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Local Happening*..
Banker Syversoawaaa, Bryant vis
itor Saturday.
Men are at work repainting and re-'
pairing the city hall.
F. R. Knadle ol Vienna, was in the
-city on business Friday.
Mrs. A. H. Duryoe is visiting *el
:atives at Pierre, this week. A?-'-
Insurance Commissioner Basford of
Redfleld', was in the city Tuesday,
Van Best is directing the reins on
"the Pure Food Grocery deVivery wag
on. ''f.
The different churches of the city
•are holding union services during the
week. 'i. J? -i
The Kampeska,
The Lincoln,
The Gran£,
Black, Brij^yn, f\
Navy, Red and OC
bruised and shakes
thought seriously- injured.
The .money order dep£rtmi
a greater business last Saturday than
on any single day in the last three
years, the total' orders tor the day
running close to the thousand dollar
The recital given at the Congrega-
tional church Saturday evening was
Quite well attended. -Those present
pronounce the different numbers *U
good. The net receipt? will be used
toward purchasing neWSsong books.
The" Northwestern depot has been
receiving the attention of the com
pany painters this week—which has
caused a great Improvement to the
appearances of that building.
Facts and Figures of Watertown
\,/p. The Arcade, ...
The Antlers. wifcSKfe.
Anyone stopping at any of these hotels is assured of first-class ac
commodations and a Square deal."
Melvln Paulson of Henry, is a new
student, taking a full course, at the
Watertown Business college.
A son was born at the George Tows
lee home Thursday, and one also ar
rived at the Thomas Cornish home
L. N. Schulner of the Schulner cigar
factory, was a twin city visitor sev
eral days last week, returning to this
city Friday evening.
Peter Jacobson, who has been in the
temploy of the Pure Food grocery for
some time, is now employed at the
Murphy racket store.
Attorney George W. Case, who was
at Huron and Redfleld, on business,
several days last week, returned to
his home Saturday morning..
Miss Helen Horswlil of Castlewood,
was quite seriously injured last Sun
day when the auto in which she was
riding turned turtle. She was badly
The friends of Congressman Chas.
Watertown is a city of fine hotels. It has five of the best equipped
and conducted hotels of any city of its size in the United States—with
a total expenditure for buildings, furnishings and equipment aggregating
over ^SOO.OOO.OO, an average of over f100,000.00 each. The fire different
railroads running into and terminating here make it anideal hotel city.
The Chicago & North Western, C. R. I. & P., St. Louis, Ofeat Northern
and South Dakota Central all run 'to and through Watertowiu
The hotels are:
Burlyj will be pleased to learn that
he has so far recovered from his re
cent illness as to be able to leave this
week for Washington.
Attorney John B. Hanten was a
business visitor to Sioux City Satur
Deputy Grand Master O. W. Born,
of the A. O. U. W.. lodge, was in the
city Friday and Saturday on busi
ness, and meeting members of the
local Workman lodge.
C. K. Snyder, of the Kampeska,
went to St. Paul Friday, returning
Sunday morning, where he went to
witness the football game between
Wisconsin and Minnesota. 'aSf.
Mrs. Froshaug of Albee. wtfo came
to the city last week and submitted
to an operation for gall stones, is re
overing rapidly. She is the mother of
Mrs. R. J. Morriqey of this city.
Horace Heath, who left for Canada
'IS v»j
Corduroy Hats Xrimrrfecl Beav-g
other Colors.. Brown, Red
a a
turned ^*Watert^*n
atateathathe waaabje 4®"*st- all the
Wtak Ae could do at good wages.
The xural mtM out of HiyiL and
(Korden havebeea receiving some
ohanges of hate. In order that a bet
ter route may lie rim bop Hayti thfe
route at Norden has bnfen changed.
Moodie has a Urge ad on thelaat
page drawing, attention tomany, bai
gains, aud new things to he found at
that popular store.' Moodle: always
advertises "What you see Udvert laed
elsewhere you can 1uy here for teas."
The Consumers .-Fu^t-Co. hav^'re
cently had wagon number 3 painted
up and put Into service. It bears the
following sign, "Consumers Fuel apd
Ice Co., 2,000 poundB to the .toiv -I$o.
3^*# ,*•»*
:^Mrs. E, McGlIvaryhas gone to Wis
consin^ to visit with relatives and
friends, the .coming Winter. She or
dered the Saturday News sent to her
during her absence, in order to.keep
track of what people in 4his vicinity
were doing
Miss Alma Fro:
sotne years past ln the Clark .schools,
and who visited in this Ctty at dtf
feret times, was married': Wednesday
of last w«ek to £2. Hi-Clormanton, of
Prolan# a fcAotfer for
Things often returned, btit uev^r
The specially appointed day
for universal Thahksgivng is not
far distant and we are making
special arrangements to provide
our patrons with all those good
things in our line, which will help
make the Thanksgiving a big suc
cess. We will thank yon for
your Thanksgiving orders. ''7
Farmers Provision
116 E. Kemp BT Watertown, 8-D.
Enthusiasm runs high in out
Millinery department because1
of the many wonderful
gains we offer.^Our Millin-
ery premmence is more for-!
Hi cibly sustained'than ever :bej§|
fore. The sales record provesjp
it and the public expression^
and approval evidences it.
up to...
afc Black S
Watertown, South Dakota
merit Store
t4e Mito afi
«*^ea tus f»H and that much huQa
ing hu t^ duiw on th« fainn«
vioinlty, tariiMnjWere 'la ajjad'
of small building tor storage pui
PO»«». «uid theae. ar« mainly what ha«
beeh built oil Mison.~
While driving to their farm Sttnday.
George c. Ottr^iid^r and son WU1,
were throwtf from their ,rig^ by the
bono being scared and runnlng awSkyS
Both of the occupants were qulte b|d
ly shaken up and hrulsed althonghi
neither/BttftOted ivny broken
Monday at the court was ^iven up
to 'the hearing of arguments and (no
tions by'jTudge Shefwood and the iwer
sasea .started Tuesday. This
done as the jurymen nbt'on duty Sat
'urtay! morning were excused from
then Until Tuesday that 'they might
work On their farms as jjiuch as pos
sifele' during hte good weather.
The^new pony preas has arrived (or
the Watertown Printing and Binding
Co.'f job room, tt is one of the very
best ntodelg and is of solBoient size
to take the larger boOk form*. A ma
chinist Is here setting the machine lip,
and"'who will also superintend the
moving.of the big Scott oylinde^ news
papfer press from the Midway 1?ujld
ing to the new quarters.
The hard ooal shortage In thes'^
er towns ia beginning to show« itsetf.
Monday, Parties came .up .from -Mar
ietta, Minn., and purchased''two cars
of hard coal from George C. Ostrander
as they stood on the track, and glad
ly paid the retail price- for the same.
The,coal,was shipped to Marietta on
the flrnt freight to relieve the short
age at that place.
City Auditor Thomas H. Davis, who
was at Huron several days last week
aB a, repersentative from this city to
the meeting of delegates from com
mission governed cities, returned to
this city Thursday morning. He says
that they had a good meeting and one
that was mutually: beneficial to all
who- attended. A banquet was one
of the features of the meeting.
o. M. Fox, who has.been employed
at the Model clothing store for soml
time past, went to Krahzburg yester
day, "Where he takes up his duties a3
cashier of the new bank, started by
Dr. Finnerud and John B. Hanten of
this city as mala stockholders. Mr.
Fox's friends will predict tiuccess tor
him in his new duties.
S. Bellattl, owner of the Arcade
hotel, and who has been conducting
the place for some time, recently
leased It tor a term of three years to
a man from Minnesota. The new
manager is said to be an experience!
hotel man. He expects to make many
improvements on the rooms with new
furnishings and thus put the pl&ce in
first class condition.
Mrs. Vath was a St. Cloud and Min
neapolis visitor over Sunday, going
to the latter place to visit Mrs. Lind
bergh and son. The boy, who has
bee til for a long time is weaker if
anything, and his recovery is doubt
ful. The laid during his st&y in Wa
tertown with his mother, who was one
Of the Instructors- at the -Watertown
Business College, made many friends
He was a bright and manly lad and
those who knew him will regret to
learn of hts serious condition^
Oiie resident of Waltertown! has
solved the annual baifkSng of his
house and has had the foundation
walls of his house cemented up to
and above the wall, making it air
tight. There is not the usual trouble
of banking in the fall nor the taking
away and cleaning up of the same in
the spring. Besides the cement Is
clean and does not disfigure the ap
pearance of the house. H. B. En
glesby says it's the only way to bank
a house.
E. V, Hayford, ^'employee a't the
Indian Refining Company's warehouse
in, this city, experienced a narrow
escnpe from serious injury Monday
morning. He was working on a plat
form. trying to loosen the plug from
a barrel of oil with a wrench, when
he slipped, falling a distance of about
six feet and striking on his head and
shoulders. He was quite badly shak
en and bruised, but after a short lay
off was able to rescue his work
State Dairy Inspector A. P. Ryg&r
was not able to get to Watertown in
time to attend the meeting of the city
commission and be present at the
final reading of the milk ordinance.
Tho ordinance was not given a read
ing but will receive attention- of the
commission at its next meeting when
if possible Mr. Rygat will be present.
He is a man well versed in the dairy
proposition and it might be stated
such a good one that while a demo
crat, he was appointed by a republl
-ca committee four years ago, «n the
uterits of the man for the position—
atld not from the standpoint Of. polit
ical pull. The dairy interests'of the
state have been bettered a thousand
fold since he took up the (Jutlos of
tli# 4%*^ Ai
4temr bnAltet %-iN«w to #*«&
«»e .m&tor jhK, fot 4
Mh that
hee bite—tonooU^ he iriraeittateiy
came to Watertown «sd KKOM out
wmat tor Hie fenenfti ^Miit'
was placed in the Jiands af the
Iff The "bpUoiaa" feariaf perhaps
that the glaasea 'might op«|: the fal*
low's eye* had tnado hii, flMawa^
And the man wbo paid fitt »r the
glasMf* can now we wr ®Wjir-*
and the local eye man hears a honer
when he charges |10 or fit tor
Dalr of specialty imtrnd hmMt ilka
He is ftthf lierie'to Utear tfie Ideln il
there are any to be made. ooets
some people dearly to get thelr op
ttca opeiu|
Tearing his shirt troin hi* back an
ohlo man flaned a train and saved it
from wreck, ttnt H. T. Alston, Ra
leigh, N. C., once prevented wreck
with Electric Bitten. "I wae In a
terrible plight when I began to jwe
them," he writes, "my atonuusli,
'head, hack and kidneys were all bad
ly affected and my liver wae in bad
condition, but tour bottlee of Meetrhs
Bitters made me: feel like a new naan"
A trial will convince you of tteir
jnatchless merit tor,any stomach, liver
or kidney trouble. Price 60 cents at
all druggists. Adv. 2M4
The day is not tar distant when
WatertoWn, instead' of having tour
express' offices 'aa 1b now*' the case,
will have but one. This will prevail
all over the United States and will
he the natural outcome of the meet
ings that have been held during the
man living near Hayti
9-quart Tea Kettle*
12-quart Pails
6-qafcrt Berlin'' Kettl^^
wan «&
Onyx Enamelled iMax
ba^Me^tndllM wmtttim:
-dltions, iade this ttsertkaL It 1
plattl th^i- nuMi %$ «V«uw
«hi9pinf 'ix|i^)il ealui tton -«o
qfloee beln«iaalntained. Some
*V at HHnkato^
tbrit, ex^reas' atnfcuy
combined and while each had a n|k
resentative at thia oflloe, two Wj
^(4 the %Wk
"lhev wbrt'"ot 4eyenr,vtatet' on
erer4"ti» oOk^SreHc'-^i^M,
mutual consent By JutTiW'fM ceS
tral office ^he shipper could|ave
time In ciOUnc tor information
routing package*, for in
solidatibii the companies
•Up through ttya shortest route.
the eaae of WatertoWn, a. oonaolUlit:
tlon would mean a saving each qu
to all the" tour oompente* of not li
than thlme^hnn&Kd dollsirii a
or $8,eoQ a year. Some saving to
that, Figure up what that wo^fll:
mean to the people all over tlw Tl*lt
Id States, shoull the iatne ajppl} tj
all towns and- clties where tnoff than
one express company does traaine^i^
Muart Ducheis Ketwe^:„y.-A-^.
8-qUart Preserve kettles
10-quart Preserve Kettles
17-quart Dish Pans
3-quart Coffee PotsV.^"^^
3-quart Tea Pots
2-quart Combination Cookei^.
6-quart Sauce Pant.
very day roasters
WM. McKOOL. Proprietor
tvy.* :f-»*
18 to 24, inclusive \tgxen
25 to 20, inclusive
30 to 34, inclusive- u*.
35 to 39, inclufliv^ jfe, fxgp?
4 0 4 4 -A
People from Watertown whp
tended the land show at tlte oitleii the J:
put week, pralteythe way the people
applauded the Watertown band boya
and their setooQona at the oono
givejt. jpisewhere the News pri
the comment of the Minneapolj
pers on the basil.
is the^'^greatest baegain
in first-class high grade Oj^Y2
^ENAMELLED WARE. What is th^
use buying tinware.when you can get
\the best Enamelled Ware at this pricej
•^You'll have to hurry.
H. The Plofneer Fraternal
Insurance Society offers RE
home at the' following low
rates per month.
AGE $1000 $3000
We carry only South Dakota risks. We have a growl
ing surplus lund« We are always first, to pay. We
invite you to join its. For —11
member or the1#cal officers.
S .00
to p«
For information,call on ,.«ny

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