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Mrs. AfcXvDtivlfoto is the
jlrlenda atSlevlllo ttfls v«ek
1, Postmaster George Jailer »«a over
Irom Hefcr? Tuesday.
Mayor and Mr*. A tfajper at
Take your mm W?rk"«Pttfe\8V
E. J. Luthy, .living northwest c& fheP
•city, la havingacottage
built on hlB fan^l^
part of the citj£ ^.undergoing «r*
Attorney A. Sherla returnedliroiiff
Sioux City Saturday, yham' hy hatf
L. 3. Shaw is remodeling his. resi
dence, on the no^th aide and jsrijen it
is completed, It will he one'of the
"finest modern homes\ln the city.
Fine line ot.hand painted China at
•the new Jewelry'store* 106 .Oak st- it
»|Mrs. O'Connor oiMlryaat, was the
tamest of -her daughtej1, Turing Mary
O'Connor, of this citjr. ».?'
George Dixon reports the sale of
five Farquhar potato diggers so far
this season. He advertised themfor
•some time in the Saturday News.
MIsb RhodaSnell has go he to Falr
bault, Minnesota, where she will at-"
Ifend St. ,Mary's Academy ftr tha
somlng year.
Charles Myers has sold his rest
mce property on the north side and
"purchased a modern residence
of Ollvtf PJaqe ott,the*i»orth side,?
The new Jewelry Store will give
a special discount on all Bales this
•week^v .14
Fred atom* •1/t'IUtm^S^W^iiSen
suffering from an infected hand for
some time, aud was In the city Friday
laving the same treated.
Guy Henry, living -south of Henry,
and A. J. Lebert, near Gtover, are
two Cvdlngtoii county. fsnxiGi*s i^o
lave built new residehceB ott their
farms this summer.
... Dr. McCarthy, the New York den
tist, has purchased a flue corner lot
In the W. R. Thomas' block on th?
-north side and Will erect a couple of
xaodern residences thereon next year.
A peculiar features! all-thi arw&ts
made so far this fall is that no fire
arms have been found ott the persons
•of the floaters. Razors, pieces' of:
iron, small rocka,.. and. WhatriiHr liave
Tbeen found in their posaegBloo.
Five men sat in the mourners row
In Judge Mjrers court Monday jnorn
Ing, all charged with^bpfng plain, or
dinary drunks. They each received
the customary ¥5 per, which in the
municipal, court is cash or board. ,:
"P. White1 has closed his pool and
iSlliard ~hall oh, West Kemp avenue
«nd will not open again until the
Barr building is completed, be having
Teased the first Hobi* of that building
tor a pool -and billiard hall.
'Carpenters recently started work
on the Bart: building on north Oak
street Ross' & Sons "have the 'con
tract. The building will be one istory
^wlth full basement, and"'bnilt of solid
fcrick.^%- ,* If®
F. £?^%hompson, the^ran^tfhlon
representative in thls' clty, is
using a nice new wagon for delivery/
furnished him by the company. Mr.
^Thompson :has an ad elsewhere in the
Saturday News.
Carl Duffner arrived hoifie the, first
•of the week from an extended visit
In Colorado where he has been visit
ing his brothers, Otto and Max Duft
ner, who art engaged in the mining
^business in that state.
.1. N. Oerhardt, an old soldier,y died
'day. He had been in £oor health f?r
^om» time. The funeral was held
Sunday, .and wia In cha'rge lof tile
Jflpal Ot. A. R.
%Geo. Katancsik has- Wtunnjid- from
•fit Paul where he has been employed
In the 64rdon & Fefgitsou wholesale
"fur manufaoturiog hoiue fpr-the past
six months He will ^tttn ppeni.-hls
'4(|r storedja^t^iis ftityr
reduction, on Phonographs ^nd
Recoi-ds at" the JNtir Jewelry store,
rf8 oak-sti^'
iJThe FirarNat|Wn3*ale of
c|ty has been designated as of
:fi61al. j^eiTOr'iiWr' shy campaign
•ute t& pltfeer thtf gfepnbllcafe, demo^
cratlc or bull moose natton&l ppUtical'
l?pher i^|£ Q^McFarlasd's taw offie^
Ifotth his pareHta ani
Peter Powderly, who bad |na
Itlnk the Pacific coast country tpr
some time, arrived in the city the
dtber day, hale
hearty 'fits
brother, Ed, "who Accompanied hha on
trip al»o returned- wlm,-him£riuia
people without stove»|,jM»acei la
you knew olSthe real value of
rheumatic pains, you ?ould
wish to bdwlthouHt BVtr'sale by alii
dealers. 'I, 13.
E E, *-DeGroff, late- 00 Austin, Min
necota, has moved' his Jewelry stock
to this city, and Is now ocoupylngithe
Case building jn Oak -street, Mr
DeGr^ff has had years of experience
in his line of business, and extends
an Invitation tb the public to eau
and see his stock and get acquainted
He carries a line of general-Jewelry*
cut glass, etc,
The five year Insurance "policy thnt
goes with every "free" sewing macb.
ine is a splendid feature and guaran
tees you a new machine in case your
old one is in any way destroyed.
Matt Muller, for several years one
of the popular clerks at the Banner
Clothing store, has accejitetl a posl
tion as traveling salesman for the
P. O. Mimnaugh Cigar Company ofc
this city and made his maiden trip
last week. Mr Muller is a live, one
and will bring home the bacotfel
.Running up and down stairs, sweep
ing and bending over making, beds
will not make1 a woman healthy or
beautiful. She tnnst get out of doora,
walk a mile or two every day and
take Chamberlains Tabletg to lmprove
h«r digestion and reguWp iip^ bowels.
For sale by all dealers.
•vT\??rh© H&ntfeti Machine Co recently
sola three stickney gas engines, the
.kind -which are ladvertised. weekly- in
th$ Siturday News. Onej .a 7-horse
poVer wa#'»old-to ithe^Fartners elc
vaW at i^STey, one to an elevator at
Appleby, and aaother to Nick Endree,
living. three^milea northeast of the
fr, and Mriti^O. B. Church of'Re-'
villof and Mls'^ Lllilaf, Church, sis
ter 'of Dr. Churcii, were'In the city
Monday, guests
tlfe Alex Davison
family. They were on their Way to
Scotland, this state,-on a short -visit
Mistf i'Church is -"4a employee in the
agricultural de^rtment at Washing
ioui and Is-weBt on irer-^nual vaca
Tack FffiitWrf^TSii s^edule this
year, September Iff, and put itt a good,
piece of w'briT for a Starter. Ice form
ed on water during the'night. All
although earlier" In the season it "was
feared there would be a 'shortage,
there Will be plenty for the use of the
It toQk the^S&blhed effort* of Chief
JoneB and Officer Makepeace to get
one fellow' to the lockup, Tuesday
morning..' The fellow had been on a
three or" fdur days' celebration and
was making a nuisance of himself on
the street. White standing near the
Owsley store, Officer 'Makepeace went
up, to .him and tald him he had better
go with him. This 'the fellow de-
-clined to do and b'ecaine unruly." He
at his home in thls city last S,atur- office™
no* cease his resistance of the
struggling «ith them until
'they had him In'-a cell.
.^The pecuUar thlngB tha^ a'drunkea
man can do "and not get Sillied is al
ways a mystery to the* average per
eon. For InB&nce one evening ret*
eently, Chief pf Police Jbnes, walking
^q. iiie cltjr half 'ri6t|ced a fellow who,
Was perched o^ the^iron railing £n
front of the cit^IhSn, fast Asleep. He
ar n*#
was ful^ clear up "ffittie ey4s, 'and
hoW in the world-he -Was uble to sit
at in the position helwu.ln, wlthoiif
falling-Iras oas. of thVsSS^teries thi^
'at^ co^inod^^'the druttk. "'Sad he
fallen 2afr would have struck o_n- solid
cement 4ome fifteen feet below—^but
1: were un
itf«i»ing?l Jfait6xIcate4^
*h%tou8 la be«
tfeW knowie&e
that they had int'
btted too ireely. Thj^e of the num
tar'paid|£ieir fines, one who had
been pHtem -htaonner "before" re-
'OtM^ of *-Me Mmber, a
i^ng nniil.^lwITin ub pocketa about
':V $%£:*
SI& j»r,
^thirty tons of bard ceal tor jClbAk
lied and City Scale $rtifi^^^jg»
govern Bids to be o|«ned|ly ttftf
Board of ComrniasiontfrB September
30th,',1912. .. :'"X
pig& reserved to reject any o*' all
Eight --ladies- have already fetal
aclvantage of the Hoosler Cabinet
Club at the Cozy Home thi*i.weel^.
Died, in this city on Saturday, Sept,
14, 1912, LeeSjJames -Patterson aged
"21 months and 20 days. The child
had, been suffering with bowel trouble
for several weeks.
Tite many friends Of Mr. and Mrs.
James Patterson, parents ot- the chil(J
deeply sympathize with,them ia-.Jheir
sad affliction.
The funeral was freld Sundiay at 2:30
p. m. at the family reside
Corn Contest Awards
That Codington county oan gnw
corn, that h^r warm soils are well ad
apted. to it* culture and that mpra
corn can and should be grow^i Ay ^er
farmers was amply dempnstrated by
the :-recent contest Instituted by the
Clttsetts National Bankf Of this city.
Last spring this bank offered $100
to the grower of the best field ot corn
of 20 or more aeres^ Twenty-two
farmers entered this conteist. Three of
the entrymen otherwise spring among
the highest tailed to^plant^he requir
ed number of acres, -^Messrs. Frank
Riechling, Qeo. langensdorl!er and
]Robt. Jtfclntyre. jAll of these ^Ben had
fields-that are-: In prOmislngii conditioh.
Mr., Riechling selests hjfs ,own .seed
jtfirn a^d has almost
perfect s'lu^L,
Selection connt% $fost-of the tsom
petitors. were' compelled: tot-buy- their
Court Houfie
Good Grttcferie* go to the right spot
every time. Thi» is the right spot to
go to every time for Good Groceries,
and our ^pricea are Right.
Fort Shelling Salmon Steak, lib
JP, S. Boneless Codfish, 1-lb hrlck?.155
GCfpter Brand Red Salmon, 1-lb
"ais asc
We have Just received a shipment:
Herring, 11912 catch, very fine
per keg »1^)0
Imported Kippered Herring, ^2
., .cans for ?5a
Vt pound -ialUJPbk^ Saigioh^'i
,Gopher Brand Full Cream
Gopher Brand BrUsk Cheese ,22c
Appetulost, eactf^.Vi. .. ,^-Sc
PUmost, each .. .^JJc
Mcloren'sjmwrlal Chees^jp Jara¥
Oopher Clde^"Vi^^ar
W. -W. Vinegar .. .*4 .j4
gopher "Brand Ml^ed- Spif
different va4lea««, ((kg. &
^Wy our Imported fay Rl^
Imported F. 8. Sago, pountg
'j^hported P, & Tapioca pou
W«IMBwr I* tmj P«M «f City
r, ItttMtewa. K»*
Uplhfjt. yMM) MM
A f6W dayat'^wrk "in selecting aiid
caring ^or, seed cotn^O^ dehly
lepay tho feffort.
That South- Pakota M-'a state and
Codington as a county, should, grow
more corn, not only- tor the cor&Htselt
but for Cleaning the 'land and lh^reaa
ing the following wheat crop, is a
proposition that'has been repeatedly
demonstrated by nearly all: tamers
as iwetl as by'the' experiment stations.
Here's^ to^more ^ad better ooni iti
%he "National C0nwntl6a o^nsitt6
ancev Commissioners congratulates the^
M&dfertif Woodmen df .America upon
sxtids taken at.4)ie me^tisg pf
Head Camp la pladfttg(the jKWiety
upon a permanent' basis, tod ur^etf
upon all friends of'fraternal insurance
thft support of the action so takett-'aucj
that -all attempts to nullUSy such ab
tlon or to induce' member* of said
Society, or of any sociey so reratlng,
to diseentinue their membership bf
dic'ouraged *by informing- "tJolh* mem^
be™ and tlfe public as fully as possi-
^rank W. HardiBon Massachusetts
|w. S. Emmet, New York -,v
yjfames R. Young, Noyth Carolina
H. Schlvely, Washington.
Committee of Comditesloners
Doings of Our Neiglbors
-l 'Kiuth Shoty Republican: John R.
Miihaels w«ib*dly hurt -Tuesday af
ternoon wh6n he fell from the^peak of
his, big barn to the flcjoVj a- distance
of twentyvfiv»i feet He had three
ribs broken, his-head bruised and one
hip badly injured. Is now under a
physicians care ^Cnd unless compli
cation^ set -In he 'Should be fifeov&:
again in due seasott,
that wer«'fc|p|thfe.
shoved the«IfaCt of bet-} $?tb&
t«r cai^, and, pultty^u than
«eighboHtA^i::)iad ,pft
entered the lints, Two prop0ftl{!oo»
were delljfffi^ and, certainly deinon
aa '& rdlult of iiflp conte^7lst,
that Codlngtoii cojwty can krbfr goqg^
corn jand ,2nd, tl»a| TO^r1e„)*ttentlos^
should be given tolthe
wly .ripening ears for med ,}
Work oh the
foundation of the new 'i|chOe9i 'hard
ware ^buildihg^ wag- commenced this
week, fiarry Clark, frota Watertown,
has charge of the WOfk« It 4s expect
ed that thfe- "worker laying the blocks
will ^commence a week froggi. Monday.
The foundation'will-be'made of con
crete. South Shore friends of the
Thoa Callatl family will regret to hears
that the 'only boy of the famly died
at their home near' Fruita, Colorado, -in
on the' 6th ot last month. We aid
not learn the cause
Castlewood ReQttbllcan: Castle
wood is without, a meat market and
a diet of .that sort will have to be
produced at home Or else imported.
Mr. Griding has given us excellent
aef^ce, but high prices for stock?
and labor piade the undertaking a los
ing glpne. and Monday evening he
closed Jhe "doors. It would 5eem that
o# coi^nunity gould Support a good
meprt market without starving ^ie
Henry Independent: It*- will be
good |iews to our sick folks to- know
that ibme are speedily on" the. road
to VecoveTy. Mr. iRawllns has so far
improved that il^can be- unt-^^hla
,cru}^h«» part off the ^ilfane, Mills'' 1^
nes- JElgie was able to visit at the*
nelghjiotfi, .-going -over on crutchea,.
and Mrs. Murphy will be able to come
home from the 'Watertywn hoHpgM^ln
ittrt «b«ta th» uy V&iamUt
ta town^^fe Muflm. dr»oe tA*
ftUvrlM. neewwary to
several itttMi In tha wound
ntd# fello» 1? Aw gttatst «I«NK W
nicaly -(wud bC«xpected---FlQi^jj^
«MJ ani
'•pit and 6an
down and one
Manual for t&astM6 96 Sou^t'Diltaltiv
The work has beMi compiled
great care and la^ufah ahperlor to
anything" ot the kitfi ev«f, puhiiahed
As n^Sde for" toat
lng to township .jwvern-
ment it is Invaluably.
Price, Wanlla pa^ir coxen,^M
full stilt doth covefa, ^.
Send fl^ew to
publisher#vf^t Township and Sfthool
^lltanke' S.
JSMwh-—»n. Jmp.
aS^afor,tune, b^t a bl^sloi^ in d^
guws lMhe discovery made W *al®?
crop hefe. and, becauie fheletdi
irrigated' from artesian fl^lls^ Jh§
grow&^s ^ttntlltttally projlj& "Clraos
hojgpefs apjmared ,tWo year's ago and
cut down the yieldr On the advice
experts the alfalfa
of ^Agricultural
iiairtnerB began to raise.turkeys, turn
Ing the bird»\looae to i^hge over the.
Wanted—to bjiy, small
payments. AridrieM Box
.v 1—l^.
H. r: JonerAjS. p., coutaininC^vera of value to
ytt'vftftlnjf at Ute%ipmV^ her father, m^^but -to no -one'el|e.2\ Viator will
^(tertown th^l^iefWSMW .^ptte C.
|, Wvk. Walklln and wife and,J I*fE. M«4«an. Florence, S D., R, 1
Pommer autoed to ^ktertown Sua- -14»15*
*W ««W-^A
«pt ti
CkblM tfc.f«
had the
not onl^
fields aHd oat .hOppe
^ired effect,' the to
keeping the altalfa cl
hut becoming thems^l
dfarce pf revenue.
iit ^ohn {toucher started,
drei tu^ceys during
1911. The fowls kept 1d(wn 'damage,
so that he harvested 4 full crop a\
faifti. i^ the fall he j»ld the IsemM
from hfj|t flock, receiving as^htgh
twelve cents a pound This year he
taw tisee hundr«3l and fifty %#ifeVs1
rangitfil over 100 aicrek'%t jiMtelfa,
whfoSf Vyieldl^^lrim at'jth#i».to
of Insects,
two tons per cuttlhg 3b* has cut it?
thrw times and will-get another faj(
cut^ln^ ,,-Xhe tnrkej%,~he figure#, wp
bring tosT a gro^B reyentae off trofit1
$550 to WW in the fallo,
Statfe aliS^fa fietdit I^ittie artesian,
vallffi-wlll j^Jid, tor .flfe'seas^a,
high seveh tona"|ier acre, "W.
Bnnyan,' Who as landlord, gets lialf
the revenue. Iron^, 4t0'_&crett of this
cropi wlll.get as l^ia i£e-half aa blgh
as $25.00 per acre from 'some telds."
This Ts clear gailr for, him, as the ten
ant furnishes all.the Impleraknts and'
do es al} the. wort.
An article that has
time become popular. That such
the case with Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy has been attested by many
dealers. Here is one of them.. H. W.
Hendrickson, Ohio-Valla, Ind* writes,
"Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is the
best for,roughs, colds and croup, and
js mjr best seller." For sate by all
house on
271, City.
.. ,„s...-4--,(rv.-»fl?P(Sggj'..
8»'WR ^ALlS^Kainpeska.fill
ing jqjfc «?t
A«^ia oar ISait
top' P«t«coatff Our many agenta make
good Incomes. Experience
«a»y, selling -bn sight to everyjfefoan
Wrfte quick Jtor exctu«^3|^Mttory^ 4
^ent to "Vfittertown today where
he'^H attend" fifgfa school thl# year,
Willis his We flxed on a goiM| «4tlTpi3Pteror'.^e»e»—About^iJ^igusl" 24,
c^8Waand mfieitt we mlM our1'guess cheek book on Sb% Sank oi Flomuse,
quire of*.
n« of the Mg$ aijMiS
six room eott^tt IU th^i^).
IS bftBd Bi«| «d WHI
aUL*MAM& CQBwmtwwiM.
utae® tot toning th»^pi»t,f
lot a^d'Mlr^fix blocks 4tm-
the' Jlbstoaoji, TU«€Mue wa|
»Thy jthe owner
ot thfe nny best Vumv iuu|«sr %,
buy. Th«^ i« a bHck fiw plao»?'
to tie coimte that coot the i)iw |W
8^#m»ent, good fitfaUajjfplaUt! 'j
and the -my best of plumbing tlirtt
qll^|'^li mu»t Mil U. The
IWs' beautlful jnodeTA home
|3»10§jj halt cash ad balance
fVn? turther
Wats Ibiiaulre & 3b. St. Barker
8aMraay»New* oKhce
money coulC buy TW tact ot the i,
|%atter i»,thl8 QQttaj&mUst seen
Ouernsey Bull fw Kffvtoe,
Miller, SM St N, E.
~-'t -Ju-J -UlX—JU.^ rj
««e lott Olear. to t«de i&
on sm*!l h^us^ well
Balance monthly or annual
tie* m»ttiy, ber Kelson^ AJdriiqfc,4^
hwilwhre store Phone. Sfalu
^Ito for outside brlatWiVfitigh
"work,' reasonable nam and pronjpt
fehlpmeat ot metal. ^••ikPilbUiUar
Unotype ai^p^altlon
€0, Watertown, S, S.
&S>. f?v»" ®S
ft^aie tS,,^aiifr2A hew XO ro^ja
ihodeiTi two story house and a hal^
block fltw*^ near schoo^ma se^, ,-A^
for eaafi^taiid*''fitt' 1,^^'
ior cash or trade tar
"fecial' BleyMor potato'On#
isommon als^Farauhar Elevator Potv
to Digger, t^ three or four horse*.
Call and .see theid. Oeo. DixoH. r(
s. 9hW« «X. lififc- 11
r-Kff sized
side And ls a most d^sirkble- loMUon^ i5u'!
for a home. ^"he )of ia aft teftced
there is' a #mali bam and thickeq,11
.copp .B«at-'Cellar sto&e foundation^ *jy T-f
irees," elegant brick cistern Hrtth, £& 1»
capacity of 50 ?ban«ls. *phls :ls one
of the WsJ bargains tn «l|r property. jjtf
in the -city "of Watetto«%u' "f 'Priced
$1059. 9enns 9200 cash, balance HQ- i'
per moath at 6 per cent. It yoa.«an(y j', vV-1
this property you will have to hurry &:tfJ
Mslt% positively a anap and will
not he ok tb^'narket vi^ir-long. Voting v-*
further information call «in IC. Mt '^v«
Barker at the Saturday New* ---4
Our "hakflbMiier''5|b, alwfty* ,4tt
aerrtce. «lfr*
Anyone desiring to have on
sale thistfall will do well to arrang
for tfif' date of their anct{Oneer au.,
sarly tin possible. 0. B. Wlllson i^f^
one o£ th^,i best #«ction«ei» in
northwest and he will he at'your «rci§:
v£c*?"~ihl» fall- The "Saturday N'ewi
has made' arrangemeats with Mr.'WOl^p
st»n to take hrdt-rsfor him at thia oflte«^!
a&d gly$ 4*^ings vwhea eaa 1
Bales. 'Vtfo ate prepared to ^ptlnt yi
auction bll^- at If -very /low price andJf
^rlll gftfc' you two Insertions of thaS
ad in the Saturday News free. Fo» ',
further intu^giation
Saturday N«iM, Wfcterfe^n, S. D.
For Sale-^«e new wagon,i *U Com
plete, mar was »low
'1 ""1 ""J"'
11 1
'j 'Jf1
Just a tni« tO the ho--""—*i
as figuws
etc Watertown JSTood
itMhmar "framet-tanlll

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