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LiOts One (1), Two (2), Thirty-seven
(37), Thirtyoight (38) and Thirty
nine (39), Block Fifty-five (SEi), (for-,
merly part of Outlot One (1), Replat
of'-West Watertown Addition to Wa
tertown, and Lots. Thiriyone (31),
Thirty-two (32), and Thirty-three (33)
Block Fifty-one, Way-Caae Addition to
West Watertown, South Dakota.
And, whereas, the default consists
in the failure on the pant .of the mort
gagor to pay the annual interest on
said mortgage debt and the note se
cured hy said mortgage, which said
Interest amounts to forty-eight Dol
lars and Eighty-five Oents ($48.85),
by season of which default in the
payment of Interest ithe said mort
gagee has elected ito declare the
whole of said mortgage debt to be
•due and payable pursuant to the pro
visions contained in -said mortgage.
And, whereas no Action or proceed
ings have been instituted at law or
otherwise to recover the debt remain
ing secured by said -mortgage or any
.part thereof.
Notice is hereby given that the said
mortgage will be .foreclosed by sale
of the above described mortgaged
.premises by the Sheriff of said Coding
ton County or his deputy at public
auction at the front door of he Court
.House in the 'City of Watertown in
said Codington County, South Dakota,
on the 23rd day of November, A. D.
1932 at 1:00 o'clock p. m. of said day,
to satisfy the sum of Six Hundred
Twenty-Four Dollars and Fifty-eight
Cents ($624.68), that being the am
ount claimed to be due and actually
due on said mortgage at the date of
this notice, together with' accruing in
terest and the statutory attorney's
fees of $25.00, and the other costs
and disbursements allowed by law.
Dated at Watertown, South Dakota,
October ^th, A. D. 1912. -y--, w-i'
Frank Elklns, l.W
Sheriff of Geftmgton County, South
J. O. MCEariand,
Attorney'for Mortgagee, Wa
r.l.M tertown 'South Dakota. 17-23
'Whereas, default has been mad* 1*
tte conditions of a certain mortgage
containing: power, of gala, executed
and delivered by Dakota Securities
Company, a corporation, mortgagors,
to'J. T. Cheney, of Fort Dodge, Coun
ty of Webster, and State of Iowa,
mortgagee, dated the 18tb day of Sep
tember, A. D. 1911, filed for record
and recorded in the office of the
Register of Deeds of Codington Coun
ty, South Dakota, on September 30,
A. D. 1911, at 11:60 o'clock a. m. and
recorded in Book 100 of Mortgagee,
on page 96 In the office of the Register
of Deeds of said Codington County,
South Dakota, mortgaging all these
tracts or parcels of land lying and fee
ing in the County of Codington and
State of South Dakota, described as
follows, to wit:
... Whereas, default has been made in
ithe conditions nf A certain mortgage
containing power tot sale, executed
and delivered by Minnie 5. Way and
Thomas A. Way, her husband, mort
gagors, to J. T. Cheney, of Fort Dodge
County of Webster, And State of Iowa,
mortgagee, dated the 18th day of Sep
tember, A.. D. 1911, iflled for record
and recorded In the office of the Reg
ister of Deeds on September 30, A- D.
1911, at 11:6S o'clock• m. and re
corded In Book 100 at Mortgages, oh
page 97, in the office u»f the Register
of Deeds of said Codington County,
South Dakota, mortgaging all those
tracts or parcels of land lying and
being in the County of Codington, and
State of South Dakota, described an
follows, towlt: -J},,.!. jHV
Lots Seven (7). Bigii «), KM' (9),
Ten (10) and Efleven 11), Block
Jfcwo8&fe Fifty-five (55), (Formerly part of C»ut
£lot One (1), Replat of West Water
town Addition to Watertown, South
'fertjirfifc- Dakota, and lots Twenty-eight (28),
Twenty-nine (29) and Thirty (30),
Block Fifty-Four (54), Way-Case Ad
dition, to West Watertown, South Da
kota. ....
j, Andj whereas, the default consists
the failure on the part of the' moi$-:
gagor to pay the annual interest on
said mortgage debt and the notes se
cured by said mortgage, which Mild
interest amounts to Forty-Eight Dbih
lars and Eighty-five Cents ($48.85),
by reason of which default in the pay
ment of interest the said mortgagee
has elected to declare the whole ot
said mortgage debt to be due and
payable pursuant to the provisions
contained in said mortgage.
And, whereas, no action, or prbceed
lngs have been Instituted at law or
otherwise to recover .tfe& debt remain*
ing soured, by etjrid mortgage^ or aqy,
part thereof. •„1
•••••:•Notice, is ber^y ^given thftt the
Thole.pt said mortgage willbe fore-
rth 1J„J 'JT
tertown, In said CodlngtonCounty,
South. Dakota, on the 2trd day ft
November, A, D. 1913, ati:»0 o'clock
p. m. ot said day, to satisfy the sum
of Six Hundred Twenty-four Dollars
and Fifty-eight Cents (9M£8), that
being the amount claimed to be due
and actually vdue on said mortgage at
the date ot this notice, together With
accruing Interest and the statutory at
torneys fee of $26.00, afid the other
costs and disburaemens allowed by
Dated at Watertown, South Dakota,
October 7th, A. D. 1912.
J. T. Cheney,
Frank Elklns,
Sheriff of Codington County, South
J. G. McFarlandj
Attorney for Mortgagee, Wa-
mti, tertown, South Dakota. 17-23
(introduced byMayorW$^r)|g^
Be It Resolved toy the Board of Com
mlssioners of ihe City.„of Water
town, South Dakota: '.V,
Whereas,- the Board ot Education of
the Independent School District of the
City of Watertown, South Dakota, has
requested the Mayor of the said City
to: call a special election: for the pur
pose of voting on the question of is
suing $16,000,0.0, ln.,t»nd8 ftfr the pur
pose of replacing Qarfield School
Building with a suitable school house
Whereas, it is tfce duty of said
Mayor to call -said election and it Is
nectessary for the Board of Commis
sioners to select the judges of such
That lite following places be and
the same hereby are designated as
the' polling placeB and Judges for sudh
ejection, namely:
Slrst Ward, Public Opinion Annex.
Second Ward, Lee Bros. Warehouse
Third Ward, City HalL
Fourth Ward, Knights of Columbus
First Ward, W. D. Burcatow, H. A.
Hanten and Chas' Pardan.
-Second Ward, J. W. Baldwin, Clar
ence SCbultz and Richard Sclrull.
Third Ward, Chas Barrett, Chas.
Kranz and C. J. Landon.
Fourth Ward, M. A. Hockman, C.
R. Goss -and A. G. Youngguest.
That said judges are ordered to'
proceed according to law In the "hold
ing of said election and to make their'
return thereof to the Board of Educa
tion of the Independent School Dis
trict of ts® City-of Watertown, SoutV
Passed, Adopted and Approved
November 11, 1912.
PulJlidzed November 14 to 31 1912.
H. A. Wagner
Thos "H. "DaviB, ,,
City &ndltor,
By t5. 1/1. Lane, Beputjc.$$jp 22
•-.*! ... 1
Whereas, it .W necessary in the
construction and acquisition of said
cluster lights, posts and equipment to
expend the sum ot $15,000, and' It is
necessary for the. purpose of raising
said money for said purpose to issue
negotiable coupon bonds, of said City
of Watertown, South Dakota, the
amount of $15,000 for the purpose of
providing tor and supplying the City
and Its inhabitants with such further
illumination and for acquiring and con
structing such equipment for such
Cluster lights and
Whereas, in order to raise Buch
money and issue said bonds it is
deemed necessary, advisable and ex
pedient to,- submit, the proposition of
Issuing su^h bonds to the extent: and
lu the amount of $15,000, the maxi
mum-Tate ot Interest thereon-to be
•five per cent per annum, and such
bOnds t£ run for a period of 20 years
and the money tharefo^iand the pur-
olosed by ttle of the aWre deocHbed po^ for wtopfc ntd
ijiteM iMtd'Minr'Mr
••id Codington County, or his dopaty,
•t public attotfon. it' thi' tront d^or
of the Court Hinu^fn the Oity ot liiKa-
Witertown and lts" ii^bltMU
further and better illumination
for tie construc t*m a^d j^equitiMon
of equipment for the ^M&^on'^nd
transmission ot Electricity thrmgh
and to cluster lights on posin in the
business district and along the streets
to be paved in "fold City ot Water
town, to a. vote of the electors of MUd
City of Watertown at a speclal elec
tion tv
Therefore, Be -it Resolved, that
special election he and,:the same here
hy, iV called* and the ifayor and .City
Auditor are directed to give notice
thereof .according toTlaw, for and on
the 10th day of December, A. D.191I,
at and in said City of Watertown, the
polls of said election to be opened at
8:00 a. m. of said day- and closed at
00 p. m. ot said day and the propo
sition to be submitted to the electors
ot' said City at such special election
shall be as follows:: "Shall the City
pt Watertown 'issue iis.'negotiahk(
coupon bonds to the amount Of $16,
000 for the purpose of providing for
and supplying th» City of Watertown
and Its: inhabitants with fuyth^r il
lumination and for the purpose of ac
quiring and constructing equipment
for the tran8misBlon
That ithe polling places Tea: said
election shall be and? are fixed as
follows, towlt: First Ward, fMfcT.c
Opinion Annex Second Wa»d, Leei
Bros Warehouse Third Ward,' City
Hall Fourth Ward, Knights-®f Col
umbus 'Hall.
That ithe judges for said 'election1
be and rare1 appointed as follows to-!
wit: First Ward, W. D. Burc^low, H:|
A. Hanten and Chas. Pardan Second'
Ward, 1. W. Baldwin, .'ClaTencel
Schulze and Richard Schull Third'
Ward, 'Chas Barrett, Chas. ESranz and'
C. J. Landon Fourth Ward, M. A
iHoCkmtui, C. R. GOSB and A. 13. Young
And that the City Auditor -and May'
or of said City be and they are "here
by instructed to prepare suRpJies for
said election, to the end that be same,
mayibeiheld and returns ibsrsof mate
according to law.
Passed, Adopted and Approved this
Hth day November, A. D.3912.
H. A. Wasnsr.- ."'t*
'Thos. IH. Davis,
tm- i?
((Introduced by Mayor Wagner.)
Be it Resobed by the Board of Oom-]
nnbsioners of the C8ty,.,of.. Water
town. South Dakota:
•Wa»erea9,. Jt is deemed proper, Jiec
esaaiy and expedient to provide fori
sumityJng the «City of' Watertown .and
its inhabitants with furtSier Illumina
tion In the hnsiness district of said
City and particularly aloag the streets1
proposed to be paved and to be pav
ed lax stdd City, and to that end to ac
quire sad construct equipment Can
the transmissloa of electric power
and eminent and, whereas it is es
pecially desired and deemed proper,
necessary and expedient to provide,
acquire and construct certain cluster
lights in said bmfiness district and
along the streets to be paved in said
City, said cluster lights to be to num
ber about 209. and to purchase and ac
quire and erect and construct said
cluster lights and pasts and stand
ards for the same, and connect the
same up with the eleetrlc lighting
wires of the Watertown Light and
Power Company, a corporation and
City ,lteditor,
By O. M. Lane, Deputy
Wotioe: is !hereby given- Quct pnrsu-i
.ant 'to Heaolution.Noj X24. paiaed,'ad
opted end approved jby tbe Beard at
Commissionem of the City of Waiter
town, South Dakota, on tte IWh day
of Stovember, A. D. 1912, a «peclal
-election will be held in said City on
the .l$th day of December, A. E. 2612,
'between the hours of 8:00 a. m. and
"5:0.0 ®. m. of stftd day for the pnrpose
of submitting to the electors of said
City of "Watertown the following tpnsp
fsltion, towlt: "Shall the City, of
'Watertown issue 'its negotiable cou
inn bonde to the :amount of $1£,0M
tar the jntrpose ot iprovidlng for and
supplying the. City of Watertown and
Its inhabitants with tfurther ilftbnlaa
tlon and for the purpose of acquiring
and constructing equipment for the
transmission of electricity to cluster
light In tie City of Watertown in the
business district thereof and along
the streets to be paved in said City,
and for ihe purpose of constructing
and maintaining 3uch system of clus
ter lights in said City of Watertown,
the said cluster lights and equipment
to be the property, of said City of
Watertown said bonds to be issued
to the amount of $15,000 only: and
beaming. Interest at the maximum rate
of five per cent per annum and the
length of time they shall run shall
be not to exceed 20 years and he pur
pose for which they are to be issued
is tor the purpose of acquiring and
constructing such cluster lights and
Attest:., jsjfcr
electrlcity to
cluster lights In the City of Water
town in the hnsiness district thereof
and along .the streets to be paved Ih
said City, and for the purpose of con
structing and maintaining such sys
tem ~Qf cluster lights in- said City of
Watertown, 'the said cluster lights
and equipment to be the property. of
naid City. Watertown said bonds
to be issued to the amount of $15,000
only and bearing interest at the maxi
mum rate of. five per cent' i»r annum
an the le^th of time they shall run
shall not exceed 20 years and the
purpose for which they afe to be' Is
sued is tor the purpose of acquiring
and constructing such cluster lights
and equipment?"
^-Those iin favor of this proposation
and in favor of the issuance of •such
bonds dball vote (X) "Yes" and those
against said proposition and against
the issuance of said bonds (X) ""No."
Those in ISLTOTof the foregoing pro
position will votS l)y marking a cross
in the square at the left of the word
"TeB" and those against the propo
sition will vote bymartdngift cross in
(wr«e^ they- may a^peaitto ggjm -M
Several bad prairie fires in the hills
north ot this city did consldel^hle
damage to hay and grain in stacks.
Every termer should he very careful
about fires at ^iis time ot the. year.
A fire near £aBilt jeaused. It as
serted by sparks from St. Louis en
gine d|d considerable damage. Those
suffering loss from the fire have made
application to the road for damages,
In conversation with one ot the
local hankers, he remarked that tte1
deposits of the'' Watertown banks
were about half again ..Pf large as
th^y were last Juno, and three-fourths
greater than a year wo. He added
that the confidence was again being
restored and that the money that ts
now being kept at home -should be
placed in the banks again,
Commissioner Bush has his building
opposite the Northwestern hotel near-'
ly completed, having the cetaent floor
(to put down. H» has rented tha
building to the Cadillac and Ford
garage, they to take posnesslon the'
first of April, CjommHspioner• BuBh
has done nearly all the woift7 on the
building himself, and states that it
was a good way to put in his time,
and keep himself in trim.
"There could-be no better medicine
than ChambeTlaln'B Cough Remedy.
My children were all sick with whoop
ing cough. One of them was in bed,
ha# a high fever, and was coughing
up blood. Our doctor gave themj
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and the
first dose eased them, and three bot
•'IB cuadfhem," says Mrs. R. A. Don
aldson, of1 Lexington^ Miss. For sale
"by all dealers. 21-24
Notice is hereby- given that pursu-.
ant to a j-equest of the Board of Edu
cation of Ihe independent School Dis
trict of the City of Watertown, South
Dakota, -a special election is hereby
called and notice is given that such
election will be held in the said City
of Watertown for the purpose of vot
ing on the question of issuing bonds
in the mm of $16,000.00 tor the pur
pose of providing funds for the Board
of Education of said Independent
School AOistrict to build and erect a
.building in place of what is now
iknown a£ Garfield School Building in
said OitJ of "Watertown that said
(election will be held In said City ot
Watertown on Tuesday the 26th day
«f November, A. D.1912, and that the
polls at such election wiH be open on
said day from 8:00 otclock in the
forenoon tratil 5:00 o'clock in t&e af
ttemoon «f said day. That the poll
ing-places for such electlon have been
designected and shall be as follows:
Tirst TVard Public Opinion Annex
Second "Ward, Lee Bros.' Warehouse'
Third "Ward, City Hall Fourth Ward,'
"Knights Of Columbus.Hall. That the
cgneation antbmltted will be as: follows
"Shall .the .Board .of Education of the
independent. School* District of War
tantown, South Dakota, issue and be
authorized to issue bonds for the pur
pose of erecting a suitable building
in place .of She building known aa the
GarfiOld School Building in said City
of "Watertown and shall said Board
of Education T5e authorized and em
powered-to borrow money and issuo
the bonds of said School District for
such purpose Sn the sum of $15,000
$0t" Those vieting in favor of the is
suance of said "bonds will vote "Yes,"'
and those against 'Wo."
Dated November 12, ldl2&m
H. A. Wagner,
'M Mayor of the City of waters
-II. town, Sooth Dakota.
Thos. H. Davis, ^.':
City Auditor,
.. By O, M.. Iane, Deputy.
when Its foundation is undermined,
and if the foundation of health—good
digestion-—is atttaoked, quick col
lapse follows. On the first signs of
Indigestion, Dr. King's New Lite Pills
should be taken to tone the stomach
and regulate liver, kidneys and bowels
Pleasant, easy, sate and only 25c at
all druggists. Adr* 21&3,
It was Mark Twain "Who said that
"Mac was the. only thing that blushed
or needed to," and that.''Training was.
everything—the peach was pnee a bit
ter almond and the cauliflower was
nothing hut gE,cfdrta«e airttfcjallege
education." I™"
V. -. if
"aTJ/ iSvi**
,-^f r.^rrir n'V 1
thte llth day, of -November, 19ia.
For Bale—Top trasBt cood eondi
tion. lnquil« 90S North IMkc 1
For Sale^-Choice Berkshire pigs.
Addrsss Carl Peterson, Riverside farm
jFor .Sale^-Bnish raaabouti 1b good
condition. Small amount of cash^
will Cu^»J inquire at News offloe. litf
fiS! v_ vi
Taken Up—Or»y mare, and black
A. S. Hemp/1 mile north ot SV1ey.
-A# If #4#*
To Exchange—¥ine Columbia Ohraph
ophone and about 75 diso recotds, for
good poultry, Bq*- 371r Watertown,
Wanted-^-A good girl for general
housework. Inquire Of Mrs. Tom. O.
Murphy, 317 Sixth street S. B., "phone
red 289. %tL 17tt
Wanter—Farmers to bring their
cast sorap Iron to the Brans Foundry
and receive the highest cash market
price for same. 19-22
For Rent—A five room house not
far out in splendid repair. $10 per
month to the right parties. Inquire
of E. Barker at the Saturday News
office.. tf
For. Rent—Neat, well furnished
room, with board, $20 per month.
Lady or school girl preferred. Farm
produce taken in part payment 810
aaJ St, S. B. "1WI
W&nted—Unotypo composition to
do for outside printers. High grade
work, reasonable rates and prompt
shipment of metal. News Publishing
Co., Watertown, B. s-yg- 6tf
ExcepHonal opening fos high class
npedalty salesman to-represent us in.,
this city and surronndimf. Goods
Bold to all merchants. C. S. 1427
Camt'B Ave., Chicago. •'N-.1 22-26*
A snap and must be sold. Owner
will leave city. 6 room cottage and
bam, Jot «0xl65 on 2nd avenue S.
Price $1,260.00, $660.00 cash, balance
to s«dt Phone Main 401 or Blue 628,
F. i, Schotts. 20tf.
For Tradfe—^As am now' located in
Alberta/Canada. I will taade good in
waiv pn^eriy in S. W. WWtertown
tor «ood land In Southern Alberta.
Address Chas. S. Schalkle.J
Alberta. Box No. 20t!l.
For Sale or Trade—A new 10 room
modern two story house and a half
block ot land near school. Will sell
for eash or trade for farm near1 Wa
tertown.' Inquire of B. Barker at
the Saturday News office. tf
For Rent—The building on Midway
now occupied by the Saturday News.
Electric lights and gas furnace heat
hot and cold water closet full deep
basement Will rent to right party
for $35 per month. Inquire of B. M.
Barker. Can give possession on first
of November.
633 acres of land, known as the
John Saddler farm, described as fol
lowd: The northwest quarter and[
the south half of section 1, township
115, range 52 and the southwest quar
ter of section 6, township 116, range
61, Hamlin county—6 miles north and
one mile east of Castlewood—3 miles
flrom Appleby, and 10 miles from
Wbtertown, Improvements: Good
house, barn, elevator with dump scale
machine shed hog house,- chicken
coop with granary overhead, buggy
jhed on side. Well house, two good
wells, one with-gas engine and pump
Jack. Will sell all or will divide the
farm. Must have $10,000 cash, bal
ance six years:
at 6 per cent Interest.
Also the two story brick store :b\iild
Iqg located one-hat. blook north at
the Postoffiee and known as the
Cartford Block. For particulars see
Wi. G. Searles, Watertown, South: Da^
kota. Adv. 21-24
TM rim
The boy's appetite, the
source of amazement- I£|^t^WOttld
as® so?
Union StoefcTwrds,
Nov. 30—Dee.7,1912
T^jif^gtrMiteat exhibition of.^liv
stock in the worldi» t,«
Plan to attend tbisJibtkble exrtsnf
this year, and at ^fhe same time
bring: the family an^see the Grcat^
Central Market.
Chicago innumerable attrao
tions and pleasures, especially &c t|
at this seasont just beiot^ the I'oli
days. Don't, put your ontwe, ot
until next'year—GO NOW, 5 J-
Rock Iiland jL
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JFast frequent tralaSt*»"'
cofivenient aohedulMi|
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fan Now Ytiur Whttejjk
Ips to Waratig Climcg
Mitd the
Qulf Coast
Attractive Round Trip '"Excur
sion Fares In effe«$ to a large
territory in the South October
16, 1912 to April 80, 1913.
Return limit June 1, 1913.
jMberal stopover privileges,
nm- daily ti^u
Die North Western
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necting with fast train* of all
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Ckoice of RtAi
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