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At the sutrces
of the News, v,
peratnro, as wi
commencing next week
Kampeska Sunday school was re-or
ganized May 5th and it is earnestly
lioped by the pastor. Rev. Ray, of
Henry, and Sup't-elect J. J. Purcell
that all will help make the sessions of
the school Interesting and helpful.
IKlekjbborboofc IKlews
Going West.
take hold, we need the Sunday
school and the Sunday school needs
a Officers elected for the ensuing year
Supt. J. J. Purcell ass't sup't., E.
H. Oleson secretary, Geo. Dean
.Treasurer, Mrs,
Trains carrying passengers arrive at the Geo. Croft home Mr. McHenrv day.
at Kampeska us follows:
Going East.
•No. 52 Is: 15 a. m.
No. 18 1:40 ni.
8 9:1(p p. m.
S:13 a. m.
1- 01 m.
53 j,.
Nos. 17 and Ih an- accommodation
We had expected to Rive grain
1'i'tces at the Kami-e^ki Farmers in.
vntor, but Mr Jaei.bs informs us the
company may h, 1 I• close for a
brief season, so wil! vait until later
for this.
We keep a daily ve.-ord of the tem
per iture, taken three lines each dav,
luhouith not at remthtr hours, how
ever, about sun-up, about noon and
nt about sunset, and if loudy fair or
forni, if wind is a t^ale or olherviso
and direction from which the is blow
ing a record of rain, sac -v. etc. We
liave this record for iho most of the
ljfit lour years and ai any time we
can and will be pleased to inform von
of the weather, etc. al any past dale
date during these years. Cull up at
(lie Ives home.
ion of ihe gentlemen
"ill give the tem
take it each week,
Sam Parrel! has a pretty
bead about most things, and he says
"Don't complain of th" rain, just let
it rain. Wo need it, dont Torget the
ground is mighty dry, or has been for
good while." Yes, indeed, please
do not kick on a little mud and sloppy
weather. We can't get much rain
without It. we have always observed.
Better wear rubbers a little and scrape
off a little mud than not to grow stuff
to eat. 'Bout as conifortabe as eat
ing dust all the time anyway, eh?
And without rain this year again,
folks—well, let's not talk about it. But
then, pshaw! Don't b? afraid to buy
land and make a home In Codington
county, South Dakota. You'll live,
find win, 11' you work.
The Chicago Inter Ocean is one of teacher wi
the great papers of this country.
AVe'll furnish the Weekly inter Ocean
and the Saturday News, of Water
town, for one year for $1.85. The
Inter Ocean's regular price is $1.00.
A A. Carnes called at the Ives home
Thursday last week after some of M-.\
Ives' prime seed wheat. lie is look
ing hale and hearty as if the fine air
and all of this grand state agreed
with him very well Indeed.
Miss Myra Cooper !is about the
same, still very feeble. Her father is
act oss the river near Midland arrang
ing his business there so ho can be
here with his daughter. We hope
the green and reviving spirit of spring
•will bring better health to Miss Coop
Dean Librarian,
Olson organist, Grace Tig-
ner ass't. organist, Miss Ruth Croft.
-{••Teachers for the year are, bible class,
jv/Mrs. E. L. Ives young people, J.
tPurcell boys, Mrs. J. J. Purcell girls,
Alice Porter little people, Mrs.
iijjJohn Molln.
/It Is a splendid thought to set a day
Rpart to honor Mother—God's crown-
Ming work in creation and nature's
amost exalted product.
why wait
...juntU mother Is gone If you still have
rafter with you? Ah, If you only knew
••wliat a mother really is to you you
wouldn't wait
glfi ^ke day will be observed at the
church In Kampeska. The following
committees being appointed: Invlta
.tlon and decoration, Mrs. Edson, Mrs.
Ceo. Croft,,Mrs. Sam Purcell, Mrs. B.
J. Jacobs. Flowers, Geo Kendall, Sam
Purcell, Geo. Dean, B. J. Jacobs.
Program, Mrs lyes, Mrs. Fred Brown,
Miss Grace Tigner. TJshers for the
be Oscar Oleson and Geo.
Dean, Hev. Ray will speak on a
theme appropriate for the day. AU
.most cordially invited to attend
mothers most especially.
Mr. and Mrs, James Rand were 1*
'the city Saturday, also Mr and Mrs
., SVed Saste.
,,Mrs" McHenry, of Midland,?
ia8 teen
visiting in the east.
home and call.
^6r friends and neighbors
Watertown and Kampeska and vl-
with Geo: Bean
%0ia,"watert6wn Saturday evening
peat the night at the Dean home,
and Miss Bertha are well. Good pros
pects are reported in their regon this
Mr. Dean came near trouble in the
city by the blowing down of a large
Mrs (J. A. ',a visited her daugh
Mrs. Toms, the hist of the week
1'.. Hildebrandt was a business
i'-i'or in Wat or town the fir.-! of the
Rev Ray ate his Sunday dinner at
!be Sain Purr ell home
Miss Mary Larson, of Aberdeen, i-t
visiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Jas
l.arson, west of the burg
1'cte Larson and sister, Lima, are
law at Reeder, X. IV. Miss Mary in
forms ns.
Hanlon Purcell and Miss Julia Peter
son were guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Joshua Purcell Sunday evening.
Mrs. Ollie McHenry of Midland, S
D., is in the vicinity visiting her old
friends and neighbors.
Geo. Croft and family and Sam Dean
and wife and Mrs. McHenry were
pleasantly entertained at the home of
John Molln Sunday evening.
The Kampeska Ladies Aid Society
will meet at the home of Mrs. John
Molln Thursday at 2 o'clock, May 16.
Lunch ill be served at 6 o'clock and
everybody is invited.
Mrs. F. B. Rowley, who has been on
the sick list, is able to be up and
about again
Blair Tessler was a Sunday visitor
at the home of his parents.
In spite of the threatening weather
Sunday a goodly number attended tho
divine services at Kampeska and Sun
day school was full of enthusiasm.
Next Sabbath Mother's Day will be
appropriately observed with a nice
programme and we expect to see all
mothers and fathers ai well of "this
community out In honor of our moth-
Mrs. Ell Oleson Is on the sick list.
Sorry to hear of tho sad accident
to Mrs, Will SJhwandt, well known
here at her home In Nebraska, caused
by a bull running at large. Her con
dition Is very serious at the present
writing, but she is getting along as
well could be expected.
.Mrs. Ollle McHenry was a visitor at
the home of Sam Dean Saturday night
and Sunday.
Mrs. A. D, Ostrander -was oilier
nt the homes of her sisters "Mesdames
Rowley and Ostrander, and her par-
ents, Thursday night. She return&l
to tt$ Eve city .Friday.
Little Celeste
ferer with
rhing with.
and Sunday with Mrs. Dean visited McHenry were out making
sign south of the city hall. Such Lemons were live city visitors at thr
signs ave indeed very dangerous and home of John Ogg. the guests of
ill many cities are Illegal. Watertown S Mrs. A. D. Ostrander.
is largo enough to take the steps
necessary to make all signs safe to
passers by.
Hani Purcell was in Watertown Sat
urday. We were (piite surprised to
have Alexander confide in us Sunday
ihat he v. rote items for the Water
town Times. We hope wc hereby dis
lose that we ought not but we feel complication of diseases
splendid boy. We'll venture he is the
oungest newspaper correspondent in
be state.
N'eal Kalvey and Eddie were in Wa
nt town Saturday. I), j. Jacobs, Mi
ami Mrs. Geo Nichols and Neil Fai
vey wr-je also down in the hitter's
nne auto Thursday. Mrs. Nichols
stopped enroute to visit her parents,
Mr and Mrs. Henning.
Henry Falvey is helping Louie Lar
son put in the balance of his crops.
Mis. F.ilvey visiting at the home of
her parents near Henry meanwhile.
Miss Xellte Riley, Kampeska's efflc auioed to Bradley Thursday.
this week with .a picnic at
the lake.
Cleveland Falv
during (lie week
Dean was but did not learn
J. J. Purcell. wife and Lester, were
guests .at the Sim Puri ell home Sun
N. J. Brumbaugh and family called
at the Craney home Sunday evening.
Miss Ruth Croft assisted Mrs. Tes
sier in her duties and care of little
Celeste Tuesday.
Mrs. Geo. Croft and Miss Georgia
with Mrs. Ldson called upon Mrs.
Ives Tuesday afternoon
Pat Burke lost a valuable horse
one day last week iu a peculiar man
ner. He was on his way home from
Watertown anil was driving on a hign
grade to cross the bridge over the
Sioux river. The mule he drove push
ed the horse and buggy off the grade
upsetting it in such a manner that it
pinned Mr. Burke under the vehicle,
he narrowly escaping with his own
life. In the meantime the horse be
ing on the under side was drowned.
a suf­
swelling on
her neck,
which proves very stubborn
to do
Mrs. Geo. Croft and her friend, Mrs.
calls Mon
Mr and Mrs. Bert Lewis, Mr. and
Mrs. Ham Dean and Mrs. McHeni
were entertained at the Geo Croft
home Sunday.
Mesdames B. G. Lewis and Ha!
Mrs. Chambers.
Mrs. Mary Chambers, after being 1
lor nearly wo months passed away at
four o'clock, Thursday afternoon, Ma
2 a: her home six miles south
ast of Hazel, death being due to a
be quite a compliment to this] The fune, ,1 was held Saturday aftei
I ie-on at it:!.". (/clock- at the home, Rev.
li. W. McF1'!o'a ney ofiiciaiing, and in
lerrtnent v.as mad,' in Thomas ceme
Mrs Chambers was born February
1\ lS2i) in Xonh Wah-s and it was
.there that her early life was spent
being ni.i'ed in marriage to Richard
Chambers ia re. Crossing the waters
they came lo Mis coiiiuy in 1SS2 and
resi'b-(j 1,,. re since
I Mrs- Chambers is survived by three
daughters. Mrs. Guy l-Mwards of Brad
ley. S. 1'. -Mrs.
home of
c, F. Pa:
in :ie of
tor his eye
ago With a
Mrs. Duetschler am- from Morton, miles east of here was struck bv
Ml. .Sunday mormntr IO visit her son lightning Saturday afternoon. No
southwest of ampeska. Jama* was done 'except that several
Samuel Tubbs called at the J. .T. shingles were torn off
Purcell home Sunday afternoon. Peck and Jack McLauren
»liv-r Cox, of St
Jos* 11. Mo and Mrs Kd McXamara
of l.\ ret. A\ a'i:ngton and three sons,
Uobert ('hamb-'is of 'M* plice, Jack
Chamiiers of A!!.u. S. r.. and Will
Chambers of Watertov. r,. s.
Most s:nrere sympathy will be ex
untied i.i :!... sorrowing relatives
A fine
bov I rri
and Mi
close her jschool The Womans Foreign Missionary
Society met at the home of Mrs. 11.
S. Hart hist week Wednesday.
was in he city
ed to bless the
John Shea last
I under-.
the Minr,
whe hi
of Mr. Gilbertson
nt an operation
ipolis hospitals
hurt some time
-"4i- uiiwvuwu, living
A baby is born to Mr .and Mrs. I
suppose Sam Kd Arnold on Saturday, May 4, 1912.
Ml' and Mrs. O'Toole, of Vienna,
ere in town last week visiting with
Mr Forcht autoed to CastlewooJ
Vi ednesday of last week.
Mrs George Wendell spent Thursday
at Watertown between trains.
Wni. Shaw, Jack McLaurin, Orr
Smith and John Peck were at Water
town Wednesday to attend a good
roads meeting held there.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. McNamara,
a fine baby boy, Monday, May 6
Mrs C. W. Kellog left Tuesday morn
ing for Billings, Mont., to visit her
sister living there
E. R. Keyes was a caller at Ernest
Schoonover's Tuesday afternoon.
Lillie Scott spent Saturday and Suit
day with her father and brothers in
Wm. Hubbard of Henry, Is helpin
his son, Will, plow this week.
Sam Arkland left Tuesday for a
visit with friends in Illinois.
Alta White came out from Garden
City Thursday for a visit at the home
of her sister, Mrs. Schoonover.
Mr .and Mrs. Fank Smith and Mau
rice went to Clark Wednesday to con
sult Dr Stevensen, the Sioux Falls
Joe Relter was a Watertown visitor
Mr. Smith was a caller at Henry
Hanson's and Ernest Schoonover's
Thursday afternoon.
Mr .and Mrs. E. A, Schoonover and
Tessle Lamm were Sunday visitors at
Bert Siler's.
Minnie Hanson'assisted in the Sater
store in Henry Saturday.
The Scott boys spent Sunday with
Will DeCamp.
Ross and Edmund McConnell visit
ed with the Smith boys a couple of
days last weeE.
SeVe?' Vi°lnity
have lo8t
latel5r Vl lu
this last week..
Hubbard lost two
Roy Phillips spent Saturday evening
and. Sunday morning at the Ernesft
Schoonover home.
Mrs. Relter was a Sunday visitor at
Deck Heley's.
Miss liable Rogers is helping Mrs.
Herman Wolte'r clean house these
Mrs F, E. Wess ifl reported as being
seriously 111.
Mrs John Wes& and daughter Nina
took a -ride ,'out, to the country with
Iheir automobile Tuesday evening.
John Fittje and.sister Annie, Victor
Arthur anB Bert Schuli and Cliff Oon-
wcre visitors at the Gronewald
home Sunday
Mrs. Barnes, who was keeping house
lor Zerfas brothers, has returned to
the city
Carnida Connor visited with Carrie
and Mable Schuli Sunday.
Tillie Fittje has returned to her
home after a visit with her sister-in
law for three weeks.
Fred Aderhold was visiting with
John Fittje Friday.
Henry Gronewald and sister Reika,
had a runaway Thursday last, but
not much damage was done.
Benn Fittje was visiting with his
parents Tuesday and Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Fittje was visiting
with their daughter, Mrs. Slieter, Fri
Miss Mary Jorgenson is working for
Mrs. J. Zerfas.
Otto Scharn was visiting at Jorgen
son's Saturday night and Sunday.
Mr. and Mis. Corson Einminger
visiter Mrs. Emminger's mother Sun
Mrs. Guy Eddington of Sioux Falls,
is visiting at the home of her mother,
Mrs. Mary Zamow.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Thiede spent
Sunday at the Jas. Ferris home.
Otto and Roy Zamow were callers
In the live city on Monday.
Pete and Willie Stormo spent Sun
day on the farm.
A couple of men from Hazel caught
over 400 bull heads nthe lake, but
report poor fishing In the line of
Mr .and Mrs. Walter McLaughlin
and Mrs. F. W. Elfrlng visited at the
home of Ira Wolcott in Watertown
Saturday night.
Mrs. Albert Scherer was
scalier in
Watertown Saturday.
Mabelle Ferris visited Saturday at
the, Will Elfrlng home.
MM. Geo. Mapes was In town Tues
A false report was published In the
paper last week, in which it was stat
ed that Arthur Dornack, nephew of
Herman Scbuelke went to Rochester,
Minn.v Sunday the 30th ot Aprn. Mr.
Domaek is still in Watertown,
Pete Scherer and family and Julius
Thiede attended the thristenlng of
Mr. and Mrs. Will Hemiller's son id
Watertown Sunday.
Hazel McLaughlin and Helen Zim
merman spent Monday visiting Dale
Great Water Soaked Sale
Still On and we are too busy
to write an ad.
Dry Goods Company
August Selchert is now plowing the
ranch of Frank Jungers.
Engle Wespler had the misfortune
of losing one of his most valuable
Tony Breyer was a pleasant caller
at the Fox home Friday.
J. J. Kranz was a business transac
tor in the city Saturday.
Wm. Combs, one of the prominent
farmers south of town, has retired and
moved to the city.
Mrs. P. F. Kranz was a visitor at
Hanton Monday.
A surprise was held on Nick Schnei
der Sunday evening. A good time
was reported by all.
Mrs. Nick Kranz was a Watertown
passenger Monday.
Tony Breyer, Joe and John Fisher,
were out on a fishing expedition.
They got everything but fish.
Mr .and Mrs. H. Schlosser were
guests at the Henry Kranz home Sun
Advance Sheet From Gary Inter State
Trains are running in two sections
now-a-dayB owing to the washout on
tho Brookings branch.
Nancy Landln came down from Wa
tertown Sunday and spent the day
with Mabel Steere.
Misses Langdon and Matteson went
to Watertown Friday evening and
spent a couple of days with friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kopp of Water
town were guests of his grandfather,
Wm. Rohweder, and other relatives
here Sunday.
Peter Lindner, Jr. is building a new
milk houBe and will separate the
cream hereafter with an engine.-
Elsie Klippslteln Is visiting in To
ronto with relatives and friends:
Emma Gieewskl is home from her
stay near Summit.
Mrs. Mlgener Kelsey has gone for a
long stay with relatives at Beldit,
Wisconsin. She visited relatives at
Fairbault, Minn., enroute.
Mrs. Corning and nephew from Por
tage, Wisconsin, have been looking
after their land interests here. They
ITave a very desirable piece located
between Goodwin and Bemls, for sale,
beiiik part of an estate Which must be
disposed of.
Mrs. Walsh, from Garretsow, N. D.,
is visiting her daughter^Irs Anthony!
It is rumored that a new walk will
be laid by the C. and.N.'JV. jL r, bg.'
iTfefF n-
tween the depot and the hotel. This
will be a much needed improvement
and greatly appreciated.
Miss Verda Polkingham finished her
school in the Rami district and left
the next day for her home in Dodge
ville, Wisconsin.
Mesdames Rinkler, McGhee and Bar
nett from points in Iowa and Nebaska
came last Friday to visit their mother
Mrs. Grebble.
Mr. Haynes, who has been ailing for
some time, was taken seriously ill
Saturday night and at this time is In
a critical condition. His many friends
hope he will regain his health ere
Rev. Rooks, of Loyalton, S. D., oc
cupied the pulpit of the Baptist church
Sunday morning and evening and will
move his family here soon, taking up
his residence among us as pastor. The
parsonage has been newly papered and
cleaned and is ready for occupancy,'!
we welcome them in our midst,
and hope theft stay will be a long
and pleasant one.
John Leo is on the sick list lately
and under the doctor's care. 'li
A small cyclone struck this 'placo
about four o'clock last Saturday after
noon, coming from the south. The
first building to collapse was N, J.
Kranz's big barn, then Wm. Rohwo
der's warehouse and lumber sheds
were badly wrecked. The coal shed
of the Farmers Elevator was moved
fr«n Its foundation about 20 feet and
contained thirty ton of coal. Next in
line was the implement house of G.
A, Lasslg,, which was damaged, also
the stores of A. E. Steere and Wm.
Rohweder were Injured by flying tim
bers, though only slight damage was
done, until it reached the barn of Dr.
Freed, which was destroyed, as was
che barn of V. M, Mattispn, Then In
the extreme north end of town the
barn of Matt Hanten was unroofed
and windows broken. Mrs. C. Jellls-,.
ma and three children were in the
Kranz barn, but escaped injury by
crowding up against the stone wall of
the basement. Those seeing the wreck
wonder how they escaped instant
death. The Baptist church was con
siderably lnjured Throughout the
path of the storm, which was very nar
row, windows were broken .-out and
building destroyed. The hotel and 1
the house-of A. E. Steere suffering the
most damage from broken windows.
This is the first severe storm Goodwin'"
has experienced and everyone is hop^fc
tag,it will be the last,

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