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Leon Tracy has built a new gnnary
and hen house on his farm by the
Hal Lemon has his early oats har
vested and the shocks are quite thick.
Looks so much different from last
Rain, rain, who says it can't l-aln
In South Dakota.
These rains are making it a difficult
problem for the haymakers. Barley
is being harvested in these parts. It
looks good to see the binders at work
William Lewis and family of Kam
peska and Jess Pierce were enter
tained at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Hal Lemon Sunday.
Mrs. William Lewis and children
were visitors at the home of Mr, and
Mrs. B. G. Lewis Wednesday.
Miss Iva Lewis spent the past week
with her sister, Mrs. A. D. Ostrander,
In Watertown.
Mrs. John Molln was a caller at the
homes of Will Ellis and Bert Wishard
Tuesday, bringing Almetta home with
lier, Miss Almetta having been a
guest of her friend, Miss Ellen, for
a few days.
The dances Monday night at the
F. Heathoote home and Friday night
at Ed Sclieets' were well attended
and all report, a good time.
Mrs. Will Ostrander was a pleasant
visitor at the home of hef friend, Mro.
Molln, Friday.
Mesdames W. Ostrander and Hal
Lemon went to the live city Satur
day and had a visit with their sister,
Mrs. A. D. OBtrander.
Miss Sarah Reeves and the Misses
Alen have been entertained at the
homes of Geo. Croft and A1 Tessler
Mrs. William Ostrander and sister,
giW: Mrs. F. B. Rowley, and children were
psj^ Visitors at the home of their parents
ijfei Sunday jfcr. and Mrs. Bert Lewis
vSgstf were also assisting in the care of Mrs.
Lewis, who has been bed ridden for
a tew days. We are glad to hear she
is some better at this writing, and is
able to sit. up again.
Eli Olson and sons Oscar and Glen,
went to the live city Monday to flee
the circus.
Mrs.. Geo. Brown and children were
entertained at the home of .Ell Ole
son recently.
Mts. Sheldon of Watertown, la at
the tarn, painting and doing other'
odd jobs to assist in finishing the ne*v
cottage which when completed will
make an ideal home for Mr. Ellis
Wome Mils week.
ff&WVT 11
Collected Each Week by the Saturday Newt Staff
and I
'Wess'Sutta took his two threshing
rigs to Watertown Thureday,„p(| ylU
.'purchase a^tiew^iw^aratdfep^SM'
BUa White spfetit last ww&'Wicr.
nest Schooaover's.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith and jsons and'
Mra. Smock attended the Sunday
school picnic In Chas, Headley'g grove
»VSr"r?r'- "Wedtteeday.,
Mrs, Cleora Bodker and little daugli
tera are vIsltora at the Alden PhJpjis
Mr. and Mra. Ernest Schoonover and
Tesale 3»amin *ete Suftda^ vlsltOfi ,Ai
'fo&vlt ®. W. Schoonover'a.
Sever®'of" tttifif PtliThl^a
lng' Walter Robb dig a well Saturday.
Mr .and Mrs. Soren Clausen were
guests at Nels Clausen's Sunday,
Her, Parven,,evangelist, ^wfll iutld
revival, service In the* tyr&eland
Jfif ^hurch for a weftk, beglnnln#),rjly. M.
S®y«ra».^ttoKtpraoelandk y«mg
W .'i-
tootflti ta4 ^ctffiW-VatettoVtt
ur HanBQn ip Vorklmr:for Ira
,ft*r5 ?iupl»?ot wee?tB.
Jta. ftewry TBtaitton^aad
'daughter? 'lc
'.McKay C«y."
Well, I suppose everybody enjoyed
the circus.
Dal. Patterson made a business trip
the the city Monday.
Saj! 1 guess the weather man has
got things mixed up pretty bad. He's
got us raising turnips when we ought
to be milking Iny, and making hay
when we ought to be planting turnips.
John Kranz took in the sights at
Goodwin Sunday.
Mrs. Albert Hanten of the city,
visited with her mother, Mrs. Anton
Lindner, Sunday.
Nick Marsch took in the sights at
the burg Sunday.
Too late for last week.
Miss Dayse Haan called at the home
Of her brother Nick, Wednesday.
Frank Zaug took in the sights in
Watertown Monday.
August Ebsen made a business trip
to the city of Waverly Monday
Miss Marie Byer of Watertown, vis
ited with friends in the burg Sunday.
alike Lantgen made a business trip
to the city Friday.
Jack Moes of Goodwin, visited with
relatives near the Burg Tuesday.
Niclf Haan made a business trip to
Watertown Saturday.
Wm. Scholtz of Watertown, made
a few short visits in this vicinity this
Casmas Rowe took in the sights
in Watertown Friday.
Quite a number of farmers in this
vicinity are getting their harvesting
Instruments In tune for the oats and
barley are on the verge of being ripe.
Martin Lindner was a business call
er In the live city Friday.
Joe Schuller, who had been visiting
with friends and relatives at Hamp
ton, Minnesota, returned to his home
Mike Hayit took In the sights in the
city Friday.
Frank and Llllle Crom made a trip
to Watertown to visit their sister Jen
Mr. Davis came up from Madison,
S. D., and will spend the summer
with his sister, Mrs. Paul Grundy.
Several changes will take place In
farm tenants next year. Cyp Jellama
will live on the Corkey farm, while W.
J. Korthi wlll rent the N. J. Kranz farm
now occupied by Mr. Jellsma.
Quite a number went from hero to
the 101 Ranch show In Watertown.
Many others were ready to go but
family who occupy the place. the rain, caused them to change their
Claude TeBaler and sister Bra, were
entortalnd at the,?|ome ofc. their
brother- Sunday.
'k*- Mr. aftd Mrs. At Tessler and Celeste
were callers at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. J. Refntsma Sunday
Mrs EllOIeson was a caller at the
"homes of Geo. fcroft, A1 Tessler and
Reintsma Saturday.
minds ..
Miss Pauline Ha^esMs home from
her :WTsconsln trip and has resumed
her duties as clerk for Perry Green
In his store and postoffice at Betnls.
Mr. E. Lassig and daughter Alma,
are'{ylsiting relatives here for a few
Mr. and Mrs. Grundy are enjojrlng
a visit from Mr. Grundy's sister and
iher, husband and two children,'Who
came- from California 'to enjoy the cool
breezes of South Dakota, In various
parts of the state and vluit the frlencla
and relatives here and 1% their for
mer home at Madison.
V« old time cobbler
Ma: ^leather ««^ed
tfspch and peg $way
Yor hour* on pair ofihatf
on an bid pair of'vhbe* Would-iure
,Jy be surprised if he could Come
ti*c^ to eartH- anjtl the n^lem
way of t^^ Wpalrlng." Novi W
have Aiaohln«i7 propylt# by* *fee
tirtelty which jfiot.only sews «i^the
^jthf^o^ but
poMmt evetyt-
piH §t
With, ^refcnt
a day with four mtiri, t«r present
siWklna fowW tha^ a
tlme cobblsrs ^ald ,liC''a w«ek -"l5
nw ^«twv|»r«-
IMtnW ^a^lle ^our
The Goodwin paper has
itors have encountered
The Misses Hazel and Charlotte-Mc
Laughlin remained In town over: Sun
day with relatives,
Luelia Dean visited 'in the live city
Will Dean, Ed Butts and Geo. Lew
is are haying now.
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Vedder and Heir
bert, Mrs. McMullen and Helen, A$r.
and Mrs. Ed Butts and Mra. M. ill
Lewis and family called at the
of Mr and Mrs. H. Abley Sunday.
Mrs. Emll Scholtz and children,
have been visiting at the home
Mrs. Scholtz's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Chas. Vpdder, expect to return
their home in Beaver Dam, Wis.
day night.
ialized, though one copy
ed in May, having beein published in
some other town. Evidently there's
difficulties In the way.
in the old territorial days, way back
in the
when things were boom-1
ing and we had aspiration? to be th
metropolis of the state' and though:
It was a sure thing. A newspaper!
was born, lived and died Inside of a
year. Now that the grass has grow.i!
over Its grave, better let It rest iii'
Mies Minnie Mair, who has been th? ,,
efficient help at the Spooner Hotel for!'
some mothes, went to Canby Sunday,
where In the near future she will
married to one of the young men of
that city.
Mrs. Gimp of the firm of Gimp
Son, of Kranzburg, was visiting her,
daughter, Mrs. Spooner, here on Mon-11
Miss Addle Llnzmier and Miss Elb ,'
Nelson came home Saturday nlghi
from Huron, where they have been at
tending a term of summer school.
Peter Lindner, Sr., of Kranzburg.,
was seen on our streets Tuesday. Mr. J'
Lindner was able to walk with the ai
of a crutch and cane. It will be re- i'
membered he was shot accidentally
in the foot some time ago and Is just
able to get out once more,though lit
probably will always be lame.
Owing to the able management of
Roadmaster J. Kliegel In putting our
streets in good condition we can no-1"
tice that in spite of the continued rain
they are not the mud holes of former!
years, but are passable for autos at
all times of day or night, rain or
shine. We believe they would com
pare favorably with any other town
of the size In the state.
Miss Lillian Spooner of Watertown,
is a guest of her uncle here.
Mrs. Sarah Larson and. daughter
Lilly, went to Revillo for a'few days
visit with Mrs. Gine Rubfne and other
friends In that vicinity.
A horse belonging to Herman Graen
of Kranzburg took a notion to run
away Sunday. The occupants of the
liuggy, three young ladles of our town,
were spilled out and while they were
badly shaken up and frightened, were
not seriously Injured.
Buy your groceries at wholesale
prices at Gllruth's Package Grocery.
Mrs. Rob Mullen from. Boone, la.,
Is visiting at the home of her daugn
ter, Mrs. Rob Vedder.
Btayed ln town
her cousin,' Belle Rowe, last weeks
Blanche Lewls also visited with her.
cousin. 1 woQdei'l'f the carnival had
anything to do with! them staying in
Miss Maud Abley l» visiting Miss
Blanche' Lfewfia.
Buy your ffraesriea at wholesale
prices ,a|,^f"tth's Package Grocery.
On Tuesday Bn^ag8 enjoyed
irtslt from members of the Watertown
*Uto club and busings men of that!
They were making a'tour of tha
of .this sections coming down by^
M&lr of Hayti, nordeiw Arlington and
Volga and returning through Btatelilne
and Cdstlewood. ^Wte autot nnmber^
ed about fifteen and^Ontalned seventy^ 'i
Se'^fe^,Jhey were expected to reach
fc#ft^t^$§mier and about twenty,
Brookings auto* wentt over to Volga*]
t£ y^cort.thein tfr tbls city, but th^n
^Ht/behlnd schedule time and did
nSt'1®# to thS we|t side city until
after. twelve qloclt" Volga .treated
a nice'
programYn the,ppera house aUd serv
and'cake. The party
rgiush« ^KMpnai Softly before two
•jiJibjkKSk- ana'%fiere taKp^So -the conimu
cial clul rwjaiS and'afterward entet-:
-^ined ai .At the club a short
musical prcigram, w«e given under
ldent Culhajw
piea5#awtth thi
Miss Mabel Ferrfa was- working
the Sugar Bowl for a few days. !f
Harvey and FToyd Konnald froin
Minnesota^ are visiting with thoir
mother, Mr».,ET. W. -Rogers.
H. Stokee 13C
order to sow that one acre as he would several acres. It would take
collectors to chaste you arou
him a little longer, perhaps, to put in a few more acres and a little
more seed but as he was all ready for the work the extra time would
not be considered very much.
't is the same way in buying groceries and provisions. It is just as
much work and more for the store keeper to tie up a dollar's worth
of sugar a$ it is for him to sell a 100 pound sack just as It came from
the wholesaler. Same way all the way through. It is the time and
labor and expense of handling goods that makes the price high.
Take for example the following order:
100 pounds of granulated sugar
50 pounds of coffee
25 pounds of tea
4 cases of canned tomatoes
2 cases of canned corn i'
1 box of laundry soap
1 large box of crackers
And many other articles we might mention. Is It not cheaper for
us to have you drive your wagon right up to the atore and one man will
put the whole load In your wagon In a few minutes? You pay us the
CASH and the whole transaction is closed for ail time to come. We have
received our pay for the goods and they belong to you. There (s abso-
lutely no after-clap. No bookkeeper to harass you with st^tf/nents and
»f w.
takec this'money wich ydu" paid Vs for^roberies" and provisions
The wholesale mar* likes th,l»#klnd jtjf a way pf doing business on
our part. He knows when we orderia bill of goods from him that It is
'going to be SPOT CASH and he gives us a whole lot of consideration.
He reasons this way "Weil, there Is Lawrence Gliruth, we can afford
to shave the prices pretty low to him as he is a CASH customer. We
don't have to wait 30, 60 or 90 days on him and then possibly have
to throw his store Into bankruptcy In order to get anything and then
maybe not get over 1.0 per cent of our claim. Yes sfr, .wrence Gliruth
is safe—he has the right system and we can afford to sell him cheaper
tbjn the merchant that does a credit business, because we run NO
MCES wlth him—he pays CA8H and receives CASH."'^!^™
High Cost of Living vs. Long Price
a a a a
dribs and dabs. When you buy groceries in small lots it is just the
same as anything else—It costs more. Take for instance, it is just as
much work for the farmer to sow an acre of ground as it is for him
to sow several acres. The farmer had to go to practically the same
amount of work and trouble in feeding his horses and harnessing them
and getting them ready to hitch up and get the drill out and put it in
every possible Item of exp^^Vect
ed with the ordinary grocery store, such as bookkeeper, collector, tele­
phone, dellverey, bad accounts. That helps us put the price right down
where It belongs. Someone has got to pay these expenses at a store that
ioes.a telephone,. charge and delivery business, and dear reader, It is no
one else but you and the rest of the people like you that pay this expense.
It is an expense that MUST be met by someone or the grocery man would
not last a month.
We handle all of our goods on 10 and 15 per cent from the wholesale
price., No groceryman who delivers and trusts can do this and live to
do business. It ls a cold blooded fact and everyone in the business
knows eourae, If you want (he convenience of credit and delivery
yoifisomeone Ingoing to pay for It.
to buy in small lota—It is your privilege-but mind
Comejnjnrf'let us show you how cheaply you elm buy groceries if
you buy tht£f for cash and In quantities.
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