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Physician and Surgton.
Special Attention Given to Sur
gical Cases,
Granite Block, Top Floor.
Office hours, 3 to 6 p. m.
Phone, Office Red 87, House Green
Geo. H. Marquis .Chas. 8ehull
Attorneys A Counsellors at Law
Rooms 16, 16, and 17 Go## Bloek
Watertown, 8outh Dakota.
Attorney at Law
Practice in all Courts
Room 306 Granite Block
Telephone Main 362
Special attention given to pro
hate matters and to mat
ters involving real proper
ty law.
0 0 0 0
Howard Case
Rooms Granite Block
Walertown, 6 D.
B. J. Bartron, M. D.
Surgeon In Charge
Watertown Sanitarium
Office and residence in hospital.
Phone Main 144.
BR. f. «. MA I EE
Physician and Surgeon
Office and Kes. Century Blk. Phone
Main 408. Hours—10to 12 a. 2 to
4and7 to8!30p.m.si'fv-
Arohlteets Contractors! Builders
Plans and Estimates Fornlshed.
Real E#tatc Bought and Sold.
Office and Shops 114 First Ave. 8. W.
Phone Green 8J. ~si-
Baggage and. Draj Line
Pinno and Sate Movng. FaoavatUg
123 N. Maple. Phone Main 270
itxvert Piano Tune*
ana Repairer
All Work Guaranteed. TerrnB IteaSSI
Ains worth Musio Store Phone red 99
fi" Lest You For^etl
We do all kind# of
^JAII worK fluanuiteed. "JfJ
916 First Av. 8. K,
Phone Green 601.
Skinner's Dray
and Transfer Line
•V jiMBestjf ".'East cf Grand Opera House,
Kemp. Avenue.
Succeed when everything elaefiUQs,
In nermas pignoration and. female
wiistusssts tbty the'•ttpreni#
remedy, as thousand# have te*ti3ed.
fc ll ".tort nicdldfac cvwt#
ortt dniggist'*
Trains carrying passengers arrive
at Kampeska as follows:
Going East.
No. 62 8:16 a. m.
No. 18 1:40 m.
No. 8 8:10 p. m.
Going West.
No. 9 8:16 a. m.
No. 17 12:01 m.
No. 53 9:10 p. m.
Nob. 17 and 18 are accommodation
Temperature for the week from the
morning of the 14th to evening of the
Corn is an imperfect crop this year
so far because of adverse weather,
questionable seed, and the depreda
tions of cut worms and squirrels or
gophers. Potatoes bid fair to be an
immense crop this year. A scarcity of
farm help is feared buwt men are be
ginning to appear and perhaps enough
will come.
The ladles aid society of Kampes
ka will serve Ice cream and cake at
the E. H. Oleson home the latter part
of Thursday af taraoon and early even
ing. All cordially invited,
A social in the behalf of the debt
the piano to the hall will be held
at the hall Friday evening. All come.
Rev. Ray preached a speindid ser
mon from: l*t John, 2nd chapter, 17th
verse. Rev. Ray is worthy of a far
better audience than he is usually
greeted with these fine summer Sun
days. Come out, people, we feel you
owe it to him, youraelf and your In
terests toxdo so.
In company with Miss Alloe Porter,
we spent a most pleasant evening at
the Joe Purcell home Sunday. Those
present, outside ot the family were
Messrs Neal Falvey, Geo. .Kendall,
James Donnelly, Oscar and Glen Ole*
son, Misses Iilwie Purcell, Mary Par
sell, Alice Porter and El a Oleeon, Mr
and Mrs. E. H. Oleson. Mr Donnelly
Is a nephey of Mts J. Purcell oad is
enjoying a visit 1 nthe country during
hi# vacation Miss Purcell Is a niece
of the same gentleman, Mr. Purcell,
and is here visiting friends and rel
atives. Her home is in Kempvllle,
Ontario, Canada. We &$d the pleas
ure of meeting themsf-.U
Chas. Bartiett, of near Watertown,
was a guest at the Geo. Nichota home
Sunday afternoon/
E Tubbs, son and daughters, at*
tended ..service# at Kampeska Sunday.
Messrs: and Mesda&es Fifed Satrae,
James Rand, Harry Sasse, Hal Lem
OU and Messrs, Ed Ives, Geo.Kettdail,
Sam and Ronald" Dean were among
those attending the Wild. West show.
The show was fair.
M*s Will McPet^ aSj^..gftlS jtrl
ar& vising at Motoroe,
*Jatoea Rand lost
ing In Lake Kampeska Sunday after
noon. It Is thought thi"'iorse ,Wfts
seized by fit'of blind stagger#.'
We dropped in the News office a
bit, show day apd^found our friend
Barker hard at
Neighborhood News
Collected Each Week by the Saturday
Morn. Noon ~ve.
Sunday 58 56
Monday 44 64 57
Tuesday 46 80
Wednesday 83 65
Thursday 68 84 64
Friday 56 58
Saturday 53 67 60
The week saw some very low tem
perature for the time of the year with
a close approach to frost in the low
lands. Three rains came during the
week. The wind came chiefly from
the northwest of the northeaBt. Wind
generally quiet, a gale blew the 16th
from the southwest. A little cool lor
corn but not especially unfit for small
grains. Perhaps, though, even too
wet or small grain as It is being at
tacked by brown rust very generally
and quite heavily. However as it is
confining itself thus far to the leaves
principally and the heads seem well
filled little apprehension is felt
Some few soattering pieces of early
grain are cut but generally the harvest
this year will be late, however, many
will be cutting early barley fields the
last of the current week.
We will speak
ot, this call nett ve^k. Too busy
Buy your 9raeerie* at 'wholMAle
price# at Ollruth's Package Grocsry.
Miss Huidias Lawson left Saturday
evening for her home in. Florence. She
was accompanied by her sister, Mrs.
Tony Jankord, and children.
Miss Tilda GrasBe of Vienna, S. D.,
is visiting relatives in Henry and
Mr .and Mrs. J. D. Clegg and daugn
ter Doris, visited relatives in Water
town Saturday
Mrs. Warren Beebe of Redfleld vis
ited relatives in Henry this week.
Mr. Dockendorf spent Sunday in
Mrs. Jake Bents and son George,
who were called here by the death of
Mrs. Bents' brother, Mr. Kirscher, re
turned to thjeir home in Madisor^,
Wis. Friday evening.
Mrs. Jennie Crowley'and son John,
left Monday for a viBit with her aunt,
Mrs. Fred Kreofsky, who is quite
E. Lewis returned home from Lake
Preston Monday.
Miss Lucille Hartung of White, S.
D., is visiting friends at this place.
Mrs. Dick Cosgrove of Utah, is vis
iting at the Cosgrove homes In Henry.
The Misses Mae Lewis, Abanda, Em
ma and Esther Walsten, who have
been eamping at Lake Kampeska for
the last week returned home Monday
Mr .and Mrs. T. J. Norton and child
ren and Mrs Norton's sister are vis
iting at Clark
Mr .and .Mrs. James Paterson and
two sons are camping at Lake Kam
Louis Larson and Miss Hilga ftoet
te»d were united in marrfage Sunda^,
July 14.
Miss Hattie Pickles and. father of
Clark, were in'Henry Thursday. Mr.
Pickles* health ha# been quite poor.
His many friends tope he will
Kd Lentz and Miss Jaehn were mar
ried Monday* July 15.
A. J. Sylvester left Sunday evening
tor his home in St Paul.
Frank Harvey was. a Henry visitor
Miss Lena Mondloch returned home
from Clear Lake Saturday evening.
Mrs Kirscher and daughters]} Mrs
O. J. Breen and Mrs. Sylvester visit
ed at the lake Wednesday.
Miss Florence Clegg, Mrs. Wilfred
Norris, Ruth Fulton and Peter Monlar
are camping at the lake this week.
Sunday wa#:''« record day for th^:
number of large pikev.caught.. O^
Ronning captured a veteran pike that
weighted nearly eleven pounds,
inever worked so hard or sweated
'much over any Job as I did in lani
lng' that poke" Ole said as the fls£
wag -being weighed, :and'felt disapi
pointed when he. found thatja -flsh wit^i
a fifty pound punch 'weighed",hut: 1:
pounds. Georgfe Longsdorff of -Hay
alto captured a large one which weigh
j^d S 3-4 pounds. John Owsley, Del,
Margin and George Christophersonj
each caught pike weighing oVer six
The barbers, honed to a fine edge,
over on tha clgac makeri
day, when they^et at the4
ny- Point dlamomj to setde the
season's differences. Guy WlllsOAi
l^d hte slippery-elm &de-away in sat
isfactory style and nine of the liroad
leaf j'rollers couldn't find ,bats big
enough in their collection tp connect
with Ms 'corns. George Luck ,hwl~
Stony- Pa
e' number.
ed for the cigar makers in excellent
shape, but was not efficiently support
ed at several stations. The score was
nine to six. The cigar makers feel
that by planting another reliable man
back of first base they will be able
hold their own in a second game
which it is planned to play Sunday.
cinity this week.
Mrs. C. V. Hubbard and children
spent Saturday in Elrod.
Mrs. Stafford is enjoying a visit
from her sister, of Doland.
Miss Irene Gilman returned home
from Aberdeen Saturday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lawrence ar-3
visiting relatives in Henry.
Wjn. Schaft moved his family to
Henry Saturday and will make their
future home here. They are occupy
ing the Sykes house.
Marjorie Meadowcroft is visiting
friends in Garden City.
Among those from Henry who at
tended the circus at Watertown Mon
day we noticed Fred Gilman, Fred Sul
livan, Carl Scott, Ruth Starkweather,
Joy Hilliard, William Clegg, Arthur
Sullivan, Hannah Lawrantz, Bent'
Waldron, Hugh Mandrich and child
ren and Harry Robinson and sons.
The past week, with its ideal weath
er and fine evenings, has developed a
mania for roasts among the campers.
Wiener roasts, marshmallow, cheese,
frog and bean, are a few varieties
which have been held. A wiener
roast Is accomplished by holding a
perfectly good wiener at the end of
a stick over a hot bonfire until your
eyebrows are singed oft. When the
eye brows have been entirely burned
the wiener will be found dellciously
scorched. A marshmallow should be
held over a smoky lamp on a hat pin
until nothing but a black dot remains
of the marshmallow. It then has the
flavor of a burnt biscuit. To roast
beans, throw a can of them into a
hot bonfire. The guests should form
a circle about the fire, and stand with
mouths fully opened. When the can
explodes, throwing the beans into the
air, a few will drop into the open
mouth. If the can fails to explode
and only fizzes, throw In another can.
"Fritz" the pet spitz dog belonging
to G. W. Hart, while riding on the
deck ot the motor boat "Bobbie," fell
unnoticed into the lake and swam
about for over an hour before he was
picked up by fishermen. For several
days the dog seemed to have lost its
mind and wandered about Watertown
refusing all approaches of his mas
ter and strangers. Sunday, a valu
able horse drowned while attempting
to swim across the south end of the
lake. It had gotten within a short
distance of the shore when It he
came exhausted.
The Campers.
John Moodie and family are out
taking their annual outing at the lake
and expect to remain lake citizens for
several weeks.
if #r

with the
on style declare: "When a woman
faces you, it is her face, not her fjgure
that you notice. But when she moves
away from you, instinctively
laced front corset may actually give
you this utmost perfection of figure
which no other corset can supply,
there is one very important quality
demanded of it—it must fitv^our
back perfectly.
For the immeasurable satisfaction,
they have given in perfect fitting,
experts are according the highest
praise to ifl
iSDART CORSETS feve prov
ed their fitting qualities so thorough
ly that a majority of the most noted
corsetieres of America, iri charge of
the Corset departments of the coun
try's leadingstores, now
Jim Paterson and family of Henry,
are started on a two week, camp in
the Brickell cottage. Jim has caught
several fine strings of pike.
Mr. and Mrs. George Holllday,,Miss
Myrtle Holliday, Mrs. D. M. Hushaw,
with Mr .and Mrs. A. J. Staftie 4)f
Williston, N D„ form a Jolly party
who. are making the most of a week's
camp at the lake. Mr. Stafne is very
enthusiastic .oyer Miss Kampeska:
Mrs. K.' Neisheim and Bpn of Bry-1
ant,. Mi*. B. P. Moe. Mrs. Ole Ron
ning and Mrt. Morrissey were the
guests of Mrs. Syverson at the Sy
verson cottage Wednesday. .They,
had such a royal good time that they
decided to remain several day# '*#itli
their host. Iffrs. Ronning, on a wager,
swam over two miles and was award
fed one of Mrs. Syverson's party cakes.
At a dinner party Wednesday, Mrs.
Cassius Cannon and Mrs. Chas. Fow
ler Joined the party.
Will Arpin and family of Clark put
in a weeek loafing about the lake.
They were loath to leave when the
week was up.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Norris of Heif
ry and party, consisting of P. H. Mol
ler, Miss Gladys Clegg and Ruth Ful
ton, are rusticating at the Point.
The W. B. Cannon and Bannister
camps have been headquarters for
good times the past week. Mrs. Chas.
Fargo and family of Doland and Mrs.
Hugh Headley of Pukwana, have been
guests at the two camps. Mrs. Head
ley will be Joined by her husband,
Lieut Headley, Thursday and will
put in a day locating the wily pike
with the two old scouts, Mont and W
B. Mr. Headley has been in attend
ance at the military maneuvors .'it
Sparta, Wis., the /past two weeks.
John Goggins and wife were guests at
Camp Cannon Sunday.
Chas. L. Nicholson and family with
his brother, George Nicholson, and
wife of Redfleld are making their first
acquaintance of Kampeska and will
occupy the Wlllitunson cottage for
two weeks.
judge her figure beauty by the coifeS
tour ofherbaclc,fe
say, in order to display the natural
lines of beauty which every figure
has, one should wear a laced front1
corset, the only corset having the
back made into one piece, so as to
reveal perfectly that most beautiful
line in nature, the curve of the spinal
experts cl
Longsdorlt and family
camping In the Mc»atfe
week. Edith "£tick ^-Ame
is a co-camper.
#pent a
to the H^aff cottage.
Senator* C. G. Shierwoi^l a^d
of Clark, havet- Tweii^ gtijto afe1
camp went to
and Mrfl. ^1
Moaday the en'
the Wild -fWest
FVank Caiinon.
Henry, was a guest at camft Hay
at Vermillion, are encamped in the
Dory cottage this week, The party
consists of Harry Michael, O. Bate#,
Baird Christ, "Ole',' phUUps and Mwit
Barns and daukKl^ra
Mrs. R. B.
Elsie and Alta, aire spending
of recreation in Camp Moe.
Fred Showalter wa# chaperon^ /I
a party consisting of live good felldws yji
who hid the time of their liver/ flsh-?i
ing, swimming, and loafing at.
Point for two days this week. The-,
party' consisted of W. H. Penn of^ii
Brookings, J. W. "Johnson of Sloux.5
Falls, A. J. Codding of Valley City,
N. D., Ed. Chllds of Adrian, Mich.,
and Ed Butler of Sioux Falls.. Before
the party left all had been properly
"ducked" .in tiie lake and received
Dakota initiation good naturedly.
Will Gramke and family are occu
pants of the' Luck cottage this week.
MIbs Minnie Hinsberg is a guest at
The usual launch of farm hands ha#
failed to materialize in this neck o' the
woods this season and there is fear
that there, will be a scarcity of help ~.^
for. harvestlng and threshing this fall "'I
Wages will be higher than a cat's
back and the farmsr who has his«^
man hired by the season'ls lucky this,,S^ 1
V, 1
Thfe Store

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