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-,•. •••.•.,'•.•• .Til'' v- v-
A Thousand Laughs ana.
Three Years
lifl West Kemp
s»: mMy
i)nie Nighty Monday, January 22nd
The Independent Amuement Co. of Chicago Offers the Merry Jingling Musical Comic Opera
Featuring the Well Known Character Singing Comedian
"Mr. William C. Ctishman"
Supported by a Strong Cart of Singers
A Gleeful, Gladsome, Glorious Trip Into Happyland. Klean, Klever Komedy
Seat Sale at Kreiser's Drug Store Prices 35c, 50c, 75c and $1.00
Wm. W. Scholtz C. A. Anderson
Scholtz & Anderson
Real Estat", Firs Insurance, Bonds, Collections.
A Specially of City and Farm Rental. City
Property and Farms. Looked After for Non
Office in Mellette Block Phone Main 401
We have just received a carload
of new Buckwheat from the
WRIGHT'S famous mills. You,
without doubt, know the reputa
tion of this flour. WRIGHT'S
There is something about cakes
made from WRIGHT'S BUCK
WHEAT that ma&es them taste
mighty good, and that is because
it is ground in the old-fashioned
way and is PURE.
INSIST upon having WRIGHT'S
This^tlie'sp^cliilis'^age:- TtiHHatir who knoi&k'&ll atibfat
everything is not in demand. What is needed are persons
who are trained to do one thing—and do it better than any
nne else. We make a specialty of teeth without plates, better
known as crown and bridge work. We have one ot(the, best
crown and bridge specialists in the northwest. J&-
Resident Manager H. C. Oberthaw
York Dentists
Watertown, S. D. Lebert Block
jii ....••
•vf 4»**
"Something Doing" Every Minute
^leasing Concert at
Ltfsal M. E. Church
A large crowd was out to hear The
International Operatic Co, In their re
cital at the M. E. church last Thurs
day evening, despite the severe cold,
it registering thirty degrees below
zero that evening.
Their program was a pleasing one
from start to finish, the tirst and last
numbers deserving of particular men
tion, sung as they were by this com
pany of individual artists.
Miss Heidenreich, contralto, gave
some very pleasing selections, but the
honors of the evening must be given
to Mr. and Mrs. McKinnie both as so
loists and in their duet.
Algaard is
Judgment for Plow
In the municipal couf£ i&^¥jSu?S:'
day with Mark W. Slieafe, Jr., act
ing judge, the cased J. H. Algaard
vs. Chris Schutt came up for hearing.
The suit was brought to recover the
price of a gang plow sold by Algaard
to Schutt, who claimed a breach of
warranty, and was decided in favor of
the plaintiff. The court ruled that
the claim ol a breach of warranty
claimed by Schutt was not a valid one.
Mrs. Geo. McMillan
Dies at Hospital
Mrs. George McMillan, wife of
George McMillan, who has been em
ployed at the Whooley Packing Co's
plant in this city, died at the Water
town Hospital last Friday afternoon.
Several months ago the deceased un
derwent a successful operation dt
the hospital for abdominal trouble,
but about ten days ago she was taken
seriously ill with gall stones.
Man- Hunt
Way in
Tripp Co.
Chamberlain, Jan. 17.—During the
past few days a remote portion of the
new county of" Tripp has been the
scene of a man-hunt, which has been
prosecuted by the officers in spite of
constant below zero weather. The fu
gitive whom the officers are endeav
oring to apprehend is Charles Black,
who is wanted for stabbing and slash
ing with a knife another man named
Jacob Dlckman. The wounds are al
leged to have been inflicted during a
fight between the two men in a sa
loon at the little town of Jordan. The
trouble between the two men origin
ated about a year ago, and was due to
Dickman not paying Black for the
care of his (Dickman's) horses after
they had wandered away and gone
to the Black homestead.
A few dayB ago the men met and
with scarcely any preliminaries they
became engaged in a (1st fight, which
resulted in the discomfiture of Black.
They were parted, but a few minutes
later again resumed the fight. Dick
man again got the best of the- flstlc
argument, throwing Black to the floor
and holding him there until Spectators
forced him to desist Then it was
found that Dlckman had been serious
ly cut and slashed with a knife. Cuts
Tvere qultVdeep, the one in
Thwe °»fei-e also two gashes «A ifce
breast over the heart. For tf%e
Dickman's recovery was doubtful. Afc
tei the light Black mounted his. hum
and difjLflpeared. ,c
Local Democrats in
Committee Meeting
A. P. Foley, as chairman of th6
'democratic county central committee,
has Issued' the following call
A meeting of the democrats of Cod
ington tounty is called to meet at the
Uoss hall oa Saturday, January 13,- at
3 o'clock p. m"„ to'- felect ten 'delegates
to attend the conference to life held at
Fierre at 3 o'clock p. m., Wednesday,
January 17, by order oi the chairman
of the state central oommittee.15: Re
duced rates on all railroads will tie
made for those desiring to attend this
meeting. A. P. Foley,
Chairman Democratic County ^Cen
tral Committee. -?.:y
Blocker Bound Over itf
to |he Circuit Co|rt
I of
George Blocker, who was Jwund
over to tho circuit court 1st the stun
J300OU the charge of Stealing hogs,
from the countyJail last
was releasfci. —"vej}
week after securing an apt,..
for his appearance, signed by
father-in-law, William Roberts,
Nick Webber.
Practical Joker is
Being Searched For
Timber lake, Jan. 17.—-It Is report
ed that the postal authorities .are
looking for a practical joker, whose
home appears to be in the ceded por
tion of the Cheyenne River Indian
reservation. and who Is wanted for
mailing a letter of an unusual charac
ter to Miss Elizabeth Blackburn, of
Evansville, Ind., and received by her
a day or two before she became the
wife of C. C. Lever, formerly a resi
dent of Timber Lake. The letter was
as follows:
"I see in the Timber Lake Tribune
ycu are marrying 'Jug' Lever. Don't
do it any more, he has a squaw and
one papoose out here on the reserva
The letter. It is understood by the
Houth Dakota friends" of the groom,
caused some anxious moments for
both the bride and groom, but it all
ended well, as the wedding took place
as arranged. .•
Water town Grange
Installs New Officers
A public installation of the officers
ot Watertown Grange No. 3 was held
in the I. O. O. F. Hall at Watertown,
S, D., on Thursday evening, January
11th, at which the following officers
were installed for the year of 1912 by
Mrs. Clara B. Hodges of Brwin, state
grange lecturer, assisted by Mrs. 1).
D. Long, installing officer's assistant,
viz: ...
Master—D. D. Long.
Overseer—F. Olmsted
Lecturer—Mrs. H.' M. Rogers.
Steward—J. W. Poor.
Assistant Steward—F. R. Benson.
Chaplain—Mrs. J. W. Poor.
Treasurer—Mrs. F. M. Stone.
Secretary—Geo. W. Dixon.
Gatekeeper—Frank D. Long.
Ceres—Ellen Poor.
Pomona—Clara Olmsted.
Flora—Mabel Stone.
Lady Assistant Steward 'rf- Bertha
Olmstead. 't:-
At the close of the ceremonies a
handsome past master's pin was pre
sented to the retiring master, Geo. W.
Dixon, by the members.
A rising vote of tbanks was tender
ed the Worthy State Lecturer for
her efficient work in the Installion and'
white this was" her first visit to our
grange we sincerely hope that it may
not be long before she can bo. with us
again as she pleased all with har
goodness, tact and personality.
After the installation a fine lunch
was partaken of and the time was
very pleasantly spent in an informal
social manner till 2:00 a. m. With
the thermometer at 38 below about
60 were present, quite a number com
ing from six miles away, and several
were here from outside granges.
The grange will have a basket so
cial at the same place on Thursday
evening January 25th to which all
friends of the order are cordially in
vited. If you missed the pne^a.month
ago do not miss this.
•On .account of- the extreme cold
weather this sale at the Golden ESagle
has been,attended until Saturday the
2 a -l a
mooter WgtaterPjg S3 degrees oe
low,Mro, file Tjroke ^ut In Schnabel's
furniture stpre tit iQ o'clock dilii morn*
tag and destroyed a number dt build*
and business establishments,^*
a loss of about |30,ft».
The buildings destroyed Schnu
bels furuiture store, Ing^tys' slothing
and furnishings store, and Rogen
brock's grocery, while Fossum's shpe
store, Martin Brothers land office,
Miss Rogers' studio, Dr. Haw's office
and, Royal's ^tudlo ^efe ^severely
damaged. .. JLto
There an abundance of "wato\
but owing to the low temperature the::
-water froze nearly as fast as It came
from the hydrants. The biirned build
ings were located on the west side of
Main street* and a strong south wind
prevailed. causing, tta.
Baldness tie too Generally Considered
a Sign of Atfwnced Age.
°d person does not have
an equal chance with one blessed wltn
a healthy iiead ot halrr because bald
WPg & fog generally accepted as an
•'-^n of Ike
We know exactly what we are talk
ing about, and with this oiler back of
our statements, no one should scoff,
doubt our word, or hesitate to put
our remedy to an actual test.
We want every one in Watertown
who is suffering. from any scalp or
hair trouble, dandruff, falling hair, or
bujdness, to try. ouf RexaU "98" Hal#
Tonfc. We want them to use it reg
ularly—say until three bottles have
been used—and if it does not eradi
cate dandruff, cleanse and refresh the
scalp, tighten the hair in its roots,
and grow new hair, we will return
every cent paid us for the remetiv
for the mere asking. There is no
formality expected, and we expect no
obligation from the user whatever.
We are established right here In
Watertown, and make this offer with
a full understanding that, our business
success entirely depends upon the
sort of treatment we accord our cus
tomers, and we would not dare make
ho above offer unless we were posi
tively certain that we cold substan
tiate it. iii everyfparticular. Remem
ber, you qan obtain Rexall Remedies
in this community only .at our store—
The Rexall Store. R. W. Kreiser,
druggist, 112 8. Oak St., Watertown,
S. D. r-
Pierre, Jan. 18.—John Eaton and
Mrs. Ella Morford, the Kadoka peo
ple charged with adultery have been
bound over to the Stanley county cir
cuit court, on heavy bond. B. E. Mor
ford, the husband, has sued for. di
vorce.. ....The children have been sent
to a brother of Mrs.. Morford in the
east part, of the state. The court re
quired Morford to pay attorney's fees
for his wife, and provided for the sup
port of the children until after the
circuit court hearing.
Farmer Spends a
jg Night in Haystack
Leola, Jan. 17.—Losing his way
while returning to his home on a
farm after trip to town, and be.ngr
compelled to spend the night In a h?j
stack, with the temperature many de
grees below ze|r» and the snow blow
ing In great clouds, was the experi
ence of Emil Kutschke, a prominent
McPherson county farmer. Because
of the very bad condition of the
roads his team traveled slowly and
when night set in he yet was several
miles from home. After driving a
few1miles in the darknoss,' he became
confused and believed he hud lost bis
-*ay- He gave Ms horses their hevd*
and they miuJe thelr way to the hay
stack, where Kutschke decided ib
camp for the night He nearly froze
to .tath,
spread rapidly.'
The Are is suppose^ foiiaYe origin
ated fr?m an over-heated furnace In
tho furniture store.
lar6® C01"-
indicuviv.. age
rorations have -tablished
He n?en oyer,
limit, and refuse to u.
35 years of age as new emp,
Probably 66 per cent of baldheou
people may regain' a good' head of
healthy hair if they will" follow our
advice and accept tour offer.
have a remedy that w-e positively
guarantee to grow hair on any head,
unless the roots of the hair are entire
ly dead, their follicles closed, and
the scalp has become glazed and
shiny. We want, people to try this
remedy at our risk, with the distinct
understanding that unless It does ex
actly what we Claim it will, and fives
satisfaction in every respect, we shall
make no charge for the remedy used
daring the trial.
mn. few,
The happy young couple ..will mak*
their future home at CjheJses, ftllch.
registered from 38 to 43 ^egreeit
lo-w zero lost Thttrsday^ilght.
under the most modern,
sanitary conditions by
skiUed masters* in
as clegn
119 N. Oik St.
"•'I. & Co.
IfGoojl wholesome' recre
ation combined with
a mild
Stimulating tonic will
aifi nature In mak«
lajf a strong, heftltlij
contains all the nutritive
ingredients necessary to
create rich, ted blood and
new tissue.
fl Digesto builds body and
HIM? Drop H«lp to HE«hfc
For mle ot &S dru« itartti
Made by
Tbeo.Hamm Brg.Co.
Saint PaaUM
Heart Disease"-' Almost
Fatal to Young Girl
"My daughter, when thirteen years'
old, wa» stricken with heart troublo.
She waif so Ind we hntl to place hor
a window
she could get
Wr breath. O&jf"•
doctor said, 'Pooir
child, she Is likely
to fall dead any
time.' A friend
told me i)r. Miles'
•ifonrt Remedy had
curc-d her father,
wo 1 tried it, and'
»ho began to Ira*
pifivv. She tools
irmtt many bot
tii-s. but she 1«
Kiuired to me to
day, a fat, rosy
K't une inn iiiin({lne the
conliiii-mv have In .Dr. At 111-«' Heurk
Remedy." A. K. CANON, Worth, Mo.
The unbounded confidence Mr.
Canpn has in Dr. Miles' Heart Rem
edy is shared by thousands ot
others who know its value front
experience. Many heart disorders
yield to treatment, if the treatment
is right. If you are bothered witfe
short breath, fainting spelts, swell-iiS*.
iijg of feet or ankles, pains sbouti^f
the heart and shoulder blades, pal-.-s--.
pitation, weal and hungry spellsy,^
you should begin using Dr. Miles*/
Heart Remedy at once. Profit
the exper ence of ethers while yotl"-%
Dr. Mile* Hem Remedy Is sold and^
Guaranteed by all druggists.

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