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Local Happenings.
Elmer Carey returned week
t-jAt jwee]ISi
Helen Tarbell departed last
tor Milwaukee, Wis., to visit
J|%y» Davis, for a few
Mr" W" R'
Stowe, who had been
Mrs.) Ciora
.XJvfBonesteel, returned last week to' Hot
-X *-Springs, S. D.
A. 4 ^ev- O. J. Edwards, accompanied' by
son, Benjamin, went to St. Paul
"Mast week to attend the annual meet
ng of the United Lutheran church.
After visiting with her sister, Mrs.
^,Ray Davis, at Milwaukee, Miss Helen
vlfTarbell will proceed to New York to
--attend the summer school of Colum
bia university.
4 Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Arnold, accom
panied by their children, arrived in
?-the city last week for a brief visit at
the home of Mrs. Ostroot's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Stoeckel.
Mrs. Lon MacDowell departed last
week for Delafield, Wis., to visit
friends for a few days and to attend
commencement at St. John's military
academy, where Roy Dory, her broth
«r, graduates this week.
The equipment for the officers' en
campment in this city—rather at the
lake—is being installed. Lieutenant
W. A. Hockman returned from Red
field yesterday where he had been at
tending to the details of shipment
"u. Miss Velma Ford arid George Rein
muth of South Shore were united in
marriage by Rev. T. S. Rooks of Can
fey, Minn., the ceremony having taken
place at the home of the bride's par
ents* near Troy, S. D, last Thursday
Will R. Lambert and' family de
parted yesterday morning, via the
auto route, for Minneaoplis for a few
days' vacation and business trip
combined. They were accompanied
*by Jack Dietrick aud family, the lat
ter expecting to visit friends in Wis
-consin and Iowa beiore returning.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Hart depart
ed last week for Philadelphia and
other point* for an extended trip
through the eastern section of the
United States. They expect to be ab
sent from home upwards of a month
and will travel quite extensively by
Mrs, Spencer Whitehead arrived
from Butte, Mont., yesterday to visit
for a few -weeks at the home of her
mother, Mrs. Cora Bfcmesteel. Mrs.
Whitehead will be remembened as
...IjMiss Mary Bonesteel, and whose
»pgjsfMends in this locality? itfe legion.
They will be glad of an opportunity
rls to renew acquaintance.
W. B. Anarus, editor of the Henry
Independent, was in the city Monday
afternoon, attending to business mat
ters. Mr., Andrus still goes on three
legs,—two wooden ones and one
the natural kind,—but manages to
perform the greater part of his of
ftee work, nevertheless. He has not
yet fully recovered from the electa
et blood poisoning which required
Magical attendanoe at Lutfcer hos
pital, but he feays he will soon be "on
hie pins" again.
Postofflce Inspector Geo. H. Chas#
^i^irhed last week from Washington,
wAther he had bfcetf called in con
ference concerning postal matters.
He stopped on the way home in Illi
nois for a few days 09 official busi
ness. Mr. Chase's presence home at
this particular time Is due to the faot
tti&t his da*hter, Miss Myrtle, is to
*ange her name today and accepts
the responsibilities of wifehood'.
George says that as soon the "fun
eral* is over, he te billed for another
trip of inspetion.
.h.. ....
w|.'w. -jv-.-IL-o
Ift Good I# It Comes from Halbkat't
Chas. F. Halbkat
Jeweler and! Scientific Optician
from Wisconsin where he had been
visiting friends. Watch Inspector for Four Railroads
Clarence Schulze departed last Sat
urday for Fargo, N. D., to attend to
business matters.
Dr. Lyle Spencer tfent to Sioux
Palls last week to attend a special
^meeting of the state dental board.
The manufacturers of the state are
having a meeting in this city today.
Charles Sheldon was up from Le
Mars, la., ft few days since, a guest at
the parental home of Mr. and Mrs.
S. B. Sheldon.
John H. SGlmser, manager of the
Selmser Fuel and Grain Co., left last
evening for Chicago and other points
on a business trip of a.i^eek or ten
Mrs. Emma Barker, of Erwin, S. D.,
who has been in the city for some
time, a guest at the home of her sis
ter, Mrs. Sumner Thompson, depart
ed last evening for her home.-
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. B. N. Hagna,
last Saturday, a son, destined, of
course, -to be either an alderman or a
lumber merchant. Both mother and
son are reported to be doing nicely.
R. L. Kemple departed a few days
since for Towa where he begins a
series of addresses on a Chautauqua
circuit. He expects to be engaged in
the lecture field for several weeks to
come—in fact, until well along to
wards fall. :W
SATURDAY. All trimmed hats from
$1.50 to $5.09. We will have a new
line of pattern hats in white from
|(B.50 to $5.00. All children's hats
from 75c to (1.5*0, at Miss Jorgenson's,
over Tarbell & Williamson.
Charlie Chaplin in "Behind the
•Screen,' one of the latest and best
leomedies^ Beautiful five-act
E. E. Chapman, of Ludlow, Mass.,
state Grange lecturer of the Bay
state, has been in the city this week,
a guest at the home of Geo. W. Dixon,
Master of the South Dakota Grange.
The gentlemen are making a tour of
this section of the state and taking in
various-Grange picnics.
take kampeska' lots for sale at
East Yahota. Inquire of Mrs. Frances
P. Hopkins, 525 E. Kemp Avt, or
phone 3420. SOtf
Congressman Royal C. Johnson has
wired Colonel C. H. Bnglesby that the
chief of the militia affairs at Wash
ington, states that the cavalry regi
ment has been called into service as
unmounted cavalry, so that, in effect,
it will be an infantry regiment, so far
as practical workings are concerned.
Hereafter the postoffice department
will matas no Sunday collections of
the mails deposited in the mail
boxes about the business portion of
the street. As a substitute, a box will
be stationed in front of the federal
building and the mail dropped there
in will be taken out before each de
pa in a a in
Mrs. A. M. Harkneas," wife of Rev.
A. M. Harkness, of Superior, Wis.,
arrived in the city yesterday and is a
guest of her sister, Mrs. G. W. Lar
soa. Mrs. Harkness says that ice in
Lake Superior still interferes with
boat traffic to some extent, the sail
ing of vesels having been sariously
impeded at certain times within the
past two or three weeks,
Rev. Gay- C. .White is delivering a
ssrias of Wednesday evrtaimg lectures
covering a range of topics uf speofal la
terest to his parishioners. In order
to stimulate a study of the subjects
discussed and to enable his audiences
to take home with them the ehief
points touched upon, Mr. White has
arranged for the mimeographing of an
epitome of each lestare, a cofey ot
Vihich at the conclusion of the addreup
is 'handed to eaeh person present
apirefla Coreeta, made to aM*«ire.
Risfdenoe servlca. Mrs. O. W Peter­
drama, "An American Gentleman."
Hearst-Pathe News, orchestra. Met
ropolitan Theatre, Sunday, matinee
«rid evening! 10c and 15c.: v,
1111 tod Ave. S. E. Phone 4127.
te BankiDeposits Now
Guaranteed By Law
and proteettoB of thirlftw'? ,v.
It eocta you solhimg tajdividnally. Your State Govv
envment- provides tbe macni of abmlnt^y protecting
erperieno* oomervatUm,
UMtorat* and ample
you buy a Liberty Loan bond?
Barbara Burchard departed
Friday evening for the twin cities
C. K. Banks returned Sunday from
Iowa where he had been attending to
business matters.
Attorney Clay C. Carpenter atte^fl
ed to professional business in Sioux
City last week.,
Don't forget to rote at the school
election next Tuesday. Costs no
more to vote than to refrain.
Roy Ulrich returned last week
from Iowa and Illinois, where he com
bined business with pleasun
The city and the county contribute
fund of 11,000—$500 each—to de
fray the expenses for recruiting the
Merle Astroot and Edwin Harper
returned a few days since from Iowa
City, where they have been attending
the dental college of the Iowa uni
versity. i|v
Clarence Bohner, who has been at
tending the Northwestern University
and who graduated with the class
this year, arrived home last Satur
day to spend a few weeks with his
parents, Rev. and Mrs. G. E. Bohner.
Mr. and Mr^. Harding and
their young son were in the city yes
terday, having come up from Grover,
where Mr. Harding has charge of the
cornet band which is making some
thing of a stir in this locality, v"
Jsseph Eastwood, son of Mr. and
Mrs. G. H. Eastwood, and who spent
several years studying vocal music
and subsequently toured the south
with a quartette, has enlisted, accord
ing to report, and will soon depart
for France. He will be connected
with the ambulance department of the
allied armies now fighting on French
A. L. Sherln departed yesterday for
Chicago to attend the heed camp of
the Modern Woodmen of America. He
Is chairman of the South Dakota dele
gation, seven in number. Mr. Sherin
will stop at various points on the
way to Chicago to look after business
matters, and will arrive at the great
western metropolis early next week.
Among others who will attend the
camp is E Pearman of this city, who
is state deputy of the order.
The training camp for the officers
of the South Dakota National Guard
w.lil formally open at Lake Kampeska
tomorrow for a week or ten dayB.
Colonel C. H. Bngfesby will be amohg
those who- are present to assist In
conducting the work outlined. Gen
eral W. A. Morris, adjulant general,
Will be in charge of the camp. The
training will be along lines pursued
by the various federal camps, so far
as practicable, in order that the Na
tional Guard officers may become
more proficient in their duties.
Well, Watertown didn't get the can
tonment, Des Moines, Iowa, having
won the distinction, bat the Chamber
of Commerce felt that there would he
not even the semblance of a chance
if an effort were not put forth. The
members of this civic and industrial
body, therefore, have no regrets over
the work they hurriedly performed,
having done their duty to themselves
and the city. But what an impetus
would have been given focal business
if 30,000 to 40,000 troops were sta
tioned between the city and the lake!
F. M. Brown and L. S. Fahnestock
departed a few days ago for points in
Wisconsoin and elsewhere to attend
the sale of some very fine blooded
Hplstein cattle. They} expected to
purchase several head during their
absence from home for the Kampeska
Dairy Farm on the west shore of the
lake. They have some fine animals
now, several cows and a male, but
they intend to have a considerable
of a herd before the season is over,
with a view to making the place
among the most noted to the north-
Henry F. W. Schaller and. Jphn
Hentges departed this week for
northern Wisconsin where they expect
to put in a week or so beside some
fine trout stream. lost as soon as the
trout recently placed In Willow Creek
get their growth and begin to re
plenish the stream, there ought to
be some trout Ashing near Water
town, although only time will disclose
Whether Willow Creek is really adapt
ed to the development of this variety
of *8hV' If it were bullheads there
wduld be bo question about it as
many a small boy can testify.
Des Moines, Iowa, has been select
ed for the $rmy cbntonment for the
district of North and South Dakota,
Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska. This
i9 tike honor which Watertown and'
MveraL ar cities In this state
was thought that Eort
vfctid win the dlstlnetion, but
the elty to the Hawk
the inside track. While
in Watortown expeffedee
it prepared for
£3?? i'--TVr j?*-
Watertowp, S.
different baths are glven^f'
Kruse Bath System.
Dr. A. Storlie
New Hagna Building.
2165 Watertown, 8: D.
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Curley, accom
panied by Mrs. J. M. Mahowald, spent
Sunday at Henry with friends.
Flag day will be observed by the
Elks of the! city, terminating with a
program at the ^Metropolitan, tonight.
W. F. Michel, druggist, of Willow
Lakes, was attending to business mat
ters in the city the first of the week.
The Sons of Veterans have decided
to invest the accumulated interest on
the Mellette monument fund in Lib
erty Loan bonds.
Mrs. W. W. Kane, Jr., returned the
fore part of the week from Brecken
rtdge, Minn., where she had been vis
iting her brother, Mrs. R. W. Pickard.
Miss Grace Banks, who has been'
taking a course in the Northwestern
university, returned home the first of
the week for the summer vacation.
*i4rs. S. B. Sheldon was summoned
last week to Chicago to attend the
bedside of her sister, Mrs. E. B.
Thompson, who had been suddenly
stricken with illheett.
Carl Paulis, son of Mr. and Mrs F.
S3. Paulis, departed the first of the
week for a visit with his grandpar
ents, Mr. and Mrs, Charles Rabe, at
Blue Earth, Minn.
Governor Peter Norbeck passed
through Watertown Monday morning
enroute to the state capital ffom the
twin cities, where he had been trans
acting business for a day or so.
The Sons of Veterans dp the city
have incorporated under the laws of
the state, with the following incor
porators: Rev. F. B. Stockton, L. J.
Shaw and J. ,J Chapin
Mrs. L. G. Hill returned Sunday
morning from St. Paul, where she at
tended the graduating exercises at
Oak Hall. Her daughter, Miss Helen,
graduated from the institution, and
accompanied Mrs. Hll hame.
C. B. Collins, representing the Dal
ton adding machine, t£e local agency
for which is held by the Watertown
Printing and Binding Co., arrived in
the city Tuesday evening to look af
ter the demonstration of the machine.
Deputy Sheriff Frank Elkins Wea*
to Plankinton Monday morning, tak
ing with him Helen McCarthy,' 16
years of age, who was committed to
the industrial training school. He
was accompanied by a woman attend-:
Secretary G«orge Schloaser, of the
Chamber -of Commerce, has been
sending out communications concert!'
ing improvements in the.. Twin Cities
and Black Hills Trail, with a view to
securing co^per^tj^?, ,£he line
in the state.
The stockholders of the A. O.
W. building association held a meet
ing a few days since and elected the
following officers for the ensuing
year: President, W' L. Eddy vice
president. P. G. Btish secretary, L.
Shaw treasurer, Lewis LaDou.
Stalesman-—For general mercantile
trade in South Dakota, to sell a new
proposition of merit1 Vacancy now
Attractive commission contract
weekly for expenses. Miles F. Btit-
CoM wholesale Jewelerp, tlU!
Carlin feidgs,, CleyAand, Ohio.
tfeto Mr. tiMui
,the Krute Bath System combines the Virtues of all the various
INDIVIDUAL bath. You do not breathe the hot alr that has been contamlnatat,by ^he
other patients. The perspirations and poisons are taken out of the body by
are thoroughly eleanaed and sterilized'after each individual bath. THERE 18 NO HSAVY
trip by auto, stopping here and there
to enjoy themselves or to rest, aS the
mood strikes them.
The county board, which adjourned
Friday, authorized the purchase of
road machinery for the use of Coding
ton county, The contract includes
the following: one elevator grader,
$1,000 four dump wagons, $600 two
-12-foot blade graders, $1,500 four
Fresno scrapers, $112, and one road
plow, $21 making a total of $3,233.00.
Salesman—Experience unnecessary
New specialty proposition moderate
priced goods for general trade, Splen
did commission contract for South
Dakota. Vacancy now. $35 weekly
for expenses. Continental Jewelry
Co., 21023 Continental
land, Ohio.
Bidf leve
Miss Doris Kemper, of the Red
path Chautauqua, arrived in the city
last Saturday, accompanying Miss
Grace Banks home from the North
western-university, to sp«nd. a few
days in Watertown before commenc
ing her season's work on the circuit,
the Congregational church, united in
marriage last Friday afternoon Miss
Wilda V. Dickey and Mr L. EL
Adams, both of Clark. The same
clerigyman united in marriage earlier
In the day Miss Agnes Habala of Lake
Norden and Mr. Hammar Aho of Ar
Word from Mr. and Mrs. jr. C. Bas
tian, who recently sold their farm on
the lake shore and went. i-south, in
4ififttes that they are at Lake Worth,
Florida, having arrived there on t^e
6th of this month Notwithstanding
"th« climate is flni&," as Mrs. Bastian
writes, "not fob warm, as we h^ve
this ocean breeze sunshine and flow
fers and lovely treas," she says they
miss Watertown. They,ask that The
Saturday iNews be fdrwarded to
them, not having seen a copy since
leaving this city.
A Toung Men's, Christian Asfocia
tion was fonned in this city the first
of the week, with the following local
committee: D. F. fones, Rev. F. E.
Stockton. Ai. W. Palm, Rev. €tajr C.
White, Rev. C. J. Chtistianson, U. B.
Hinds, Rev. C. E. Kearns, Rev. S. S.
Mitchell, D. Doucks, C. Lock
hart, Rev. G. E. Bohner, and J. B. Mit
chell. This IS an auxiliary of an or
ganisation which has undertaken to
conduct T. M. C. A. work during the
war among the soldiers.
As will be noticed by'a perusal of
the proceedings
the ^ovnty board,
several contracts have btaen awarded
for the building of bridges in this
county. One is to be constricted
over Willow CreefiT, tt$» contract price
for which was $6,909, and was let to
Marshall Tile: and Sidewalk Co. John
Burt of South Sbere was awarded the
contract for a bridge near the Her
man Taecker place forr $690. Six
other cootraats were given to the
A. Adams company, as,,- follows:
Jfcuth Shore bridge, ^426 Florey
bridge, $T1S Murphy bridge, $496
Hart bridge, $626 Hagen bridge, $397
Before Judge Irvln H: M^ersr mun
icipal judge, were a^ni|»e§ several
fellows the other day frxfc were'
charged with"operatin# a'W^rhlle in
aa intoxicated condltio4. had
started west on the south r|ad and
ran Into «ilr from the JMeVarland
farm on Its to tbwi£ Th
of the' Car had tyrned o$ti ai
Possible, ft:
hps tte
epfston whichowwtui^ed
«%, dumping
IjBO «m the
^Ich £.&>$
S» Map
2:: T®t
nearly so much so the one.tiiat Jitt
v.. :t
Castlewood is having lts chatt^Uida^: Ajt'0
this week, and next week the Henrjr^
itauqua will begin, commencing t?'
on the 19th and continuing until and"*
including the 28th. Yhe progradt toe
the Castlewood week has not been re
ceived, but that f«r Henrr indicates
well selected numbers. Included
the list of talent are the follawing
Dearborn Concert party, Prlce Doyal,
Carl Nelson,
JPatoham, t,*^
Ddan Archer, Tlje Arion HalejQuap-^,
tette, J, Vincent' Ooembs, Tbj» Ger",
hardt Concert Company,. Arthtu* DU
linger, Esther H. Lehbras, and oth
ersv Two: entertainments ef^ll day'
will, be featured~-atternoon attfl eve
ning. The Saturday News waggeete
that, the weather
the ronds per*^-'
mitting, many Wattttown pei^le em-,
brace the opportunity to -rlslt ^Henry
Some afternoonevening, to pity the
respects of this city to a neighboring ^,
town in ail enterprise of the
W. T, Williams has dredged Wt
the connection between Lake Kam
peska and the slough southwest of
Stony Point, so as'to fufnlsh a safe
harbor for his big boat, tfce rStellfr
Mae. A narrow, isthmus formed the
barrier between the two bodies of
water, and, by the 'expenditure1 of a
thousand dollars, or thereabouts, Sil
ly found that he Could provide access
for his boat to the protected Jigrbor.
While the channel haa' been cut, Mr.
Williams is stilt working on the job
enlarging and deepening the cl
and providing against lfct fllling
with sand during the heavy northwest
breezes. There are aald to be ma:
fine black bat* in ti^e "slough,"
also contains pike of extraordi
size. The connection "betwean it
the lake has been open for a shoi
time during the periods of high waiter,
when the fish hare gone. Into, thjf
slough only to be prevented from re^
turning to the' lake by the recedlni
"Unshaken testimo
Time is the test of truths Aad'^
Doan's Kidney Pills have stood the^-p
test in Watertown. Ho Watertov
resident who suffers backaohe, or )an-
noying urinary ills can remain uncony'
Robbins sald^jf Al^|aisnld in the en«'
dorsement I ^ave Dean's Kidney Pilla
several years ago I ctmirm today. 11
don't know of any other kidney jped*
icine quite as effective aa^eyjf' it A
Price 69c, at
si|nply ask for'*. kidns^^me^^t*^^'^®^®
D&sn'# Kidn«rlv Pliu^ms mofk" -Ihnt
Kft, Rabbins .l^s
Props,, Wate 'U,
when jb«
vinced by this twice-told t^timony.^^
Eber Bobbins, 501 First St S. W.,»
Watertown, says: "While In the Civil
War, hardships brought on kidney
complalrit and doctors said had
Bright's disease. I suffered all the
time from pain and lameness acfosa
my back. Often at night I had a d«
sire tp pass the kidney«secretions^
breaking my rest. Medicine helped
me very llttte. Finally, I used Dean's
Kidney .Pills and they were^ of ^teat
benefit. Every one "of th!e troubles
left and I now feel stronger and
work better."

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