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Over 2,0"0 paid aubscrib
to the Saturday N«ws
and figuring oil a basis
that four people read each
copy every week would
give us over 8,000 readers
Mrs. Frank Elkins
Gone to Her Reward
Mrs. Frank JSlkins, wife of Sheriff
Prank Elkins passed awajr at the
sheriff's residence in the oourt house,
last Sunday morning. Her health
has been failing for several months
and her death was expetite'd any day.
Several years ago she 'underwent an
operation at St Mary's hospital at
Rochester for caiaoer of the breast
and returned borne Seeling that she
was permanently cured and enjoyed
fairly good health 'until about a year
ago when the dreaded disease agaia
made its appearance.
The funeral services were held at
the Scandinavian Lutheran Church
Tuesday afternoon at 2 .o'clock. At
the close of the solemn services all
were permitted to look for the last
time upon the face of the departed
then the sad cortege moved on to the
silent city of Mount Hope. Under the
snow they laid her. Nothing on eartu
is changed only a loving wife and
mother is gone.
^j\i'.i-?f:'r K'i
.J»-. ..:-,-:.x
•Carrie Opdale was born in Chicago
Sept. 11, 1864. About tweifty-elght
tars ago she came to Hamlin coonty
where she formed the acquaintance
of Mr. Elkins, to whom she was mar
ried July S, 3888. To their union ten
children were born, six boys and four,
girls. Three boys are dead.
Besides her husband and children
leaves a brother, Theodore Op
dale of Madison, .Minn.
None but those who have sat in the
shadow of a great bereavement can
justly weigh such a sorrow as this.
Those who have gone down into the
valley of suffering and stood for
months by the side of a loved one,
as hope after hope dropped away as
the petals fall from a fading flower,
know that such anguish cannot find
solace in the tenderest words. She
who has gone forth could not be sup
ported on her solitary path by any
earthly friend. The husband with-a
devotion few men are capable of,
could not detain her by the clasp of
earthly love but after the last word
had been spoken, the iaat sign of re
cognition was gone, a look of peace
settled on her face which proclaimed
victory, and he knew she was resting
on a mighty arm.
The Degree of Honor lodge of which
she was a devout member attended
the services in a body. Also the Eag
les lodge attended in a body and con
tribpted beautiful floral offerings.
Judge Charles X. Seward adjourned
court at noon Tuesday in order that
the Codington county bar might at
tend the funeral in a body.
Following are the local markets
corrected up to Thursday noon:
"Wheat No. 1, Northern ... 93c
Velvet Chaff :90c
Durum 88c to :86c
Flax $1.82
Oats :. 40c
Barley 64c to liSc
Corn «6c
Eggs 28c
Butter 30c
Potatoes 60c to 65c
Cabbage .. .v......' 11-2 lb.
Onions $1.25 bu.
Sweet potatoes, pjr lb 5c
Apples 76c to $1.25 bu.
Flour $1.60 to $1.70 sack
Chickens 7c to 10c lb.
Sugar, per cwt., ".... ...... $7.00
Fuel. y-v'^V
Hard coal, nut $10.25
Hard coal, stove 1 10.00
Hocking valley .-V $7.00
Looks Like an Old
Fashioned Winter
„Ear'y Thursday morning it commen
--ceil to snow in this section of the
iQ&^COflity and and continued all day with
a steady downpour of the beautiful,,
There Is prol»Wy to incft^%#%oW
on the level which will make good
sleighing. There has not beep, enough
enow in this country for several win
ters to make good sleighing for any
Icpgth ou tline. s::
Mrs. Adolph Chesick is reported as
seriously ill at her home In the south
wirt of the city."
To divide the territory Into districts
thus making the prize winning much
easier. To give a 1912 Model Ford
automobile as the Capital Prize, and
a Diamond Ring to each district as a
District Prize.
Since the announcement of "the "6,000
Club" many inquiries have been re
ceived at this office regarding same.
Right from the j«mp the "6,000 Club"
sprang into a stride that means suc
cess. The telephones in The News
office hummed and many visitors have
callea. Most of these people wanted
to enter the list and get ^started right
Many of the enterprising people
who have already expressed a deter
mination to start out Immediately to
see theirfriends .%gota~saVing '!Vote8
and securing their subscriptions 'are
pleased with the fair and -equal plan
of this campaign. It may readily be
seen that it is not absolutely neces
sary to come out first In order to ob
tain a valuable prize, for there are
five Diamond Sings offered as district
prices, one to each distract, to the can
didate standing highest in their dis
trict after the Capital Prize has been
awarded. These stones are valued at
$60 each and each one a genuine
sparkler of the most brilliant lustre.
They were purchased of E. H. Prey
and may be seen on display at his
store within the next few days. After
having read all about the valuable
prize list being offered by The Satur
day News in exchange for ithe efforts
of its many friends and readers thru
out this territory. In furthering its
interest by increasing the already
large and creditable circulation, it is
only natural to form a desire for one
of these rich rewards and the best
and the surest way to obtain the de
sired object is to read the following
and ascertain the rules and regula
tions and the ways and means Of se
curing votes.
Three Ways of Securing Votes.
First, by clipping the coupon which
will be published in this paper and
having all those whom you know are
Possibilities of Landing an Automobile or One
of the Diamond? Brings in Many
Additions to Contestant*
Remember "He Who Hestates is Lost." Enter
Your Name or That of a Friend."
Ob 'October the 26th, The Saturday
News announced a Circulation' Club
Campaign to be known as the "6,00#
Club," the first prize to be a 1912 Mod
el Ford automobile to be given to
•the candidate getting the highest
anrriber of votes in the entire cam
paign, and to the candidates getting
the second and ^hird highest number
of votes 10 per cent of all the money
collected by them. Realizing that
ten per cent was not compensation
-enough for the work that will be 'done
by the candidates, the Saturday News
has decided to make the following
changes, for the benefit of all concern
taking the Saturday News to jut out in the matter of vote getting.
and save these vote coupons fir you.
FiP in your name and district number,
bring or send them to the circulation
campaign department, and the same
will be credited to the candidate
whose name is written thereon.
A quicker and a better way of get
ting votes is by securing paid in ad
vance subscriptions for the Saturday
News. The number of votes allowed
:on different, termed subscriptions is
^published elsewhere In this issue. Re
ceipt books with necessary lvianks for
use in securing subscriptions may be
obtained by applying to the manager
of the circulation c&ktpaign depart
ment. There is a third manner or se
curing votes which la as follows Ev
•er* subscriber.who is at present tak
ing the Saturday News may cast a
•credit slip good for 100 votes for any
one candidate the subscriber chooses.
A printed form will be given- the can
didates for. the subscriber to sign,
which, when presented to the Cam
paign'department, will entitle.the can
didate to 100 votes. No payment
•wh.itever Is Required for tbis third
wey ,9(, securing votes. Only one tif
those 100„vote. credit slips will be ac
cepted from any one subscriber.
the First Thlnfl to Do.
In order to enter as a candidate id'
this prize competition all that is neces
sary is to fill out the nomination cou
pon that appears in this issue, send
or bring to the circulation campaign
department and start to work in ear
esr. Receipt books will be furnished
with which to secure subscription^,
and your name will appear along with
the others who have entered In this
competition. This list will appear ev
ery- week with the vote standing
each candidate. On January the 26th,
the valuable prizes will be awarded to
th? successful candidates having the
highest number of votes, according to
the division of districts. Candidates
in securing
and -subscriptions
are not confined to any one section
but may secure them anywhere they
Best to Enter Your Name Early.
It is much better to start early in
thio pleasant game of vote getting,
do not wait until tomorrow, as by that
time someone may have been to see
the particular party whom you intend
ed seeing, and either secured the sub
scription or promise which is ju3t as
good and will come in later. A fev
voe secured early In the race may be
just the number required In the final
count to place you a successful win
ner over your competitor. Ambi
tion and energy are the only require
ments necessary to make vote gefc^tin^.
an easy matter, and with a, little per
serverance there is no Teason why you
cannot be declared & winner when
the prizes are awarded. The great
est \of care has been taken by the
Saturday News management to secure
prizes of the highest value—prizes
well worth the time and effort of the
best and most Industrious persons of
this community. These extra good
values are to be given strictly as a
reward on the merits of the ambition
and energy expended by the many
At the very outset The Saturday
News assures everyone a square deal,
according all the same fair and equal
chance this is the Saturday News'
way. Remember delay Is dangerous,
so act today.
Cut It Out.
The vote coupon which appears In
this issue of the paper will count tor
100 votes 'when properly signed, brot
or sent to the Campaign Department
before^the date of expiration marked
thereon. Just a little bit more added
to what you got, makes Just a little
bit more. This Is a very true saying
and in case of the candidates who
will keep a sharp lookout for the vote
coupon which will appear in each Is
sue of the paper It will be amply prov
en by the steady Increase of their
score. Today's vote coupon presents
an opportunity to gain a good start
A few days' work is all that is need
eci to secure one of the rich rewards.
The time is short between now and
the close of the campaign, so take ad-:
vantage of every opportunity to secure
votes and subscriptions in order that
you may be successful. Start in in
earnest by securing as many of the
100 vote coupons as possible. These,
along with a subscription or two will
put you in the lead of your district.
See if you can secure more of these
couponB than any of your rivals. A
careful study of the districts will re
veal that theire are splendid chances
for anyone with a little energy and
ambition to enter the campaign and
easily win a prize. Look over the list
and remember no matter in which
district you live, your chance is just
as good as anyone else in this cam
You can enter today and gain the
Ifead in your district if you will only
make a start and use some effort.
Send In your name, get a subscription
or two from your friends and acquain
tances at once and thus show them
that you are alive to every profitable
opportunity. After you have done
this the rest will be e&B'y^ You will
be surprised how willing your friends
will be to cast their vote for you.
Have You Ever Tried?
Everybody has heard the old story
of the young man who was asked if
he could play the violin. "I don't
know»" he said, "I never tried." This
shows what self reliance Is. He had
never tried, but he would not acknowl
edge that he could not do It. You
may never have tried to get votes, but
you do not know that you may be a
failure. You may develop into a
"world beater," and win the $760 auto
mobile or one of the diamond rings!
There is no way of telling what you
can accomplish without trying,.
Counting of the Votes..
Many of the candidates do not
know the rules regarding the counting
of the votes. The campaign manager
states that the votes are counted at
noon Wednesday of each week for pub
lication in Thursday's issue of the Sat
urday News. The campaign manager
is always ready to give-advlBe and in«
formation pertaining to the campaign.
He would be pleased to meet everyone
of the candidates personally and be
come better acquainted. If there are
some little details of the campaign
which you do not fully understand
call at the campaign department of
the Saturday News and get acquainted
with the- campaign manager, whom
you will find ready to aBsist you in
every possible way.
Over Fifty Candidates Entered.
The mere fact that over fifty names
have entered in the list makes the
competition more keen and adds Inter
est on the part of the large family of
Saturday News readers.
In today's issue of the paper the
names of the first nomination blanks
good for 10,000. votes received are
Many of the candidates have not as
yet, started after subscriptions, while
a few have been more fortunate and
have secured one or two subscriptions.
The vote standing will be published
with the added score in each issue of
the paper and votes published at the
discretion of the candidate. Votes re
ceived by coupon and on subscription
will be published in our next issue of
the paper.
Following is the list of the candi
dates who have been nominated to
win one of our valuable prizes:
The City of Water-town.
Thomas Sheehan 10,000
Miss Katherine Ballon 10,000
Rev. A. B. Keeier .. .'v 10,000
Miss Bernlce Gray 10,000
'r%. Continued on Page 8.
-this l/oupou, when neatly cut out and brot
or mailed to the Circulation Campaign depart
ment of the Saturdav News will count for the
person whose name is filled in.
Void After November 22
Weather Report by
R. Q. Wood for News
t' wnfr.i
The following weather report is fur
nished the Saturday News by Robert
Q. Wood which will be of interest to
the readers of this paper: c.
Gladstone, Pope Leo XIII, Geo.
Francb Train, Edison and HllUs were
spme of, j:hft._temouB character* de-
humor and Mr Miles has a manner
the platform that is unique and orig
inal. His lecture we think .wis uni
vei"ally enjoyed
Florence Merchant1
Now in Bankruptcy
Sioux Falls, Nov. 16.-^**petition in
voluntary bankruptcy has been filed
in the federal court in Sioux Palls by
Andrew D. Gillies, a merchant of Flo
rence, Codington county, who sched
ules liabilities of $19,344.08 and as
sets of $33,150.
Among his assets are insurance pol
icies of $12,000, and his stock and fix
tures, valued at $12,000. His liabili
ties consist of amounts due wholesale
and other establishments ot St Paul,
Minneapolis, Sioux City, I)es Mdnes,
Mankato, Sioux Falls, Chicago and a
number of other cities.
Clay Carpenter for
Congressional Seat
Morris town World: In casting a
bout for a suitable candidate for con
gress in the Third congressional dis
trict of South Dakota progressive re
publicans have settled upon the Hon.
Clay Carpenter of Lemmon, S. D.,
now judge of the circuit court of the
Twelfth Judicial circuit of the state
of South Dakota.
9 0
.1 year ^$2,000,.... .fl.50
2 years ...I....5,000 $3.0Q
3 years 9,000..... .$4.60
4 years ^j...
S years .26,000.. .$7.50
O 0 O 0
High Low
...Nov. 12th, .15 in 18th 1
Lecture at M. Ei
Church a Success
The lecture Wednesday evening at
the M. E. church by Robt. Parker
Miles was attended by a large audi
ence and all were entertained for -an
hour and a half by the dramatic gen
ius of the speaker. His subject was
"Tallow Dips," and in the lecture he
gives a gllmpBe with Inspiring -word
pictures of great and famouB men he
has met during his extensive travels.
iA'twrdeeir N^ws:"
of ci urt Wi 'neaday afternoon tti«
gr&^d Jury brn-fcht ladlotm«V!v'
purtls LtH'tlerviile of W»t?r
oijs»rg'«d on Uii-«-e counts
hw "ti..-
ns a rural carrier on rou.* No^5
v:i)h whici\ jnfrrhmiq. nionev order*.
First Jlepk p, appNprl-jiin^S
'0 intru8r"Hl to him by Thfto.
.uidsburg v.-'.ih which to pu-'Mse .Kf
I :"ed Status money order on -MviU*
r, aiery, Wa»"l Co,, of Ohloajw
Second cqutt'.- Approprintli»,
Intrusted him by Miss Arvu Zirbe*
with which »s purchase a mouey oi^
der in favor of the St Paul DUpatoh^Jj
of St. PaUl, Minn .^'1^
Third count: Aug. 28, atiproprla^"}
ing $4.68 Intrusted to him by Mrs. Pt. A
trick Tone with which to purchase I
-money order in favor of Montgomery,
Ward & Co., of Chicago.
Not having an attorney por
funds with which to hire one, thttj?'J|
court appointed II. H. Potter of Web
ster, as counsel for him and set the'*
time for plea at 10 o'olock tomorrowj.
morning. Lunderville is 30 years of,.
age and has a wife and three -.
dren,G't 'f
Citizensj^ote to
issue Sewer Bon
Tie '^ote wai"very light and
much interest was' manifested.
Washington Writer
In Interesting Letter
Special to tbe News.
Washington^ TH. CSy Nov. 18,
Only a few years ago San Diego wm5"
a quiet, somnolent lvlliage, content
in the posBOssion of a beautiful har
bor and a matchless climate, and
seemingly undisturbed by ambition'
or dreams of power and opulence
People flocked there In the winter to
escape the season's cold, -and they
swarmed on the beaches in summer
to get away from the summer's heat,
but tre city seemed impassive and
content Then something stired lta
peaceful slumber. Perhaps it was
the Insistence of the rest of the world
to be taken into that sacred and be.
atiflc environment It. was a little
troublesome but room was made for
the newcomera. Then more came.
Then San Diego's population doubled
in Ave years. The United States
Judge Clay Carpenter, having al
ways been considered the able pro
gressive republican leader of the pro
gressive republicain wing of the re
publican party west of the river, he tliey have been going there'at Such a
hfivfftc iMrnu onH oCain lnl rnn!^ Mtn L.. 1.
having time and again led the party
on to victory In the past campaigns
we can trutnfuliy say that the pro
gressive republicans in this part bl
the state cannot find another mdn In
the* state of South Dakota as full of
vigor and ambition, possessing uot
only ability, but also abundance of
that rare and more useful quality ia-'
mlliarly known as good common
sense he has a distinguished ances
try, comprehensive experience as a.
leader, lawyer and Judge, a" thorough
education, in the knowledge of men
Wm. Lloyd Davis is in the eity
from hJif-home in Madison, Wis.
The special election Tuesday on
the vote for bonds for the payment of
the drainage canal now being btltlt
p» Maple street resulted in favor of
bonds by a vote of six to onei
The follpwin^s the vote by wardsr
For. Against.
First ward ... «...... 28
Second ward 81
Third ward 81
Fourth ward
census report told the story, and San
Diego herself was mildly surprised.
About that time the holding of an ex
position was being agitated. San Dt
ei?o said, "Why not?" Her people,now
awake and glad of it subscribed a
round million dollars to show their
faith, then voted another million l£
bondB $40 a- head for every man, "w&'fe
man and ohild in the city, Did thll
keep people away? No on the con
trary such a nexhibition of enterprise
made people think JSan Diego was a
good place for them to locate ln.and
rppid rate that it haa, been difficult ®,,
to And houses for them to live in.'
$an Diego is building a ftreat expoisl
tion, and at the Same time It Is build
inga great city a city of homes,witti
TFn«S Sam seems' to be looked
nfl Wflll OA' nf Inttr.iflTtiJ ImwIrM ...J'l.. I trtF .»•..
as well as of law and books, and to
schools and churches and theatres^,
evei-y adjunct of modern Civil life]
achievement in city building will b-»f
hardly less Interesting, in 1916, th^p'P
it'-achievement in exposition.- build#-^
Great" Mediator.
other nations aa the^CTe%t media-
this he adds the Qualities of being] 'Whenever there
absolutely fearless,
inq (juaiiues 01 Deing »jueuever tnere is •'^ranble ^[y.
sarless, self reliant and
efse on earth, everyone
tr Un!ted
States .to step Wtafce^l?
the, combatants by the Bcrufti ol -theiM*S
.— .uo BVXItUs -MM»i
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