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Mr. c. E stsiwckweli, Lewistra*, Itfe
*m I* the cifr laSt weefc atte&ding"
to lHMilie»8 flf&tt&S
TIis Methofllst Eprs^fipaT^SnV
•shim will reopen in November' lor
the winter .seafcon,
Mra. M&e SteiiSBen Mt Tuosfiil^ ^jr
Reviilo, S, iy. to visit a few days
her mother, Mils. M. &
Miss Olga Olson departed
days ago for Elkhart, Ind., where she
has accepted a position as veacher.
Henry Isaakson of Stockholm was
in the city the latter part of last week,
a guest at the home of W. C. Hanne
Kd and Frank Hentges of Yankton
are in the city, visiting their brother,
John, of .the. Hentges Clothing com
Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Anderson, of
Tracy, Minn., have returned home af
ter a visit with the family of Clarence
Miss Lois Kessler departed a few
days since for Chicago to spend a
couple of weeks, visiting with her
brother, Sigrid Ohtness
8»t. Gay C. White united in mar
riage last Saturday evening Miss
Lun D. Clark and G.. Leonard
Knight, both of Thomas, S. D. a ..
Mqst have second hand furriiihre
at once, also some second hand soft
coal burners. Big prices paid.. Lau
4enachlager. Phone 2289. 20-21
Tfalc is food conservationweek.
Remember* that if you have not signed
one of the .cards on which the pledge
is yrinted you would better get a
hustle on yourself.
Boys* Machinaws
ieavy weights,
John B. Hanten came up from
Pierre to spend Sunday and to attend
to business matters for a few days
before returning to the state capital
to resume work on the compilation
ef the state code.
Ulrica thi&g for the. girls to do
have Gray's Studio take your'photo
.and e§nd it to the soldier boy®. Lots
of girls are doing so. 19-21
lewder and Scientific Opticiai
Watch Inspectorrffcr liter''Railroads
WATERtWN, «.£»: T04
John Egge*Teturp.ed yesterday
to 'Aperdeen following a visit at the
home, of her Barente.j^Mr. and Mr#i
Hajis OlBorf'^Kfl
Mrs. Clarence Goddard of Bemis,
arrived^ 4n thfe city Tuesday to visit
at,the home of her parents, Mr. arid
M*s CJiartes Mahnke.
Billy Burke in "Arms and the Girl,
latest Paramount picture. Also Billy
West in "Boarders and Bombs," Met
ropolitan Theatre, Saturday and Sun
day. 5c, 10c, and •l^c,,*,
Have you signed the
tion pledge yet? No? Well, why not:
Better look Up a member of your lo
cal committee and ask for a card if
you have not one already.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy B. Willson and
Mr. and Mrs. G, E Willson were sum
moned to Osage, la, last Thursday
evening to attend the funeral of
their brother's wife, Mrs. J, R. Will
son. -'4§
Our great Soys' Store^oeftiie balcony has the sort
of clothes your boys like to wear.
Made trench style nW, nifty pat
terns some with two pairs of knick
ers g6od values at
,$4, $5, $6, $7.50, $8.50, $9, $10
Made military style good fabricfif
^|l|Lneat patterns. You'll find just what
you w^Rt^liere exceptionally good
values at
$4, $5, $6, $7.50, $8.50, $10 Jt
neat or
or plain
toad paterae, beltei
models at
$S.SO,$4, $5, $6, %J.
[email protected]
#6od Cloilies
Eleven Stores
Bramble has prepared
winter quarters for bis various pheas
ants which have been kept in the
pheasant park during the summer.
They will spends the winter on his
.-residence premises.
M. M. Helgersoa,^ tf Inwood la.,
--who has been- in the city and county
for some time, attending to the plow
ing on his farm near town,-expects
to remove to this city with his fam
ily th» coming spring,
im, the Great
Jjiour Falls line^"
file o|
As V. Bales and H. J. Dugari
were returning from a hunt a few
days since, their car Bkidded and
threw them out at a sharp turn in
the road. Fortunately Mr. Dugari es
caped without Injury' and Mr. Bales
with only a few bruises.
State Game Warden H. S. Hedrick,
with his fish car, was in the city the
fore part of the week, attending to
matters connected with his depart
ment. Mr. Hedrick had about 25,000
Boys' Sweaters
V^ig jumbo stitch sweater for
boys, all colors at $5.00.
Other styles at
„*U£5, jl.50,L 12.00, $2.50
young fish.of different varieties with
him, intending to,place some in each
of several lakes la the northern part
of the state, among which-is Lake
Alice, n6ar Altamont.
The football gaxrie last Saturday
between the locals and the Brookings
team was a one-sided affair, the vis-,
itors winning by a score of 31 to 0."
The defeat of the Watertown tekm
was surmised up town just as aoop
the local enthusiasts returned from
Fletchefc field, where the game was
played. There was no unpsual noise!
However, Brookings being in a col
lege town, where the high school lads
have the benefit of witnessing and
emulatingtahe .plays of the State Col-,
l^ge1 team, the friends'of the local
team were somewhat expecting the
visitors to win. The locals put up a
god game, nevertheless and did the
they werevca»able (t doing lin
ger the circuingtances.
the management \®f |fie F^cuse
tor company of utfs 4ity, h*vih»
ted tfre portion offend
Owners. WfttettownV extends, a
cordial welcome to ibteu?«nd~ his «S
timah^, family, wb$& make
lertowtty their liom$,
Cbas. -"m ioligwiH iia»f' received
word tfrom Seattle)' ^ash«- of the
death btwther-in-la'n', XI
tCeeney. The deceased waa tormfer^y
a resident of Wajtertown, having left
thin-city fiome fourteen to fifteen
years ago aqjd who will- be pleasantly
remembered ly those who werte then
residing th the city..
Mrs, D. D. Prouty and her son,
Russell, and baby daughter, Eunice,
spent Sunday at the home of her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. ,F. J. Cory. She
returned to her Hamlin county home
Monday evening on the Great North
ern, to be met at Vienna by Mr. Prou
ty. She also visited at the Mrs. J.
L. Savage homev while In the city
Judge John Nicholson left last eve
ning for Sparta, Wis., arid other Bad"
ger~ state points, including cities )ri
Iowa. He wiU be absent from home
for about two weeks expecting to
meet Mrs. Nicholson and her ,daugh
ter Miss Vera in the twin citieir whp
are on their way 'home from a visit
with Mrs. Nicholson's sister at
kane. ISjj
Gray's Stullo' is taking glrfi^'pEo
tos to be aent to Uxe boys in the
training camps and at the front. Join
the procession and have yours takes.
ma exhibiting
W. W. Waddelf
received from S W.
known as 'Stute" when he was a
resident of this city, where he served
aS" register pf deeds for several years.
Stute now resides at Lewiston,' Idaho,
where he has an: orchard, liewlstori
being in the state's fruit belt, wherein
several former Watertown residents
live, among whom are (be families of
W. B. Ryalls, A. G. King, Geo. E,
Cloyes and Fred It Smith.
few days ago some mples which he
Wliltford, better
Geo. Skells' new Cottage/ in
cess of completion, w^is dam.
aged tp
some extent by fire Sttnday afternoon
The fire department's prompt arrival
after the fire had been discovered
served to save the building, the flames
having been suppressed within a fey
moments after the fire boys had ar
rived on the scene. The IOBB is be
lieved to be amply covered by insur
ance. It is supposed the fire orig
inated from an oil stove, which had
been left burning in the house,
Sheriff Etkins last Saturday receive
ed information of the robbery of. the
etafbank at Badger, S. D., a sta
tion on the railroad line between .Wa
tertown and Sioux Falls. It appears
that the robbers blew the vault, door
off, but, upon getting inside, found
only about two hundyea dollars: worth
of postage stamps and about three!
hundred dollars in cash,, which they
took, leaving the safe within the vault
untouched, so that only a small por
tion of the bank's funds were taken.
«The recent cold snap served to
drive the greater proportion of cer
tain varieties of ducks to southern
climes. Among tie first to go south
when cold weatherrcomes on is the
canvasback—the big duck with the
goose bill—vrhich seems indisposed
to stay where water turns to ice in
the ponds and sloughs. The* red head'
ducks usually strike out for southern
regions* upon the approach of cold
weather. The mallards, as a rule,
are inclined to hang-around as long
as there is open water for them to.
alight in. §S
Geo. H/Marquis, LaVye^. (fixm^ge
circuit court) Heegaard Block. 26tf
Mrs. Arthur C. Dillman of Wash
ihgton, D. C., is expected in the city
this week to make a visit of ten
days or two weeks at the home of her'
mother, Mrs. Cora Bonesteel. Pro
fessor and Mrs. Dillmab have been'
spending the summer in the western
part of South Dakota, where -£hey
have property interests and where
Mr. Dillman has been devoting his at
tention to matters connected with the
department of agriculture. Since his
graduation from the State College he
has been associated with the federal
department in the promotion. ,of the
agricultural interests, of tha north
west. He and Mrs. Dulman will soon
teturn to t|ie national capital for the
(, After .. November jt^Mr.&and' Mrs
'William F, Cochrarie wiil be "at
home" to their friendsilu Watertown.
The bride^ who was Miss Alta Beu
Ian Burns, daughter of"Hi.
R. B. Burns, Is well and fovorabjy
known in this city ajpd vicinity, whete
she has .a wide circle of friepds, an£
tife groom is the papular city engfri^
eer, having airaeoiftid R.~\W. &phrej-,
bar in the position when the latter
i^iBO. xomeymfo in qv.
'ficramuaity-' is
There mtist
iltex modelB
prosecuted for some time before it
was discovered ,was found in a clump
of trees near the Cotton slough, north
of Lake Kampeska, last Friday. Some
grips, or sachets were left, evidently
by the parties who took the car, but
whether it was the intention of the
thieveB to "get »way" with the auto,
or whether they merely took it for a
Joy ride or for an extended hunting
expedition is a xpatter of speculation.
The supposition is that the car bad
been left in the fourth of willows bat
a comparatively short time and«that
it had been run a considerable dig
tance during j^etipe it was mipi
by the owner.
United States Senator Thomas Ster
ling speaks in thiA city this aftertioon
The schedule of his sojourn in Wa
tertown includes a luncheon at the
Knmpeska hotel today noon, an ad
dress at the Lyric thiB afternoon, and
another tonight at the Methodist
church. Tonight is the date .of the
Fo^Sale or
liave^ne .g|
following f'*/' $
/L trv
1.1' 3" I
f. f' fc-S'&'V-
Copyright inrt# tJSlth*
eclti* IM
OtJ can go from 'shop to shoptandrsee a greats
f*4 Two sections of land located 6
y^iliey Cowty, $forth Dakota. Hie
Imve a lease on. the scoooi
,,vfenefd. w%ier^cent of the1 land
chmery and
in. Jtsut—ao you Know mey are correct!
believe so thor^aghly iis autkodpjty for style ^lt
fashion gources. Every coat and suit in out depurtmei
j^ew-York designing gives s:
Many of them are created in tif1 midst of the.
fashion activities of today. Andtlthe W^lfeX tidlors &
kets for tbft most ewdinsive colcpi
showing,,you, wUlM^a fabric tod
I M)id 3(^)0 bushes of g^a ^cattle fearii 2(hcl0O 18x30
second number of the lyceiim coUTM,
when Alton Packard, the noted car
toonist, apepars,,,but Mr. Packard
given over the first part-Of his
tertainment to Senator Sterling
the presentati6ft of facts and figures
regarding the liberty loan, bonds, now
offered to the public. Following the
address, Mr. Packard wllUpccufry the
platform for the' balance, of the
ning. Those holding. lyceum tickets
are entitled "to £th%f* sjpeBerved seats,
as usual, arid if they iio not hold re
served places their tickets aie good
for general, admission, including
The following is the JufJP list draWn
for the November tertn of circoSt
court, to be presided over by Judge
W. N. Bkinner^vsJriflt appointed by
Governor Norbeck 'to succeed Judge
Sherwood, resigned: J. H, Rohdf, Ar
thur Boras," F. S Bohle, A. Ar. Dahle,'
Ira WoO^warJt, A. Mulfen* HarveyWireleas Pnw.
Riley, Gle .^founis, George:
wo* Qe^» Owr«»,'Hoberfef,.
R. Heathcote, Jbnil Eichho^t1
chancellor, p]a4ed his
folip ,4^ th|®aiiajp?i ^f^
Williani, a(^b|^ing |b: 's^At&t4i
dam digpatete Wl
ctoss-feacedtaiid' -i«e
2 rs*

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