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Minister of War art GM rt
It had been expected that event
of war General von Hoetzendorf would
be appointed chief of staff and his ap
pointment now to succeed General.
Behemus, coupled with the news of
the renewal of the drelbund and that
Austria-Hungary has negotiated tem
porary loans of $60,000,000, cannot
but have a disquieting effect on the
It is supposed that Austria wishes
possibly to exert a strong influence
over the coming conference proceed
ings in London and especially to pre
vent the entry of Turkey into the Bal
kan federation. The Austrian war
party is known to be inflamed against
Russia in the belief that the. defiant
Russian attitude is. due to the Franco
Russian alliance.
Some of the Austrian' newspapers^,
representing the war party, are urg
ing that, unless Russia ceases mobiliz
ing, the powers comprising the triple
alliance should fall upon France and
crush her before Russia is able to In
However the crisis -may end, the war
fever is having a disastrous effect on
Austro-Hungarlan trade. A complete,
financial stagnation prevailed through
out Galacia, where the various hanks:
recently have paid out more than fiO,
000,000 to nervous depositors without
•temmlng the run.
fcrder Of Sectary MacVeagh Ex
'eludes it From Interstate Vehicle*
Washington. Dec. Ifo—The common
towel was ordered abolished from rail,
road cars, vessels, all other interstate
vehicles, and from stations by Secre
tary MacVeagh of the treasury de
partment in an amendment to the In
terstate quarantine regulations. This
action follows cloBely the abolition of
the common drinking cup from use on
Interstate carriers. Towels may be
again only after having
Sterilized in foiling water. jM
.Steamer Easton Refloated and ,8teams
to Port Arthur. '&
Duluth. Dec. 8.—The Booth steamer
Easton, which ran aground on. the
Iroquois reef and remained there two
days, arrived in Port Arthur, unload
ed her passengers and the remainder
ot the freight left aboard by the light
era, and immediately stemmed away
•gain in the teeth cf a heavy north
west wind for this city, according to
advices received here, by Manager
Hogatad of the Booth Fisheries com-''
Bill Authorizing Acceptance of Gift
Introduced Jn Howke.
the government to accept the memorial
as a gift from the Lincoln Farm asso
ciation and create an endowment fund
of 150,000 for: the maintenance of the
Nsaotlatlons tor Temporary Loan e(
'^Fifty Million Dollars Alto Aids In
Producing Disquieting Effects
ndon? DeJi.
tlon ot the Austro-Hungarlan ministet
of war, General XuffAberg, and the
Chl# of general, staff, .General Sche
mus, the reported conce&'tratioii of tie
entire Austrian fleet at Pola, its chief
•i? naval station, and Austria'* negotia
3 Hons for a temporary loan of $50,000,.
000, were chief developments la the
Balkan war situatlOB^-rft 'V
a-. .c -•... v.- i'.- 7 "v -i
Mo explanation is yet 'forthiswiiing
,? of the Austvian war department
(AangeB and, coming at such a time
the present, it cannot b£. doubted
that it will have a wide political slg
1 nlficance.
DCDICU til CTnou i!n t®ndon
The sutvlw^rs suffered severe prlvW-,
ticme, being without.food or water, for'
three days,
.whiig^eavy «Ad cold winds
prevailed ,Fou'r*teen Became insan%,i
"^iped overboard and were drownedf
Six bodies have been washed aal^re
the nonthem oa^it. ..
tea L«M iMmMfthy.
I 'Hill Mil fti. I
Prince Louis First Ses Lord of British
liondon, Dec. 7.—Prince •'L«ruls of
Battenberg has been appointed first
sea lord of the admiralty in succes
sion to Admiial Sir Francis C.' B.
Bridgemaji, retired.
Sear Admiral John R. Jelllcoe, for
mer commander of .the Atlantic fleet,
has been given the appointment of
second sea lord, made vacant by the
promotion of Prince Louie of Batten
berg. •$
Resolotion Repidtatlne
Defease it Lyneb law.
Under the terms of -the resolution
the'bill to be drafted' by the commit
tee shall be submitted''to the gi&r*
ernors of all states and must be ap-.
proved by two-thirds tff them before
It shall he sent to the legislatures. ,w
President Places 20,900 Skilled Work
er* on Civil Service Basts.
Washington, Dec. 8.—More than 40,
000 skilled workers In the navy yards
throughout the United States Were
placed under the protection .of civil
ky executive order, of' Presl-
dent Taft, The president's -order was
,MU®d tJle ®PPnYal
u..il. service commission and in accordance
w!th att oplalon by
Washington, Dec. S.j-A Mil author- wickersham.
izitig the government td take ov«r t]»e 1 '-iv
farm and homestead^ in Kei&uiSky ufii utfrf Ikl onvn nti ire
where Abraham Lincoln was born was »"ttl IN nUTAL rALAJUc
Introduced In the house by Represen
tatlv© Johnson. The bill would allow
evvnCo rCnlOn 111 wI UFIMI there, though Klng G«rge u8uaUyj»te
CJtPles Bucklngham^palaee.
Elghty-two Portuouese Fishermen Are
-y Drowned.
^Wsbon, Dec. 7.—Not leas than eigh
ty-two Portuguese fishermen lost ,their
lives during a storm this week on
ithe coaat of Portugal.:
Overdue S^chodriers Arrive
two weelia i6veri}ue. have arrived here!
iv "i-. iS
stftte functions are held'
HUNflNGIS ifiltSttf
Nine Men Krited "andThirty-three,
Wounded} Ip Qhl.o. 'i
Cleveland, Dec '5—"The"twenty-dayr
Rabbit hunting season In Ohio„1?which
vegan JMov. 15, has cost nine1 lives.
In addition thirty-three have Ijeen
iwounded- A large proportion-oftbese'
have lost ajj eye, an arnii a luml or
H. leg In the^tnaay aecidents.#"
''^prs5 Sun to' Vlsit 'UH'ite^ Stated
fiteattlfe, Dec. i--~Inat)fl^cttona were
received from 'Washington by the sus-i
T$«y ^ere.'the'CorSf'A., Butcher Boy^oms Abd^imiol'gj^^ion-^fflcers to pre
end Tyler.' TJie vessels were covered^pare for.^fe ,a«slal df Dr. Sun Yat
gen H:ov^o*l&tonal mident of the
with Ice, hut Jfe good condition, despite1
itiSlrxi&gb n#agjt1fron) Northern lake
Cheese is,^pected
MA Taft Comea Out
Aichmoii'd Va,, "Dec
resolution repudiating the remarks:
Governor Blease of South Carolina in
support of lynch law was adopted by
the gov&nio*3fe.*confer6nce by a vote
Of 14 to
Governor Blease, defending himself,
snapping his 'fihgers in the faces W
the other governors and emphatically
declaring that: be cared not one whit
what the conference did or Jeft un
The conferencS) appointed a cont^
mittee of five to draft uniform state
leglslatlon under which old etyle farm
mortgages could be replaced witta
short or long term 'tarm bonds. A'
chain of new state fianks throughout
the country to he authorised by the
various legislatures tinder a uniform
law-and a listing tot the bonds on
stock exchanges are" contemplated.
-1WH make no further effert*.' to*^#!
congress reduce th» tariff.' to »w
•rat" message to congress the preiti
dent clearly indicated his i&tenttot^&r
lefcvin^ further tariff revlsiop to Mr.
WUMtt-and the coogrdaa jiist ^ected.
"Now that a new congress ha| been
elected on a platform of tariff
revenue only. rather than a protmti|^|
iwlff. |uod is to revise the U^UpMi
^hat Ifwtl#," said the presides^ .*3tfls'
eedlese for me to occupy the
mgresa with arguments or
^n^ne&dimoiis In fawor »of ft^ProtMUm
This piessage, the second Bunmlttgd
liy the pMBldent sincf the present *aes
fton began, will be hls last of{a gen
eral character. It dealt With every
the government except
the state department, recommended
mdoh q? ^he legislation which'MrftTaft
prevloi sly had urged upon the 4ttnn
tlon at congress, and too£ up-and,dis
cussed W length several subjecbtoom
paratJvelf naif.
Opposes Philippine independence.
Mr. Taft came out strongly against
Independence for the Philippines pro
posed, he said, In a bill BOW before
oongrese. He deprecated the n«w pol
icy of one battleship a year instead of
two, and favored building three this
year. He: endorsed again the Scheme.
of currency reform proposed by the
national monetary commission^
He deolared that no radical change
la. the Sherman antl-truBt law was
needed and praised the supreme court
for its recently announced change in
rules of equity procedure.. In time con
fection the president asked congress
to formuiate rules of: procedure under
the common law in federal courts and
predicted* that such action would facili
tate Ittatlce In those courts gsd reduce
the cost of litigation to the publio,*.r
The Panama- canal was dlsmiseed ln
few VordB, the president proghe&y
tng its opening in the'latter i«ilf of
Ut8. He took occasion, however, to
leelare that congress should rtward
Ufe work of Colonel Ooethal* Vy an
kppolmtment -as major general-: with
the provision that he become ehlet of
•qgineers when the term of th^nres
wt incumbent expires.
Democrats to Change TarlW^Erom
"Agate to.
Washington, Dec, 7.—"\vfw going"'
ta revise the tariff frojji agate, to
tine," ^aaid Minority Leader Under
irood at the White House. He Said
ih»:: meeting of the^way* and means
lommittee ot the house, echeduled for
Mxt week, would be held merely to
letermlne when hearings should be
gin. A full opportunity to be' heard
fill be glven every Interest affected,
said.: Mr, Underwood -talked with
President Taft. but not about the tariff.
EjLrly action in the hteuse on the
lurftett immigration bill, prescribing*
in illiteracy test, was predicted by
Shaiman Burnett' of the Immlgnitlon
lommittee, who announced that the
mie* committee was prepared 4o bring
a special rule under whlph the bill
»uld be passed, when it Would sot
Bterfere with appropriation bills. 8e
teserted that at least 260 members »f
the house w^re -pledged to the
ut c,rtl
Conference 4o Be Held In King
George's London Residence.
'Xdndon, Dec, 8.—'It was 6ftt$airy
decided- that the Balkan peace con1
ference to begin Friday* Dec. 13, wpuld
be held in St. James palace. The pat
ace is the official residence of-the king
Jap Premier Favors
Hermit Empire.
Tofelo, Dec. 8.-^9 premier It Was
lelleved here General Count Terauchl
*111 more vigorously prosecute the
Coreiah policy thai he pursued as gov
ernor general of that dependency.
,, It |a Indisputable that the Islands
if Japan now are too crowded for
tomfort. There actually is not, room
tor all the people and more territory
a imperative. One Of Tentuc^l's pet
fojects, it is understood. Is to drive
iU of the Koreans from their country
tnd replace them with Japanese
JL. of
fosentlial Witness Make* Q]
Stop at Havana.
Havana, Deo^.- '8.—Brldgie
Sie'ttf the'infornpere at the
srnrder trial, "Vho acrired
fVedhesday, has departaft on-'the same
ressel for :New York. J--
Th& reason given* '4ot jnis
t«s thai he fead.been threat
%. Two KRIed In E
Holland, "Tex.,
JPilllartti wftp shot
rouaded byr3(fat Armstrong
ihot arid kliled hitrwAf.
4, i|
va« a ^on-ftfdaw-or Sa^p
family dispute is
doated 'the tragedy.
dpated 'the tragedy.
-A 0
ly Quarrel.
billed and his
.Was seriously
6 PCft*
_. to
1 1
these goods ^ape^Jlugi
About The Meat QuMfbn ..
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and you"can1 bet yonr last dollar that-It la the flnhat l«d.
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pound pn this $»e{
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paying throng #Hce for
when youjcAabuy:
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fta* strength, aad ^rpms,!
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money lf you will come into tdUtore and
have gottMjme Idea from,0^r,a4verttein
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on. f- \*f.

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