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-J, Vri
The past week has been a cold one,
Ihs coldest we believe, for a week in
December, in our seven years of ex
perience in South Dakota.
fn December, 1909, I And a record of
a coid spell of weather the fore pari
of the month with a low record of 12
below and another cold spell the mid
dle of the month with a lowest record
of 16 below, and on the 29th a record
of 25 below.
December, 1010, seems to show a
fairly warm month with a short r.ild
etreak about the 23rd of the month
with only two times below the cipl.er
iind the lower 10 degrees.
In 1911 the winter of intense cild! Lear
111 January when the mercury lay
around in the bulb of most of om
thermometers for days, starting on
December 25, and staying below zero
almost continuously until January 21,
the IoweRt record for December is IS
degrees below zero.
In 1912, the coldest part, of the
month of December occurred from the
Cth to the 9th of the month, the low
est recorded temperature being 14
1913 seems to have given us a very
fine December with only a short cold
spell the 20th and again a day or two
tbe 26th. The lowest record was 13
Lelow zero.
The record, as per our book, thd
past week is:
Morn. Noon Eve.
Bunday.Dec. 13
—8 4 10
—24 3
—14 —4 —14
—28 1 —14
—10 12 2
—2 12 —5
Ben Oqulst was in the Lake City
Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Oquist are
quite cozy Blnce putting on the little
nddition to their temporary quarters.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Wheelock are
expecting their son Al and his recent
ly weeded wife. Al was married at
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, about
a half a year ago. "We have two
daughters by marriage," said Mr.
'.Wheelock, "wife and I have never
aeen-^-Al's wife and Dick's wife."
Mr. Richard Wheelock is practicing
medicine in North Dakota near the
Canadian line.
We intended last week to speak of
the honor, for a great honor It is,
which recently came to Mr. J. R.
Eastwood of our city, now in Chicago
studying music, in being chosen as a
member of the singers to visit the
canal zone and the city of Panama.
The Y. M. C. A. of the city of Panama,
it seems, sends to this country each
winter for some fine talent to visit
their city and give them some con
certs. If we were to get a chance
like this one we would think we
were quite honored. And Indeed the
chance, trip and all, Is a prize.
Harry Basse attended the meeting
of the stockholders of the Whooley.
Packing company. We also noticed
H. C. Tigner, Joe Purcell, Chas. Wel
lington, HI. H. Oleson, Geo. Croft from
this way. Mr. John Reintsma was in.
the city with Mr. Crott
.Bert Lewis says he thought a man's
courting days came before marriage
but this is not always so that
he is having his hardest spell of it
right aow.
John Chultz, who with his family,
recently moved to Minnesota, is back
looking for a place to purchase. He
visited Al Tessier with this is mind
Thursday, but we hare not heard that
Al sold the place. They are bound
to come back to "South Dakota, eaid
Perry Burk at Che Ladies Aid lunch
Served by Mrs. George Croft Thurs
day. .'It reminds me of the story of
tins two gentlemen "who lauded, for
tunately, in heaveit They were be
ing shown around by a guide, coining
apon a couple of fellows la balls and
chains, they began to express their
great surprise to see anybody is
heaven tied down by such a thing as
ball aad chain. 'Oh, that's all
rijgfet,' mid the guide,' they are a
couple of folks from South Dakota
and w* have to fix them this way to
£r-"» iheig from going back there.'"
7j!a Wr. Sam Phrcell at thfe game
to tfarsft*.
tfcat a mb» law was out to be in force
^Jjuiujoy t, 1915, compelling all Forft
VerjwSn Porter visited Miss Walsh'i"^leuee# and sweet BjemoHeK.
took lie «ai». lor TErtrls
Saturday Carbon, from there intend
ing "feu t^ Cresc©, Iowa, to spend
S|', 3te.
"|rWn Mre. Ives last sad Mrs.
Toaster on* fronji "Mrs, Ed son. FVom
th^lottew -»yfc le«,n. Mr. m4
Ura. Edsoti are now guests oMar. &h<*
*Mwp Ivw at: Braodsvine,: Mo. that
they lift# the country fine and quite
.likely "WlH buy and locate In the
'M Al Teissler iB not afraid to put hte
V^uto' Into this snow. Mrs. Tessler,
,v®SlsaMi Bva'and Celeste and hlw«w
^Vcfo In the c'ty with t^e our Friday.
Mr. and Mrs Toms spent Friday
uight with Mr and Mrs. O. A. Tracy
In the dt Mir. Toms also went
HAonday night In the city,
The young folks at the '8Ved
Schwe^ndt home have been on the sick
list' the past week. The Christmas
.drogMLitt to have been given last we£k
Friday evening was deferred uutU tho
flrat of this week 011 this account.
Mr John ghultz took the C. und N.
& i&V'-wTiot from Kampeska Tjie*dtfy at
ter spending a fer days wltfc relatft'es
friends. £Ie Ip returnluk tu his
tfoorhoad, Mteu., where he
tbe 5PW
jj v* *t that j»Uce brt lam
muktr^ti ni1*
He boegh
mid out.
86d th%
family. We understand Mr. Tessier
contemplates retiring from the farm
ing business. Perhaps will move to
Rockford, III., where relatives reside
"Again," says Al, "f may locate in
We can but. recommend the spirit
of the recent message of the presi
dent to congress. Not a large stand
ing army but ships to carry our com
mercii and to measure tip to our en
larging world market.
And here's wishing you all, dear
renders, most sincerely, a most merry,
happy holiday season.
,?oeB' ne.w
To you. and you, 1 give the message! at Scharn's as a surprise. The even-
sweet of "peace on earth, good will
toward men,'' and greet you each and
every one.
The Grover band concert and bas
ket social was a howling success.
The band boys were greeted by a
large crowd last Wednesday night.
They rendered some fine selections
and furnished the ladies with hot cof
fee for their well filled baskets of
lunch. The highest basket sold for
$3.50, in all amounting to $81.95. The
Grover band is the biggest band in
Codington county, but it is not the
best. At any rate the county as well
as this community can well be proud
of such a band. There is a demand
for a return engagement and when
that time arrives the band boys will
be greeted with all of Grover's pop
ulation. Those who were privileged
to hear the program are loud in their
praise for the splendid entertainment
It was the first entertainment we
have heard of its kind and the best
concert we have had. The music they
give is good but of the popular sort.
Mr. Emil Pinholt has promised the
boys a band stand for the coming
summer and they will give a
band concert once a week and each
concert is not to take less than one
hour's time. Everyone is cordially
invited to attend these band concerts.
Mrs. John Lebert was doing Christ
mas shopping in the city last Thurs
day. She made the trip by rail.
Fred Benthin was seen shopping 'n
the city Saturday.
The school entertainment in the
Pelican district last Friday evening
was a grand success. Everybody was
glad to see old Santa Claus and he
played his part with credit. The
scholars each did splendidly. HetV
bert Klatt, Violette Lebert and Lillle
Loesch each spoke. The entertain
ment closed with many instrumental
selections by Benthin and Hendricks.
Aug Klatt traded his cutter for'a
We have all kinds of roads in this
vicinity—for sleighing, wheeling and
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Zamow and son
autoed to the city, last Thursday,
Julius Thiede has gone on a trip
to Mcintosh, S. D., to visit with his
bachelor friend, Albert Suiter, who is
there holding down a claim and a
real high old time is anticipated.
Peter 8cherer had a very painful
wrist, but is
better at this writ­
ing. A few neighbors butchered at
Mr. Scherer's. Three porkers and
two beefs were slaughtered.
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Kalus and fam
ily and Mrs. Kate Scott and family
attended the school entertainment in
the Pelican school district.
Herman Evenson has a little trou
hto wlth his well, the sand raising in
Aug. Klatt, Asa Lebert and Peter
Loesch attended the Whooley Pack
ing company meetings, Mr. Loeach
doing committee work.
Teddy, the painter, feels like a new
man since ho had a tussle with la
Peter Scherer and daughter, Cora,
are down at present with la grippe.
Mr, and Mrs. Albert Thiede were
lb the city doing Christmas shopping.
Owing to the snow storm Sunday
morning, only a small crowd attended
the morning service at the German
Winter begin today (Dec. 22) at
10 o'clock and 23 minutes, and lasts
86 days and 28 minutes.- But we can
BOt WGipl^lQ of dsar 9l| Autumn.
btoa eicepilemally fine and
stayed with us almost until old Mr.
December wia r&ady to sway his ley
W season, so foil of happy exper-
Here's wtehlng you a happy and a
successful New Yeart
MorrjLXhristmas and Happy
The "corn poppers" wwit at Moxk
Thur«day (fVWiteg.
Hagen has "been: on the Bit*
list, but is somewhat better now.
Mb and Mrs. Peter L«e arrived
from Aberdeen last week to spend
the holidays with relatives.
.Miss Mary Hegna has been doing
Mine sewing at the H._ 0. Johnson
home tbe past week.
Mflvln Peterson and- Mtsa Bertina
Tufte attended the ,«ocl«l 4. the
Evenson hone the lOtfe.
Mrs. Wiheto spent Thursday
noon at Jackson's.
Several from here attended the
dance at "Wallas® Friday. They re*
jfcrt a good time
Arthur Thoe, of Braitiartl', Minn,
is visiting with his uniftle, Kuute Thoe
and family.
P. J. Muivson and Han* Ustrud at
tended the Gratnd Dealers' associa
tion meeting at Aberdeen last week,
Henry Elk arrived from Vermillion
Saturday evening to upend Christmas
frith home folks.
Mra. A. h. JaokMrn^an^ Vtti spent
Saturday and Sunday at Webster.
Orlando and lues Munsoa,
Ustrud. Clara and: ISnam*
Josie Fosse, Com aad Agnes Tho«
arrived home from thfitr respect!
'winter Quarters to. w}Way»
The scribe wishes you all a Merry
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Bonie frotn
Mu lligan, are residing on the Living
ston ranch.
Mrs. A. Scliarn and family, Arthur
Jurg?nsen and Bruno Achterberg
were Tuesday evening visitors at the
llohcrt Schull home.
Messrs. Clifford Conner and Emil
Scharn spent Thursday night with
the Schull boys.
Misses Minnie and Fenna Jutting
held a pleasant surprise on their
PELICAN. father and mother Friday evening.
Christmas Cheer. There were forty-live guesta present
To you who read these lines, I A delicious lap supper was served.
I wish you cheer! We've reached the The guests departed at an early hour,
lend of the old year—December days each thinking the evening was de
are gloomy, cold and drear. The old lightfully spent.
is almost here. I About thirty young folks gathered
ing was spent dancing. At midnight
a lunch was served to the guests.
A large number of Appleyits were
Christmas shoppers Saturday.
Messrs. Harry Jur^ensen, Emil
Scharn and Matt and Emmett Zerfas
spent Sunday at Schull's.
The Appleby school and school dis
trict No. 4 will have a two weeks'
vacation, the Appleby school start
ing again January 4.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wolter spent
Friday evening with Mr. and Mrs.
Clyde Wess.
William Selchert, of South Shore,
spent Sunday with Herman Wolter
and family.
Raleigh Conner has returned home
Friday after a visit with friends and
relatives in Coon Rapids, Iowa.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Krull and sons
have returned home after spending
two weeks visiting friends and rela
tives in Willow Lakes and Pierre.
Bruno Achterberg had the misfor
tune to lose one of his work horses
L. Conner and son, Raleigh, wehe
Castlewood visitors Monday.
Messrs. Jack and George Reichling
spent Sunday at the L. Conner home.
Fred Coffey autoed to Watertown
Saturday evening.
Anna Skogstad was at Watertown
H. D. White Is spending his Christ
mas vacation with his parents at Del
mont, S. D.
Miss Holllday, Tenney and Ustrud
are spending their Christmas vacation
at their respective homes at Water
Pearl and Olive Smith are spending
their vacation at home.
Mrs. Weeks, who has been visiting
at the Herman Stee home, returned to
her home at Watertown last Wednes
H. Stee and A. C. Burnstad tran
sacted business at Watertown lasf
Mrs. NommensOn spent Friday in
Watertown with relatives.
Iva Best, Constance Hagen, Maggie
Johnston, Bertie Smith and Ada Nls
bet,, who are attending Normal at Ab
erdeen, are spending their Christmas
vacation at home.
Alice Huppler, who is attending
high school at Watertown is spending
her Christmas vacation at home.
Mrs. J. J. Ford, of Bristol, was vis
iting friends here Saturday.
Edith Nisbet is visiting, at the home
of her father near Wallace.
A. 0. Burnstad is visiting relatives
at WJUmar, Minn.
Mrs. Fred Walkbw was at Crocker
last week with her husband'.
Herman Gerhard spent Sunday in
Watertown with relatives.
Fred Walkow spent Sunday at his
home hese.
Mark McQabe, who attends college
at Dubuque, Iowa, returned home
.Monday to spend his Christmas vaca
tion at home.
A. O. skogstad transacted business
at Watertown Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, who have
been visiting friends at Redfteld re
turned home Monday,
Julia and Agnes Riatvedt have re
turned from Northfleld, Minn., where
they have been attending college, to
spend their Christmas vacation at
Itfr8. Bert Leonard aria children,
-Who have been visiting rel&tiVeti and
friettdB In Waterto^A, returned to
their home last Monday,
Mr. and Mrs. John StMBJJ are via
itlng at the home of Mr. C: 6. Kdllogg.
A baby boy was bOlrtt to Mr. and
Mrs. Vern Olds taM Saturday
Mr, Smith Bobbins was a business
caller In the city last Saturday.
Miss Doris Babcock has been on
th« gkft Met this week.
ftoy Barclay iVlday In Wa
tertdttft business,
Ur, L. Walsh has returned to
h\s home aftsr^lsittng for some tlwe
at the' home of his sister, Mrs. Sen
drew ,Daley,
Mr. and Mrs. Stroup wsre-ilhopplng
in town ottfe day last week.
Bruce Babcock. "who Is attending
School In town, la spending the Christ
ina# holidays with his parents at Ken
uelworth farm. •.
Mra* I. Kobblns, ^bo haa been^aulte
Hi W much Improved In health.
Andre* Daley and family are spend
ing' Christmas day In "Watertown at
the horn? of Mr. Sffld Mrti. -W.
A Christmas program was given by
the school to district No. 3, after
which the school closed for a week
of vacatfttk.
Vera Olds vmt' to Watertown on
business test Satntday.
^Kr, and Mrs, Emil Boms are the
psowota fcata? hoy boti* last
preston Walsh ia visiting at Lake
Vt«w d«rl)H|v Chrtatmaa holi
Stiv'l" "S
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hackbart were
shopping in Watertown Monday.
Miss Doris Mon'ahan was reported
on the sick list Tuesday and there
fore unable to attend school.
A little snow fell Tuesday accom
panied by a right smart south wind
and left the roadB bad for auto drives.
Although disagreeable, it's more like
Christmas if it's cold and snowy.
The Misses Hilda Michaels, Bessie
Anderson, llah Monahan and Effie
Mitchell were, shopping in Watertown
The oyster supper and sale given
by the Ladies Aid of the north at the,
old Strouseton store Saturday even
ing was quite well attended. About
$23.50 was taken in.
Edward Nelson was a business vis*
itor in Watertown Monday.
Miss Bertha Beskow is reported on
the sick list.
Mr. and Mrs. S. D.. Monahan were
shopping and visiting friends in Wa
tertwn the fore part of the week.
The program and basket social giv
en by Miss Bessie Anderson and the
Pupils of district No. 23 Friday Even
ing was quite well attended and a
pleasant time reported. About $15.00
was realized.
Fred Stroup, Jr., who has been
working down around' Sioux Falls for
some time, returned Sunday evening.
A Merry, Merry Christmas to all!
The Schwandt family Is having a
tussle with something next thing to
pneUmonia, but we are glad to say
they are on the mend.
Well, Jack Frost bites pretty hard
but he brings merry Christmas bells
which we all enjoy.
-The F. B. Rowley family are also
among the ailing.
,Mr, and Mrs. Wm. Ostrander and
little William were callers at the B.
G. Lewis home Monday.
Miss Edith Savage will close her
school Wednesday afternoon with a
Christiana tree and program, and will
spend the vacation in the city at the
home of her mother.
in Sndtyh°atetending6 court
Lith hL ^rpntl
'Well, etlcc aaore, a Merry Christ
mas. Good bight
Oatffc Mistake the Cause tof "Your
^Troubles. A Watertown Jlt
Uen Gives a Hint.
jrajiy1 people never suspect their
kifltoeys. If sutterlng itom a lant^i"
weik"' or aching back they think that
ItS^Wtly a muscular weakness when
nrltry trouble seta In they4 think It
will soon,, correct itself,,. And so Is
with, all the qthfer symptoms, of kld
neSTdlsordora, That Is where dang»
ofrttf lies- You should reall% thi
th4#»"tlWuble8 often lead to dropsy -*^r
Byfeht'r disease. An effective dem
edsf'top weak or diseased kidneys is
Doin's Kidney Pills. Read Hhfe
peM^uce of a resident of Watertown
wh» liaiB- tested Doan'a, •.'-• U-
A. w. Arnold, farmer, ft. F,. JDi «o.
2,lbo* No. 6$,- Watertown.
Kidney Pills have oftep b^en
tal^ to my family and have proven
to "be. th? tight kind of a,household
ism&lpw a«t
Y^e extend the season's greetings
and wish you and those whose
happiness is yours a full measure of
Christmas joy and success for the
New Year.
Hentges Clothing Company.
Joe Hentges
John Hentges
Ed. Hentges
Lon MacDowell
Jerry Dore
Frank Mutchler
Agnes Kelly
P. H. Moller and family spent Sat
urday in Watertown shopping and
visiting friends.
E. Blankenburg and wife arrived
home Tuesday morning after several
days' visit in Minneapolis.
S. D. Boyd and family left Wednes
day for Iowa to spend Christmas
with Mr. Boyd's parents.
Dr. Eddy came home Tuesday
morning from his claim in Montana.
Vick Hubbard, Hilfred Johnson,
Avis and Verda Hubbard were in
Watertown Friday.
The Bryant high school basket ball
team $ame up Friday night and play
ed a game which resulted in a score
of 39 to 25 in favor of the locals. The
Henry boys had to do some pretty
lively work in order to defeat the
opposin gteam.
Miss Laura Avis went to Water
town Saturday to do her Christmas
shopping before going to her home
in Garden City.
Milton McKay and Leland Hanson
left Thursday morning for their
homes to spend Christmas. Milton
goes to Orient and Leland to Frank
Mrs. Cosgrove and Grace left, this
morning for St Peter, Minnesota, to
spend Christmas with the former's
son, Bert, and family. From there
Mrs. Cosgrove expects to accompany
her sister to Florida to spend the
winter months.
Miss Amy Hurlbut and Paul Dan
forth left Friday evening for their
homes in Frankfort to spend their
vacatiou. -E
The busy season will soon be over
,j» iu*. wiii .««!• aaj kA I have admitted the initial attack, O
though entirely In innocence, we have
furnished space for the reply, and
now comes th$ rejoinder. Wei: hope,.
h6wever, that the contending forces'
and the children "will rejoice atid be
ready for the rest of the school In
good trim.
tteorgs Lewis was a guest-at the
liE' „A r. »..«»- ^r toothpicks and decayed hen fruit
W* Rf^erts Ed Scheeta went
at flfty paces.
(Little did we dream when We first
admitted Reference to a charivari
party at Kranzburg into the columns
of this great but modest family jour
nal, that the editorial seat was on the
brink of. a volcanic eruption that bids
fair to sweep the gigantic war in Eu
rope off the front page of the great
dailies for a fej? days! It is to be
hoped that the warring elements at
Kranzburg "will apprise us of the near
approach of the terrible conflict, no
that our photographers and special
correspondents, may previously get
themselves perched upon the tree-
and that the Red Cross
I'« be notified to be on hand with
WPh-- B®rt Lewis a»d children were bandages and stretchers.—Editor.)
guests at the home o! her parents a
few days the paftt Week. Ed Smith)
Th Rei0|ndeP,
ilSo inL ww ninsixi tohnni will say that we were surprised to
»-!f them so haughty, although w9
fo||ihe vacatlon Mda.y wlth a fine
answer to the Hungry Bunch, we
know and
will admit that we exagseiS
ated a trifle We wil1 ftlB0
^we were error in our remarks about
running your faces at tbe brewery,
for upon inquiry we are informed thai
your faces are still good and your
patronage not a little.
aflmit that
It's too long to tell in' full detail,
and perhapsv'lt doesn't matter much,
anyway, but let us recapitulate, aa it
were, and then let us have done with"
A young couple settl^s in the neigh
borhood and Is welcomed, by a: chadv
arl party, a portion of whom are en
tire strangers to the newly married.
In the course of the event, It was sug
gested that eertaln cash with which
to secure certain liquid refrftBhments
was about tte, prop^ thts%|
dollars was demanded, but this w8b
refused, whereupc«i thf young man
IT 18 NOW TlMfe TO. fcLAN YOU*
V-L-" ftup
To See th*
Wonderful jCaltfornta Exposition*
Enjoy -the Delightful Clmato Of Call,
fbrrii* During the WJ'ntwr Month*
Greatly reduced J*JU»d trip rates,
granting a choics of routes, with fav-
|Sfyv Kpe atwayf h&Vf them oa^raMe stopover privileges and llberal
tot. Bttaclai''ot
return limit effect for those
help you plan your trip aad
sra ^^tlcttkrs, ahd supjdy you with
atfeaaAelv {nnstrated prtut«?d matter
iHeaBteg the
-.."Mgr. aw., ti^ti^^.,aifea^i»
But why go further into details?
But let me ask, however, why, in
signing your names, all the names
were not affixed? Was it because
there was not-sufficeient room on the
page, or was it because some of the
parties concerned felt chap?
1 note that some of the Hungry
Bunch are capable of holding offices,
and so on, arid I have figured out that
in 23 years not one of them will have
to pound tin cans for a living.
Regarding my failure to sigi^ my
name, let me say that it is not cus
tomary for. correspondents to do so.
If, nevertheless, the Hungry Bunch
wishes to ascertain my identity, let
them write Box 44, at Kranzburg, and
they wiU. find outr
Assuring them that I think some
of their faces would be an ornament
in the Hall of Fame, even if entirely,
out of place In the Rogue's Gallery*
and wishing them an unmolested life
and hoping that their pathway may
be strewn with sunflowers and hay
seed, I beg to remain their most af
fectionate friend,
j—Regular Correspondent
Default having accrued and the con
ditions of the mortgage hereinafter
described having been broken in that
Bald mortgagor has failed to pay the
debt thereby secured when due or it
any time, the mortgage, referred to
being one given and delivered by C.T.
Jjfan, mortgagor, to Tbe First Na
tional Bank of Watertown, S. D., a
corporation/ which is the owner and
holder thereof end .of the debt there
by secured, which mortgage 1s dated
January 2lst, 1913, and secures the,
payment of one note upon which there
ie.due at the date of this notice the!
sum of Seven Hundred ..thfry-nlne
Dollat^ and Seventy Cents ($739.70).
and In which mortgage the property
aeeuykig said debt Is described as fol
lows: "All the restaurant fixtures,
bought this day of O. W. Baughman
and now located In the Dr. Tarbell
building on Oak Street consisting
principally of tables, chairs, refrlger-j
ators, dishes, piano, cash register,!
adding machine,' candy CMe&i -ranges
wall caaes, typewriter, desks and all,
otbar articles too numerous to men-i
£$» used in the Old Annex restaurant,
except the soda fountain and the:
back, bar to same. Also all tables,
chairs, dMhe^, Counters, ranges, re
frigerators and all other articles now
used In tbe restaurant known as the
hlhilty Cafe, including silverware and
table -Sneui 'Wish register, etc?" Also
all -fixtures or furniture which may
$6 horeafter added".
No^,r therefore, to sagafy. the said
Aabl so wcurtsd, th* abo*? wSwtgage
will te foreclostfd and the property
tberein described wtll be. sold *to' tbe
highest bidder for cferjke sheriff
Sxtd' 4*r. Jaauarn J916. beginning
at Ifefer'lHmr 4en p„ a*.
s* A&t
Why have I builded me cities fair
With castle and humble cot i
Why did I plant and garner with care
Earth's treasures so hardly got I
Why did I mine her precious gold
And fashion me .jewels rare?
Or why did I hew her forests old,
And build highways and harbors there?
The Soulless cities stand sadly grand
And stilled the harp and lute,
No voices echo 'er the Strand,,
For human throats are mute.
Only the whispering ghostly wind
In the tall towers' ruins sigh.
And I alone of all my kind
Am left, and ever asking "Why?"
Watertown, S. D., Dec. 24, 1914.
was informed that none of the bunch
would' assist him in his threshing next
fall, nor would they say "Good morn
ing" in meeting him on the highways.
The check for $2.50 which he gave
was afterwards deposited in his letter
box, as being insufficient, it is pre
sumed, to pay for the beer required
to wash off the welcome.
The next week another young cou
ple was the subject of a charivari and
in this event the couple mentioned in
the preceding paragraphs was again
insulted. I suppose the second young
man paid enough to quench that aw
ful thirst.
It has occurred to me that had the
first-mentioned visit been for the pur
pose of wishing the young people
good luck, the amount contributed
would not have entered Into the tran
saction, but It seems that when they
did not get what they demanded their
loving disposition turned to malice.
KaUoaal Bank of "Wa.
*vV *.
Why did I gather the mind's best thought
Of the Artist in pictures rich
Or of Sculptors' gift so nobly wrought
To adorn each Cathedral's niche"
Of what avail is charity's lore T*"
Of conquered disease and sin
If I have loosed my dogs of war
And the snarling brutes rush in?
If all my people are filled with -hate
And children are left to die,
If wives and mothers meet awful fate
And the feeble shall helpless cry?
And I alone am left to gaze
On the waste of life and mourn
That unleashed passion's fearful craze
Has manhood's flower so rudely torn—
If famine and sword and anguish
Shall take their toll- of spoils
Of what avail to languish
Through Humanity's endless toils?
Bernice Smith Hagman.
Local Happening
Miss Vera Helblng, attending 1
Dakota Wesleyan university, is ho'
for the holidays.
MIbs Ruth Dougherty, attending 1
state university at Vermillion,
home for the Christmas holidays.
J. A. Paterson, the west-side coui
commissioner, was transacting bU
ness in the county capital yesterdj
Have the Sterling Egg coal wag
deliver you the next 'load of cfl
Hayes-Lucas Lumber Co. Xdv. 28
Miss Jennie Nicholson, pursuing
cbttrse at the state university,
spending the holiday season with
parents and friends in this city.
Some people have been fearing tti
Christmas wouldn't/ be cold epouj
to seem like Christmas, but they ha
another think coming now.
When you want real good, cla
soft coal, call for "Sterling Egg." So
exclusively by Hayes-Lucas Lumb
Co. Adv. 28
At a recent meeting of the Chrii
lan Scientists of the city, Mr. W.
Dean was chosen first reader
the ensuing year and Mrs, E.
Wheelock second reader. The otl
officials were continued as heretof]
Mr. George W. Case has served'
first reader, for the past three yeas
and the rules precluded his contln
ing in that capacity after havij
served for that length of time.
The Saturday News has a spec!
feature in Its advertising columns
pages 4 and 6.. Perhaps some of tl
younger readers may bp interest*
in solving the problem therein co
tained. The scheme is the produ
of the brain of the Saturday Net*
advertising man, and if you happc
to be thec winner of one of the priz
"lay it" to him.
Charlie Williams^ is reported
have been niarboned on an island
ice on Kampeska, and it is said th:
he was rescued only through the se
man&hip of Captain Billy after Cba
lie's other half discovered the cau
of all her woes wandering.
about on tbe congealed liquid, vain
seeking whither he' might escape fro
certain doom. But that's only a yai
—-this report that Charlie wafl ever
danger. If worse had come to wow
•he would have dropped to the bed
the lake and would have wa^ed
thfc beach, gnawing a hole ^thrjom
the shore ice with bis teeth.
and the Gulf Coast
Is nea? and offers splendid at
traettofrs to winter tourists,.'
Low Rates ll
Tickets on sale daily to Jack
sonville, New Orleans, Mo-''
bile, St. Augustine, Palm
4*£e&ch, Orlando, Tampa, Mi
,ami, Havana and many other
Favorable stop-ofvers, chojcft'-1
of scenic frdUtes, Hberal re.'.
turn limits.
"You arrive {ft Chicago at XSfa 5
palatial new. Passenger Tot-'
mlnal. Convenient connec
tions with fast tralns"on all'
aoutMro lines.,
The Beit atEviirytltta^?i|l
rates and pskrtl«il«»
,f jin'-vticlt^i agente

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