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Special Attention to Collections and
Bankruptcy Matters.
Offices 8 and 9 Lamm Block.
Telephone 2525 Watertown, S. D.
Local I, appenings
Mrs. Frank E. Owsley is
visiting old-time friends.
L. N. Scliulner has returned
visit with friends in the twin
from a
Mi A Foley has returned from
the t^in cities where she visited
G. Koenig and family returned
last week from' their extended "auto
mobile trip.
Florence Finnerud left the first
of the week, to begin a course in Rock
ford College, Illinois, V*
DeVillo Bannister has returned to
Iowa City to resume his studies in the
Iowa state university.
Mrs. Geo. Pettit was summoned to
Iowa last week on account .of the
sickness of her sister.
Drs. C. E. and Dell Schoolcraft,
Graduates of Osteopathy, Medicine
and Surgery and Chiropractor. 107J^
N. Broadway, Watertown, S. D. 30tf
Hicks is quoted as predicting an
early fall—snow and ice during the
latter part of this month. -W
Martin Belatti returned last Friday
from the twin cities where he had at
tended the Minnesota state fair.
Miss Grace McBath left the fore
part of the week for Minneapolis to
oegin a course at the School of
Rolla "W, Gray, R. G. Williams and
Donald Bannister went to Huron via
FUto the fore part of the week to at
tend the state fair.
Rc|bort Schull. formci-lv couniy
•commissioner, has a cro« of thirty
acres of potatote whtoh are reported
to be good in yield.
Dr, and Mrs. W. G. Magee left last
week for Waterloo, la., where the
•doctor was called on account of the
illness of his father.
J. W. Stayder has commenced the
erection of two cottages in the north
eastern part of the town which will
be for rent when completed.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Huntzicber have
as guests at their home Mrs. Chris
Dinger, Miss Emma Seymore and Miss
Ethel Biersheid, of Melvin, Wis
Lon MacDowell was elected a mem
"ber of the board of directors of the
^lothijng men'*te association a* the
state, recently in session at Sioux
If HickS^'ad said that the fore part
of the month would be "wet" he'd
have hit it,_ regardless of whether his
predictions respecting the latter part
are well founded.
The Mimnaugh cigar and confec
tionery store has been moved from the
a Goes block to the Wiser block, on
Kemp avenue, near the Water town
•i Steam Laundry plant.
we haven't shot many game
'4 b^ds yet this year, sonny. Fact is,
Uncle Ross hasn't had time to fix a
gun with a barrel shaped like the big
-M toass horn in Peck'B band.
YOU WILL NEED US, if you are
pai^culaj (about your doal. Use
SEMI-ANTHRACITE for heat and
ms economy. Good for furnace and
range. Sold by S. H. Bowman Lbr.
Co. 14
The Clark Courier reports that E.
M. Jones, formerly in the drug busi
ness in this city with his brother,
D. F. Jones, attended the fair at
Brookings and drove his racing mare,
Dakota Maid. He won fourth place
in a heat of 2.14%.
If the opening day of the hunting
season was not a good day for duck
flights there won't be any good days
this year, according to the belief of
old timers. The wind blew a gale
iCrom the west, and little imitation
showers" were frequent
State Bank Deposits
Silver Polish
will not injure most delicate finish
It's the Very Best
Gleaner & Polisher ever made
Your money back If not satisfactory.
Chas. F. Halbkat
Jeweler and Scientific
W. J. Dean went to Huron this week
to attend the state fair.
Guy H. McCollum made a business
trip to Milbank this week,-
Dr. H. J. O'Bryan spent a day or so
hunting west of Redfleld this week
Mrs. J. E. Fitzgerald is touring the
Black Hillg in the interests of !the
Degree of Honor. •••.'•
Miss Anna Melham returned a few
days since from North Dakota where
she visited friends.
George Phelps of the Olson-Lee
clothing house made a business trip
to Minneapolis last wee^ ,,
Kenneth Dougherty sprained his an
kle the other day and has been some
what "laid up" since. He was playing:
R. F. Thomas, accompanied by .M.
F. Heintz, of Florence, returned Mon
day morning from a brief business
trip to the twin cities.
Miss Georgia Vaux, who graduated
from the high school last June, will
begin a course next week' in the nor
mal school at Aberdeen.
The fellows tliait. can't wait for the
northern ducks to come down to com
mence decoy shooting find pleasure in
chasing the native game birds.
Among the business men of the 'city
who attended the state fair this week
are John Moodie, H. C. Jesup, Lon
MacDowell, Nate Calmenson and R.
B. Lee.
For Sale—Good second-hand touring
car, in first-class condition, or will
trade for a good Ford. Inquire at
this office. 13tf
E. I. Lampy transacted business in
Arlington the fore part of the week.
He was called there to confer with
the city officials relative to the ensu
ing year's budget.
The county commissioners, at a re
cent meeting, accepted certain bridges
which had been authorized to be
built—one near the Walters place
near Appleby, ^another in German
otwn and the third north of Lake Kam
.. ABE YOTJ READY to avail yourself jot the advan
tages and protection of thi* law? p.-.
For Sale—Two well matched chest
nut horses, weight about 1200. Will
make good work team, flSBt class fam
ily horses, or first class delivery
itorses. F. W Schaller.
1-'$ It costs you nothing individually. Your State Gov
:--irHiment provides the means of absolutely protecting
from any chance.
All the advantages that can be offered yon by other
'a, suqh as.long,.practical experience, conservatism,
nal service, substantial directorate and ample c^p
al areofferedyoabythePECM»LESSAVINGSBAIfK
ith the added Guaranty by the State Guaranty Fund,
Cold? Not at alii
Watch Inspector for Four Railroads
-Good weather for ducks!
Mr, and^Mrs. John Ogg weSt^, to
Kampeska to visit friends over®iin
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Pope, of the
state bank of Garden City, were in
the city last weelc.
The Fourth Regiment band depart
ed Sunday for Ituron where it is play
ing this week for the state^fair. v.
Gordon Best left Sunday evening
for* Northfleld, Minn., where he re
sumes his course in Carleton College.
E. J. Sherin was up from Thomas
the "fore part of the week, attending
to business matter8 and visiting at the
old home.
Woodman & Gormley, following the
completion of the remodeling of the
store front, will install equipment
for serving lunches.
Mifeses Emma and Esther Schnack
enburg returned Monday evening front
a two weeks' visit with relatives and
friends at Vesta, Minn.
Mrs. Grace Cunningham, of Brook
ings, arrived in the city last week for
a brief visit at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas Blinkensop.
Mre. E. D. Rodman, who fia'd been
visiting friends and relatives in May
wood, Neb., returned home last week.
She wag accompanied by her mother,
Mrs. Sprangle, who will sjpind the
winter in this -city.
Sportsmen who went out. Sunday,
tb§ opening day of the hunting sea
son, report but few prairie chickens
in sight. A few hunting squads made
good bags, but the majority found the
picking pretty slim, many of the
sportsmen getting no chickens at all,
turning their attention to ducks after
a few hours in seeking chickens.
Geo, H. Marquis, Lawyer. (Ex-Judge
circuit court.) Heegaard Block. 26tf
Dr. A. C. Stevens," says a report
in a Minneapolis paper, "pastor of the
Trinity Methodist Episcopal church.
St. Paul, has tendered his resignation
to take effect October 1. He will go
to the coast," Dr. Stevens was for
merly pastor of the First Methodist
church in this city, where he has a
large circle of friends who best wishes
will acscompany wherever his lot may
be east.
Striking Pupils Will Hold Parade
is Plan on Flats," are the headlines
in a St. Paul paper of last Monday
evening. It appears that the pupils
of a certain district have declared a
boycott on the school, absolutely re
fusing to attend unless a new Bchool
building is provided. The council
holds that the building of such a
school house ie an impossibility under
existing conditions. But £he strike
goes merrily on, the parents, for the
most part, seeming to have consented
to it,
The farmers in some localities are
cutting their corn, wMch is out of
danger from frost, although many
fields could well stand another we 3k
of pleasant weather. Should a heavs
frost come now some fields would be
considerably damaged.
That ducks are becomifk scarcer
was evidenced on the opening of the
hunting season. Some years ago there
would have been a continuous flight
over the duck passes from daylight
till dark, but-this year the flight was
spasmodic, dwindling to almost noth
ing by sundown.
''We gather from Tlfe Saturday
News," says the Waubay Advocate,
"that a new and powerful influence is
operating there for the religious bene
fit of the community so that it will
hatrdly be necessary to hire any pro
fessional evangelists this winter—so
many Fords are shaking the devil out
of people in that swift city."
?'irhe county board has declined to
appropriate funds for the widening of
the Kemp avenue bridge across the
Sioux river. A committee waited
upon the county board some time ago
and asked that the county lend assist
ance t6 the project, but Hhe state's
attorney has advised that before
the board is authorized to make such
an appropriation, it will be necessary
to receive a petition asking for such
appropriation from two-thirds of the
freeholder living within three miles
of the bridge site.
The Henry Independent pay? a man
well known in Watertown the follow
ing compliment: "Mr. and Mrs.
Mathiesen took their departure Wed
nesday morning for a week or so ab
sence, first taking in the Minnesota
state fair, and a visit with a sister of
Mrs. Mathiesen at Minneapolis, and
thence on to Duluth for a brief out
ing. Tuesday marked the 20th anni
versary of Mathiesen's mercantile ca
reer in Henry, and it is party to cele
brate this event that he and Ms wife
are making the .trip."
The Iroquoi Chief comMMts a.k~ fol
lows on the price of paper: "This
writer was temptfed to lock the Chief
office Friday morning and- go off on a
long vacation upon receiving a bill for
print and poster paper that cost 7%
cents per pound. A little Jag, ordered
for. hand and sale bills and posters,
that could be brought from the depot
en a wheelbarrow, cost $25.01 besides
the freight. The same paper a year
ago would have cost $10.90. If the
limit is nSi reached soon* many print
ing plants will be .closed and many
newspapers suspended^'
The Saturday News' haa^ifflrt of
exclusive clientele in Codington coun
ty,-as. it were. The paper goes into
hundreds of homes on the rural
routes—more homes, Jf 16 believed,
titan any other pape/ in Codington
c&unty regularly visits subscribers
who' pay for the paper bacause they
appreciate w'hat, it contains and are
interested in perusing1 Its numerous
columns, including even the advertise
columns. In a great majority of
tb4jcaeee, the iural route-uffflcrihers
ttafelfig "T)he Saturday IsJew^ pay for
no other Watertown paper. This is
jp&lnter the vrideraV&K? adver-
W illiiot tdte timi
City Auditor H. C. Wood hap submit
ted his report for the fees and licenses
received for the three months of May,
June and July. The total is-$1,144.88.
Fire Chief William McLaughlin re
turned last week' from an extended
trip to attend the convention of fire
chiefs at Providence, R. I. Mr. Mc
Laugfhjlin reports an enjoyable and
profitable time.
-n Miss Beneda Greelis, who taught in
the Babcock school district last year,
and expected to teach there again
this coming year,, recently departed
for Outlook, Mont., where she has ac
cepted a position in the. public school.
l$r, and Mrs- J, P. Vincent are en
tertaining at their home Mrs. I. S.
Davis of Geneva, Neb., who is Mrs.
Vincent's mother. Mrs. Geo. Marr,
Mrs. Jesse Walker and Mr. Clyde
Marr are also guests at the Vincent
home. i--
Mrs. Julian Bennett, wife of the
late judge of the circuit court, accom
panied by Miss Sybil Pritchard, ar
rived from Great Falls, Mont, a few
days since? Mrs, Bennett is a guest
at the honjeot T. H.:
Pritchard. 4"
Bert Downs of Bryant met with a
serious accident the opening day of
the hunting season. He pulled a gun
from a, buggy, when it was discharg
ed, sertously injuring the forearm.
He was brought to a hospital in this
city, where he is recovering nicely.
Mrs.^Xi. M. Courtright, after a visit
In this city at the home of her sou,
C. L. Courtright, departed the fore
part of the week for points in Nortn
Dakota, She expects to spend the
winter at the home of her daughter,
Mrs: Otto Rasmussen, of Easy, N. IX
The Mayor and counoil have adopt'
ed a policy of publicity with regard!
to the city officiate. The city auditor
submits reports tor the fined and f6cs
reeeived, and the police department is:
to- make regular reports concerning
arrest, general conditions respecting
order, etc.
w- Arm*t™og
scribe or explain the quality or service givenf iijur pati
rons, but will let prices speak for us this weeks
6 cans Milk*
6 cans Oil
3 cans Mustard Sardines
3 cans Corn .*/?., 'fe
3 cans Peas .-s frg
3 cans Tomatoes ......
r,, 4
7 bars Bob White Soap^/jsu-J*
Regular 25c package Bird's Eye Matches
3 packages Rubbers for Mason Jars ..
4 packages Flavo-Jell (and it's good)
1 quart jar Pure Strained Honey
1 pint jar Pure Strained Honey
Granulated Sugar, per 100 pounds
Pink Salmon, per can^^?f5?'.T
Navy Beans, per pound
2 cans Peaches, in syrup
2 cans Pears, in syrup
2 cans Plums, in syrup" A
,. ,20c. ,*
hunting trip for both ducks and
chickens, for the fore part of^ the
Ben Peeper, one of the pioneers of
the county, died at the home of his
daughter, Mrs. Joe Miller, last Satur
day morning. The deceased was 79
years of age and had lived on a farm
for many years near Florence His
beloved wife passeci away several
months ago. He is sorvived by six
daughters and oi^ son, the latter,
robert, residing near Florence.
Chief of Police Keegari' t'epor^ to
the mayor that the arrests for the
period from July 24th up to and in
cluding September 5th were 181, of
which 67 paid fines running from $5
to $25 each, and 78 were committed
to jaii Mr. Keegan says the efficien
cy of the department has been ma-,
terially increased tlufough the pur
chase of a patrol automobile.
A new company has been formed
which .contemplates the putting up of
atnew service station. It is known as
the Codington County Oil company,
Messrs. H. S. Fletcher and M. R.
Baskerville being among the chief
parties interested. The site seleoted
adjoins the International Harvster
N. JV,, the ground being 120x150 feet.
The funeral cf Alex Davison, which
was held from the residence on North
rBoadway last Friday afternoon, was
attended by a large concurse of
friends and neighbors. Mr. Davison
was well known throughout the coun
ty, many of his former neighbors in
the vicinity of Kampeska and Henry
being present. The floral flerlnge
were profuse. The remains were laid
to rest in Mount Hope cemetery,^
Miss Jane Keegan, sister, of Chief
of 'Police John Keegan, died at the
home of her brother in this city yes
terday morning. The deceased had
been a sufferer from Bright's disease
tor several years, but she was enabled
to keep house for her brother regular
ly until about three weeks ago, when
'She was compelled to take to tier bed.
Her death, at the time it occurred,
was not unexpected. Miss Keegan
watt an especial favorite tth John,
who, it is said, almost Venerated her
Dr. F. V. O. Brown and, Dr. F. T,
Armstrong, of Si^ux Falls, arrived fnJ
the dlgr last week for a brief hunting
trip **Uh Dr. X.yle S. Spencer. Dr.
Brown-is associated with Dr. Spencer
on the istate board of dental examto-J
tw because of her high- qualities of mind
Dr. gharifis Mayo, th« eminent *ar g&Lth of his ,beloved wife, which Oc
«e»i"^",t^e Rochester hospital, ao- barred m&ny yearn ngo -'In addition
cbmpaitied by his two sons, arrived in to Jjer brother, she leaves a. "lister,
the city Sunday, guests of Dr. and Miss Winnifredt ^eegan, to mourn tl^e
Heart Wu» bad b«t
M. Finnerud- The Kdyor{ departure of a. loving lister and a gin-
For President—
For Congressman—
For GovehioiS— -m*
company's property on First avenue For Lieut. Gtovernor-^p?
Ytf ..... r-A 1 W XJ 'WAVAOfnBB'*
For Secretary of State—
For Attorney General--'
For Auditor—
For' Treasurer—
For Com'r of School and Pub:Xands^
For Supt. of Public Instruction—--sip
County 'and Lepislatlve.
Ftor State Senator—-M
For Representatives—v.
1. C. STEIN "M,
For Treasurer—
For Auditor—
For Sheriff—
For Resdster ef Dfieds
For Cletk of Courts-*-
For Superintendent hi Sihools—' 4
For State's Attotney-^
For County Judges—
PAtTp lit.
Vt» Cormpr—
It. gfifAW 1.
For C6unty Com'r-r^sd DisttJct—
a. ts
"CVi 'V
S- I 1
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