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Notice is hereby given that the
Board of Commissioners of the Ctty
of Watertown, South Dakota, will re
ceive bids for refunding bonds of
said City aB authorized by Resolution
No. X21, heretofore passed and ap
.proved and published with (his notice,
•which said bonds are to be issued in
the aggregate sum of not to exceed
^27,000.00 bids for the sfune to be
made on the basis of the face value
of one or each of said bonds which
is $1
,000.00 and to be made for a whole
or such part of said issue as the bid
der may desire said bids will be
received up to and including Septem
ler 30th, 2912, and will be opened by
the Board of Commissioners of said
City at 8:00 p. m. September 30th,
.1912 the Board reserves the right
to reject any and all bids a certified
check of $260.00 payable to the City
Treasurer of the City of Watertown
is required with each bid each bid
-should be addressed to the under
signed and marked "Bid on Refunding
Da£ed September 16, 1912.
Thos. H. Davis,
City Auditor, Water
14-15 town. South Dakota.
Introduced by Commissioner Whooley
Be it Resolved by the Board of Com
missioners of the City of Watertown,
South Dakota
That the ordinances of the City of
Watertown, South Dakota, be com
piled by the City Attorney, of said
Ctty and that the same as compiled
Jbe declared to be the existing laws
and ordinances of the said City of
Watertwn, South Dakota and that the
same be printed and published in book
lorn under the direction of the said
iClty Attorney^ and thUt there be fur
ther published in said book all laws
and parts of laws applicable to the
City of Watertown, now in force in
the State of South Dakoa, as the City
Attorney shall determine.
®e It Further Resolved that the
•City Attorney be and he hereby la
authorized to compile said laws and
ordinances and to hire such clerical
Assistance as Is necessary to complete
^jfjthe same In proper form for printing
&nd publication and that upon such
compiliaticsi the said City Attorney be
-and he hereby 1B authorized to ask
for bids to be submitted to this Com
...mission for printing and publication
'Of said laws and ordinances in book
form, according to such specifications
and copy as. he may submit and deem
Passed, Adopted and Approved Sep
tember 16, 1912.
Hi A. \Vi\
Mr 's&yi
Thos. H. -Davis,
City Auditori^1.
f, -City Auditor
Introduced by Commissioner Whooley
Be It Resolved by the Board of
Commissioners of the City „0JLWAter
$bwn, Sonfli' Dakota
Whereas, the Boai^fli6 COttfinlaatbn
«rs Qt said C% have by resolution
resolved to issue certain refunding
b^pds appear# ,hy resolution, ISTo.
1 ii 1
*M' by th^i Board ot
'Sr "mV^Tg '^jMnmisdoneni of the City ofWater-1
^"^owiv-South Dakota.:
Whiwaa, by ^so!utlon-No.. X«'
tte Board of Commissioners erf the
Of Watertown, South Dakota, did
provide for the lasuance ot 0«rtaln re
'Vunding honds tn the aggregate aiu^yif
ot Jhm -than
nd amount ot Mid bonds AppH^tng
hmow fully By Mi Resfl^«iSifey
to ask^ipl
mj&a TBfundtng bond*:-"
$b*t tb* BidfiltHis1
and directed to publish and give no
tice of sale of said bonds as herein
provided and under -the direction of
the Commissioner of Finance.
Passed, Adopted and Approved Sep
tember 16, 1912.
H. A. Wagner,
Thos. H. Davis,
City Auditor. 14
Introduced by Commissioner Whooley
Be it Resolved by the Board of
Commissioners of the City of Water
town^ South Dakota:
Whereas, the City Engineer of said
City of Watertown, S. D., did on the
19th day of August A. D. 1912, make
his report and estimate of certain
special assessments for the construc
tion of certain sidewalk in the said
City of Watertown, upon and against
certain property, as hereinafter set
And, Whereas, the said report was
duly filed with the City Auditor, ani
due notice of hearing thereon set for
September 9th A. D. 1912 before this
board, and due notice of said hearing
given by publication thereof in ftie
official paper of said City, and all
things being regular, and the said
Board of Commissioners having met
to consider of said report on the 9th
day of September A. D. 1912, and hav
ing approved of said report and said
assessment, and directed the drawing
of this resolution
That the said report of the City En
gineer of date August 19, 1912, be and
the same is hereby approved, and the
assessment therein provided for and
the estimate therein is adopted and
approved, and said assessment made,
as therein set forth, as follows: For
sidewalk corstructed on First Avenue
Northeast at $.10 per square foot in
the year 1909, against the property
and person aB follows: Joseph Per
llqk, the North 95 feet of Lots 17, 18
and 19 In Block 26, First Railway Ad
dition to City of Watertown, South
Dakota, 420 suare feet, taxed at
amount of $42.00. And the City Audit
or is hereby authorized to certify said
taxes, and assessment to the City
Treasurer In the manner provided by
law, to the end that the same be
spread and levied.
Passed, Adopted and Approved Sep
tember A. D. 1912.
H. A. Wagnef,
Thos. H. Davis,
Introduced by Commissioner Whooley
An Ordinance Repealing Ordinance
No. 186, which was passed January
28, 1807, creating a sewer fund.
Be it Ordained by the Board of
Commissioners of the City of Water
town, South Dakota:
Section 1. That Ordinance No. 186,
passed by the City Council of the City
of Watertown, on January 28, 1907,
creating a fund "for the repair, al
teration, enlargement and regulation"
of sewers In said City be and the same
hereby is repeated.
Passed first reading Sept. 9tl, A.
D., 1912.
Passed second reading Sept.' 16th,
A. D. 1912.
Adopted and Approved Sept, 16th,
A. D. 1912.
H. A. Wagner,
Whereas, It Is necessary to provide
for the printing, or said bonds ipd
coupons according to
•JThat the City Auditor be aid he
"hereby Is directed to Issue notice for
and of the receipt of bids by' this
3Board of Commissioners for the print- NOTICE FOR BIDS
tag at said bonds according to speci- Notice Is hereby given that the
Bcatlons to be filed in the office of1 Board of Commissioners of Water
She Bald City Auditor by the City At- town South Dakota, will -receive bids
torney, said hide to be received and up 8:00 o'clock p. m. of Septem
opened on September 23,1812, at 8:110 ber 23, 1912, for the printing of the
,8. xfy., the Commissioners reserving certain 2? numbered bonds, 1 with
tthe right to reject any and all bids, blanks As set' out in the specification,
Passed, Adopted And Approved Se Baid bonds to be printed'according to
Aembar 1$, A^D. 1912. specifications on file in my office
Iggpi M- A. Wagner,' bids to be opened at 8:00 p. m. Sep-
Thos. H.i Davi^,
City Audltoife! I 14
Mayor, tember 28, 1812 all bids to he ad
dressed to the undersigned and mark-
ed "Bids lor Printing Bonds." The
Board of -ComfnlRsioners reserved the
right to reject any and all bids*'
I?sited September 16,. 1918.
B. flavle/
i-Cl^r Auditor, Water
.^Intro^uced by
»-An Ordinuic* PnhlblUng 4he Dea
trnrtloa «f or feterfeHog With Prop
An# f^bllo Park.
It £|^itned4» ,lp'* fiojur# or Cofe
ot'Mil'City .of Wfter
Shall be
awftjil fop 1
•on or persona U, defaofc mar, or Ija
t«?rfere with- any jprop^rty Situated in
ft»y publuT*
of Water
Section 2-
That lfrahMl
xius «atu£Da.y
*»& ®L
pluck, root up or disturb aa^ shrub,
flower or bulb placed in sildpark for
ornamental or other purpoae«,exeept
as ordered by the custodian M^rsoa
in charge of said park.
Section 3. (Penalty.) An^jfiersoii
or persons violating any of the pro
visions of tjiis Ordinance-shall upon
the conviction 'thereof, be fined in
sum not less than One Dollar or more
than One Hundred Dollars.
Section 4. This Ordinances-shall
take effect and he in force from an-i
after its passage, approval and pub
Passed first reading September 9th,
Passed Second reading September
16th, 1912.
Passed, Adopted and Approve Sep
tember 16th, 1912.
H. A. WagneiC
Notice is Hereby. Given that
said mortgage will be foreclose
the sale of the above de&crlbeu
gaged,land by the sheriff of saldv
ington County, or hiB deputy, at E
auction, at the front door of]
Courthouse, in the City of Water)
in said County of /Codington, Sp.D.,
on the 2nd day of November,
1918, at 1:30 o'clock p. m., offlaid
day, to satisfy the sum of flfteenj4un
dred ninety three and 26-100 ($S|9li}
26) dollars, that being the amount
claimed to be due and actually^due
on said mortgage at the date ot|thi8
notice, together with accruing Inter
est, a statutory attorneys fe%|
$25.00, and the other costs andgjdl*-'
bursements allowed by law.
Bated at Watertown, S. D., Septe®,
ber 18, A. D. 1912. jj
Dakota Mutual Life Insurance&ot
Hanten & Hantertf-^'
Attorneys for Mortgagee,
Watertown, S. D.
Itesldent* Must Learn The I
ta.nce of Keeping Them Well
Perfect health means that evi
gan of the body Is performlnip? |ti'
functions pi7perly.
Perfect health cannot be enjoy|Mt jf
the kidneys are weak and disorwredf
Thousands testify that Doan'iltcHS
ney PiUs have a reviving actii
weak kidneys. 1
WlkAt.thtg remody ..has done
many cases ot this kind -la tbi
•proof of its. merits.
B^d the following. It's test!
gratflfully glven a ^ldent
locality. ,.j .[
W. W. Knight, Main St,
8. Dak., says: "X have.
^Oan's JBdney WHs aftho»ngl
tod know them to be an exi
They rt# sae of a
k. ot kidney Qomttlatnt
*80, #ad If hM not re
to the City take pleaaar* recommei
$ fllniA «««-•.
b. Newj
sole ageata for
-ft^nenber th
«de» t» other.
WATKHTOWatr- «.. P.
Thos. H. Davis, J®
City Auditor. Jm 14
Whereas, default has been made tn
the conditions of a certain mortgage,
containing power of sale, executed
and delivered by Kathryn B. "\"ay
and Stitzel X. Way, her husband,
mortgagors, to Dakota Mutual
Insurance Co., a corporation, ".-Whose
postofflce address is Watertown,
the County of Codington, and
of South Dakota, mortgagee, date.l
November 3, A. D., 1910, filed Nov
ember 4th, 1910 at 3:50 o'clock p.
and recorded in book No. 96 of
gages on page 8, in the office of
Register of Deeds of said Codington
County, S. D., mortgaging all that
tract or parcel of land lying and being
in the County of Codington and State
of South Dakota, described as
lows, to-wit: All that part of.
Nos. One (1) Two (2) and Three (3)
in Block Three (3) of the Town
Watertown, S. D., lying South of a
line dra-wn parallel with and distant
forty (40) feet Northerly from
Southerly line of said lots and East
of a line drawn parallel with, and
distant ten (10) inches Westerly from
the Easterly line of said.jjjpt No.
Three (3).
Whereas the default consists-in the
failure on the part of the mortgagors
to pay the semi-annual interest am
ounting to $52.50 due on said- mort
gage, debt on the 3rd day of May,
1912, which remains unpaid/together
with interest thereon at 7 per, cent,
per annum from May 3rd, 1912 Un
reason whereof the said mortgagee
has elected to declare the whole of
said mortgage debt to be due aiftf
payable pursuant to the- provision?
for such election contained in said*
mortgage, reference being had to the
aforesaid record thereof.
Whereas no action or proceeding
has been Instituted .-at law or other
wise to recover the debt rem
secured: by said mortgage, oi
part thereof.
(Introduced by Mayor Wagner.)
An Ordinance Prohibiting the In
terfering With or -Injury to Any Build
ing or Structure Belonging to the
City of Watertown.
Be it Ordained By the Board of Com
missioners of the City of Water
town, South Dakota:
Section 1. (Interfere-- With City
Property.) It shall be unlawful for
any person to climb upon or in any
manner interfere with any building or
structure belonging to the City of Wa
tertown, without being authorized so
to do by the proper officers, or authori
ties of said City and It shall be uh
unlawful for any person to in any
manner Injure or deface any such
building or structure.
Section 2. (Penalty.) Any person
violating any of the provisionis of this
ordinance, shall upon conviction there
of, be fined in a sum of not exceeding
one hundred dollars.
Section 3. This Ordinance 4hall
take effect and be in force from and
after its approval and publication.
Passed first reading September 9 th,
Passed second reading. September
16 th, 1912.
Passed, Adopted and Approved Sep
tember "16, 1912.
H. A. Wagner
Attest: ^v
Thos. H. DaviB,
City Auditor. 14
State of South Dakota, County of
In Circuit Court, Third Judicial
Anna L. Lebert, Plaintiff, ^4^
Mary A. Thomas, deceased, D:' C.
Thomas, deceased, Clara M. Weaver,
and Martha T. Flske, heirs at Law,
devisees and legatees of said Mary A.
Thomas, deceased, and Martha T.
Fiske, Executrix of the estate of DC' C.
Thomas, deceased, and to the cred
itors, if any, of said Mary A. Thomas,
deceased, and to all persons unknown
who have or claim to have any inter
est in, or lien or Incumbrance upon
the premises described in the com
plaint herein.
The State of South Dakota to the
above named defendants, Greetings:
You, and each of you, are hereby
summoned and required to answer
the Complaint which was filed in the
office of the clerk of this Court at
Watertown, County of Codington,
State of ,-South Dakota, on the 23rd
day of August,-1912," a copy of -whlcn
is herewith served upon you, and
•Which prays for a judgment determin
ing the heirs of Mary A. Thomas, and
quieting the title to, and determining
the Interest to and liens against the
premises described in the Complaint,
situated in the city of Watertown, In
said County and State, and described
as "The West- Twenty-three feet of
Lots One and Two, Block Seven,
Original Plat ot Watertown,'* and -to
sefve a copy .or your answer to said
Complaint on the undersigned at their
office in the city of Watertown, in
•aid County and State.Within Thirty
days after the completed service ot
this Summons- upon you,4exolnsive of
the day of such service, and if you
fail to answer said Complaint within
that time, the. Plaintiff win apply to
the Court tor'&e reilet demanded in
Dated., at Watertown, S.'. D., this
21st day of rAuguat, 1912.
Sherin & Sherin,
Attorneys for Plaintiff,
Watertown,' S. D.
State of South Dakota, ^Ciqunt^ ot
Codington, ss.
In Municipal CouAf"'C?Sy
town, S. D.
F. M. Metcalf, Defendant
The State of South Dakota, to the
above nam^d defendant,' Greeting:
Vou hereby summoned and rei
quired to answer the complaint of the
plaintiff, which will be filed In the
Office of the Clerk of the above named
.Court, and to serve a copy of your
answer on the undersigned at their
office In the Granite Block, City ot
/fr&tertowa, said County and State,
within- tsn days from d&t$ oj
®5f¥lc6 of Itkig tummoiu yoil,
wajlusive of th»"d«jr OfiiKsli Mrvifte,
I^That ir you fall tor:apjw)r and anis-.
'er'jilc af^asaid, tl^e said plaintiff
take jadgmoztt-: against -550a by
default for the sutti
nnd fifty-fi*8V%d
gether pm''
it^ j« „ann^m from date, bmldea
Fick J. Stei
aumswlw cwn^aint In thft dtov»
^atltfed 'tk^on me Hied in tye office
of the Clerk of the above entltlei
Court on September 11th, 1912.
Hanten & Hanten and
Ps^-^^ncTt J. Stelchen,
13-19 Attorneys for Plaintiff.
State of Sduth! Dakota, County of
Codington,, ss.
In: Municipal' Court, City of Water
town, S. D.
Kampeska Materials CoV a., corpor
ation, Plaintiff,
F. M. Metcalf, Defendant.
The State of South Dakota, to the
above named defendant. Greeting:
Tou_'are hereby summoned and re
quired to answer the complaint herein
which will Be filed in the office of the
Clerk of the above entitled Court,
aid to serve a copy of your answer to
said complaint upon the undersigned,
at their offices in the Granite Block,
in the City of Watertown, in said
County and State, within ten days
from date of service hereof upon you,
exclusive of the day of such service,
and that If you fall to appear and
nswer as aforesaid, the plaintiff will
take judgment against you by default,
for the sum of $92.60 and Interest
thereon at 7 per cent per annum
from date,-besides costs and disburse
ments of this .action.
Dated at Watertown, S- D., this 4th
day of September, At D., 1912
Hanten & Hanten arid
Nick J. Stelchen,
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
To the above named Defendant,,.]?., M.
Metcalf: .p:
You will please take notice that the
summons and complaint in the above
entitled action was filed In the office
of the Clerk of the above entitled
Court on September 11th, 1912.
Hfanten & Hanten and j
Ntek J. Stelchen,
13-19 ^Attorneys for Plaintiff.
State of South Dakota, County of
Codington, ss.
In Municipal Court, City of Water
town, S. D.
J. H. Gerhard and H. Gerhard, doing
business under the firm name and
style of Gerhard Bros.,- Plaintiffs,
F. M. Metcalf, Defendant.
The State of South Dakota, to the
abiove named defendant Greeting:
Ton are hereby summoned and rer
quired to answer the complaint of the
Plaintirf herein, -which will be filed in
the office of the Clerk of the above
entitled Court, and to serve .a copy of
your answer to satd complaint upin
the undersigned, at their offices in
the Granite Block, in the City of Wat
ertown, in said County and State,
within ten days from date of servioe
hereof upon you, exclusive of the day
of such Ber vice, and that if yon fail
to appear and, answer as aforesaid,
then plaintiff will take judgment
against you, by default, for the stun
of $81.40 together with interest there
on at 7 per cent, per annum irom
date, besides costs and disbursements
Dated at Watertown, S. p.) thjWjfth'
day of September, 1912: ,.
Hanten,ft Hkirten and
Nick 1, Stelchen,
., Attorneys for Plaintiff.
To'^he above hkme^Defendant, M.
YQU will please take notice that the
summons and complaint In the abov$
entitled action ~was filed in^the office
of the Clerk of the'above entitled
Court on September 11th, 1912.
v?Hanten & Hanten find
Nick J. Stelchen,
Merchant's Association, a.~ corpor
ation, Plalntifl»»t.
^Attorneys for Plaintiff.
•Introduced by Commissioner Whooley
Annual Appropriation1 Ordinance
ftr the year 1912-1913.
Be it Ordained jby the Board of
Commissioners of t£e, dlty of Watei^
town, South Dakota:
Section 1." That there he "and W
hereby appropriated by the Board of
ComniI»8ioneri pf the -City of WM»r
town- for the fiscal year comment^mj
September 1,1912, the following sams
of jnonc^ whi^ are deemed necessary
to defray all necessai^r expenses- ahd
HablUtiea ot J^e City of-Watertown,
General Fumi.
l^s!^l^tft»„^en»e.. ."I
JPor ^^nl«tmlQii':|l|epen8^
Publfe Fun*..
^fcOPoUce. D^fwrtnittnt:.-... jpjr&ro6
Vor Wrp be|j9j»tment...
itpr Btawing. lf|-iioh«o
|^war^_ DepaMmfsW-
Poperty fiwuf
nanoe ait4
^orMaln te nance ot Sewers
Water for Flush Tank(k. .', .$6125.00,
IV*r new ContraOts and Inclden
tals. Including Drinking Fonn
^^lB ..
'ffj- For Interest
0 '*19 HMtf
%. l- For Interest on Warranti i\
.- ^»90.00
unutiug wui"
rest on Bonder#
For Sinking Funtf ,f
Section 2. That there be and here
by Is levied for the purpose of defray
ing the expense -and liabilities of satd '.
City of Watertown for the ensuing
fiscal year upon all the taxable prop
erty In the City of Watertown- th®
following sums for the-following putt,
.posri, to-wlt:
For City General Purposes, $58245.00
For City Interest Fund,.--,..,. 1885.75 ..
For City Sinking Fund,4 ,".V '5100.00
Section 3. That the said sum of
$58,245.00, which is hereby levied and'
appropriated for city general purposes
is hereby apportioned among the vary.
lous funds herein provided for as
To the General Fund
For Election Expenses...... $105.90
For Administration Expenses. 7530.09
For Municipal Court ........ 1010.00
For Legal Expenses 1015.00
To the Public Safety Fund
For Police Department,... /. $3575.00
For Fire Department, 9400.00
For Health Department,.... 1185.00
To the Public Building and Lighting
Fund. •,.
'WOT City Lighting, ...$7950.00
For City Building,.. 2100.00
For XJbrary-Department and
Library Fund 1740.00
To Street and Property Fund
For Engineering Department $2180,Q0
For Maintenance and Repair
of Streets ...............
For Sidewalks aad Crossings,
including Paving
For Sprinkling Streets,1. ..'..
iftor Park Department
For Cemetery Department,..
6530.(50" Wg
To Water and Sewerage Fund •••£.
For Maintenance of Sewers and
Flushing Tanks, 5125.00
For n6w Contracts and Inciden
tals, including Drinking Foun
tains '430.^1
Section 4. That the sumti of
$1885.75 and $5100.00.. hereby leviei
and appropriated for city interest fund
fpid for ctty sinking fund, respective
ly, is. hereby levied and appropriated
^or the purpose of paying interest on
each outstanding warrant and bond
issued and for the purpose ot,-each
sinking fund to pay the principal of
each Beries of bonds when they mail
ture as follows:
For Interest on* Warrants,... 890.00
For Interest, 8 per cent. Fund
ing Bonds, Issued Oct. 1,1895 522.00
For Sinking. Fund, 3 per cent.
Funding BondB, Issued Oct
1, 1895 4850.00
For Interest 4%: per ^"tti&ft' Re
funidlng Bonds, Issued July
1, 1909 478.75
For Sinking Fund, 4% pSF cent,/..
Refunding Bonds, Issued luly^4
1, 1909 -WOO
Section 5. That iot thei'snpporf
of the school* .of the Independeno
District of said:-.-City, of Watertown
for the ensuing fiscal year and for pay
ment of the interest upon therbooded
Indebtedness of- sueh^vobool district
and for .the establishment .of aabik
Ing fund to pay the principal .Of such
bonded indebtedness of such school
district when the same shall -matttfei
that there be and lk hereby levied
upon alL the taxable property in the
City of Watertown the foliowlng taxe^
and amount, to-wlt:
For Independent School Dist
rlct, General Purposes. .$2ol^5.tfO
For Independent School Dlst-:
rlct, Tuition Fund 27500.00
For Independent School Dist
rict, Interest Fund. \T 5850,tto
For Independent School Dist
rict, ^Sinking Fund.....' £750.00
Section ft That there' he. and is
hwfe&y appropriated from any fend all
other' moneys received during the en
«oU ftocal year ^jom' other sources
than the ta* levy hereby made, ioeh yt
moneys, t&e same to be cfedlted to
the f^nds fife General City Purpos#,
in tfc^" propfi^tion ttuif-each fund and'
eub-aocount appears in ^itls ordinance, ,rl
..., -^0^ 7.' That:
of (3» of Watertwn ^an# MP
1913. 2 i.
«nd thttt MS? he :.
PtfblUhe«^temTj«r Ts

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