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K&aft&i »fi®!^i^isSvKsS&BSaSS^
The Newt Institution
Remove and
aid State PaUishiog
Watertown Citizens Encourage die
Enterprise by IibtnllfSiV v|
scribing for Stork.,
About' ten yesxil ago the old,£atute
'day Shopper was 'consolidated with
the Hill 'News, which Was published
by Jamle Thomas, a boy ttfe about
-fourteen years of age and thejaon
No JWortgages on PtenfeM5 JS
The News ^Publishing Compi^ hfts
n6 /niortgagefc en its plant andg&wes
1mf little w|%4tBi «juto!|andl% ac
count* will pay tfefldebtedui^mttajr
time. ^MJktwkXiBgt
Severalw^eks ago A. "W. RatajWJBfc
of the old ^rm of Rtfnaom & Coty,
former publishers of the Daily Public
Opinion, became interested la the pro
ject of taking a large block oi stock
In the News Publishing Company, and
removing the plant to one of the best
business locations in the city and es
tablishing a first-class" bindery and
book manufacturingJiplant in connec
tion with the tfuslnfess. The intention
of the News Publishing Co- Is to
manufacture and Keep in stock at all
tiines a full and complete line of legaj,
blanks o£4u kinds. Also to keep in
stock and.'handle all kinds of office
supplies, such as filing devices, office
furniture' and 'everything that can be
fowftd' In the stjJck of any first-class
blank book and printing manufacture
ing establishment. It is the Intention
of the company to also carry one of
the Ikrgest^and best lines of station
ery of all kinds, including school sup
plies, etc.
1,'JtTo Issue $5,000 Preferred Stock
r: At a recent meeting of thestook
holders and directors
"W. R. Thomasj a former resident.
When the. Saturday Shopper?#is es
tablished toe proprietor and promo#
erJ0f the project had ab an asset $25
in* cash and an unlimited amount of
nerve. The Saturday: News has. since
grown andj-prospored and has grown
Ssr newspapers in -the state. PUp
jet Now Has Fine Equipm6ntt?iH
-M On January. 1, 1911, the News Pub
lishing Company was formed. The
company Swas: incorporated •ttnde^J. the
state laWB for |20,000, 10-now-has
$8,400" of paid up capital which is
represented in actual machinery 'and,
equipment The plant will now In
•voice at-least $10,000 including the
added equlpmeni-j$nd Stock n#^ oij,
the, NewB
Publishing Company it was decided
to issue and place on sale $B,000 of
preferred stock* bearing a guarantee
of 6 per cent interest annually.
Stock ,8eils Readily,
X^Iessrs. Barker ^ad Ransom in a few
days have sold $9,600 of the pre
ferred stapkl With only $1,500 of
this stpck to sell it makes the project
an assured success beyond per ad
venture. The stock will all be sold
by the first of October no doubt
What Business Men Think
the Pl£n
Morris, president of the Cit-
li'fens NatinnaB "Sank, one of the larg
est and safest financial institutions
iiTthe state said: "Tfes, the proposl
tlqjtt appeals to me as a safe business
proposition. 1 believe there is a field
in. Watertown lot" just the kind-of an
tnstltuttoii yod contemplate «stdMi|rc
ing, 4 yill' take $B00. worth^of #e
tI«0E*.te^a W^ertowiLfc^ a
.ftrst ^1a^t#rittting »«jd bitt^
in the men
k- ^4nd the enterprise
A. T. Hopkins, circuit
,4 ..-vf^-?v
$$*•"* '/"The nroDositlon look*' iufl fti
worth ot
stock' as 'aa ,t?iv««tnwntj Thfcre
certainty a fieid.ljere for an instituti
bf4the klg& '&*»wn the slseof-\*
Jiae-always been a fetynmdi-um to We,"
Jos. Mp&r,'f1&ttj>ty Editor: JTs
the county is compelled to Bend Vw
of the cjty fot'ffitay-hundreds'of dolt
lanf worth of'irtittik looks and legal
blanks simply because there !B not a
printing house in the, city that Is'
equipped to tarn 6ut, the woifc. 't
haven't much-money to spate hut 1
will take a piiare anyway. I feel that
it WlU be a big thing for the city and
John Wanton /I wad in the
Saturday News whatfyou contemplated
iiiv jvu cjci lU uij
Sopinion. There" Is surely a field here
'for a large flrstclads printing and
binding ^he^n and I believe it will:
[prove a great success financially. Yes,
1 wiB take several shares."
It Stokes, of'/the Stokes Milling
Company: "I was.cdellghted when 1
heard that such an institution wa6
goiOg to be established here. There:
is no doubt but* thousands of dollar#
is sent out of the -city and county
every year
oi vpxkl
will take 8$£ral shares-.an'd sea'
that your out
business in that linjl"*" 4
D. P. Jones:" "I |et»ider this prop-i
(«ition one of the^ty liestr* that
as Mr. Ransom is going t&' hafe the
charge of the business e£d of it I
wjUl gladly take several eJ^arei*-^
Chief of Police Dick Jones: "It
looks like a safe investment to me and
I will take $200 worth of the pre-
p/'O. Mimnaugh, cig^*. Jobber, who
has made all the cigar man sit dp and
take notice since he struck the state,:
sailer "You bet your life 1 Will take
son^feof that stock. 'It lii a '-good
thing for the town,and a' Bafe invest
ment in my opinion^'
^City Auditor T^m ,-Bavis: ^f1t Is
certainly something wbfertown is bad'
ly in need of. I will take some «f
the preferred1 stock."
Alex t)avison:,4 "There is certainly
a field here for "tlistt kind of business
and, believe it ^l make, good,
will take several shares."-
VrfiA Schrelber, city engineer?
am pleased to swan establishment Ot
this character started here and It will*
Ju» handy for me when I want a, lob
of special ruling, done in a hurry.
will talw & Jittl&» of ^^rae|erred
R. Williams, register of deeds?
"It's a good thing push it along. I
will take some of the stock."
W. G. Gesley, clerk of courts:^1''!
am pleased to know that Watertown
will have a bookbindery and ruling
establishment so that we Can have
this work done at home instead of
sending it out of the cityfej will take
some the stpcfc" ...j'lir
JJp, G. Hill,,eye, ear, «we and
thrteat specialist: "It is the'b&t busi
ness proposition that I have- had ^iu^
mltted to me for some time. wifl*
several "shares of the preferred'
of the city wshooU *1 am pleased
,to, age W-JustittttiOte Of Itaat kind es
iablis*he^i in %ale)rbt?wtt. 1 will take
"l^efhUlse, pojjnty superin­
tendent there is
a epiendft field heretoJ^ie business
yon propose establishing and I will
take' spme ^|he »ref«rtfd ^tock.",
'the Iclnd
jtofe duration. Sh^had beeia Bon-*
to her beiMtW several/weeks
it was
,T_ Tied the news.
Mjrs. Brlckell
lan^ Ohio.No^
-5, 18B7, and to 18TT
united to her 4m-rtvingthusbawp,
B. Brick^ One son waa. hoi®
and Mrs. Brlckell came
cijunty*. settling on farm
.twelve miles southwest of this city,.
H£18S8 they moved to
they have since resided
3^ra. BrtcVell was, a lifelong ?n6m
hef-of the Methodist church, and for
the past several years had, been treas
urer of the. tftdies Aid Society of
th!5 fitufch. She was also a mender
M. B, A. lodge of this city,
funeral was held at the Meth
urch t£}i aftecooMi and
was ln.^e Mtl
pats ,,.4.*•_
Barley J/...,.
Hard Coal, nut
Hard Coal, stove
Hocking Valley
Potfttpe^ ^bushel ... ,J,.
Apples, peck ..
Butter,\deirj^ •.,
Buttef, creamerj
Sweet' Potatoes,ti|)0^d
Egg?, -dozen .' ....
Cranberries, guart:
Cabbage,r pound
Flour, per hundred'-'.
...80c to',44c
Hmt ton^^^..". ^jJfB.OO to »8.00
ery and well equipped printing plant."
H. F. W. Schaller^f'I 'wfll take
some,of the stock."
PoL Lee Stover:' "It t$ just the
identical concern that Watertown Is
in need of. There Is a splendid field
here for your proposed enterprise,
wil) take several shares of the stock."
J. O. Melham, of Melham Bros. Lum
ber Coi*. "I think there is a very
good opening here for a concern of
the kind. wiH take seTaral shares
of the stock."**.
Arthur Sherto, the republican riomi
nee for- states attorrey: "t think a
good bookbindery.. i», a yftiua^te asset
to the city" 'y
Frank Bennett .^'Sure ttrtng—3
wR\ take a share in enterprise of
I5yit kind. What Watertown needs
is a concern that will giv^^ployment
to working people." \l
John Moodie, of Hie lioodte t)ry
Goods Companyi .'Tarn glad to take
a Olttle stock in an enterprise of that
kiwlT told' tidy We the other day
i,0(t to -he & *'harry atfbnt sending
her m^gft4nes #way to be bouiid as
^eWoUld soon,hav^.^bookbla4pn'i»
he splendid thing tor tha .iiy to
ha*» a large prtating and bookbinding
es^bllshmenfc'^es^ltarUl fa^fu.1"-
Jim Sljanerf J" "I Mm not nch but 1
Wn always wi'^ng io boost any lesH.
enterprt»ft«M »tart» Dpi Warer
iktfjrttlflg'i&atSrllJ help the «l^r.
Iliajpson^ ^fflktowster: "I
«ws from wSlch
yi The ordinan
this ,m
nefKt and final'
a law, pfftfj
1)e podsible tp
from oa
very' go
uuuiiu, oe MI-MIL
1es in daily
Item iiBed in.
P»cklnB*^ou»e Gets Dtseased Cov
In regard to'the milk ordinance
Will not jbe a^iiss to state thai Co^i
missl^er Whooley remarked lo the
'Sat^ay Bflsws representative ihat^i
th^jneaATjiast he purchased siircows
tr&in a jinan in this, vicjnicy ^tio l^tu
been fdniisbing tniik to'many people
•of "the cfe^ When the anlmftle w^re
killed and5|nspected by the-^govem
ment inspector at the plant, four"'of
-the six covw-were condemned and the
meat 'Sesttroed, tuberculosis being
dteeover^d, ifl-^he animals, Four 'fo
berudW feces' ^tad een furnishins
milk to ihe people the' little,chil
dren of: this city
-It 16 a well know-*facf that a m*
Jorlty -of the eues of tnTwrculoSis
'come from impiure food and mllk-^-the
latter having played .lfir deadly part-In:
the "game «f death. Legislation is
being enacted all over the codhtrjr,
ju|t as it is being waged1 In Water
town. Where cattle have been e*r
amineQ, in *om^ cases a majority of
the herd of what looked like whole
some cattle have been condemned and
James McLeod Pioneer
Resident Passes Away
jJames McLeod "died «t his homer ba
the north side Monday, after a short:
Illness. Mr. McLeod
mmtpsiojier Hy^ar &Qd o(
(lid fnM ^Aji.1
iraifie. „vv,n„
^The -Ordlnancef^^
ffhe oA&nances*' passed at
teeti^g iSta.. be found on?atiothe^aS^
ad should be read by a!L^d the
public Will ih,«8 know wli^t.%e laihi
of ihe.
wfe6 ImoW
grdoift by
Is also a ipduattTof^St, Olaf
later, gtai^ating l^i^^-Wtve
nt ftmefliiffigB Ik now id the nlntsi
about 60
years of age, and came to this state
about thirty years ?go, first settling
in beuel county, $ttt later coming to
wife died"« few
mpnthfi^ agd^and was buried it$* the
fyf Hope tsetaetery,- A stepdaughter,
3pw Argyle .rwil^fe 'in this city/
The A^ra) Was heW4WiiMlii|«dar
mornin«J at ten o'cUfck, the services
being- couOn^ted fay the lfelratktt
Arniqrr-|u)d Intenmnt was in^tte ilt,
and Hbt'Sr
Adaline Wtiaien Mai
nuuiiW ntf'iti-A'rliKsk. Fat]
nnorniiy^ at^UtK o'clock, Fath6f'
&eara>, ^'fllcSiMin|L, Miss Adaline 'V
lan anif^ John ^Mbster, "both of thW^
titty, we^e j&n®e<f|n marrlalge.
A fe^ relatives were pHsenfej
tie couple left dn,the morning traifit
for' t^ijp ttr&h#[|«tio8, after which*
they' will hi lMi cltv ta makelt
Mr. Webst^. is
well knpwn in
claiming he5
An appeal
settled ''out
tWHo BngS
Kngtesby, wi
MfeVMeLeod worked at dMfttt
^t,JtPts« .of lite as flagman afcthe
iail^'crossings Nort^i|jW
.^pir&Kd, and was ap^k ^ost of dnifc
i^et msiddle of 'ttat
mall earner nn
city, While
Webster )ia« rjivephere nearijvallilBr
Jwlice at tMsay nwito u%-
cide Who was Wfco and How
AA-rather peouUar, case Jn' law
by Dr, HJU fotf tiie iemorol of tonsils
-Xtfotir postal-views fiVe 4mt a docen
Miss Hwel larttolflepaAwli Monday
evening tor St PSd, wheve she wfll
attend St. ^|^rin^ tj?r the
u, wt»ly,
cwdPd the
Mr, l^terion.
dooi^nd. i^Wie
9B, Oil
ed th^]l»o(!
hly fam.
i- No clue
'hnsonJhad fie^^nkinl!
brought into jusffeii court before
County Jtiatlce Michaels by Mr. Sin
clalr, manager of the Moodle&ilruth
Sperling new store recently opened
up ih our village, against Wm. Kile^
whoi^ -the aforesaid owners of tb»
store engaged as manager after firing
Sinclair. Sinclair had heen Imbibing
too freely in firewater, which caused
his discharge.
Attorney Sherin of Watertown, ap
peared for tho~46fendaat and Attorney
Glass of Watertown, tor the plaintiff.
After a lengthy and heated argument
on both Bides the lawyer? gave their
final plea and decision viuf token by
the Justice against Kiley, who was
fined for the, one week's relit and
cost*" This was for^th^-week Klley
bad run, the.,bnslnees, t&e 'plaintiff
'hltongh_th^i^t|MU'^ &teWK|
manner that showed that be was
tteen forking, armiwl. .the
having got past the poiht.
any moaeyf
Saturday htTbecunie
police took him,to, hand tor cafe ieep*
'log-until he should sober up. Si
he Was taken sick and was removed
"tbe conn# J«4i» where h«T efrM
better" taken
of, Monday we'-
condition seemed to he improved and
it -wafe not thought that he was In
very dangerous condition, However,.
Tuesda7 nitwit he hegan to grow *«««•».
and early Wednesday. morning dle4~
The relatives at Irwin, wero notifi*!
and A l?rothW- came to the -city' We^^'I
nesday and took the remSins to
honrt Qiia morning. '7s''
Johnson was quite well "known In. ii
this city, some years ago he liavlh*
worked in one or another of the bar-,
b«r shi»]», ''-^te S|Rdaiso -f&l 4 :ttO
Aachoii Sale
undergo an etfetfrtton in a local,ho«te
Pital, tocMBW toorntajt
8Johe« llvint ifthe miles 3§lllli
the^ aAtfi^V^-fhe «ftr, »»i »petati
ed j^jorti«*41c2t!s Tttasdagf^n^

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