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Commits Suicide
in School House
Being refused the liand in marriage
of a school teacher in Brookings coun
ty, Frank Pomliouse, a young man
whoBe parents reside at Dmieombp.
la., shot himself in the head Wednes
day afternoon of last week, dying in
stantly. The scene of the suicide took
place before the young lady teacher
and her school children at what
known as the Kinney school, located
about nine miles southwest of the
town of Esteline, or about fifteen
miles northwest of Arlngton.
Tho young man had only been a
resident of tint sectiuii for the pa«t
five weeks, but had been an ardent
-sutor for the hand of the young school
teacher, who refused to consider him
in tho light of a prospective husband,
lie was looked upon as a very sensible
and industrious young man and bis
rash act caused a sensation in that
neighborhood. His body was taken
the home of'his parents for burial.
Take an I Engine
Home with You
dealer maj' oi'L-n
eyes to gasoline engine
possibilities you never thought
of. For your own information
drop in and see him the next
time you are in town and talk
it over with him frankly. He'll
tell you the truth about I
engines—and the chances are,
he'll show you how you can't
afford to run your farm any
longer without one.
Gasoline Engines,
are among the best labor-savers
and money-makers a farmer can
buy. The local dealer will tell
you why and give you facts and
figures to prove it. He will tell
you just what an I engine
'will do for you and why it is
the best engine for you to buy.
Learn from him what it means
to have a thoroughly tested
I engine and take one home
•with you. Made ir. sizes 1 to
SO-horse power.
International Harvester Company of America
Chicago USA
IH Service Bureau
The purpose of this Bureau is to furnish,
free of charge to all, the best
obtainable on better farming.
^chartfe.to all, the best information
If you have
any worthy questions concerning soils,
crops, l?ind drainage, irrigation fertilizers
«tc., make your inquiries siecihc and sena
them to I Service Bureau, Harvester
a S A
Schools convenient, cli-
easy to get and reasonable
in price, water easily pro
cured* mixed lanmng a
great success.
Write B* to boat place for Ntto*
ntebtk »ettler»' low railway rates,
deecripttT© lUOrtratod "Last Best
Vfart* tNnt tree on appleftttonl and
other Information. AddreM 8uu*t
.mmlKiatton.Otuws.CaB.. or iw
nadian Oowrpinwrti
J. M. MacLacfalan
D197 Watertown.8.9.
CtTMaddTMw nenrMtyoQ)
i?® WILS in Rbo «ia
US bow*, sealed with Blu
TAKM wo OTB**. 10 dm.
******»e.t,a«r«vki W rtRt
4.—Sioux CHv Journal.
Geo. W. Egan visile.-.:
Saturday ami '-r.:ert.-lined
ilience at th«» cjra hous*
inc. Mr. Ejfar. i*.ivo us
speech, full of tr. rh
of his speech, and
Ion his good vrork.-
Reports from the grain fields of Alberta,
Western Canada, show splendid
yields of wheat oats and
barley. Many far
mers have paid for
their lands out of
the proceeds of the
crop of 1911.
At exhibitions
throughout the U. S.
wherever grain from
this Province ha, been
shown it ha, received
the highest commen
Free Homesteads of 160
acres, and adjoining pre
emption, of 160 acres (at
S3 per acre) are to be bad
In tne choicest districts.
has been growing in
Baan Ecbos
Kimball, S. D„ April 27.—Special:
Tho republicans of Brule county mot
hf?re today in mass convention. So
indorsements were made, but a straw
\ote for governor, held at the most lowing in Sioux Falls and Minnehaha
prominent place in town, resulted
follows: Kgan, 31 Cull,
The election of Geoi^e \V. J^.in
iiie ins an end of the bitter faetonnl
fi^hl between the two republic in l'ac
lions in South imkota, which for sev
eral years hat- been a disgrace to !he
state. By nominntini and
Mr. Kuan to this important position
machine rule ol" h«- state will be end
ed :tnd the olTirv uii! be ond\i« t.ed in
tbe interest of all the pe
state. nida Watchman.
of ll:
The political spoeh given by fieo.
YY Ktrnn, the republican randidale fur
governor last Tu'- -lav (. wmim in tie*
court mom, was ai't'tebd by a !ar^«»
md attrtitive audifii'f. .Mr. Kuan
a very iluent speaker ami elliLieii*
oiator and he d-divervd an adtiie-.^
^hiih was well wurth hearing. Al'!er
lie- address the business men ihe
tour, |:avc a banquet in his L'-nor at
•he SoldieiV Home C'.lc Lyman IV.
Beet .rd.
laintt-r in
si!*'.- no
lie is
"iLr an-1
his pi
(.•xpense? from the
and the thought of losing ir
with your
(-loctoti makes Li'n throw a
nt once a \v«-. ai loa^t. T1
lie renders ti »r \st is won:
than 2^ cents. 1: I:.-- is w\ r
•than thai to Byrne ho
too much for yr-iling so si
«o porsisl^n?\y.— Phindre .::
hirge au
the even
od ll.izzs
for the hearers to thir.a apon and
izest. Some of his .-entiments hsve
leen fought for in the Re-cord coiumas
tor the last half dozen years, and we
were much pleased to heir him '-act
us up. We ?ook grear pleasure ir
making his acquaintar.'.-'.-. a: the ck-=e
-i era: mm
ilkton Record.
Friends in, Minnehaha county of
Geo. W. Egan the people's candidate
for governor, ridicule the claim made
by some of the Byrne papers that the
votes cast for Geo. W. Egan in Minne
haha county at the June primary elec
tion will fall short of that cast for
him two years ago. Reports have been
received here from every voting pre
cinct in the county and these show
that there has absolutely 'been 110
falling off in the great strength of
Mr. Egan in the county. Two years
ago hla opponents received a mera
handful of. votes in the county, and
his plurality la June of this year will
be as overwhelming as It was two
years ago. Of this there cannot be
the remotest doubt Geo. W. Egan
frlil-'M lAi temy mad
•Wiaiu «le Tm mo»t etttaiin lint reputing
Iw JR&ertElt ihotr*n hutbc JSBhnlSSmtnM.topfyik
heeze up with «l«ti ulft wn't rua Ibiodt+actWtttAii
Nothing is more certain thin that Geo.
\v Kgan will be the next governor of
Is.uih 1 akota. Tri-County Xews.
Iieadwood. S. I.t., Maj !•.—George W.
Kpun, the i»-opl(-'s candidate for gover
i.cr. has f• .!1111iot• speaking tour to
:).t cities and t"» us of the Black Hills
ad v. hci c. was yreeled by large
Ml t:j!,usi istic crowds, which left no
oul't that the people of the Black
tl tat
if [.Ma
ii. as well as o? her parts of
ire v. !th Kini in the gallant
he is mnkinc to end ma
il. SullM: l.ikut:l.
Set la.'.s ot
lilack Hills. tt
Kuan's miiiii'sst
un'arily pifflire
i: a: Ku.':. still
u- i-v \ri point:
rav. ii.s: *2,a0.' or
.t of traveling
'are pi-.'counter,
if K^aJi -s
r- iit rvicei
not more
has l-tri r. given a candidate for gover
nor since South Dakota was admitted
v. the union of states There is a
ave of Egan sentiment throughout
:r.- Black Hills since the people of
this section have been able to hear
him speak and meet him at close rangv
this will result in his ree'emr-
practically the solid vote of the B!a:-fc
Hills. It is the general belie! here
that he will win the nomination hands
jce.n at the June primaries, and be
elected by an overwhelming vot^ at
the election in November.
In all his speed and ia private I JUST A SAMPLE
conversations, .rherever be goes, Geo. George W. Egan is working ovir*
W. Egan. republican candidate for lime ?.n his campaign We received a
governor never overlooks an opportun- copy of his paper this morning, the
ity to get in a boost for his home first we have seen for some time, and
town, SifJhx Falls. He his only praise
for the people, the Institutions and the
industries, all of which lose nothing
by his proficient word painting. He
is the most loyal friend and the be3t
advertiser the metropolis of the state
ever had, and if the voters of Sioux
Falls are as grateful and good to Mr.
Egan as he claims they are the vote
at the June primaries will be unani
mous. There is a growing feeling in
this part of the state that Mr. Egan as
governor could and would do more to
advertise the state than little Vessey's
commissioner is doing with all the
funds at his command.— Deadwood
Dally Pioneer Times.
noticed in his itinerary which appears
in the paper that he is not only speak
ing week days but also has dates for
each Sunday. He was billed to speak
in Spearfish yesterday at 2 p. m., and
for Rapid City next Sunday. It would
seem as though he could cover the
territory on week days and not dese
crate the Sabbath by shooting off his
hot air on Sunday."—Pierre Dakotan-
The above is just a sample of the
slanders and false statements and
despicable methods used by the gang
who are fighting Mr. Egan. The edit
or of the "Pierre Dakotan" knows a3
well as he knows anything that Mr.
Egan does not talk politics on Sunday.
Every one who has acquaintance with
Mr. Egan knows he never did and
never will deliver a political addreete
on the Sabbath day.
The editor of the "Herre Dakotan*
if he wants to be fair and had any
sense of decency about him, if he does
not already know the truth, would try
and seek it before he attempted to
revile and injure a fellow citizen.
The truth as everyone knows is that
While Mr. Egam continues his itinerary.
on Sunday, that he devotes Sunday af
ternoon and sometimes Sunday even
ing to lecturing in the towns where he
happens to be and every one knows
is always favored with overflow meet
ings. The lecture that Mr. Egan i»
giving this year is that theme which ft
charitable public have called famous
estimation of under the title of the "Trial of Jesus
ar*4aud« la 12 toi
tviftft -fco4 •an4 ttf e*?lrt4ed ftxah ih« Mitun.
otbec ?epe«Mr. Tbt tlottbU ptanctott i»nl! tar rtidU TfplaiV* k1"
t^ ftntoratik rccoft U»ck maJut it tfe« atfe«t lotdlDK SQO: NtU,
DO IT NOW! SmJ tUlawiwiUro uxl Jn'" W
w* our bii tt
i^»lo|ygir1by r«*qn Willow Sarocl Htw HuTwy Calfe,
im.-n of the
isiou of Mr.
and vol
ihe coil'. \u\
went to ft)
1 i.im their
••on- -te his
ior liciiii::
nor en a.- ivpu
Th" l"-oi 11
fact th.
.»! caiuiuiate
!. iii.m.ination
an end
to '.he olhce of govej-
lilican tukot.
iu- IP.JU Hills recog
it Mr Kgan is the log
rnor, and tha:
non will briin*
I fighting tha
tkota for some
g«'/\ t-r
.•..-.'i lyin^
••sti 'iied ability and
of lleorge W
the id«.*al corapro
governor of South
him oc. upving the
the Hate of South
IK' person
makes h.:
a, and wit:
r.or chair
will take its proper place
the Hates of the union,
is no doubt thai the Black
.sill roll up for him a vote of
nerous proDor?ons man ever
|t ottt't
of Nazareth." Many men have paid a
doiUr to hear this lecture and where
Mr. Egan delivers it in his campaign
he makes it free to all people his
object and purpose being, of course,
ui do whatever good he may be able,
,,nd to give the people of the state an
opportunity to see, hear and judge
tiie people of Soux Falls and Minne
iaha county, and this fact will be
demonstrated when the vote cast in
June is counted. His opponents will
bf unable to make even a respectable u-nored it, and now only calls atten
to it to show tlie method which
c-ramty. and his plurality in the city
md county will not be less than 2,5iK
I or .'{/Km and may exceed this figure.
If it were not for the nature of the
criticism Mr. Egan would have wholly
t!co seeking job ridden politicians
•,ri. adopting in a general effort to in
in- hIm.—American Republic.
Titanic Bandmen
Faithful to Last
(en oi tin- ina/.r ol conflict
reports which shroud the last
vntms of the dying Titanic in
--lire pall which as the editor of
Washington Post rightly conjoct
will never in all likelihood ho
-H(l.—ihere st:!Ti is fonh one inspir
fact upon which all those who wit
-i il 11 curtain fail over the scene
at!', tn to bo in agreement, and
... is tl-.it the heroic hand of tho
me,l ip met their fate brave!/.
!. music upon their lips There is
limity about these men groupel
und 'heir leader in the shatter'
Vn of i!.e sinking liner, with ali
for th'-mselves abandoned, play
for the encouragement of pas
--ers and crew the gav tunes to
so lately women in silk ami
imonds had been dancing, and at
end swinging into the strains of
comforting hymn which knows in
universal appeal no distinction of
tion. birth, or nitionality. The in
nee of music in inspiring courage
long been known. The drummer
keeps in line the faltering men
rti by the long march the bugler
"s the laggard to the charge, and
•rulates him to fresh endeavor, and
sound of the national air upon the
.-•lefield decides victories.
The bandsman, however, is a hero
has no Homer to sing his praises.
H:s task has ever been a thankless
\e He goes upon the farflung battle
armed only with his trumpet, and
he risks his life that others may be
spired, those whom he has encourag
to deeds of valor alone are men
oned in "special orders." In the
ball-room a gallery beneath the ceil
ing. where the air is dead and hot,*is
good enough for him, or else he is
placed behind the palms, where he
won't be in the way, for he is to be
heard and not seen. He plays the
march for the wedding of the living
and the dirge for the burial of the.
dead. In time of panic he is expected
to remain at his post that tbose en
dangered may march away to safety
in good order, as he did at the Iro
quois fire.
And so the band of the Titanic was
faithful according to tradition to the
end, until, playing on and on, as the
dark waters engulfed them, and the
garish light6 were snuffed out forever,
their tired eyes beheld coming out -f
the darkness a cslestial radiance, and
their ears heard the first faint sound
of that music which began where
theirs left off.
Proclamation for
"Mother's Day"
However busy mankind is or may
become, at some time or other, dur
ing the strident day or peaceful night,
the quiet spirit Reminiscence enters
the soul, and as we thoughtfully peer
through the shadowy vistas of retro
spection into the dim regions of in
nocent childhood or happy youth,
there glides into our mind's eye the
image of the one around whom will
ever cling many of the softest and
sweetest memories of life—our moth
She it was, in the days of our child
hood, whose kind words and gentl-3
acta garnished with grace the home
we then knew. Hers were the smiles
that lighted the way when it seemed
most dark and fearful and from the
heart of mother emanated the love
that-shielded Us from the tumult of
'the World, nurturing, guiding and gov
erning until we went forth alone from
tlva family roof-tree. Mother! At the
single word long slumbering mem
ories of other days awaken and the
heart 1b again like unto thatj of
tittle child. Ambition Is forgotten
'the" mountain tops Of life for which
4neu strive are unknown- ''gold Is but
'the lieht In the eyes o^ a mother and
)pve la all in all.
.'iChls is the history of your mother
and1 of rnlce and in appreciation let
j&y our meed of tribute to the
-.'the delicate confidence,
ttV bei&tiful affection, and gentle ad
monition--with which she has bnparted
,to us the principles ot life. If yorn
mother^ Is 'yet with you, surround her
iy$th,,tiat «tmos$h.er^ of aJfecttoa rnd
g-vfhicl^te1, indispe'nsaW-lto .the
mother heart, if she has pa-sse to
taal farther bourne, c.vr.sh her mem
ory with sacred sorrow.
In acknowledgment, therefore, of
the world's illimitable debt to Mother
hood. I have issued this Proclamation
setting aside the twelfth day of our
beautiful memorial month of May as
Mother's Day and earnestly request a
wide and appropriate observance of
the same throughout our entire State.
In witness whereof, "I have horeoun
to set my hand and caused to be affix
ed the Great Seal of the State of
South Dakota at the Capitol in Pierre,
this 1st day of Maf, A. D. 1912.
R. S. Vessey,
By the Governor:
S. C. Polley,
(SEALI Secretary of State.
Carry a complete line of Coal, Wood,
Slabs, Hay and Feed. Sheds at North
Western tracks on Maple street.
Will Not Burn
Will Not Rot
No Spoiled Silage
Lasts Forever
On they come—and by they go—sev
enty-five thousand strong—all new—all
alike—and all Fords. Every road^is a
good road to the Ford. And should
accident befall there's a Ford repair
shop close at hand No horizon binds
the Ford owner.
In all the world there Is no other car like the Ford
Model T. It's lightest, Tightest—most economical.
The two-passenger car costs but $590, f. o. b. De­
troit, complete with all equipment, the five-passen
ger but $69« Today get Catalogue 101—from the
Ford Motor Company, Madison and Eleventh, or
from our Detroit factory.
Bread made from Garland Flouf
w. 1
Applied Into the nostrils
Is qulekly abtsrbed. ,}
•It cleanses, soothes, lieals and protects the
,disoased membrane resulting from Catarrh
drives away a Cold in the Head quickly.
IRestorea the Senses of Taste and Smell.
5t is easy to use. Contains no injurious
(drugs. No mercury, no eooaine, no mor»
fohine. -'The household remedy.
Price, 50 cents at Druggists or by mail,
LY BROTHERS, 56 Warren St., New York.
Stover Construction! Co.
I J! A

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