utK fio?n m.thor nature
The oi hoc day a
lanner ropoj'ied thai ihe prairie
«di okons \m all fady ccrininn out
11 t'ndds and making friends with
hi- hick oils in the hi rn a id.
Ii Would l)e oil, however, for eve
and es|eci illy the farmers,
|w!ai iia\'e Ii\ stock, to make all pre
paraiioiis for a hard winter, because
we have been known to have just such
winters as lias been predicted.
Ear, N an Throat
1'or the first time since the sovem
inont 11 is had charge of the Sioux
Indians the Issuance of rations has
been slopped.
subsistence of any
kind lias been furnished the Indiana
for three months, For several years
Salt Meats
sage a Specialty. Sealshipt Oysters
'A" itcii our weekly ads for prices that will
v^riso yon.
Sqm-r Dealing is Our Motto
Spar Ribs
J' -.f-nic anas 11c
-^ular Ba 15c
Roast .. 12%c
VW'-i Stow ...., 8c
r-moy SpriVi^-Clucken ..V..14c
1 *..' St* Claiclien 14c
..viburg-r .12^c
ai-a} )-oi ^rhouse Steaks ...... 16c
Spjirg 1 f«mb. Sealshipt Oysters.
Kratit. N- Dill and Sour Pickles.fci
ami Gi-^a ^heese, *-•.
^f«pi|-J Main
Kemp Ave?
Y- *.%• 12JC
Young Local Couple
Married this Week
Miss Mu'/zotta Dean, the charming
arid accomplished daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. W. A. Dean, prosperous pio
neer farmers residing south of Water
town,was united in marriage Inst Sun
day at the home ot the bride to Ralph
Leisure, one of Watertown's popular
|nd energetic young men.
The couple have a host of friends
in this city and county all of whom
will unite in wishing them abundant
success and happiness In their voy
age through life.
The newlyweds will make their fu
ture home in Watertown.
1911 a Great Year
For Raising Spuds
The potato crop in South Dakota
has been exceptionally good this sea
son. It is no uncommon thing to
hear a man say that he has raised po
tatoes this season weighing from two
to three pounds each—not all of them
but some of them. The management
of the state camp grounds at lake
Kampeska have raised $1,000 worth
of potatoes this season.
"Hop" is in Town
Paints Some Signs
B*rank "H. Hopkins,' familiarly
known throughout the United States
a& "Hop", oillcial sign writer for
French Auto Oil, is In town.
You may not have seen "Hop" but
you have seen his signs.
His business is to paint on^ French
Auto Oil sign right after another
on all good walls that he can buy,beg,
or bargain for, and whether 20 below,
or 100 above, you can find "Hop"
»u4 his hejpetv.ia some good town.
far below the price you are in the habit of paying.
Men's Heavy Hose
A vm. 1
a a a
15c and 24c
Men's Cotton Mittens
Never sold for less than 1u-,
we have loads of them
5 Cents
Men's Underwear
Very line ileece lined under
wear, hunbsdown ineluded, extra
heavy, worth up to a dollar
38 Cents
small ratipn of beef, sugar and flour
'has been issued to he old and in
digent aud this will be done again thiu
winter,but only to those who are in*
firm. The Indians, for the first time,
have shipped their own cattle to Chi*
cago this year. They have sent sev
eral trainloads and have received top
prices for them, netting them thous
ands of dollars.
And Still the Big Sale is On
Crowds are Buying
You 111 iuliI not think it—but "Mop"
Is particular, too particular, in fact
lie's a crank on some things—he
eats and wears anything but lie won't
paint any old wall that's offered, be
cause walls are his specialty. Me
knows instinctively just what walls
sell goods and you couldn't make him
us.? any other kind with a dread
nought. Nothing doing unless lis
thinks, or rather knows, that a wall
is well located where the right kind
of people will naturally see it. And
he doesn't think it unethical to ask
for any wall, any place—the only
question is, will It sell goods. He
goes on the theory that a fellow nev
er knows until he learns, and that his
signs' are good enough for any wall
that he can get.
"Hop" signs are bright, attractive
and easily read and before you know
it. your eyes are glued to one of
them without your knowing why,but
it's sure the people like to road his
signs and dealers say they sell Oil.
"Hop" says he can tell what church
a man belongs to by the way he treats
a sign writer, and "that he's the only
member of his craft who drinks wa
ter, coffee, and buttermilk, only.
Vital Statistics of
Codington Couuty
We are indebted to Clerk of Courts
Vm. Gesley for the following facta
regarding the vital statistics for Cod
ington county for the year ending Ju
ly 1, 1811:
Birth .certificates returned by
physicians 313
Birth certificates returned by jus
Death certificates
physicians ....
Death certificates
Total number
received ..,
Total numtaer
We bought our Fall goods a long time ago and we could not cancel but had to
take goods as they were bought. These goods are coming in right along, and as long
as the new goods keep coming the s?.le will be on in full blast and the prices will be
This Is a Hard Year for Us All, and We are
Willing to Take Our Part in the Loss.
Men's and Boys' Suits and
The stock is complete in
every way, new goods and
a lot of them, at prices that
will make you wonder
how we can do it.
You will have to see the
goods to appreciate the
Please call.
Golden Eagle Clothing' House
suspended in midair spreading (lie
gospel of good lubrication.
"Hop" is a sign writer, plus—he's
a natural born advertiser—the right
display, copy, and color scheme are
as asy for him as nine hours of sleep
i'i.r a husky youngster.
returned by
returned by
birth certificates
death certificates
Marriage licenses issued ../'V. 173
Declarations of intention ..I..'.,'i .27
Certificates oCoitizenehip issued.. 7
Total number of divorces
Ice Houses Bought
Kampeska Materials Co.
it is reported on the streets that
the Kampeska -Materials Co., which
is composed of Minneapolis men.aiv
buying up all ol' the iee houses in
Watertown and will merge the ice
business all into one company as far
as possible. It is understood that the
Whooley Whoolev Ice Cream Co.,
who sell ice, have not as yet sold out
their ice business.
Carry a complete line of Coal, Wood,
Slabs, Hay and Feed. Sheds at North
Western tracks on Maple street.
Successors to Atlas Elevator Co. 18tf
Henry Lad Shot in
Hunting Accident
Tony Bagan, living on the old Camp
bell farm north of Henry, accidentally
shot himself in the foot with a shot
gun last Friday. He was taken to
the Watertown hospital for treatment.
is not known at this time just how
serious the wound is.
Old Wax and I lived side by side
and never had a row, until one day he
lammed the hide of my old brindle
cow. He said she ate a suit of clothes
that hung upon bis line, and so biff
ed him on the nose and he soaked me
on mine. We owned our homes were
out of debt, had money in the bank,
that day he lammed my brindle pet,
and I gave him a spank. While he
stood around aiul cussed and wagged
the fluent jaw, until, surcharged with
&eep disgust, we turned and went to
law. Oh, that was bum and beastly
^sitort.! Our lawyers, smooth and
deft, conveyed the case from court to
court, and,taxed us right and left.
Now at the poor farm Wax and I put
in our fading years I lean on him
and heave a sigh and he bursts into
tears. Sometimes we ramble up the
road, where once we did our biz a
lawyer lives in my abode, another
lives in his. Then to the poor house
aad seek our couch of straw,
Men's Cotton Gloves
A n'ood l11' J"\'' ''tit we have
too many of tliens and we have
made a priee of
5 Cents
Men's Sweaters
Heavy cotton ribbed, all sizes,
a sjood ~0e yarn lent
35 Cents
Men's Underwear
All wool shirts and drawers,
worth u]) t° $1 just in—to close
69 Cents
land ii 11K of joys used to know
ton- we went to law.— Walt. .Mason.
A Hamlin County
Pioneer Passes Away
Lewis Wendling of llazel, died on
Monday morning after a long illness.
Me was an old and highly respected
resident of Hamlin county. His fun
eral was held Wednesday at the homo.
Occasionally a man spends all of
his time making money to buy food
and clothes—only to find that the food
disagrees with him and his clothes
don't fit.
State of South Dakota, County of
Codington, ss.
In the matter of the estate of Steph
en S. Skinner, deceased.
Notice of Settlement of Account.
Notice is hereby given, that L. R.
Slawsori, the duly appointed and qual
ified administrator of the estate of
Stephen S. Skinner, deceased, has
rendered and presented for settle
ment and filed in said Court his veri
fied account of his administration nf
'said estate and that Monday the
1 sixth day of November, 1911, being a
day of a Term of said Court, to-wit,
the first day of the Regular November
1 erm of said Court, at. the hour of
9 o'clock a. m. of said day at thes
office of the County Judge in and for
said Codington County, in the Mel
lette Block in the City of Watertown
in said County have been duly ap
pointed by said Court as the time and
place for the examination and settle
ment of said account at which time
and place any person interested in
said estate may appear and file his
exceptions in writing to the said ac
count and contest the same.
Dated at Watertown, South Dako
ta, this 23rd day of October, A
1911. °i
j: tv., John NichoTson,
Judge of the County Court.
William G. Gesley!
!. "... Charles Schull,
gsjR Attorney for PetitiMMnT
$t|ii 19-20 -i

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