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Av-tmt JPI
South Dakota Central Passenger
Tram' Bumps into Six Loaded
.-:v, Coal Cars in ibis City. 7s
Open Switch was die Cause of the
Accident. Switch Lock Had
Been Broken.
The passenger due from Sioux Falls
on the South Dakota Central, at 8:46
p. m„ was wrecked in the Watertown
yards Friday evening, and (Several
people who were standing in the aisles'
were more or less bruised and shaken
The train, with Engineer Maxwell
at the throttle was pulling up to the
depot at about the usual speed, when
die engine with its load of passengers
^pan onto the transfer track, strik
ing a half dozen" cars of coal. The
"engine left the track and with the
tender was badly smashed up. Fire
man Clark of this city was badly
bruised in the affair, but the engineer
was unharmed.
Conductor Hurd was in charge of
the train, but was not injured further
than a little shaking up.
With the passengers, however, it
was different, as quite a number of
them were standing in the aisle with
grips in hand and they were thrown
about and tumbled over each other in
gteneral,. Miss Nina Makepeace ol|
this city, who was returning from a
'.jV'- visit at Sioux Falls was badly bruised
and has suffered considerably since
taken to the hospital and then to her
home, although it is not thought she
is seriously injured. A traveling
man was badly bruised and,.laS$ uj a,l
his rooms ttt the jUncolfl.fidM.giT^f
One lady who seemed-, to be the
worst injured and who was on her
way east, refused to give her name
to the conductor but took the 10:30
St. Louis train east that night.
The busses and hacks went to ths
scene of the wreck and soon all who
wished were taken to hotels and other
The cause of the wreck was an open
switch, someone having broken' the
lock and opened the switch which
connected the transfer track between
the South Dakota Central and the
Great Northern tracks. The broken
padlock was found near the track by
Conductor Hurd.
The cars standing on the transfer
were heavily loaded with coal,
and man who was on ths train
remarked that It seemed to him that
the train had struck a solid stone
wall, It stopped so suddenly.
-That no one was seriously Injured
i^ seems a miracle and had the train
lL been running under full head the re
sults would have been something ter-,
"'rible as there were about seventy-five
passengers on the train.
injuries resulted. One of the '8. &
Central employees remarkd that otte
wreck out of about 4,500 trains, both
freight and passenger, an average of
four a day,'two each way between
Water town and Sioux Falls, to Bay
nothing of extras, was not a bad aver
age-7-in fact he waa proud of it
Both the South Dakota-Central and
Great Northern officials will make- a
thorough search and find the party
who broke the lpck and opened the
switch and bring him or her to jus
tice if possible. It was due to no
faulty ther employees of
Fire in Murphy
5 and 10 Cent Store
About 10 o'clock Thursday morning
the city fire department was sum
moned to the John A. Murphy Variety
Store on north Oak street.
On arriving at the scene the fire
menfound th5 firsts have started in
the basement where a young man
had been burning up some -waste
paper in the furnace. There being a
large amount of waste paper and ex
celsior in the basement and sparks
from the furnace is said to have ig
nited the same.
The firemen soon had control of
the situation and the flames were con
fined to the basement. Considerable
damage was done to all the goods on
the flr£C Bowon account of the wa
ter used to extinguish the flames
which had already commenced to.eat
up through the floor.
The loss will be a heavy one to
Mr. Murphy, as he was just unpacking
a large stock of holiday goods. It is
not known at this writing how much
Inspmnce was carried on the stock.
Mr. Murphy, the proprietor of the
store was not at home-at the time
of the fire, having been recently mar
ried and is away tn the east on his
honeymoon trip.
Sfaerin Gets Vert
on the Eastwoods,
The case of A. Sherin vs Geo. H.
and Lydia R. Eastwood was termin
ated In the circuit court last Saturday
After being out all night the jury
brought in a verdict in favor of Mr.
Sherin in the sum of $126.
The action waas-brought-by A. Sher
in against the Eastwoods to recover
damages for publishing a certain
false and defamatory statement re
garding Mr. Sherin being publicly)
wh)pped|by a woman on the streets
of Watertown about two years ago.
Tho amount of the judgment to
gether with the court cOBts and at
torney's fees will aggregate several
hundred dollars expense.. to the de
fndants. g/
The Dunbar Male Quartet and Bell
Ringers, second number of the Ly
ceum Course, will be at the M. H.
church, Wednesday evening, Novem
ber 27th, commencing at $ o'clock.
Mayor Thanksgiving Proclamation
Whereas, the chief executives of our nation and state have
deemed it wise and proper to set aside the 28th day of Nov
ember, A. D. 1912, as'a day of Thanksgiving tor the many
blessings and benefits that have accrued to our peopledur
ing the past year and .*
Whereas, the past year has been' a bounteotoB one for the people of
our city, and progress and success have blessed this community In great
I ther&ole^as tfe 'Cit^' Wtf!
our city to set apart and observe for a Natlonal Holiday of Thanksgiving,
Thursday next, November 28th, and recommend that such observance In
clude the closing of all places of business in our city during such portion
of the day as shall seem meet to those in charge, in order that all may
have an opportunity to join In giving thanks for this most prosperous
at Watertown, South Dakota, this 20th day of November, A. D.
Thls is the first wreck that the
South Dakota Central has experienced
since the road was built Into Water
town about four years ago.
winter the trains were derailed ser-.
eraif tlmes during the heavy snows
and cQld weather but no damage or
n.' ul'gV th%' people' oi
H. A. Wagner, Mayor.
George Cluett of Cienna, was tran
sacting, business la,WatertOW4,, Wed
MIBB Alice Kihgslln. of tldg .«lty. Is
a new pupil at the Watert§*'n busi
ness college, Vv*
John Blfring is'it Big Sto^ie^ Grant
'county, this week on business for the
Case people. _,
James Karth lg able to be back at
his old poBition lnTtlie Ejos Bhoe store
after a short Illness. r-,"
jSflNt* Wf-'f-'
ii Ti^V 11ft r-»*rs'f^T i~
Vftf K&
Jimntie McAleer Does die Great
Disappearing Act From the:
Day County JaiL
Young McAleer was Being Held
for Having Dynamite in His
is»wf' Possession.
Websterl Nov 19i—Webster was
the Bcene of a sensational jail deliv
ery last evening at 7 o'clock, by
which three prisoners, one of them a
notorious character, made their get
away and are still at large.
At 7 o'clock Sheriff Lindquist enter
ed the jail for the ^purpose of lock
ing the prisoners in their cells for the:
night. As he passed along the cor
ridor, the mon suddenly sprang upon
him from behind, seized him by the
throat, and -threw him to the floor.
9 UU, by A'nprlcun Press Association 1*12. br American Press Association
Milwaukee, Nov, 19.—The experts
who have been: Investigating the men
tal condition of John Schrank, the
fanatic who shot Colonel Roosevelt,
have reported that Schrank la Insane
The verdict of the five alienists was
unanimous. The disease from which
the prisoner duffers 1B paranoia.
The sherifF made a hard-struggle, but
was overpowered by numbers, and the
men succeeded in overcoming him.
Taking his keys, the men opened the
doors leading- to liberty, and made
their escape. The alarm was spread
as quickly- as possible, but thougn
the sheriff's office kept up the search
all the night through, no trace of the
fugitives could be found.'
The escaping prisoners are James
McAleer, a man named Boyd, and
Michael- TJmberdahl. McAleer was
serving six months in jail for having
dynamite in his possession. He is
said to have admitted at the time that
he and his pals had planned to rob a
number of postofficeB in small towns
in northern South Dakota.' It is also
claimed he told the poBtal' authorities
at the time of his arrest that a fence
at Aberdeen bought all the stolen ar
ticles from postoffioes, of the thieves.
McAleer afterward wrote a letter to
the Aberdeen News, denying that he
had made either statement McAleer
was a schoolmate of Judge C. C. Car
penter of Lemmon, who presided over
the! Day county term of court in the
absence in another part of the district
of Judge McNulty and the judge gave
his «ld schoolmate six months in the
Day county Jail.ijlji||i
Boyfi, another (he escaping pris
oners, was from Butler and was In
jail awaiting- trial tor an' unnatural
Mlchati TTmberdailf w#&tVliiVltx
months on conviction of assault with
dangerous weapon committed at
CHU^rWrilM an Interesting
Letter Atari Mexico and K»
|Jff fahaftartt.
Gives Interring Account of Mexi
can jFinenl and die Present
fjbiurectioi in Mexico.
asH ^&as', Nov.- 10, 191?.
Saturday News: This afternoon aa
I was idftae and time passing rather1
slowly, .? crossed the Rio Grande in
to the ^"neighboring Mexican city of
Juarez. For a while I walked its
quaint streets amid the -crowds' of
sight ?eer« and natives on every
hand were evidences of wealth and
Sharply contrasted, the tokens of ab
ject poverty the Mexican Salvation
Amyholdlng its servlce in the crowd
iBd. naHppw street, while on one-side
Experts Find John Shrank Insane
Colonel is 8llen&
New York, Nov. 19—When told
that John'0chrank, who tried to Mil
him at Milwaukee, had been declared
insane, Colonel Roosevelt today de
clined to discuss the matter in any
form. "I have nothing to say," was
his only comment.
'could be heard the'voice of the Crier
in the Electric Keno Hall (patronized
principally by Amerl6ans) and at the
other side the cosmopolitan crowd
pouring in and out of & saloon to the
music of a piano and the tinkle of
glasses. Truly over thjfe, there Is
no SabbaJtb, except In the calendar, in
the sense In which northern people
often regard the day.
The city, in its architecture shows
many examples of adobe construction,
some of which are several hundred
years old, while perhaps adjoining
may be found others of modern con
struction and over all the ruins and
bullet scars of war.
During my walk about the city
again visited the statue erected by
the Mexican people In honor of Ben
ito Juarefer perhaps the greatest of
the Mexicans and who went down to
death at the hand of an ecclesiastical
poisoner, with a, fame for ability and
patriotism as unsullied as that of our
own Washington or Abraham Lincoln
—yet as a child he was only an Indian
of the mountains of Oaxaka. Stud
ents of history will remember that
Prance and Austria, taking advantage
of the exhaustion of the United States
by reason of our civil war attempted
to erect an .empire in Mexico under
the Austrian Archduke MaxmlUlan.
At this time Juarez was president pf
Mexico but being nnable to cope with
the trained soldiers of France under
Marshal Bazenno, assisted by hordes
or renegade Mexicans- imder JMSlri
mler, he suffered many defeats and
was finally driven north toKl Paso
del Norte, -slnce named Juares. At
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?V -fc. ,.v *&.
latt^ Brqthet^ ^ho
ed the livery at Hazel
recently aold tteif
In the tut
Watertown, 9buth Da^^a:
jn accordance wltb yottr direction,
'I have estimated and make the fol
lowing proposed estimate for %a*ess
ment and cost fit sidewalk 'confttrttct
ed on JBIrst Avenue-Northeast
P^r square foot, which i^d oldWafk
was heretofore -oonstructed in Sep
tember of the year 1909 against this'
following property, WWit: Joseph
Perllck, the North 95 feet-of Lots 17,
18 and 19, in Block' 26, Strst RUlway
Addition to the City of -Watertown,
South Dakota, 420 square fejjt- am
ount, |42.00. ^0*
%'^espectfully submitted,!
P.-yW^ Sohreiber,
Dated November 18, 1912,
Thos. H. Davis.
coiMlttSt'$he .b^iln^'
WM *l:
V:OFPICE cm ciw^ioifHieR
Watertown, fi. D., Nov,' 18. lffllt.
To "the Honorable Mayor and Board
of Commissioners of t&» 'Ctty^f
City Engineer,
iNotlce is hereby given that ths
above estimate of the City- Engineer
for: assessment for the cost of side
walk improvements fronting on tha
property therein deacrlbed has been
filed with me and presented, to the
Board of Commisslonrs for,.their ap
proval and that said Board, of Com
missioners will meet-at the City Hall
In said -City of Watertowav South
Dakota, on the 2nd day of Decem
ber, A. P. .1912, to consider of and
approve of the same.
City iAudtbor.
We buy Scrap Iron, Rag# Old
Rubber and all kinds of Meat!#, also
Books, Magazines- of all kinds. C4UR
promptly attended by telephone.'^ajn
604. 481 Kemp Ave "W A4:tirS&^i
The^flh^a^e of coal is due tO' no
oth^r. cau#e than that made by iha
coal companies themselves. The first
of each Aprif it is customary for the
coal companies to make a reduction
of fifty cents a ton to clean up the
docks. Then the price Ig ralsed tea
cents, a ton a .month until it gets
back to noiinai again. In April of
this year the companles got together
Jttnd dld not make the reduotlon, but
on -the other hand caused a strike,
throwing many men.out of work. Of
course the companies got rid of their
coal—but while the men were out of
work no coal was being mined, and
when the demand became normal, the
miners back at work yrere not able to
get the coal to (he surface and on the
docks fast eough to satisfy the de
mand. That was and is the cause of
the coal shortage. A mighty good
thing for the fellow higher up to look
into, rm
The New Press Now Being Installed
The above is a cut of our new "Century'' pony press. There is not
a better Dress of its kind and size in the state of South Dakota,
v. The capacity of-this press is 3 000 impressions per hour.
W. D. Cantlllan, general manager
Of the Northwestern railway, was in
-tho city Tuesday on his way to Frank"
fort to look after his tanning Inter-'
William MicKool "the North Side
Grocer, has a change of ad this week,
drawing attention to a bunch of bar
to enameHj^saffifcr-mi, can't
bfeat it
Dr. Morrisey tfas ooiifined to his
home several days during the week,
on account of Ulness.
Morrisey Wks
Oriawution uEvnunKlallKaBM
The following wrltaupa *pf«ared Cl
Minneapolis papers regarding the 4thv a1
Regt. Band, whlcfcf-plftye4^at t|je
productsl-Shs^^ (itotv
Minneapolln lVlWiS«
ftOgitaent band Of ^^rtowiii
heralded the arrival'of. South Dako»^r
tans tor the land show today by glv
tits a Series of ooncerts dOwntowtt
and at -the artnory. 'The band! mail«^.
up of 30-men and. dlrected by W.
Peck, is th& one which led the pro^^'x
oeaBlon for President Taft'a Inaugui a-?
tion and has done conlldetable trav*^
eitn^. because of its reputation fot^
military music.
A special train was run from i„
deen, S. D., to Minneapolis Sunda*Sl«-»ffi&' WM
night bringing people from that
to attend South Dakota day
land ahOy, In the absence
nor Vesae'y, John J, Deets, Immii
tlon comjnlS8ioner, spoka this after
noom-^tod-'-th^ hand. nl**dd. throiighc
the day.yln'adSttjlomW thtf?«NW
in the1 a,rmcay, they* serenaded
nawspapei*, W. Harris, who
addrbssed Watertown business
ganlttooiia several tlmpa, Jowtt!®^
AQha^iitt of thjs Northwestern Mith
al bftttk an)! Various, hotels
fSottlft'^Dakotwis sp jgupt^f^
OThor SurTOiwtSSi
town, the 'South Dakota 'contingent^
pulled In over the Minneapolis &,
Louis road, and Lieutenant W.
Peck, leader of the Fourth Regiment
band, the same bajwi that'"played' .In
Minneapolisr daring the !rand= Annf^'i
etttsainpment of sefiral years ago and
afterward led the second division in
the Taft ifiaugtorat parade, led his men
'through the downtown streets
PourUi str^t, -where there a
Both 'paper#, publltjigd' etcellenlr
pictures of the band#!
For Sale-^ t—horoughbre'd 8.
WWte Leghorn cpcklerels. Geo.
Ostrander at feed milt 2Mo
Mr. ahd Mrs- Will BJastburn of this
pity) are 3be proud pprenfs of
bouncing baby boy, who put In hla
appearance at their home on south
Maple street one day last w**.
lege, wa» in tlie city Monday, and
While here oalled on Superintendent
Overhulse at the court house.
Local resldents are all of the same
mind, that the presont good weathor*
Is about the longest stretch that they
can emember of slnce they came tn
The traveling andlto^ of the Adam»
express company now makes^ fete
headquarters In this city. Bis terrt*
tory Is all that west ot St. Paul, and
Into Iowa.

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