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Sault Ste Marie, Mich,
Aberdeen American: More than five
hundred rails were broken on th'e
Milwaukee line between Aberdeen and
Mlibank by a flat wheel on the diner
of tke west bound Olympian which ar
rived here at 5:30 Wednesday morn
ing held up traffic on the division all
day Thursday and nearly all night At
"9 o'clock Thursday evening an east
bound train which left Aberdeen -v
hout 3 o'clock in the afternoon had
not. yet left Groton, having been held
while rails were being replaced to the
next station. It was reported Thurs
day night that all trains were being
run on a ten mile an hour schedule.
The flat wheel, while Hta$.b«g^tl of
by most .readMis, is by no means un
famill&r to .railroad mer. It^ usuauy
is caused by too tight setting of
brakes, causing the wheel to dra^,
sometimes for miles over the rails.
This grinds the surface of the whcieT
where It comes in' contact With tiio
rail and wears itijowri'so that a fliit
portion sometimes three or four inches
in length is'made before the difficul
ty is discovered.
When a wheel becomes badly flat
toned the edge of the fattened por
tion is very likely to damage anil
even break the rail passes over,
-and this is what occurred Wednesday,
.nitbo the results in this case were
serious than usual.'
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"ToS Much Railroad
Legislation 'in State
Pleading for a more conservative at
titude toward railroad corporations
^4 ap 1»aving lilies in South Dakota, ahd
TSsHfttiking that radical. railroad legisla
tion cease, so that' there -Will be better
leling between the people of the state
md the railroad syfitems, Dr. "W- Q.
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500 Rails Broken
on Milwaukee Road
missioners, expects to be severely crit
icized by the radical anti-railroad el
ement. But his appeal is for the con
sideration of the more conservative
residents of the state, with a view to
improving relations between the peo
ple and the railroads so they can
work together for the upbuilding of
the state, instead of antagonizing each
ether, as has been the case, the past
few years.
"South Dakota," he says, "has mora
thafi." thirty suits in, the state and fed
eral courts against the common car
riers, not counting the many cases iu
the past fifteen years. Can you name
a single suit won by the state that
has been fought through the court of
last resort? Don't blame the able at
torneys wMo have represented the
Atafe they have been honest an^ en
iprgetic in their t^^ntrpn. gygr an
xious to win the suit for the state
and fame for themselves. Yet if you
could get an honest expression from
them with'the assurance that it would
not be u^^inst^jKiimcalfe
I feel certain they would say: "Let
up and be a
little more conservative the railroads
have some rights.'
"fie attorneys well know that di
jilomacy. on. the,.part of the commis
?'on tind th? desire of the: railroads
Jto keep out of court, as. well as their,
desire to gain the good will of the
people, has .^tUned more in the past
than, ail the litigatipn which has re
sulted from political agitation.
"Don't take it for granted that 1
believe in no legislation* I believe
in just and equitable legialMion,. legis
lation that the attorney general has
some show to enforcp. Jegislatjon that
no. f°r
Srfiith, for thirteen years a member of
.rf thp„\etato jjflard.jitaiftilroafl -cowr V. Tyaa
PPH(lwi effect, but legte-
lation that:is the result of thorough
investigation and information gather
ed by experts from every source, In
cluding the common carriers' books.
"What South Dakota aeedsV how
ever, is not legislation that tends to
the destruction of corporations and
railroads, but comprehensive states
manlike regulation which will prevent
skillful manipulators robbing tke pub
lic of their rights, afld at. the same
time will tend to develop t&« indus
tries of our own state as well as irail
road construction.
"Seldom if ever have I appeared to
the railroad officials on
Investigating It enough to kflow*
my demand was just, without getting
results, if not all I aakedV a liberal
pointed out by Dr. Smith
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Sault Ste Marie
4hat every concession, every reduc
tion in freight or passenger rates in
South Dakota, and there have been
many of them, have been gained by
one or two methods. First by diplo
macy on the part of the state board
of railroad commissioners, and sec
ond, because of the desire of the rail
roads to keep out of the court and to
gain the good will of the people.
In conclusion Dr. Smith makes an
earnest plea for the promotion of bet
ter feeling between the people of the
state in general and the railroads
having lines in South Dakota which
needs railroads for its future develop
more railroads for its future develop,
ment and that harmonious action will
result in the more speedy develop
ment of the newer portions of the
I a &
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... 3
Threatened to Kill
^N^enpei^ Jailed
A hurry tip call summoned Chief of
Police .KefH6f of tvead afiid Weveral' Of
the force who are on duty nit
Friday morning to th£ baitalo &'HII1
rooming block, where they round
man whose name is said to be Ole
Peterson, with a Coif automaUc fe
olver Iu one hand atid- a six shooter
to ,the other holding": foui* men In a
room: with the warning words, "r will
slioot the ftm maa that mcVfes." He
said further that after he had killed a
policeman- going-to kill Aim*
'ji -i*
For more than an hour he kept the
men standing there with the guns
pointed at them while the police were
trying for a chance to get the hand
cuffs on him. They were at last suc
cessful. While he was taking a drink
of liquor the policemen closed in on
him and he was in their "power.
The man was drunk and no doubt
insane while making the rash state
ments. He was lodged in the city
jail and placed in chains. It was a
state warrant that was issued for his
arrest. During the hour that he kept,
{ha boys in the room he kept up a
flow of language to the effect that he
was going to kill all the police force
and as several heard him utter these
words he no doubt will face a seri
ous charge in court.
Charges MadeAgainit
Stanley Coonty Pair
Sheriff :Coyne and. Deputy C&lhoon
of Stanley county With Wi EJ. Morford
recently drove from Mldland to Beli
videfce, airlvtng 'at the latter place at
threeia. tti. broke into the patior bed
room-of thfe- Belvidere hcftel and tfeere
fbund MrB,-'.Morfor(i'' and'' Jack Baton.
Mr. Uorford' is-safd to 'have repeat
edly- protested againat the conduct oi
his wife -and Baton and on one
Chimneys' andpl
wiii setfd youf one'sof^hes¥ Sufners' prej
casion -had h«en assaulted: by the lat
ter. Baton had been strenuously ad
vised by his friends to cease his at
tentions, rioepe^t for Mr. Mcnrford and
his family tn^r preventing ai more
ious .termination at the hands of the
citizens. Mrs. Morforid and Baton
were taken to Ft. Pierre by the auth
S. D. MAtrdl loses
.^Station at1- Qolton
A loss of beseem $4,006 and *5,000
resulted from the ^destruction: by fire
of th^,. station building, of tbe South
Dakota CtMtfai Bailroad at Coiton.
Nothing could be Saved even the cash
received from the sale of the tickets
And in payment for freight being con
sumed. The regular passenger train
had paased a abort time before and
the agefit bad temporarily -left the
building when the flames broke out.
years S. Donahue,: B. Haven,
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Sly^ 29-42
Come Up in Court
The indications are that a manda
mus suit will be brought in Day coun
ty at. an early date to tost the right
of the county commissioners to fisi
rayment for-wunty gf^ne warden ser
vices. It appears thafethje connty board
of Day otwty, inatead of. accepting
the etatemepto of tbeaamttnis due C.
C. Jenkinuj, form«ri,gaiuB warden of
that county^ which htta bsen approved
by Sta^e iQame Warden Bancroft, the
commissioners aimply flled his endors
«d accounts, and then allowed the
game warden: any part of the amount
shown which, .they felt, .like giving
him. Jenkins has employed an-attor
ney to bring ault, and the question is
likely to get Into the courts' at an
early date. v3r
to be
Deport^ to Canada
The Dominion of Canada will be
asked to take charge of aiid care for
an individual named Ojormund Os
terness, who has become insane in
Potter county, and who hoi been tak
en in charge by the authoriUes of
that county pending a decision as to
what shall be done -with him.
Some years ago patentees went to
the British Northwest Territory and'
filed on a homestead. It is said 'he
made final proof and if this proves to
be correct he Is a British subject,
and will be turned over to Canadian
authorities. OMern&s reappeared in
Potter county recently, and is be
lieved to have walked the greater part
of the way from British' northwest to
South Dakota.
'A "hiia talus Dr. MBss' IJCCaOve Ta*-"
let.- wfthout thinking
Michif an
Attorney Indicted in
Postal Insurance Casej|
O. D. Olmstead, an attorney ot'^f
Tripp county, was recently Indicted
by a federal grand, jury at Denver la
connection with charges against tha
United States Postal Insurance com*.
pany, which is accused of using tha..%
malls to defraud. Olmstead was otntsg^v
general manager of the company. Xn^
mediately upon receiving information
that he bad been indicted he left Win
ner for Denver to surrender himself to.
the authorities.- His friends in SonUt
Dakota, gained in the year he has ..
been a resident of Tripp county, ex
'stress confidence that he wilt )3fa*
able to clear himself. They say hfe^
had no part in the alleged frauds, as
be was not one of the original pro
motors of the company,
V* fc
1 yt
:1 /$
Poor George has grown tired o&'|
kinging, according to stories I hear^"?..
he's never seen dancing and singing
.or wearing a smile from ear to ear.
Condemned to
a life artificial, to'
splendor that wearies the sou), to at
titude grave and judicial, a monarch '.
is deep in the hole.. For him tyo ex
cursion or sally, no natural, uipifUn^,,
Joys a dog fight's on deck in the al-v'
ley, be cannot look on with the boys^'
the circus has come and the people are
sending glad shouts to the sky the
king cannot climb a phurch steeple
see the procession go by. The king
cannot sit on the bleachers and yell
when the umpire is slain most Ipnelx,^,
of all ..jfyiaff cjrpa^res, he jwt haa t«^v
stay home and reign. Though roughly1
the old world may treat ^ou, tho .troaj
bles each morning may bring, tho
gies and jabberwocks me^t you,
thankful that you're not a king!
Walt Mason.
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