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Too Early to Plan
Vacation? i1
Not atafl. Thk just tin rime to
begin your pKpai«iont and four vaca
tion period will find you ready to enjoy
to, the fulL There it-only one
place this summer to spend a real
vacation—among the Rockies— in
If you haven't been to Colorado it's
certainly time you were going?
If you have been, we know you are
just longing to go again and there is
only one best way to go—via
Rock Island lines
Fast electric lighted trains on conveni
ent schedules carry you in perfect com
fort to the very foot of the Rockies.
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you will find healthy,
happy families and a con
tented housewife. Com
plies with all pure food laws
both State and National.
Jaques Mfg. Co., Chicago
•7 -nV
J#. -?pfeiv
TenH be ibr
how little It
corti. l«t me
For Sale By
?ARL & CO.
Baking Powder works
Recalls Destruction of
Steamer "Sultana"
W. S, Bowen, editor ofthe' Huron
ite and an old CivllWar veteran tells
of a steamboat dimeter of even great,
er proportions than, that ot the Ti
tanic. Says Mr. Bowen: "It la com
mon presumption that out of the Ti
tanic calamity came the1- greatest loss
01 human lite ever recorded in. steam
boat accident -annals. The world,
seemsto have forgotten the heart
reuding destruction of the steamboat:
Sultana on the Mississippi river in the
spring ot 1866, in which 300 mord per
sons perished than are on the list of
the Titanic's lost.
"It was In the spring of 1865 that the
civil war came to a close and to ex
pedite the exchange of prisoners cap
tured during the operations of the
armies, camp Fisk was established
hear-Vicksburg, as a rendezvous for
some of those released.
"The federal prisoners there ex
changed were brought northward on
the river steamer Sultana. The boat
halted at Helena, Arkansas, on the
27th day of April and took on the last
consignment of released prisoners,
"The number, of soldiers then on
board was 2,134, although the passen
ger capacity of the steamer was not
more than 500. They were stowed
It is an undisputed fact that the Reinforced Concrete Silo
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Drop In and let us give you a price on either. Cement
Block or Reinforced Concrete Blio complete before placla^^^
your order with outside firms.-
the hold and spread upon the
decks every foot'of available space be
"At a point 90 miles above Mem
phis, the boilers of the Sultana ex
ploded and what was left of the wreck
took fire and burned. The Photo
graphic History of the Civil War puts
the number killed by the explosion
and fire at 1,900 by subtracting the
survivors from" the total steamboat
"At the time the country had be
come accustomed, through the experi
ence of four years,' to the slaughter of
large bodies of soldiers and the Sul
tana calamity did not fix itself upon
the publio recollection, apart from the
general Iosb of life common to that
Watertown Cemenf Products Co.
Watertown, Sonth Dakota
Stale Wolf Bounty
May Have to Go
Pierre, Aiirll 29,t*-H the movement
In the Black. Hills, started by the
state/legal and auditing departments
In regard to toe wolf bounty charges
which are being made, develop along
the lines which it is expected to sho^r
the next legislature will have as one
of the first measures thrown at them
a bill for the repeal of the state Wolf
bounty annual appropriation, and if
there is anything doing In the way of
bounties from that time on it wlllhave
to be by the counties themselves, and
not from the state at large. Thei
claims from some of the Black Hills
bounties the past Sew years havrf
shown up to such an extent, and have
shown so many peculiarities, that the
whole bounty plan will have to go
It is charged that after the wolf Jaw!
has been, cut from a hide the thrifty
owner has been known to drive a nail
through the piece left of the^jaw, and
by doing a stretch on the hide, re
placed the old "lower jaw" with a new
one while others have cut off the
point of a leg from a hide and skill
fully attached it. as a new jaw for a
second cutting, with other' tricks to
help along the industry, which has
been rather profitable
ties in the business.
Indians Soon
Wakpala, S. D., April 27.—Merchants
in the Indian country are laying in
large stocks of goods preparatory to
the cash payment of $185,000 to the
Indians, which is expected in a month.
It is many years since such a large pay
meat has been made, and as Indians
are" liberal spenders, merchants are
looking for a good trade.
After several years of lobbying, the
traders have finally secured a ruling
whereby any Indian who owes them,
and signs an acknowledgment of the
fact, will have any moneyB coming to
him from the government or from the
sale of lands applied on this indebted
ness by the government until all his
debts are paid. No debts contracted
-'nce 1909 -«ill be collected by the
Eoverj.ment. Ills ruling app'iles to
nil ir.f'an trailers In the northwest art)
will reimburse a large number of mer
chants who have carried accounts for
many years.
What's the Matter
With South Dakota
The following is a true statement of
the condition in South Dakota with
the beginning of the spring of 1912 as
published in the Aberdeen Nowb:
"South Dakota newspapers, in va$
ious sections of the state, are begin
ning, to print Items telling of the arriv
al of homeseekers from other states.
The items are a good Indication of a
good year for South Dakota. The state
is just ^merging from a long and se
vere winter. Undoubtedly, many of
the homesteaders in the newly settled
portions of the State had to undergo
hardships and endure discomforts that
were most unpleasant,, but not unusual
to pioneers in & new country.
"Unfortunately for the state, resi
dents of other portions of the country,
Siezed upon these facts to disparage
South Dakota and laud other sections,
in some instances unthinkably, but in
others with a deliberate intention of
luring homeseekers from South Da
kota to regions claimed to be more
favored. Unfortunately for the de
signs of those evil-disposed persons,'
the weather man has interfered with
their plans, and given some of the
sections most widely advertised weath
er much more severe jn its conse
quences to man and beast and crops,
than anything ever undergone in this
"As a consequence, homeseekers are
turning their eyes South Dakotaward
this year as never before, and the tide
of immigration Is- setting in in this
direction very strongly. Tb« abundant
snows of the winter season almost
certainly assure an abundance of
moisture during the crop-growing sea
son,'and prospectB for a good crop for
1912 could not well be better, at this
period of the year, than they are at
present .-3
"South Dakotans are looking for
ward to a prosperous year, with a
large increase of population due to
Immigration, and they are: envying no
other state or community^---on. the
globe." .M1
e^Vdl Protect
Pem,e'* m»t*
The ncnilfia'Hon and election of HrV
Frank LeCocq as a member of the
state board of rallroadj^mmisfllotiera
will render.it,certain ,intowii*
ot the people ot South Dakota, espec
ially the farmers and shippers gene
rally, will be well protected.
He is, in' full sympathy with the
farmers and other residents ft the
state who are vitally interested In'the
question of railroad facilities and
freight, and passenger lutes, and will
at all times stand for the best Inter
ests of the people of South Dakota.
It you want a man who will give all
concerned square deal, mark ah
before the name
When you vote at the primary election
on June 4 for the office of state rail-:
road commissioner: ./• Sf§Sf
Many Fail to Get
Teachers'* Certificate
Pierre, S. D., May l.~In the .April
teachero examinations In die different
counties^of the state there were 1,847
applicants for license, of which- 766
are recorded as rejected byjhe state
marking board. Out of the number
825 were granted second grades 245
were granted thirdgrades and eight
were given primary certificates. The
per centage of failures is heavy for
the reason that a number of high
tchool pupils made their first trials
and further that a number,only took
a part of the subjects, and while they
have secured their credits on the sub
jects taken, which stand to their cred
it in future examinations, they were
placed in the list of rejected papers
for this examination.
School Board Has
Election of Officers
The Board of Education of Water
town held their annual meeting last
Friday night, and elected the following
officers for the ensuing year:-
President—H. S. Fletcher.
Vice president—James Dougherty.
Treasurer—A. W. Ransom.
Secretary—Maud Rlkjns. ISS£
Teachers' committee—H. D. Rice
and James Dougherty.
Finance committee—John Selmser
and H. D. Rice.
Property committee—James Dough
erty and Frank Bramble.
C. W. Stutenroth was engaged to
take the annual^sc^^_cgnsji8 this
year 'W.
The board alsb?'seflthe da^ror" the
commencement exercises, May 28. and
the class play to be held in the Metro
politan theater pn the night of May
Water soaked sale at Moodle's:'
-A .''"-
Here's an Offer You Should not Over-^
Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets remedy
stomach troubles by aiding nature to
supply the elements the absence of
which in the gastric juices causes in
digestion and dyspepsia. 'They aid the
Btomach to digest food and to quickly
convert it into rich red blood and ma
terial necessary for overcoming natu
ral body waste.
Carry a package of Rexall Dyspepsia
Tablets in your pocket, or keep them
in your room. Take one after each
heavy meal and prove our assertion
that Indigestion will not bother you.
We know what Rexall Dyspepsia
Tablets are and what they will do. We
guarantee them to relieve indigestion
and dyspepsia. If they fall we will
refund your money. Three sizes: 26c,
COc and $1.00. Remember, you cam
obtain 'Rexall Remedies only at our
store—The Rexall Store. R. W. Krel
ser, 112 g. Oak St. ji46:
Water soaked sale, at Moodle's.
Five good reasons why you
should keep, 8. C. White Leg
horn hens.
1. They- are the best winter
and summer layers 'fn the world,
2- You can feed three of them
on practically the same feed
that yojij|g^4wo ff the heavier
breeds, fjg*
3. A larger percentage of the
eggs will-.hatch and: a larger
per cent of the chicks will live.
4. They lay large white shelled
eggs that the market demands.
5. They will produce eggs far
-cheaper th^sny pthe^ .breed
known. J\ &
AM »_*' 1M W
My birds are bred to lay.
Flock average for 1911 140.
Eggs Selected per 15 $1.00.
per hundred $4-00 .y.-
8cuth Dakota
.Oup tnte fer |M«Httn
C'cefninlsi to be run until
prlmarlss, l« 9M0, CsiMil
office, desiring t«t ihe voter* af
tW eeiinty know thay «re:i61lclt--a
support, slioulOot |rtril
oonslder (he cti(pul«ilon»^if
8«turday .News.
0 0
Prank LeCocq-
I-announce myself a candldatil) for
the republican nomination tor Qover
nor, subject to the.will ot the republi
can voters at the primail^s^Qn. June
fourth, 191?/,
Thereby ahhounce myoandlSaoy for
State Senator subject to the nominal
tlon of the Republican voters of Cod
ington county at the primary- election
June 4th, 1912.
If nominated and elected, I pledge
myself to vote for the Republican can
didates for United States Senate who
will receive the largest number of
votes cast at the primaries.
Sincerely yours,
H. M. Hnn6rnd..
I desire to announce that I am tC'
candidate for the Republican nomi
nation as representative in the legis
lature. I swill abide by the result-of
the primaries in every respecet and
if nominated and elected,' pledge my
self to serve the best Interests of this
county, and to this end respectfully
ask your support and endorsement at
the primaries on Jnne 4th.
J. G. McFarland.
To the republican Voters, jjt Codiag
ton county £W$M7'-#M
wish to announce my candidacy
for the republican nomination as Rep
resentative in the legislature. I will
abide by the result of the primary and
pledge my services to the best inter
est of Codington county. I kindly
solicit your support & the June pri
fe" '1
A, Sasso,:..
I-, mi
I, hereby announce my candidacy
for the republican nomination as Rep
resentative lh the legislature. I ha/e
beeii a member of the legislature three
different sessions, one In the senate
and two In the houSfe. If elected I
will abide by the result of the vote cn
the question of the election of the next
United States Senator, and will in
other respects vote and work as I be'
lieve the majority of the voters and
tax payers of Codington county would
vote, If they were given the opportun­
C. H.: Bnglesby^i
To the republlean voters ot„God)ngton
I desire herewith to announce my
candidacy for representative in the
legislature from Codington oounty be
fore the republican primary In June.
I am a progressive republican, and as
such served one term in the legisla
ture of 1910-11. I ask your' support
upon my record m^de during that ses
sion, believing that, if worthy of ap
proval, I am entitled to a second *n.
IVed J. Stroup.
To (he voters of Codington county.
I hereby announce that I am a candi
daio for the republican nomination
for tho office of States Attorney Id at tf
for Couington county. Sonth Uakcta,
at the primaries to be held on Tues
day, June 4th. 1912. I pledge myself,
if nominated and elected to the strict
and Impartial performance of the du
ties of the office to the best of my
ability, and respectfully solicit your
support and vote.
If nominated and elected, I will per
form the duties of the office to tfce
best of my ability.
I was honored,^ two years agoj with
the republicaa nomination for this
office, and I earnestly solicit yonf
support and vote at the June primar
'"I hereby annoouee^ay
tor the republican
second term tmlirfi
Wt to thfe approval "of '^hfr
tip June prlmarles.1 hjive
part erf the last ten# jdik
and »uhmltmy«c^rd kiipat oio^^if
the basis for askta? mspod
H.. A.
desire to announce my candliaoy,^^
for the nomination tor sMond
as county auditor, subject to the
of the republican Voters, at' the.
maries June 4,4912. l*£fr
sifeR OF tE6C^
^-4 hereby announce myself as a can
didate tor the republican nomln&tton
tor the Office of register deeds, sub
ject to the will of the votera ex
pressed at the June primaries. hav4'
held the office one term attd"tf t!
office has been handled ,1%^ mane
satisfactory to the patrons, would a
predate your support tor reelection.:
Charles Schnll.
To the republican voters of Coding
ton county.
In accordance with the wishes of a
large number of the republican ten
of Codington- county, I hereby an
nounce myself as a candidate for tho
republican nomlnatloE for State's At
torney of Qondington county, subject
to the will of the republican votefs at
the primaries to be heid on June 4,
Arthur JU Sberln.
G. Williams.
Istftke ^hls meaps to foriiifljjy ah-^
nounce that I am a candidate tor r»
nomination to the office of county
superintendent of sohools subject to
your will at the June primal? ele#
1 highly, appreciate the snppor^ pr^~
vicusly accorded me and trust that
my management of the office, during
the present term merits your approvali,
-i Tours sincerely,
leteA C. It. Overhulsev
.1 desire to announce that I am a caiifl^
dldate for the republican nomination ii|
for states attorney of Codington coun^i'i^!
ty, at the primaries June 4, 1912. Jt'''
have lived In jthls county nearly J*l)
my llift and am a graduate of the
University of South Dakota 1*#
School. If nominated and elected 1^
will faithfully discharge the duties ot
the office to the best of my ability. I
respectfully solicit Che support of the
Howard B. Oase,"
To the republican yoters of CodlngtotSf
I desire to hereby' announce my can
didacy for the renomination for the,
office of Clerk of Covfrta at the prh
marls June 4th.
I greatly appreciate the support pn|^
vlously accorded me and sollcltiug
your support and^^vote at ,the June
Save Money'
*arry a complete line of Coal, Wood,
Slabs,(Hay and Feed. Sheds at North
Western tracks on Maple street.
primaries, I am,
Tours respectfully,
William G. Gteslejfcil
money by avoiding binder
btiubla. Cheap twine cauiet extra
labor through uarU, bteakt aod knoU,
beddei delayi and bteakdowiu that ate
e^ietmve in niih leatoa. Avotddbem
ly unog reliable twine.
smea is labor, aloae, dae ditfeieoce in
price. It uiamoup for ibanooth, even
quality, tin piopaly. Rons finely to
tho i** of the ML n«reiil lelajf»
and aba r&tyuig work. For proof.
a«k the nwn whO Cae it. The Sheaf.
ol-Wheat tag oa the bal}. guarantnfa
the be^tn Binder Twi*. Stop in and
aak about it We can tbow yo^how
to ava money oe your twine, t,
SFfrfi I

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