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EE .'.-!r
Few, if any, medicines, have met
with the uniform success that has at
tended the use of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. The
remarkable sores of colic and diarr
hoea which It has effected in almost
every neighborhood have given It a
wide reputation. Fcr sale by all deal
-era. 12-15
X'O oooooooo ooooooox
Physician and Surgeon
Office in Century Blfc
All city and country calls prompt
1 attended to.
•o Phone Main 1403 Watertown
Attorney at Law
Practice In all Courts
Room 306 Granite Block
Telephone Main 362
Special attention given to pro
bate matters and to mat
ters involving real proper
ty law.
Physician and Surgeon.
Special Attention Given to Sur
gical Cases.
Granite Block, Top Floor.
Office hours, 3 to 5 p. m.
Phone,, Office Red 87, House Green
Geo. H. Marquis Chas. Schull
Barfron, M, D.
Surgeon in Charge
Watertown Sanitarium
Office and residence la hospital.
Phone Main 144.
|J, M. W. I. MA4EE
Physician and Surgeon
Office and Reg. Century Blk. Phone
Jsj JkMain 408. Honrs—10 to 12 a. 2 to
-4 and 7 to 8:30 p.
Lest You Forget!
We do all kinds cf
All work guaranteed.
916 First Av. 8.
Phone Qreen Ml.
Skinner's Dray
Attorney* A Counsellors at Law
Rooms 16, 16, and 17 Qoss Blook
Watertown, 8outh Dakota.
Geo. Case Howard Case
Rooms Granite Block
Watertown, S. D.
andlTransfer Line
Office: East of Grand Opera House,
Kemp Avenue.
Architects Contractors, Builders
avians and Estimates Fnrnish«d.
Steal Estate Bought and Sold.
Office and Shops 114 First AT*. Si W
Phone Green St.
Baggage and Dra Lk»•
Piano and Safe Movsg.Exoavating
123 N, Maple, Phone Main
Expert Piano gutter
^-«ua«r Repairer
Deer Mr. Edltur of the Saturday News
The die air cast, the Rubby-con air
crost an' Freedom squeeked when
Fuzzy-cuss-co fell. The foot of the
yoosurper is on our necks, so to speak,
no more air we to enjoy the rites an'
priveleges of free an' unadulterated
sittizzinship. One of our deerest an'
most important emoiumence is goin'
to be tuk from us.
PostmaBter Si Singletree has done
give out notice that the Post Office
air goin' to be closed on Sunday!!!
No more will Jedge Fmstock be
able to receive—of a Sunday mornin'
—bis beloved Globe-Democrat!
No more will Kernel Lyon—him
what runs th' Lawndry be able to re
la* his tired brain—after th' sermon—
with the peroosal of the stirrin' coly
ums of the Poiees Gazet.
No more will Squler Baskerville be
able tu akkwaint himself with the
stirrin events of the day—an also of
the nite—as depicted In the pages of
ihe Denved Weekly Post.
No more will Doc Watson be able
to secoor his weekly copies of the
Saterday Blade an theShecago Ledger
without which noble an upliftln peeri
odlcals Sunday afternoon for the doc
tor is a dreery waist.
No more will Senator Southwik'3
darter Susie be able to git the post
card what comes fer her every Sun
day mornin reglar frum her feller
over tu Possum Trot tu let her know
he's well an hoppy an hopes she aint
fergot him sence he bid her goodbye
about midnight the nlte befoar.
How air Pretty Often (full) Mln
naugh a goin to get that clrkelar what
comes oust in a while from Looeyville
a tellln him if the price up tobakker
hev riz or drapped and if so how much
so't he'll know just how much cabbage
leaves he'll hev tu put in in order tu
reelize 400 per cent profit.
All the above menshuned attrektive
an vaiyooble dockyments as well as
many others too numerous an attrac
tive tu menshun air to reemain in the
pozzesion and at the disposel uv Si
Singletree an them good-fer-nothin
clerks uv hlsn til Monday mornin
while th rest uv th community must
git what amoosement they kin frum
uog flies, seven up, horse racin an
Feller Slttezens—an uthers—I ast
you, is this a goin to be stood? Air
we a goin tu put our necks under th
foot uv the triant and ast him—as a.
favor—tu bear down hard? Air we
a goin tu set quiet on our hind legs
an chew our cud while one uv our
most anshunt an onneiable preroga
tifs 1b tuk away frum us on not let
out as much as a kl-yi in defense uv
our rites? Air that cirkelar an that
postal card an that Poleece Gazet tu
be aloud to molder in the Post Office
or be polluted by the dirty fingers uv
Si Singletree an his crew uv dead
beets? Air we tu be cheeted out uv
our rites as freeborn Amerlc-can sit
tizens? Air we tu be humbled in
the dust, our proud spirits (Schlits
for mine) broken, an th sacred rites
an priveleges garanteed to us by th
constitnshen (an By-Laws), taken
frum us an scattered to th fore uv
Hevvln or the other plase?
NO!!! A thousen limes NO!!!
We will arise in our. mite, our. whis
kers an our cowhide boots an demand
that th Post Offls nhel be open. We
want that cirkler an that Polese Ga
zet an that post card an we mean tu
hev em.
Were paying our good money tords
th support uv this yere Post Offls de
partment an servis is what we want
an servis is what, were goin tu hev.
Why. twarnt only a yeer ago last tater
hoin time thet th undersigned spent
two cents fer a stamp tu mail a letter
tu Senatur Doolittle a askin fer a
Agricultural Report an If he sells his
sorgum sweetnin hes,* .goin to send
anuther fore long.V*
So I say and I say it out load in
meetin: The Post Offift shel be open
Tores Trooley,
A. A. Skage^
Sometimes familyttrly called "Bije1
lie Beadle Memorial Coijt
mittee to Atk for Money
A meeting of the JBea^ memorial
Commission was^iAld jk the state
Revise Tttft»day members
A. A. Sk»g( Tallit Abont Si Siagtctree
Hix Holler, Mlpsoory.
Sept. the 25, Nlneteen-12.
Governor Vesa^. Superintendent
l^awreS^e, M. Runex^pSoane Rob^possiiife
wB bepsfilled th^,.the state
itioBhl asaociatioia vwe4 that the
remaining In f«^! e^inr pay
ask the legislature for a raJ^jfeient ad
ditional sum to put up agq&i build
about $2,000 left, and the ptftn is to
ing. It will probably require about
$10,000 in all to do this..
It was decided to meet "al^tlie fair
at Huron with the state boj^d of ag
riculture and consider plum for get
ting the matter before tile legisla
What Lederer the Cartoon
ist Saw in S. an^Wrote
The beneficial results oi me visit 10
South Dakota last summer of the mem
bers of the National Press association
have not been exhausted. C. A. Led-
"Ever since my visit to South
kota last July I have been singing its
praise from one end of the country to
the other—at least as far as I have
gone—which is come. The trouble
with us easterners—and by easterners
I mean far easterners and near east
erners, and—well, every kind of eas
terner, east of the south branch of
the Chicago river—well, as I was go
ing to say, we don't go west enough
for our ideas. We stick to the mil
dewed ideas of the hoary east past.
"Sioux Falls is where the state peni
tentiary is situated—among othev
things. They don't have any trouble
with the prisoners there. Why?
cause they have the modern western
method of dealing with prisoners.
Likewise at Yankton they showed me
the finest state insane asylum in the
world, for its size, and at Pierre, the
.Capital, I was shown the no-graft
million dollar capitol building—one of
the noblest specimens of architecture
Note—The ladies of Watertown and
vicinity are requested to send in any
recipe which they may have which
will be of general interest and the
same will be published uaier this
Fruit Cookies.
One cup butter, two cups brown sug
ar, one-half cup sour milk, two eggs,
one teaspoon soda, one teaspoon cin
namon, one teaspoon cloves, half A
nutmeg and one cup raisins chopped
fine. Flour enough to handle nicely.
"5 Ginger Cookies.
Mrs. Chas. Kreger, Watertown, S.
D.—Two cups molasses, one cujj sug
ar, two-thirds cup butter, two-thirds
cup lard, two -teaspoons saleratus dis
solved in hot water, one tablespoon,
ginger, one teaspooll ground cloves.
Mix all together and let come a
boil then add flour enough to roll.
Nice Cookies.
Mrs. F. W| Taecker, Waterto1
D.—Two eggs, one cup sugar, c#e
half- cup butter and lard mixed, three
tablespoons sweet milk, tyro heaping
teaspoons baking powder flavor to ijtte
i'White 'Cookies -«g »i§sfc
Mrs. Chas." WllHams, Stony* Poititi
S. D.—Two cups Bugar, two eggs,^^»
cup sour cream, one cwp butter,•••oajsc
teaspoon Boda, nutmeg to flavor, .flour"
to roll well. Sprinkle top of cokies:
with sugar.
Brown Cookies
Mrs. M. Lindner, Kranzburg, i&D.
—One cup melted lard, one cup siflwv:
one cup molasses, one tablespoon.van'
ise: seed, one tablespoon cinnamon,
one-half teaspoon cloves, one teaapooft
soda in cup boiling water, five cups
flour. Mix at night and leave stand*:
ing- until Aorning
Oatmeal Cookies^ -aj
rible Jo rile
that I have ever set- eyes on.
"There was one thing that Georgs
Sehlosser, secretary of the Commer
cial club at Sioux Falls and also
secretary of the National Press asso
ciation could not show me, and that
was a saloonless state.
"I hive been in over forty of the
states of the union and it is my unani
mous verdict that South Dakota has
got more get-up-and-get, better dress
ed people, wore varied scenery, and
more up-to-dateness in general than
any other state that has ever held me
in its borders.
"But at that it has only half a3
many saloons'per thousand, compared
erer, one of the well known cartoon-1 „An
ists of the country was a member of
that party. A copy of the Americfl
niinoiS- And it has twice as many
compared to population
as the state of
unpainted house,
gouth Dakota
Advance has just been received which
contains one of Mr. Lederer's car
toons and also an article which is
bound to result in good to the stu'e
in general. Part of Mr. Lederer's
article is as follows: White Owl, Sept. 20.—Clem Me
whether i.i
rown or on the farm is a rarity ln
Man's Body Found In Well
Was Not Missed for ^Days
Daniels, a young man living near
Chalk Butte, fell into an old well Sun
day night as he was going on his way
ti rejoin a threshing rig on which he
worked. He was not missed at home,
as it was thought that he had joined
his rig as usual, and at the rig it was
thought that he had remained at his
home on account of sickness. As he
did not show up after a couple of
days, inquiry was made, when it was
learned that he was missing. After
a long search his body was found In
the old well, having been dead sev
eral hours, although signs In the well
indicated that he probably lived for
some time in the chilling water be
fore death overcame him. McDanlels
was the sole support of his widowed
mother, who is heartbroken.
Thjese old wells have been the
cause of heavy loss of stock to their
owners in the past years but so far
as learned this is the first human vic
tim they have claimed. -r
•Lae%'s Department
Some of Watertown's Miss and Mrs. Favorite Recipes
three and one-half minutes in butter
so hot that blue smoke rises from
the center of the fat. Serve with tar
ar sauce or black butter.
Mrs Frank Owsley. Watertownjjfc'
D.—One cup sugar, two-thirds S«op
butter, two eggs, one-half cup s:
milk, two cups oatmeal, two
flour, one teaspoon cinnamon, one-^ea?
Bpoon baking powder, one cup
raisins' chopped, oue tableepoon chop
ped nut meats. Drop from teaapoohj
on buttered tin to bake.
,. Time-Saving Pie. Crust*.
-n One cup of lard three cupfuiJlof
dour, one teaspoon salt. -Rub toget&
er tlll th^rongh'y mixed: set aWay ic
a ^ool pitice. "^wlli keep any'Wtfte
of time dryv When f&t
wieli to make a pie nsfc one cu& o*'
^tfe mixture and aB lptle water
ifiake a.
ia-:i in- ''Cook'sf
r\+ Hta I '-i '.-uk
of thfr
ngneld SrnSil Ml were presenl
rHumbT"^. T).^tfte any of
that .-l?eett2f)ceed ^om'skin''
bo^ft^Cut if into small pieces abit)ttt
tour 1
wises long gnd three, wide.
Season ^sl} «alt' and jfepper
then dip it In'b^aten eSB and't^P'jtej
Smelts are cooked In this manner.
Salmon Loaf.
Remove the skin, bone and oil from
can of salmon, and pick it up with a
silver fork. Beat three eggs very
light, and add to Ihem two-thirds cup
of milk. Grease a small baking dish
and fill with alternate layers of eggs
and milk and the fish, with bits of
butter betweeu toe layers Use sal
mon for the top layer. Bake one-half
an hour and serve at once.
Fried Fish.
Mrs B. George, Watertown, S.
—Take a good Lake Kampeska pike
scale salt over night in the morn
ing rinse and dry. Beat eggs ac
cording to amount of fish pepper to
taste. Roll crackers fine dip lnt6
eggs, then crackers. Now have nice
lard about one-third inch deep in fry
er good and hot put in your fish pro
ceed same as for" fried cakes fry
nice brown on all sides never use
flour or butter on fish. Set your Wor
cestershire sauce on the table for
those that like It.
Rocks &
Mrs. D. 3. Frederick, Watertown.
S. D.—One and one-half cups brown
Sugar, one cup butter, three eggs well
beaten, two and one-half cups flour
one teaspoon soda, one teaspoon cin
namon, pinch Bait, three-fourths pound
raisins,: one pound English walnuts
chopped not too fine. Butter baking
pons and drop ln a dessert-spoonful
at a time. Give plenty of room to
Mrs. H. 'A. Wagner, Watertown S
•J).—One-half cup dark brown: sugar,
one cup butter, one half cup seeded
nLialns, one cup Bnglish walnuts, six
tablespoons cold "water, one teaspoon^
soda dissolved In little hoi. water, oner
half teaspoon cinnamon.,
J^fcPfs'. '^ohil Donley, Wate^ow^B
p.1—One and one-half cups brown Bug
ar, one cup butter, three caps flour
heaping, three eggs, one teSttpaon soda
one teaspoon cinnamon, one cup res
ins, ^ne-haif cup soar milk, one and
one-half qqai walnuts, litUo salt, A
hot oven
Switches made from combings. Urtv
art iModern methwfa. 8atiafactloir4
guaranteed. Mail flirter. ^|l7n««ive
prompt attfr «arefut1|ttentioN.
Mrs. tLm
Weekly Letter
Doings Political and Otkervribe as Reported
possibly aid
Pierre, S. D-, Sept. 24.—The state
railway commission has received its
first two reports from two of the rail
roads in the state). One was |jtW
Pierre, Rapid City and Northwestern
and the other was the Pierre and Fort
Pierre Bridge Railway company. Both
reports showed a heavy falling off of
business from last year, the latter
road showing a deficit of $9,341.19.
Their receipts were shown to toe
$7,000.00 lass than last year. The
former road showed an excess over
expenses of $45,953.26. The great r*
duction was due to the drought of.
last year which of courst hit the rail
roads hard.
Johnson's Stock Going Up.
The meeting of the anti-Moosevelt
ers at Mitchell last week has put a
new phase on political history in this
state. The eyes of the eastern voters
are on South Dakota, owing to the
political tangle. The Taft men say
they have no ticket or republican
ticket to vote at the coming election.
On the other hand, Chairman Sher
wood states and also shows a copy
of an agreement which he says binds
the electors nominated at the June
primaries, to abide by the decision of
the republican voters in the Novem
ber election, and that the Taft men
can go to the polls in November and
vote for Taft. The central committee
take the stand that the so called Bull
Moose platform is strictly a republi
can one, declaring for protection and
also for tariff revision. That it is far
wiser, to vote for the Roosevelt elec
tors and keep the state in the repub
lican column, than to east a vote for
Taft and defeat. The electoral vote
of South Dakota might be the very
vote that would elect a democratic
president if Wilson electors are elect
A deal that will materially affect
the election of Byrne for governor and
This is a purely local event. .-¥
It. took place in Watertown. .,
Not in some faraway place. '^-i
You are asked to investigate It.
Asked to believe a citizen's word
To confirm a citizen's statement.
Any article that is endorsed at home
Is itiord worthy of confidence
Than one you: know nothing about,
.Endorsed by unknown people.
James Travers, 115 Indiana Ave.,
Watertown, S. Dak., says: "I have
given Doan's Kidney Pills a thorough
trial and consider them the best kid
liey medicine to«be had. They toned
up my entire system relieving the
backache and strengthening my kid
neys. Other members: of my family
have taken Doan's Kidney Pills and in
every instance the results have been
of the best. We all consider this rem
edy worthy of the highest endorse
For sale by ell dealers. Price 60c.
Poster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, New York
sole agents- for the United States.
Remember the name—Doan's—and
take no other. £5
"It don't take more'n a gill uv effort
to git folks into a peck of trouble'*
and a little neglect of constipation,
billioushesB, indigestion or other liv
er derangement will do the same. If
ailing, take Dr. King's New life Pills
for quick results. Baay. safe, sure,
amd only: 25 cents at ail druggists.12^16
elector*, Is the
HaveYouTrietl Chir
Here Is
njonths after btlier
Hteand controt-4S#ry fubati^i^fhe
noent of vertrebpa^£|tiS6S
sure on nei*ves causes dise
«'/t E.
over to the 1
followers havef|*n
toe republican*
claim that before tt$
that the Byrne
strong: in their- aw
was nominated
a democratic
would vote tor
claim that
goose is also fit
Etnd they are intending- tojto^l
Byrne the same kiad, OT?iauoe
friends intende^teedta^g$tf
nomination. It Is pretty certain
after the treatme&tthe atalwaHt
they were accorded: by buy
or progressive forces^After,
turned in and helped defeat
the primary a large Share/of
votes will go toward »}ectUig
son governor thto ,.3SUtU-
Some People We Know, and We Will
Profit by Hearing About Them..
Egan on the committee o|- cesohftl
and making speeches at Mitchell I
week, we have a' political scratch!
egg, at the-leasts
Teachers Make 'Good Shai$|jna'
Out of 448:' applicants for state
first grade teachert'
the September examinationsyta
different counties of the state,- IgJ
were granted certificates, ^seven
these bfing state 71 £rst grades
second grades and,44 third gi$dei£
This on its face shows 261 fatfnres,|.
but the real figures vritl not
such a showing, A, number
applicants already held second gradM
certificates, and tried for the higher
ones, but failed to make the rocort^f
they desired, and as they altefv
held the certlflcates whlch they were
entitled to :under the examination, no
new ones were j^sued^to thes^^iBplJ^~|
cants. si
H. P.. ».
Cream Cakci
Makes Yon Han|{ry to Look at
By Mr*
McKenziefJUl, Editor of
the JSaston Cooking SrfUHfl Magazint
When company arriveannexpectedly,
this cream oike oftpi covers an other
wise embarrassing situatfon, for Use.
auawets the plwc of *t£Sy uSU dciscrt-^
as it can be stirred ujM}uickly,
KG fTratfSF'fnfca
One-half cup builtr I eufi sugar}
of 2t
whites of 2 eggs, beaten
Cream the batter add the
yolks of egg» and -watei- then the flourjSjf
sifted three times frith the baking
6er lastly the whites of«egj. BaJce
"two or thre^layers put th5e" together^
with cream fiUing, and dredge the top-g
•with confectioner's tjtgar.
Cream PUIInB
One-fourth cup sifted ...
•a salt Is.cup hot milk 1 egi
light y£*up sugarrf Uaspooi
Jul vanilla extmct onnceXnocolate,
beaten lit
Mix flour and sal Vwitfa a very little'
cold milk stir into the hot niilk and
cook ten minutes "add the chocolate
and stir nntil it' Is vtaSlted and evenly
blended with .the riour, mixture, .than
beat. iu the,«ggnuxed witU the
recipes—sent free upon receipt of the
colored certificate packed in every 25r
cent Can of Baking Powder, Send
to the jAftoss MTO. Co,r Chicago
•yf "Jj, 'J,
o*e» Rqmi
PKoi«« Had A

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