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Railroads Will Ship
ri I
U6CQ brain in rrCCj
W. O. Morris, Pres.
H. D. Rice, Vice Pres.
you about it.
regions. The present ts In the form of
free freight rates 011 seed grain which
wl11 be
for ,lie
Farm Mortgage
small and annoying obligations can be
grouped together and paid off, by making
a Farm Mortgage Loan.
Citizens National Bank,
Watertown, South Dakota.
the Watertown Sanitarium
coming season.
jm nt or the KrantltiK of
the free rule is made by Dr. W. 5
A substantial New Year's present I .Smith, member of the state board
has been made to the people of that lailroad rotnini.sHioners, who has juM
part of the state lying west of tin- returned from Chicago. The free rat.
Missouri river, and of four counti'-.-
'H g° into effect in a few days, Im-
lying east of the river, by tin- railway unties e:i^t ol the Missouri river to
companies whose linen traverse tho^.. 'a 1 !, li
Before You
rri t. applies are I-uulk,
a Silo let us show you our
proposition on a clear one
piece stave of soft Oregon
fir and our swing door, a
sample of which we have
at our office. The goods
will speak for themselves and as to price,
our connections with the wholesale lum­
ber irade will let us save you from fifty
to seventy-five dollars from the price being
asked by some canvassing agents with
hotel and livery bills to pay. We sell at
our office in Wnfertown.
Laird Norton
Lumber Co.
L. T. Morris, Cashier
W. D. Morris, Ass't. Cashier
We are in a position to make such
loans on attractive terms. Let us talk with
thoroughly modem hospital
has now been open "to the general public for eighteen
It calls your attention to the following:
It has had in that time 493 surgical operations with
out a death.
You can be accommodated at this hospital more
safely and far more cheaply than in going farther
The nearest place is none too near for emergency
5 It lias never asked for" or received any public or
denominational support but is and has been self-de
It is1 opened to all doctors and assures courteous''
And efficient attention.
Its electrical department is complete and moder.i
and is capablc of taking the most difficult X-rav pit
'& •. Its Bye, Ear, Nose and Throat department is most
efficient and it has installed a, complete'equipment fo"
the fitting of glasses. 4,j|
.Ite eh^jnical aid pathological
as good &
he found in the larger cities and is capable of
faking t^ruost difficult and modern test for diiwr
^osis. 3
ut provides ft jlrainiti% school for nurses.
&2WU 51 Sttperitoadent
Battron, M. D. Mrs. H. J. Bartron
i$-i Office and Residence in Hospital.
Kdmunds, McPherson and Walworth.
The railroads which have consented
to grant free freight rateB on seed
.urain are the Burlington, the North
western, iho Fort Pierre and Rapid
City, the Milwaukee and the Minnea
polls and St. Louis. Dr. Smith said:
For the past few weeks I have
been working at the request of th"
coininiHsion for seed rates and
jo that the gnntest obstacle to.
th'-n: has N-n the laws—-
Strange Adventure
at Clear Lake,
S. D.
I )e\'rler
:\s» had
-mi. pa\ a«: bim
done to his buggy.
Mi-. :iik1 Mrs.
and thr
in.L' to their
A er a journey
and a halt
la ir car met
farmer nam*
Th" e:»r wa
n• 1 :.s ii. \va.-
'1 1 t?quar
he a ii
(Irewniski en-•
Joyed it visi! from ihoir niooe. Miss
Kirkmier, of Alia'iiom.
Mr. Antony went 10 Rochester to
(licnd Sunday.
Tom Wayne go! tired of the mild
Aeuiher of Kentucky and came home
io the cold ninds and biiow banks of
S'ltith Dakota
I The many friends of Fred N'ewby
-a former Goodwin hoy. will be Tn
terefted to know that he has taken
unto himself a wife and is living ou
a elaim near C'olone. this state.Long
life, health and prosperity is the wish
of everyone.
Mrs. O* K. Meisel is spending a
week or more with relatives and
triends at Hayti and Hazel, and Os
car is getting thin from batching.
Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Kranz are now
enjoying the sunny clime of southern
California, but Nick wishes lie had
taken his over eoat.
Mr. and Mrs. Rohweder are plan
"Ins on starting for Redlands, Cal., on
Thursday where they will spend the
time until the weather moderates in
the Bpring. Their dread of the trip
going has been overcome by the se
vere cold here.
Siovi Fulton from Altamont, visited
her aunt, Mrs. McKee. last week.
P. W. Berals is now taking note
of the difference In climate
Spencer, Mass., and. Goodwin, S. D.
We would not be surprised If the bal
ance was on the Goodwin side and
he will come back before the allotted
Mrs. Fred Gizewski, Sr., was called
to Estelline Monday, by the illness of
her daughter^ Minnie. She left on the
morning train.
Mrs. A. E. Steere and daughter Ma
bel went to "Watertown Monday to
scrutinize the bargain counters of
the many sales advertised.
The Rohweder young people- enter
mined the young people of the place
last Friday evening with a progressive
domino party. About twenty invited
guests were present to enjoy'the hos-
pitality of the ,evening and a merry
time was had. is".
The M. W. A. held their installation
of officers Tuesday evening.
i! Mrs. Tom Toblason has gone to
^Minnesota to vlBit her parents and
pther relatives.
Pauline! Havnes is taking a vaca
tion from her duties in the pobtofiice
flt Bemis and iB home this week and'
wjJJ soon*: start for Wtoeonain to
^end two months with relatives ruid
A number of Ooodwinites "attended
entertainment at Bemis Wednes
day evening. This waa the last num.
er of th«ir tectnre course and con
sisted of character Impersonation's
antf was one of the best of/its kind.
,, Geo. Stienborn and f&mfly have re
moved from south Maple street to
the Holden flats on the north side.
Cowboys are Going
to South America
Mobridge, Jan. 17.—With the sei
icinent of the Indian reservations, the
,ik lu-rda of cattle are disappearing
join South Dakota to give way to tbe
oilier with a few head of cows, in
if the rattle baron vith Ins
nsar.d!'. As a conse«|uenre, many
ii., old mm* (nwhos arc finding
.• a pal inn uuie. l-'our of
,,i iii''r well known cowboys of Ii'
y.-nie- River reservation succumb
•u the inevitable la^i and
v. 11 LTani !m to any one but pau
fl I }i with the fed*
li'-n ii is necessary tv«
11:»»-rsliftfrom Minneapo
adopt, so as to
!u' plan of ship
riv. r. who can.
ij seed grai'i
is- (armors, the
fiv-t Hen
i- iban forsake ib.c )if- ib
tn love, ili.-y pricsd tbnmuh
heir way ro la i\
lu'.v will emba b: r»r I Jt. 1
st-\jre r?npl\ nn-nt on bi
Mi-rs v. hie ar- i-ring
... hc Amaaai l« Munki
it m|' the Mata«lor i"
'I he tneinl
an-nct* W
Holder a
-u uinobi'-
anc\ jv
i.b:ir» wer--
a dam
t,! Duplicate It in Watertowr
are h-.-tifviuu
s. Su- id
i. ki !i., w. Mx
Vries. but. D
the -natter by
ent with Even
of the damage'
1' aliih'M paral.w"d ,n.l
i.tiKip lo tic my shoes. I
•i'' .1 at'oiiml wiili cane.-as weak
child and wa.^ unahjo to do anv
The kidney secretioiiK he­
me too frequent in passage and my
was disturbed from four to six
ci every night. heard a great
••I about Doan's Kidney Pills and
ally I was induced to try tlient. Tiie
olu el 11
and 1 am glad to confirm all
previously said about them. In my
opinion there is not another kidm-v
medicine on the market as effective
as this one.."
For sale by all dealers. Price 60
cents. Poster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the
take no other.
Mapping ofjMeridian
Road is ^Completed
The Minneapolis Sunday Journal
printed on its first page on outline of
the route to be followed by the great
Meridian highway which is to extend
from the Gulf of Mexico, starting at
Galveston, Texas, across six states,in
cluding South Dakota, and one Cana
dian province to Winnipeg, a dis
tance of over 1,600 miles, making the
longest continuous road on. the contin
nt. This is the same road which has
teen very much discussed in this
county and state for Bcveral months
past. The movement was started
down In Kansas last year.
The Journal stated in pari.:"Now ev
ery mile of the route has been deter
mined upon and in the southern states
men are already engaged in the im
provement of the roads. Next spring
will see the beginning of similar
work in the northern states and
Manitoba. Along the entire route of
this 1,600 mile highway there are no receive the
natural obstructions which- the road
builders will have to contend with.
There is scarcely a hill of any conse
quence from Winnipeg to' the Gulf.
Krom Galveston, at sea level, the pla
teau rises to about 15,000 to 1,600 feet
in .Kansas and Nebraska, reacl&ng'
its highest altitude at WatertownF 8.
t., at 1,700 feet. Prom Watertown to
Winnipeg there is a,.gradual down
slope, Winnipeg being 700 feet
above sea level."
Tlie route as appearing in the Jour
nal brings the road into this state at
Yankton, running north through Sa
lem and Madison to Watertown,: from
whiitsh place it swings over to Mil
bank and east to Ortonville, going'di
rectly north from that place to Wahpe
ton and. Fargo.
tthcumatlc pains are relieved by
•Hi-.' Mitep- Anti-Hatn
1. u'
"As Wall as Evsr," Is Pastor
Russell's Message.
On the Atlantic Returning From Most
L^u^ng Trip Abroad—
Future Work,
own experiences, his own tribulations:
"mt prophetically he represented the
Messiah-Head and Body—.lesus and
I His saintly few gathered during this
'Ago out of all nations, sects and par
ties- "the Ch'irt'h of the First-borns,
whose name.-, are written In heaven.-
I lebrews xil.
In Love
The people in general could not nti
I derstaiul how Divine favor could be
with one so temjjted, so tried, so be
set by persecutors, so maligned as he
jsaid. "Mine enemies speak evil of me:
Says That Church's Present Experi- 0
encos Are
by Way of Preparation For
Nov. 10. "As well
us ever, a
God." was I'astor
itus: ell's message
Sip- to the millions who
read his sermons
weekly In the sec
ular press. His
text was from
Psalm sill, 1-8, es
pecially the words
"All thy waves and
tby billows arc
gone over me." St.
bnvid spoke of his
Not In Angor.
The Prophet's experiences-wave aft
ft wave of trouble, disiippcintmet.'.s.
etc. —he knew were not evidences of
Cod's disfavor, but contrary wise proofs
of the Heavenly aiber's love and care
evidences that he was being tau :ht
:f God. in preparation for ft work
v.' ich he wa do. tie was pursued
t'.v Satan's devices and was like an
imiei, in th.' chase, famished for wa
r. t' hart pnntetb if1er the
water 1.r, .auiotli my soul after
tliee. ob: •«!," ".My soul thirstetii for
Clod, for tlic living Cod. Wliej shall
1 conie a-ul a|• ear before Thee, ob
!e)dV ^'hi-ii v.iil my trials, my testing
be finished? When shall 1 be received
into everlasting fellowship as the Son
I of the Highest."
When shall ho die and his name per
isb If he come to me as a reporter,
he sppaketh falsely his heart gather
etli iniquity to Itself when he eoeth
.i 10 to mj work without imy abroad he telleth It" "All that hate
louble. get about easily and sleep: me whisper together against me."—
.'cH. Doan's Kidney Pills alone have Psalm xli, 5-7.
Morcd me to good health." (State- Full of faith St. David would not be
meat given Sept. IS, lilOT.i overwhelmed. His faith would outride
Confirmed Proof.
When Mr. Crane was interviewed f„Itn. his lovaltv to God.
on October U)
10. he said, "i .still
the storms, lie would learn his les
son. He would thus demonstrate his
a a
ng ot lioan Kidney pyis rastor Russell declared the most im
I have port a feature of St. David's career
centered in the fact that he typified the
Messiah—Head and Members. The
name David signifies Beloved, and
Messiah is the beloved Son of God. He
is the Chief or Head over this house of
sons, all of whom are God's dear chil
dren—Beloved. Thus the prophecies of
the future In whieb David figures
prominently are properly understood
to refer to the great work of Messiah'?
Kingdom—the Throne of David will be
the Throne of Messiah which will be
established under the whole heavens.
Tho waves and billows of trouble
which passed over the Prophet David,
typified tho trials and difficulties of
the narrow way in which Jesus and
His faithful followers of the new cre
ation must walk to attain the prom
ised glory, honor and immortality. St.
David's trials of faith and loyalty to
God typed the faith and loyalty of
Christ Jesus and the Church amid
the trials that will come with the
end of the present night time, usher
ing lu the New Day, in which Christ
will reljni In righteousness for the
overthrow of sin and death. They
may rejoice in hope, knowing that all
things are worktug together for good
to tbem. beeause they love Ood stt
premely. (Romans vlll, 28.» "Weepinp
msy endure for a night but joy comet Ii
in the morning."—Psalm rax, 6 "S
Our Miction Now—and Then.
Sin, the fall, degradation and selfish
ness have bad the effect of hardening
the hearts of mankind. They are
stony-hearted liy. reason of the prev
alent selft-shnesw:', the, tender-hearted,
who love righteousness, are bruised
wounded—broken. This beart-breaktng
ts not injurious.
The. .liroken-bearted are the more
-ssage of God's
love and mercy. It Is of this broken
hearted class that the Lord Is making
up His Elect Chureli, "Come unto Me
ait ye tliat lalwir and are heavy laden.,
and I will give you rest" So far from
tts being the missiob of the Church to
break men's hearts it is the very re^
verse—it theirs "to bind np the bro
Then will come the Church's ftatnre
work for which all of ber present ex
periences are preparations—are ielnR
overruled by. Divine provideace. Pres
ent experiences with trials and Olftl
culties. battling with the graves of
trouble and obtaining Divine assist
ance to surmount them, will all be
valuable preparations of the Church
for her future work of glory. Then
*he will be perfect with her Redeemer
on His heavenly throne. How much
her own present experience) will servn
to make this class sympathetic and
merciful priests of God toward men
'In the Ages ro i-ome" (Ephesians ii,
0. 7). none but God jan foretell.
Physician «nd Surg#on,
Granite Block, 4th Floor.
Office hours, 3 to 5 and 7 to S p. m.
Phone Red 87.
O O O O O O O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Geo. H. Marquis Chas. W. Sterling
Attorneys & Counsellors at Law oo
Rooms 15, 16, and 17 Goss Block os
Watertown, South Dakota.
Attorney at Law
Practice in all Courts
Room 306 Granite Block
Telephone Main 362
Special attention given to pro
bate matters and to mat
ters involving real proper
ty law.
Geo. Case Howard Case
Rooms Granite Block
Watertown, S. D.
H. J. Bartron, M. D.
Surgeon in Charge
Watertown Sanitarium
Office and residence in hospital.
Phone Main 141.
DR. W. fi. MAGEE
i'livBiciun and Surgeon
Oflice and fea. Century Blk. Phone
Main 408. Hours—10 to 12 a. 2 to
and 7 to 8:30 p. m.
Architects Contractors, BuMd*rs
Plans and Estimates Furnished.
Real Estate Bought and Sold.
Office and Shops 114 First Ato. 8. VV.
Phone Green 83.
Baggage and Dray Line
Piano and Safe Mov ng. Excavating
123 N. Maple. Phone Main 270
cuert Piano Tuner
a Uepalrer
All Work Guaranteed.
Ainsworth Music Store
"Upholstering, Awnings^ Taatt
Hair and Moes Mattresses mada
erder and renovated.
119 1st
Terms .Hea.
Phone red 99
For Transfer and Dray Work Try
L. «. DEMiNC
Pia.io Moving a' Specialty
118 No. Maple. Phone Main 107
8. K. opposite^ Main JSa
trance to Comt Hottae.
Lest Yon Forget!
We do all kinds of
Ail work guaranteed.
916 First Av. S. E."
Phone Green 501.
Skinner Draj^
and Transfer Line
Office:. East of Grand Opera House
Kemp Avenue.
Succeed when eveixthing.else fida.
In jnervons prostration and lemale
weaknesses they, are the anpreaw
remedy, as thotaanda have testi"ted.
it the heat medldon em tnld
over a druggist's counter.

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